New York Daily Herald from New York, New York on December 31, 1862 · 1
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New York Daily Herald from New York, New York · 1

New York, New York
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Wednesday, December 31, 1862
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'V 0 THE NEW-YORK HERALD. m. % vmOLI NO. 9606. -? \ NEW fORK, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1862. PRICE THREE CEIfTS. TB VICTORY IV 18111818. T* Marai tf Gens. Blunt aid Htrrn . U faa Bnrtn, Ark. ?W Babels Orivea Acmm ?)m Artimi River. of Throe fttoiinlioiti. Cusp Bquipmenta and One Hnadred Prisonen. ^wwvwvs?wv OFFICIAL DESPATCH FROM GEN. CURTIS. TBS FIGHT AT PRATRTB QBOVE. Hudoujhtbs, Sr. Loms, Dae. 20,1849. M^Jct General H. W. Haunts, General-in-Chief, Waab*1*to?>_ Th? Army of the Frontier, under Genera'' Blnnt kod ??mm, moved over the Boston Moonta*** Saturday, ?nd advanced without halting to Var^?*?0- ?>#T drove ??y ncroeg the Arkansas i^vr, killed and wounded ? Tow and took three steaoP^M*! aome camp equipments ??d ?? hundred prist**?. The march of forty-five ?dao? with arms a?d servioe, over the mountains and ?krangh the dear mud of the valley, was a most gallant mm* mioi,. affair. a r. CURTIS, ll^or General. ?*? Desperate Plght at Prairie Grove *??ar VayettorUlc. * ?ob cuvnid's nuini oorhbsfondknce. ? Ajimt of ran Faorrrea, 1 <^*r Rhea's Mnxs, Ark., Ddc. 8, 18?j. J the Advati<:e of the Kehelt Under Gen. Hindman- the Fight Lotted Seven /lours?Arrival of Gen. Btmt? The Struggle Continued till Nij/ktfcUU-Tke Lottet?Death of Two BeM Generate-?Qallavtry of Surgeon Quidor?Ht it Wounded ?uj Taken Prisoner, but it Afterwards Rebated, 6c. The Moodiest and hardest contested battle that haa as pet occurred in Missouri or Arkansas was fought near aore yesterday. In point of desperate fighting, hand to ?MM) conflict and loss of life, It far eclipses Pea Ridge. .lfc? M?n>?ng of the 7th, the combined forces of Gene *?ta Marmaduke, Carrot McDonald and Polk, numbering torenty-flve tbotisand, uudor commana of Major Geuerai advanced from Cove creek and engaged our firoopa, under Brigadier General Herron, at Prairie Grove. Aftw seven boars' desperate fighting, our brave soldiers Usiron were about to yield, iroin the superior ir of tha rebels, and were falling buck, when Cen. t, with a strong reinforcement, ongaged tbem upon tteright wing. Then commaocoJ the hard lighting, ?wry inch of ground was fiercely and furiously contest?d^as neither army appeared to be disposed to yield, fh us oontonded until the mautle of night was thrown ?pso the battle field, and bath armies ceased to light. ?*' wlth ,h# Klowtag anticipation of renewing tb? to the morning, and theirs with the intention of fikedadrilmg. which tfcey did during the night. In the "?ot in a fiag of truce, askiug lor eight *mrs to bury their dead, which was granted. Our loss killed and wounded will probably reach eight hundred ?nt ofthe rebels la not less than flUeen hundred, many' wwbetn wereoficers, amone them Generals Stein and . ' *Mor b?81 >fnowu In the political world as oxeiMlur Poik, of Missouri. Among tho many Incidents of ?MbatUe, that of Surgeon Quidor is peculiarly striking. Un>es wer* 0I"' brave Kansas solders repulsed to ^tempting to force the rebels trmn a strong paction, ?pon the laat charge ware disoour*a?* *"'? dokHn y*' wb"n "fighting medical director,'' J. EJ"'", rnmbca to the rescue or the Thirteenth Kansas With cheering words and leading them ou In person, they ??oh possession of tha hill, but were forced to fall bark ?do?ng so a cannon ball grazed the Doctor's head, ?weklng him down and rendering him iuseiisibl*. IWnce the report or Dr. Quidor being killed. On cauie ? regiment of rebel cavalry, passing over tin Doctor ?o w?a discovered and taken prisoner, in time te avoid ??tog dangerously iqjured, though he was badly hrr.he '? Ms steward was mortally wounded at the same time m. Quidor was held a prisoner hy the rebels until this r""* *>? reason General Hindm.n gave for detain?*.*** M * P"""* of war was that he had waived pro?mum a?surgeon, hy wearing side anns.aou leadm* * TT?Ut ta Afl"r 90mf *??<? '???? Htodmsn T T*. .14** ?f ?> hattle, and cautioning bin, fin control bia bravery and patriotism in the future. n? **saeecorted on is Ida the rebel lines, and returned to his ?- - yet pleasant duty or relievmg the wooded ?Is department is thoroughly and wfflcisnrlv - 'T* rii,,u "r**1 eT*dn "Poo the foresight or g Quidor, who, Judging from his sno-ess :n tbit apartment as an operator, is destined to attain an envi?^nl'iiT'.'iT 'v*" proftwlon 1 wri'? "?* notice or * "?? ??.? tb?reponof ku . . r* '**' that pain and affliction may l* Ov It LmIi Cmrnapn<?u?> St. LoomDm. tT, IM'i. Ae BUtuMtm in Miuomri?Tkt De igru af the KebeU in Iht StmMmtH Omn*I Bin4mm K<*dy lo t.y Bit lac* dffa Tsffjafrr Works Again Dettroyd?GurriVn Mtwmmtt Bengal MeltHI'* Out, Sc.. Tbe eiloatloa la Missouri and lu ^erastiag, kiUMngk ao actual aoeno* of war have trans Prod, bayoad a fear ittanilaalrtrmish?-B,s?ucf the battle ?f Prairta Brora There are several tbauraud tronpe *oatte*ad through vartoas parte of the Stale, but prTnci pally ia the aautbwett and ewtbeMt. The .