The Times from London,  on June 21, 1847 · Page 3
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The Times from London, · Page 3

London, England
Issue Date:
Monday, June 21, 1847
Page 3
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THE - TIMEiMONDAYr JUNE 21, 1S47;', .3. la tk GtrtU t. in ce - "t . V. mraturt tl most .westing kttJ - - tirtftiMUttmi Mint VIe. If"" MADRID, Jrxi IS. ih'1 . Tl - t 1. utut n.hpsa cn the toap. ut,rtf;' LortV , .aasr K 7 c, ttxU &gtm brenchet W!n Fatasc rperta Ii eompotrd. wmdl. n T.nJ l - pceta. of w, kind belotgif f to U. 1 . ..uoir th rubiio fund. Wiiura M" ... .. lie . tJt:n. Vtiv .7. ,f Emi .am'x'jlaUoB tn to bo . j tiTtlf : fir" to reserve tor u note. The tCCOpU UWt tUtM! Ct tfKtSt, and avt wjalaiianio,",lrP:rtion,pc - ''ln. elimination, rtdempiic., aad pay. - ll i' mtrusted t tber and managemett or u - bwef acU2iU Hwrc! Stoth iMiTicnef tk.Mini - of n. ' . :'iifati k pwtntt cf tk eeot to lb. - CTttj'rfli Jtrrte)at. m p to tbt r?Bt comtitntoJ, tn r. - ;kk wh k ftirsW. for tb. .o, V. eor Jm, ti rD b litt of k lTntir! tht will Vo 4cirtllrotl.lf truxcribScK tho deUilt of ' wiil w tfctt a tJil Used at k ma Tf i.i!lMiliial.WT,tS5rtU; ud tbat tb. (jittm tow r ft".sl 0 l firrieJ on for i raa of T.JJI.POO ml ; rrcn ttH kovtrcr, JJiftion matt b raiJt, on iccoant j tihnc aib". d !rpotico to bkb tke f - CJ dtxt iU b. t.licJ. ul wlicb, it U ulcuUUl, Tk trMtat rla. bowrtrr, tn cnJj rtfutne to tb ctn. Cl ts'i'B c' rion" P?irtn;ect ; tb.' Mini. tettifUtit nTrJ cct tb. nm. rtfonLi, iCect ntcUtf TtiKtixt, ul ciie FrcyortioDal cbacs. la tbftt (x'sticg a til jTcramo. Tis i &stia cf Uttriti, tb. cc;untiEoy ul trtxnry of &e Mk.t l;;rtz(st, lie accouaUncj cf tbe put. tt: tflitXir ;.. rf ttt Iattrior, Patfie Infraction, th trtcaca tt tit liqcslition cf tb. put lie leVt, the Slabinc ral tie eossruisa f.r tie filet cf national pro - pctr, thit f cUim tt credit. proceediaaT from treats, witb Itit ptvtrt, tie Keticni cf liquiliticn of credit cf war J T7 - , aal cUtrt, art tnrpretcd. or cuolidatod in tatnl 2irccoa cf inaact, corrtr:Bdj&f to cm of tb fttrrnacbci jstt ctrtijoel Ds; tVptrtnrct ( the Secretary cf Ficince w"Jl bo di - liifl ata n'ce. iect:ort Tit, 1. Xegc&dc - Gcneral ; Ccctrirocti; 3. IcpcrU; 4. Cattoa;' 5. Tobacco; 6, A'tf T.Sp. Pct - eSf.Wodi! For!, extiatokbed cssits&ta, i; S. Cclc&ici; ail S. fiatiiSci and Ar - Tiiisrrcrirfj - GtHfnl"to b. eompcaeJ of a Director' Cnci!, tiire accountaBta, rack witb tie foVcrdiaatci. T&Titwor? to be ci2jpd by a Director - GeneriJ, two ni - iriftrrf, atl the neetsaur nnmbtr of rebordiBatea. iTcr.Gcctral of tbe Debt of th. S:at'e" wOI re llut - Jm Siaius fssd Beard, tb. Decior - Oenerat of tbe Upii'xj cf tie PebW.'tbe JLlminirtrator - Gwcral cf 'tsxi r.ftrtT, and tb. Comouricn for ta. tal. of tb. K3ueU n "the other pt&cu aboUtbedVy tb. 21 ar - 7tt KrectisE - Geaeral eftb. Debt will be wb - dirided into lint feaien, eacb with i:i chief with tbe character cf rJt - cataattii of Liq'fitl.tion, ReJeaf tbn, and Na. ticWFrertj. Tb. Accoontanry wUl b alao nbdirided etc fote Kcticsa. "e frirtetM General will (ranaact ruiaeas directly witb iheXiLittcrct Finance. In tk. appointment of tb. cut - , tiri isle tie tew tyttca, do. rtjird will bo paid to rca u ait ditplad ty tbe new arrargersent, with a tit to tie" - - rt - esitytcest. on tb. roeemmendation of tbe Di - rectori in - Ciief of the different brancbsa. MS. EiivSiicbc:, Alexander Llortnte, Lopet Et'lsrerM, Eo5U, Cuienai, 2!ariaco i Zoa, and tb. Cbct cf Penifiel, are naved chi - fi of the atctiocj icU nhicitie Taarce Department U diTil.1. - & icxzi dscrtt prcTiici f .r tbe panctnal paytcent of tbe dry to triufcri ll! ;alef of real property, with a Tiew to tie itk tiara cf that branch e th. public rerenae. A tiird ai&rrlici tb. nlea, ty public competition, cf the tnptr ,atr&gA and tnti&iaulat) pertaining to th. Lk ciilary criera ef Alcatara, Caietrara, St. Iago, and YoLUa. izi .f tie crl:r cf S:. John of Jeranlwn ; th. lei utiis efset in 41 dayi after the proanbjaticn of tb. Oc - te ; tie ancast to be paid by tb. porchaaer ef each, itafee tf 3 ptr ait - , with th. current coupon, in three tC iuitctrti ; tie rtt to l - e paid at tbe taoa nt cf XM,iXt aeccadia a" jtir, and the third in two yean uar she psrebae. Tu Ktitrlty !cr tie act - ij foanded cn tb. Bull cranted 'j feptrju VI.,lersg datsrijsit 13tb 1T, the cf Spair, " to alxnite and put op for al." tbe tacant a - .. iWif, cf rtichnuy Ucint tacant at a future pcrUd, cf tU Erln;a tie deerse ditedTtb April.lS'M, of Chariot IV.wiai iaotrpente. in the Crown ta. property belcng - tie cfie: cf St, Jchn tf Jerusalem ; the dectfe cf si svt, pjerJL an! extricrdinary, cf tie 13ih of Sep - teibtr, l - ll, Vica pnn - le - 1 that the produce by tale of j tie Trrpery ;f tat erier of St. John and tbe foor military trier liJuil U tp'pUel to.ths extinction of tbe public! tt:t: t.tcsxrcationof ike aanj by Ferdinand V! I., by &e cVei U.h O.tcter, 1515; and tie decree of tbe "f.Wt Sotmier; I hare on other ftfeaaitct i;s iii tie icx.tne ipperty gradually acquired by the fr srie? Ld ls iraornttd in tb Crown by tbe Ca - twt Ffrlina5.d,ad. Iiabeila, to otrUte tbe diner V t tis Eittarcly ten the poeeeatioo of neb Tut "A Pjialtilii;!, - ri.Ttiponr:tle oorpsratioM. Ja dtcret bear date the 11th intt., thowitR that 7ii tytleEojalUad cn Friday t.uht, at I - sl a j itcr tf eerdiy. They are, of courae, ITj"' tj ti" 'Miinr oS Knaace. I refrain from VUr: tie piitiiaJe of. detaili explanatory cf tWe in - : - ietierj f titr ojw tjiVea of admiairtraticn, a y?& tt - Us ieterett out of Spain, and eontcnt tt. ai rlti? pdrfj - .f J trat, an inteliigible, - tie ;Ua. : ' . tatc4 ttetf - tf rtfitsa in tie admin'jtratioa cf tLc f tie cig - fi a by X. Salamanci, w.ich tat - a eciskt:!y,.rjrvid tt. fatnout om if th. - 4 j - rrtj - iiM. Mendixilal. That it MiakUf of nauea. IM tb ralm l tW wrtowi ktadt , tf property cotapottoc tb iacrr aad McatiniMb apart for tbt wuIateasjMt tftU Oraad Matter and tb. coaamaioertN tf tht fotrtrdtrt, amennU toliVdJtT rala, )t!dU t not rental of 4,405,80! rslt t - Ut frera' wbleb pentlotM and otbar ebirtt amoanCnt to 1.SSS,n7 real nart to U dedaeUd. Tnt. cbtrtrt will be taken to tbe oeeemnt ef tb. GoTermntn. and latladed la th. gtneralet'.laaake. rtbermWtotolridlAJootberlt et ttep. A dear of tiwtbtr cbinetcf foUowt bard on tb. Important iment jati cjtetL It tmrai ttt lb Intereallnc queaUm ef tbteoLat of. tat coat. waMCM, ww"n mZ faibloa cf the button', la(ta of tynri, ,Uf of tb bat, and belVt cf lb feather, wUU or Utcb, wbieS wiU to to mab ap tb. official cotton, of tb. CoaicUUn cf Sat Tblt tatprradre ordinaaao bear the appropriate eoaattr - ricnatcr ef Beutidct. Mlnlrter of th. InUrior, who it enaSr prorUrmt reapeetlac; tb aether aaVUlmeatt of the pottn and loaeetic of the aaau diemi&ed body. The Modertdo paper ar anyttiaa but taUtfitd Ub tb - tara afialrt ar UHj,c is Portogal. XotXiox leu than tbe mncondltlonal tubnitaioa of tb laiareistt, and tbe complete triumph f tbe Ccart, on who, mercy tad eompaatioq they tboald throw IbeauelTtt, can atbf either the flrrjldo or the Fn. The BtrtU formally aaaeaaee thit tb taaw of Cm chat diTiaion ha already eoured rwrnrtl : and the Tanmitd wa to aleep the aicbt before latt at Dranaa; C tieba bit addreeted a proclamation to bo troote to tbe folliwlng tc - eclt - Soldiei. Tea are about lef enter Portnral. tSat n happy ceontry, which, tulterratl from the horror of riril war, rtairr tb aaiUtaac of friendly aationa. Your toWra U a coble on. ' rortmi - ee and SpaniarJi united, w fcae eonbated for the iadpoJn of tke and for ror Qveo; It it jutt and cenereut tlat wo hou1 J cetBl tb conatitottnal target of pno Maria u Gloria. " Aoouaia'ed !th the rirtne of th arrut axd Tanr aub. OTdiaatibn and Jiatin.'uUhed eharaeter, Ihaviautired tie Uorernmcnt cf Her Majcety that in the neiffabourbg kloo drat yo will merit, a in CactUe, the am anl irr.titaJ watch at au time fare been .14 to Sp.n 4Jiera, "Soldier! Eatertaia duo terardf r th pcacrfullnha