New York Daily Herald from New York, New York on August 4, 1864 · 6
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New York Daily Herald from New York, New York · 6

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1864
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KE1L UH1B. NT ? f ?uiu> ? WMHJB' kxicr a .?i <?? ' *??- aiw M , v* r .. ?4U^ H.V.- 1 !;??.? t ?? a ?:U A II , 1 A T. tin ?1 A ftr-i ,ent ?trrrt t*i? i C-v rt ami C tn'.M air *r ?okl\?. for >? ? J< i l i,r i??t mant-or ii-at* ' 1 ? " *??? a i ' t -. n ..-i ?>' ?? ? : *?? ' n?-<l V\ t . 1 . ? 1 ? it. O^lt tUP .td Ul?.ft?>ttlf AMBFML A ;?? l? u . . :t i. L t?< )3<? Peai : ?t:*et, SL t. f tiik rci.Lownifl r>:: *i'ST be 1 ,rP<. a*i, i r?i ,u>? fVue >teol ilu ?"*? ? n l ,.tr . , ? ? i i -1 I r I"-' '. |? IJO, I f ? t til m* A \ , * -I rv ? l UeatoeVil H' ?e. . -*t ? < t? ??> ? ? ???:<? H 'i oa <wi TH' t? ? .. 1 ??? T'? "i avei .*?, ? , , m r?. . ?-?, A, >l> lo W M f * i ri<srCH, K?i ?V ' _i ji.s <j? 1 ? r* ?e?r ?>??? adawenuo. ^ ? r;. v nr L > vstry residence roi saleA *tu*-. 1, ? Hi* V<w ll.iveri I k 'road, 3t? miles film Sew V. , i i'l.'.f *> i ?ri* of laud. bC'iM and all ww ?arr nut. - ? If : p enty < f 'rutt of every n rt- | twtii ". i?au'gl?| tht e\ioleeat v*rt it- ? <? . ? x.'i ? <ipc?; bitildm and fen e? eunrety ??? ?r, ? n n* :?? it. -for t ?! tr'-n L. Ibleenc pi?c forte naiiufa. turer, 136 and 14t> Kant T wei-tj ? tru itm-l New York. BLEOANT rol't S'TORY BROWV RTONE FRONT H ?? for ?i?, v? tUrti-Mvefitk at reel, between a j ?? imp*; it? atiionaid order. Apply to JOH 'U >t.t.?0.V N \ 5*? rlue street, room* 10 and IL A F A ? ? ; < i H IT AN H "APF.R M!Lfj FOR SALI'-TN R ? ? n ? lit ronlr.ntfr mac'iiiiic. roUnr butler r*< ???? itsc po.n r mi me an>l b 'l'ara, unit ?.'l oth*r ?if arr muthlncri: nut verj lin e used. Arph to Mr. ham: i. r ON. room ft, I Broadway. AV ILIUIU-K FlbCB OF PROPERTY ON PKION ? mi ? ir.,r Kaurti'?niti trn t, far *?le! four itory. fcr-wi, - totiu <r..ut > s^ixT'Utlk. Apply 'o JOSBPH M AsO.V, v.', P,5? mruft, r om? 10 and II. A St'T \')l n t'l iDNTRY PEAT AN? FARM. OB A i. >au la aim ?i>ar * d?,> 't, oo talntni; ao'e? Tpr> grni '^p . en - h >.i. tip-top b'l.ldtn 9 r ci crop ?. Ac. . fop !< 0 At* a : * I !? t"oa tr. So hi of 2Uacrca: ??ry > a<i. . and u j -i at" uf cultivation: wnta new Oot^ie fcrunr, 0--V lb rdlo*?. wtb CT?B nad Ktork; $l,t>0 Anm : ?' H StMlXZ A CO No. 4 New Cnaroben ?!.. N.Y. Afli o;> por smjE-com^iktibo of bo ,rr. v. n in a liijh state of eul'tva' ion. IS ijood ?0*>dtai. I iviihpi?D' oi w tor and Bool nntDniMtnga, p>A*?utly ? I to f-'Uio ?f M?-w .'.oiKay. 2!| mllca from o :'i Pla n*, 2 fro n Ka'nflt'J and 24 from New Yoik. A.imi ? ? Stoe* a .d r >o if remtred. conmtlirc of wbr-at. o t<. rofn. potmoet unft hay; a!*o ht-r??? 5cowb, fl young ? ? i''e, <in>: t* Fj'mtti: all lorft.^O. )?? if C > ernn to ? i|i the p rcbaaer. Tbe owner Mil be aceu i t io r.a h at l? t Itroadw ay. A LARGE AMOUNT OK PROPERTY FOR SALE - V lr*t an I s.-.ttnd dm tloimes on the foDoulug ?ireetn ? ?|i?cuTw. itv rvenlh t-lrcM. $12.0 0. nuf on Twentv ninth ?tri-i't s i !?.? i>; tonr on T'liny brnt ?tr-et Irum 0 I io $ ?.??>; tni. . ,j Thiyty-aecond etre^t. $.i.600 to Srt.MK): n x mm Th'rtv tcnrtb atroet $7,Vi# lo $2 '.OOfi; one on Thtrty-flfih ?i '' I, < th I'.irn turp. $2ti,(IP0; two on Th-rty-litb ftrert, l'7 ft; *ito o Thirty seven tli atreel, f9,500 one uu Fi'tyHjird ?irt.-i u y,.V0| (on on <<vond avennn trom #!V!tn to f ' I.0T0; mi two 'uindrod nic? I In i e nn the ?? eat *nd fail ? dea. Apply to JOHN KE ITRETCI1, ?8 Third Avenue. BRUWN RrONR PRONT HOtJSR ON TltlRTT FO0HTH sirrnt lor n^io. hetiveen :ir ar d Sv-ventli avtu ic. ?cm :i . di> (Irft i r?s; s /.c ;'r*r>5*'l)i). Anr'.v to JObKPH VASOM, No. 6>i Ploe strofct, rooms lOatid 11. BBOOKLY.V.? ?2.?i0 -VII-L PCY A RO0SR ANO TWO L' : m of Uro m . in a tir^l c.u?s nei^hliorhood: i mrp tno atbrlea and 'Ua-, ? thenmnn it one story; bard ?Otshed wal'a,'ili tnant^' ?, erates, Ac. This s a (jood opportunity tat peraoas with atsatk tncaua io?et a food Uom ?. -.n itirt"> ?rt?r? f the ptirvhaM money can rnmain on btuid ^. il inortca^o, or .. an ?mrMiuer,; will tav ten per aont: sUuallin rn t'ie ar.uth aide of Uerltlmer a?reet. >!<?? Iw-i'D 1 :ii an t scV'ni" tidy avenuea, no minute*' na'k true, r.ijt n r viiinti.' avenue cart. Apply lo OK0. W. SKQWN, No. ;i Fine n'.rejt, ?econd :loor Brooklyn proper; v.? for ralr vert low or exchange Mr a auial'ar place in Brooklyn, a three ?t rv stortfl fr.i it Ho ne .'.'arli"!! 75v 01; 10 minutes' ride fcwm dllfoi'ent terrlna Apply at &i Wnlmio aired, corner ?f cedar, rn. ui No ti. C^UFtON. STATES T-"LAVD? FOR PaI.B, I'K ) of valnab > Rnlldliiif SI'rs for fli'?t > la?* ri'*t. em. ?i ?.l loming t ie pr?i|>erty of Wm. 0. I'lckerasill, Kxq. to tic '? *er? elevated, aommaudlne a b'tatiuitt ,'iew at ibe l o<v?r Bav. To be ? " d a? a whole. ,>r in lots to suit ei 'It a- i*. AM-.y to D. R. HI rCIl>"0>'K k SON. No. ? all ntr?*et. (miitlt* fiKxT FOX SALE -AT HYDE PARK, J Ihite .em: coouii N Y., near the river, a mile and a halt trim i'e t. hoi* pi ? e and full particular* in' of BOMBR MORGAN, Ne. 2 p.uo stroet. DEM: ARLB COCNTRY RK8IDENCE FOR SA ' E ? on t e N *w Hav-. n Un Ir^iad. i*o tioiirn troio the cliy. etr.e tr ni ? er dn> . <10111 andmc an estetmlve view of l.. ns le'and R-mad -tnd Hie adjae-nt country: ln:i roy#menw :'re , all fii?t nla *: th.' vie w not 'o be ejc-'tled; there I" eo?"l I fe t.t'ns a i'd lUb-tit; in the immediate vicinity. For ter.m ! ? "d i in t her i ai ti. i. a. ? addres- Rosldence, bc\ 1 lJj 1'ctt 1 ?dice New York. j ELF(>A^r BTORB PROPERTY IN TAP.K FLACB ! fl?r ?*le? Ml(9? Tl ?l?one of the bent ple.*8 of j're Berty i ?pted for tbe dry f>odR trade Apply to JOBtUM M ASO>, No. IV J Piini ntte<.t, roo ? 10 and 11. FAKM FOR P ALE.? $t,0C0 CAN PV RCIIARE A tplend'd Kurw of 7* arret n Mcrris en ty, X ' . S> *llei! fr thU en > : k ">d buildiiiijs. pure wnter. bcnliliy l*r tlon. frutt In abunliftire Ac For full part!culara call HAD TAPPtN S s'lire. 102 Warren airett. FOH S ALE? A FARM OK SEVBNTT ACKER. WITH A n. ? modern built Houae iCd oulbnildtnga, good u jlpr, ert and frnit; fituated on the *?at ide, of Hempatead Iwr, Manbaaa t two miles from etetmlioai ttidiiri. Apply to RICHAKUSON A PLAIT, 1SJ Bioadwny. ?tr* 'R SALE? ON LONG ISLAND. 86 MILES FROM f HE J city. and 1 la mi e from IMr Ptrk ulai ">o. a Kami of TB are ,V> of wntcli are improve], the rout woodland ; a ?ocuforiabVe home. part y furnished. good bam. granary, awk. implements cops Id the grn'ino and a quantity (if rye In atack the whole of Whlolt will be aoid. il applied for !n>in< aiNie. r. for i e very 'ow price of $ ,<>11. For osrtfeoters a ply on the piemUeg or add.ees P. U. Esms. Deer Ptrt, L. 1. For salf-two good investments is im. pro ed oonnlry property, now paying eijit par c*nt, aiid could i f mad* to nay ten per cent Ten acres at Nyat-k. laid out in plots: two acres at Heatlnge, including E:sgUeb ?l;la and Cottage, IB g? 4 order. For partlo'i-ars appiy to CkOW EN t i ()., brokers. 21 Bioad ?tre?t, rooui M. Fob salf.-in Harrison, westchrster qm. It, IV, nilla front Namaroaeck depo'.fby New flaveo JU ! road acres of L in ', well watered, fine orchard good fca i??- plenty of euttrolld n Price ?3,0110. Io'imre of #<>HN CLARK, on the premises. For p.alb? at madihon, kbw .trsset. ten u. a le fr rn <]?p?t. * new Cottage and Ham in s ?id ?Her w'th .''re a re- of / and: cholc** variety of fruit in Peering. commanding ne^; prloo $4 '.MX'. imaeediacely. B W. Bl'R>El 62 William sireet, room IS. For sale? at Morsi ictsoo. wrsTCHESTBB eon nt , about SS ml M froai the City, a bemnlfnl reai Mence, five inln f* in klrom aiatton, between three and four o r?s of (! '0d land, lar^e ne? bouse food carr at:* kd'iie. Ae. ; rn^iv of eh. Ire fruits enrellenf carden. tood water Will be old obeap Immediate p sscslon given. Apply 10 E WKIOHT, 175 Weal street. FOR BAI.E-A NEMTIBB OF WELL LOCATED BEILD. Ing L?'? on Lexington aver p. East Fort< -olntb. Kl ? iO'b. Fi't> !lr?t Flf-T-MT'-ond, Hf'tv seventh. Fitly el: b:h. S'v? it eth and Sf-ectv second a'fe?"? w ih or'ni!ho"t ?u tiding oan? If you want to make an Investment call at gay oSce. Wi Third .TAMES HOWE. Ij^or pale-a two story and basement frame " II j ko anil Lot. No. 4^; Wen Tutrty atilli street; house eonutti- eleven go ?1 rooms; tot I'Silou fact, w h (table i a Vi f I. $2,fi i iau i^maln on lioud tail murt An excellent pace for a carman. App'o I' TITUS 4 EM. U, No. 1WS Ninth avenue. >0R 8ALE-HOHSE AND LOT 122 PIEBREPOHT ?treel . Brooklyn tbr?e atory tirlck : one half jmn biuie laijuire of V. T. BALL, w i Hem?en Mf?et, i'.rnokljB. Vol fl ALE? TS KLIZABETHPORT. THE BROADA way Hole' and K*?uiiraut. ettnate 1 at the corner of fV New Jei ey Central lt?. road depot. Reaa >n? for ae.ilng Ike owner i? going to W ??h ngton. Appl ? at the hotel OB BALE-A FIRST CLASS COENTRT PR AT, ON F the Ea?i ri*er. Terr ?oce*?l'>le. eoinpl?toly fu-ni?heJ, ?