The Times from London,  on June 11, 1840 · Page 6
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The Times from London, · Page 6

London, England
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1840
Page 6
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yt W 1 ! !l 4 1 1 ' - fe( lit kahee. Btrttadase at alvtlH ftefae4 7". . to 7.fc fall street. . - . Cert 1, bag. Cejloe wen ll, bewctt la t J, to .Vto previa pet,, SI, la H. WU the swage f prUe. .1000 Java weal tt aeeUaf..to4n.aa,U.U - , aa4 364 bag K tat tadia were bought la at 44. - tic. - Oel, part of 606 bop Bengal were eel4 st 1 If. U 15. tl which I a Arotree of M. to Js. former prioes. 800 bag Slssa wr tata la' tt . Casm Lie - aa - lSO ebostt were take out, beta held al 7. Tauow. A quia d7,aa for the lest three Booth there T.Urtat.vl..64. Fer tbe .pot M. 4. b still about Ue price. Oooatniil uonm from Oylea Ute Ue result ef tb Gove nant tsealkl, saU at eianamen, wkioh took place a Ue 6ih of April: First sort, 23 bslae, 1833, at 3s. Ojd. ear lb. S.?oc4oMbal.., 1837, at 2t. 0,4. perl. Thir4ort,o attM, 183S, It. 0 i. U U 24. Ptf U; 2 as ISXT, l Is. 0J 1.; 15 b.xee, 1833, al Si i. pec lb.; aa4 1 box, 1837, at 9J4. Th fallowing tbe price of prodaee : - Cxoeaat oil per leagef 1 JO imperial gallo,19i.. UlVO - . C - B - (aopicked) pir ewt. 73. to 7. Culryent aea - Weitk, U4..U IS.; ditto Jink.Si. u 3"..; ditto repe, 40b to 44. Eaoey. 13. to I6i. Deer aorat, MSIb., lea, to 1 12. 6 1, wl plamtaago la bozo per toa 50. to iii. Government btll apoo London, 3 pr coot. premium; private, per ta 10 per coat, discount, FreigbU for rxfiee, U. 10. per too, aa4 daosmoo tt. 10. per ton. Mancnar - rBa, C o'clock p - nok, J bo 9. Duwii bora within Ue lest weak ha continued to retro - trad, aad pri?ee for vwry description ef nanafaetare have trod 4 downward. Tbo following are th price that have been obtaicod to - 4 y : Tats rat Ex rear. Bt. 8 to 12, male, average 9 per lb. IS to 34, water twist, average 30 perllk - 24 to 26, water twin, average ?J perm. 23 to 32, water twi.t, average 30 Derlb 34 to 36, water twist, average 31 terlb J 36 to 44, mat yarn, ittnr 40 per io . . . . Yai rox Tnr HoiMncriCTrt I Ordi 2g: - d. d. 5 6 i 9 10 11 11 11 111 104, " H loj 13 K, sin cop 40, pin cow So, twiit for wrp 4", twist tit warp aary. 1. " 9 9: . - I It . l II Good. j Ordi. t arr. . d. Uood. Best 5 7i 5 10 MOHMT - MJKXXT JfD CtTT tXTKUJOSMCB. Wadaoaaaj Etwalaf. Lrttera by tkIwUnaflh 00th cf April ftot Dornbaj hart htf Rlarjr deilrrwed 0 - &y, beJar the ascooa day aftar the) rafwUifrfoc thr toarrjti had airradjr appcartU m utajenrMi. lDcre n net: an j addHioB cV importacca to b sttadr, aa oallewtad fro tha prirale letters, to that inteU'neic. Mocrjr wu ooantraUrrl abuUiit t - 4T, M nach o that bobm br.Vers, wha wished to amploy it at the StocV. Exchange, were naable to do to. These frrqoent alteraUoc in the Talne of money, which xnost hare been oWrrrd In all report of late on the tnbjrtt, hare canard a (rreat deal of speculation amoos; the dealers in tnooer as. to the canc : hnt they are enable fn trneral to asairn any tatli factory solution of Uk dimcnity. it raw, bowerrr, ttrack many penoni who hare been in a sit a at ion to oWrre what H going: to oetwaea Uie joint - atoek bank ol the, city aad: the prirate hankrra, that thta mar poaiMy he the trne reaaon ol tne unccrum alate of ute circulation. Suppose a joint - stock bisk to reeeire deposits to the amount of lfXI,00(V. in the morning, represented by chicks dran on Tattoos prirate bankers, they not Mt:ds; any admission U tne cloartnfl - nouae woaia ollect the aof ct for them immediately at the counters of the banVl upon which they were drawn, which would limK ti that extent the means of these bank - en of accommnJstioa to their customert; and the caa vQ be Termed when the prirate baaVen hare check in deposit to a large amount upon the joint stock bank. Bat if in the whole of these transactions the money they represent had hern left untoached until the ck - ariaf at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, it is proha hi that neither the general balance of tha prirate bank nor ot the joint - stock bank would hare been materially altered by them. I here teem much soundness in this opinion, and It ia a matter well worthy of the coauJcraUon of the prirate banker, whether in this pertinacious exclution of the joint - atock bank from the dealing - house, they do not brine, serious LBCoareniences upon thtuiselves and upon their customers alio. Thry may be assured that it will come to this in the end, whether or not it the case at present. The country holders ei Mexican securities hars felt themselri - s greatly ajrjrricrev at the diSVirnce of the position in which they stand and that of the mercantile holder. The Mexican Gorernment haTin - set apart one sixth of their Cuttomt reTcnue to Uqai - dte the diridends in arrrar, ccr.ificate hara been krard by the Mexican Consul in London in exchange for the'orerdue eon pons. These certificate being payable in Mexico, are rery serriceable to those who hare commercial intercourse with the country and hare esabliihrd an agancy abroad ; and it appears that the certificate tent out hare been regularly Mid. Far different is the position of the country holder, who ha no mean of communication, and who, if he attempt to negotiate his certificate, find that purchaser are but too willing to take advantage of hi situation, and that he caanot sell but at a con tiderable (sny 50 per cent.) Mcrifice, Remittances alone therefore are aerricaable to three holders, aad any other mode of payment is attended with loss. A the Mexican Gorernment find it impossible both to honour the certificate and to tend rem'tunce, a continuation of the forner could, indeed, hare only the effect of giring an undue preference to ene description of creditor. The Mexican Consul his therefore ruspended, for the present, the further issue ot certificates. Those already issued are said to be for about one fourth of the debt. What U sii of country holders applies, of course, to all small kalder of Mexican securities, who hare no direct connexion with the merchant' who trade with that country, and consequently the extent of the eril by which they ruifer, and the unfairness to them, are rery great. What mode wOl be derised by the Mexican Gorernment to remedy this cause of complaint remains to be teen, but it b certain that their credit can nerer arrire at a satisfactory state in Europe natil they hare' contrived some means of nlaeing all their creditor upon a perfectly equal tooting. Consols opened at 91 ' to t, and after being quoted hoy en at ', left off a they opened. Reduced, which are now the ealy 3 per cent nock open, are J higher than yesterday, being 91 J to . Exchequer - bills remain at 23a. to St. premium. In the Foreign - house there has been scarcely any alteration. Spanish ArtiTea left off 271 to ; Portuguese S per Cent., 8SJ to ; Dutch 2J, li to J ; ' Mexican, Si J to , Colombian, 2i J to C. In the Share - market there ha been much excitement.excitement. - Great Western are at 35 to 6 premium, and 17 for the hsif - sharea, the bighert price they hare yet reached. Birmiicham also hare riren, and are quoted 93 to 5 ; Brighton are 5 J to 1 diccsunt. The excitemeat i by many attributed to the large receipt of the Birmingham line last week. The Royal Kxchange Insurance Company hare announced their intention to propose a bono of A per cent, in addition to their usual dividend on the UulT. Prirate letters fro'u Malta bring intelligence re - rpecting Alexandria to the 