bitant ; rcerect property, pennna, and uaisea. Let them at in nt only tbir fciendi their hro - .bera. Act thna. and too wilL on Tnr return to tho S.ianiah a "L leat ia Tartu - pal rratcful rec llectiont ; all her uu will that her beet a UK a - e and wOI be 8anirtU. "Saeb itlh ditif ef H.r AlaiettT 't Goerm - At - .L Sub ait. tbindeptdene. - f both eoantriot, and th array will act in coarorButy, for that H pfrfrrat it duty with h mar aadfWHh sU ry. Soldiart ! if we arr ollied to ute our print .bo rtnerottt with the Tinquiahfrl, and nuy tbe victory of which we ar reru n be sained to the cry cf Loog live the Queen!" Xotl than 30 ceatlemen cf the Royal household are taid to bare been drnUd a la Santa Crti and Coatbree Altat, One of theaa wu intp'fted of belrean agrnt in tbe hand ef the Afraaseeadat, aad of a dtalre to aet ap bit pre - nuned iafluenr ia cppoiition to that of the liberal aide. All bare tcfiVrrd fcr tbe preeumptioa of one. It it farther taUd, that the Dube of 8 is Lortnxo U, or will be, re tBer4 from tb command cf tb Hi'.berdiert, and rtp'aced by General D?m;nruex, who ij t j be raided to tbe d!,;aity pi Grandee ot Spain in order to - qualify hhn for the pott General Domincucx. It rcat It so harm to ntntica rinu tojti, ie the one e of General Serrano. Ui p:i:ioa at com - BMiMrot e Ualoerdiert grrct km tn - coicpl - t; and la dependent control of the iaUrnal rmrl of Ue Palace. A number of waiis women are altj to be away. Th Goremznen: hire cooeenMl to allow Genera Peueta to re man in Madrid. General Serrano hat erery probability of bciog named CaritaiL - Genetal of the rroriac of New Catt 1. The poet U3 - U. - the alleged aimirir of the lafasta Do an a Joeph, hat been placed at liberty cn hit Rirug Lit wrd to aeteai nimteir I rem Sptla i - r two year. Tbit being Sunday, the Bouri rearain doled. 11 SlttCTlOX JSTMLLWS3CX. MARriEDoye rssmr. held on Silurijy Tbe weekly mf e'ting of th. - ettry wu1 Dr. Ssrr. the rector, in the chair. The Tettry clerk read a let'er froth the Btr. E. - Sejbtll, the cvenice lectu - er'at the rariah church, in which the ret. caitleman tendered bit reaignatiou of th offior, which kl had held for nnwardt of 20 eart. Mr.Jc.sirn moved a retolutlon to the ffect tiat tbe re. arnatioo be accepted, and the rev. gentleman reqoetted to fulfil tbe t&oe until the appointmeat of kit tuccetxir. A dittinct resolution, expriti - e cf th. unquLned tUirfaclioa wcicd tne rainioie tertwet oi t&e retiring icc'.urer uaa in - variably giton throughout the pariah wu alt - movud br the tome speaker, and both hariog been teeonded iu appropriate tenna by Mr. Wilson, were rarried naanlmoutly. Letters were thrn rnd from tao c'erycien, who had slre - idy incited the'ciSso, an - l, thfre being many o'ktr eanoioatet tor toe pctt, the election wu nie J lor Satur Jay, tne oa oz July. Tnr strriurtsc omen. ilr. EAXcroKS witbed to r?f - r briefir to tie. rumourt current in th. pariah retDtctin tao ap?: iutment tnd ilatiet of the rcturmcg'tScer for tho borough, with tbevi - wof correctin? what he believed to be some tninnerehn.ion on the part cf Mr. D. SUomona. That gentlostan had cm - , plained ot b - iDj ireqaently ajdreawd in bit cuicUl capacity at town - clerk" instead cf retarniiig - oQcer, and was reported to have taid (hat the borough oi Marylebone wat in danger ci bein j dicfranchisel in cun - (uenc of the irregularity with which tie pr.vidont of tbe Hrforra Act were ob - Krrel in this particular. Now, ttte bon. gentleoian may have been wrrogly reported ( 5, no") ; at any rate, there wat taffident h teres t excited in the matter to juttify Lint in rtadiDg a short extract from tbe Interpretation Act upon the ' point in quettkn. lie quoted from Elliot on rarlia - notary EIkIwm. The CJi of Victoria, chap. 13, tec 101, i a'd, " and tbe words ' town - clerk' shall, except ia regard to tbe city of London, W.ttmiruter, and the borough of Sj' - tbeark, extrcd to and mean .any person executing the duties of town - clerk, cr, if ia any city er borotui there thai be no roch oincer as town - cli - rk, then t ) aay. pertoa executing tbe time or liko duti'.t as utaally .devolve upon tbe town - clerk ; or, if in any city or borouga tiwre be no each person, then to the returning moerrff such city or borough, or to any person that the returning - ofBcer may appoint for inch rurpoee," &c With regud to the alleged dificalty in gettug the expense incurred by the rcturning - oocr, the act clearly fixei the rMponsibility on the overseers of tbe poor. (Uear, hear.) At Mr. Salomon! did net reach the vettry - ontil after the above ttitcriieot, no diicustion took place upon the tub. joct: The remainder ot tbe ctting wu oeccpied in the expo - ur of a lyitera of cmbinatioa on the part ef t'ae prish cm - tractors for flopping, cleantiog, ic., by which thoexpeate to tk. ratepayrrt under tfcat La4 bad been increased to an alartning.extcDL It wu tesolred that the contracts thouUl be roadveriised for, and certain rrecantianiry mearoret adopted to prevent the recurrence of the evil. to TuinTOR oFruE times. , ATLeSBURT. . , Sir. Dreriat bu tnteted tb fleld li IS fjoeterrafivt m - Wrett. Lord - Jtuctnt 1 pobra of by the Liberal tc as ut lavoanie mvr. B03T05. frVwa tb tra i4elrrfur.) Mr. B. H. CabbjH, M.P, ha arrived to soldi tb ruf - frag. ef tb freenim anl electors f tb boroujh in the C wemtlT tntertat. Sir Jam Duke, oa of th ptueat BMmben, bat alt mad his appea'aae to renew bit te - qoaintaaee with bit eonititue - rta. T4 ether rent'ein.j arc spoken of a beta caadililw, Mf. Henry B lit, a Ccn - erntits, nd Mr, Df ffi Wire, itilteal. CAMBEIDOB ',oa0l;On). Tbit borousV it la a t ir - v. i .no - nalont eotHlon tire - necti th protpecttet eandiUtet at t&enalig election, both the ireit, of WhUi an 1 Conaervativta Weing uivituu in w tccuon.. ia icumin .'n - vr.iiTra i.o anxbut to re - rlet Mr. 8H'n, 'andfortnany reasont tbey wottM like to J - a so without a. can teat. Of tKls ase - .lnn Mr. Alter man Mr. P.rk1 o. Mr: M Uh.II. Mr. Nsrlor. a barrlnter of th Serf - dk circulV 'd cbleur rcildcnt at Caxbrile, at at tie bead. - Thoy ar de ermiued it take their eaadlate to the poll, dspeoding on the uBrage f th radre vnen f their ptrty, and me cf the WMga. Tke Pro'ectbn'it par - y In "religoa and trad" ar head I by .Mr. AUeraan tawestt, aCrurgron. With htm ar S(el"ted manv gwiiltmen oUBtlaenee and ehrctr, tueh a Mr. Ptmberlin. Mr. Charlc flails, Mr. II. Marthatl, Alder - nw lliahnp. Alder man Dlahtpo. AUvrman Headlv. Uolonal lilovr. an I many ethrt. These gtotWan bar' had a meeting at which ro!o'.lcnt oonlcrr.natory' nf S r Filxroy El y and Mr. M. rjutton were p'sel unanimoaaiy. in all probability, th candid its brought forward by the high Ocntervativ party will be a Mr. Pember - ton, formerly ecrttarv to Mr. Oouiburn. and nephtw to Mr. Chrlttoiiber Peraherton. a wealthv and em'nent soli citor or CamDriiL't, Tana stand matters ttrt tne Conservative. On tke Liberal itde two eindilatet an already in the field,'Mr. A. Shifio Adair, and the lino. W. r. UvoptKll, bota cf Trinity Wiaieg. uut penect unanimity d - a nit frerall even with tbe Wal tome of th principal TOters, and a brg number - f tradonuen, adrca:'it the prlnriple cf rttu - nlng cno and ono. Among thli ilaai , Mr. K. P.wter. Mr. Aahton, Jlr. nealet. Mr. Cooper, Mr, Pinch. Mr. Ktdtn. ilr. L - atlnt'rr!l. and mmv ether can - tlersen. whote ctdniont are entitled to every comideratlon. ana ruo have for many yr rrcnpie'l tae ioot i rmiien: poeillcn in their party. They say, tht pir'iet aro o nearly balanced tint Jither en carry, nor 'ouch! to deairf, both wiember. tn 1S$) Mr. S it'on beat Mr. Mitner Gibson br 100 votes, but wat unseated on 'petition, an - i taveral parties werepro - ecu'eX In IStO Sir A. Grant boat Jlr. Starkie Ij vote: anl in 1SI1 Sir A Grant wat only 27 more than Nr. Klchard Fter. In 1S43 Sir r. Keilv vt it .nr. r'er oy oo only ; ann tn i wo ine no uon. inn itunw genus, man wat returned bv 17 vote onlv over Mr. Adair, who wat 3s a head at SoVl ck. Tho namber pollel on tbii li t occaMin