>1. aliadod. nbnu lai.i* of Hae frutt tiilnDgaad batlilug, to apleL lid ord r l ?*<-?-lon Pntne I tt"'r. B. F. IRELAND, No. li.'i Pine ?U?et. room 1L POR SALE? TITE nAfDSriME Til REE STORY Ifir.n *100: time ?ton?- Ilouce l?f Ea t Kortj t'gth slr-et. ' ni kow tasi <?f Foat b avenue. ?oi;'ii ?.Je of Fot tr-illtb a' e t, t fl-1,'0 Apply 00 the premla&i, ci to PAOE A BEaOCE. 2*3 Broa.lwa>. For. > ALE? A STOIIB AND DWP.LE'NI HOl'PI ON H vtlt avenue a'Ktv.. "urtt second eti?>l. For |?r?.cokatapt.y toJOilN ViCLAVK, 41 Plae etrcel. If OB BALR-THE MOST DESIRABLE nOTFL Fnnp r eily in the Itaie >, New Jeraey. Th hul!dlng? a*e toeg* n?ar y nv? and in perfect order ext/"US ve Fama, ? b?da and out! 11 ??? : yards eewered at'd floely draiOfd. 1 in* piopcrty la an oW\ bot'd itand. In a > o irl'Mnrf \ I'.ige, Ui? ciuiity a* at of one of llir very rlolie 1 eO' mile- lu t ie Mute. A' ce?ail>le to New Tura b? ? ?r? and 1 .- * it .at tUree Wfie? a da? ; 1? tiow dolna, an I alwaya ? - ? urj-* ?ro ta 'le b "Ineae. Wlii I) ? eold at a an j? : oe i\ th of ertt'i'iut f 'mil ire. and on iMmraMe terma, I'rire twntyt?* ?h< aaad d ilara, u near urn lured. lMU>roved property la ?ne c v of V ? N or 1 tniakl In* taken ir i hi'i p r'o?nt. Fr 1. , .ila oiilr may addreoa Hut el Property, oox N?*w Tin it Poet office. IfOB SAl.B-A NP.AltET NEW TWO STORT *VP J .wi.ii nt fraiio Muiiae. lot 4# U? * .ard- n. *Ub ? nil aa d aia|?'r; on tM oorner of ? :ydam p .>e an I ll?rkl??'" ""i New f'roo* yn , car. (root tnd enr. Apply on Hie , reoii ea Ian- .1 c*'? at Moutii W a., ai.d Ku.ton ferre> aiMlted Fast New '1 . k. rnR fiALP? Fdl K 0TORT fFNQLina BASKMBMO brie* lion v ISalO wHl ?<*o ?'<*? e 1- < t (4 MOniN equated on Meet '1 11 rt ei h agree, ui.a,. m e fca oaud m food order. FMoe Mtf.t H). W. C. (.ODDARD, v? 7 Fine street. VtR MALE? IN BBOCIKLTN, A RPLI M ID < ORNI'R r Pmiiertv . conalat.og Of a iwi> >t. v h' , ? budig le?'u. ? lie brlr* evtonaln ng ?/ een'i'i it, aft, J r?nie.l for a grcwiei-e and !w?l :m pot ir ?: U" pe- e,,t *5.^ two Lota adjoining i * a. locmed ?n th? < rnei o< la. fa ? and Vwrcv a*?i' i<*? a go-id ote? loeat \pp v M tae owner. ,1AM KM HUSTON, heal I a ? 'e A jen ' 1 y ? a?b lag ob Hobokoa. N J. L OK SALF? A HANDSOMF. FfNRI,r B> ILT. FIRST I elaa> ilir?e miry l>rowii M>4iO high eioop llo i?- re. y ao? r?b y ?a ed In llariim; rep>ui with all mi rr 1 'in II enwata | artEN a hkrt/NF, mi d aveaoa and twer.i .f.ftb tin l'? Head B.'nk B^lldiiig. Voft SALB-A TMRBR STOBT niOH BTUOP BRfTWN r ?toa? II . i?? 01 Iw (iiigton avep' e. unlabed 'n 81 ?' r ?'a wior eonipP-te w in ?u mod rn luipruxoireuti 1 tber< 'n *1 u.t# to ouer. CAKTBB A BEBTINC. Th rd avtnur and Teen'y i.flii Irrrt vor. SALE- A II a Nl)(i(tME rut NTRT residence! " dO? labl* oiat' ?t ,Th'i? Fldlna: btt'l-'inaa !er?e. Cr rt aiad 10 perfe, 1 e. >, , 1 i.ii , of fru" t and ihade. o?* !?? In all twuity a r?? N ill 1^ ?o|.l very reaooneWf TLR a iiiHTlHiE 11.11'. Head Hauk I!, lb rd a>en ? and Tw?nty ? f?e atrwel. tl R? A FOt'R RTOHT HHilf gTOOF BROWN r llon-e we'l latalvd ?il m.ntirn iBiprevemen'g; 0 1 I ?*?? oil ul'll* A. # i iiU-UUUt *+ f.w lUCita k'tt I .".?s O K hi'AL r.ST ATK. "rills prop s yvpsds ?e Mu h var ' For rartte'.'ara ?W f \ b. 41 i tue *? ??i T' N 11 NT :'1U)I*I*'B '' V OFALt. KIN' -v j. . rout " o > rrn'. ii<?, Hi d !>(?'? SAI.N i.f OV'IAW SB-- Ft-'' RP.U, K*T%T1? <?.* if1 e-<h., ' ? * ."?? i.< I ouawiii (*??' of O Id Be., tug l.i ? ib l i ( i it ?* >?(' >r ?Kh . ;,!?? ? -? lli In p?'i" t e itid ? ,i i 1 v ti'er [i n-yrr, snf'o lent lor t?ei ? r ii ? r< -? f?i eg Aridrea Co.wado. bo* \V27 N. I ; .'i 4 oflre. LV : I y K I'.V MI *N'IK -A farm CONTAINING r .i '1 iii ji'> ? and woodland, large dwel ir.g | h'u- .', i>? at. ? . ..<r ??, iu , In Berkshire I oviiily. . i i 1 mile r.mi lit ??. T II. B. UK G ROOT. 143 Pulton street. FM}R KII.R OH BX( HaNO??-ONB OP TUB MOST 1 ,1 <ir ul.i K .i.l u<v on lle.v.ou Mill M.J ; head ?? an- . ; a > et bolt;, hot and colj water tun: a e. r:. ? , I h. i'.ig i pe-. .v. ; b.tiH by duy's w irk '?> ttia O' n r wit' ??%?, iri to c??t , stkltt ton? of the mo*t (t? treble p'acea I r t ou.oesa rjaa u (Irs v|. in tv, Coinii i ' ,i f: W< 'na-i lia.' an kmir from .be 0 tiaiiatai> a re; pi Ice $)b\QUUL Ag^d Faitn en the m ter within t'uiitv nil-a of the dtjr. wcih ?ne-third vi.e ?In." iv, *-1|l t? ? .V.rn In exoh\n:je and no 4 of the Hlaif? . r+t 'itn en b ind and mwtguge. Audras* Farmer, bet '< .114 New Yujk I' st oil) 00. FSOR SALB OR fcXCIlANOB-A If ICR HODSK AND t re-> L on ti-.e nortu shorn. Stolen Inland, for a Parr i, final, K< n?e In the cut o: Brooklyn or f?r ? food payiug Dr n Store. J. C. BELPEN, N-.rtU 8. ok. 8. I. f^R 8ALR OR TO LF ASK? AT P AST WILLTAMfP bu.?, two and a half u lien fjwm any t'errv. awell ta'?'i.4't?d K:?t W illi)* at.d Hoiid Oruobiin: ??ubl ^hn eiit, w tb Jifiiin Power, :for?. ?. Wagona. and a'l arparaina eou,. pleti- for nn?edl?te mauu!a<-tiire. Poo rw.ion <-aa 6e given at - ii.-** by oup'Tiug at <7t? .seventh atenue, between T>i ty?slnth anCPortMth ntreeta. FOK 1NVK8TMKNT? OPPIOR BROPBBTT, MKAR Rroadwar and the Tout oflirc : poya over ten perci-nt on .he pride; a largo pnrtiun can rcasnin at Ul per cent. Addi' ta l>o* Tl)3 I'oat o.nce. ItiWA LANns FOR 3ALR ?A LAROR AMOUNT OK in North iToetern Inwa, v<-ry clyap. .-Imr of er?cu- ibraiii< an i v ! Unas k'aM, from 9*J eena to HO eentu per a !!??? ; eh> tlian 1 .iff warrant . Kor .? f irmatlon addre?s. en< using ?tuD|>, Geo. V. Byrd, Uoal bat?.c Broker, Chicago, Iillac a. 1ANOS -TO AI.L WANTING PARM8.? LABOB ADS j thrl\ ln? aottlement of Vlnoland, ml'd cltoate. ?0 mtlco 0 nth Philad pb ??, ny railroad: rieb soil; prodtvc* lar.n crop*; twenty *..?:? trac a, at $^5 i>er a'te, paynole wiibm r ur yoarn; g.iod bumnrss; good eoi-ietv. II 'iiidiedt are net i l!ug ami ina^lng imliro ? i.'M?. A -< ?. ta rn t? K. LaNVMS, Poatmaatcr, vine land, rumberlrad ootiaty, N 4. Letter* *n?weretL Papers coutaintng full tntoi njauon will ne tent Tree. T AK!> FOR SALE.? A PABTT JV8T fMI KIOSI* l i uao olera aome wolt aebotod Tariulnt; IjhiuIs lor sa.e. or trail for any kiitd of merehan<l!?e that will sell In a oouu'ry tore. Addre ? 0. C I)., box lllo Herald oilicn. JEnNARI). W OORTEB AMI BROOMB STREET I'HO J perty !or faio h, tbt% immediate vleiultv of Srat rlnaa inipru- e-.-.pi.ta; wortliy tbe atlentlon of capital! >ta Apply lOiiBPU M A80N, No. 5S Pine ?tre?t, loovna 10 and l I. Mist BR BOLD? A SPLENDID NRW BROWN 8T0NB I b stoop He, nun. ronr s-torifa and b.ueroent: put ha?'?. ao o n *tny ii In .. <? k o 'at on beauillu . oi-|>oa ie the Bctfkman ili.i I'arh, Kast I'lfti' th siro?? between Kir?t nnd Be ond aronnea JOHN ilLASS, own?r, iWI Secord av NEWBITRG PnOl'HRTV FOR 8ALS.-A DLRIRAH* Hou>'e and Lot, onimntidlni: a line \tew of 'Itortver n ! ?>>i"v : on t rally Bilmte 1; at 3l*26tl t'c.ot, in two ?>?rra',?'i ; po i.i'j lent irnm iron' Une; ?.. o ot hon*" of brlclc and finiabed in gna I at vie, three slnaie* and bn?e meiu; lot runn:Ok' tiiro ig'a tro.n street to street, and hand. >01:11' proi . rty adjoining. Price $7,101. Po ?ession given till tm .'ely. For , art ? 'ar<<*n!l npOB ?r a.'dre?.i JAMKS B. KOYCK.'on the i iT.iii.-ci, Newburf, N. Y TJARE CHANCR FOB MANUFACTDRERS .? DEflRAJ V be Property f^r note cheap.? The bulling ia |i?Mj, ln..r rorl. s iilgb, Dowlo ? or? S;4 in.'h" t! ink iwn turMne water wheels, two largo dwelling houaea, banm, a e-ln and ot^er bnil Hnsa: aaven acres of rood land, <??. ).a?itv of water, two hundred !ior?a power; never fai's; operatives iu the lmmediaie vicinity for .iuv b'tfiriea? . <>?vy of access to rallroada mil ataoiu'i'aw. The pro pern is !n per. fee: order. Poesesa'on given irain' llnte'v. Two aula half i ho i: s from No v Tor* eltv I i . iirool HOMBR MORtlAN, ; So -J V n- ?f?ct; or v li Br:2l>B, -a *n? M Prom ?tr. it, Mewburg, Ona<o ooosty, X. y. 1 OI'Li .NDin SITE i OR A GENTLEMAN'S REST> i den ?? ?Tor ?.i.e. 20 a. res of L? td fronting on Hudson i riv'i'. one mile i >m s :.? lboat lar. ltng. "li mile i south of . Mu.'-n: river : lont 32 roil*, wtth a IS mile view ..f Hnds n jiver. The situation -annoi be aurussse i. iMuIre if 1 Wi'.BKS. UOt tll.ASs ,t oo., orner oi Kr^nt and Bro.d streets, or address W. Onncan. Ma<iboro, I' ster county, N. Y. g ieu. iters Corne l aud Baldwin .and i sily. TIT B STERN LANDS.? PART! Kg HAVING OLD. UN?? TfCurde lor Western laud< can nave the dee is . reooided, 'earn the value of their land and hare the same i acid for a reasonable eommlsKlon Aduress J. Benuett A J t"o , b >i fr.