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Broadway. or let. WALLACE 8 THEATRE. Ladt Of YfCNS. OLYMPIC THBATBB, Broudway.

English OieraliO.ikMUJl OlBL. broapw tY THEATRE, Fatttcn Brr? Ditilihi liooo Jots. KEW BOWLRY TUEATRB, Marels RiiitELLA R. SiOBkEfc? AMI CA. EAUNUM'S roadway.

Gusts. Two UiKis. AtBlKOS. hABri.vTS. Ac, Ml all 11 A 3 til P.

WOOD'S MINSTREL BALL, 614 Broadway. Boxes. Damcks, Let Hem Uo. CAMPBELL MINSTRELS. 1W and 301 Bowerv.

-Varied and Lxcitwc Melanue or Ethiopian XBW YORK MCBEOM OF ARATOMT. Of Ctkiouiita a2.o Lacrcuu. from DAM. tUl 111 P. M.

opeh 4 house, BtaiortAi Da km. Blri Ac. Ktw York, Tuesday, July 10, 1864. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE COUNTRY. Advertisements for the Webioly Roam) muit bo Land id before teu o'clock every Wcdues Jay evomug Its circulation ntuoi.g tbe outerprisng mechanics, f.rmers merchants, manufacturers and gentlemen throughout tbe country ib increasing rapidly Advertisements Ineerted in the kkktt Herald will tbus beseeu by a large tbe active an! energetic pec pie of Hie Ceiled Elates.

THE SITUATION. There has been some active movements on tbe part of tlie rebels on the Barnes river Tbey tnado an urtillery attack on General Foster's on tLe morning of tbe 16t at I cep Bottom, but without much effect. They then turned their attention to shelling tbe b. ats, but with as little success, tbeir battery beinf; soon Ei'enced. uring the act inn Generals Grant and Butler arrived, and passed some time with Genera! Fostor, etudylr.g the pl-ces of cojctry tbe future of tbe campaign.

Advices New Orleans to It.e301b ull. that General Onby is actively orfriiclzlng a m.vem"nt against (he rU cl position near Morganzia, where tbe fortification new form tbo key to tbe Red River entry, at command some sis mi'es of the Mississippi. TLe tebcla bold tbo west hiok of tbe Alchafalaya river with large f.rce. General Ullmacn lias been placed la' command of tbe togro troops at Morganzia, sud ex reeled to prevent tbe rebels from crossing tbo river at low wfter. Ce: Keyi.olils placcd In command of ILe corps Dear Tbe Richmond papers admit Indirectly that the fail of is certain.

The Ditpatch of tbe 15th says tbat a rtioc of our forces are cn Ibe south side of tbo Chattahoochee, elgbt railes tLc bridge; that Cetcral 's headquarters are at Vicing Svatlon. Atlanta Confederacy tiya that the city is in imminent hunger, ai.J tbat if cannot deleod it on tbe t'balUb by cannot do so aoy other poiut.aud tterefo.e It may be purposely thrown at tbe feet of tlie fapaciuus invadeit to stay their appetite for conquest. Tbe In Missouri are at irouolecomo were wont to be, and tbey seem to le aided by tbe citizens In many Ins aocos, ns tbey are found be JTuroisbed with I cited itates arms General bae issued on address to tte people of Norther. stern MisSou. sUilcg tbey have deceived b.m.

Wbile they to preserve pence acd aid tbe 'government, be says at they have wed gacllas to acd recruit am ug them. Tbe i.rms and put into their ban for tbe preservation of public safety bive been to iratr- it lie toi's Urn rotblrg is now loll for iUem do but tu wholly icuonno 6 dbtlpto ejterm.oate tiie enemy, or thai lv.eir country borome Rumors were circulated a fom; ra lato Kentu icy by of Pound Gap, nod tbe immense activity in Louitvllle to tbrow up fortiflrAtioos for defeoco oespatcb fr that city laM eight, bowev damol'isues this Htory. Tbe military tiutb'jritles tbere hive no knowledge of any sucb InvMtM, Mi. Co Ibey It. Tbe tiireatentd raid Into Iim demonstrated lueif In an ur.s ful attempt to rtb tbe V'auk at nade yesterday by a few fellows ca.lng tbesa B( -cf re1 els, three ot were and Bittted to prison to ri if' barge.

Tbe AlzeM were little eicitedj an tvemselvos lereoct. Wo giro to-day a very tntarealMig aeeonot thf raid Into Mary lac 1 1 1 trer the retc version of Jt, wbloh Is the capture of WuMfM and Ohlt as Ibe persoos of Mr Llncoli- and ('aOiMt announced EUROPEAN NEWS. Tb? atearaeblp art Irotn oudcndcrry oj the Stb July, Vartter Point on her voyage Ic ebcc lien Knf'iud wig if tf.e of rcn on very tinfavorable to ppr'tton ml the roeper a Ibe campaigo to Tlio rol'ol cotton vci ted from two to three prr c.r in enntcqueof e. iho Lor.dou "i'? i 'iat Ui? for Grant UTii, fiiltiing." Tbe dujl Ut wort of 'it. lb abaOLCC ul auy li liiUiry The Kofcfiwde arrived P-ver,'.and, fr Cherbourg.