wat 1.475. Uuler tho dr - cumataaeee the gentlemen mentianed ware aniloua to avid a eontf and let each' party return itt representative, list the Barnwell v. - ter, healed by Mr. RWhtf d Pottr, sty So ; will e - nseot to no compro - mi - e; w i!l have two reprefenutvet or none" .Cons, tpently, at'all tV.e raectingi tiro 10!. Vtrn havealwtji oQtv. ted Mr. E. Fetter ar.d t it friend, asd by rsfutit e oa any oth r gr .undu to v - te fr Mr. Adtir forced hit frlcndt t eoaiesc! with Jlr.ttmpoe'i, anaionnaj unt ceminr.fre. ilc prudence of lhl step t'tne will thow ; hut from all that can be ascertained at tr OUtgen' - ant impartial loquinca anipmrat all iar:;e. it it melt ppibubl that Mr. Ad r and the Con f rvatlve candidate (thsuld only one be brought forward), will be returned. - Mr. Button it now here, bat notcound Conserve t:ve Canuiua'.e hi been anocuared. CUMBERLAND (E 1ST). JProm the VarluSt Jemn!. Tb.reTiititbncairiTigonMr. Marfiall, offer bim - telf si a candidate tor tne reproenUticn of Cut Cumber - lanl, on the retlrouent of Mr. Jamot, bu been forwarded to hi in ii London. It it sue of the mratnnuierocslrand re - apertably'tignld dnenrneatt of the k:nd that hat cver .lttaed from thit e maty - It bear tie t lgnxtores ni aw toe prine - pai eentrv of Et - Cumberland; who have hitherto mitwrted tho blue causa, of thomtt ii.fln'r ial cf the yeomanry in every district; and preen'.t. altogether, an array, of nanifl fulnnott to tecure the election ot Mr. .'lrstui l ana toe ucn C II iward. b wbomntver they mty b oirae J. Of opno till n, however, we havj yet heard nolhiig In an asthentic thaw. There are runoure of all k!n Is, at" to the lntni - n of pirtier, but w bU:ve thm to bo all toUlly dewid of fouzadaticn. fcr. aad erea raja, faq n iiw.h atrlac Wwa taat tM.tatetteery faaHaU - artiaC. Iaa m4u atna wik taavtws tas waUiia ef the battel aa lava taiarliina'a. tag pacai a lrtor usdir tke easwtatua iom fwtreUM asshsrKT. taa. l - "3 - .. at! .., - ttr tie mtfit f.miltftle oppotition cn t 'paUoej ti Vtrrariet, there is little doubt but tmpy carried oat, i: wJJ produce jaach good In " yxu. tXritw it almort eertaia. It at all tit Maaittr who thut take so bold a .& tataaal'rtfsr - i itJjcvu b - rnstlf to be core aur of yj tl bj poctita is the Cabinet tbaa many top. rtiuT '5 BKim tkt '.in ti.51st e'auae tf tie decree to tie itit, tat Mirnaier tA Fiaaac engag to te - . tj Etau tf coUttci fw 10 year with tb Bank of UlaT"' 4ti,"T 15 li Directioa tjl tb Pal lie f T4" - ' eptiiiel in the eetiaa'e It that oU " ' di2iitT. , ,i . v....f 7c. immmm frt.j , . iJ U trataftritd direetfy from th baak to tb be cmtivytd in th obct spccL at, TU IU loan, the wrieaaii tn ut ettpkyaieij; in umfemlry with vtUvrttatdem." 'U Wjuiue r i a m ii 1 1 ta raiaa a a.i U ed tir - l, ta Dirwcti - javGecieral of tbe y!,htt' .cvtapuiUjo, wiU rectite ealed t - t!4aa i :frrne, oUr co - dunrUJCt gotixely kaet iT"41 rr'", - t t - SUaaaa U esa - tttiTAJ tlraeiti taelatereet kcTi 8ttil bwa w c;aldcr t4 Gwrr,',ia eww. f Cart teata"4 W.prereat aay taoBsedeai Miaistry bwaa Tiwi!'irt tb tcotleiuM U tb Iiw. - l u5 tm frca a tUtcBati t2Ui to ty tb CUMBERLAND (WEST). . (Prom the. H'Au'iAarrn IeinliA We are informed, on crediVle au'hcrity. that Mr. 5. Irton will not bt callrd. upon tt represent l.crd linada'e lathe next Parliament; and that hit Lcrdihip's agricultural in, terett are in furors to be intrutted to bit nephew, Mr, Lienry Ljwthtr, son Cf tftlooel Lowtticr, DURIIAM (CITYL Mr. Granger, tbe titriog mtmber. hat completed a very netcMtful ctovais, aid hat returned to L n Ion. Between h't party and the friendt of'Mr. Spoaruia - ', the nt" Liberal caadidato, there it no cordiality, but rath - r th contrary. Captain Wol't pet tion is unaltered ; be it the 'Conservative cinl.jitj witaout tae tuppcrtol tso vonMtvatire party. DURHAM (SOUTUV. Lord fltrry Vane hi pjblithed hi addrtt, sotlcitirjg a renewal of the truitrep - .aed in bin since 1832; anl UU now Uaderttiod Lit Lordtliipand Mr. Frer, the Cmwrrttivs oandidat', wi'l hare a "walk ortr the courar." Tuis result will rs an addition of one member to the Conierva ivo party. DURIIAM (XORTII). It it decide! by tke friends nf Mr. Shaf.o, who hat come forward, cn tiie retirement of Mr. Larabton, n the old Wsig in'.eres, tbit tier wi'l not enter iatJ any arrangement with Colonel B - wckwuV rwrty fur a coalition of their respective interest. Each candidate will therefore go to a poll on the joflueoce if the pirtici by wham they aro rttpectivtly tup - pcrtod. The contest will be btwen th two Liberals, end Mr. Lidlcll, tbo - Onervativo caolidate, will have an eaey triumph. Co!tel Eeckwith proteeu'et bit canvass with much ardour in Sacderland, but there it no popular feeling in hit favour. GATEsilEAD. Mr. - Hut t, the sitting mombe - , "waikt the CJurso " without oppctition from any party. HALIFAX. (From the UtU Mtrcury.) A c jntett in this borough Kcmuiu invital,ie. It is underttood that Sir Cbarlet Wood, Chancellor of tie Ex - cheiuer,. and Mr. Protteroo, tne - present membert. will tgiiw sclicit th - suffrage of the electors. Mr, Erneit Joaf t, a barrister, of Loudon, who it "tail to bo opjxttid to th Governxent measure of cdjcation, but inclined to aurport a secuLr fjitero,' hit teen brt.i:ght 'Lt in tbe Ualictl in - tertt', and it is n - t inrro'iable that a fourth cindilitc in tin p - rtoa of Mr. Ed.erd Mull will coc.ett tbe repretebtition, nUDDERSPIEl.D. (Fro4 the Ijttls .Vcriury.) The tbnroagh Literals of HuddcrjficIJ hirj experienced agrsat ditapoointment. luring th; present week, in ron - seq'ienee of Mr. Oeorgo Wilson having decline 1 to arcoot tVe invitation given hint to eUndaaticir cmJ:,lato at the approaching general election. We understand that an application has, however, bn; to. Mr. J. Chfetham, of d:a!eybrd", to ul! fw hi - rrli t - i he put in no tsimtion. atidtca. it ht betn fivour.My received. Mr. Cjeetba a it a dirvnter, adecide - 1 oppwtt cf the Govmm - nt edu - of the doetru.e of e ntralzan In your paper of this diy " A Traveller " announce that the ui'd u( bik'.rt in SL Petertarg Lav?, with the sanction cf hit Irrp - rial Majesty, tent over to this country 10 aiteier baker at their own expense, to effor their tervicei gratlt to the taken of thia country for shewing the procvat of nakinz brown bread. - sc. i ix uuiaouK cuci n aao uuamio, it vi in aurciuo.i, ijioi cltjon alure. following facts (hich any Eaglnhikin who tut been irrSc. , fjJona'd ia t'H p'asc", ir; l cf tae txt - u Jon of Govern. Peertbu - g wiU at noo corrobate), ray tofijbeto etpots, r,k - Joaiie. He i to dlre ths tl:ert next week. Notone in twenty of tbe guild of baker t (if the'Jrrmiuit be f ' excepted) either knowt or ctret whetLer London It in! LEED?. Erglanl cr fcnglewl In IiOndon, or whether both are a Theugh the committee of anti - Stale E - locationUts. whs dejn.incy cf Cochin China or of Tnubuetoo. . I have bru;U Mr. Eturgs out at Le - d, have not presented In Rum a. where rre bread constitutes the ttaiil article of A .v. rni.irinn which "m l r.wltnl to tt tin he food, it it pretared in a peculiar manner, so univcrtilly in . flM M,nounced hialelf at a cinlidiU for tho tuffrag of u c iu may m ixrwvu maiuusi. agwtwm w inn n,, drcUirl tt tU entuing HtCtlOD. ia?ro it a tpirit ot nauoaai iaotiian laaoion, n napieDS 10 o , iea toin vj auj other mooe of preparation, nutritive, economical, or '7 "J , hopofulneai through hit vidrrtv but pnthin? to indicato that paU' - 1 j,e i,, wei groanded expectancy of being elected ; an 1 till able ; at leut to any but those who havj acauirnl the ut j eireumiUaco. coupled with tic f.ct that so req'iUition hat the pre4eucUn lor raw muroe ana rint been presented to him, is rather inoHeatfvc of the wca root early habit, at J i4aci'iira, 1 than tbe atrenith of hi partr. It ia knee Utel that the re ion Drra it maae irera a very ikjukj uaugB, wuicu is w - imHition to Ir. Jamet Oarth Marshall .it r - r.'grostiag tatis. lowed t ftritnt to the acetoui deree, it it moist, liaavy, I f.ctorily, and the general