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Thursday, August 24, 1933
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Served by the United. Press THE DOMINANT NKWSPAPK.H OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND ^Sl^t^S; ~ ' *^ *-*-4 *» . »J VOL. XXX—NO. Kili Blylhevllle Dally. News. BlythovUle Courier. Valley Leader. BlytherlUe Hw«)d. Kmmvii.1,1.;. ARKANSAS, D^afh ToH Rises NORFOLK, vn., AUK. 24 iUP)_| battered conslal stuamcr Mud- > port ic.dtty afirr p:is.slns,'i Wilt, i " B " a lll '" ! '"'«'- -^ I»I«M.J Wilh lllat , ; ,.y,,, ViVvvs ft (feels Of lYiovies (i ,*• SK-'^v- 1 ' * > ^'r ~ ' •. liad lo G . _ ---„-,-„ ,.., u ,.,,, ,,,_ UJIIIILJ- I 5CCK Inco m D e t C' I, lu »-' a ' e '' l° prevent them from; -r .,..,. . ' , ibciriB washed overboard I rain Is. Wrecked. It) United Press Floods and high winds assailed Ca;t)!inu to Maine today, caitsin" death toll thp.t had passed 20. Two were killoil when a New York-Key Orl'-uns paarngcr train plnngi-d through :i. Hood wcaken- iound when coaches v.-cre pulled I frnm the water. Four canoeists were believer) Icsi in Philadelphia i Four were- known rii-wl in olhr-r' Ktr'.s of Pennsylvania, three in Ihc • !rx yort: uivlropoliinn area, eight in the Norfolk-Portsmouth area which bore Ihc tan,!, of the trop- icnl hi'rrlcnn,', and one in New England. Nnvy soap!an?.s fjyint; over Watts jjliind ii?a,- Parcmoko. M?.. lo'rlay ."lehled die mi'tin? coastwise .^-irncr City of Norfolk. 11 win rr-' Planes from ih« Baltimore niivai! I"-!!'- lo:-3i"il >!•!> shin, -.ibid, was 1 .',. hours -v».-Jue her- ; ,| noon. : '• 0,-ean CiLv. n slimmer resort, of ..0,000 in Maryland, was flooded I 1 and_ thousands O r refugees were!' ^il'onnci- President of llarv arcl ^ncl Associates view FJfcd of Movies. Cujilfiiu William lleulli. veicniii master or Uu- Mndi^in, hvoiifihl, he-: smifisli-Hcimc partly lorn! ''no--ifd" < —T)r Ab>xvr o«7h»rt d i,riVe U ™orm IOrSw '^' Lo "°"' ^ "»'-^& ''" i'i" stoim struck t' lie ordered his ,17 passri Llier in the center of the at. Harvard loft IndPhbi'' marks Ami-rlcn's richest and oh'<-st mii- vre- verslty, # going <"' [encc ,.„ minded. Dr. I/well has ni-wnuni unanimous election lo !::• ilialrinan «f the Mullen Picture JU-scaroh C'o:in- cil. a, five-year-old organi^ailon for making sludic-.-, o! tiie sociul iiiflil- j diets of the movies. Folloivias such Uuidics ilic council expect to make Misses lion.-, for man; ritlceiive use ol the movies a.<, ,1 social force. Tile council already has produced a series ol reports which Or. Lowell has said me very much." Dr. Lowell succeeds his old friend, ihe late President John Orier Hiblicn ol Princeton, in heading Ihe council's work, which Dr. Lowell bM.evcs "most important." Rrsirarrh Has Wide S'n I Th« movie researches beiii" eii- IjOUIS. Aug. 3J (UP)—ThpiEinscrert by Die council are in alfccied by an epidemic ofUbrce parts•,*« ek "^ SP '' Cad ttxiay H Thc nrst * a 5t " dv ol lhc "'««- addttlonal deaths brought to|cncc of 'pictures on" i):e aiMimw. Renovlerl As SJeeoinu Sickness Covers St. Louis Area. p, lWto .. In the Norfolk-Portsmouth area. Communication with Norfolk was reestablished enrlv (o- tiny but many io\vn s and resorU Mill were isotated- baffled , „„.„„,, i. j,, c Hit J mnlady, frankly ~ n-cre wcr| il in their efforts to locate output. he .source or carrier of Tiilrd w ' WASHINGTON. AIW. 24 nascnw liain plunged through r, flood-wrecked bridge near "here early today. The engineer and fireman were -killed, and 13 per- rons injured, two seriously. A number of others suffered minor injuries and after receiving Tnst aid treatment resumed their trip. Thc engine crashed at 3:45 a. in. from a_ bridge into the flooded mud Hats of lhc eastern branch ol the Potomac river. Clotting Stock Prices .