to cruuo to Die CUnt-nci w. u.u frivrlde. TM UoMt tiammeuto wa? At It lie I Y-fdJo, alleged to ie new AJaI una betot the Prussian fovertment, iiOt bukll tor rf Ite ebe's i ot'ii Lyitbit will be completed 'or He at Vicra The dot oo I) tsr vote of (-ensure motion irogrowlng tn Parliament. It was ifecagkl thit majority 'xceti four o. -He Party Hi irit iwii very Ltf in tbe iH use of II sitlveiy aase'led from Copenhagen tint ttf Rio? Cf fieomark her made peice ivorturee to and that te ai lie? for tiu kingdom tc I led tow the Cenuan Confederals as tLe uiseut laritg the A to tLt Swcdi Pan of italtic.

elneefl Hi J.indon, on the lib of at a money. were f5t, wftriot 1 ion In Beak of Kugland decreased in ft Cotton wu frun I to tli-ee ol it penny 4 tier tbe Mlex of I he On II, Rtbofjoy ibr market doted buoyant, 1 a briber advance. inlet and fTaiona Brui. NKW3. A Meeting af relied fir rwter.

wm there a- beiof a prefect. Tbe meet tti next. ibeHnerd of beld no meet og retterday ft' II Irti, WU4J noi U.lCi present M' Hayes, ibe 1 wyo trewi tbe ard till Tboreday ntxl Ji? tmr i'! 'Oflwwl rort UfayeMe frnude ru i hi fen up fnr fiim -i Wore Jgrfje hi 1 freptred, the cave alaadt adjo raed till t.i m'htow We In r.aae "i tt? WMhtoftoo Medallion en CompaiiT 1 Marrti'n 'd a id fliers, the defeiidaote 111 I'd in 1 11 im iloo prevent iben from maVhig and setting a steel pen known the Washington Medallion Pen. The plaintiff's not being ready go on with bearing the case, the mation was granted, and I be 21st aet d'wn lor the trial of tbe case, tbo defecdauu be I Kg allowed to manufacture and sell the said pen In the mean lime. A suit for an alleged libel, preferred by ex- Mayor Qpdyke agRtost tbe World was yesterday opened before Judge Barnard in Supreme Court, Chambers, to recover twenty thousand dollars, at winch amount damages are laid.

Tbe alleged libel grows out of the publication or cortain letters appeared In that paper, signed T. and an edltona. commenting on the same. A motion was made for the examination of Manton Maible, witb the view of obtaining tbe namea of bis associate proprietors. The matter wa3 adjourned, by to tbe 1st of September.

J. tries Maxwell was yesterday charged boforo rotted States Commissioner with making a false return of bis Income to an assistant assessor. After au elimination he was held to ball In tbo sum of $1 ,000 to await the action of the Grand Jury. In the Supreme Court, Chambers, yesterday, boforo Judge Barnard, tbo case of flardenbrock against Hardenbrock came up on application of Mrs IJordcnbrock to compel tbe defendant to grant her tbe privilege of seelag her two sons twice iu eacfa week, as previously ordered by tbe Court. The application was opposed, and on motfon for a postponement of tbe case the Court fixed the 26tb instant for the further be iring or tbe case.

Among tbe complaints seat to tbe District Attorney's office yestorday were the Francos Cbaiterton was arrested for attempting to pass a ten dollar counterfeit bill un the West Wlnficld Baak, of this State, at the store of Madam Do.ibei, i'i on the 16th lost. The accuse' 1 Is years old aud native oi Richmond, Va. She gavo ball to answer tbe charge. A charge of forgery was preferred against Ann Daley by Henry Welibrook, who keeps a grocery in Bedford street. On the morning of the 10th inn.

she offered in payment for groceries a len dollar counter'eit note on the West Infield Bank. This pilsoncr was committod without bail, over one buudrel dollars In goo.l money bcm(': found In her possession. This counterfeit Is poorly und calculated to deceive atoleraoly good judge or money. Is but due to the police to say that as soon as it was learned (hat these bogus bills In tbo market prompt eflorls woro mads to apprise all tho storekeepers iu the city of tho fact. Tnro eases of picking pockets were rccolved.

One was a charge mads by Jas. Clark, who swore lhat a mnn named J. Da Ga I'alg etolo a watch from his pocket. Tbo accused was by oillcer Vend, at tho corner of Cbrystio and Ilostor trects. Tho wi.s a coaiplaiut maao by Bridge; who alleges that ber pocket pi ked of portomorna'e, coutainiug a quantity of treasury uotcs.

by Ai -i Taylor, as she was going out of the street Cuth die church. His confederate lor ro noas satis actory to the Dislrlot Attorney Taylor was committed to prison without bait. Ibo Employ iog Association of this city publish a statement, to givo an explanation to I lie public, in tefereme to Ibe reccut rise In the price of bryad. Tbey think that tfcoy aro right in step, on account of the high price of liour, labor and materials, and that, by milking double sized loaves, they will certainly decrease tl.e hours of labor, with corrosoon.lirg boDeilt to the public. The Louisiana Constitutional Convention having completed its labor, tbe new constitution will be submitted to tbe vcteof tnc people of that Slate on tho first Monday in September.

It provides for popular oducat ion, such as was nerer known in a Southern State, and by it (his State will be relieved of slavery. It3 adoption 13 predicted, with a largo vote In Its favor. Tbo Convention pea. to bavo enccis'tl also legislative power, and to have autUonicJ ir.e expenditure ef considerable amounts of money for of civil government. This has not Lecn usual I milar bodies In Noi tbero States.