opinion ia that Mr. Manhall will and readily rail lews. In taste it rescmblet our Lnglun j,. reluroj. jit to the re election of Mr. W. Beckett no brown bread, if taken new and underdone, and steeped in a j on6 fcj,perl to have th thadiw of a denbt. At a matter of ttrong tolution of alum, with tbe addition of a Utile cariojitr i!rnay be tUtcd tkata Mr. Joseph Barker, formerly Tinegi.r. a preacner beioLging to toe .cw tmnexinot .uetnoaitii. It cannot b - , or at Icut it it not, evr ealen without pro. Km n0w a printer at Wortley, near Lee - h, and occasionally duiout quantitiee of , - t, and it imtia - tt to the inlmdal i lecturer tgint tho doe'rine of tho Trinity, hu doclared uau.gitaima u oflenrve and peculiar u that which re - ! hic - !f u a candidate on political prinnplce tho tame u tu'Ufrcim tie aamration of the body with bnmttone. j Mr. H.urge prumulcatet, but he nownt in his aldreis that in an eor.oimti poiu. oi ... r - vv , no bat not trie tnaaow oia ceance cr Demg eiectei orare 01 lerrocuiwion, ny wlku ui t vi w - o?.rtd from luear into add. dettroii iu Butritire qua lities so far, that thoturh grateful to a Rum lan palate, doable tbe quantity of rye in form cf national bread is rr quired of that which unfermentt d, or ferrueaUd to the vinous degress.. SUmoe W J WW .piiniw, ( a - T Ymz poundt ;r dim of this bread it commonly eaten by .t - Tl . m..A 1 i.mwm Men v alid atl,t rMMmia' weiirkt i " cor - ond. Vo - y bc4U of .tta DVSt Other kindi of grain, it It obvious that if half la to L 1 h,oor'j". If ear IKJtUeal ortaelalea ar I mail to lei lo amr jaaoa lta sacrificed lath rreparation ry must prove th dearest i tirfaatfleailal ponlseof tn n - me.I w - ali ant tttrral awcTUH - i . . ' ' , ' I !rm aaMliae to aooh a riiet. Too Inruna i, at Iht tarns graia that csuld be Used. . ... IttoM. a tedao t leara froaa UM.ngMIs paper, that torn mis - Bit If tbsea - inotny :ef tb us Cf rye, acoording to the i eoeovptlaa ae4 tnWrpwtation prtrail In Liverpool wtta ra - Eussian metbo - l of preparation, wr not qo - nU, it to "7 .ptaioai o ehiKh raattm. I ttle - k K. rtarsfor., . i i ' . ! fk - .i. i - w u l. - :n 4im ta sou and la lb olbnt aMleinai, wbo a - IniarMiot ibemielvra would b ueies la th s ewuBtrr, o. it it. well knowo in , f u pttw"M , m. i'.e.iei. tti.t rjrf tirm in ten can ever. ' ui. k. f. .. in.i....! - .kul...i r.:.. . .. even is Ike course of years and with th best will ia t1 lrlMdaea5rrttiiirr)eta. 1 1 not mean tv ilila a mere cosier - .e.1 lensa aUttotnil to tn SQeet CUIKT cn 10 PalaM i "J7. - T JS". tr..r . - IV f:"t7: - ."H - '" trta ing'oor barbour, in iu least off - ivs form. wba eut into ' ftja ru, net ana re uaaau aa iuj) wm. .... a ia t) ralrst rv braad. that taott estaetal ia Moscow abd St. Pstusbiarg by lb few wUodonotuat the natloaal Tw Ua fM Ual iota. (i bo mi - Ho tow' wwa sitraa,li m u ap rs of Ik r. It tan ksaa a aturn of Men aratiScaitai ti ma H atlowwi as o - aerai, nowavar samoif , wit ie ao4 now awwuifiU Toeu I aaaiauia LIVERPOOU (Fwn the l.irerp6 Mail.) . We lay before our reoden the folliwin; letter from Lord John Manners. Itit writ tcu in reply to the inquiriotof a deputation which waitol upon him on Wednesday latt.: Airianr. Jdfia u. Oaatlaana, Yon hare acl tae w!itb;r. In fi arani at a ranl. to teapaealat u tke exsettlv O vraanal aa4 1 taaLefiAtura VIJi lbs aaort etaoaiioa el ta Utd:ag arlaetpttt wtdta gslue ny aa4tla4eea4aet,X new kccUavs t atasstawawiiawTBivswr hatjs; axd lantwiair t aat. tint abnaU ihw prtsdaiss toast wt a P - tesreeaisa ettae tvset an ulaaacy f Utrrso!, aewv aasrsal X aaytoMtasaiafc vt rasvaama saaa viaf7htttM0T,ae oertisa. tbJi t trarvit o aj part vo itant laair cocJWae. - 1 Uve IM butvar tab. OocCuaa. yt jvifjj sal re. rant, "JOIS MAS J 14 - MALDOX , .. Mr. T. B. Lennard bu at length ittaed kU addmi k lb letof Of tbl bwroafh. He decUrt hrart - lf a wpporte ef liberal oplaren, tad en tbl ft:bect cf tbe Ui measare tf fret trade it't - Taai wobibly torn lalers' - wUl a a bt lt.ind wM aatida to CTTC iravr t mi be add. M Thm . wifl h, 4w be:t of Uv waU to fWl their eaorct UtoN who win avail tbentelvr ef tht. neon - vmitset, not m K nbject for leaipeTa and eSecVaj redress, bot u a cry for tmbarratdag the Oovrae& tf their opponent , and wattlat tbe public rlt wit rriflteg devat, aad pci nogpng ramonnet; and thte who wui insHton tair Slay, f r fair pit' (aba, and who wOI on a beneficial to. aenca with their twit friendt in power I or the tak. of eb - talning't. Which elan ef advoeavt would a man of .lent prefer P With rrtpeet to tb." Poer Laa bt observ. " It true mat K meet obaoxkout feature ba beea rem4 ay be transfer of it ruptrintendeac from the condart ia Roaertet - .hoatt ton retpontibU authority in PtrliaKtrit; but abat man ni common l a a anil v ean doubt that u 1 as. tinod, are bag, to serious modifications!1 MARYLEEOSE. A tretllngef elector Uok clae oa Saturday evening at the " ratng en4 Own, raldlnrton rrecw, over wbica r. tHeki err tided, tnd which w'ai ar.tnded br Lord Dadln StuarL who wu Introduced u a candidate for tb repre sentation cf tit bor&Uih at the approaehmg aleetioa. Hi Lordship th metig at consiOVaWt lengt, setting forth bt opinions, and obterviur that so man could have a ecancs of tuoees wtta the oonaatatney woo wu not tn hooe - t end true Reformer, to wh'eh chamcterthsv would allow bim to tar, without beng p' - efumptuous, he laid clabxu lie baa been aKeformer all hit lue, ana wu not amuakroom Refotmer t he had been broue ht op W Liberal ep&ioes, aad ever sire he had been able to comprehend the h'llory cf hi country k tad alwtyt beta fouad on tae UMru rue. Mr. Bsaenn aakad his Lordahln if be would vote for th t - parati - n of tk ehureh from th rate ; t which ke repMed th it he would net ; he bad seen nothing to convince him that inch a lenaratkin would b beneficial to th Decide. (Hit - and eheert. ) Ia aniwer to a qnettioa from Mr. Hill u to hi opinion ef capital puaithmtotf, hi Loroahtp sail ma - as wat not Drenared to vote for thlr entire abolition. He would not v.t - if rthe endowment of tbe Roman Cathlio clergy cf Ireland in onpjfition to th wuhe of the Uathnlte clergy. neither wu he prepared to vote for the abolition of . the ccleaiasticil courts of law (loud naarks ef dinpptobation) ; thr - igh he did not lay tat tbtre might aoe te a nectavity for an al tent km in theeeclesiaitical Itw. He wu an enemy to ill mononolv. (Cheers.) He wa not prepared to vote for tke abolition of the law ! priaonit'ir" (uoroar ef hitter), but had no objection to give the jibiect ht best attention. Ke would not vote for tbe dimina.ho of tbe (leading army, but woud vote for tie abolHon of corporal funithmeut in the armv and navy, and in th) publie garls. Ie wcnl 1 lend Mmttlf to' no particular clique in that oorootb, tut wu extremely deairoat le a noitun wnun wou'd be llkalv to solit th Idlxnl ioUresi. fChert.) After a Log and strong diseussr.on, ia which tho R - rforai . Ai - OtU - tion ai charged with dictating candidate to tbebcrougb. a motion wu ca rneu teat ni iiorutmp wu a at penoa to re. prtsent tn oorougn m reriiemtnt. NEWCASTLE. A meeting eftb Liberal elector 4 Xeweutle - trpon - TTM rat held in the Victoria room on Wednwday evening, Jlr. X.Crawthiw in the chair, when a commlUe ef 17 g - n tie - men was appoints t far the purpose of eammunicjtlng wha an santlemen who mav be dietmaed to eonteit th rnrs - Ktitatka of 'wcai;le with Mr. J. U. nrode, M.P. lib not correct ihit asv ccatleman hu a vet teen formally tn. viied to come forward, thoojh Mr. Watna. th barrltter , it underttood to le willing to di if, and it probably a Hkt.'y to be irlected u any other candidal OXFORD (CITY). (From tb Oxford Chmiclt. Mr. Woid bu keen very nueh engaged thit week in visiting the electors, and ba marly finished kl canvas. There appear to be no doubt but that b will enter Parliv trer.t nnoppcaed, ari t in all probability will take bis seat la f.tSdent tin to witn - rs ti fin ilo of tbe prtsent house. We underttaad that th hon. grntltman hat boon reeeived ia a kind and