••">" tt, ui turi u r the disease.' Dr. J. p. T.eake, sin-?- con-aeneinl of (lie U. a. public ! health (lenarlincni. who came here two weeks ago lo study what he described as "the worst outbreak of the disease in the history of die United States" said ho was prcsi'iil Hollywiio:! •ill come a study of ire concerned over fni.ilifics here. economic-, financial, legal, anil ad- jnirmiralive aspects of 11)2 movie industry er ilies with reference to wheth- nt or unfll (o perform Its socinl duty properly. "These srroml l\vo of the! council 1 !) study would rave to ! of complete J under the guidance of| : Dr. Lowell, recommendations made, The death rate amonf; those af-1 an!i P 1tlns <1rvlsc:l tc get tlu-ni "" J - ' than tcil |nrtcptci[. The first. r,-Iatln ? t; tire i fecied has been more cer;t. About 75 patients havc' pnfecls on " VOiilh. is, largely com- tccn released from "the isolation 1 ward and county hospital but they New Firld for Savant A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel . Chrysler Cities Sen-ice Coca Cola W 1-2 18 41 43 5-8 3 1-8 1-2 General American T.-ink 37 1-2 General Electric General Motors International Harvester Montgomery Ward Middlewi'sl utilities ... New York Crnlral Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J. ... Texas Co are still under observation. Dj. L. | r>r. Lawi-U, last of a Jon" lino of i L. Williaris. jr.. of the U. S. pub-! BcJton blueblocds, only recently re-1 r oi i r i I/-M he health department, pointed to! tired as president of Harvard. Dur- j' aimPl ' ar lfl IVTlploves ISlll- thc fact that ouiy in rare in- in<r hu nrf^iri^nrv hn nnt n^:.- ***. i __1 f _ iA * i . r- Dr. Abbott Lawrence' Lowell . < li ' "°"*' 11K "' S " 5Ci or the movies, csp^cialy cu l oj)hir I; I nil Man. 12(1, Is III From m<>o<L' lo Announce Col- Alli(, IM. -- «'', ft -:i:) to lo u huspltui iicrii"lod'ny UI (if |]|;joj JI^]s!)tl!])J(. ]Jt' '» u;' Hi,- r ,lii:-st p..!-:!ii hi Hulled SCiies. s pr.'iiam] in umpiilnle l''ll li-ii In which li!oi> ; | pals:.n. - 'li'ielo|H',| frnm n scriiti:;i. Am- liiltalluii iif the II-K is Ui;- jniv hep.' "I Wllll) ills l|f|. lh(.y- I,-..);). ilCKl^r diiliiis lo )lim! !,„,.„ 1)0nl BILL LEGII/ING B[£fi Niiielcci Make Slate Moist. f-'IOIIKll." n . . •••"•»•• "'""is 10 ninv m-(rii Wrn Ion 1 reduction Control T"' Lo "' i ° 11 - Kmiianti. nrc. aa nn-j. nr | o '. I i r , Ml< t -' 111 " 1 ' t" New York \vllli Ills pnr- l olic.y l)y Suptcinhcv I 5 ' •»*•> m imu mni mov^i i,, ,, m,]-. I Mlwnuri fin-in -18 yiwr.s | UO WASlllNdTON. Aug. 24 lUI'i -I ln " "Bi'd man lolil Jrlenils wilt) r?i'C.'i.'liTi-j' uf Agrlciilliire Wnllnw '''WHy Biitlici-nl to cvlebniio his today was sluiiyhiK soverul plans I '^"i lilrl-day thai hi' had re'iielv.- (/jiituinpluUnif n long time cotton ( ' 1 ' 'h'fliy muri-hiKo proposa]^ since prcdin-tliin conli-ol program. j "'< wife iiu-d 7,^ years an" liilt Wallace expi'cls to announce the "'"" - ' inojcct <li>nnlt«!y by September 15 In the bclmlf Hint it will Bo far l<> bolster present cotton ' prims. 'Ihe iii'w pinginm is vxpcclcil to eonccni dcllnile nrrpjiKO rdiiRtlun with !