The ups and do -us In the gold marfcot continued to act as a great to trado yestorday, where the commercial were only to a limited extant. Iu some of produce there wis considc able oporatiaa, but there wad ogthinj like gcuoral activity. Foreign goods were quiet and nominal. Petroleum was lo.js aclivo thin It wa3 on Saturday bnt prices were firm for kMs. Cotton was '11, bu'.

without decided change. At tbo Produoo Exchange ie leading staples wc-c ruber moro active, st prlccs. Ktour was 10c. a aoc. Nearer.

wheat advance sc. a am, 1c. a 7." oils, lc p' rk, $2 a $3, la-d and tallow, Jfc. and whiskey about the whole market, however, closing tamely with the reaction Iu gold. Freights were higbor, business.

Hie Proclamation. President Laa issued a proclamation, which be found in another column, calling for five hundred thousand men. Tho quotas will bo assigned uuJer this call as u3ual. Excesses over the quotas under previous calls will be deducted from this, and so will enlistment in tho made prior the date of the proclamation. Volunteers will bo accepted for one, 'wo or three yeeie, and will be paid tie Icgnl bounty.

It 11 men pre not within fifty dajs a draft will be enforced nt the expiration of that time to supply all deficiencies. may be at ouce objected to this proclamation th'it it ought to beve been made some time Grant moved upon Richmond tbe President slould have called out an army to take care of the Maryland frontier Had fljia common fcute eo taken we eboulO. ive had no rebel ra' 1 rib of the To'cmac. or would the detei o' Washington liave res' with Walleye little band on the Monocr Lberhand.if the relc.s bad i 1 undertake Hiich a raid, fcliov the whole piirty. ir.etead of a t.

escape with their boo'y. Dut 1 iBiationw always do coir ie toe nay not give uen bef ptember, and the men will not be availubu active service for a motuh or two after in the inabdrco we oat do the best can with our armies already in tbe and iu ch ro' as ire tan end en. The proclamation wh! i President Lincoln ought to fcevc issued i jeoeral McCle'lan to the comnnni of thfi defences of Washington, and asking fifty tho a sand meu to serve uuo u. i would given us an immediate army, and with It General McClelian cc uld have protected Washington by marching u.on Lee and striking him upon tbe flank between Grant aud McClellan. as betweeu the upper and tbe ucther millstone, the rebel army would be ground to pieces Tfcus Lincoln, by a simple net of mag1 nanimity, could have been master not only of tbe military, but also of the political, situation.

We are surprised that be did not avail himself Tsucb of a splendid opportunity. We cannot refraia from urging him to do even yet. I We hav became accustomed duriug this war 1 to many disappointments. and have 1 the philosophy of accepting thing: aa they are, without grieving too deeply because they arc 1 not what tbey ought to be. Let us apply this philosophy to tbe proclamation before us, and call upon all good citizens to aid in filling up our quota.

to tbe energy of Supervisor Blunt, we have a etc lit of a few thousand volunteers upon the Inst call. mike a very fair for this. Now, il our weaH'iy cltieecs and corporations will subscribe liber illy to the Comptrollers bounty bonds, and if all our citizens, rich and poor, will aid Supervisor Hluit In bringing out the recruits, we can easily Oil ip our qnota before the 1st ot September, and obviate all the and all the positive perils of a draft in city, bosldos placing our men In tbe field much more qptlckjy. Whatever may be said or thought of the President's call, it Is certain that more men aro needed to end this war, and New York should supply them, as she hitherto done, cheatfully and without Thi UU Raid? Ctmpftlga Em( and Weit. The disappearance of the rebel forces participating in the late grand raid into Maryland has been aa mysterious aa their overwhelming visitation.

Sweeping carelessly over tbe breadth of tb? State between the Potomac river and tbe SuFqtiebanna, and descending simultaneously to the suburbs of Baltimore and Washington, they have moved from point to point with impunity, and have departed without interruption, carrying with them untold quantities of plunder, and leaving us still to a great extent in ignorance of their numbers and whence they all came, and they have gone. Of all tbe disgraceful episodes of the war in the neighborhood of Washington, this, we doubt not, will be set down by the ftiture historian as tbe most inexcusable and shameful to tbe administration at Washington. The rebel journals at Richmond, however, arc beginning to throw some light on the subject. Their "great expectations" from this bold foray were fully up to the panic which it created from Mnrtinsburg to Baltimore. The credulous citizens of Richmond were regaled with a rebel occupation of Baltimore, gained through the assistance of a crushing insurrection in the city; and, as if this was not glory enough for one day, they were thrown into ecstacies by the still more glorious report of the capture of Washington, including Old Abe and bis Cabinet.

One of tho Richmond editors, however, inclined to be dubious from frequent disappointments. was not disposed to accept these thrilling i chievements as absolutely true, although ho was awnro of the fact that the several columns detailed by General Lee upon this important expedltieu wero equal to these results. From this incidental bint we conclude that tbe rebel forces concerned in this Maryland invasion, all told, dl not probably fall short of an aggregate of thirty-five or forty thousand men. It is evident that the knowing ones at Richmond anticipated, among other things, the surprise and capture of Washington; but still we dare say they will be consoled for the fujlure in this matter by the wondeffyl sup- I plies of horses, wagons, tattle, flour, bacon, dry goods, shoes, groceries, greenbacks, 'rngs and medicines, arms, ammunition, successfully carried But the end is not yet; nnd General Grant, in spite of the inefficient movements of the War Office, may still turn the tables upon General Lec in the sequel to this daring adventure for tbo capture of Old Abe and Stanton and Welles. Alcanwhile, tbe advance of General Sherman upon Atlanta brings us to the achievement of the first great object of the campaign in that quarter.