-Hite milit.a rOgiteeats,which have bees paid by the United States, ?M are nodai control oi General Curl if. as tbe commander ?f the departm*ot, are doiny active service af all poiate' wbile err oral deurUed com pa u tee of the earotled state asllltla are goarding railroad bridgea aad doing promst guard dote at town* aiutg the railroads In Northern Mil ?earl. Thl* ? the tutorial couditiou ot Hietonri, >n a Military point <* wttw Oar advtoat irMi tbaloitheres'. are rather eonflietMu bat the weight of tba tottm-ony eeemt id be that General | Hlndman hat baeu reinforced by nearly all the rebel traopa available la Arksiitaii, o? that it ie doubtful II tliere Waay other rebel army now la that State, eave tffb garrl mm o# the newly fortified point called Arkansas 1'eet, on tbe ,%kaoaa* rlrer. Hindman ee*u>e Inclined to try bU lock again, though be probably baa a euro- thing, when be oaugbt tba Army of tba frontier sopa rated under Barroa and Blunt, then he will ?ear bare again, fllndman s former army wee terribly crippled aad broken up by tbe defeat at ?Vairie ?rote; but bo li reported to have received a rcinlorce taent of tine thousand from Little Rock, and to hare reorganized bte demoralised army at Tan Buren Hlndmau IB perfectly reck I cm of human life, aad it williug, lor the aake of tbe game at stake, to rtak another encounter. Ha Is loo tag mee rapidly by deeertlon aud sUould be aben. 4on all eflorla U? invade Missouri and atiemi?t to go into , winter quarters bis army would doubtless be as efectuolly broken op sa if be lest another battle. r*e?ute and doaen ?rs report la General Bluov u>at Hlndman is preparing for i ?notber battle. Let him try u. Our officer* sre on tba i ?tart, aad our aei want nothing better. Tba reported reappearance of tbe ubiqulUiut Jeff j Thompson at Poeaboiius, Ark., may or may not !>s true 1 Jeff. Thompson la sot to be faared by Nybody but tb? Meiers of poultry sad tureen, end tbls cleat fan* long die appeared lrom Hootboafi Missouri. When irevlodhy board irom led. was wandering asKKig tba trarr*de? of Lnnislena, threatening aonntbliig wonderful. %e cannot tare any eery formidable lorea at Pocabouiaa. f>ue | ffeaiiatcb mention* a list of tffcaourt guerilla gatigr wbo | bave placed themielvee under the command of Jeff, u j Sin be aeanmed aa a fact, with onl lurtbar erldence, that tf tbe guerilla* are Mlsmmrla n* they will not remain long ' ?ndar tbe ablaftelnrbip of Jeff Thompson. Tbey know bun too well. Ha I* simply a blatherskite aud punbug, without military knowledge, destitute B ertt y re^e remest of ? geard)a sera tat-r that It. takiw J *CSAC?Sh.W r^w/wttiwsp. _ ^ huntsviu^ FAYETTEVJLME T0?Awa ATHENS SFEltTGj mm gmonWMW M//V ZARK BtJftEiV VCLARKS1 S| FDRT SMITH O. A\ ; riirJL^ DARDAtiEUEfitfttw ^LEWISBURO. *?609n*S WESTON DANVILLE'ti vansville WINFIELD fi/VEP LITTLE ROCK1 1flE BRILLIANT AFFAIR IN ARKANSAS. \ , ? The Capture of the To"wn of Van Bnren?The Complete Bout of the Rebels?They are Driven Amn the Arkansas. good care of his own precious carcase. He may for a while create a great bluster, and threaten the peace of Southeast Missouri; but it will be only blaster. As for moving on New Madrid, that will doubt loss be guarded tgainst; and if .Teff. tries any of his game?Mopping river steamboats?he will ran great risk of capture. Another cavalry expedition lately visited the saltpetre works on White river, which woro reported destroyed some time ago bgr Col. Wlckorsbam, 01 the Tenth Illinois cavalry. Tho preeent expedition onn?isted of a battalion of the Fourteenth Missouri State Militia, under flaptaiii Birch. Tliev found tho s?ltj>eir? works fully repaired and in full blast Captain Birch waptured twenty three rebels, including their commanding officer?Captain McXamara?ana destroyed live hundred head of beef, thirty stand or arrns, and a complete supply of provisions for the winter for the workmen. Five h ilMiugs lielonaing to the worki- were burued TUey contained a fine eteani eugine of eh;ht horse iwwer, t?o kettle*, each 01" acapncity of one hundred and twenty gallons, sixteen fifty gallon kettlefc, with tools, *c. About 96,000 worth or saltpetre was destroyed, which the rebels would nave run 08' in a few days to At Vadelphia, to be there converted Into gnnuowdor. The capacity ol these works is estimated at four hundred pounds of saltpetre j?r d*y. Ivery thing was effectively destroyed and burned this time in a leisurely maiiuer, the visit being entirely unexpected. Gen. Ourtl* yesterday received a telegram from Gen. Herrou, stating that he had received information that Cimi borne Jackson, tlie lately deposed fugitive (Governor of fbis State, died at Little Rock about fh>- Klh im>t. This is very doubtful news Tiia ex-Uoveruor's family resides near Arrow Kock. in Salibe county, in this Stat", and his oid neighbors would have unquestionably heard the news if the ftifrncious rUib hod given up the ghost as long 14:0 as the sib iB-t. They bear from hi in frequently. and his whereabouts lias always been known to his sympathizing friends Such ?w event as hi? death in ArkauKS" would IM lawtr toMisrauri rebels in lees than a weok. The guerilla* in Southeast. Missouri have been mnkiuc rK?i> ?n the fc>w termers remaining liere for I tor sew arid cattle, 't hese <ner,lla? must use up horsetle?h \ cry rarddty. or etec trie la-k 01 r?rage ha.