reeeectful wty la all CiM", tnd ia mot witb tb uttaort cordiality. REinrvo. Mr. AralcT rdlilL cf 8tine. and tb erincioal tntrit tor of the sxtessiv establitbment at Blecifriaxi, known at the Palcon Glass Wsrks, bu consented to start u a candi date for the reprnentation nf the borouzh. on the Liberal interest, at the ensuing election. Mr. Pellatt is expected to pay a vitit to Reading early In the week. Mr. Serjeant Tal - fjurd it fill bjkfd forward to u tbe other Liberal candidate by a Urge anmbtr of tb electors. SOUTH SHIELDS. Tbe contett here will to very severe between tb sitting mcmosr ana tr. barn iter, wbo it raavasting the elector! under the influence of the Ccatervative partv. Mr. Wawn hl arrived arsonist bis conttitnents. and it also engaged ia hit canvas. Both partiet speak confidently of tucceas. STAFPORD. ( From the Sta fordthirt 'A irtriitrr Another randidate has entered the field in the pert'.n cf Mr. E. W. Roberttin. of London, it a free trader. We are informed that h it a traduat at Oxford, ha eoneida'abl property at Ckileota, in Derbyshire; it eonceeted by mar - Hafte with an eld Lincolnshire family, and wu for many yean an cSeer In tke StaiTordsbire yeomanry. Mr. Mete - yard steadily purtues hit canvas of tb elector", aad, as we sr. - tnfermed by bit friends, with great prospect of laccett. Notwithstanding the paragraph which appeared ia our cr. lamnt tho week befor lut, that It wit nottb Intention ef M r. - Alderman Si dnev to - tolidt the tuffrasei of the conrti .tuency at the next election,' we ar far from believing that taat gentleman wcula refiue hit services, u one or the re. presentative f the borough, if he wat fully satisfied that the icflurntiil and independent pert ion ef the inbabltan't were ef oninin that a person holdiaff bil hnporUat position in tbe metropolis, and one to well acquainted with all tbe dotal' of ouatreet u ne unaouoteuiy t, ana a man or an mncn srgy. puoiic rpint ana pnuactaropy, weuij te a oetiraot rtpre sentatire lor tut native town. SUNDERLAND. Mr. W. A. Wllrineon' address to theelfctert appeared on Friday morDing. lie avow himself a th: rough free trader and a friend to the entire abolition of the pre lent navigation !awi. The law agent of tbe respective candidate haremad aa arrangement that ao eaavaat taall take place) by either party till tne agents or eacn tnail nave nai four Clear aayi Tiotice of ruch in'eation. It it tbe univarral belief that Mr Hudson it perfectly tafr, bnt tbat the contett wi'l be sever Unseen Mr. Harelay and Mr. Wilkineon. It should be re - mezbered thst Mr. Barclay hst great local influence, and it turcorted to man by tb ou n mg parry. - Mr. Wi.kinasn' friends are chiefly free trader of the humbler clane. aa his oppcv ilion to the present navigati'oa law will tell heavilv . uim wi.u lumnj ui ui.v, wuu ao BSTl gauon urn taouta ce aa exception to tke rule of free trade, WALSALL. (From ike StaurdAirt AdeertaerA Tbe prospect of a contested election at no very distant day appears to cause little exeit - mnt at present in tho borough of Walt ill. The Hon. E. R. Littleton cntinuee to t renethen hit cause by an active cinvistof the elector and Mr. C. Forster, jan., alto persUti in urging his claim upon tbe nMlce of the voters. Mr. Cooke, the barrister. woo it tne tmra cnniaf. nt vet teen little amo&nt taem ana we oeiiere u D3w aoaent trom the town ; but he ha committee who are oa th alert to procure Lit election. WORCESTER (CITD. .A h'.ndbill lu annearel here tbit afternoon fSatnrdavl ca'lia upon the rlectort not to prsmit thoir vote for tbe present ta any candidate, assuring them taat Mr. Robert Hardy will poiitively be a candidate for their luffrages. and address them very thortly. There I good authority for eor - roooraung tne statement taat it it Mr. Hardy's intent ion to offer himself again u a candidate for Wore ter. His ad - drees is promised in a few oavs. but his orlneiolei are nrettv well known to the electors.' When bo addressed them at the lut general election in 1311, ht entered fully into the tuojecr, ana among outer tning lata: " .Mr raljfon I take from th Khla. and that ilao ; thMeoi. art etiarcb ! asTrrla danrar; anI I eannot aad In aaj part of sitter tte Hii or ne TenameDt asv au - ooetty it ma to Base a nucM lor hluiMlf. er a Qitanmant to maa a ral'jrina for lb aitloa. I therefore ootuMer all naUoaal raUcVina aaU - Chrytiaa ia pfiaol(J, aad el hlorv proTea thwa to bo dodloiliy n ta pnrtloo. Mr po it et I uka fton the aama muroe aamvraliilAi. Tbe Biba lelli mo f ihouM lav cr saitahour at mraeir. ana do unto ever? on u I would wwb ttsoi to de unto ma ttti eonmasd la aa Mndtne in all eatioaal tnataeuoni aa a is la tba affairt sf prlvat life ; u taarstore, hs tbat prenatal to relieve CbriitlanltT. and deal nit Mlchbour ah samsrifbt m eaaktes: tboao Jawib is koacd to obey equity w'oh hlmtetf, ordr prove that wiDCa aaa . nimeri saa oowa te a luaetanusi t frieact - ntawaoet taesa. ai taey iiti i my afrnraH iooa m tb cloth wu removed, many ether I ral ftlcndi ba fotitdcqce jrj aa Indjirtlijl JUCKS vrwuoa, Chairman1 of tho Aj'.eiTTiry i ieetaat eoneCtstio - ," tbtrt.wia be no rmwaiii lee.i 1, the eotuaoo brown loaf toils by our fancy bakers, and usually to tbj d'iet eompovaded by foreigaer. If, therefore, tbe story be tt altogether o of tho strains u'et which travslisr ar said to . I mutt beg leave to euggtwt that tb 10 master bakert ihould receive the) iastrtctioa tbey ar com ta impart la aa art so vary back, ward ki their vwa eouatry. I ta, your etesdiMt aervaat. THK AUTHOR Or lit VELA TIOHA OP RUSSJA. Job 10. - A Bold 8tokjk ro irwa - Two c9mioU ooBtrivtdta throw taetaatl?! oat of a railway trala Ike Oer day, whilst U was ia fall aaotioa. bwtwtaa Slotas - eata atad Aettree, aad t sfsot tbear itcyt. Dnuttli Mint to our euimauslob, and I have ealeiroured to aileal to tittntbaiataaeiTll (rlom wmtmim - nj; nor eat Itnul ray eyes aa to the aelsev f ika Eacllab Kslaomu. br tt tVonaa laUobw has aa. to tail tas. saoatrovl bj sonsJ a Gitpnatuc w etwnw irorn in national eseaer toej OalhoU thank la Irahas. Peratlt ma smnlv U aav. that 1 taoeoa nmij epyoee ens wtmmni, i an iiji aetmpaas nt pre pewtfc. Ta4eatlo at Ik eol haa alaatft a vWwd by tas ith tt DvaUeat laureet, and it baartfy toppait tb raatet BMamr sf liar hUlXr'i Mmtart. wuh raaawe U ta ratm soatavrvatl polity it (ha uswy, 1 at avsparad I adrsaaia tb rsmeval ef' tbsst laalan waist tb trataal ssxaaov avawsn. ef aieiM natesss aa ear awlv tadsevy, aad to rsdur all Custom dalles to lbs sottt whist will sscaMae tt iratlatl aawaai f ltasm na as rvnnia. i mar lasisaii us vawtiaff etr ea aaeaoas, wtiot aoM MaataeeaUv to waktae svaauaa atssn awaebws aad eat atmi I tnaollaf, aad ttadi I 1 1 1n ikal rti l ial riianw Innmtniii Ii I a('prh4 Ibe attrTMIlW akuuaaaiiy u ht upostd to pridial atona pan eannot bar ear i erodes prleilaeet arlthovt harlaf it at tba aipaasa of ims othar part ef tbasemmiaitv: tttlahi theeeforsdia - mad ami alto to tnee taat apbnld them, aad degradluc is tht e uawy tn.1 saffan then to taat. YORK. Sir John Henry Lowtber. Bart., wbo bu reoretentad thia city for 14 years, ku announced that It it hi tntentioa to re tire from I arllament at tbe do of th rtnaentteidon. From hit retiring Ure to the elfctori. It l outte evident that the hon. ctntlstxan hu beoome too Liberal for a batch of old Tone who hive hitherto rvea him their tunncrt in thit city. Mr. George Hudson, M.P.. th Lord Mayor of i nit city, it it tain, it to lntroiuc a nttlng (jontrvative to the elector in the course of the present weak, at the on - uiuat w aovuee.! or i. oowuiir,' jur. lorse, ine present colleague of Sir J. Henry, ha announced that he shall seek for a continuance of toe trust bestowed in him, tad it is generally expected that he will ba re - elected. War Medals, The followinz lunrivinir offiesrt ef tb 76th Regiment will be entitled to receive th Penis. alar tntdali for th action of tb Nivalis, 10th Nov., 1813, and Nlv. 0th.'10th. lltk 12i. and 13th of Dee.. 1S13 (id met R. B. Cole, Captain Rankle, uaat