>erhaps some inctlini'i 'I suiiiantceinn fanner.s staled if- lurns mi at least pnrt of their ci 0]is-. Sonic of (he plans as submitted lo Wallar.i: by southern cotton men, li vvas learned, called for price guarantee for all notion <U'Ovn. Others provlilccl for llx'cd prices for only pan of Ihe t-ion, while Ihe msl conccnied only \vllh enouijh anrai;e reduction over al Icasl two years lo assure reduction of Jftrge cotton surpluses naw in Hlore. The ugricullural adjiislmenl uil- mhilslrallou snV U did not care lo reveal any of the submlltrcl plans In detail because 1 parts of all of them probably would be Included in Wallace's final prdliositl.. IilTl'LE ftOCK; Aug. 24. (UP)— I U-KiiU/.:-j beer ftowcd in Arkniisis tur Hie HIM tinio '„ 19 y ea rs today us OoVL-rnor j. Marlon .'Fulrell «• u. muiiiiu .ruirun signed the nmwirc legalizing light wines and bvc r In t.ic stale. HI* .'ignaliiu- ivus ntnxcd to the measure a few mlnulcs after Die sunnfo' compLni'd icxUlaUvii 'oetloti'on (he 'i ulll by formally passing It 24'to'T' 'Iliuse. voting against lh!.,b)lj;iii r the simiilu -Ai-i-e- Senators Ashley',' Alklns, CiiUehljsld. Harrii, Me-KI- IIUIIHOII. Mllc.ri'll und Beasley "'-'•' Till! bill bccoiius sffectlvc immeV (ilatolj \vlili (he governor's-sign- i tine. Provisions Imd bten made'by • stances has more than one member of n family been stricken with the sickness. ing- his presidency only rev-1 Held in Hit-Skip Deaths of Six U. S. Steel 55 3-i New York Cotton NKW VORK. All?. 3J ,UPI Colton closed barely steady. . open high low close Oct 931 fiCS IflOS 1014 c-l nt •Hiiy New Orleans Cotton HEW ORLEANS. Atlg. 24 (UP)— Criton closed steady. noen hieli low Oct 932 949 020 DfC 952 970 • Jan !KOb 975 March 980b 996 Mny fiCBb 1014 July Ifil31i 1012 . _ Spois i-lcsod steady al 92S. up 4 Clu'curio Wheat olutlonizert the physical asiwcl of! Harvard, building and putting in' operation its famous "house units." tuc he increased its endowment I nearly $100.000.000 and made it the I richest university in the country. I Nov.- from his retircmeni he es- sa.vs to oiroct studies that will ultimately bring th? movies to a Rreater sense ol responsibility for whal (hey arc doing to, and for. America. Children's Reactions Sluuled Sept Dec open 87 1-4 90 high low 85 3-4 fB 7-8 close 85 3-4 83 7-8 Chicago Corn open high 50 3-4 :>2 1-4 55 S-8 ' S7 1-2 low 40 S4 3-8 TraceO OJ * piece ol wire npi«n from bli truck. Harold ScuaaD. 33, Is thowa In nis tall cell at Cbtaxo »f!«r confessing tnui he vas the drtt«r ot Ibe truck that sUewlped another neu VVnkaruu. lad.. Hilling «li persons en route home from ttii World'i Fair. Schaab <>ld Be helped remote bodies from the awa; i >\cc.idenl. Crossing At Hannibal, Mo. HANMIBATj. Mo.. Aug. 24 (Up) —Four men were klll«l near here 'nlc yesterday wlicn n St. Paul-nin-lini.ion train struck- nn .-into in which (tie ],,--_ (vere. riding. , vicles for the appointment of The rtend were: Jeff Youim. 31.1 members of ihe commission louse Passes Bill lo Extend Highway Probe Through Another Year. LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 24 (UP) — Continuation of the highway audit St. Louis- for one year was assured lo'tlay by passcnfrcr passage ot a hill providing for the audit in the house. The bill nro- .... -,^.-n nviv. turn i mini;, .u,' iijfiinjt-i.'i oj uie commission b}- Richartl Yoinu. 42. .lark Webh. 05. • the Bovernor. appropriates $20.000 all rf Hannibal, and George Clos- ' and leaves the necessary legal fy. 2-1. n farmer living nenr here. ; work i 0 the atlorney general's de- Cliilitrcn's Reactions Stuuled '">'• 24 - - 1 farmer livinc nenr here. ; work i 0 th llic original sot of studies was Closer hail been cmoloyhij Wrlilj partment. .a,!,, in m'tohiriii.™ ...m. .1.