-tiH) Post o.Iieo, New York. TT7 ANTKO TO PUT OR TO RENT? A WELL Ft'R. j Vt c:sli 'd House, lo a t: 'O'i neifblwhood and in good r" pr ir. at a reaeonebie prie>-. Address boi 3,3J1 Post 0!!'ee, j giving prii 'ocjtlou and deeerlptfoo. i XI/ANTBD-A FARM. IJSDEB $4,000, WITHIN 30 1 ' r.'iles of New Y rl;. Willi fair impv: . menu, :or wl. eh Phi a4?'|;i.ia P'voery fire aa 1 clear, vaioed 8 1 $1,900 v 111 ?>$ tj-' n in pai t i-ayment. Avidresa. wiia full particulars, S 8?*, Herald off . \ <5 I fkAH ?PARB? S3 AC BBS GOOD L\ND, 12 IN ?P?.' M ?U. wood; sint ic. Crips and Farming TmP ??inents laclndad. Buildinss oii-is-. of uew two story naase. barn ?' d?. ke ; IP n. 'e in Jorser. WELLING .1 DilCRT. It ChamlTs street 07 nnn -!"arm OF 54 ACRE9-16 MILKS IN ?P I .U\IU. New Jersey; good ii iiidinpi and fruits; fine location, near lepot; well e.uitiva ed and watered; a . real barga.n. 8. F. IRELAND, No. J*iM st:eet, ro -ui II. 4lO nnn -GOOD DAIRY FARM, OF HO ACRES. iJ)i'.';vV;? toely orated, In Roc'iland county. nnar j churches, schools iU;d depot; Rood improvements; fmtt of i a.l kinds. Si'K!1.. Ae. at .ai i&iion. S P. I URL AND, No. .Vi Pine Street, room 11. KOK SALR. AS OTT) KPT 43LI8HRD MANUFACTURING Barren* |n"i el near Barttum'a; in ari'c>of im?i frn i crtimre In I'tia ma-1;et. StV!a r?*1!'v and a orda 40 lo BO | er tern , nlit. I'rfne 91 OV. Rent f MM. RICHARDSON A 1'IjATT, 10 Kcail -av. A jewelry btors r m balk? located ni rav uri' r p? t of the e '.y, an. I ijilnp a good butlucat. Wl!lael'tlie Stock, Fin irt? snd J ?a?<v or Klitnes nr.d L-a?e on!' Inquire or TRAIT, LOMBARD A CO., ?X Johu tretit. A RARE CHANCE ?FOK SAl S. TUB STOCK AMI Kul .rea of ? Pnairr and I<* ( r<'?ni Saloon, iloin^ a r- ?? jr oj haafn***. ?n 1 io one o' ? l>- *i locution- in tho i ty. ajj'I.v Imu'.' afl.> at 110 H ceckcr street, urat Woocter. Af-onxKR u q on store for s.tLK-TonBrn'iR w th t i? Li >???* f Ik* Houae, Piore And Kitii'-s. Tin* 4 a cot. . . .n ? for .i man will' 'mall c > j I'a'. Apply on ti e prcuilMn. No. 1- P i .?t avenue, e rn?r of Tint atr et. DR i.(l SToEB AND F1X1TREH FOR BALK.- HE de-Ira 'e Dng Store rrder life Coi r e of f'brilciatit and > orncr of Twenty -thrd *tre?-' and' Foortli a\?tiur, ?it!i t;.> Vurb> I I'm-, t'a-e*. Ga* Fl\t'ire? Ola.t W .ire. Or M?-dli ine". Perfumeer. F net O.iodt, Awnlntf. H '.re t-urtil ure and Fixiiir?a. and ba;ao'* cf ?.ne. Aiply ir-.e at . e. .MII1N VAN WYCK. Ad-nlotatrator. "I \RI"0 STORK FOR SALK.-A FIRST ( LAS-5 8/0 !", I J the old. ti e?'>tb!l-bnfnt In the 'diy doing a rurv fiol hua '** and l?"?t'vl on tfci c rner of itrt very lea . inn th..ioii- ii fare*. \ ?p'-n 'it .mo* for a | hyalcun .ii?i.-tnu ? line o lice rraotl..* r a Oioro'ign a i-^i t ti> do a 'arjja bu? uca?. Addre ?V. E. P., box 139 U.iu.J ? I.'n v -TOR SAI R, t S HO R8B POWXR II 1' r< ?.oiitai of 12 inch c Uti '.*.r tnaW) Inch i!i oke, b'd't b Veaat- 11' '\te? rt.-l .r . In N>*. In i I re ui the Ten'-i' J'attoiT. fouCof Foit* ??. jq .1 street. Kin> river. T.'Oil SALB. r TUB PROPF.ljt<ER TnoV AS FOUI,K3. wtO Mlapted for tow r>?: i I; breadth IS S ? (i?*pth. P foot * '.nchas; bn'.lt In Hrooklyn In l sui s i> ??<?* riinl;1) pore c M"i' in 1WM ; ve-??l ha? b?rn i im i.ut a few MOn'bi. an1 m sold to i*ifa an at? o nt. For i??rtic i. lar* api.'e at 'he o"u e or TI)f)V A>? SLACK, al)ipi,ui' ler, toot i >l North S'sventh street, Brooklyn, E. D. For R (.T.B- S F11HT CLASS BESTAl-RANT AND 1' i i: ?' i'n >n d *n town one ir tb<* b?-at location" n tfc? tttf, I or lerra* apply to B. F. CETTI f. 111 Lerjy place. L-"Ft FALB -TUB eTOCK. FlVil BF" ^N|) OOOI P ?i of .* B?r Ro" n, now del. t a iood bnaiiie-;'. at 0 iaiantloeland ng, Staieu I?lnni. B'aaoua for wllinir tue ir- ner Itna ut >er bu%fnfaa to attend to. Apply to M. Cjl'iULE V, 12 State ?rr?et Sew York. ^ FOB PAI.E-nvE WTVDTNO MACBIRR. Fal KTT'.rN lin'.'o >? of Cn.-e Ca"ph?tl A f>a^e ma0'.f:i0*Mr? of J Cnh'-e?. f* T . ; a1") iwa- Rn'ttlnr Mac.nnea. *)* head* ' xrb, [ i loll" Knlu-m ta-o tiearta. for >rmjr :tf??l t ?, II of lltl!n<->-r'? tn" nfart'ire.FblUdelphla. Inquire of A A ROW Ji'Jil.s Po an... 'fp le. _______________ TT'CiR 9AT.E -Tl'R ?lTO< K AND FI*rT HF?! AND 1 I i ? ->f m 1/ mo. fit , * ?; >m -l ?f y I I Bill street aiM FU t^ aenniie, taodaimely , ,,td tip ft | wll he old ehoap 'n f'.n.o.|'i?no? of the |nes?ut ow:ier ? hat nj o.l er t .H ?? tu attend tr I^OR StLR-TRE ST >C<t AND FIXTl'RV.S OF * N 1 n' ! fkt h at ed f f n-ry Store. Mae' inery air l l?. r?, * It t Ot W I .1 hui ? trtfAO til l t igv. \< ply J at Ne art* ?-nuc lf,e C'tf. FB ?At.K-\ OKI ?T Vir.L. FfjOIJB ASI? FI'.BIt i s ul ' all eut w '<? Hor?-a and Ir t U 'I.nfte' ti . II y ! on tht h ?tnea '.!?? fypa a ?oo eaali.l bti'li.eaa inr a ' ia?1 tonjeira. I/,>rat.oit tai.teal A] pt> a; iiOJ We t,lir:,i Jr<m Ml,K-in t PRESS! RR STEAM HOtt.F.R fr. ? ntf ?. te?t ?h?T. Can It* aeen at ?".?aii er Cl / of I o , fo<" of .'ay air* ft, North rl"rr. t I f U VAN. MAI ur.\t? A CO., 40 Front ?tre?t. Ir*OR M,l<? * FINE B1 OEW IIREf. RTRAMBtlAT |?? ret loaf, ff t'rrr h 'tn>, vr^ llj hi <? a> ght ?'alf , t*? tar a en/u.-a, wh rb. t?'K> w lb jriU. are in prrft-rt oi '?? and r . v jr ?ei>. Will be ?o!d cb< ap Apply to \T II. HAZARD la., .it H'.r'.injr ?1|p. T.^OR ?l,E-\ TOT AND IIOI S R FfKNIRHIVO M II ta ''ali uent. ? tth ?t<v a an l f ?t ire?, ,i* tied in a i^ood L?l*lihor ,.?od for hnatnt-?' ??t'bll?h#l 'or twnir a a. Tffina r.i r ft| health ' OBMt meno* of ??Hln#. ??nlln v; le?-.'.,.ii he renewed. A;, pit to It P. I'UlriCN'Kl ai OI p. v 1 .??, ? na?) lar. No. J Heekn an tl.tet, rovn, Ne 1. te:. i ond i.oor ri V f I ? A V TfllRR STM I, TV rt NIRff V i ' n" ? ii-- Sen ii|f in ib ae , ? ofil ao . v tlg a '< arii' oilier tutintx :? a tte >d to ! call at ui ami M Cfiii " For RAi.K?oif third av kmd, a thee* stobt '?imi' lie and tir-t No, 7 S/. willne n I ? h?a|i en r? ???na e term* an? of lot 'ilii'Di hona? JliiMI Inqu roon Ike pivilliai'S V-nR RALE? A FIRST CL \Rf? - flRNFfl L' ^TTOR a:o? " r< lca?? a'id IO>f rent, i nil?0:n?!r fitted i f it .- e. Ul timo -i| at* ,no? do n? a 'iral t <aa eauli ii-k"? Tl"? < r, re anit aeid .n met^t ??., il lao* -iroet ?or s-: -flit srfii K A%n rtIT?7RrR OF A atiMi1 Ik. ff e U 1 a I ia> gr<r e, Itri.eH n b 1?0R ?A(. E? BAN ' K V DO R<? A KIRK RUHNES8. " ior i??ti utora; nt IW W??t ...... AltRA I! A It DANDUSO. J70R **LR A DOf BR f PH. I UIAMETRR.34 FKJ.T jT "oil / wrliMin h Hue. On? fbor^e I'oatdn.ati f'?' k R| .Iter: -an ri.-mlit* One RAhcr'e T 'vi Inr Hotler one ???rt eirritlar Stenmtnn Taofc ll.OWt r^. Jo*? oapn.'1'.r Mid a?r? ?n.?lier Ta ia? AdtftSaf o? l.i .aw e of JO'l.N D Il.tN A CO ^Ol.?|S?a?ra, j? to ii livfUi ?U?ot. s ? r- ; ? ?""" 5 V 1 * vr?n wat.r. JlTia s?' '-ONU VIK8I' RATF. feTR?M BN^I'-'S, l' t'i A - r? In -,h i't? ti . lei th 0' *W?? to in- '.e v ? j-'i ?i.G u ? H<l ) K b;, tl MeMtfou'ary street. J tfl k:J l), J, .N I l/oa VA: K-Tiiu STOCK AKD KIXTUKK* OF A I" tit- * V - -I'll and el*i! L!i| i'?r ?l >re, apleiJldlv Ittski . .1 the tt>r t-i of with -rsd umt In an < ? >? ? ?<? * t ?er t alii. Iaii?i re at 111 lv . u i ac .ty-eeeeutb t, is th ?? -tore IVOK S1J.8-AH OLD BKTABi IbIIKD AUCTION ANO 1 fo-iu .i - n - . in ?ne or the bom locationtown. m-,1 in 'C' ?< I i|?f>ll?i a nuiniier^f > Jr I |* p,y u" ? * ? and some mcon.e. To any |ir<uiiitu? I 'M) er iro tlr* business it | r"??nt- ?u oi^jortiinlty m lam e l w i;l h? -n'd *? a ??*?? ???>> pr-ve, ?>? the pr irr ??(or (?? ?ti?nt enterlr.< into other bit- 'n.*?s. For pari A&d au .u ?r .t ? *4,1, ess - .miutasijo, Heiald FOE SAM! OHKAP FOB CAS'l?THK STOi^K. FIXiurt ? and Bmmi ? of th? o'l established Ci-afc -a mery ' s:oi*ii .. i r ? 'rrw . v in ir?i l'hird ?Teaue. Business kiK>d iVam-s-.ou liwmedtatety. f1L,Att?.?AS*I(lNEB BALE.? V COMPLETE AND T well .! C Faet>ry for . in >??! wjrkiug order, with ' f? sat of tools lure* and wacon. .te. Apply ti o. A fi iC'.n'.H, ^afutoee, j) FiutLlog avouue, ac?? it iy Brooklyn, K D * HOTBL FOH SALE? CHFAP, OK BA8Y TEH MS; the bimt. destraiiy loot e l la Hie oit> ; h?n t ? 1'ialjr furnished. in* i renovated, favoruhle leas?, and COiua a full tfct c'u-' ?? bu*1uea% SOUTHWK K A WOOD. 13 Hoe street. In\VK A FIRST RATE OROCKftT AMD LT<#DOB S'cre lor s?ie ?I WiH give the lease an<1 gnoj will to an rernpn ? how '11 give me tiie m*rk<'t price for my ?to<-k of trooertee, li iiioraanil ule*. P.irt'.es wiahlng to bur wi 1 iio wo1! to call atiii *ee me b- fore b ijiuii el?ewliere, at 71 ll'-nry ?trcet. lu (be t lore. IINSKKD OfL OOMPLFTB PRRFKPT i nrlrr: >;o?' >ln'ii'!e; water power. IH feet, natural dam, i oit $IU.0<>0; :a* i^ed omialry. HiHl Finrnt aud Country Kcata. all jirn os. WAUTKU W. WKTVtORB. &j Pine at. Ligroa STORK FOB SALE.- A PERSON, "HAYINQ tiro *tar?