The next move of Joe Johnston will probably be eastward for tbe relief of Richmond, and in this event we presume that Sherman will still be close npon his trail. Indeed, after establishing himself in Atlanta and destroying it3 rebel factories, foundries and communications, Sherman may prepare for a turn to the eastward regardless of the enemy's further movements, although it is more likely that he will continue the pursuit of Johnston until the destruction or of his daily diminisl ing army is accomplished. The liitle side movemen, and diversions of the enemy in other qnarle-s are of very little importance, inasmuch as with the fulfilment of W4 -1 Grant's designs In Virginia And Georgia tho whole fabric of tbe rebellion will be broken Into pieces. The administration as it stands, however? as the late raid has proved? is a serious drawback to General Grant, and unless he is supported by a reconstruction of the Cabinet and an able and vfgilatt general at Washington, we may have to wait a long time for a decisive triumph East or West. More Evidence of Corruption In the Cabinet? Tharlow Weed to the Witness Box (or the Tenth Time.

The wrangle within and over President Lincola's Cabinet still continues with al 1 its original fierceness. in f.ict daily iucreases in bitterness, gradually wi the already formidable breach In the republic party. At each step new features of corruption are spread before the public. Tbo longer it continues tLe deeper it penetrates and tbe more the people know of the rascalities, corruption, tioacl.ery, imbecility and the nefarious wjrk of tbe set of incompetents whom Mr. Lincoln lias selected for his advisers and Secre'ariea We publish tbic morning another chapter, in tbe shape or a letter? an expvn from the pan of Thurlow Weed? of the degrading and de moralizing scenes and events which Lave trans plred at Washington, to which wo call the attention of our readers.

Mr. Weed txke? tbo witness stand and deals out charge" of the most gravo character against ex-Secretary Chase. His conniving at tbe and to strangle investigation in the affairs or the Custom the dishonesty with the "extension of tbe Treasury Departmcnt;" bis surrounding with "notorious iy anwcTtbf nnd lust, but not Iflast, his being a disunioni-t. sa rificing the Union for are all charged and placed upon record in Mr Weed's which will be found in another column. We are bound to accept thlu evidence; for who lrrows better than Weed hat has been going on behind the scenes? He has been as deep in tbo shoddy operations of the administration und Cabinet as any one, and therefore, Las been dooe.

It is the old t-tory of rogues (ailing out and telling upon each other. It is a sort of semi-official exposure of the rottenness, tbe tricks, schemes and rascalities of the Cabinet officials and their personal adherents. If Mr. Cbase wd his friends will only, in retort, show up the other side we shall know all about these villanous and the public can better judge what steps are ncessary to be taken to remedy tbem But exposures, as important as they are. fall lar short of tbe whole truth.

They only penetrate to tbo tbresl.old of tbe misdeeds of the present Cabinet. They throw no iigbt upon the treachery of the War and Na xf departments. We frequently stated that Mr. Choso was tbe leading Marplot of tbe Cabinet; but there are other officials who. although they may not bare been so bold, have also orclsed a baleful Influence, and have been moie than a dead weight upon the Union causo.

The sleepy and incompetent old man at the bead of tbe Navy Department, and tbe bungling meddler in tbe War Office, have equally with Mr. Chose extended their demoralizing Inf.u enoe to all of the country The agents of the War Department, like tbe agents of tbo Treasury, have overrun tbo We and fiouth? west, selling their special favore, disrvoasations and Indulgences for nil sot'oi of plunder Wd psoulatijjitj th of the Catholic bishops of Europe daring the demoralised condition of the Church. The result of til this is seen ia the present disorganization and unsatisfactory condition of that section of the country. It ia in vain that our generals plan their campaigns and our bravo soldiers water the soil with their life blood, when deeds ofc this kind arc carried on under the direct supervision of the special agents of the departments at Washington. It may be very ntse for Mr.

Weed to charge everything upon abolitionism; but that will not cover up tne shortcomings, imbecility and rank corruption that have characterized the affairs of the Navy Department whilst enr merchant marine has been driven from the seas by four or Ave piratical craft Such gross mismanagement and treachery as Lave characterized the Navy and War offices cannot be covered up with any such or subterfuge. Does Mr. Lincoln imagine that the people will overlook all those evil deeds which have been committed by men of his own selection and re-elect him President? Can it be possible that be does not realize that all those misdeeds and rascalities of his Cabinet come home upon him with doublo force? Ho appointed I them, and can remove them at any moment, and is therefore responsible for their acts, and such will be the verdict of the people next November, unless he recognizes the fact and turns out nil these Marplots. The mismanagement of the Navy Department under Father Welles has been a burning disgrace to the country, and resulted in almost ruining our commerce. Tho evil genius of Secretary Stanton in the War Office, with bis bungling, bullying and meddling, has destroyed tho well arranged plans of every commander of tho Army of tho Potomac, and rendered fruitless an immense sacrifice of life and shedding of blood.

To carry out his spite against General McClollan he broke up bis carefully prepared plans for the captnro of Richmond. His interference with tbo campaign of that able general not only prevented the Peninsular campaign from ending with a glorious victory, but extended tho war to an indefinite period. He fprqed General Pope his own mode of warfare, and thai campaign was a failure. He failed to render General Burosido timely support, and a great disaster was tbo result. His incompetency prevented the success of General Hooker at Obancellorsville, and a retreat lollowed.