23d ef May. An uncle ef the Imaum of Sanaa, the present prince, had lately eeme to Mehemet Ali to entreat him to assist him in conquering his nephew's kingdom, te which he claim a roperioT right. Betide the English brig Colombus, with pasBenjrrrs and rice, another had arrived with fossil charcoal, for the use of the company's steam - ressela. The Viceroy had just sold .all his cotton crop, and had gained 1,400,000 talari in ready money by the transaction. The revenue of Egypt for the year 1839 is calculated to be 402,641 purse 447 piaster, reckoning 25 talaris to the purse. The chief source ef this rerenee are, the territorial rights, which produce 326,000 purse ; the poll - tax, which gives 4,747 on the inhabitant of Cairo, an4 to.232 n these of the province ; the tax on trades and occupations, which amount to 20,900 ; and the duties en tmportiag provisions into Cairo, amounting to 11,500. In addition to this revenue the Viceroy re - aeiret the profit of several monopolies. Mr. Pieritr, the Bible Society's miauonarr. who fia taken great intr t in the affair of the Jews, ha i too law war paawd now r at alatr period ; bat b tboogbt been introduced to Mehemet Ali by Colonel Hodges, " btUr t to deity it, Wciuh tu adoption of tb law and well received, lie nreapntJ a TnrVi.k n..n. would bav ErsatiaBaeaoo on th bodtet fr 1841. as o mw umwrvm v w luru ih vruvr iu laim ! proouso DiSOO oa tbo part of Hi Majesty reetiaE tb explanation ef th atau of Um kaaao. JL Yaa Uoorn Van. Barth said, th.ugta . uriuuiiia du aciea aauuraiij too Syndicate, bo wm iadswd of opinioa tbat tbi in.utuUoo U cootran to tcs (pint or oar faoaaaaental law, jet a too abrupt nppreauoa was aot pradeat, eepooiaJly ia tSe actaal UU ot our relatioa with Boigitm. He adrited tbe Chamber to dWtruit ta floosa; reprtMnUtions of the sUta oi owr aaaacc, wntea could oolj Injurs pablio credit. Tbo atat of oar finances is aot desperate, if a rvoroui TUsa of euowmt i iatrodacod. if we a tin reaeii ihiun ordiaarr aid freta our oolatiial ixuKuont. nl if i,n ...t.r. of UiiU.n u raruxt H adri prudeace on this poin'. w. m iuiu.u una w uisw wuo, iiut.ui tfceir Tt la tiis bleiDK wkieU tb oooatrj enjoy, tndtaroar to aiute tbe kind of tbe people. Seme ettier member bavin; ipoken, partly ajainat tbo prepewd meaiare, portlv runt tbe im - BMditie adoptien of it, tb Minister of Koaaeo ipoke atrrt THE TIME8; THURSDAY, TUNE n, IMP. CHINA. Oi - ' the man touutisxibKim tsebnd tkrtiilr6 Ua, Hlrt Iaprial CoenmluloMr, a Prwtdeat ol tbe Beard of Wr, Tiorrer of Uw two Kwaee prorinoM. 4 t.m f - ii i a ih. w .j w.l wi ... A JiV m m " - v, .mw mn vi ii er, ? KVTVJ or TOO aftre4,aa4 iaww are ssftl piraaae wke oooUwwe ertM If, Uea seek saall be aaowaatw as kaawtajdy rialarleg taaj Uwa. aad shall saost seraredlj he pat ta death; ea raaeowaatahall woVhow am Ij or aissaeasy. TWs, thaa, saa; he eaBod trly tha extresBa al baaavaiwaa aad tha er aerfaetiaa et Jattiee. uer eeioonii estptra raaos wrartrst uoaaaae antra eau. A 1. .1 - . . - Jt.. M - t . - EXTRAORDItfART BltRtSS FROM PAJU3. . IThe rellowmg appeared b t eoed editieui ef Tk rrata of yeaterdjy t 1 ' W e hare receireekbj the regular mail to Pari, uir OEjewaaA nnnriMi wwwi utewaaww mnwmm - na Din rwKwjicrTitM)4a&3.;aa4 ' Mmt rarely w do peeere a aaeanr of rodlik MaJMty ' ..a n,y..n.Lr. ... ' - V t E, a Tiel? Vtba Brd of War. LUatsaantOo - ' wbUh c"0, StU1 - U a7 or "f" ra nUuHiC expreaa, further lettett from rernoro Kwaatarc. 1 warojawate whnoat prrriowr warnta. aad tt Is far tbas Bombay of the 30th of April, but they add no Hereby ealeatly adr thta paVlia dMBatoh u ike o - iwwa that we aew alewrlj. sssks ksown to joe tb flaed ia. - , . . . ., Vv uli i v (a) of Ei, UaA f Jtb. ri? If rrOTreill't.SlS: ' u" w Ub1 - ,f ,",I" " ' ho - P - tt fact to those publuhed ia tha jeumal on baet tafarnatioo ( tb ut of affair.), k. ' naareble aatiea deaire to aoabawa their ewnsserolal tour - Monday last, with the exception of the rumoured a.dl.hV, H - Khh. by th.Ru.dana, doi thei, lb teas i who lewk mt all iwanklnd with m J t - i - Z aad eo ae aeeewat make aa aiprriaseat of Mr law la their intended march thence en Bokhara. lae;.bo,lf awere of .rent .auts eaywhetV, d.ffare it "" ZV - t'.J ". - Pao'b U of j oar !., - , .. . .. ... ,rt. .. . . over U. wboU worlj ; who, if th tree af tnl takiViwt i ict " "J eriramal. Do net rndeevoar to tereen rt tnm Alexandria of the 2tf:h ult. tte. aay wkrs, plaek It ep for t VefieRt of ill aatfoci who ia ' ,r """ . J .?" wmr t " ." - tlat on the receipt of a UlegTaohic despatch from a word, bath imeiealed in hi. kreeit that beirt (k, .LUk tajorpolonlhu will you snore tbaa ever duplar p... .. . .. A .. . ,. , ,r. , .. bSrentoatureCfiV" - d'oWiienea. ..d tau. uuw. Cairo, announemg that it had been fired ia four dif - Toa. tbo Qb af yonr honorable natiwn, kit apoo .' ' tlti't.iJ n"" b'aeS of Poed happi - ferent places, the Pasha had set out for that capital. J - r.? !' - - ' ra - 1 ?;;: h "'" j" " - " TOB" & l' " The Kinc of Prussia waa on the 3d in a. alatw ton. all of wbom hre b - ea tjled rrepectful aj obedient, t l , : . i , . , . .... LoekiBt - over the miklla ..nd.t. r. ...T.i Lrt jwar Hi(haee iauaediatelr npoa tbo receipt cf this state bote nt (by tour credeornort) vari.u eeei,.? .. - a coajtaaLleatloo inform a preajptly of tbo lUlc ef n.ttert, ilo leikieina' : cimntrj. arriviaa at the central land fjr the ouU - . Jf .h! i 'O0"0' nnm or prweraatiaate P.irAT correspoSdesce. t sent (by your predeornor.) jn vari.u eeaaJauL w. find elet5 iatorm " Pwjptly of tto lUta ef mute .elelkj.inj "', "" nna and of tbo Koarare you are parrolaf atterly to pat a to? "All the people of try (that It tbo Kineof EeIand'.l ' """ P'tU - 1 oar reply bo peed;! Do not a country, airiviac at the central land for the Durante. ir.rf. I x" "" "ui or precrnBi : ft Jo.tiee or tbe kinJt.t treatment," tad otkf r w.rd. t rAff,w,,u n h.traot ef lb aswlswnew about to be fwo mo.t icporual n(ree tb elteatieo of ,bDM.&did w. f.,1 ,w ,UkiB.f .ew, h J - "AnOeror for,Irwer, opiu ,. - .' ' b, a Ita - iac fer, which n.l...olearlyand.r.towd tbe treat wrl.fple. of erofirlVtv. t"1 l4 "J? PF ? "Ti U "cIP1 " '" ' """ " . n,",D P"PU be iU approach d wredpl; grateful for IhobeavealyVoedMesfef enr "T' T!!!lZJ ""cf",""" "" "V,OIr!.,rm,1iV i "c wiia aa araiy af - - 4,UWI eavslry sod Infaa .H.V. t , iuiiciiic i, wu ii:mi w. oi me Heavenly lit Man.k& - I .A ..L.J ,. . . " - - .. .r - . htw mvima prvoi war nroonit KnJ.M. I.i. - 1 .l t J - Siht, Ci, lower - let ot printer, j yrd pr p; 8th, 73, pewer - leora printer, ' 'Jy yard per ptoce. Aceouat jait received from the Mediterranean, the Levaat, RsMia, aod Uermacj, are anvthiot: bnt iicearruj to the Eogliah manufacturer ; sad c hepei whatever are enter. ttinel oa tb part of tbe xpert beuae ;enralrr of a better tris with rraianera'Jat; prior darter, this year. ReparU, !o, (eat from all parts ol Eoglead aad Sooland to tbe Vtaacbetter ettabliahnteata esrared la th bom fade are nnpropitiou aad diahearteaiat. Tiers bav been Mveral attempts made is this neifkbitr - hood at re - lacing tb preteat ret of fi weavr' ware, wtlch are oauaina; raaob bickering; aad ill - will betwixt tbe eauplovtr and the employed la all power - loom etUbli.hmenti wher they bar octurreJ, aad bar keen tettlly impiacti - cable aad aaavailisg, a directed kfainat head - waa vere, owing to the txtra oat - door labour that will be required daring tbe ou - oomlag hay karvwt. LIVERPOOL, J 9. CoTDx - aiaxci. Our market ba been auiet t - dav. ant the VuainoM traiuactsd modarate. the aale amounting to 3.