- killed off horse) very tast. *e their demands for hot -"* are nueessing, 111 aptte ot the fart that they have stolen and run off a sufficient number of auimal* during the lust si* month* to equip an 1 mm<nis? army of cavalry. The recent raids Into Southeast. Missouri have been met in a becoming spirit by O ir eMssrs. Cofonsl Lindsay, with a battalion <>f State lroo;<s, c!is?ed the rascals lor several days.and ?lrove tb"ni 'tiU the hands nt.saother scouting' party limiting guerillas from who bagged several of the gsnr and <ant'ir*d nearly all their horsee. Tnc demand for Gocra) M'Nell lias not been made: but >c(J?. tiavl*, through tGeneral Holmes,asks General rnrth '.vhetiie' rh? reported sbdoiing of the ten guerillas by General McNeil is irse -rhi" 1^ considerable of a de?'? -ur from the high and saucy attitude al first assumed. McNeil is .inxions to interni .led. Davis that the report is true: but th? matter is in the hawls of Curtis, fb* friends of Goueral MoNsll have height hiui a ma^nitis-ai sword, which will be presented this Overling. ? 'ibe exi?i Ision of Rev. g. H. Mfpheeters, of the Rlevcnib ?treet Presbyterisu church, 1'rem the State, is a righteous act Mtd'beeters w?s corrupting the minds of the young people attending his church no the subject of bynlty in an outragcouH manuer. While profcMng In he neutral he has idayed t he traitor throughout by allowing hie family to avow thsir treason by hi* affiliation with the notoric ts traitors In his congregation. His baptists ?>f the child of one of these members by the name u? Sterling Price, and bis toleration of the treasonable emblems?:ed. white and red?directly under his nose, were (00 uweb tor loyal hearers. The expulsion from the < hurt ti was by request of the Union members of his church. All day yesterday the aocesh circulated lh'-> story, and received it as indisputably correct, that ('oimabus had been taken by tbo rebels. As there is an immense amount or St. Louis property at tha t point in transitu between this elty and Holly Springe, the reports created a great deel 01 exeitement. To-day the secessionists leel ??una gloomy to read thst the rebel tide is receding toward Mississippi without harming Columbus. The nicger-wor-Ulppere are in a eorestate of excitement, censed by the ea-ty meeting of the Legislature and by the inside halr.j?ilHu;< d the party on the question of I'nited j-tawsiSeo.ilor. fbe rule appears to be thst the negroworshipping candidate lias the best eltow. The fight is between Samuel T. Glover, F>q..?ntt B. t.rat/ Brown. We have tiee.n emoylng the most lovely and aiost ?n natiiral weather for the season. It Is far more like May than IJer-mber. 1 be river is still open to Qulncy. a Message of thr Oevsrnor ot Missouri. vitns o> rue aovcKNOX on raw ?mi\cii'4tiok QUESTION. St. l^'is, Dec. :;0, iHttSAn advance copy of the Oovernor'a message Is pub llshed this afternoon. After congratulating the l egislalureand State41 pon the ract that at Mst a loyal neueral Ap enibly is convened, the Governor review! the condition of the State since the outbreak ot the relieluen. and says the numttei of volunteer* from Missouri, nfter the casualties of war, and nmstcriafc ot.t irregularly unlisted troops, Is 'J7.&00, Wblob, with IO.ilW Mate nulitia, gives a totaWorco of 3s,000 meu in service for the war. 'the enrolled militia, numbering .vj.rnsi, gives the State the grand total of 00.1H1O. the latter foroe furnishing a large body of men, armed and equipped tor any emergeocy. The Governor treats uf flnaooe and the condition of railroad* at length, and esmciiy recommend the Legifl 'atnre to adopt mesiurss to restore the State credit ;ind reduce the State debt, consist cut with good fttth towards holders ot the State bonon, complctu the railroads yet unfinished and secure the interests of private etockholders. Gc tlie aubiec.t of etnsncipationtbe Governor says he has loot been convinced that the material interests of Missouri would be advanced by substituting free for slave labor, and recommends a plan by which tho children of slave* born after the paasage of fbe act shall be free, but remain under the control of their iwnere until tliey have arrived at a certain age, the owners to be compensated far the diminished value of slave mothers slier thus rendered incapable of bearing elave chMren. Ouring the discussion of the emancipation fneatWI the Governor says the IjOglslature eannot oonstltutiomdiv siloid asse.heme by which the owners of slaves can be d>\ ideil into classes, and the slaves of one class be emunciiotUd withont compensation while compensation l>e orovided for the other clase. ?aw* from Portrres Monroe. VoimuM Mo.vnos. l)eo. ?, IMS. I be iron clad Montauk arrived at Hampton Roads this forenoon. Tlie gunboat Santiago tie Cu^a arrived at fortress Moa roe this forenoon. Tho British frigatn Melpomene left Hampton Roads to day. Tho Monitor and ramie wont down the "rids this after soon. THE ALABAMA AGAIN. The Aspinwall Steamers Ocean Queen, America and Champion in Danger. OTHER PIRATES ABROAD ON THE OCEAN. Another Vessel Burned on the Atlantic, Ac., *0.. lit# pirate Albania Ik again on the track of the California stsainers. On the loth instant Captain Crowd], in the schooner Julie, while rn rout*, from Savannu-la Mar, pass*d through CaicosPaasage. Windward Islands, of the j West ludles?the regular routo of tho California steam erg?in comfiany with a bark ripped profiler, painted black, and having hort topgallant toasts, but without topgallant yards across. This, without doubt, was the Alabama:for it answers her description eutirel.r, and wo already have informat ion that on the #th?six days before?Captain .Seiuu?es, from inft>rnii?tlon received from a vmw! that lie hart In^ardod off Point Morant, Jamaica, concluded to let the Ariel pmoeed on her voyage while ho want iu au oppoait* direction. Ooiisequontly, having transacted the Utile business ho had in hand, ho donbtle.