The neglect of the War Office rendered it impossible for General Meade to deal finishing blow to the rebel army when be had it in his power, after the battle of Gettysburg, and now his interference with the plans of General Grant has made his campaign a failure. Yet, with all these chapters of blunders, treucheryand mismanagement, Mr. Lincoln still retains both Welles and Stanton in office, where they can prevent the sacrifices of our people to crush out the rebellion from meeting with success. While tbo plottings of Mr. Chase in the Treasury Department carried demoralization everywhere, the administration of the War and Navy offices forqught disaster.

If President Lincoln imagines that a new man at th head of the Treasury will Batisfy the people and secure their endorsement at the polls, he will, we imagine, meet with a bitter disappointmsnt. Tho sooner he recognize." that fact and acts upon it the better it will bo for Lis own refutation and the country Dkmociutio Cosgrkuioxal We received at a late hour last oveniDg a copy of the address of the Democratic Confessional Committee on the subject of natloial politics, and give copious extracts therefrom iu this morning's Hsiur.u. The document is a voluminous ono. and treats upon nearly all the political topics of the times in the peculiar democratic vcia. Tho policy of the opposition in this ad Irefi is defined to be to oppose the overthrow of barriers between the white a id black ruces; to retrace the steps that have led to the debasement of the national currcncy; that troop- shall be raised under the agency of State governments, and officered by State authority; that the financial action of the government shall bo open to inspection and purged of corruption; that peace and reconstruction shall be secured with UiC States as they were under the constitution as it Is; that public officers hold office for fixed that amnesty si.all be extended to the rebels except for part'cular offences.

and that Unionists who have fled from the revolted country shall be restored to their estates and their wrongs redressed as far as possible. The other features of the may be ascertained by a perusal of Uc document Itself. TKmMOXUL to Ex-Secretary to going to England. Probably be intonda to give the Bai.k of Hag hind a few lessons ia tiaance before bis return. The Wall btreel and other speculators ought to present him with a service of silver on the eve of hie departure; for he bas certainly been very serviceable to tLcm.

If they get up a public dinner and let off a few speeches in honor of the occasion should fend invitations to some of Chase's friends in Fort Lafayette, the and the penitentiaries It may be truly Haid of Chase that he leaves his country for bis country's good. A Hint ron Skcrktaiiy Wrm.iw.? Let Secretary Welles read the letter we republished yesterday from a London Tim ft correspondent in regard to the delights and the facility of blockade running at Wilmington. President Lincoln should order this sleepy bead of the Navy Department to shut up Wilmington and capture the Florida within ten days or walk the plunk. Pullet laulllgtorc. ATTBM IT TO HHRDKR A TOUNO WOMAN.

Mary a woman of OTMercar street, ywterlay before Justice Dodge and preferred a complaint "do ftapben Cray, whom abc charged with an Attempt to taka bar lite. Becomlag involved to an angry altercallco Cray, tba latter drew a revolver And flrnd ifverul sbota at Mary, bit fortunately the un- i b'trmed Ttoe alarm wsa given, whin officer of the Rigbtfc pracioot. ran Into the home And attempted to ir Cray, but hp realatol with so mueb 10'onca tba' it rijulrau i he aid of ofTi-er Roberta to aacare rate roan, on learchlng Hie prltnner hi auiloa in. the tuli jera found la bit- poesnaatoa revolver futir barrel" of na i been dttcU' rged, but the other Wcra hanvily loaded the mar titrate eootmllted MD for in default of Ove dollar-- bail. Cray I arfuty f- ur rears of bor in Iratan a oeok by Uvea at Water atreal.

A JlNXTOa It IIP ORA.vr tmcVKT. Calrlca Ward, raierly of tha praalsM otaange ptwe, waa yesterday by offlcrr Itrndy, of the Hrat with tavtng on loa Id day of fro i "wigjtoet II. nar.via?, who baa ao In the abrvn rfca money wfct trow draper latbaecocf un. Diciitatefy whicu wurd an was man ligaln till mterday, wbao ro lurried I cetinfltt'd th? awMMrttt fbf I in iy. II, 11, A lira liroka out ut.i tWMva I in Mr.

Trlpp'a jiaint shop, PMBCHiow stroet, and loatroyed about twonty flva anwlta hi hoth I r.rfeeot tho trout, with irmcJi ir I I least ball oovafO'l -u IMPORTANT FROM LOUISIANA. Great Activity In Otarral Canbr'i Hebelt la tfe? River? Cnleu Forcea ConcMiratlag at Horfanita? Qtneral Reyaold'i la Command? Active Operatlona Expected, dw. Private letters received to this from Morganzta, dated June' 80, oontaln tbe folluwinz iLteresilug information Major General Canby very actively engaged in per focting for tn.iitary operations in tbe vicinity of Morgaazla and the Red river. General Uilaiaan, villi a large portion of tali forces, bos reached Morgaozia, where he bas been plgcetl la ccmmjaa of all tbe colored troops. Tbe fortifications at Mirgarala are of tbe most form Id.

able description, and command a range of same six miles of tbe Mississippi river, which, at Uils point, makes a bend of some iJlstiace. Tbe position is deemed of the utmost importance, being equi-dlstant from Port Hudson and tbe Red River, thus formic? a base considered by at) military men as tbe key to Kiver country. Tbe rebels bavo a force stationed on the west bank of the Atobafalaya river, some Dine mileaintbe rear of llorganaia, and parallel totbe Mississippi river. Our gunboatss during high water, oaslly prevent the crossing of tbe Atchafalaya by the rebels; but during tbe lowstigeof tbo river tbeir crossing is to bo prevented by tbe land forces of General UUcaann, encamped on tbe east bank- A large Union force Is being collected near Morgaazla, tbe number ef wbich It woukt be contraband to state, but amply sufficient for offensive or defensive operations, No offensive movements up to tbe 80th uli. bad been made by the rebels; but tbe activity iofaeed into tbe department by Major General Canby indicatsa that active operationa are not far distant.