tasked, half pay ', Mai. - E. R. Stevenson, retired ; Brant Major John Gould, tutn negimani tuonnaugttt Hangars;, KU of ta 701k rtegt - msnlj Captalaa Edward Iltthsriegtoo, retirsd; John Praesr, retired j Carittopher HatchsIL retired: Frand Auttlu, tad Brnjamla Booth Lieatsnaato R. B. deary," bait - pay t Char Is Henry Sacks, Jahn Vtwy, AWtaader Car. naby, Robert Nbollt Frixsll, and Henry Wood; Quartermaster Tbatnu Bamborough and Oeorg 8 tap hens ; Bur - gon Altxaadsr Hoj Staff Surgeoa Alexaadtr Fraear, M.D.i tad AtsisUnt Surgeon John Borsr all) Sergeant Majon C Iliadenon tad John IlennalUc. RtrRSZXjrtA TtQX0rjiU(XlX9BAM3UJRJi; , T nM'txKisi 'si .itf . ATLESStBTt 8tTnMT.unct ; i Tka ParaaeVcilearr; u . tk Oeorxe lea it tbit town, wumaek erowted ta - dr, Partty wtng to tai betrftb day for tb aaaual meetiitt ef the Aylesbary Protection Sody, bat stifl eacre fretn It aaviac been aanoemcwf tHtt Mr. DU - raett had aearptwd ta iavitatloa to din witb tb farmer ea this oceaslsn. The boo. gentleman arrivrd her at 1 a'deck by lb rail w jy, tnd immediately proceeded ta amavaat fa tb market aad town for ao hour. Pnnctally at 2 Velock boat 100 Rntkmea tad ttrsitn tat deaa t t ncetaatbl dinner, anu t toca I th cloth Prearer nf titiflotn - DVnct Protsetlon' 8oa4ty, wu ta th Vtir t aa) among ta oepeny were jar. ia rrr, a.r. ; jit. r. feermc tf lb Lei; Jlr. - Lawnde Stone, ". ef Thane Mr. J. Stan, Jar. T. naaav Jar. Ji. Tiaaal. air. Ai. hmx at. u r. Lae, Mr. W. ru.ady, Mr. T; rKH, Mr. J. Laev, Mr. J. Nuh, Mr. E. Stone, Mr. J. Hoars, Mr. Har ( Ueacons - BtidL He. AfurtheutuadloTal toast, Uo health pf " Tbe rroatiUnt of : the R - jyal Back Agricultural Ateociatioa" (tb. Dak of fiaoiagnam; wu cgnat avian vary great applause, ia aekaowledgmg tb next toaf, "Tht Meeber for the waa, .. JU. VO ram, H.r, sxprassso tus twiMt. taat, navmg Men true to ki principle", he ahotUd again be aovioursd with tk eonfidsoe of th sUctor. (CrMers.) There wu apathv in the constituency cf Buckinghamshire, aad a irrong aad booett onntrr partr would be formed by mean f aach cotiatitseiictes. a partT taat woaia o imrea bt a itar u rva - Uaaof polier. and not hav their eoanelht bBghted, a on former oecaavms, by mutual auipicia and distrust. (Uaar, Tb CnilSJliv thm introduced Jlr. PicnMn, whott the Avlosbury Proteeflea SckVr had tkat morniai ananismaiy firooouacel to be taUaently qua l&ed to reprvscut tb ooualy n tb room of Mr. FitxmaUTiee, tbat gentleman not iatetul - lmr to offer hlmtetf far re - ;Ioctlcm. ' Mr. Dlsainj. wha wu received with nthnaiastia'cLeer. lag, began by rtferriez to a leading article" rapeeu the eaadidare m a looal newspaper, a "copy of which h aeld wu then under bis foo, aad proceided also to allude' to th twodtina - which b4 beer, held ot behtjf ef tbe H - w. Mr. Cavandiab. at which tht teatlemaa atteseUd, bat eooae - l da pecata a start ten vdcc, aoJ st wHch xewron he wu helWorth by hit friadt at bis (Mr; Diaraeli's) aatago - niat. Us went oa to tar. Oarttlsoie. th persona who first tmted th idea tbat 1 ihoaM v - ntare to appeal to vour confideno were not, u tome timet has bees sail, tbe fords of cia tie i or the princes of palace ; tbey are ntt ta be found among the ancient aristocracy r the territorial proprietors of this county many of whem I ana now proud to count among my tspporten ; bu. they were found aaioog the veocnanrv and the farmen of tb coua - y ef iMekjirhun, (H tr, bear.) It wa they who formed the drptitatun that cam up to London al the great crMt ef 1S15 joinin? ia air councils and witnessing our exertions, and who) at latt t - Jd nethat they did tkmk that the Udut'ry of the county i Buckipgam o.Uht find in m a reprertotative that "" certainly be faithful, and mutt not bj ;topible. (Htar, hear.) But, far from listening to the suatcttkms, iheaigh I admit they flattered that which was the secret purjx of nyaareer, and which I hop will be the pr:de cf my fit are life, 1 did not for aii instant encourage a movement suit i thought might place me ia collision with my aetanb art sad my frwadJ, the propretori of ttii eotjnty, unt.) at isn th irresisUcle cai'rt of event forced no to trw:r tbat appttl, when it w ttrenatbeBed br tb accord and bv tke srmpa'.h? of thos wbo ia ihia eocnty have a lih! to exrcite g - tat lnfljeose rromi their property aa - l tsetr ctaracter. ( hear.l So I cox forward, gentlemen, to appeal t you to - day; an 1 I wished to have done so witheut reference to anything that might have been said In this town, or tlaewtsrs, with r. rpect to my alvancirw. The bon. gtatUman, having, hotiotd ths ground ea m.icn the ciaunt ot tae Hon. .nr. (jarenoiaa nvj oecn rvteti at tae m eerier above referred to. nroreeded ta ur : 1 Oeatlemar. it U not necessary for ins to art oil you, tiiat 1 make no ap - pal to yon for your eonfiJsoca oa to extent of ay acres or the aotiquitv of ray famdy. If my acre were a exteu - nv ai thos of Bto se, ef which last said to be tb aennne. I bare that proper pride it myself, tkat I would rx4 a?p(al to tb cocfldecce of my fcllow - tubjectt o tie sour of my property. (Hear, hear.) Ard lata yet to lrarn tba. In the 19th century, a m.w, is allowel to occupy any pidtien which he wish to fill becaof. h can asaeri ttat h hat bad asoeifers wbo havoprorel th:r capability in t capacity. (Htar, hear.) I am net disposed fr a moment to admit that my priigreo if nit H EX ptrbtp It if trperior, to tkat ot Mr. Civa&dob. Ai Mr'. CiTenduh tsd hi repreesntativ eboose to narrtw tb question to ru. - h an Issue, I aeespl the ground en which he it prepared to aSowwd tb SrjkuCtloBe votalsrFartUaaiaV - LwSI&ot tutliwi rtrewiasfttati which art rir mitm if klatwj bat - tba autsaat .. eraittd t Becoaa Catbbfiat V a IrgUator, U bacam a aaockery t prvMad tkat yea bar a Protestant ccoxtitatiant tl)RcmuCattiDanbBisa tk Minister tb MbaWar attkai.t alshc the: too f ferfirg i ivra by ta Minister, and tb only seeortty. fog tbl country twmitarrc a lrXtjmt coattry is, ti tdoutacu pat it is t rrctrtU&t ouatry, aad ik ooavktloa thaki oogU net ia trutf ta a Proisataal ecmetnuett. ' I btlicv that, If tba peopla ef tht ccaatry bar osnfi - 'ettci ia lasir Protettaal fesliaf, taey sr sa ; bull bslieva, if tht tame apathy wkkk at ciarxed,,pcn my agrtcaltaral fricBL1 nflirr ibera. if tbey bar (a my arHctJta - deneoiuBy brjini (eaterl Md laughter), and I am not aWrmed for the mult. (Cheer,) This I will tell the silent candidate (a laugh), that if ha - appoals to aneevry, 1 have a rather more that e year of are who I a frecbo der of tbli eonnty, and who la - en Is to record bli vote for hit son when the day arrive, and tbat I would not exchanc that father, who for more than half t occtury hti UbeuA d to fenn the taste and iaitrcct tb miodi of bil e - 'untrymen, for any duke, , aliv cr dead, even if that dake vK're the Duke of Devontbire. (Cheere.) Aad hire, gentlemen, I would leave this aligit and paasisg netice ef that public mectinz If I should not rather itv taat rrivat partv (a laugh) but I have been reminded that my friend Sir II. Vemey thought proper to denounce me as tbe nominee ot tne irate ot ilucungi&m. i never neard aa; one den - une Sir U. Vernev u a n .mioeo (a Uugb): and mutt a', with the greatest reipect for my Hon. friend, that a pittron mutt be at a pinch to select Lira for a nominee. (Laughter.) Why ihould I bo the nominee of tht Dak of Buckinghttn ? If I wanted to get into Parliament. I aa not at .all dear that tb right way wou'd I e to be the nominee tf anv man. A regards tas i)uk t r liacaingbam, nothing shall ever prevent me from expressing my gre tt regard and respect for that noble duke. (Loud cheers, folia red by tome con tusion near toe door.) iais room is open to aii; taero it nothing l shrine from so muea ai a paexea rrceting. (Cheers.) Whatever may be your etrnions. Ibis great fac! existt that tkat aob'eman. ria - hl or wrene. cat himtslf at the head of a popular movemeifL Cocaciaut that tie first doty of the arUtocrtcy it to lead tho pcoplo,; be wu not a mere man of luxury, content to erjiy fiicteit wane