(40 ttg; of which exporter bv parcaaaed 5UU hai Boi, ana zuu oeg American, i aere II so change to ante In aiea. Sixci'LaB Arrui is thx Uocskuold of ins Dints r AaGTU. A cerreepondent of th Htfld give tb follow, in j itatemest on thi ubjet : It appear that tbe lady who lately lived ia tbe noble family of Argyll, a (overaee to tbe beaatnu ao tsiiaol aaaaiiter f Ua Uake, i a 8 win Some time after the murder of Lord William Kull the Lady Emma Campbell, wha waa la bed with one of her ei - tert, was alarmed In Um middle ol the aiht by aeme penoa bakint; ter by the sboalder. Sb awake, and wa borror - itricken to find her govern, tb Selu, leaning over the bed, with a large knife or dagger in ber baad. The Kovaraev aiked Ladr Eaima. ia a meaner batnvin . aiderable agitation, oa which aid of lb bed Uir mamma the Dacbe ilept," Poroeiviag the fribtfal weapan wbieh the un!ortanat, aoaua held ta her hand, anJ, aa may all be expected, exceedingly UrriSed, Lady Emxa Cuarbell, notwithstanding, with a DretCDOs of mind aui axtraordiuary ia one o yoaag, .prang out of led, cleeed ue D2 - raoui aoor. sna maaaef the reasoa of the conduct of tbe muguided goverae. TL Seiu replied ia an aagry toae, and peremptorily commanded the yeung lady to retire to rer, aad aot to dialarb tb boiwboU. Lady Emma Campbell, bwvtr, refuted to do M, aad wnl and placed bar back te tb doer, ia order to prevent the escape of the goveraea. Tbe woman Ihenupoa ated threat aad sntr - ue, an 4 ulticoalely triad to thnj.i Lady Emma from tb deor. In tie midst of the tcuffl oa of the r th Uake of Argyll (th eldest wo believe) pawel by ih reota ea hi way to hi own chamber. Ileariag a neite in hi tiiter. paitmi.t,be taeped at tb door, aad wa immediately admitted by Lidy Emma. Tbe vereew wa tbea found In a tate ef grt excittsent, aad after the Duke and Djche. had been called in, lb wa removed to ber own room, and locked tp for tb remainder of tbe r - igkt, sm penoa keep - iag watch at tb door Ur tbe whole time. Ua the following meraing an wa Mat bom t ber IneaJs. inc Vtscountcas de Vesci died at Kinntnwn Ireland, ea Saturday lat, after a protracted illn, during which be had been oonel4 by the alTeetieaat attatin ef theveatrabl Lord de Veaci, tb Hon. Tbomat Viey, and th other saeBbr of ber family. lna Uicut, June B. The project of law for the eupprewiea ol tbo Syndicate gave ccmoe aa Kriday u ooa - aiderable diaeauiou la tbe Heoood Chambr of the States - Ueneral. The Miaitterol riance, who wa the firet tbat poke, aid, that b weuld have Wn tlad to comrJv with th !" wuu oi u.e wubdwi, ex preuea in tne Mction, to adjoara Una debate, as well because of hi aamareui avoca - tioa, a bteaaa bo was, in some aaeanre.iadinVrent whether . - . .. . - .. .., tmm j ,, ,uv wuicu uiaa ex - Dart, ta VHtlP f.lPaiM JW.,intH.. Ik.. I. Kr.. .. 1.1. L 1. . beneficial to mankind ia m tbp or other. There are more wnicn verve lor leod, thoee whlah are aaelul, and tn ?hlrh p ...IaL.J f ..1 - . v. .11 i a , t. " - " - .vj ,or ratio , put ii r"3 uvneuciei. xiaa China tver v.t ent feitb a oexieu artiol from iu ai) script, and said, that he knew, harinr been bora a Jew, and harlag been made a RaMr, that the mystery oi blood wa untrue. Unfortunately thi exordium ha injured him in the opinion of the Pasha, who wondered that he had abandoned the Jewish religion since he considered it so good. Mr. Pieritz says that he has been to Damascus, and found the accusations against the Jew completely false, the bones found not being even human. Some further details are given respecting the appearance of ther - Cepuehin. He was not missed for two days when the French Contui was informed tht the Capuchin church was closed. The church was aearcued, and the property, including money given lor raccmation, wa found untouched. The Scheriff laana tnea tent public criers about the city, toaak when Padre Tomaeo and hi Msrvant had been seen, when a crowd of witneu. - . xm., that he had been found in the Jewish aoarter. The French Consul oberred that a bill art up by Padre Tomaso in a barber's shop had Ucu taken down and set up again. Tbe barber waa questioned, aad declared tbat he had seen Padre Tomaae with the brothers Ilarari in tbe Jewish Quarter, and aim coaieaeed tbat be had taken down the bill for fear of mrawmg attention upon himself, and had set it up again" to areid obecrvation. It is further uid that liaiarfa errant oobfeased that he was visited in Isaac Piehritti, who promised him a sum for erery blow he might receive, prorided he revealed nothmg. Thoee who are inclined to Uliere that the Jew of the East are addicted to human sacrifices as - it1 wkile H is generally possible to account for the Greek alare purchaavd by other nations, whether they hare remained in bondage or hare 1 - een liberated, It b nerer known what becomes of tbe Greeks who are bought by the Jew, and who inrariably Taniah, although purchawd in large number. At the date of the intelligence no order from Lord Palmeraton on behalf of the Jews had been received by the YJerroy, although the Engliih journal, alluding to tnen an order had been read ia Egypt. Tbe Jew, eren the poorest, of Egypt have opened a ub - scription to send two deputies to Damaaeu. Account from Rio Janeiro of the 17th of April pre the exchange at 307 to 1, and tht local tock 7fiJ. TRADE REPORT. Wsdaeodai Evening. la jrsbUe aslet. pteoe!4 m inu! c.t.v, bat thoy wars either arte aire aer IcsorUat, TaUTW fa. till maaw.ishassi.ta tb, naru u Free woatM have baJd rather Ur. Oexptay'. eeageos have ramrW .. to . 1. tub, kerfazoff .a '0 - taatV!j.,ne. . 8Maxv - 4M the, wm 4ta it tb raw Market, iadud - length In auppott of it - ; be demouttrated t'lat'tbe bringing in oi urn law i u reault ol the xtrardiaary and orgeat deaire of tbe Chamber for tbe auppretaioo of the Syndicate, but Ue which the law might be eraiidtred aa ansMnabl. 1L Excellency defended th Syndicate ; ahewed that th ehief aouroe of its embarraaimeaU wa th revolt ot Belgium : aad laetly, declared that Iu preaent sltuaUoo i. aet, a ba been pTtienaei, a iiaie or ruin, ainoe tha Syndicate U able evea bow to fulfil all it. obligation, provided tb mean are given it to which it legally entitled. On tbe cjaxtlon belag put, tb Uw wa rejected br a raalorltv ef 41 to 1 1. Tbe Haoce, June 9. The StuaU Courant of this data promulgate th two project of law .actioaed by the King for the budget of the year 1840, by the fint of which the expenditure Is fiied at Sl?Z7l5 flria. Tbe .econd relate w uie w.ji ana mean. FaOJITlEBS OF PolaKD. Mar 28. The armonnfj. fro tbe Black Sea coatred ct the aUtemenU from ether qaartrre, tbat the whole of the Orcaanaa coaat U again ra tnepiwer of tb mountaineer.; neither the forts Sadachak, Kali, aad h - cholaa, are in their hands aer de they extend their exouriioB t Anapa. Troop wre embarked at Odeoaa aad Hebattopol, but tb - ir de.tis.tio wa net exactly known. t tm njMici imi a urge pan oi me noiaiaa oBlaora army U toiag to the Oaaobe namely, to the oountry about tbe Sulina month of that river. It 1 aot ImprobaU tbat tb dii - ooatent noc prevailing at Adrianenla aad ether rt. nr ik Turkiab empire may bars given eocaaioo to this mearar. I uer i a preapect ol a good barveat la flaad ; th pnoee are aatiafaotoiy to tb farmer, sad likely to remaia so, aa th last crop ia Euasia was ia general vary ecanty. At Uie recent meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society Ur. Whillaw declared bis fall persuaaiaa of the delo - teriou bature of buttercup, and other specie of raaaaoala la fcattarea, to tbo cattle feeding ea tbem attributing to th pc - UoaoBI brooertio of tkeas Dlaat aot enlv the rarest anl. dmy, but all former attack a tbe kind, rendtriag th aal - mal poor aid BawhwUeoeae a food. Ue would, therefor, reoomaend te th ocietraad tha publie U try lb experiment Of ntoojaicw BB ILa Lf mmtmm - mMinrimA mm tham already with tbo lal.iiunatxBdatioarfdahUriowJweedx. He would also ratar te the aviranVaU of briagiag aauuals t seoh a degree of obeeuv lha ihmi Ul mirfat ha htarall laJ oeitber aaoro nor fern than the aial all of duag." The - .. ioiiew aaia, ibm butwroup wr no nerval tie ia ei jastarea, aad therefaro, that U they ware laaeed tb fS? .TPr1 IwSm, b, he we14 aka4 w Bwt had It before I Btatdaa. UawU (1 v - iwaaaaatBaa I. ... aaateatteeaaaeofa dhtoaa .oWgVaa lag freai every aAetrthzprieMeew1ilaal - - - - " lags. r - - . . - . - ., - p. - u.w . ur arim.iij Q eowitry, dtrTi( - Immonte k'iTantir frera iM cmmertUl intvVariraa ami . ... ,..