-s U?k up his station iu this- I'assafo to overhaul the Uc. ou Qncen aud America, both of which he, without doubt, knew wer* due at that point within a lew hours of the time the above described vessel was seen in the passage. WHBK THE OCEAN yUKKN AND AMERICA HAILED. The Ocean Queen and America both suilud at*nit the Hime tine from Xew York, on the 11th iastant, aud pr<r ( ceded in tomp.Miy southward, along the regular track o the California steamers, their commander# being, of course. entirely ignorant of the capture of the Ariel, and therefor* not aware of any Just eati-:e for deviating from 'heir regular path. The voyage irooi New York to ( aicos I'aseag* rarely eseeerts live days. Therefore both vessel* should have parsed through It 011 the 16th at tho late.-t The Alabama was there on the 16th, to be in time, and if g|M feu. really captured the two steamers, theii value will have paid him for waiting. WHEN THE CBAUriOX 8A1I.KD AND HW DANOEB. flu steamer ChinplQB left New York on tlie CCd instant, Ave days before the telegraphic news of the capture of the Artel reached this city. The commaudcr of this vewel, being likewise ignorant of the recent operations or the Alabama, would take the same routo a* his prodewR-ors, and donltte " sernmes, even If he captured the other two, wonld also w <it for the champion, as be would be almo3t certain that the news could not reach Washington in time for _ even a mora active man than Secretary Welles to despatch war vowels upon the track. Thus there Is a strong probability that this vessel has also betore this time fallen a prey to the pirate. WVT WHAT 18* TBI GOVERNMENT DOINO IN THE MATTEE? This Is a quest ion that every on* will denbtleas ask of himself, even if he does not make the tnnniry of his neighbor. What do we flndf On the application of Feuator Latham, of California, the Navy Department or. tiered the armed steamer Connecticut to leave Hampton Reads for Aspinwall, to bring to New York all the treasure at that place from the Vacidc coast. But when? On the 1st of January nest?that is to-morrow. And Commodore Vanderbilt also yesterday put forth the lo?. lowing circular relative to the protection to be afforded to CONSIGNKE* OK CALIFORNIA HOLD. No. ft Bowusn OKMW.Dee. 30,1802. Mr telegraphic ?leapan h received this day from the Hon. fildeon Welles, secretary of the Navy,l amadv'l^d that a cuovwyfW each of the homeward bound st&mersof the California line has been |<romptly or dered, tn aorofdauc* with the proposition which bad boon submitted to the government by me. ttad I have no doubt that the security thus amply provided will be entirely sstWartory to parties immediately int-re-ted. and that it will meet with the approbation of the public generally. VANInCRMLT. The above action of Socrelary Welles would be very good If It did not happen that It comes a little too late. As tar as the Alabama is concerned. If she has done any. thing, the whole four steamors ere this have been captured and bonded, or porhaps the 4aat three that sailed may have been burned. Who knows ' Certainly not Secretary Welle*. The United States gunboat Connec. tiont la to aall t* morrow, while it I* w*tl known th* Champ ion, the last of the rour.lf taken at all. would have been captured last Saturday. Th* story oT locking th* stable after th* horse has been stolen la h*re verified to the letter. The naval Secretary's action may be all very well for th* futur*; but m regards tho four veetcls? Art*!, Ocean Qaeen, America and Champion?It Is oer tainly a few day* too late. One thing la very oertain neither Captain Semmos nor the Alabama will stay long enough in that *r any other place to be caught by a single gunboat. 3EETCH or TEH OCEAN QUEEN. The ooean Queeu Is a flao sld*-wli< el steamer of the Vanderbilt lln*,or*r tw* thousand eight hundred lens burthen, and ratad A1H at Lloyaa. she was bulH in New York by Westcrvalt ft'Mackay In 1#67, and is c*n strucled of ,*ak, *opper and iron fastened. She ha* thro* d*cks,'draws sinteen f*et of wat*r, and was metalisd in July, l*5g. H*r engtno is known by the title of vertical beam, with one cylinder of ninety nine inches la diameter, and th* length of stroke of the piston rod is twelve fest. She has good security against tire, and has also one independent fir* pump; but of oourse tfteso pre oautlons would be of no avail If tho Alabama chose to bnru the ship. She Is three hundred and twenty, seven feet long, fort-two feet betm, and twenty - two f*et deep. Mi* la of a medium mod*l, brig rigged, and has four water-tight bulkheads She waa last iurvfg*d lp thja citv ft February, Wl, bglopga to this port, and is owned by 0. Vanderbllt. Semmes has vowed vengeanoe on this lino of steamers, Id oonsequence of Commodore Vanderbilt's patriotic oonduot In allowing the Vanderbllt to cruise alter the Alabama. 