>, tt i?bpj to sell one of t'uem. II la a Hret rate c iruer am dniii^ a ?! >>xl bim-iv<s. No .ireuts ncedauniv. fltdreas M. J., tcx iro UeraM onioe. ONE PAIR OP BI.OWINQ f!yLTNDER3-IN COMplrte norkluc order, i feet diameter, 4 Toot elroke. hullt at the Novelty Work*, Now York: one horizontal EnK i-O, 1' in porfect order. Call at or adili^e-a tuc liuvia M?ch!uer.v Yard. 17 and 19 Morris street. Jerae; CHy. PJ^NINO MACHINE FOR HA1.E,? A FIRST OT.APS P .mtn Machine r >r sale. lt<p!r t.> MORRIS, WUEBI.llittiO. No. l,i!08 Market street, 1'hila elphla. 1JTLERS' AND Sin:1 STORF.S.? A LOT OP DRY BOlo^ona. Oermao -nakt?, lUitab e for wurin oHiiiaii", w II be so ' ? f np ?t P. Oarrlnjitoa A Co.'*, 2j7 i-'ront street eorucr of fti k "Mp. New York. TO DBC0GI?ra? FOB RALE, THEOrOH SICKNESS, a neat, well atoulced >nd ? ocat"d Drug sinre. in a growing n iglr orli'iod fo a drngxiit this is a eliaoee ?el.' met I'jl.i '.? . lv liiesflriFtions: 0,n00 in 11 months. A' ci irp itoe i?t? 510 to $15 p rdav;ti?iiainj>reaaing. The buyer will reemve the trade or iliree ]i*iTalcl:?n*. Aj ply at 771) M tit e avenue, near N oa transit ronkl< n ?f| AAA FBET or CnniTNCT TIMBER FOB BAIiB, io iot:*. or will bo out to order. Inquiieat SOI West treat. flOCSK*, KOU.1I?, tVC!., TO LET. t nOT lE TO I.KT-1S AMITY STREET, NFtB v"T Itf.w^'i avenue. Flii'-lilng: ?It i ham^ieri), viilor. dlrimg room RH-. to : gardt-n with vfl';etai?les; rent low. Apu yto DAVID SMITII, Ainitj a1 reel, Flits'iiug. A KDRNlSliED BO USE TO LET-TO A PBTYATB fumlly only: honsi is in oerfcct order. ??? painted caloo' lined mi I newly furnished asi April. The present oe<yipant Intnndu leaving for Burope during 'he mouth of Au. gust :v il w: i give pn nw- oti Immed :?iely if desired. A". ply lteiwe"ii '.He hours of 10 A lI, ii'id 1 P.M. at ISO West J ivonty.lirth street, rr:ir Eighth a"enue. A FIN'i FRONT PARLOB AND TWO BEDROOMS it ail'oinlns; :iKo fur ilnht-d and ua'arnisbed Eo >m4. se| 'rate or in sui't, ol .i, S'.udi"i, 4c, to let, at 769 Broadway, corner of Ninth <!'re?t. Apply at room No. 8. I FPRNTSn KD B ASE MENT TO LET-IT VB DBT il and j-le^sAii! : )o<!?kluu xood, noRr curs, lfi! Ponrth ftn.'et, near SKth avenue. A TOWER TART OF ?. F1 UST CL'.SS HOCSB TO rent. HIS Baat Thirti' U atreet: i?o b.i.seiueni?, two pur lorn and t v . oi i re* roo.n on ililrd , oor. Rent #t'i0 . A sr h i.rpt !a?? l'o> ?e ncarf Lovln^toi) avenue 0c, Siiitlrtli street. Rent moderate. App v to JOHN FKfTBETCU. 413 Third avenue. FURN1SHBD IIOV'SE? IN WKRT FOIIRTEBNTn ??.rest io i"ut r.>?se^?ii.iii on or before tiie i?Jth August. Vppiy to P A- II IjK\Vtfi, 4114 RrofidTay. F r<NTR[fEO IJOCSE TO LET?TO A PRIVATE f-unl'.y ocl*, eontaluing iw -:ve rooms, av baft, wate> and >il) the "uidein iiuprovementr; in ?>ii>'tleie and riehJy i"i:> a *';?d thro'igho it Apply 011 the premises. t7 Seventh sir et f o.n m to ?: o'clock. InURNISTTKO ROOM 9?? TO LET, TO OENTLRMEN without i'.?ar i 3 ?'hol?'.e of Kouaiaoutlie -erond floor. Appi> :il Hi Ninth "Ireet, flrat lionss enst of Hroadivur. TN BROOKLYN, AT S4NDS BTRRET, NK'.R FfTfcI onferrv. thiee Furnished Boom on third floor, wl'b. 01 li ard; ski, 011 -eiund tloor. on? ' a r*2?> K00111 and H'dr o 11 c inuectlug, vi.h hot and to'd wafer, to let eu suite ot twparateh'. . t of rs ro i,r?r-oN ti'.ird and ? urRTn tloors I j of hui -l mt 117 Bmidway; ren*. ? * moderate: |>os Be^s r,n given a''?ut l?t September. Apply 10 the Consolidation Coal Company, 1J7 Prosdway. Notice to merchants.? to lease, for a U'r ii . f yearn, an oie aul :narVe tront Store, .V'xa.1, five ?'..iries hi?h. '.vitb basement and sub. ellar, near and bc of Broadivar. Principals only need address U., l?o* 1 9 Berald 0 Qoe. OVFIOES TO RENT? AT H CEDAR STBBET, FIRST .'coy, between Broadway ?nd the Peit nftlce, with aky. light and of spacious dimensions; very desirable lor backers and fowi anio'. QTOUKROOM AND RRDRdOM TO LET? AT NO 48^ io Sinh avenue, near Twenty ninth street, tollable lor any light business. Apply on the premises. mo LET- A SOAP FACTORY. IN BROOKLYN: TWO I run, iiy -'-H O pounds eaoht Iron vata, b, 1 ile r, frames, Ac.; lmmed??te pueeaaion cai. be t'vea; r. ul low App s -*1 "'J l'ronl ?triv?t, New York, flrit ft' or. TO LET? TUB FIRST cr ASS TIIRRE STARY ntSEm, nt and attic Brick 11 n;*e ?!',7 Eavi Broalway; lias the mo'tern Improvement*; rent rea'onabie. Apply ou the pier, ..see. rpo LET? TTIE 1 PCFR "tRT OF A HOUSE. FOUR I r m?; rent $11 p lits ras; oe. ".uants rrown B'i iin . Si'uaie.l il 37" Ad? phifireei. uoar Fulton a eirie, rookiyn. 'TO LET? N't KF.Y I CRNISIIEU HOOMS OV ElOVD I . o or. with nil a ' -o i inoJaiion* for h'iu?e?eei>iu i, at M VM Twetti *p V MTMI. ? fl'O LET? TUB llilRD FLOOR Or M WEST TWENI. IJ ilfi'i aivwl, to a ?m?i. >e?p?etab'o Rfnt $15 p- r month. IVxwc-^son fiiveu at our?, 'ro LET--A LAROB FfRMrtllKn ATTIC RfjOM; J. rec. $litair?cuth. laqulra at 4 ? Prince atreet. TO LET-AfT ?>9 ElfiT roillTKril STREET, NEAR I .a* r.tmn uven':e. the "(W Parlor Hoor. with Dining Ho .m an t, with ill tha modem linpr'te'.rae ntclreot $4*). '!??> !.Fr-Ti> A SVtl.L I AM 1 1. V. THE SKI ON f) J Floor, <*.ih nra'er ? id nt<n, mil tlircn R ?mt in the ntii". of 1irv,?;r> So SI 7 Wen Twelfth ettvet: rent $21 per mouth. Inquire ef Mr* BAILEY, in the ?tori;. No .00 H.'<Nan ?'reet. rpo LRT-OU^MUBRfl STREET. TRE FIRST LOI'T OP I building l.W t'f * nber ?tre?'t P ????ea'ooii ifieett lirm?diat*'y. tpj > ioG H.YYLIK* W > B, oadiva) . aeconj il jor. ?pO l.ET-A GOOD SIZED BASEMENT. CORNER ANN 1_ n.rf Nr"?pn Routine? In both etrar'a. li%r a 'niii I flu an<l clean. It"st$iu Api ;> OS. tiOltHAI'.U, No 7 L'"-' ktnan ?'tecl. rpo LET -A PERSON DF.OLININO HOOREKBEP1NO I ?? v ? * ". "1! ali the furn s ?rf tt. n.n 'omplete, for $. 0, Oa! for one day at 111 'Jran.1 etre. t weft. 'po I.vr.-A FAMILY AIVMJT LRWTNO TIIR OlTV, J. anJ Mt pr^?rnt <*r'ip?ln;; the tipper par' of a tnotloio brown et'in" ho;:?e. wilt >t the rarne an<l eell Um fttrnit ira 0. ) <?' cash. A t'e'trable opportunity f. r a email family ? ?>?:? o' ? i nc i.on-ekeep at. R?ul tKi t ? 1 fur i.n* wif'? on ti e p No SW W'??t Foiiy-alfclilll street. fpO LET? IV TfTinTV FMHTU flTnsnT. IKTWEEN J Madron hh<I I'if'h ?wti''M. half of a n able and Car nik'e n.- i,;c. w:t. * ? 't* ??. tret fiont *111 4J fe t dcen. Rent ?t-. in-iui/e oi VTlLLiAM EUVaKOA No. 11 iiyua mo LKT-WITU IMMEDIATE IMHSHSS'OV, TlffC". B I on firat Don; an<1 Ba#p-n*nt: km and watar. 1 I X<> five 'fib *?r. <!?t |". Tbrrr r.oota* 11 tl, i .1 floor al liti rh. l river. ? . |Hl fliree Ruoiua atiisTiilid area'ie, u*v fwtraiy-eigl.Ui airMt, ?rl. AJiA.4- A CO., 95S BioaJrar. fpO LPT OR M 4HE? ONE LOT. I'OBNER OF J BE. J fi? i) and C1' -fry ?*r?*f ?J twi L<t, earner of Jeff?Tt>tt ai: I \v?to.' ad ? ?? "Applr to Mil B. IIOVT, comer of IrtTerioM knd CJ ? rr? at: rp^.O BKACTIFUL UAKEMI.SrS I IO LET, ai Walk- r anj CftMl ?'?*?!?, wf'h of it ttumt Powt*. Applr to ?? P. .1. ISfli,ET5. Li j>ii??r ? o'Vce lOi A alkiT alieet. DBHTMTRT. AKKTOf TERTH *f?uB IV TURKS H )Ca$.~BN ? r? ?t ?:? ..nor no pay. at TS"? *'t?t!i a*-.i..!? Eipo r ; attentktt) to iMoetia?ileai ?l?o? -t y ' ? ?'ittffrH l' '"f h ete> nu le, an-S ai ?? are ina<lt n aar part of i :? k.'.j. No ?<l>an '? t? >e.|iilre I. aHm one it re> . ? i ? 1 .i take or jay tar aii)iniiig uiit?e< iitt?'l aiaoily >i rein i nil'fiK '.*? tu rn *'i?o Tieie in over *' ran ih litaa<i<Ka<e?. au>i lae'.n extratted wltbou'. pa!f?. Voac Meut /,? r , ?rl rion tte u?e here- w ; glee t ?rv ila tetwern Kilteeoih aad Hute? nih a:n?.*, on >ii? ii aren H>, Mo /30 a KOI lit' t M<)N ft j\ < n.f?i t if native* ?f? wn: ? t ron ooilin* Teeth I i-oiitlre'jr w i?o >p n' ! wRIo' t charge n II K- ir ir r -n a" v ! ; o p .. . ?? t n j. I to I.* e.1 . <t nt i'i" 'a? t ao'l 'r?t*n it knn*r. Amerlean Treth Co l>?nt >ta, FurtrO aire?t, ci ru M <?- Reetrr. A OH! HO I RKTH l!l Rtn WITHOOT VArRAOTINO | ?nd rrn lernl | ormenenilji a ef ii o ir F*.d aaa a .? ? )#l#in Wti ?' 'it? r>?F(|0 i !iu?*. E?er? J aii >? I': ? il l <i ? caper than t^l tii e ? .niuii 1 , lr.> ' It H PR ? ?*OEi?VlO i?, MPae?Tw?fi. , s>' mu ?... i teo tiioeka iro'n Brua i?n. (tOI.rON DENT A I AH O.JIAIION, J ff ' arc i-t <: 'Li 'IV (?<"? o.u.nai.r) with the nltrona ! o< 'e k of en ren lera tooth ?1rawti? i | ?M?. re nanail uf j a pit1 ii. Ni? pain r.iar<n??'<t O'w <J RWl nmt. DR. WHITER NBW AND.IMPHOn BU A ??! I KfCI 4 L lean' ? W oi? -el* M $" a I fu enparlor in t eai'ti ? ?hi ii* a" I liaeftiluee to o" et^ A' wori at hair tin U t- i.aract by otaer 4anli*t? Sum Aeat roui'h ?treat tu iw^ei B<<rr w anrt 'Ireca *tr t?. / VlTi1f>PI"A?rfO. OR ARTTFjri AT. PONE FIUklNCiH. I a * r Persia"! toa'h ** ?t r .ota balil . " - o n, a' i x teetv a?i aeeff Otaea of caritv filli | with' ut |.a n b? 1 tao'i.