(. a. . a a una we. , wpiCU lil Jtirv! DOW . - "V TPtVfLBM bmm tti rich ui louri - hintr kinrdora tbit it ! a - id to W. Bat, inrinr ths eommerHsl mtfCOQrf which Km tiittx m Uog ao.f U DgDro frti(t iMixtuBli rMortbfjr lttACr. irtlhelt nJ tmiamm niA.1 ..J U - 1 . .. a. Ultr art leu - wh. hi nmni of itrdoHfr min b - tM.ik, h - g4iaoerCi.t - popU, u4 cod fry f the Umd to overt. - wih tb - t poison, Tbw, w "'J w - wawv iirr.arriice, inrj cero hvi about irjarwg other. Thi iaapnaeipl which Heavoa' .... .. - rv - i'ignBie, aaa WUIIia CWniclBIIV lOOK BDOB k skk.m. WM ... ... l ' . - .. wHvniHT, nwwrir, uie greei aAperor, Bearing or It, actuallr quivered with ladigBaiiw,aBd eeawoiatry deepaua - ed me, the the eemasiuiooer, t Carina, that In coaj a action with tbe Tieeroy and LleateBaBt - Oovernoref tbe proviBoe, mean, might bo when for Iu oppreia. Every native of tbe laser lead who sell opium, a alo all who smok It, are all slik sdjudged te deth. Were v. then to go back aad rake up tb crlol cf the foreign!, who by eelliag it for many ytar bare In. duoed dreadfal calamity, sad robbed a of enormous wealth, and punubed them with equal aeveritj, oar laws eeold not but award to tbem abaelate annihilatloa ! But, oontidering that three aaid foreigner did yet repent f tir erirae, and with a tineev hert beg for merry ; that they took 20,J8J bret of enam piled up in their tre - .hlp, and ikreogh Elliot, the nperintendent of the trad ef your aaid oountry, petitioned that they might be delivered up lo at, when tbe mm were all utt.rly deatroyed, of which we, the imperial eommlMiener aad eolleaguea, made a daly prepared memorial to llu ; oosiidering the cireum.taocta, we have happily received a freh proof f ih extrnordietry goodnea. of lb. gret Kmperer, inaamueb a he who voluntarily eome. forward may yet be deemed a fit ubjeet for mercy, and bit crime, be remitted hian ! Bat a for him who again knowingly viol. tea U law, diflealt indeed will it be tha to ga on repeatedly pardonisg I He or tVt .hall a)ik be doomed to tbe peneltie of tbe nw tutat ! We prelum that yu, tbe Mvereiga ef your heneurehle nation, on pouring out joar heart befnra tbe altar of eternal je.tiee, cannot but emmaad all foreigner, with tbe deepe.t reapeet to rewrnoe our law. If we only ly clearly hefore vour eve what ia nr.fltMa nJ .lit i. dm. tructve, yon ill then kanw tSat th (Utute of the hea venly oynaaty cannot hot be obeyed with fear and tremMi.r. n e Had tbat your eoaaliv u dUUut from u. abiiul G0.OOU oriO.OCX) mile. (4), that yuur fereign country ihip ovme i! '""". ... wn, uie otner ler ear iraie, aaa for the simple reaaon of their .trong dvvir to re.p a prellL to belt w open fureigwer from afar, it follow that rba in. meaM wealth which the laid foreigner, amaie ooght, pro - peopb (). By what principle of reaaon, ihen, abould tbev. foreigaen nd in return a poionon drug, wbieh involve i dettruction tbo. vry native of bio I Without meaning t y tbat tb foreigner, harbour inob dretruativ iattatien iu heart., we yet po.iliv.Iy aaaert thai, from their inerdinat tbint after gain, they are perfretly e.relet about . . - j..... .UVj IUniv. uyrn um , .. .una aeing uie CBe, eboaU like to Me what ba become ol that contcianoe which Ilreven ba implanted in th br.t. of all men. We have heard th.t 1. n aw M..I.. : i. ... hibitcd with tbe atmot .trie' net. and tevtrity ; tb a u a '"""i pruui inn jg a&ow mil weii now Bantu! it ia to rcaakicd. Since, then, yon do not permit it t injure your .Wll Anllfllp. ... .k. ... .. 1 .k. 1I - J ' . - ijijHvu.i nv hjuitb i - iw injurivu. qrug iran. - ferrd ta aWOtk.r Mnntn mnA alw.aA .11 .lk.H k. ..k le. tl tbe central land ! Ot tb prodaat wbieh Cbisa ex - J Koaa mouBUlaa. The oend m.tter i. th - exseditien te China, which i . .n. ... , ., .,....(.4,i,., - , . al which tb period of grace begin, aad rune on to the , " lr'u ' "' " Singapore, to aawmhl 9th dv f th 12th moon of the 20th year ef Tavukaang 'a resdeivem oa tbe 'JOJi ef May. f 15th Janaarv. 18401. when It ia Mmnltbl I Ti . . . . . , . new. iron tenuis u important, In January last one , of tb mandarin ia command near Uioao Uraed a proda - i Biom aedanng tu. intentiea ta tr.tbat city aad te seise "' ""J wu - ev suvwh wa aa3 wVtu jveM (1 5lh Janaarv, 1840), whea it is completed. The above it a true aad comet traailatiea from the erigi - aal. to tbo bent of my knowledge aid belnf. hteao, 10th J.a 1840. K. THOM. HIS PRCS&IAV MJJSSTT. BERLIN, Jcix 3. By tb following baOaUn. pub'iibed thi y, you will ee pecially forbidden that any efSdal report f his hea'th anouia be pnbluced, aad I fI bnt to confident tbat th publication of bulletin ba. ooly heea renrted to RABXORShlRE ELtCTlWr. rl (BT EXPRESS.) W the Utile Bed Kwwr eaaeb.a sUtoc I. TUTmZZ Mamdny, waa perfeetfv oorreet. The faHaat - Tin I Reform Oab, after vary slight lenairy. naoVagThatTThlVZ ehuks. of race, belted frees tb oiare.. sidleh J j J? WelU withwet oomp u r,,, - IQirtt. It WaU wrka.aJ aaal.. tV.a aL . mi7 "OOfsi i . . "" rrn WJ ae rewait, ta popaUrttv of .. t v Waljh, and I Ue gre - i.g l. of CoSre p! .i w ET1 rf PriadpaSt,. derewj CwT Radical, frees making web .tfrapt. Radnwf,lT! 7 many year, the eJoa boreggh of tbo D. WmtoafaiST aow reecaeJ from tt thraldom f tb VTblgs ' ' " .J DO - , jeh k thi mora,. reaW th pretty, aad at ether time. ,ai.t Ur. of Fi22Tl aMofcderablo bu.tI.Mti .alm.tior. ; or.lCW thesbeenee ef oerperrri. it was deetn.4 Wla&SL. with th peocrewe. aaal oa aaeh oocmjom, ,bu ,. ," and rapportm of Sr Joha WUh .xhihiud t!. eoIoBre la groat aumbere. Tho ho,. bare,etTw Jlhll hueanvM. ia ha .UymwaVS remdeao. of Mr Myaors, arrired ia Preetn. rtSS! JJfcr. thebour.r DomlBaoam. ., ww. aev.piU teTthoU! ball bvaeveral Uflseooa gatU.o. anioBiwtM. ..JT ? - rriee, M.P, Mr. WWttakTT. M?7lh. Rv. Dr. Twahie,, Mr.Tbomea Tko - aaa! r LbtZTr wMaa ILbd. The writ a.4 the Briber, Act hav,,, Tb Hren Saiairr said, ho had Be deabe tv. .. tors wouIoT elect a fl: and preper tWr - fii ,7. thao I. Parllamt, and bo lS3 72! T'TTIL1 eoaduct! rNyandeerlr.nU wouK.I.kS verv eleetne .h..M k... . .;. . ZTT. " fiat . r.wuv..v v, wiuTiiHi u.. u.ij vrr. rreorira lo when tbe mement bad arrived tbst Kts Maiefv'. cao wa bopele., and h. could not become aoawaknted with thi " - - , aw UV. HUIV HOT IMW. .)W.aiieW Wll f If. tll f. 1. ..!.! .1... .k. I... .m .. . - ..... v, ... - n. , u wu ui in. iui eueri nut k kla U.t.... ... 