the world laboured, - : but, baving csnricSoni, he chose publicly and actively to at'empt to put ticm ta forc; aad I do not care whether a man in. tbi fre eouatry it Duke of Buckingham or Duke ef Bedford all that I wtnt rxea to do, especially ta blgb' tu - Ioa, is to think, to feel, and to act,, (Cbeen.) But u regard tbe i'uke of Uuckinaham, l enured rariiamrni without ta those Pntcetast feafarp la wilcb tbey are deeply hterstd. Tba tvawequcsc of thu great chang ef 1S03 was ta aoootd toiaelUranCatbotic ef lbiratry social, crvil, and pc - liticJ tqualUy ; you bar admit" ed tbe prtecJple - you oan - not Meat it If yew wcotd. beeaassyea Uv fvo,tam wowev sue it as ut wa wi. w - (. - . can take a enoa4. Wran th Mttaoctb grant; wa brought forward, H sppeared to aaj ibatbat tunlI coma.: Taat rauoji wM orwigBt lorwaxu taut la an insidious spceca ; wa were toU that it wu only a quefJon r f dui,' iovo'rinc ni r.w priad.Ie, ui tbet. fer that party hlch nainot taly lis most powerful this country Lu wiiaesMU, pa l aa oouou i a.y (isiwanK a tctmper f it) th mots ansertrt alena I Cean th great Uinaarvattv party eoold not naaiute. .iy ; erscnai umue l maan aajt - a - osica men araoex ta Ktim lad, who fast raliivel roaat my banner f eppoea th meet powerful Minis er thia c.'Bntry bsi bl tbeogH it wu matter of deUil, ad tok tb larg at and most l.rral vlsw of what might be accorded t a tta Rman CtboUe t. bwt I did bttoe I do believe, that EnzleaJ it a rroutaaac. country, and after tb speech of the Mmtiter, an - l the open and Iraak adotiMraa ol ai oppeiieat, wno saM, i to rsaa eriesaoa tt bane U tae inojwmcs: ti t'.e wmin y. iuic CaBrch." I foil it my duty to oppe that grant, and ti ap pose my own peltecal friad. (Hear, bear.) It re 'red a great a critic idtimarely. i - jdecd, it toral'y dcr royd that pvlitifttl coofederaey who, by their, talent, ated their hosiour, aad INe iv hick politico, firs - shot - k Sit U. Peel upoa bis pe. desta ; but I thoiight a greAt princiile was invoNed. I had made wp ray mind tbat is was the ; reit q tsstioa of tb ag. I refer to my opiniotii upon lhati.b.xi,bc a ao they bar tw - n loitcinceived ta art part of this ocun'y. I stid tbat I rat opposed Vi atata sndowaieat of iy erred; and a rev. tleman, a tusaaber of that churei Vboeo i - ireres s it - kr all ctrcum - t.nce 1 bate ever upheld, told tee the other diy thtt if so I wa tppod to tbe alliance - rf r.Lurcb ail ti fVr ' I must bo opposed lo th eilcara of tic er urch - vf Eat - Und. Geatlemca, I never cn acmit tltat (La cnurch of England wu endow. d by tbo state. Th. eocletiaitieil estate it the pairisitny of tbe cbnrcal I aaoijd lo so ry ta see it admitted at in element i - f Uei - Iation. tba the ettaia of th chareh is ore for wbich th ehu - ch :t iKlebtI tot' state.' I wist It s. - e K.e inJndcn; e? the cVirch. (Hear, - hear.) I oJ nt approach, except with a ballaced fading, la any way t cbtcn the roe. nexion wbkh cx'otebc:eteii the cSu. - i - U a'.d iLc ttate; bnt the church sxistoJ aVd floarUioJ ixlaro iht oonnexioo, an I if Imagination could ajar ta audi a piici a to avpp.iss.ia distirit age, tb state not to eii - , I w - .uli not almit that even then tbe hnreH e uld ti - t S.uhh. I thii.k tharais no fallacy more pre tak o: than ibv whuh sup potts that tba it'tty Of the eba'cl depoii uptn 'te protection of tk; state. (He - r, br ) Wh n ira it tt". the 1103! ever plunJri tie uar.b! Tbe cbu - ch kai b eu p u v'tre I by manrei)e whi were annoyed by its m ral sad re'igieu rertricttons; the church h been piuiolared by a rapaciia ariauency, who wiaVd loposc8i its estatel ;' tie char oh it tbreatesed y liberal oil - ion tb epiuKuu of rich teopte, who wisa to b j fre from ite rutrictio&i ; tut tlie thsrch is the church of the people. (Hear, he r.) If it were not, I would &. sup. pert it. Of all the purely iteinccratic elements of COT O'nstitntkw, tie ekurch of England is the moat democratic ; and I wish 1h.1t th member ef that church should understand ther'r sosidjn. and saould not look 1 u gUatlt pritilsge or FMluaisat.ry proiccttoc , but to tbe wparstNw oi afrroamssaion. (uaecrs) 1 nil It the pria - dole upon which I with to ice the church es ablUhtd : it is a popular principle, but it is bo: a liberal opinio). (Hear, bear.) I m perfectly aware tbit there are thow who s. poaf - that aa citlbliihment of tnv kind, or ths inaintenane of any ecrletiyticsJ bo - ly, is extremely Lao.nvenient, aid raaj c cipwitiva. si may ee tncoavcnient to ta - M rbo fitaioci I : rink fom restraint ; i may be expensive o thoeo who have to pav for it : bat are tlicr not miULma wbn er. quire telact ? (Hear.) Aa - 1 that leaJ mo to the einsidsra. t;cu cf th prtncip' oa which I tm ;'ed to go to. in cuaunga. 1 sua at xtewpirt tnar there might bt t cKflenne between aocular BrndoLa aad liberal mMnL tad iur bij ever tine been dcnouncel ia a!rn erery uiheuTft f?5 - tnfV S tai peAtnt tb rut majority of fools call tioUeaae at ter diet, . It eoai most oneuy and dut orbing Bocvata whh tboio wbcta pra sunt cneiastom 11 laevi aurj riiararpe. 1 rta eacuy coeae pretend how there may ha poop! who wisa to governs country by arrogirin U Chemwlvat tie men poly of partt - - oular cpinion. which thev adorn - ith a cacti vatin ailthet : but if I lrv only to relieve ttu Cosntry from tho uograllng aro tatoicrabM yot of "1 be ral rplaione, - 1 feel that 1 hill not brve lived in vain. (Hear.) A " liberal ot iniea" ia tho opinion of tbat mta who withti tob free from all restraint an l all regulatioa, from all dependenc and from all duty. (Cheers.). Instead ef " liberal opn - oiu," I am a professor of popular principle tho principle which acknowledge that for the bappintr of the mtltirale there must bt r ittaiit and regulttion upon tb favoured few; that there ma t be dependencr, bectuss it it tae inevitable element of social happuwa ; that there must be duty, because it is th indirpentabl fulfiluieni of social exiit - ncf. (Hear, hear.) It is very well for a mm whi holds liberal opinion to say," I will buy an ettite, but I sra sgaust an unpaid msgitreey." tbit is, I am agaistt tbe fulfilment cf daty, th ugh I poeset property ; but ths man wbo entertain popular principles, tys, " Let tho h i'elcr of aa eit - te not lock only to the miserable return tbat be may - kava is hi iaeome, but, belonging ta that territ.rUl itu i n which it favourable to public liberty, aad tolling the land of Eng. land, let him be tho unpaid administrator of j.t ice. " Tba) ' liberal opinioae" would rake prb - bly a larger rent, and d lest work. (Cheert.l They are opinions bsreata which all popular rigbU, alt na'jonal. gteatn - wUl wither, opia ions which I, with the faels of tho clee'or of Bockiegiumshrre, would atte - ett to rtea, (Checn.) I come to yon . wish non? of those aftocraio re - coamccditioE wb'ob, ia th other tavtrs, were taid to be inditpeniable to the repreaoptntion of ' a - eoaaty. There la. no man present more sn.bln.f . th legUimate social aenoca th - ia mytdf; there is no man wbo, by apacei or by pen, has Itbourel moro to Uphold tb laftier iafloen tbat regulate sodety ; bot, I appeal to a grrtt I; mar be aa iriitocratie eomritiiecfr. net bena T .r. tb relation . tf the Duke of Deeoasaire, not becans my broad land stretch from Bcckiaghtm to Ayletbwrr, but beeauN I bars raowed tba: I aa a tuaa who caa be ttuatcd, and beeause I am a man wb act ap b.'e. (Cheers.) Oa thit I gt to the country. Aad I might. say there if another queatiotx. Tott are th flrtt gnat coaetituencT that ba been appeals! to It aire maa of asy great mark' cr Ekelibood who hat taken any einiatfit part ra the re font fndurtrial itmrrle. It if not in tbl placa tkat any word ef rritlewm ae..hw than be ntteW t me to that grst,( Mml'ttr, fr?a wbon jncata ft?. ;,UIBet .IllIci' ' - 1 wSca tat opu: ttni cotintry hu long rceegsixed u tbe one apon which a fro knght can alone gain hi golJn spur; I will not dssecr.u th reeol&ctwn of ik coshti by" ai. lowiai it to degenerate into a tqubblo. (Hear, bear.) Bat I may tell you, that when jour in - ercsu