-a ? nr?r Boomaraoiove't >0 ii Kant ro i lee nth ?ireet, on ? ' or n ee'. Or Wtntn ?) -r ?, ?J?er tt-., 'hotiiand leull ; m >eU' . Ll. _ It f,L| t :KHTfK7.\TI-? -fMVINO MAO TWKL'H i 4t)0 a eatm-l-d wlihout tun '? ?) .1 j a? | TILl.t- i.J I", ? i.rruit > tW'? l> " <a fu >i Rii.vt^ay 1 i (i fn'n j iert till* rec'^>'n,","'ait'm to i>n ? itrr 1 1 tiar ' ta >tka< lie Mr* J ?ji it t'??"?!>" UC Weal Pei t? *,> n. ||. j ? ?? ? ?? .1. no,*nDT^c wr* looonro. \T THR FRANK KORf HOIHK ONK BLOCK 1HH ??f tho C*ti Ua'l, ooliMr of Frankfort itud WllUtM atrcol*, ??jbt t ritw *?? of* per a. -V to .vje. iXSi d.y ; to %2 fal Hot;** 0(?u iii a -gin, * T 171. 1*1 AND ITS BI.KECKFR 8TRFET, 9TX J\ bloc'** went 0.' Mr ? iwa.v ? Fleas* >1, cool Booms. *Mjk ? cut Hi "it I from *'? in #n? per *wl : Inuillies i(x jrd; .o*u l>>, to j, ilituer, 12'. *i,4 d. ? T 88 t?r MtHK s Fl.ACB, IIOBTB STREET. FOUB ii lk? Mean ci" Brnad-vav, (Mile n?n a. I their wives aid souiis gentle Don out ob ><n exosi.eut B ira an . um ly I'uibin '<i J ixuii. hous* ui ?. o-ai-, and ociiuiiiA *U me m< lcru improvements. AYOONO M AKRIKD COIiP^B WISH A BOOM AND Hoard iu New York or vidua v. Ih.> inn inun m * cuctl MMii'.u.Ui .<< 1 lbs ?dy a tether el In* pituo. Th 17 desire b ..r?l wheru bet can exercise their vocailno ia wbolo or parti >1 ptfiiint. A .diets for i ?ro wseks Chancey llwCo . it. New long. X. V. a sua or booms, with hoard ?also rooms . \ n i UbM f r susie gentlemen. Rsferences required. ?i I1/ C ulon p.aoe. A MUTATR FAMILY WOULD LET-WITH HOA^O. 10 ? tieoi.truau in 1 wife, a 1 lioom 011 tie au md floor: also a una Kuom to a geutletmui; hou?e contains unpiovrin>-iil?; 1>H* iiiou de*'rat)le: terms 1110 lerate. Apply at 77 liiir'.y tin; rtre.c!, Dear l<exiagton avenue. 4 OESTLEMAN AM) WIFE PESIRM BOARD IN J\ r>iO)l. vu from about the 1st of September, with second stor l'ioi.t llo <u>; will furai halibut cai-pat. Add re a J., box .ii J S'oit oflice, New York. 4 FEW FURNISHED AND UNFCRNISHFD ROOMS, for gentlemen and then* wives; also (dni^e ladies and gor.tle.nen can be aocomraodined with Board, at 10 Jones street, betueen Hlemk.r aud Fourth. AHI:mI.KMaN AND WIFB AND A FKW SINi.I.E gentlemen can be accommodated wtth coi>d Board and very .le<irahle Hooiua, furnished or unturDiaUed, at l'Ji VeattwnlT roarui atr*>et A SINOLK ORNTLKMAN WANTS BOARD AND A 1\ -In Je Koom. op<;u hk ower th? dn?r or a ftr? place: dinner iaie fmnih pr-fcrred, aud above Eighth sliecU Addie-a. wtih i aad terms, box 21H> I'osi, * lltNDSOMR FRONT ROOM AND BRDBOOM ON r\ ?<? yi'ui foor: Ainu Koom on third iioor. to let with Be-ird --iii lablo for /entle-ren and their wives or -Ingle t(*ntlemnn, at Ml Ka t Iiili teeutii street. References required. ATTKJil'TON IS CALLED OF THOSE LIV1NO IN hntels.ind i jardin.' hO'iset to an ei<lablisli:iiftnt opened at '10 Ma 'ilougal street, and !urnla!.?<! ?ith en>rt Ihins ne r?it?aw loi 11 ii.-rt?eepiU(;. in Older that ? Tamil, may Lave a complete lioiike. A FEW ORf rLBBBN DRSTUIVO ROOMS. WITH OR >ri<.h.iui. Board, in an eli? bin 'oeation. can have them I11 .1 Hi t !usi h.i JHe, npno>lp! 1 nloit sijiiarn, ou^ blo?.lc froiu ?iionteo'p. Apj ly at H Fuurteenta stieet. Refercnceti HI ireit. t PRIVATE FAMILY, AT 43 WPST TWELFTH A street. tu Mveen Kil'th ano Sixth avenues, can accomcdate .1 gen leinan and wife and s -ve al siu^tc ?. entletncn \v t1! p ? sitain 1 t.rniF'ii'd Itooun and tlcst ola*" Hoard. Kefi-rci: OS re iuircd. terrains and cuildren not taken. \ RI'PPECTABtE FAMILY IIAVE ROOMS TO LET. /\ ? ltli or wltlv tut Hoard, to a I'eiltletr.ftn and w !e. or jic.n'ici 11 fiuniahi'.d or unfurnistcd. In a vi.ry |.|easaut locality. Terms moderate. Apply at li5 Mnth avenue, cor110 of Nioclccnt'.i street. A ;? 1:1 t-IIAKLlON STItKKr NEAR M V POL'OAL? J\ ? 1 1 por nook l'?r nil elegnntlf furnished Fa. .nr. with firm v s B urd. t'or a aud wife. Ni-ighhoi houd uncxcei'l ouaMe. \ 11 WEST ELEVENTH SrR".nT. A KKW STP.PS ?'1 fi-un Broi.Hvav, one or two i iroiehcd Rooms to let. wllh es. et ent Board. H< u*e flr?t c'a??. A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM, ON PaRLOR .'1 ih.or. to 1c*. with Board, to a gentleman am! wife or two s.:ig e lent emeu: also n front M *11 Ee.dr um 'or A gen. tie .111, in Ul Twenty seventh s rcet, bi;lweeu Lexlniiton and Fourth avenues. ? t FRONT ROOM, HANDSOMELY FPB;\ tioihed. ti lei. ? itli Board, In a private iutnily, to a g?nt 1'ii an aud wife or two (jeutlemcn. Locaiieti for bus!iic-i 10c.11 cvcellout. References exchanged. A|>ply at 184 Blceck r atr< ?-t. k SI :T ul- ROOM.0, ON SHCO'-'D FLOOR. TO LET. w th Board, .it 44 Weit l w^'it -torn th street, between Fifth aud Sixth avenue*. Ruler?uces exchanged ? LADY. ALONE, HAVING A FEW ROOMS TO /X si are. fnni s'led. i< desirous of Ictt'n;* them 1 > cctitle iccn - r a i;ent:"ma'i Mi l latlv. imtni.e a! JO ro irtn avouue, second Poor, ?'Ti*<?:te the ('oojvir Institute. .1 PRIVATE AMERICAN FAMILY WILL ACCOM <V itiol ue two vo iiig men whh Breakfast audTeanud full Uourd on " tndayA for $'S 75 per ivee.<. Apply at No. 90 Van !am stieei. Hoard -a lvhue y, rnisiied room ro rent, isble lor a gentien aw nn 1 wife "ral'igle geut omen. A'ko a I! a* I Koom. 72 West Twentieth ureet. Board -ip<i amity hireet, comfortable ki;r n ?hed Ron os with or without Board, ljaih und al ino lcru li:ipiovementf Board wanted? \ yocno man destres eii iirr full nr : at tial Board in the uelgbi-Oihnjd r.f if l-rav Hill; a pr vale family j. referred. Add re a P. .M I}., b' x U2 Ntiw Vork ''on 1 oUlcn. Board wamrd for a gentleman and wifij, in South Brooklyn, with a private family or where tliev Ha. e out few rithei l>o*rde-?, and .lini)'" ran be ka I bet vec.n and I o'clock. Address .1. A.. Brookl.n Pr1"! o 'tce. Board wa utrd.? ? obbtlbman and wipe dr. -ire Board in .1 priva'.e famtiy, ou 'he eint side of town. Uet-.vei-n Second and Fourth aven'i'^ and above Tw?nt ? thlril street; vlciullv oT Thirtieth street pieferred. Addr?ti hot 1.812 Po-.t oiliee, Hoard wanthd-iiy a lady, in- tiir vicinity of Mudl-on mnaie: u fir^'t cla?s Fr-Mt-h Tamilv prefcrrcd. Address, ituii, Ac., O. U. , hot H9 Herald .-,mce. Board wabted-by a touno gentle. ir'.iin Addieta, k.almg tentm, location, Ac , XI. li W., Herald uDice. Board w vntkd-kor a youxo c.kntlrmat, wife, and "h. d tlueo ,\?ir? "f a*". In th:* '-Ity or vlc.'nltv. .it h tno.ier* e prim: with a private fim lv preferred: nnl furni-h iii?n own room eon?pleu\ and j?ay n ndvunco If it would be am ob e t 'o >lo so. lMeaao ail.iieaii, nut ng term*. reference*, Ac , J.. >ox 17'J S. Y Foal offl-f. DOARD WANTED? WITH AW I'NFUBNISHBD ROOM I* and Rcdr om, ?vlth n ..act*. waler an. I goa. ;ort genllfm.'n wire and -'ill e'tglit ytiirn alii; .o-'&tion le'.wocn B!e<cker sn<' Twe ftli ?lr',et.- preferred. Adurae*, a'atlng term*, H. I)., box 106 Hciit'.d BO*RD OX BROOKLYN IIEIOlirs.-OHK URGE iftRMin Wo Ha Bo in*, With Board; tho *iti;?tion i? otip of >bt m i*t nl ? a ant In i .(? rttr. and conve fclmt to the A'ail atreir. an. I South fc/rie* L7 Ucnr alteet. IjlRENni BOA Rl>. Nr?. Id INION S.HARE.-l SKIT ? ..f tp*i tmet.'a for u Ui-fct li-niilj ?r li coo I private table, run i?e *e : ire 1 bow 'or the ? inter. A'-n Roomi and Jta?enie a> OUl.-e. R< f?ren at. EVRXTOIIBO rooms for OBNTLE M F.N? AT NO. 41 K.\*t Twentieth a reet. Refcron.* levi'rf d. ROOM TO LET? NB1R I NION ? ? iiiee, wiiho it . ?r i. ? Itll Afl Hlly. A I'y at l.'l I'ouiU menne, between rwelftb and T 'r.eeniii m. PH RXlsHEl) ROOMS TO LET -A SUIT OK ELK ta i !? Fnmiahed Room*. also Fitit'a Ron ?? to let; prio* f j'i. * t> $?* i*r week, with all modern Improvei. e at 197 Frtaee street, near Charlton atreet. Uefnreni-O renolr ?! Highlands o*i ttie nrosoN -CRorr hofsr.? np <*!?? \t?-t ro'n'. SdtotD'ita- from depot. Mo-ioia ft air. x -a 1 plal-i talde, freah ratlk and rei-ctab'oa. Kre\ : nt railroad and -.tea nboai oonvevance T< i un moderate.' In '? at Pear! atreet. J. If. t,I.AI I'i0|i!i>'lor. Om on rwo oF.n tlemrw desir^ps ok a com. tortab! - hvue. in \ pi-lTat? Freii' : f.iBili.v. >?.t hav a largo fr.>n! Itoi n wit'. ? liveta nicelv Im:h ?hed. and ??. -ellent li jard ilu i?c ai. i iiion tirn c!as>. For.sitiuc.a prefer c<1 It- ?~r?n -e? ve.- ,\rr I. Applj at 1(1 W<<t Twentr. fifth treet, orar f{;j{h'.h aveinM. PLEASANT TlOOMri tXD.,GOOD It' IA Kit CAS RK ha. I at >0. If>7 I" at Twelfth airi-ot, near Serond n^.^nue. mwo OK tHRFk OF.s rM.VKK CAN RIS AOl'OMMO. 1 daie.l ?Tt> U fnrni<hcd Roa-ni wdh oi wiiimut Board Al?n a nlre Rmim ?u;Ubic lor ? ^enlletnan aud lady, ftlti Hlitb irtl?fc 'r\VO on T ft REE n'-\t" F MTV CAS BE ACCOMMO. 1 .lated p itU H ..rr; In nn Arner.can familr, refilling at 1 4!l (? rami - trnct rn?t of and oe <r Bio.idwar A few Day ttnardc a will be takeo. ri'n t J; r? a T HO. 24 Wl IT RUYRRIV BTRBB1 1 i. ar |l!r h.1 v*?, e'ogiiotly f'lroMrd ??ii? of Know* for faril!ie?, and l!edro<)"ia for alnalo gertleatoli, with or * Itlio -t Uojird ; refereii ?