Tbe corps being organized near Morgan2ia is to be nnder the command or Major General and It is expected that a movement for tbe dislodgsaeut of tbo rebel army on the Atchnfalaya river will soon commence. General McNeill la nt Tort Hudson, In command of tbo garrison loft by General Guerillas aro somewhat active between Port Hudson nnd Vicksburg, but not In such force as they were a month previous. Tbe health of onr troops was good. THE REBELS IN MAINE. Attempt to Rob the Cninla Bank by Rebels? Tbe Citizens Arming.

Calais, Me July 18, 1834. At mlilday tbere wrk an attempt to rob tbo Calais Bank by a small party of rebel who cume hero from SL John, N. B. Tbreo men were arrested. The leader of the gang is Collins, a captain In tbe Fifteenth Mississippi.

Tbey say that thirty associates promised to meet them here, but failed. The vigilance of the State Guard prevented the consummation of this bold schemc of pillage. Tbo three men have beei a committed The citizcna are arming in expectation of an attack touigbt. 1 The Military Authorities at JUonlavllIe Not Advised of any Rebel Rui4. IWOTiiu, July 18, 1864.

Major General Pcrbrldge arrived bore this morning Our military authorities have not been that any rebel forces have recently entored Kentucky, and tboy discredit all ropcrts of an invasion of the ttuto. CLfcnmn, July IS, 1884. There is the best authority for coatradictiug the report published ibis morning or tbe rebol invasion or Kentucky through round Gup. General Morgan is nt Abiogdon. His command Is said to bo partially disorganized, poorly equipped, and not ia a condition to attempt another raid.

Indian Atrocities. DBNVBK Cirv, July 18, 18R4. A largo band or Indians at tuck od Bijou rancbe, eighty of here, luai night, killing throe moo and oar ryingnir the stock. This morning. they ran off all the Overland Stage Company's strck at the Junction, one hundred' ratios oast of Ponvor.

During the- day they visited several stat'ORB east of lb? junction, running off stock, tbroo tnon were reported killed. Today over a buadiod mulej.were stolen and a number of cattle k.llnd. ajiprtheuslon felt for the safety of iho settlors on the road. troops arc urgently needod. (General Hurbrl Igu lias Issued an ordor of retaliation upon for cueltice perpetrated upnn tho cit of Kentucky.

For every lTolon man murdered by orn be orders the instant execution, near the scene of out age as possible, of (our guerillas, to he selected from tho prisoners Id the hiads of the military authorities. Colonel Dan. Mcl'oek diod at SteuKnrllSe yesterday. Theatrleal. WALLACE'S.

moo and Juliet was performed at this tliealro laat evening. At flrst sight the cost ecetnrtl anything hot at tractive. Mrs 3efton, Mr. Charles 1-ishcr, and Mr. George Holland were the mly reliable ramesjln It Ttie idea of five acta of Norton, I)aly, Moore, Br- wne, Williamson and Popo was not fcduclive.

Vet wo I una quite a large audicn at the Ihoatie pesiOd a cot tin Ifr. Charles Ttshcr a'- Morcutio, caroled off the honors ol the play. Wo cannot conceive, uid hare certainly seen, a more admirable of tbe character. Old theatre goers compared it wltu ual of Kcmll gave Mr the advantage in thr mpanson. Wiion died tli woe mneb sorrow in the theatre in Verona it Is some lime sin.

Jir. Fisher has acted will) morh ppirlt hut proved Unlit thai is claims to oie of ac'nrs on tie American stage had only lain dotmant during the i- nt season. Mr played much better thiB best friends hare ted lairing the and aets ho w-ta evelleut Then the loo partial and applavk of hair a lozen of his admirers unnorved him: so tbnt, dii lie lost all ntrol of and rat 'd ar.d ranted to IIia top of his bent. Min capital points, -ver. deser-.

pritse, and with a Ittlo moro study is Romeo would he a moot satisfactory Mrs. Sefton'n Nursn 'light ful bit oi acting, and Mr (Jeorgo lloii.iud wltb laug'iler by bl by-phy Of ho other a' tora, w-th tho exception of tl Junes, we mei i folly say nothing. Mtaa vt'tiU Junes is one of those ladies of whi it a' Wtndiy remarked that wonW appear tn mueh better id vantage in a better pari." Sbo fortunate eooug'i to have a illness ngont who is aUo a critic on an evening paper, iLd who constantly assures tnepnblle that she Is frcite-t actress in tho world. Wo: we hare bocn some timo pa to soo thij areat aitreiss In a gocil part, and i.ow wo find her tn luliet. Ihat if i 'irl.

it noti' If Pa good pirt. ibou ue pronotrtice Mias looee no means grent actress elocutl'iu la w. nderfully faulty. pronunciation ia errors for "wor for "swot" and "Hrrromea 'or im the leaf! of fcor co nceives the of Juliet very well, but is I mature to rendor It properly. She rsots too munh, strains t'? tnoch after au to Imve no ccirmapd of her voice a seoend "i third rato can recommend he.

hit toclassher among great simple Bhsurd, we say In ih so who wish bo convinced or the imtico our ciitlc sm si.ffuld sec bei the 1 of I.yuaa. Rnprtms TTTIt CACK. ore Judge uarnnrd. Jnt.v -Hnft nArooir as. ir i'i, wk.