8KRTCH OF THE AMERICA. The America is a side-wheel steamer, formerly known as the Coatzacoalcos, ef 1,963 tons burthen. Sho is rated A2 at I Joy (Is?thai Is ahe in classified among the steamers constructed for navigating lakes, sounds or rivers, although put on this route, and draws but eight foet of water. She wss built in Niagara City in 1834, and is constructed or oak, copper and Iron fsstenqfl, has two decks, and was metalled in December, 1858. She has a walking beam engine, with a cylinder of seventy inches in diameter, and a piston stroke of twelve feet. She belongs to this port, and Is owned by If. 0. Roberts. She *s of medium model, aud was last surveyed in this city | i May, 1961. Sho had originally but one deck and three bulkheads, fur rivnr navigation, but 1ms siuoe been altored, and now bus a dsek cabin aud deck saloon. Sho In* recently been double bottomed, relustened, braced and strengthened throughout, and started on the lltb for her last trip uutil March next. She belongs to the Nicaragua line, and made her former trip to Gray town, but thia timo "ailed for Aspinwall. which fact accouuts for her starting in company with the Ocean Queen. SKETCH Of THK CHAMPION. The Champion is a One side-wheel stearner. or one thou ive hundred and forty tons burthen, is rated A r,, a'ld draws twelve fori oT wat?r. She was built by Hnrlaii Iloliiuwerlh,ot Wilmington, l??l.. in lS.Vl.nnd Ik constructed entirely ol iron, with iron fasteuiugs. She has an engine with two beams, with a cylinder of forty two inches and a piston stroke of leu t'ect. Her security I a-aiust Are is good, and she tus three independent fits pumps. She iMhngg to Uils port, and Is owned by C' Vanderbllt k co. She is or medium model, schooner rigged and has four bulkheads. She was last surveyed In this city in January, 1342. ANOTHEi: Vt-^KI, PC-IJlOVEn ON THE ATLANTIC. 'Ihe captain of the bark Trent, at Halifax, from Ijoiidon, reports tliai ou the olli of December, in About lati tude 41 and longitude 42. tie saw a ship on fire and ?mother ship bound east, which probably bad the crew on board. This is doubtless t^c work of a privateer; for Captain Weaver,of tho bark Jl-uihi* Vineyard, from Glasgow, states that when in latitude 40, longitude M, be saw a suspicious lotting vessel to tho northward, whkh kept away ior him. and afier following about an honr it cam on thick and stie was lost sight of. He thought she wis a privateer. Captain Stariett, of ship I.i/vie Southard, also retorted that on the 1Mb of November, when In latitude 00 30. longitude 32 40, be was chased by a vessel supposed to be a privateer. She first set the Koglieb colors half-mast. After a while she hauled them down and act French colors at halt mast. She followed for two hours, and, finding she could not gain on the ship, wore around aixfcgtood in the direction of. another ship which was in company. The suspicions vessel wa* long and narrow, bark rigged, painted black, with a white streak. IMPORTANT FROM SAN FRANCISCO. Light Trtsinrt Ihlpmenti to !*ew VorkUeU tab* Forwarded Br British Vessels from Asplnwsll. Sajt Krancmco, Dec .10,1862 Well.-, Car go k Co. will charge 7 a 8 per cent fer shipping gold to New York by the next steamer. It is fuif rally anticipated that the treasurs shipment for New Vork will h* exceedingly light, snd that the b-ilk going forward will go by Hritl'h steamer from Aspinwall. Great Trltfrapbh Feat. The tneuat'e from Ssn l .aori'oo announcing the cap. ? ureolthe steamship Ar-el, received in tbl? city last Saturday evening, was trau-mitted over Ihe telegrspblc lines from thst city to New York in less than two hours?s distance of over four thousand mile-1. Tho despatch was telegraphed from Ss'-ramento to i Tile ago, s distance of two thousand four hundrsd ^s<i Ally miles, diret t? that is, without bring repeated si any intermediate telegraphic stattonr. Tbete is no doubt, had the wires between New York and San I-'rsocisco lieeti un- i occupied by other business, that the me wage would hare reached this city at an early hour on .Saturday afternoon. The above mentioned promptness aud rapMttyof trail", miss km of despatches from that quarter of the globe are of daily sad hourly occurrence. The Mil odd y Veeeels o t the Banks Bxpe. dltioa. There Is a shoddy description of skipcraft at well as tailoring, snd the operations in both branches of ibis swindling arrangement are about equally extensive, andacious and protitable, 'he unseaworthiness of several vessels of tho Ranks expedition, purchased st the most extravagant prices, has ''ailed tbe attention o( govern, meot to the subject in a particular manner, and tbe conseqnenee Is, as stated in yester.lay s Hmum>, that a committee of Unite* States Senators sre at present holding an investigation at the St. Nicholas Hotel In this eity. Tbe proceeding". however, are concealed from tbe public with tbe Biost Jealous care, ft r what goed reason ti is dime lit to imagine. The committee met yesterdav m parlor No. 3M of tbe It. Nicholas Hotel?present, Senators Grime*, of lows, chairman; Morrill, or Mains, and Kennedy, of Maryland. The doors were kept shut and a vigilant senMnet patrolled tbe lobby te keep off all Inquisitive outsiders. Who were examined or wb" were not it is there tore a little difficult to divine. The sergeant at Arms, or