> < eiehanjr"'!. TO LET? WITH BOARD TO OE!*TT<BM P N AND th?ir fl*e? or ?lni ? iten' wiiej, a st i< of furnfatiad R iQtuK on ar.bfi'l 'o >r;a!lO a Front Kiio:ij on ' ka t r - 1 lin t, in ? p*?'ant and ennvameut naiKiibo'-bo>4 Kflai-aocea re<1 ireJ. Iuii?ir" at I Ml K*at High.> < nib ati--et. New Vorlt. To i>:r? With board, tiip. rntirh <?Bco!*d t'lotr, n a irodetn brnwn atone no ite w ih a fmr l y 0 thro" ad iH* Uulj' il' 1 * dtiai. n-t tlr?t c an a .uni. o ia 1 in- n- 1 1 a[t !v II ii: n at referent.'* n > eo and r> .paired, fall at IS1 Bait I tTieent'i aiteeL 1 i\r<?N fJCAHB.? LABOR. I'LRAH ^N T ROOM-; FOR I.J n gpni. .'ntan and wl.e o ain^'a iien. it a r riva' * fan Hon ? n'Oa'tnfli lina''-?l cool and al.jr Ccri er Of Flileen'ti alroet and Ur aMTID-I V A rnH ATB FAMII.T. BFIWSEN r? ntT 'hlr.l and Kort.etb attre't and Fourth and ? ? tit avenuoa praforred. two or throe ;' .oil a. -ad Room*, f .rn' -h *?t "r 'tnf' ? ni' he.) with or withoit nartiai Board. Adiir? -? II., '.oi 2 271 l'o?t oil.*, dating 'o^tllan, *r. WABfED-Wirll no*RD. A FLOOR, OF HOT LKSH tl an >he??j ro...n?, nratlf fo nuha-l, fr'>m Oc'oiprr o lu'y, for a fnmiiv of i e of win in are email < hiMrei. a -i ?r~. ? wic? 'n'l riirtle rarf an ' re'?*an~o, w?t>i"ii' wb" h no noiioc wilt be V., t/oi .1,014 Poat o'lieo, ,4ew Vorlt. II/aKTBD. -FIRST Cf.ASS BOARD WANTPD, BT K Tl famil* of thr>'i | i ?. i>a. In a mo ).-rn b iflt ho ii?, wiih tliO conv#nlrti' a of oath, Ac., h -Hla-t bet t eon Koorleenlk and fuirty-foorlh itteete, n >?r Fifth areniia. Tbe room* in .pt be en aai.o on the ()r?, or *e<Min.| door, and well fnrn fie l. For .!'"liabl# aj ?i?nt"-nla a aaUi^a- 'onr pt * will b? f ren. Refimenot unncept onab'e. Arldrcie box I, ITS Poat B'-^r York. 11TABTED-A ROOM. FOB A OESTLFM \N A*D TT, a'irt Board fi r the lady. Ad Ireaa, for t-?o daj-?, L V. M td.11 m i'.uaio Pott ofli''", and ^le ?a ? al*i?rm? and orai Ion. WANTKD? BOARD /OR A -LADY IS A OBNTEFL jan.l.v Forma mint tv mo<lerat?. I'nriieptlon^ble refer ma. s ??n and required. Adiirai for one week B'utrtf, ataOon o, K. T . WAWrBO-'IUIT CLAti? BOARD BY A FAMILY Of r.iirer i?'?ou?. In ? mo lei n b iln ^cie*. wlflt tk-' con to Ui.rn oM'a. i. o.-.t.' 1 leincen Fom teenih and Twentyn>.,ih aireata near l.e* i (jinn areoie: the room a miiat be en ?niio, on the rai or ae iond ioora, and wall fnrniabml. For aiM.rlnnt.'a a utiafa'tour prlfle will li? glr.-n. Refxtenne* . ?!? .vept Mali e. Ad.ire** Mre. H , elation P. Wanted rite *rn of Ai ottBT. iioard ib a nien private familr or b or Iiuk ho r<o < the fi'rmr r pieferr'd i, V' a 'arte nl the hli.h?et r? pertabllltf. The li* at >f ref ??r'-nee alfen. Hhe would not Oh e.d to ion , |ng wh|i a mre unlet iad? t i lre?a a B. 0. . Il?r*ld ofTl.o, ^|vin>t full partly are aa to looatioiii, lai ma t . . ltTANTKO-KV A TOt'VO HKNTTRVAV IN AN V? Amer . " lam iy * an a ry roe n wllb tiood Boar.i Addrfaa I'Ot *1! I'oet oil.r ll?'at r?,. r. n<* a?/t IMKPfOOf* atl-r.itt . > ?.;? NtlKD ROOM TU XAj Itl, l?lwe?? <Uo? "ar ty waj, ^BOA*DW? iro LODfilRQ. 6 WEST W A Sfl i NuTON PlAi;K.-PL8A8AliT BOOMS. v .th BimI. for triuul* gentiamen or gentlemen and ilm.r vftve*. oithoj iKnuAir .i'. ur ir?u*ieni. Aft MHIfU WEEK FOR BOARn-AT III'PONT ?T?-' Houae, iluAaou Mriei. oinotl'it St. John* Pa> It ; fceantr il location. Tranae'it. per d?y. A *o, tt o:aJ Without Bo ird, aud Lodging* h* tua ntght. inn BBNRY STRUBT-T*VO OR TIIRttg [tKVTfU. X? JU kicu can b? accommodated with Board. 1/TT TBN ril STREET, ONB "TOOK FROM BRO\D ?JJ. w*jr? i Parlor on the flmt iioor to let. with P?>aid I F\i\ PRINCE STREET, ST. CLAIR HOUBK.? KLKX?JU gauiy Furnished Room*, w.tb Bedroom* itltoktj, with iUI ili'9 (uureiKiifw for bon*ekeopin3 MwylMfctji'i . line gM and Or ion watar, to let, 10 i c* _je.iai.le famUiaa or alnjtie i-eirtleiuon. , , COl'STRY BOARD. Board wanted-in jkksky city, uy a qkbllwnin aud wife. from Boptembor 1} piea*ani aouom nodation* <li \s|r* I, Address, giving full particular*. U. 14. 8. , Herald ottice. Board in teusey city.? a larur front boo*. 1'nrulrbe.l, ou second lloor, to let, with lioard, at IS Pavonia place, South Filth attest, Jor*ey City. /10UNTRY BOARO-AT TAKRYTOWN, TN A FIRST w n!aa* hoarding limine A geotloman will le' two very plea*ant rooms on th? tirst flooi tor two mouth*. Tn? la delightfully altuatod ?Dil oo--e*sl'>n will b* given immediately. Aildresa for further particular* boa l.OOti Poat otllre. CIOUNTRY BOARD.? THHEE ROOMS, CN1-XPKCT) edlv vacitted. oan be haft at Moore s on Mic'i&saet Bar. twenty minute^' r d* from Hand'* Point Lanliog. Apply to BAMUBL T SK1PMQBB >:*?[.. tki Wk 1 s ro :t. (COUNTRY HOARD AT BHBBWOOD, NEW JESS BY, i two m las from Jerne* ?'ity terrv, on the road to Bergen Poin' in a deliKtitfui bouse and unsnrna-aod local ty. commanding a fine view of New Voile Bay, Reference* excbaugod. Jn'iuire l'or Mr-. Rhode*. COUNTRY BO X RD OAN BR OBTAINED AT TUB Union Hotel Seventy won't street and ll!oo.itlii-;dalo road! two miitute*' walk from the lluiltou river. Good Board and large, uiry Rootna, on moderate term*. /tOPNTRY AND CITY BOARD WANTBD? TO MEET \ J cIiiiIt call*, tit the Board Bureau 7H H<-oa1?vnv. Free dlretlons to dealrobla oardniK country and city, for t'uaiiliea and single pera-oia JONK8 ,t CO.'S Board Bureau, 7M Broadway. CIOUNTRY BOARD WAY BK HAD AT NORTH OALEJ d%, Weatc'ieater count r, four mil** from Purdr'e * at ion, Hudson KiverKaii" ad ; n dcsirab eaod bealtbfii) lotion, flni> lionsn, larcc rnoins, goo-l shade plenty to pat, nu.l on reasonabln term'. Inquire at 74 East Twentr-lhlrJ Ktreot. WAHTBD-BOARD IN TIIK COUNTRY, BY A Widow, ror bur on, 12 yeara old. AiUlti*?*. rt.uinii teruia and Ication, 0. A. P., atation F, 4i|STinrd uvenite. SIGNER RESORTS. AT CM FF WOOD HOTEL. ON KARITAN BAY, OP. poalta Revport. N. ,f . , IVj hour fr on Now Yor*. by ?'?niiihoai Mattnatvaa foot of Alur.ay - trppt, I P. Jl , returning at 7 A. M. Fare tin. Bc.uuttAll aeenery, fine kiovhi, aplcnd I Mife aeu baih u^, flshini; and Kaliint,'' iood boar I from $?; to ?12 per week. Br o iro.v )roL'?B. pertu am not. n. .r.? \cchh*.<!?!?? b Stitcn I*!at'-i Rat!rnad G e times da ly. and ateampr D. It Martin, from fou' ct Harclny c rect, at P. M., dally. A lew ohoi. i' Kooin? may l.e obtilnc 1 for the balance of th" tas'-n on < a iy appMcai on JOHN c. TULLY, Proprietor. BO\RniNO AP ELIZABETH, . N. J.? PF.RM \NRNT it trai *icnt. for fa i"!*" or M'J'Sihii, at tn: I'uorite rcsoit. one hour's ride from Now York; five minutes' w>lk frim the depot. Ap ly to Mr*. Wl LLTAM.S', at the h juse formerly occupied bv J .1. Chettwubd, Esi[. /1LAREND0N HOTEL. LONG BRANCH. N J ?THIS \V popu'ar Iioum, .VO feet from the ocean, with unaov pis*e I lat'tniK fa iiiiics. can accommodate a few more Bonider? with choloe Ro ?m'f. fcrmi modentw. .1 as. JBNKIN80N. Proprietor. National hotel lono branch, n j . is open an ; prepared to occomnio late suc?t- at, il.r> to *2 ' per xvei-k. Board Included. 1). P. PBTEBS, Proprietor. Orient point hoi s b orirmt point, l t.? this ho i?<* is own for tlie reception of gueata. ltl<plea?ant'v ?ftuat?d on the e*ireme fill oi' the norih point of hon : Inland fronting both th<* Bound and t.ardinor'a Par, onlv a monient'a wallc to tbo wa t. Splendid :-*ti baihlng, drlv'ng. fiahinc and hnnt'rig I'ertr.a moderato. >'*i? from Jnmea slip to (irc<;n|iort. thcnce-h ? staxc* lo tn* liou*c, B. PaRSONB \ t:o.. Proprietor*. lltiTKl.*. \TL\ST1C nOTKL? duATIIAM BQnARW. CORNER J\ of Nf . ? Bowery ?ud Oi vor street- new iioumt; 1(0 ntre and i?mfor:ali'1 Kooms to ct tor one !hv. wenk or moatli. Open nWht and '!a?. B. RRRDER, Pr -p- elor. AT Tnp. ORANT HOV'SB, -t-f NKW BOWRRY, PEine-m t'.ti.^ ? piare am! Chamber* direst, i ve minutes ir-ir? Br 1 adway. tonvonie it to bualni i'.Wi i". to one. 28 to Sil eenu: p-r day. $l 25 to $3 p?i* feck and regular Bonrd. Open all^niglit ' Hotel ACConMODATrojm? for families and tingle ite.ntlomeD .t IS Oiinton place, corner t'niver?ill place. Transient $: per d ty. Oil AS. LEfLBB, Proprietor. UOl'SKS. H.OOJIS, itC, VVAf ' BSD. T^CRNISHED RIIOM. OR ROOVIS WANTED? BY A tentlcman ami iarti, m a imi' ; i c? ion imtwcen Tiveotv th?ril and. Tblriy-loiurth etrwve anil Fourth mid Siltb HVfon* . AiMre * lor on^ wcwit John Jaracv, 912 Broadway. Liberal ootnpcmatlon ? lll be given. "L1URNI8UED ROOMS WAN TKD-ONB ENIIHE P Floor, amiable lor hmi*ekeeiiini<. r>r gentleman mud wife onlvzwater -n I cir., r.o! alvire Thirtieth slreet. and tKlw?er> Second ana tlevnnUi ?v?nu??. I'a\ la nitvjn ?>. A'ltlree*. with price, y. S. II. ~lauon U, for one wock. Not to exceed $25 to $(> a month. 