this Mrs Hardeobrock applied for an ordar against the lie 'or r.on crmpl'aneo with thi ordor of the C'orl, bywhi fho wi allowed the privilege of her two aorn 'nilBg to ff hei ue in The mother muj Conrt set down the adth instant for bearing the on both sldos. Jt t.r 18 lb the vaa4 of Tbe Wxshlngioti Medalllot I'en fVitnpatiy vs. Harrlnoo Bradftrd and others, upon an aidd.ivit Aibsii Grange' and dhers, platnt Toktalced i an order it varlr, oojolnmg the defeudaofs from Biak'ng i and selling a ivannfae.turpil by them utider the I of ihe Bradford The lefead nta ooo moved vacate Tbe pialiiiM net re- ib? heating adjoiui ed until instaot, the removed, I and the V.feoiiRi>U' allowed to continue the tatuiuiactitre and aalo of tbe 'aid pen In the Kor Boaworth and Salbralth TowaaeBd For plainilT, Ah bolt Poller. AtiAivrtT Titn Jrt.v ')fAyim i Wtan'ou i Nt ind 1c lyscitsa ibe pin May -uea tte pr? tor t.e H' oeers- aper for 20, IhKJ ftar atloaed 11. llttei tbe publ oakion o' r.i?t?la 'M' a 4 an t-ditoi lai cm? er.tma tbe as no Aptlirai made for tbe 1 utiuti' ii I Mant in V.aibie, wltb htatn I Irk iUe mie ol tb: pio? i so they en iii de lolo to the Tbi vtjberue by ooosau' tbe 1st of epteniber Aeeldtnt on Like aailretd, roatUNU, ftt If, The Grand Tveok (Msseoger tra.n froro Portland for or fbursday, ran off the trMk resr bermud, The ongtw wm thrown oeer the ar.d tbe engineer and flreman liMljf toaWet) otmer iiol oipee'' I toliTt? MISSISSIPPI.

DEFEAT OF TEE BEBEL8 AT TUPELO. General Slocum's Expedition from Vicksburg. ADDITIONAL DETAILS OF THE IKOVEMESt THE CITY OF JACKSON OCCUPIED, to. (From the Vlcksbnrg ReraM 1 Oar moved (rem river oa the morning the 3d or July In command of Brigadier General Ooeir Major General Slocurn joined the expedition at Champion Hill tbe time erasing, not to take Immediate com. inamt but merely the general direction of operations.

Tbe wholelorce, liorte, foot and artillery, numbered law than three thousand. Tbe marching waa very owing to tbe luten-e July sun. Tbe enemy war; Dot mM In force, though tbe advance bad alight skirmishes, until be was lound strongly posted on tbe east bank of tbe creek, tbree miles this side of Jackson, on the Mb. They mere shortly compelled to abandon tbat position upon the sending of a flanking fores of two and a half to tbe left, under cosamand of Colonel Coals of tbe Eleventh Illlnog Before returning, the enemy indulged in considerable brisk and- accurate artillery practise, but no damage sustained from it by our men. Tbo same evening our forces were quartered in about Jackson, and fared well enough in its luxurious shades.

They burned no iusos and diil no violence, and took only soldiers' poultry, fruit and The citizens of Juckson soemed tearful lest they should, somewhere upon their premises, encounter 'the terrible negro in blue, but they did not encounter him. Oa the evening of the 6tb. the troops having had twenty-four hours rest, were moved out from town. As thsj were leaving town, public spirited citizen climbed this cuppla of the House, and signalled ny waving his white handkerchief to ttie rebel cavalry, which drawn up in line north of tho town, lie was summarily shol down by some of the Provost guard ho lingered behind to pick up stragelers. It was proposed to camp three miles from Jackson, si the intersection of tbo icksburg and Canton rouiis.

Th? ouemy hewover. were discovered to have ro ved down to the point on the auton road coinmandlnc tbe road to Vick'burg, and fiercely fholled our advancing column. Their movement had anticipated, but not in so groat force. prisoners and citizens it was nscert.ained thM the force consisted of a full buttery of artillery. Withers' and Adams', Gholson's, So-itu', and doe other brigade of cavslry or mounted infantry, nnd they proposed at the vory least to borrow considerable transportation and stores of L'ncle Sam.

Tha battle on the evening of the fltb developed tits strength position of the enemy sufficiently to enablt the action ip be renowed ng soon as it wns light enough nj.xt morning. In the course of tho Oght, charactenxed continuous skirmishing, with much artillery dnelinsr, ar.d one splendid charge ot the Eighth Illinois Infantry, tbe enemy were pressed back to allow our train to more past the threatened point with, out lose of beast or vehicle. Between eight nnd uiae o'olock our troop-, we.c witttdraw from iho Cold without annoyancc from tl OLeruy, who sociiied so well satisfied with the result of tha engagement a.i to be disiuclined to avail themselves of any ndva'itagc of mounted mon over the larautry lu tbe parsuit. AVlicn Clitlon, however, the enoray twico assailed rear guard, and to know the result or tbat contest II needs b'ii to said that upon tbo bloventh Illinois Infin'ry dovo'ved the task of withstanding the onset. The second cLarge was a very deterrohed oiTart to take two puns of liotton'g Chicago battery, lu command of Moore.