some one who seemed to be vestod with the authority of that potential oBcer, assured our reporter In a blnnd manner tmt the luve?tlgation was ??strictly private," "the names of witnesses could not be divulged," and that the committee were not "altogether satisfies" even at tbe publication <4their name- and business in yesterday's issue. When all the tewtlmony is tsken It Is expected the rej>ort will be made public, without sny further hesitation. ? [ Br sure or Asss.?There are now on hand st the United States Armory at Sprlnnt>old from thirty thousand to forty thousand new rifles, sll sucked and ready for ship ment. This is the first timn since tho war broke out that there has been a supply ahead of tlie demand. \hs ar ?try ms turn# out about a thousand rifles ? <Ur. UP0ETA1T FROM KEITUCKY. Defeat of the Rebels Under Morgan at Boiling Pork?Repulse of the Enemy at New Haven, fte.. Ac.. I I.oClSViLt.a, Dw. 30?10:05 P. M. Colonel Harlan attacked General Morgan at Rotting Fork yesterday morning. The engagement lasted one bour and a half. Harlan killed and wounded a number of rebels, loalng two killed and three wounded. Amoog the latter was Lieutenant Pollla, of douthwick'a battery, Mince dead. The rebels retreated towards Bsrilstowu, having lost sevoral killed and wounded, and a captain and six privates captured. Morgan spent last night at Wardsiown, and moved Nit ward on the Springfield tumpiko. This morning scouts report that Baati Duke was seriously wouuded at Rolling Fork. A messenger reported to Colonel Caftan that our forces I,Ml mi engagement at New Haven, this morning, aud repulsed the rebels there. Shepiiardsville and Rolling Fork bridges are safe. Tm trestle work on Milldraugh" Hill I* ho aeriouelr damaged that it will require a month for lt? rentoratk*. Two small bridges, which can be easily restored, wore burned by the rebels Mar Mbaaoa Junction. The above wprkw all lb* damage done by the rebels to bridges on the Louisville ?nd Nashville Railroad and it* tributaries. l.ientenaut John 8|i*ed, of General (filbert a staff, wa? taken prisoner by the rebels near the trcstrte woik, aud robbed of bis clotlilug, watcli and purge Xrw Madrid To Be Rtorrupltd. Cairo. Dec. 30,18?2. Mew Madrid Is to be reoceupled. The Thirty-eighth Iowa went there to-day. Ail is quiet at Columbus. DfeOBTAIT FROM TEIRESSEL An PrrtaMj Prnrwsla* at Mirfreeibirii l-otriMiixa, Dec. 3U?10:0# P. M. General Rosecrans cap'ured se veral cannon on his *T? proach to Murtreesboro, and reports from below lnd>< ate an engagement progressing at that plaoe. Arrival af Waaadtd Bold lore fra? WaihiBgtM. Thirty nine soldiera, belonging u> various Connectleut regiments, arrived from Washington at five o'clock last evening. They wereall woundod at Fredericksburg h* capt one,Geo. W. Ki"-ier. who is*iek. Their wants were attended to b/Cohrfid Aloiy. the Conn-olii-nt ?i*te Agent, woo provide. 1 them wHfe comfortable quarters on board the si earner Thomas A. Way. They will be sent to their homos to-day* Their uames are follow* ? Cha* S. BreuWs,Co. K, 14ih <'onn , of M.ddletow n Chan. Mining. K, l!7lh t'eou of Kair Haven Barnard Starkey, Go. I. 1 4th < *'Ou.. o* Hertford. Thom?s, I4tht 'u?u ,nt Wanrb'.ry John K, 14tb ? ont. , ?: s<HilbinfWn. Frederick Stabdish,Uo A, 14th ( ottu ,W Bridgeport Cert. W Keeler, to. I* 17tu Crnin , -4 Unreport. i Andrew Murphy, <o. I, 14tbConn .ei Hertford. i t.eo B. I,17th< .,nn oi (.r'.-t.wK-l, l oorplG. W. lllnedale, i o. M. vOth < onn.. ?< X? Hsren ] ? ( o. 17vhCoi>u.,of Kidtfetlr.4. Henrv ?Varm? 1. l o. A IMh Conn . <4 Me, ,<lej | Bvroii t're.Co. H,a*th ( < nn., ol New Haven Charles 8. lierbj, Cn. I, 14th ? -nn.. of Karmingtoa lames Iangd?B.Co. I. 14th tbnn.. of New haven. Wiiu Douglas, Co. 1,14th Cooa.. of New l/mden. lohn K Vandenroort .Co. B, 14th ? "on., of Durham Vdnm Wiltord. 0>. B.a:ihtVmii.,ef Breaford. James Maher,fo. K, 14th timti., of MMdletown. A M >mith, i'o. A, Ulh Cooa.. of Norwal*. II C Walielee,0>. F, ?JJthCowj .of F*a?Cjuaan. ? W H KMlli" ouu.,of Koekville Aua"St Gross., < o. I?. I4tli conn. , of Koekville. lohn Mcl'berCo. D, 14th fonu. Servt. Horatio nI Hhan,! .,. B. 14th < onn , of >1 dalelown. Corn Win H J>?tuwoii,Co B, 14th Coon . o( M'. tdletowu William A.-hwell, tV ?. 14th Conn., of UloomOeld George Gunther. i o. K, STth Coon.,of New Haven Willi .m II. Morgan, O G. 14th Conn., of Mhdison. Ktanc.s K. Bench,Co. l,?thConn of New Haven. Henry H Onthaup.O. <>, iTtht'onn.. of New Haven Justus Vogi,00 K rih Conn., of .North U?ven semt. Julius K. Ooodwin,C<v K, 14tli''onn .<* Hartford. J O. Ambler (Oolorei'r|K>ral),Co. C.iiTth Conn., Nerwal*. (buries >f. Premise, Oo. 1, Slit Com., of Mlddlotown. Jehn Jacobs. Co. d. J7th Conn. William N. Carroll, t>). K, 14th < onn. John Williams, Co. H . 'JJthConn. Mi? is Rntemau appenrs at the Brooklyn Academy of Music tbHtvenlng, la the late ?het idan Knowlex' femuus play, '- The Hunchback. ' She will be supported by Mr. J. W. Wallnek, Jr., end Mr Edwla Adams, is Master Walter end Sir Thomas Cllflbrd, and by aa ogcellent stock company. Tomorrow avoolng, ? The Lady of Lycos." ? The praiilaa UAIesr*! A?oeaat oC the Ptalaaalar Caaipalf"' TO THK KDIiOR OK T1IB HKHAI.D. Aaar or tbb l*otoa*o, Doc. 