17IURSJSHRD norSR W ANTEO? FROM TUB 'ST OF * October to tbe in of J one or oncer, tor * sent "innn. Iila wife n net two da i?htor< Tlio hon-c handaorjie'y 'nruiu'ed, flr-a rla ? ami good lo *t;on. abovr Fourteenth Mrect Mid l>ei wren Fourth and Seventh areo'ca; will |>av from 92M) to d'ton per month. A k<>u?<> tkai ha? h en n.-rd a? a iHMi-d'nc house will mot do. Addrows D., Vox 4, '/JO Pout n dice. FFRNISHRD MOrSR WANTRD? OF MODEll 4TR Ki/e, between Fourteenth a id Fortieth street* and Fou th *n<l Sllth wii i'i; family con?iat? o thi ? ? i>er <on?, :ini w.?uid be t ilea for one or two : wri. A Idrcae box 2..'JIS i'oet o.lkc. HOIISH WANTED? A CMA1X HOI RE, RV A TAMI l> of twoadulta: no ob fction to iiavln.' it nartiv lor nl* ed; locatl o ?>* led between rhirtr fourth ;m! Tu.-nti thinl atreet* and rourth and Sinth ainnue*. Addicts Jahn Jame*. 'Ml Broaun >y, tor one wee's. ROOMS W\N'TBD.-\N USTURNIUHE D PARLOR an ! H.i'-k IL>oui wanted, in an KOi! xb !:*?* .icnt hotibt*. botwesn Ninth and Forly-secaotl atresia, near Fifth avenue. Addic>*-bor I.. Ill J Po?l oil: if.. YETANTltD? A FURNlSlficD HOUSE, BETWEEN If i-'o irteeuth and Thirty -fourth atreetiald Fourth and Sub hv. nut- -. \i! Ires*, mju.u. ten is. 15. \V. A., box 5,271 New Yoik Post offl< e. Wanted? a ji ithf three or four rooms. with Board fur (T"ntle:n?n. w fe. child and r.ur*" {Oilier fii?t or *e<<vid near), between Broaihvav ami Si?Ut avenue an, 1 Eo n > ? th and Twenty-third strcfcla. AJ.'rca b->v i 2/1 New York Poet oflice. WANTID-PART of a modern built house, IT five or ft- rootna; low r part preferred; ioe?M"n n it abore Thir y-lifin str?el. for wh'cli v l'o > I rent w.U be paid : reference* ??nchant'-d Apply lo or addreas J. H. B.t 12!i aad 127 'hand sTeel. I TAT ANTED? A HOUflR. ITRMSHKD OR UXFI RVi nMie l, wi ll a lite modern iirprovemcnH, In apn. te>j| loettlon. or would board the ovner. Addr<-?* U. A., ?>?! !on A. 117 ANTED? IN \ QUII'.T, CENTRE!. NKTOHBOR for a family of two |>rraona, two Itooma and , RiUhcn: would rent with iV> m a Kt ire, in<l it ne ?? muv J b \ out the o a " Katicv Goodaand Miillnnry buain-<?< L?i!ai'on In aOy of he leailing a* eiiKea. Addresa A. X., Herald ollicc. WANTRD-A SHAI.l. IIOUAB OR PART OF ONB. fur a ?mnll Aincrlcnn family, with n piny havlnr moif room ilian they ici|u,ie. Addreae L R, box i ll llcra d o"i< e. for three daya, atatiog location and teriua, wb'vh mnit be mo lerato. ANTED? THR LOWER P\RT OF A HOUSE. W 'TH throe or four roona an 1 kltohon In a re-p. taMe n ?I Jiburlioo i, up town Ad lre?? fiyiug loeation and t:rra?, Waflrloo, Hornkl oKro. 11 4NTEO-FOR TIIR TFINTFR. WITH PRIVATE VV Table, Kr nt and Banl; Itooma, on Mcond "oor. a Sore 1 ourt enlh ?tre?t and liet veen K-inrth and Slith aTennea, for a gentleman and wife, muai hare bntk, pon'rle* an l rveav convenience, for wh ch a I beral pri e will be paid. None but fir I claaa nil! raootre ?nv ulteniion. Addrtaa, a'aP n({ lerma, Ac,. D. M, X, I <'* 2,7iW Peat oilioe. WANTED? ^.V SSPTEl'BKR 1, A PARLOR AND one or two Iledroom*. fnrnlahed, w'th eonrenlen". a for houweeplna. in a oiret nd eenioel nelabnorhoiHt. not nb ve Bfg'ith H'rcei Address M. M., ba* 3,181 Pu*t ofliee, atil'nt; terini. which Dual Im mud'rato. 7 ANT ED i'O RINT-RY A PRIVATE FAMII.T, A FnrnlafcO'l or t'nfuml*he<i Itawj containing from l'i to I" roiinn, *ud tltnatc I In a gno i ueit.hb >rlio??t. H<mol < nftrfistN (Iren, Atldrei* W M A fl , MS Brotdwar. WANT ED TO RENT? A SJIAT.l. 1I0I SB IN A QUIET ' D"l|;hborti<v>tl( an-newhW" hef t-en Th'ril and ^Inli ? enufn, and f?ii rib end Twenty f-. irilt *i reel* Addrea*. ??lit life mnt, Ac.. P. O. f., bo? 4, Sri Foat oflice. N. T. IPRClAli NOTICBf. Masonic huti b -a speoiai. mrrtino ok N rmal l.od??, N'o #Tt, F. ?t>.! A M . will be held at the ball. DM K roadway, on salor.lar evoolng. Aaauat 0, 1 *>6*. at 7 o'clock, l'nnit'iai atlrndanee i* re ttH-l?d. By orrter.f t.KO II. RAYMOND. VY. M. ll^vMA* F. B*o** Secretary. N'OTK E.-l RRRBRYOIVR NOTICE THAT NO FF.R?on w(ion.?oer?r l? ^ m?. am on/ed to hoy Kood* for me, or (?> collect monfy dtte tne. or lo bor'-nw mi-.ticy on niy name UH'll BINE, ar ?.n -lay atreet. Notice to the mtattonbr*' and fancy o^ods Oeaiera.? Tim p ibr.atc n in the Mprald on the .'ii !nat. of* I at purport* to lie an ad imlliat r.B of tlie lot t or (ho Vf. ahln l n Vcilaliion Pen C mpaoi Mi'Ul B'mbrr.l Fabcr and other* l? - a.di'al" t to lea J yott to think the raae lermlaated. The fotirt jin*?'d no onh.lon on the ii er!i* of th can-.; tint >imely rra'ti?.l Rl, order raent ng * preliminary in "n "ii'iu T'ie n'j.t wl'l bo toed atlho ear loat poa?|. b e mt.'o. iil, and ttt'.U It la trie 1, and the rernWt Of ? JnfF ?etll-a the ii it*tlini ralaed. ibe wa?bt?at'?o Medallion ren Cut uanv oik tn that the wird* 'Waablngton Medallion' e in?tittiie a tr*de mark, and tint ?o?h trade mark ia lia property.'#- And |M>arehr catttlna* the trp-H and tlio pubilp a^Hitmt hujrlnu or lelllnu I'en^ mai tad ' WAahiimien Mo.lallion," tinie?e iheyareof the tnanufactiirt of ine Waanlngton Medal ion Fen Oompeny. TOMPKINSVILLB, ITATRN ISI.ANP, Al'OTST a, IHM?Tbi- I* to notify any per on kaflna r altt * Tor ?rocet le? "r mean agatn-a tfce *:ea i?r lllrara I erry, from ih? I4tli to the fdtirSniy, Utt4. that ihe ?J?ttOreaent th em within thice dara to the olTlt e of the Health Olficer. at llie ItoariUng utatioo. old (Jqiiarontlno ground*, at rompki?a?ll e. S. I. R H A Y K THII DAY ttllVHN OUR TOWER OF AT. Iff to. r to Mr Reicrtu hitman. Upw York, A??giiPl I. IM. 0. P? HlCllllI ' 00. VV ! AV W tai |,ErTi;iiKI ?E*W?t ! tWi'OBTANT ?,E<-Tf'nun DAII.T-FOR tlKNTI.^MKN I I ?.n.? at the V?w Y<WB Mneeom Of Afalomy, ?<< Br bad ' w< f f-uil-H > to aiirtn.l tli?ao Leotnrea nan li* -e i them l?t wanlr-1 nn Wooipt of ten ceot*. Uy Oddrr-' ug I lai . s>. N?? V?ik 46?teu>r J ROY AX HiV.UA J^OTil HA/ANA LOTTERY. I 82 76 171 U ?1 *40 a?t ?to 167 4.V4 II SB*. Tm 8l? 1??0 1161 m I Is' 1 W 1344* ISP9 ltil 1 IfflB 1.81 1718 '86 ' 2.171. 221 i 2 '?> 2477. 2181. 2543. 8?fll 273* 2040 SOBS. :i:"S0. 326 ? 3291 .1 3J 3>4fi 3711 3749 SHU SSil 3?7S 4'5> 4i77 42n, 4299 4.U9 4*74 41(51 4 >4i? &si6 A 1 72 6361 5369 fine 5750 570ft 6014, 59*7 ? 110, fil.VO 0-2'S OFFICIAL DRAW i? i. Mm iKo?.Frinut:S j?, I LOTTKAT. )T JULY 19, IMC 1 ?> 1-.' . llAj 1 :JS ,.1000 ...4v 999 , C3S7. ,'.<0t oiS'.. vO ?>7. (432. U..200 01 16. : Sill. ...4 ' ..4001 4627... .60 ' . .20 6M5....4& (WS6. . . . 40 ? 1 . i ml * 077-1. ...2l>0 * 0#tO. ..,?>/ o! I ...5 f; 1 dH00...-900|l 7145. ...JO* ' 7284.. ..4 |: "42 ?. . . .2 0 , 7970.... 2O0]! 7767'... 8 I 7M13....4 Jl Tsto.^.ae 1 73^2. ...2tj I ? ark. ;si2S....2in *133.... 4 o 8207.... 2C> Ki05 ...4(1" 8312... ,90 i ... .800 | 8328.. ..400 8*45 ? 20(1 8ft74....2Uti -705 .. MP :-V. 1 ouao....ic.' i 'i ? 9025.... 2"^ I '3 77. . -2 |i-^vj ?K?4 10 ' 4u ? 9106... 1(100 < i' UI19....2 4.I UoW 9201.... 4") li 7 ?30-....|IHi|itl 9889... 29' 1 - :l 94SJ....40U I4.'? l 9i42 ? 2. '! 1 1 ? 7 9702.. ..4 U> H Jii 4?830 4 11- 3 9871- ? ? 4?v 1 1 71 9891... ??(> 1" HyO-tf- . . -2ut> ...4(1 ? . . .2 >. ...4(0 . .too . . .600 . . ,?iOU ...1100 ...40 I ...01 . ..a 0 ...21. ...40i| ...r? (? ...200 . . 100 .am .100 . . .600 ...200 . ..900 .. .4(H> ...40(1 . . .200 . .1(?>' . am ... j0 ... 40i.i ...iO . . .4'XI . . . aoo ...40" ...200 ...40. ...2.' .am i.i ... , 0976- ...? .1000 1 10007 50> . .ft itt)i9. . . ,r>o i 117*7. ' 1 1 "3 1 . . ll'0 .1 . ,40(! ..600 . .S?Wl ....! II 40U 10172 . 10174.. 10191.. 10107- ? ? .2(101 1 "Ml . ll(Mtt...l0Qi,iU 0.t. ....400'10:$74. . .10>?I 1M1H. .... 40011047#.. . .5"'! M it. 10.000 10608 . ..20'|i" -"...4 0?'0(l!W 9J0II '17 ...aflQ1 UW'.'I 2 'I I.'.".: I. . . ,2t)0|10?ll2....40 ' .??>"(. ...SIV U0S9....309 I.V/23 ? ? .400* 1*1003. . 11079 .4 ii f .100 1 .i ?. ;<h Tnif fVoa.FriM*. 4> - ! 1 <> -71 . . 1 4 <1. 0*78 ..MoT .?v! 1(1.58 t0Cl....ja -X l|2W....fc> -.217... ~ .?) |iS?.../;iw.,?Si9... 6. ...2-> ' ..0.1... .6* I 1 :?> 12 ...3" 1 Fw ...*<0 211111.. .J ..2 IhlfU. ... sit |3134S....* i ; noa . . n?> l ;tM6....d?_ . ' lAbiO. . .1000 |.1639....?0? . .2 .. . . .? : . ; n ?Jt k-Hlt. .;8....4k' .18' 4....2M ....I.. - ,n*9j....*r . <tt|i 7a0 . 291 -'19 ... ,i?a . ,2111 ia^9....90 |2 9R8....M lc. 'liV.ui.. ..sen ?l7.l....2l ?l.-V-l... <? . . .t* . 1 . . . . J j 7^ '''^7* ' ' ' j? 60 ; ! ' %?' 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" 2\...6(VJ 249?4....a .'(V)llu sj, ..600 25019. I '?(-,*? t , ...40 !5"25. 1' 8l'l ...2h? 3604.3. 1 J 62. ...400 25139 Inisn ..11*111 "M9?.... <0 .. .. 2 . . ..4 ? 25101.... SC . . .4 ? ij20004. .6.ii ? 0 25835.,,. 41 . ..-'O < 'l.l... SO! '53ii7. ... 20 ...4 ants.. ..2 ' 25-11 4?'f902I8....400!26649.. ' . . . . ^'1 211522.. . 100(1 2.v: 16. . . .20 3054S... .200125 83.. ..20 . . . 5 (? 120 .75. . . lOitt <5 ;?9. . . .40 ?)0 .07118.... *>0 25.^67. ...M JO. 120872.... 