- -"ud Hie yoiin br sad le in collaboration with lhc Payne. Fund, which Is concerned will] tli? informal education of youth through all influences out- sir'c schools. The Payne Fund created a committee of .icicnllsls -of high stamllng. and studied various phases of Ihc effects of movies on young people. Such qucslions were slufliod as Ihese: Wht.t sort, of, ideas do children gel. from the movies? How deeply are they adected cinollon- ally? Hoa- many children go to the movies, ami how often? Do the movies Inspire criminal and cjeiiu- ouent tendencies? Do they affect children's sleep or nerves? And so on. Potent Educallona! Factor Pour years of studi?s. conducted In a most carefi:! manner, rosult- e<i in o series of reports which arc now b»!ii7 published. The author of the- first of thp.'c. for Instance, Hen- rv James Ponnan, concludes that lhc movies are as powerful nn JH- uence Influence In American life as our whole costly educational iy;tern. The investigation "has been thorough!*- scientific." Dr. Ijowcll indicated in accepting the nsw ptst, and details of the manner in which It was mace seems to bear t^ls out. Sleep Found Dirlurbfd For more Ihan a year, under direction of Professor Samuel Ron- shflw of Ohio State, the sleep" of 170 children was flntomatlcallv recorded by instruments ( 0 determine whether going io the movies cosl them Ion or troubled slo»D The tests showed definitely that'll did. not. only on' ihc night of t.he (Cmitlnucd on Pago Throe) 'ml liie yomiE: brothers on his. Before its pa«a?c Governor J. f'irin and was rclurnlnit them to Marion Futiell advised an Inquir- Ihelr homes. Webb's manirled body • i"g committee from the lower as- •vn, carried 200 feet by the train. I sembly that he 'declared passage. | of the measure. in inr »lr I Other bills approved were n bill -" "?n flFK. r,mp!oyes ;'« provide for payment of state 0} Phone Co. Under Code appropriations^iTb'irsl'i^"'^^ be?"age tax fund as outlined In the MEMPHIS. Aug. 24 (UP)—The lwcr and light wines measure. *-kaii'n_s division of the Southern rtrfc-1 rb'e bv any one firm in (he "is-Tennessee district. Attracts STEET.E. Mo.-The Baptist re. ! vlval Is creating much inferest at 'lie Stcole flaplist church. The ••• '•-. .^'iiivu me it\ir^umcnt tjm. »r ^-, . \ llnl was luincd in to Ihe dinrict ' 2 ' Ekrut ' who wns ^ nstor of N-RA Iicadouarters here Included '?, C °° t<!r clttlrch last - vcar ' ls «' s In ihr- agreement were provisions'q, H ,T : lhc 1>nslor ' Ulc Rcv ' A - B for siitetilutliw ccrtnin paragraphs, , " r ' nrocosed by the Bell system lor Cf-rtnln paragraphs of the blanket code. Courier News Office Gets Early Case of Beer .services. m at "- ndln » Will tfot Allow Woman To Drop Assault Charge CHICAGO, Aug. 24. rUPJ-Eu- ""'- Hose. Evanston nurse, will of Mo-Ark Distributing | the, Courier staff.! Basons Meet Tonight • work Visiting brothers welcome. Dancing Master-Barber ; Hunts 30-Year-Old Bike i, , A ,. . . , i ark Aclioininp Courthouse \ '' Tm i ni wwesners [ 0 k|.j e -,- irack shipments af |;exir to Arkan-' •sns border towns | n untlclpallon of the lnRal measure. The revenue de- imrtment ul;o had made emergency iimingerncnts lo issue recsipLs- lor '' clul1 licenses, although the llcen.?>- : ' Named in Honor of Beloved Citizen. Tnc li'ai-k Ix-lwccn the county roiirlliouce nnd Ola Prlsco i.iilroaii on Walnut street, opposite HP Courier News ntllte, iins l;scn n«med "Muhan Park" In honor of t'-o frot " the V^'OHS pro fW i, em ., O r 013 beer, 1:111 Irsiii both senate nrtd 'hause v.'alchcd Governor tlilrell signitJii' 1 it--, ti flourish. Speaker of Hie " ' laic T. J.' Mahnn, <jnc of Dlylhr- U»rollp;l. lion*" it! K. Toney and President of llij setiniB r,ej cazorl prevbii'sly had i:lnnc-i the inetwiii-j. Allj'r'liei In? si s in!,| 'jj- (lle governor the blip vns relumed lo (he M1 ,, lc - to ^ -_„„,.