1 k. . L I - . - . vj " - - jw. .. wu.u ug wm vurera i e aay rjeiore yeaterday into an adjoiaing reefs. Ho had been iadiced te - - - " . - - . w WT..IW, m a uhm.ct, ice cvrt - motiy of laying th fi - it .tine of the mono merit to hi ilia - tries I ncetor, Frederick tb Great. Even thia alight exer - hb exeauttea cu etrrngin. llu nugu.t and illuitnou. daughter have Veea tummoaed from tbe a'HoiniBg kingrloa: i. k.k.i.i .k.i. ..k i i - '. .. .. .. nercentibl aaemery of Frederick William. It i geoerelly believed tbat virtually Uaa.ferretl bl aoeptre. haa given th siracgeit . - ... w iu, wu.cii nunieter mi ne will .rge in no rrtpect tv'e hier.rrby of Pretaia, the node of - .. - .mlvm. Mi. - , .. .ii rviiuwEiii rue country who. ...,. rri. raci dw m. nie, u,e anxieiy tell oy poii - tlCml ma. .11 Mif r.aii. tlt . .... k. .I....J kT - Ll but Uttle damage. Tbe, were aire erecting fertreMe. In th. !tj??.'f "H - " ' .t.. u ad - vH.iaM.urnoc o, j,.o. They bed ooaUmpUted forming icare.1 . th. r .... . i.k.. ruane." - ' He . anavyoutofwxed v..l.. under Yankee and .th.r rem. with aOovem.t .f - kTTk Tk nV". n..eoMct4 Ti P"' " "T1". " "A kTutoMt. UT tBAt hk now ti ... Wa.!.. J .1... .a. - ,niBl - 9 nary out of teiiH tmkIp, nndtr YuIim aod otW c - m tDAXlrtL Lnt tfw. K - . .1. J M a.. ;.a - .. - . .., ... ..UN lu prejeeu ; - - r"m ' " ." "7"?". " Be did not keaiut te Lin, who u. sow (Jovtrnor of tbe tn nm.M. .f n... I MT ,"t bo now naoerelv believed th,. th a(fj .. .v ton. Uiued a procl.m.ti.n ,. udo lb. Brib trade. Z2Zil U. ba. been authorixej. if h tkiaks it aaeeaaarv. ta Mat. (Coeera.) To atata hi. r.... tZTiJr ? " f - form arrengftaeau for the aboiit - oa of all foreign trad, i"! " lrsad disearsiv, diwu - nee, aot tJSri :. - t .n - I . - ""7 "" ""'iii : out ae would .tr. kajil - - . ......aiMiBfc uu ucurauoa, 000 may obrerv party from from other notice, to and from the Emperor that there ia m Ireland." Ho aad been for many year. oooncf4w2 alarm. There appear to bo a wi.h to allow the Bruuh fleet 'J tmUie Ufir' rf "lid ; aad be was. a hi. sett wonM nvew utwa u OTVr c,ii - ojj will tl OBCO BO UlftM. JfW1rl - .., w..ufl 1. itvw uvivj wuu ( kl.. .....14 t.. . I....I1. .1. k. . . . - . . . . I tlMlt. .. .. . .. . .. . . if r - "t ! won tvra 1t ailtjoii to tM oBaits ot Tr - faa - krhsria .m I aft a tan fr i ;, ... - . .!.. . n then to, bath in deuil. PoieeniogweU rending burn .k i - aiw, ana auny .traage itrataretc are .pokes of. me vreveram.nt at Caleatta, wUic. is now boiy urtth tho piaa euuia do aoptwi by tne new bovereiga ; for if Frederick "r"u"n. ra aoon tarn it atteatiou to th affaire ef Tur - I has flmmtt . . - a.II.J ak. L. a . ' 1 a .. ... : i juVi i r.:rrk.'a.,.u:r"."' - v.r! ei "f. ",wo - mi4 ,ai obju ot r i. rt. ti.V:"::" ".7k..."..7:kl. ',r..",.ro,'" :mv orrun Per. - ., and U e.iWi.h an - nt'.t (n k. .. ... .viy - i.f ., uir i,nw vi UtlKUP JinirlVM I p ., ,. " " i - uguiv .ae 3 Ui Msieity haa en for .one weeka u - ri.K iron .m - apaaci iina'Bia. 11. ronrenenee. save been aa aSoclion of tne bronchia), although unattended with :uiur i;uiriirik in III. 1.11 UW aijl till !.' Bad bewB .ff.fM.ft k. a aMrtHil.. .V .......k kl.k .i: t ... - M. j . uu.ii.u,a vi nirDKUi, wuicn Ihia mornirg '. eon.iJeraM, ii created hy the privatitn of Bleep his h. .Vn.vialMSa.1 ilnalrn. flka .l..i. .b..... .1 I... :L. - - f . . a vaiua . .. lailHV VI I.Pl D - gHI. I'lt - V. ri IEITEL, " Dt. Hcho. - lu. - , Da UaiMU." HK.II. Inn. A III. U.L.a. ak. VT. . t. . J i .. , - .w - .. . a,.j..,j tan ail.g nai, inr.M, tame hour.' lUep last n'gbt ; bat notwithstanding this, hi. .treugt1! ba. a.t been improved, bat oa th contrary, Ue dcbilit, ba increaMd ia a very a'anntng msnrer. "Da v. vIBK MDa.ScHOLiiv, "TH laiBB." " Beau. - . Jaae 4, 1840, i o'clock ia tbe alterneoB. Hi ill. . k.a .at ,a.air...4 . .k.i..... - t - alaraalsg character. - Dr.T.Wn " I)r. Stuo.vlxiv. - Dr - GtmB." u Bxblio, Jie S, 1840 Hi M.jeit, tbe King .lept mack laat night, tbengh with mui interruption., and f el. kira.elf rather let. feeble than yeat.rda,. " Dr. T. WitBCL, Dr. Scho - li., Dr. Ubihh." (Supplement ta Pnuttai Slain Oate'U of ith sad 6th June.) .a, ,v - r - o.. vi vur ui aaa rnuDarD, taiug. waico ,eur foreign oountrire eould not .xiat a tingle day without ! If we of the centra lead were to grudge y.u what ia beaefldai, and not to oompaaaionate your wuu, then wherewiihall could you ftreignera maaage to axial I And fur'rer, aa regard. VOUr WOOlLr.. . rtmlall .nil tnnal'a uaa I nift lk. you get npplie - 1 with our native raw .ilk, you coull net get the. manufactured ! If China war to gru4ge you thoie things which yield a profit, how could yoa foreigners scheme for a, profit at all I Our oiler allele of too. tueh at - - . a r'i" , .muauuu, ctu., .u t ear oia.r arxicie. Tor Ute, tach at .ilk gwd., ehieaware, ft., are all ao many e - aaaaanat rtt lifa a. ..n k.. I. .1. t l. , ... ... .., , jwu wuw v.n wa rec.en up luvir n.DKri lln tk. all.. kaaj ak. .Wl... .k... - ' a ......a. a.uw, ,w. ,i.K, ,U., ouaxw irum jour loreigu mere If, indeed, ....!,. .1, vuij vaici.m n mate preaenta oi, or Mrve o .poi m xmboob ia wnicn .uen an in.titatioa is trore le is - ae to a. if we needed, iji g,aa it Woe., between two of tke largest tborougb - If. the. theM are fareaia the metrepolia. and in the verv - antra n ... .r . ... - - . - - a, ., .. i - ai.a iud . .. 10 ., ii .w ..vwi.j, .j,. n,a. I,,..., uTivr - . iv. oi ia largest Looreugit - have them, or if we have tbem net. If, the, theM are fareaia the metrepolia, and in the very centra oT ene of itt of bo material oontequenoe to u. of the inner land, aoarert ditrit. wht dtlEoult, would there b ia probibitiag and ihut - t'xg our market gaiit them I It la o.l, that our i nvenij nyaaity raoai ireei, permit you to take oil her tee, tilk, aad ether ceramoditie., and ooavey them for aeniump - ..... - .. .j ....., m. ,uguie. mui or gruoge, lor no other reaaon but tSat, wherever a profit ext.ti,we with that it v .....u . .,.a - i iur iu. vwneni ei an me eann : Too hououreWi nation take, a.aytha prductof our central land, and not only de jeq thereby obuin food and tuppsrt for yeureelvta, but, moreevar, by reM'.licg tbea pro - duet, to other oountrte., y.u rep a threefold profit. .New, if you would only net aell opium, thi threefold profit would b. VTllNwt t. ... kfta .. ... u - .kl . . .. I. for a drug that i. hurtful to man, and an unbridled craving after gain tbat loemi to know bo bound. 1 Let u. luppoee that foreigner, caaae from another onuntr, and brought opium int. - , ra.l.... ...a. ..J. a .k - i.a . . - . ...u. auvbuci .n'j uruuxu wpiuaa into KagUnd, and aeduoed the people of your rutry to tmoke it. wmtM n.t nn tk. .....!... .r ... ..:j i... . - . . j., ... w - ain.a .a ... awi ovuwr able country, look upon auoh a procedure with anger, and ID inflf Inal . - a... - ... !a .ai.a a.. - j ! iu.iiiiuur rairaiail .H get H - 1 Ol 11 I ilBV Vfl have alaay. heard that your Highne.. poeaetK. a moat kind aad benevolent heart ; .arely, then, you are incapable ef diung, or ciaaiag to k dooe.unta another, that which you would not with another te do unto you. We have, at the tame time, bear t that your hip which came to Caatoa do Met i and every of them carry a deeuoeat granted by yeur Hinjs uU, on whiob are written theM word - " Yea hall not be permitted to carr, contraband gooda" (ia thi. tbe.hip'iregi.terl); thi. ihew. tS.ttbe law. of your Hign - aet. are in their origin both di.tinct and aevere, and wo ran only tappoae that became the ahip. coming here h.v. beta very nutneroui. due attention hat not been given to aearcb and xam!be ; nd for thi. reaaon it la that wo now addrew you tbli publio doeu - vnt, tbat yuu may elearl, know hew tern aad Mvere are tha law. of the celeatial dyaatty, snl me - t certaiol, you will cauw tbat they bo net again ra.bly vi.l.trd! Aioreever, we have beard that in Leaden, tbe metropol!. wh - r