'il, ltK'i In your paper ef the 26th Inst, yon published a elate, meut of a Prussian officer, in the service of the Confede rato States, regarding the Peuinsular campaign As a ? Hole that tateroent is a very fair one, particularly as i-omitis from such a -ioi.icc, but in at least one tnstanoo it tawrona via:?Where it awards to (.eueral Meagher's brn. id" the praise tor the desperate lighting done by our side at Game's Mills, on. the 'i7th Jone. It was ?yk??_ hri ad? ol regulars that fought at that point with such unexampled bravery. Meagher's brigade did net eome on the tield until It was quite dark, and alter all <he Ormg bad ceased. The Irish Brigade h is won too many laurels u? wish to unjustiy deprive "tber brave men sf tbwrs. UTERESTHfG FROM IILTOIK11. ARRIVAL flP THE STAI W TH1 SOUT1. Another Vessel of the Banka Expoiitio* Broken Down and Fat Into Port, Tfe*Hlaroftb? South, Captain M. S. Woodbull, frem Hilton Head, arr.ved hare last evening with ena hundred and thirty S'Ck aa<l wounded soldiers, io charge of Drt James K. Mempl* and Vioraas 1). Smiley. Aim), tbe following paHKtwgera:? General Jiaaea L-Fraaer, o.lonel J. W. Bryant. Lieu tonaiu rolooel ?? Beard, Ueutouaot Colonel & R- Buck* lin, Major J. Mu?on awl clerk, Sui*e<>n A. P. IMIrymplW, Surgeon Tanner, Captain Haulet, Captain Ceorge Moteelr, Captain .lohu llrown, Lieutenant hit*nan, I .lou tenant Brodle. Lieutenant Julius Heea, Captain rhdmaa D. Kidd William Williamson, H. Misalaer, A. a. N*onttb, Fliille Vorhei'H, H. MoUooey, D C. Wilson, A.J. viler, J. Mallet, W. 9. Wallace, Thomas MeCulloogh, Thomas Howo Mr. Johnsou.J. 11 Morris, Win. Coajrove,? harms tjmith J. W. Wandell. J. Miller, K. A.Schwartz, ?. Alien, fleorgs Kan iff, M Farrell, James Klley, William Weir, Joha Donovan, William Spears?and sixty in the Bteerage. On the 22d Inst., the steamer Iterrlmac, of the Bank expedition, having on hoard the Tenth New York Wt*t Militia (One Hundred and Seventy-sevwilh Volunteer* ), hIxc mptiniea of the Second battalion nuryee's louver (Ono Hundred and Sixty nee nl Volunteers), und tw* companies of the TWenty-fifth C innectlcnt Volunteer*, la all arteen hundred men, put Into Port Royal Sbe left New York on tho 18th ln?t., and when two day out M one of her engines disabled by tho broiking ??i tho con. necting shal l. Iler troops were all landed and aceomino. dated in tho various buildings that afforded space for th' m. The ship wa? expected to leave to rejoin the ex' peditioii on Funday, the 28th Insi. The propeller Mhctucket, l aving on board two com. pauios of the Furty-second Massachusetts rogliueut, alsa put Into Port for coal and water. Uor wants bavlutf been supplied,she nailed again on the morningoi the JOtki. Our Beaufort Correspondence. Bsaikobt, S. C., Tec. 26,1803 I Thf. Arrett and Rrlrant of Cvlotol Bryant?1h* Cose of to' low* White and Captain IficM*? Vitil of Gnvral So* biour and Admiral IhtfOtv?Hmlgmalia* of LUutma* CoUmel Beard?Ckrulma.1 fenlioitia?HaUuiy of th* M? rrimac, <t<~-, rfc. Colonel J. W. Bi rant, formerly of Florida, who was to summarily arrested by order of fieneral Sax'on a few days slice, has been released. Colonel B. has just returned from St. John's river.having had an interview, through a flag of truce, with his family, who residw above Jacksonville. Ills p.?pers were examined, and upon repregcutai ions of thoso who knew him here bo wss released. Colonel White and Captain Nichols are again restored to command and to their previous positions, vis:?Coto. nel Whito commandant of pest, and Captain Nl' hole Pro. vost Marshal. Much satisfaction Is expressed her* at this result by the hosts of friends these gentlomen have, and who kuow their ability and acumen in natters per taiulng to their duties. ??moral Seymour, just arrived In the stoamaV Delaware, accompanied by Admiral Dapont, v letted IBeanfot t yesterday, and returned to Hilton Head to-day. Lieutenant Colonel Beard, Provost Marshal fieneral of Goueral Sexton's staff, who wsa on Tuesday last placed under arrest by order of General Brennan, has resigned. Mis resignation, by leave, has been accepted. "Mefry Christmas" was celebrated here yeoterdny in n manner highly satisfactory to the community at large, and especially to muny Individuals that I noticed dnrug 'theday,and whose "style" Indicated tho truth of thslr sentiment, ?k they remarked, "Ntvor iniod (bic)9 ol* tell or (hic>. Oiniunw don't com# but (talc) year (hie). I et's take a drink?" Bnt do not let im lead you to think that Hac? hn? held snpremo control over all matters on "the day we celebrate " Other and higher methods of enjoyment were freely Indulged. The sun aro'c bright and clear, and throughout the day ? Old Sol V rayK |>oured down in nnsual warmth upoa|ttHt heads of hundreds of plennure s<-ekerH, at time* in?t especially agro<able. The day's exercises oommenOt i about half-pest ten o'clock A. M., in tho eawp of the Kirxt United Slates artillery, with games, shooting mat. hes, r u ing, frc., Including the celebrated "meal teat, exclusively for contrabands," so successfully inaugurated at Kort'Pulaski on Thanksgiving Hay. A prominent feature ot the entertainments at this camp was the hurdle jumping, transfixing a suspended ring on tbe point of the sword and the culling of halls on n pwr while at full gallop. This exercise, I am told by Meat. Hsu ry rmembers/of whose company participated largely In the same)* Is ol West i'otat origin. The gallant Lieutenant, shows