„.„ ,,.» w ,,,„. . Klll[ Du named in honor of, Die former local , oc . mcrchaiu and well Itnown citizen vcncd - ~<llb< | . . •" •* -*KVVi»» ««--' I*'.- park as M;>!inr> ss lo tllc house In the'closing idled to the record a' " lltc5 of tlw v«ss!on cr"-' - ~ County (Ills week entered it.-.slgimllni- t!:;. t . P«rk and a((nclicd memorial to Mr. Malian, cnlojlzllig his record us n citizen. t'lirllx-r linnrovprncnLi are planned for Ihc park by ihe Won.-, club i Hold Services for .consider' a : bill :concern^ ,:*_•• '-"" t - 1 -!hwy;-,bOBdl»f> a special o'd-_ j ......... -•* *" " le Iowe ' r .. rescind -.In' bill lo permit school district* to refund outstanding ii'debtednws, [Tlie gpvernor explalneti that'the j law Is working Injustices on par-' ! lotpi of Psra?ould as an example, ular districts and cited ' ' vehicle "like son." .lai] Headtiner Broueht ETEELE, MO. _ Hnrrold Mack n. Ihree year old son of Mr. - -- .. --—« ™ ->.viuuuerr• 'MODESTO. Calif. '(TJp)_Fe)l.v „ P"' mj ' JllU ^ ^ B - -Harrison' ll ^'J«'«Jl(*to«.^lu Annya. Mcdnstn bnr&or and'diinc- ' 5 wcclr entered a couri owl on Governor inaslcr, today \vas surf a crime wave was about lo engulf California. Ssmebsdy. he lol; 1 police, flolc his 30-year-old bicycle. "Only a dssoerale crlinlnsl. or somebody slIgNly o(T babncr, took' ll,"\ he =ald. "Nobody else would waul II. II look terrific power to make it go." - . ----«, BV i ' ilcular dlstrlcL A [t H hi " ' <le.,aid be (eh ^rd ^hc a S ,d ' CottoflWOod Point Boyi^ ^ ^nHs"^'"^' latiui inviarj n | _ J 'Ho continue levies for rennuUng.or'i. ' 'or further building programs.. . • Opponents on the floor led by AH v -. •; ™ '"i°S r uS"££2 1 ? s&^-ss rptt- Ban On All Visitors Point Mondn ? nipl7 LoUonwoo<l 1 «'«>lncr vole on-the measure,-b»t Vlm . ., » '"i" 1 - >it was passed 55 to 23 with'the DALLAS. Te^UPI-Prhoncrs i J"™™\^^,.^. <«!*>«* *™'^ «™°'.n the citihl-slory Dallns county Jail b!erud|;c Hie iircscncc of Hurvey Bailey, escancd convict from the Lansing |K-nIlcnli'.iry. A "no visitors" sinn was posted "H! the juil when Bailey, charged with oarltclimtlon in Ihc Kansas City Union Station massacre and v.ith Ilia kidimpiire of Charles I'reclipl. mlllloiialrc Oklahoma Cily buslncssnan. wns bruu'/lil to jail here. Tha fcrmer Kansas convict, however, saw 111 lie ot Hie other Piisoners. for he was In-ld in solitary confinement. at the home Tuesday nflcrnoon l n«)n Duck Roasts "Ihrcr f.Cfis UME aiDGE. WIs. (UPi — An apparently healthy ducklln? on t^e farm of Herbert L. Smith has a third leg growing out of Its hack, inB and burial was made at Mount Zlon ceiiietery. German Undertaking company was in charge of ar- rangcmcnt-'i. Besides his Us work competed with the pass- ' age of the beer measure and otber ' bills, the sneclal session of the 'legislature adjourned sine die todaK/ •having been In session since, August ; H. • , parents he Is sur-i The measure provides for county Don n i r. f C , 1)rQth f s ' Ehvood Dot and Paul, three sisters. Missu: Hull, and Evan, and Mrs. El- \voixi inovvn. RAYMOND, Wash. (UP)—Henry Beyer's cat birthday. Service Station Men To Plan Trade Code There will be a meeting of all service station operators al the city hall tonight, 8 o'clock, for the purpose of adopting .some temporary NRA code to tre used until \h? permanent code for this business is announced. —1*1.111 1 All mcti in ihis business are ask- ils 30thled to attend the meelhii/. Max D, •ncid.local cUlnnan. will speak. Lid Conies Off As Beer