you dwell. .. al.o in Siotland, Ireland, and oth.r aaeh plar.., no opium whatever ia produced. It i. eol, in .undry part, of jour u jeet kingdom of Hindoitan, tuck at Bengal, Madr., BmUy, P.m., Malwa, Beaarea, Ma'aeca, and oth.r plaoe. where the very bill, are covered with tbo opium plant, where taaka are made for tbe preparing of the drug, month b, month, and veer bv year, tbe volume of tbe tiun - i:rraae., jt. .Unch aead. upward, until b - .v - n Itwlf grew. SBgry, and the verv red th.reat ( lrJieaaa V . tk. A .al. .li i . .. a wuahl ImntMluiUlj to bT tb pU in k pmrU lkxi upMtUmy rou. Ctme th Umi tbtr to ho bol np anv - iBwiHiMiiiiiui.iira grAiBw, ana 11 oj m&n OAro K - ia topUrrt In thr - e Rrotmi troffM poppj, Titit htf erim - with lh nKMt mwo ptioUkBoat, By tmlj booeToIoKK Bttran xa ...k .. eh... til i . - j - w - H v. vtoiaweut HvU hUl9 Will JQH IDGtMC rOlD Ol a - .ture. and do awj with a oorce f otiL !Imt(hitoi - .. r. ....,, .WH; i uiii;RfvinU. " - w.t ev. ftos m.,lti,miM WUO CDf W U.1 oarowiitrU !d, thlood that thy eat, aod tho dwellioKi thakt tllaww, B.Ui4l - a BaWamrl aaretaakaal Jaaaww ! A m v ... ., rkrv.v.,...c.7 ..wra, ,t,rj rm QJ QUI" na&VOUlw 1 - raikStt l.aa afi.r.n awhiial. . .... - .. .a King's College IlobPii.u This inititution has beea new opecel on', two mc.thr, nd in tbat r.ort rpce of tira ai man, a PJ0 In - patiecU have beea reerv.d, of wbom 74 are now in the botpital, and upward, of 504 ot - patinti. Thee number ibow tbat :he gevernore have been full, jaa'.l - fied ia appealing te the pablio fer support, on th gre - ad of th poverty aul dcititutioa of th Inhabitant of tbe neih - b.urhoo.1 in which tbe boapiul it situsttd. There it, indeed, a f th mfliUr, loader to Per:an Oalf. We have net ,et beard th China offljiall - annooaeed. Letlera have, we are aatured, beea received frera Sir Abe ander Butlc., aattiUng that a Ruuiait army of 24,060 cavalry aad iafanlty with 70 (.ieoea of artiller, arrived st Khivs, and are making .v.r, amog - mect far their onward progr... te Sir Alexander places implicit reliance, on thUsnd .strong), urgts that, .bould it prove true, . Britiih .,,.bouM erot. the Iliadoo Ciacataa. Deipat.hes to thia eSect have geBo down te tbo (rOTernor - Oeoeral, and it it oo.iectured tha'. a a first atan. an uai al alaaawv.ii.n cos.ittiBg ef four regiients of Infaatry, oae regiment cf v''"7a ana ome Art ury, will be formed. In th f.ce f all tbU, we there sr little ground for holding out a pro.peet ef relief to our Affbn friend. Thar ii, we know, a very currert snd much credited report ftst Her'.th Kigimeat, at preaeat at A?ra, the 5th and lit C. - alr, and acne Native Corpe, will proceed to tbe We.tward, aal as the inteation of Mn - ling tbem appear to have ben; formed before what ia mentiuaett above bad trar.pirod, the inrerenei u that a rel'ef wa. exntempUted. A little time wUl, low.ver, relieve tbe uapaare of the trorp in Affjhaniitan, if o.t, thenuelves. SUh Shorjih wsi te leave JolUIabad for Cabooloutke Jrjth March. Of Admiral E.liott, ko hM, a it is said', bee appelated fr.'tn the Cape ttatiea to th oomsuoi ef the India squadron, and wha, f cour, rtuit proceed to China, wo have here brd Pothlog. H ma, have gen direst to .Triaeemale. S.r J. J. (fordoo Bremer bat et out for Siajspere from Calcutta. Lord Elphisstoce, whe wai hurt b, a fall fren hi. horw, aear M.dra., i. aow coovslevotet. Mr. Fsrtab, of this "v - i Tear,, oa re.uncd b. employment in th civil service, bat ma rvvaiu. niv Mat in toe cauncu at. USLC5A. It may bo interesting to our reader - a,iac.a. .v ..uw aunciuiun ci uie ouicer lO WDOB, SI IB Governor of this i.lan J, order have recently been detpatched 1 ; "7"l7" "U,P kroipa. to - mrreaaer mo mignt, dead" to the Vremh autbenti... Major - Ueneral Middle - or.JC.B.,ntred th srwy in liW ; heierveiuoier Howe and Duncan, wben bl. regiment was doing duty a marinv ; Cap of Good Hope, 17y; preient st th Stldanha flMt affair J embarked fr Eaet ladle, 1799 ; SeringaDatam, t it. final capture, and Ih destruction ef tb power cf Tippo Saib; the for Bombev and Ceylon. Embarked fer Kgypt under Sir D. Baird in 1801; crowed the Great Deeert from Cetaelr tr. thai Vila .B.1 llaw.wtat. e ..a4....J - a. .1.. tajpt, acroM tbo DtMft to lDdla,heii ho aerrtKl oo Sir D. tyry aunat Madras, MahratU war, A a, ted retornod with I J Sir David to EiroM inl 1804. At n.t.r&.ti in inii - k ' adort4. sts - .fWk.Aaul f.tA. IDik D.. a M t .a. - - ...? ........ lBw jii' iviur - ni, verveu m tnai girrtvoe mi! iDr - wm eome tnnmg fighting about hrsgenesr Bun - tiB ., ., m avniupaiinmarriiaui ao opaiu. rromoted 1 k.a la :, a.w nvar la to Lieutenant Colonel on tke field ef battle - , - ;,. wl " " B,w 0"r - I"dl " .awiDKia - iiiaHi icnwu aerviue. traerea ooai i, a medical board, in ceaiequene of extreme ill health, th effect of service la all climate., wlleh he bad net quitted on leav fr a tingle day ; he waa placed on tbe .lad lo England, and waa promoted to'Majer - GeDeral ia 1S30, ainc which he ba t erred the Wnt India .tall, and In 1815 wi. removed from U.nada to St. IIrlens,a the latter ialaad being trem - ferred to the Briti.h Government. The itiiu9cienc, of the meant of rewarding long and dullnguiibed rerviee. on the part ef the military authorities cannot perhaps be Utter proved than la thi. ttrikiag caae. From tke i a ttd Srrvict Ilaifra nv TViwa.iD - rw At l - lm... ik. :.. . - .. - . - av.... .m. aaa luuivnaji lalCiU 19 B moat .DltBdid portrait of Napoleon Bon .parte, for whisb 3,WKi. has been refuMd as alao a bottle of wine, undrawn, taken frta - w htararvta.. at UTalaali. .uttk a m.L..i k.. forated b, a ball, worn ia man, f the battle, feught by that wonderful man. Th portrait ef Bonaparte ia a meet at - ni.hiog pi.oe. It was painted by L.fevre, aad i noticed as follow : This portrait f the Emperer Napel.on, 1813, wa. painted for hi mother, and pre - ented to Sir Michael Shaw Mla.aat . W .. I 1 tl tt f .1. l. a t. . . ., .. ,wian7 IUI. iwm IU, UUH. U.l WOlC. 18 v .. - . ua . gi.OT aan, a. ceo ia a., iuuqwihi inWTripUOn; - "Thia hat was wrn b, th Empsrer Napoleon durisgth aak.l. aan...;. .f I MA 7 .. .k. l..i.l.. . k - - t... .. a.4 - . ;.aifata w, aw(,,H ia, OMtaoa VI aajiau .q t no. - laad, as 1 st the treat, of Tilait. It was ttrack with a bill a! the battle ef Friadlasd, which indaoed his servant to preserve la ... I.... t. ... . 1 ii l - i .. . r .. ... aa.u nam ia oauor ua oar SI BIB UBOIO, 100 Bepr Ol ID Pjlaon of. Dreadea, from whoa I got it - M.S. Sttwart," TB botuo of wise le eoatalBed la a wicker ksaket. Oa th. aid ef the bottle. sorrowsvded b, a devioa, la the letter' N." Tb wltae eena tu be champagne, and th bottler mutt have bees earel or ia a Wry, a. litre it a' cork arMsget tk kajavr. u'laoow Cexttitutttmat. Kiot at Glasoow. On Sumday erenina - . aboul C Pljwir.ri.hV 8'd,0k'tJ.,rj!'1.0ti,t mg " Bkj a cart - r, willgrtiornrlf the kleaaing of Lg life and front thi. Prr,t,J' feto,'!L.w" up U. Hlgh - rtroet, will proceed7!?. surit, and .uLu, of WZ$S . - ? "Mfe ,llK!iM.! - a'Ul?J - ?. C. ? a MiM . aiaaa.. lua leilow, QCl - nDIDea lO BO RVSOgSa on son oae, severely aataulted a be, whe was aot dit - turbisg him in tb leatt. This being wiined b, a police anSatitnt.. ri. atiamrlad fn .k. ak. .... .. ...1. k.a - .......j.anjiMi, aiauia.aiBi irj reap, BBO. ISO Ir - tane which tbe, amaat, have their origin ealy in that portion of benefit which our heavenly dynaary kind), alloli tbem sad as three psaa but little of their lime in your country' and tbe greater part af their time in ours, it Is a generally re' oeived maxim of eld and modern