the wisdom of introducing an exorcise which trains the soldier tor "real work'' and prepare* fer all future contingencies. J"ome very excellent boraemanshlo was here displayed Lieutenant Tally, Klret. United states artillerv, distinquiseed himself in this ?a*relit? Captain Langd'on,or Company M, also gav* hi* men a chance to display their nerve ingamwof riding, A' ., near by. A Tweuty tour iwunder bowitser was placed in position ou the riv*' bank, and some utest excellentprac tlce was made with shot and ?heli. under the direction of I.ieutenani Tullr. I next, in compiiny with Lisniaant lleury?wis *e conduct at Pocotallgo won lor htm th*socv miums "f all? inspected hts company quarters I round the meu dressed neat and alran, order ly and respectful, their Siblejr tents In perfect order A solid aud substantial dinner awaited tbe mei, whose sharpened appetite* must have attested the favor done tbem. l visited tha dinner tent of Coaipnny M, Plrat Dotted States artillery. Captain Ungdon's, where I found * table richly spread, and evincing the presence of Ikff hands. Much care had evidently be*o takeu Iter* t* ptaaa* all, and most excellent taste was exhibited. Proa la ?? in tbe centte of tbe table was a tribute to tbo memory of n private of this company who lost hts life at Poeotnilf*. I w as touched with this memorial to a departed cawtada. Your correspondent next visited the uamp *f lhe Sixth Connei-iicnt volunteer*, whore a princely treat wan|wovided hv Messr.-. Cooley ft Harvey, antlers to tha raglntent. "in company with Msjor Meeker,of tbeiflxthCoa nectlcut; Meutensnt Colonel Twltchell, Ktgbth Mate*; Lieutenant ttolonct Bsnd, Forty-eight N*w York; Ucoie nam Tolly, Flrat l'nlt*d MMe* artillery; Ucutoaaat Richardson, Kourtb N*w Hampshire,and others, and Ik ai'L'ordsucs with a previous invitation, I sat down to eat my first Christ mas dinner M South Carollnn. WMb thslr well known liberality. Messrs. Cootoy ft Baa**? iirovided a bill o| rare whkh equalled many af i or '? first class" tstoiaa at toaaa. It waft n free will oflenag'on thoir port to the *???** *thn Sixth Counecticul and thair trienda. Due Joatieoiwaa done to tho "goodies." Tbe prevailing toasiw?The American I'nion?-Is>ng May She laager"?waa reeponded to by all parties in th*ir |iectiiiar style and tone. Tbe baud ol tbe Ligbtb Maine Voluntosr* performed In tbe rear of tbe teat at intervals during th* dinner h*ur. I be ma.oritv ol the guc^ta testified ttie'r pl?aaar* m n quiet tnanoei. while the "g.lted few" wer* loud. long and lingering m their eflortg to create a union tfhanrta, hands, 4c The worthv <Violey presided la bin usual og.hand manner After making a le.liug spee> h at th* ?ut**t, touch'tig bis co*nectioo with the regiment, h*eenidnd9d with an mvtution to ??fall in!" which was moat promptly responded to. trreat credit is due to Messr*. Oaolay ft Harvey for their liberality on tbe orcasloa. * Alter dmner wc idjotirne<l t?> the ?|uare near <hn LIlinry. and ibore witne-sed tlie 'lemise of several i hi< keus which v -re ui pen dad by the leet rope stretih<d acr'iss the rmd ? height lor a a?.r.eman lo etse one of them by tha bead w hile on the fall i.aiiop. Pterotns a ung, IMtewlaa aus 1 flooded, wiili the lance,aod mmpiug huiiliaa womnl ip the alterno"u's entertainment. The ctow'l wera umatiy amused, snd aouid even ruu ta? i isk ??! iheir neefcn?fr'>in most aspirlug cmnestanta, in order to witness ihn results. This |*rt a* the programme was encd'tctod Wj|h a reroarl.-sble degree of spirit. Throughout the dtflftreat camps "Merry < hrl tmae" was duly celahratat|iJo n greater or less extent, and I trust eoj- yed by aW. I can ?uiv |ne i ou the most prominent leetureo 1 wiupaaaad. In the evening, dancing, story telling, Ac., cl*** tft* siwrts. and the departed anniversary retired nflplilal ahouia of irlee irom huudred* i* aable* wlwtiad *n*a<ial shouts of glee irom huudre^s i* latitude this day. t _l The M*rrlma< sail* to racrrow with her trwo*^ via.The Tenth New York Voiunteera, aix eompanian?( ?h* Second battalion, Ihtrye. s Stouavaa, and a comyany of tbe Tweatv-Ufth Connectkut Volunteers. She f* dee lined lor iieneral Banks command. She has l*MB de tamed here since Snturday last to repair her ma?ft#ary. Tbe lollowttig deaths are rei-'rted sinc> my laa>c_ l*riv#te Benrv Angell,Company L, Third ll?<h,^aad regiment. I>eretnher 15 chronic diarrhoea. f Private Ben inmia K. Princ*. Comi?ay ft, '"HMkhu New York regiment, at fort I'ulaskl, rninltl tnroat. _ *slf Private Samuel Hugglns. Company R, Forty^ev??tn Penasylvania regiment, December 16; woendn t A Tit* Wiathrr Tliiiiaghoel I'lac*. 'in in J 8 A.M 140 i*> 7 A.M. 9 A.M. ? A.M. ? A.M. S A.M ft A.M 9 AM S A.M. ? AM 9 A.M <? A M 5541 2d. on 30 00 moo 31 00 2S.00 30 00 37.00 091 4U0?I ? Boston ..... a? SI utreal.C.K 30 Btmouski.CR ? ytieliec 30 Bu tlaio Toronto. ... 3" Sarnia 30 Cleveland . 30 Clnoinnatl . 30 Kts. Monroe 30 Portland,Me. 30 H.??ion 30 ??irlnalleld.. |30 New York.. i30. - . rbilsdi Iphia 301 9 A.M. 44.W Waabim'o* IWl !*??<* - iwsw.l i\?.WI 31.00 111.76 .n.u'i iU.04 4.'..0<i 87.011 :? i<0 44 00 00. Tt 44 00 ? S. W. clear.? $ W. I Fair, so N. K.IOoimI*. j ? I Bright ? ICKmtlftiiew. N F.i'loudy. ? iRaiainpiftard W. Cloudy., N. it k>i .. N. W. Ideas. . W. iloudy.. I S*J

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