600125863. ...W 8ev?ntv-flvei*r ornt iircm .minld for Prl??!?. In format lof furnifhtiJ. Tlio hliiUenl 1 i_ for DouMW"* ???! kinds of Uolil and tUver. TA Vr.OH A CO.. Rtinkerd, 1 . Wall Mir. pt. .New Yorlt. ia:* AM) i-'JUIVO. A PATXASOTj LOST? AT oils m AL PARK. OK SAT* .V nr i iv ?ft*rnn8n : P'ln .> ilk eo.'?r arid corn 'll>D topu The (ln.'pr ? II bo rewarded Oy returning it 10 34 Wo a} Nineteenth street. -ON SUNDAY EVKS1N4H <ud dark &ronu 1 them. h^S. 1 (he fore Khoti'dt-r* By n? ?fo.irth Mtrcet. thj above ir DOO I.tlST? $5 BKW \i!l). a white Poodle b'a -ke back. eal'ad Polly. ?' a d fro turMiifc h 111 to 15 We<U i'nou ward will be |iatd. D08 LOST? A WrilTE Potn er r>or; an" person rnturninit tho am ttreot, Will rccoive u suit.1 AND LIVER COLORE 1.1 the name of Cannw. An to F. J. Lowrnd*, 023 Hude. reward. F OUND-A NUMBER Ol' DOCK PILK8, WHICH Til? owner can have bv pa in:; linces. PKTHK M A lit OY, I'ler21 North river.I- OST-AT TlIK R \TII \T THE BATTKRY, J rthook, containing POC soi.'rv Mil* amo-intins to al)0 $2'. Willi otbi r piip"is of no Tal'ie to any '.110 but thi owner. Tli< fiadar c1 1 p'l'H -f ?cnd tlie pix'kotl) .ok an papers to box 1,025 Post ofn* I 1" OST-I.V A ST AGP, i'Tf TV A PTYTIT AVENUE ONI 1 ! horn ? fir, or In thf * 1'areel of Leiit-r-, contained in tn l.tivel ih> w lli tlif oh o" ?'* name aud atiiireat. Of ul ?all e bill lo tne owner. Ti-.. fji.der w| 1 l>e f.ntah'y nwai 4 1 t .) Kobert E. Kelly, J4 fieavoi 1-J b.I by rntiirn'ns t lie ?ire"t, Ni *? lurk. Tost? a little p?y. on tufshay. august 7, J about 9 o'Mont; li^< l tfomplcx'on. light ! jlr and bltuj e o?; '1 yoHOK o!d: lis.! <11 r ? ;-6n'atoon? i>id hlsoV jackofi w ithout ulioea. R.ock : us ? <f ?: o. Ktve rtol'ar* will be (!?#? to anv brlngtra lilm (Hen; l'loiltiotD, cltbcr allro orueaiV to lohc Ilieckliof., 171 OIihih' s street 1 TOST-ON TI'ESD KY AFTERNOON, in GOINfl J from (>?/. to H!e" leer, ?n Broidwa". a Onrmini bla. k c.jvered 'Ae<:ouiu llo .k. The tindet w'H be sullabiM rowai .ied by leaving it m 2."1 Canal itroet. In the .tore. S>?A1L FAWN COLO ? Vest Fiaht-enth s-'.reet oivo -*1 J reward. 1 oar-AuausT 1. Ii Scotch T?nler fro i ever will return her will TOST-ON TUESDAY Til V. 2l> INSTANT. A FLAP* j ullk (Vonk. eiiher in a i.?! <ul vav and Ko i tecnth street sta?e ..r in Eighth ?ti e!, /.roadway. The onder wlfl b.' *n"ab y rewarded l>r Hu? i' 15 T:itr.l Rvennn. nea> K ahth street, or addrc?..ii ^ tb - above, stating wbere'itniaj be found Tost -in uourkr J ilie m ill, one Note dr 0 I'K A NSMISRION TIIROUO n OiKir own ordee, pn able a: . v 2S, 1P44. thro.' month*, f. .rlddden to nexotiate the same* ?J the 1 he o ral Hank, datrd :"Oj 24 A II per*. >n? u ? e ' payment havlngbeen ?tofp . (1 R K<OX t SON, 212 P. ar! ?treel. I IO?T -ON MONDAY. T'lr HT INST., NEAR FIRS# J nran ie and Hlxtncnili t>-eet, a Penrl Exrvinc (pe*S ihape). The finder irili recel." * ?n tab ? reward by leaviai t'io same In the liquor store 27' t;owery. I OST OR llISLAtD? ON MONDAY, 1?T INST., II# I J tve store 176 Went street, a rtlffht llraft for >;ev"Dtr-(lv# dol'nr* Iti gold, drawn br tho house of VVells. P<rgo * Co.. 0 Smi Kianfl 00, on the 1 > ?o in New York. In favor of ?n I endoised by ffm, II. He-'* Hankers, broker* *ue| jibers are t'orbH netoiia ul th" tame, a* pev- ent kM been stopped by Andrew C .r <? 179 West street N. Y. ' T OST OR BTOIiltN? 4'Elil IKICATR OF INDEBTED* I J nek* No. M .'.22 'or 've th >a?snd dollars IsKiied to Koapp Peek, Jiliv SI, I I. Al! person* are hereby eautMMied a^a.nst lie .oiint iig or ; .in-. (1.1 >ng i., as oa< inent hasi been slonpod. A liberal va j will be given for lis oetunt lo Koapp ,t Peek. No. 2 Somh street. Mew |^ari. Y OST OR STOLEN? A1''H'ST 3. BETWEEN II A. H, 1 J and 4 P M , it Hold (In ttiinf An-hor Lev?r Watch ana Chnin. No. 9,6M?. F. L. I- . ? m iker. A liberal reward) w! I b.- pst t for itv reeeveiy hr W. L. Walkins, IGOatha* street. $10 UKV\ Alius. CI I'.F.WARD.-T.OSr. OX S"ND\Y, J.CI/Y 24 l'ROkt ?? 1 M-il'-erry tircel, .V v York. n :nt1o Bin.** nnd Turn Dog wlU o.l iron. 'AUOU HlMMhl.RLICH. . dfjfr RBWARB.? LOST, a com ? O'CLOCK P. M.. OB ?PtJ Tuesday :*.U e mi a l-'ourieenth n-wt oftr tf vri en leaving It, on ? ! ot r of Four evnth itiret md Second avenue. a email Vei etlati Ontd Cro*a, much nlnM e? ? " ? men io tjjr the oi.n i Any one lewln* (he ?ami with Dr. HenUev. fit tli- 1ir* a'ore, eorner of Xott and Canxl street*, will rcoeive h? ulwve tewerd. j?K REWARD.? LOST. ON Tl'BSDAT. IV HROAD??) wa a H acll !a - V . Tne tinier will ple.nereInra IttlllO Vest l th nreet. Of? BRWABD.? LOKT. nN MONDA , IN HOBOKBK. >T't) a Por-c. oontalnln^ $ The Ikndor wi'l pteaee leavv* it with P. Uurphy. Hi Notfo.k sireot, and receive the abur* PM anl. d?ff RKWARD LOST AN ABSTRACT OF TITLB OW ?Ptv tlx- I rlc :mvr oi raK.-Oad i u r, of no to -.?? i>M V>*t the owaer. The t '<?. ? t I 1 1". ?? r*t-irn ittoWra. TIIut, Kric UirlJing*. loot of D.iane street. N T. Sr r; w \kd ? I.OBT ' \ mondat, august t. iwti, ? J a (.luck and Uu l)?. fo'irt-en ye?raoltl, notwottli one rent to any one but the Mini riiii.r. The More rewarig win be paid for kin reiont to M Leilnston avenue in to* evening, or at 134 Broad ue - any time thro-iali Hie dev. > VOPNU. MOOK'.-: A HONK Olfl MWABO.-POQ UMT-A BLACK AN ) WHIT* ?P1"" Better; one sfde of h la fnea 1? marked hlatflL ani the oilirr nile wb te; name l? In II. Apply at >3 and 23 Warre u strte'.. ____ RKWARD.? LOST, A LADY'S MKDII'M ftlKk* - _ - Ueld Watch. yiiu I" -<-. deteehed Ifi r. In going from the mmer of Pen- and H'eecker street- to the H:.tter.v. la oui ol the Hum ei ?u< ot muee. the iln lor will rm-elre It e above reward on lea Ing rim same nt <1 Hro.?? tiee' or >'i8 B.eecker street and no queatlont ed <5>1 T BF^TARO.? LO T, t (lOI.O (8LBBVI: BCTTOB, t?l?? 1 'nek et)%ntsl!cd, w 'h >h? letn-r 0 ?|'hd:?> monil*. 'the above iew..rl ivill ho paid by irnvtrg li a% Cliariee W Darling *, 3;?l s xth atrnuo, corner ot Twentjr? fourth ?tre'>t. rx RKWARD -LOST, ON TntJRSDAY. .iri.V ?jP J. ? ? ISM. a K.ild and f n oamollo 1 (linr.. 'tmtorrr, with In Uabi O. W. II.. r ?, ?i>ini>wliai a ion old fa> thl ned i ?irlna, lappofiei io ? ? <? en lo te ihrr on ?ir .?d? waf or Ptfiti avcniio. 'lhe n'lur will |<l?a?e Mave it ?t IIP' 1 Iftb avenue, *n l recelvi' t above reward. ({>(>rv RBWABn.? LOST, nv A r.RANn AND I ORTY V'^' ' wcond etfeeioar, oa rue. lay ??- niMt. ivl ? or : HI. o' 'lock, n ilnld Wat *i a' I (' no. -;i:t n o, l-w <h Mnaer/. On the baek arcli, water, i r i v. * el, Ac annr* d. Any ) tfr?on r -turning tt to !?i0 Bio?.|?.vf (W. B. Corn in A Co ) Wl l rew ve the nbovo reivnr I, ->-ih tliatik* of the ov??e'. a id no quentloeii at-ked. Cttyr RBWARD-Losr. on tfksd \y. ji lt v a large ntilto Frurt ?r>t very u?av? >n a i-i-owb. <?ll? FIELD, (KM) Br adway. *OK (OURRBKCY) REWABO WILL BK I'AID BTC?t>tain N?' -i fif t'.o Norw?t'?n im k i)r"mar fo:' th" rv ivory f n i ? ||-'* V wl. Now Y tk hut.t, no*! rilp'o t whito ail em, hut i i mi w ih petroleum. Lo?? Mwoen the hourtof i and .* i >lfv k on the niaht . f the '4 lu-t- FlNt ll, MLINCKR A WBNDT. Anente, 6i Be:?ver Ktroet. fi'Jft HHW kRn.-A BROWN I'ltBT HAIR. !4 TO If Wt)v l.n ?? 1? hlgli, Hlth I ? r Wheoled fop V. agon and tbli* corded me-h?i! n o (? V..?a, were taken ? r ? he d'-or Of l.M Fllxabe'h alreol. Mle the ?" ner ?rn? ? :*!tlnc a. . pa:l -nt at II o'clock oti 'loe ay frrenoen, Ai'vp--r? ? eundinf Inlcltbeiioe of Maeit S7 Third avenr.o' will io. oelvc the rr ward, with t! Hike. diln/l RB\VART? -U"?r OR BTOLT'.If, ON TIIK Vt'Jl" uxht of the ,'i ' Jt, a gold hantlnai-.aae Wati'h (j iiea ntptirti'ii Ko. 7 ? o'i'li Mn? ohnln altaohed. Anv poraon lem'tia th'-io ?? i flora of Tifany A Co., Broadway, will reee!ri < h e ? .ve reward, and no tue^ltitia a?ked. flhi'ttld tin be tn t''o h-nd?of apwnb.oker a liberal preiulem will ho j>a .1 oi rr ban .vaara. ?inn REWARD -MT-SINO, PINCR Till RBDAT ?Px"'"" '"*t, a it*.* .?r li ii, U, novered tella '*); ita ram vum. en ! tnrjried R. C. I. . m nkove rewind will be tjul for the retn-n of th" ahrve Irnnfc and eontenta to Mr. Opton, Beaver street, or for em ; nformatlon ae will lead io the reooveiy of tiie above pr?|- i t. ___________ R" WARD WILL UK I' AID TO A?Y PERSON who will retdrn The flold Hunting CMC *ai?h Rlrliard Wi ll*, maknr, lov or aio'en at the o'i'ee of th* Dulv Rvgning P <et >>t< r ie l*T ifiernoon, Aug" tt! I |( |eft nt the offl e of |)re-?e',. W ntlx-op in.. N > 40 Wall ilreet no oiwi*Hon* will be aikedi The attwnuou of pawn, broker* ir reij ioitod to the ?i> ve. BlLMiKDI. LL Wno WISH TO III v nr.sT CL tsi fART.VV .. win.-t.iu only prisma e' mldnatt- J oaebion* ejer i?* eemed wi pjen-e ' ;,ud examUie \t. U, uKJ^liU I i.ut nock at Lit li? F "Ma* A1

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