time, that w ihould oeu - joiully admoni.h and clearly make known the poalikmeat thai i.alla th.m We further find that daring tk seoond moon ef thia nre - aent year (i.e. 9ih of, 1839), tho nriatBdeat ( your - " - .a.. w.uuj, HMim,,iawiu boa aaw an relation tetue prohibiting i.f opiam at exoeativcl, revere, dul, petitioned ni begging for " an extension of tbe t.rra already limlt - H." a:.' flveraoaik. for IliadeaUn aad tba different part, of India, - - ..... .v., .i,.r wniu a vn.j WOUia 001 and a - t in conformity with tbe aew statute," sad other words to tbo aarne effect. Now wo, the High CommlaaUoer and colleague - , npoa making a del, prepared memorial te the great J.aiperor, hare to leol grateful for hi extraordiBarv vaiutnaai Va. kla aln.kt. ...... .1.. a.. i . . a - , ... . nu..irafliauaaaiv., xkU OIUJ WHO WltUlB tbo aext year and a hall ma, by mlitake bring opiam tt thia It k.4llk. I .jii J ..'""" " - ".'f "' - " .a ra.uiai.niT in." roTwar7,aBe delrver UP the entire quaatity, ha. hail be ah. red from aU fur Lta ariiaa l k.... ak. ....:. .. .a. .... " " - . a.a i."vni. aaav .aiia.ia.aa. larva, .nail h... (a) In IU i orlifaal rrae. or rwrwAu, Iniprrlai that Mr . - , - eweafwdalta - maaetotheireat Eaipanw. tKfcwraawwT a? bSS aaojaal. - 1, bw. iwdrflnimM,iTif thlt 1 Wrt orwS Afrnm inir nimn nn i twin, ni...... "" vw" .1.1 Thell T"T ".J" - ' aw, a uimssMM), J.Hr SBrwweoBrrsr iltrtaatni aVwaj - aret, a0 , V tjj. P5 - llhal ; tk. pwpi, of eouatrv i tbe'revana ia tneKkki. Mtaramlhr Lord Maearkatr OT Lu a. narat f 18 &&S2ttZim2!2 - a - Mlntrvft te bnawBMofa CluaTBvaS tTsUl!?? fooe, aaa " ". ttoae bus laiaaiy aaoenktsi Nar J'r - .ai rnjre r vwairw. a.T.HO. IB 10 .MOO 01 Mywsf pothUa. TO THE EDITOR OP THE TIMES. that mBreUd l&wd" - totZZZZ ZrSTg did nae rvtk. - .. j,v ,v. :.. TTZ ". "i7twn W5 wSX me.,;b..;,,r.,una:wfth referred. Aft., toootl.g epo. vsriou. piu r.W.Tv. rf epjuioBswIuoli heoBtoruined, tkeltoT geeiun Ji uJttm? r"1 "Pjjtfcj teaa, IndivWaJ iTherTof Her Majt,'s pre., G.v.r.m - Bt. During tbeTp - rio? b, ."k ,f.U) " f the P, U. fJmeriiii ho had frq.ent ooraaien te meet iff ntoabere. audi ,uZ eularl, wttn Lord Rslf, whonThTwI; ? then held. Ur. Lewis concldI h, aavt.g, that it w wiS fringe af gretinoaU.. he propored Sr 1 W.U T aad proper penoa to repreaeat them ia Parliaaaent. tChean!. Mr. PaIOg mm b. In opialoe lthtbI.!, .. ?"; 9,'e,,' A.hii.Bocemor. S.r John vVIjIiWm worth, of their ehoiee. He was . genUeman of gr"uil! menu, a. i V,m (Mr. PricV.)opi.k wiiTJEmSSI; represent tbem in P.rliat. Ue bad laheured teXeth! i!2nanl ,fJ.b' ConBtTa W fouadation; and. g! IhlSi) Ctor oUkU m1 b!erePreattirs. Tk. SHgurr havlsg aakad three time if say ether e'eeter hadacandkUt. to propcee.sod ae answer Wi.g giren!be tn - nte.''" - ' - .. iu1XS,,,i I U,.'f rfP - r.predi - of Hr.Lh Wntam Uj aiaoaro tjmiihj fa tho lo - of that os - timabU rvtldwt - aflk a.ej. h .1 - " - - - - nivj ivriMT WlnOB WBtB DO DlMft tkalVve tKaaawxa - . a JiJ... - .a. a "." r , - - m. - , .. m vawam igr acov nnrmroa. bo was It adncata, butho hoped the modwate deet.,oftW kfre J ". (Cheers.) Hs Wt that the, wWaew - o a - n - - aujajrruwa pniaeipt. of b samoerscv. His rgk t noo. fri.nd had ju.U, chtcrixed hi. pruici. favonaable to the faprorement ef th whole human nee He Ire aM T1 rU5cU,eppore4 to 11 ,h, wre aot bU seauments. The, saw the bomaa race alwltsad. vancing,ar.d long mightlt continue to do so; hut let ik - m nuild tier progrete npoa that strong fcnadatioB, from which t.ev "Twifk " eUrt, 'e"411 to htv bztpreremeata. Ia e.rl, Efe he epent n good deal of hi time la France, sad he knew thrt the aouDdatiea of . - edit t fttty tu,!,, w,. eece ah.k.e, the, had never been able to u7pire Uat ooafi. lf."."'00 "" n "II endklng. Credit Tm1I1C . . "aiuiBmee were always living for th fuWrsrrerteea for the present. Hs4 they net hid ia ' net rfi tana pi.. ....l ....... Tharaaaldie, t'j Blrman uturuer. beina - alaraaad at th. appearance oi tne expedition to the et'tward, is now more gentle than ever ia hi. CjnJncr. Thar war u. r.Sia. etubliibed tbemselve. en the Birdnett lalandr, but there are unu.9 .tup. and tt'smer. in chac ef them. Tbo latt news from China aula a fall in lb. n.. .j n . - wr. op um. Ilie Portsguete Oevtrnor of Go died on tbe 18th in '" viit. - . - a fr m watoat ne was IH Beat war The new. of tbe Queen', marriaee wu wltV . 7y,i"flU' advancing throughout the country. (Cheer.. joleing Lere. snd .dire.te. of congratulation kav. t - .. avanX" h! .'M 2'J?rf "' 7" . '! " - - - - " - . uaaaanaB NntUOB IS VBlCStVr OM jut placed turn wu proof that the frieids of food government might anticipate vrlth cenaieoce the ultimate wjres ef the osaao ia which the, were engssad. (Uaears.) How waa It, if such wr not the ea, tnat aa candidate eeuld be found to 'contest th oouat, ef Radnor BDOB Whia tannaaaJa. r rk a r a , " a, Zlkl a.vaara.ra.j nj M TqrTaar - KXaaiTB, " " "" - "r - "" a", ue waa oppearxl Or a geotl - man arhra K. Inaaa. lutll. a. - ! ' "etghboenBj eountie txaaplea of th dtagsrs result - from revel. - iooar, sad Oiattist doctrines ! Tke ".Mas r the military did raprret tke diiturbaacea, hut a lasting Injury had keen done by Ibex, to the property ef thoee eouBtrie, sad a shock bad been giv.a to the maouraeturins; aad commercUl btereetsrom which it would - l!,J!lJri.1 U nr th,y """"J - TU hoe. htro..t eoeoladed a Uog aad lortint sddress bv siu)g. that be fell aonviaaaul tk. awaRal..i . i.t - .4 ?7. . p - r . :.: zrz : - .rjri'" "" ?T a" ? iaai.,7" .57.7. .r "' - ." " eaiatx urae. weald m. thar nmt u tSoa. . k. Tn .. .w..a.n .a ak : a - a .. etlioved tha anaft lanaa .r tk. a...a w auTaiauouukui luc annireraaxY amner lor tne ;r(,i w C 7 i. - i ..a. :,..' " . r'J - benefit of th. Uni -, College Uomtof, it waa inoorrectlv l0" ? (te - .wh) "Of - x oui be fat his power tuted that Mr. Robert kllowV. haT.xibwa iSSTTuI ZllZSft'l?" &?? ?" ." r ' Th. error w of oowreLTeVfceuT ialTli.l'Lii7ikr2.A,'ttt inadvertent, and arete from Mr. Fenewea same hevSng been, f ?.'V2Ji, 7 hMrvlojU lrlJamont to promo coupled ia a toaat with that ef another gmtUmaa vreVdH I .'k 7?lU? P,WntT' ""T"' H - ln. He art kla .an. .n I... . .1. ...: . .k. . .. JT . , ouJ eater upealw duuee as their ranraaaaitarla. . ;ita . te Mr. rellowa. , - .aneief Bj - uifarraa,, . tedlscliBr.e tbeva aeuU,. aad to aatUf r Th Dosa op York's School, Yesterday the' !!?1 Tr'l "ti4 aoU - ik Ute hands ehildrew hronrkt wn .. tk. M.ii. ... .VT - iL ." 1 t?uilf unvrorth, of the honour. He would aot Intrude fnr - foanded bythe'lat. Dak. f York w2i Indsbred - tb Tt Vh&.&Sr ""!. whic!.iiJ 4av, harirg beea iaviud br the MssJIttRwi.V - i,. u .V" oi U ki mb,'io - wa nrw witkia his gr, be bled, aad awrapsni - b, tncirlniciVr kTtVL lllZ? ?"P" - T - of 4IJ to bid tbem abrupt number of tbe boj. ws. I.rg, they werTtoisartit a "Z - Tk7 " tV" t " nJ - " sou,miUi.toaeUllb7.aTrJnltitS luaw.t, the ! af wbieh fnl anl.'U - . aa.. ,k. k.ik... Lirr" Mflm - " - igbt U detemvised h? oae. three rota. Ha tho.rit. uw. ..a sStomsriXtoli Urlb,a!:b "T kf then the M murn b.ooulJ ta?&Ti - - 3S3a3s swasaawarawSaaT n..i. ....k .i ".. a. .T? . . naaU were thea voted ta tha Sbari an tK.n4oaaSf J. Walla, snd the Court broke in. auruaair auaa in .ue leaat. 