1ho enemy came up In nr-ss to within sixty yards of our Hi i but tfco rapid administration can. mster by ti artillery and steady volleys of tho Klovs'iih Illinois, 'ooii drove back ih? enemy and woll strewed arc ind with dead and wouuded. Ibc enemy at this point either wont In search of other or tcught repose and shelter from the oppressive sun, fir they disturbed our weail'd columi uo more. In 1'iesc- i ngagemetit? our loss was less tl-an one btio? rired and killed nnd wounded. Tho txlrome eal was, no doubt, the occasion of tho less of a few men OQ onr s'do.

gained thirty or forty printers. But bouse burned during the entire expedition, anil thai was doni by order of General Sloeum, for ihe rea? son 'bit a very public spirited citizen of Clitwou saw fit to signal from bis window, wltb a white handkerchief, to the enemy'? cavalry, wb en was hovering ihe town, while theirMn was lying In corral near the with vert il guard, mist of the forces being ployed at the The eceiuj'g cavalry Into town but founil irc train guard so disposed as to iko It uncomfortable to long. Several saddle were om, tied, ui id the of the person who w-ji tbu? positively Wen? tiOed as a violator of the of war waa burned to ground at.d Ms rorson secured. Not a l-iio cotton was brought In by this expedition. With suj i lida aiiuugb ij sarry our forces to Jackson, and reiMrmi bj mcierate marches sr.d w'thout mucl delay, thr destloitlon of tho expedition was rettclietl, 1UI cfjfcctc anti lit return in good time, without th? is of a rain for whom there wig uut two oat to ibf OLtmy, will ut the loss or a gun or and without any of the dtsagiere hich bad lias bro'igtit on such expeditions To ILe oitiesa.

skill wd ate of illness if tuo General ran.amliug, with the able support or General I, la nue the credit ror the withdrawal of the little army from its 'S'ber nerlions sitiMtii and fbf not di'aprointing the enemy of their exproaed booty, but let tUern a rap on the which they Wlil frtiBct Tbo of the veteran cavalry was such i.s It his always toon. The Oou.utd of ti.o ol colored cavalry, unifer Major Coofc, wis hut worthy of all pruisc The i-uemv would have needed have Invoked to thelf ai a wti.dr 'orf-Kt of Kirreats to hai-o able to add this encutiter to the list of succs'ses. REBEL ACCOUNTS. Attac or. A.

Smith Rrpnlacd. July 1804. The 'oftnwmg despatch from tho Richmond RncuOit July 16 0KAI.OTA. I illy 1 1, 1864. To General We utbtckoU rt counio of eneiuy under tnilh, terday nn tbo march rrnm rontntoc.

Wo ndnnked bint in bis poflitioo at Tupelo this morning, but couid not forea potiiiim. Tbo baitle ws' adr iwn ono lusted boars. D. t.RE, le'itfaeut General. THE GUERILLAS IN IVMSSI iUitJ.

St. July IS, t. i espatcucs from Cw. uei Font, hi City here, sny thot be 'us Just returned fr I nr.l Clay still that bis command I. it I borty, where he should Immediately return.

Ilxjfr.tcm's rebel jtirVlM Lad broken up mto bands and th-ongbout the couniry. iwanty of them iiad boon killed Colonel nl si igwis (bit the or natte onntr be not arm. i uf nine toclBs of tbem sra dis'oyal aaA bavo aastt'ert ThorntCP lo rslso hii ami tbal tbajr give ulni all uifenua.M obuia, and (tea? ever; icing (rgm ir Colono! has courted tho pnrai tont cllUtus cf liioae counties tbal bereai tar ibey will be held accountable 'or ibe conductor tho guerillas bit nailed a meet dk of rebel ivmpathlr.ers, at Mbortf, whore ha willtell them bow tbfy i.aa save tbelr octuHIea from doMiaikM. Colonel Kord capturad two hundred inted States kna in Urn andii o' theta gnerlilaa, and burned a warehouse cotila nlng over one hundred more, villi congbtarabla ammunition. He also oapturrd their battle hae Issued an aldresi to tba Of Norlhwaat Missouri, ntsting ihey bavo AaaeUeU bltt Wln'o tin pr' mired to peaaa afcd goverrflM It, allowed guerillas to amour tbeut Tb? nrtse and smmurtttlM put ibeir nun is 'or the proaar ration ot ths public uWMk been irfeJ V' destroy II Ik teilr tbcm nothing atrtj left for tlifai to do boi to wholly numom aid help le exterminate tli? rommon enemy, or tual their comsiry wnl became lalion.

Ail an 'J 'lewabWIkiff soii prompt. eomWne with milViarV atilh iDc all possible aid, Irrftrmiitlon, at eufler the loierce wblcb mmt 'olio ibe toleration of tes a vt-hiob fladi no ereo in war a. Suvjh MKfiinw --'ApUin nreai nnlliu, Su Kary, tbe able of tlio Naval flatvoue, 9 Cherry i reel, as that Ut is I to lac preutUe boys 8br ibe Called Btaiea eernon. Li the guarrtlatu mu i bri ban sr bo jr A can without their Ibaee will to tbe tYlgate bloe tati'-tlctMn as ns enl ted. This, is a i.p dld opportunity Tor youoc, boya wuo tn ffl id our with a 10 aavai ofBcitft.

HAILS KUROPK The ruoard tnailstaamahiri rapuin Hoodie, leave BoeU.n Weduetday i 1b? mail! for In tbM olty at a I pat 'toe and at live o'clock tbli afteruooo lo I go by railroad Tba Mew Vna? WllloB for wlU ba raady at in tba morning. HIO0 IB wruppyg, for cwlfc.

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