Goes On Sale In BJytheville Today The lid went off In Elythcvillc nsxl week to pass an ordinance 11- abput noon today uith beer signs censing the sale of beer in Blytr.c- gotag up In various pirtsof the city : vllle as a rcv«nue producing meas- nnd the 3.2 per cent coverage beln? urc. sold over the ccnnter and on the Mayor Cecil Shane Indicated v table as retailers, supplied by alcrl n rs t that he might call a council Rholesalerj, started the foam flyln» .session tonight but lat«r decided a Pending passage of a local ordi-: careful study of the new state law nance no city license is needed for and the federal law legalizing silc the sale of beer. Tire revenue de- of beverages of not more than 3J parlniMt nt Little Rock was pre- pe r C( , nt alrahollc cantetit should pared to luue emergency permlw precede passage of such an rrdl- to wholesalers and retailers accord- locnl option In those counties that v.lsh lo remain dry. A tax of 41 a barrel of 3S gallons is lo b» ,collected by the state and various cltv. and county fees from rctalbrs-and wholesalers are provided lu'. ihe ircaiure. The common schools are (f receive 10 per ccnt'of thi tax, while ihc remainder will o» dls- Irlbnted nmcn^ the coufe:'er«te. pension fund and various .health nance. . It Is pcaiMe th'jt the city ordinance will establish licenses for re- tallers of from $10 to S20 annually _ to reports from the state capl tal. Advent of txw was a more of, IB1I , less quiet affair in Blylhevllle ap- i and will prohibit persons already parently because most, of the ex-1 convicted of liquor law' violations citcment wore olT some time ago.from selling beer and provid^ for when legal beer was available at|reveMtlon of licenses of these who ne Missouri line a few scant ml!es ; may later be co:ivicled of llqudr low IlOrth nf nlvtnnunin ..1^1.11 north of Blythoville. violations. Despite the fact that sate of 3.2 The city council was one of the beer has been made openly In va- j first In the stale of Arkansas to riousi parts of Uie sUte for several i pass a beer ordinance. II was ap- mon hs Ins open sab ot bser was, proved at the April sesslsn. only to not tolerated by officials hero until .'be VOIDS- by Mayor Cecil Shane It n^foma In-rnl tr*Ji., ...i_ . . _ _i . - ... " , ^*.u..^ k It became legal ted ay. The city council will be called into seakm Iste this \vc2k or earls- . who declared the proposed measure clearly illegal In vl««- of ^(atc laws ihen existing. State Auditors Return to Mississippi County Work Members of the state comptrol-. icr's staff have returned to their audit of Mississippi county's books o>>ri are nor H-orkIng ot OsceoU- - Tlie auditors ff.arted their Mn- Jl|-;tlon of records of Mississippi county offlclals early In the year >"'t ^clr audit was interrupted when they were transferred to Poln'- ' s'-tt county to help In an audit of to:ks there, which recently resulted In disclosures of vast shortages. It (s understood (hat the ' of Mississippi county books will how be pushed to completion. Hotel. Cafe Men (o Meet at Noble Tonifbt There will be a meetln? of th» Slvthcvlllo Hotels anU RwttunS association at th* Hotel Noote tonight, 8 o'clock. All owners ol thwe businesses are. urged to ttfeod to officers of the group. WEATHER ARKANSAS— Parlly cloudy »nd somewhat unsettled tonight anfl Friday. Memphis and vicinity: Partly cloudy tonight and tomorrow. Little change Jn tempera* lure. . • Th= maximum temperature y«- l.-rday 88, minimum »4, clear, according to Samuel , F. Nocrii, official weather obwnrer • .

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