1BI ilOIBg WUSMMll D, B pOlkCO lubttitute, he at'empted to take the maa into cuitod,, bat a.. ...m aajaaaaa mm HIVBIJ .Bat Ht ajajeapaia VO V9 . - aaets of tbo High Church, whea a part, of polioe aain sttempted te interfere. Thi was the ngal lr aa oat - pouring of all tb leoae spiriu from tb ctoae In that vui - nity, and, led n b, s man named LiadM,, the soob ojg. - menoed a general attack open the oflcers with ttosee snd nailed .beea, b, which same of tbem have beea much ia. !.... Th. 11. ..k ...... I. ... .... .1 ..t k. - a - Vi.Z:i j. - .'; TV TH t ' ouw Ma M"ri n1 ai'. ColTeel WUIuunsen. the Kev O tVl' ??'' - ' ' LF. f T"J Clark., a,d other ge.Uemw altackeS toteftk!m..w,. H Baaarca. aav .wi - iaT, uvwrrsr, uawaUM IB Bring - I t0 aWVlum. Were BrtHant i4 i,.,.J .Val. ...r Zr I " aaaa, ma u. vturi m .a. wild carter, who no Mower w' placet la a ceU than be ' if ,. - h be the mute, it ; would be muek lUttor vreS W - Su ! "".Ii Z"" di"o Urer ta - r,niii T"' amaahed iho bed to piece, sad it required ae staail exer - 1 tbaee who are about torela? stiletiiilSaJto llt? 'kT . rP - th bewllnrgr. ef th Saixe - sff.t?ias&toirfflfta ..a ..., war... aa .... .... aavvaaag m BTWBa BUI i lone wall and irea bar. The case cam Utere the Polio Court oa Monday, when tbe above fact were proved, and th. a.ri.a aah. aaa. - . kla. ami ka . ' " . - ..., - . a - - - - - i anuiaawara. waa, BaOBg with I J - .., aanft t. th. kalataarall '..m a .' - k - 'a B lhr lad who waa engaged in the row wa laed a guia Fnoo Fowd u Coupon Weaveriovoraiaur. Jow "Jt? two eouiort were to tn ef the reosa. ol the 014 MnirnVlJ Riaaaa.i T iZTT. L i ? .iar - iwu U at Oartiewtoo. tbev round a UrfaTrhLrttt1 if I K'W1' sceompaaied a, who wa going b? U - - - W. r.v - .v mm WIBXI tk mmmw BU eWMl Jl USB P0 '"' " eeavj - M Vetl - TCUI IWr OH lACCWVIltw Yegterday trMrrnlng, as the oeloek bairn f the r.anWnn aa.1 Rj ...... k. . . .t . . . p - - a lauuaaaui nau war waa autnu sb Karv, a seven j accident happened to a feraa'e, which it Is h.ped vrlU operate as a uetl to prevent sard frieadi tram IndaMn. i. toag adieus. Un. Sarah Babiagtori. ef Me. 4. If a.thlaee.1. 9iLS&sSSiSSSSSi ueearui. in sueoe la wkleh it bad lived wu warf.rtl. Ka. .k. i:L LJ.w 2.rjr".JTTT TT mM r aoMoth iaaide, of tbe czact shape of tbe frog, sad without a eraek or crevice tegive arlmlttiae to sir.. The hind kg ef tkteaiaul are at least third loogtr than utaaL U fen l... a ti ii a a a a - - - . - - - B. .. ,. . . ... - - - - r aaaia. awaigvi Mas SWUBa, IB. len legssbortor, U toee loager a4 bardar,, and its oo - that It wu xovtd freai tu narrow cat HowiiToeB - ""ai .. i a. a.. a v.. aavaaj aagak aaw Bag BB4 fVtSeeseee la Us derva4rsalter, - rm - l f set iie that althoegh aiaUattre la fen, and gnat brtlllsaov ef v. it ba aest aatedlhtf laa spoT BtUwr QmttZ. - - a - ! . nut aaaaaaw WBVB BBT XTaOtU before th Utter eatered the carriage, tke mart hare another KrastX f the hand thrmmrh Hi. aaralaa. arf.J.. . a therigriUvrssglreai - ibr the tma to start. , - iUxuViettaUto.v whilst la th aet of. perfnrsalsg this frieoXlv cenuiorrr thi slipped off the plattomt, aad W betweesrU Tttclfctaa! which ha meilUtal, began te store ea, all Itr aauwwoels paaeiag ever ber left hand aad far in., She we n fcarednSfSbaTeJSa fewafMttetHM6lhetrtwht - wVkeaV ver, eUetor tk.uld hare a fair ioi mtvtitl uSf Mt. K. laat WIS lakm !( aksajt at J L . srre.a'L - . - - s vcurrad b.' th. ZZ.,.Z'rZ?n!J '" dut, to prepare M hi, nccemor hi tneswl jJ...,.? .ii.. t, . - . . ' ' """" Tnat ereBoaitioa laJ .. ..j.. .. ,. . . . u - nt ,o .uojecta in it. U,r M.jeaty'. ahip Hyacinth was Tt. .lectin (ho did Mm i t - ? . .a. lriw rent by Captain Smith into tbe inner harbour.aod the ChioM. to ehow... - ou.g gootbrm. theBuTt el!u.l!iLttlt - Mandarin with hia troepe quitted the neighborhood. Thia at '.T ortate in th eownty. Theh.B. rwtuWS! proceeding of lb. UyBthproJucyad a ?ZZ natn"n!n,.7P,a5MaU MD Wiatoa. Ae fretbeP.rtug, vth Captain SmSTwhk. llr ;..,ret,,h.i,p.rt. n, ooto. He wiwld ZZVZrX&'L? I. February tb. Chinee, attomptedi o. two nccreaiv. ii'J fj! ,1iUni,M' - vP ' IuS Biaha. ta lanm tk. fc - .l..k .k: k al .L. ... "?" Mi7 " MrvieeablO to the r - n..l. ffifTv aiaa a.iaia, uj acaxuil two JUBBf, W1LB W alatl WU, hokBCW OmiBOntlv araal Aa .r. - ra po - der in b.Qbow, &:, adnft. which cam near, sad did 4tes ef. member of ParbamaaJ uVTwf? ??r' wiiBMa0peart - .foretheBa, he wa. oppoaod b, ajtl - , Sr, Permit me to. ca I the of ,ur reader to, . WBO T og fama, aneoUrlon hsit a strong p - rea - al 1 may ray, th - grest and ahameful apath, which hat ben J'1 a tbe aibotiens of a great portfea ef the elector. exbikitl b, the preaeat (Hverament ia ooanexion with tbe "trmf, however, th ibort period which had Uterveaed race lamentable death of th l.ts Sir Sidney Smith. Ooa of our th lareeutod death of talr late andidst, he (Sir J greatest lrmr'tr - e ratryer of the French fleet ia tbe Wal.s) had. a far to ho wa able, needs a feeersl harbour efTeulon (when oat of 31 .hip. ef tbo line aad 25 " f tha count,, aad he Could stow fev!lv, " rriga'e. lying in Touloa at the romounceaMiUof theiiege xhMt all ti4e Radaenhlre wat ia heart and ii prin - there remained in the haodi of tbe French on the evacaaUoa cijle e Conaervative eouaty. (Loud (been.) He Mt the of the town 12 ibipj of the line and 11 frigitev on',) thia ttire confidence that on a, future occaaioo the retull aeonnd Neiaon has hn buried in frein UaJ, and. to tb f eloctioo, (bould there be a eonte would iattify this oonour oi ie i - rencD, aa: te ma dugraoe of the British aateraoe, aad ti - al it werrld he ahewa that the great tnajerit, rame, ha bu benediction been pronounced b, stranger. ,f lotors of the eoustv of Radnor adhered to Ccnisrte - Hs.l Sir Side, frienl. conveyed hi. bod, to EngUnd, It ' Mlilie. (Cheer.) Wnn he aaid thi., he meant might have looked like o - jurting a puilio trihut of reepoot ; naoderate Coavervativo prrneiple ; aad be might be allswed but (are., th Oov - raai.nt might have mvle an pphcatioa "Jt that bu hon. friend Mr. Lewi bed jut, eharaeterixtd ta the relative of the deoeaae - 1 wamer. b, which mean, the " (' 'oha Walsh'i) prraciple wken he tuted that be wu Britiah nation might bare hl the opportunity of adding to " advocate for judaeaous improvewieat, snd epvoasd to sn, tho venerable pile of Weitmimter a gem at oace eilcalated rotrervade movement apea inatitutioa. outgrawu b, the ttate to awaken the noble - 1 feeliag. ef oar nature d.vjtioa te our f sacee, X but he (Sir J. Waliby was fall, eonvi - ced that ooaau,, aad commiseraticn of tk vanquiabed. the peepu ef kUglaal were aew rall,'peBstra(4 wh tke I am, Srr, ,our obedient errant, neoeeeit, or adhering to the ia.Ututioo. of tbe eeuatr. Temple, June 10, 1JM0. HUGH rVEIUHTMAX. sotheyst preaeat .xioted (cheer.) .ad, moreover, when W Of 0 BOat nmOtlUna lwa - aM4aa attJ 1 aaw - aia .WM)3. the hsexaaborsard other geatiemen would tarsia s4Jrs , the elector. M ' ExawzmoK, Monday Tux rVriVaia. Up ta , I'H4,Urewetak4kdllghJlWwlta.uaaiifM ' shower, th wind free, the vest aaa soattt - west. sad ua i tbraioo3trmthoihdr4igtg(rotS5. Oe Frldx, , a - ersdaf ,the wtad ehaag4 te the a wftt thick has, A ltmonkitkreatwlngriaaWttl. the pleretaa aad ehiUisf seasati af aoloT wkleh paarall, sflprtBpslei ost'rr'y - i la ourotisat,wUU the taMrsaesaetor'fSkl to M duHng tb night, aad did aetaceedtaussadds,. Oa Satardsy fare - ri Boon, however, we had a heavy fa - nlm fee a ooopl af - , - . vrfeest the wind stdetrj, taserW ne4 to the xnA - , wt with the atessphen deiighttallv waua, aad rror, - " - ' tTVMlamfi - hfreshed with Ue ntLuirWnwaV, vreha4fiJ - J westwtfrftapWtlMwkatte i9J (Tti4loakakexuiifal,aa4eveaUefanaratn la 'a soaas (ataaassu the tarnlne have aveiitUeV xv4 evwrrwhsee g the fSamswantsssTteelaciiM. TU i sn ir fee both ef U' Jr'0, b - wrjllhttf that eould be aelrdr - Ckw BSaw ih(aVWaW.

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