ware at yoa assert betrayed by th meet pwerfal partr cota. b.natka tbat existed in d. and ths ablest aad most adroit rain wu at the head rf that confederation, . I cams fcrward, and to the best of ray ability caio - tainod tbee opinions which often. Sir. we. haea am. ported in tbit roora. Wht fcira I ntt gained by :t T . What is not tba vulgar odiuia. th mlterabl ealnmnv. tbe Mreng lie, tb falsified itatemsut copied froajoranai listance of the Dujte of Buckingham or any other duke; I had mV own faiuiful: coutitctnts. aad .0 eocttitntndei would have kept me there. (Hear.) ' It is totally hnpoesibl that I can fulfil the career to which I hop I .art dietined if tho opinion of any Individual can incueoco me. I wou'a much soi'ner still represent ihci hewst 1 urgestes who sent ms to Parliament, ; and during six year never asked me for' a place, and tevcr questioned t rot I give (hear,; bear), unlet I !ca oa every publie occa - ion lead initoad of foflowirifi (Hfltr, tea - ' The Dukt of Baekmgham, to maligned by tlatd wbv riot kaow bitn jersona ly, in a.convenation which I had vta bha vsry recently upon tke relation ia which a member of Pa.""tei' ihould stand with reference, to - those who atilit bim to enter Parliament, taiitO m,. "the only tVrr I rca.ll ua ajfraid cf i 1 nominee. ;A BoaineetccjTdlojt & mj tlperLnsa, U agentwbo, tt t pinch, hla?i toih againit bit patron." (" Hear, kear," and a laugh.") Why, when it ia advanced tbat I am the nominee of tho Dnke of Baekingbim, I chill bt alarmed whether the Dake of IluckingUaat will not exert bit L?gi imite and c - nttitutional infltt nee, and keep me ' cut; of tho representation of tbe eounry of Buckingham. Th bim. gcntlrrcia tbea pro. ceded to txclaia to' tho meetinjr whit were kit mldia orin. ciplee, and went over some of tho topic to wMeh b bad referred at Newport PagneL ra the speech reported bi TU Times of the 10:h intt.l The prisdote of nreieetion ta aJXZZ2ZV nZZTSL !? I'? - WttH from lip to lip. ba? neTer'dared meate.lih.tti.ef.,e;..V 00 J prwcuco - taai I hart net bad r. . . - . . - - r . - s - u encounteri niaae. tho lmpori of provisiout ; anl now, quiukenad by famine, our import ba l to enormously exceeded our exports, that we. were 1 ring upon our capital at t rato that CTuld not latt even for a year, iiut tbe measuriof last year, sole - nnlv passed by the. Leriiture. must have a fair trial. What wu the use of a LoiaUtare, if questions were' Lot t be tattled bv it. at least fur the time; It wat tn imoroviien' marriage, but nothing cjald dirurct ui from fre tra ie t xcett proof that the charmer wu falto. (A Uogh.) The national lufiVring ia which tae experiment micht terminsto would b compensated for by tn titterneri and profundity ot national penitence. As practical men, what they ought to sck at prclent wu compeoaaLion, considerable if nos ample, for tbe lote oi tieir lutt rurot. 1! tbe farmers tad notbioe more to lore, they had something dot to suffer, unless they be. itirrtd thomKlret. Suppose tho Ministry that governed thit free and imperial country ihould depend upon tho voices of some 20 of tho basest, tba meanest, the most despicable, and ths most corrupt id human animalt (a langh) tnd he had himself been in Parliament when it wat im possible to foresee bow the quettioci at lame would be terminated, and when 20 tr 30 men were calling ia tho mora, ingat the Tretsury, and " making their .book u to the destinies of Enzland (bear, bear) : tnd this torriMe srttorn. mora Iniquitous than whit could happen in any plraU'i craft, wu called "a balanced state cf partios." W hid a very good chanc of such a Goverameat, and if the agrieuL tural rlai ihould be. apathetic at this" rnntl election thev might be the victim to be made to iuplr th Eltoeofthej renewal of tbe income - tax. It would be useless, then, to. bellow lit all their klne bleat like all their Socks. (lAUKDter.l But be wuconvmcea tnevcianot feel tost they had nothing more to lote, and tbey would, he bdiirtad, exert thernselvei and lend men to Parliament who would at least prevent their being the victim ef political ezDrrimeat. (Cheers.) ' But tbey bad a rtgat to etc tor eomptatation ana tor eqaujuiu. i tity had burdens' which no other clast had. A recent Par. liamentarv return showed that the poor - rate wu paid m. the following proportions : Tae land 80 per cent inhabited boose, including factories, 23 per cent, (factoriei payirg oniy 1 1 per cent y, ana miscMianious property li per cent. (Hear, bear.) Th ben. gtntlernan then proeecied in tub. (tanc u iouows: vrtnaiemcn, .taere It tnotber point' wnKa opiy latereats yen, ana ngnuy interest you 1. mcaa tke relation between tki country and the Papal See. I bar been in Par Hi tacit tea raan. anl 1 can moat eanieeuT ana eucartiv; ear. laouiEn it mav not b statment which may eica vote, aor agree able pro. bably t tbe passion cf tbe hour, tbat there is nai a vote I could give, tbat X bar not riven when necessary which T thought would secure to my Roman Catholic fallow subjects a social, a political, tnd t dvil equality. Say, - whenever th question wu put before ut, I tbsugbt it my duty to view have aerar for a raovnent unread th bbaa - thai af - er ik grttt rtTohtion of 1829 w were living under t Protestant esnsoiunoa. 30, gentlemen, this may h a spiesdid paras to solao a ia ur kouri of convivial tad political mestlag. bat I aav been en of tho wfio have ftlt the accsitv of ditcrlmmarlnr batwean rAra and facta. iHear. hear.) Bat although we do not live ander a Protattant eorja - itutian, I bav tvtr been deeply miadfal tbat w are, thank God, living la a Prttjtat ctBtry, (Htr.) Tn may ban properly hear.) 1 bava unt noMlltAr bav had confidence in Exlis iutties - .f bav ecmA. dene In tb career which, by tbe tympatliy ef nry country, men, I believed that cnttrte wou4 injure ne. WR1 yoa by your voteiproT that I am wrong? (Cheers) If you do, what wUl it not speak for our pubtio spirit what for tba honour cf this county, to eminent Ut hi pure Tory feeling? (Hear, hear.) What will bo ymr aniwer to me, when I coma forward afier that gat crisr, anl demand year suffrage on aeoount cf my Pailiamertuary csadnct? (Hear, hoar.) Sapp.rt me, and you wiil raTee tho tooa of public iTceUa: yoa will read a letiott tbat will not be forgotten. Tour resolution, known beforehand, will give t cut to th exiling elect kres. Yon will tdl to England "Lett roan be bat prepared to be ct &!. faithful, eon - iisten', and courageous, te ihad always find tupp - rtira in tho people of England, and we, the electors of Buckingham shire, will prove that the hLtbest reward of publie can duct ii the t'perobatian of the oecml of this eaa?m " f TV. i. gentleman tat down amidst lottd cheerjig', which wu cos.' auiuu tor soul iim.j It wu then resolved ucaaimecilv. that iVm.r. ,.t pledged themselvM to forward ths election of "Mr - DisriatL in the room of Mr. Fitxtaaurice. Th Rev. Mr. WtOTH, .ln ackcowledgini; the toast of tho Buhop and Clerrr." referrad ea tha r r.. rate, and proposed that thev ahonl.t b in.h.i .. 1 place supplied by the addition ofaixptac iathepocndto Ulf.iZ?irUx - Ths ragrnsticn wa much cheered. The Memberi for tho BoroucV "Mr. Deering, a can - - it f Ayletbury." ' the Health ef the Cmustea ef E.i lacTOWieogaa by Jir. Cosley, her agent). Mr.Tindil. and on or two other toasts followed, and th party brsksupaoooaffcr Co'dock. SJORTIX0 1NT&LLIQEHCE. BETTIXa AT MJUSCnESTXt Tatsar. !tavarstauj run. If to I ant Ifarech iettaradL .14 - 1. Tanadi fefiaradi. Sett ef Thrss raf - fantD. 3M - Tom Touch k fartdl, . - 11 to I arrt Th Conjuror ika - U " a umpuacv iiaxsat. 6 1 Qiim.t a (taken). 7 1 BJutblnl (tak 1 fcn It ' ii 1 El era tor (effsri 13 1 ouab Ifoara Vtur rXxwcarru). (to I aftt Tan Troeap Mars to ta. - "... tKtVHI Rim. - a 10 U 1 effered off e teld, kal nittnou due. w U laM Thnertoawraa)l 11 to 1 irtt FiaXraiTiislogari 1 Voifiec j totake). r U 1 Mcattwsjt. I , ' ; tt. lien. . ''.T JtoltfslOaavaetlsrlertdi. I 11 to 1 a,t FraeTovas.. t 1 Taa Treats isf - I u I Biaek Dwarf. are). li 1 Bad BarL . 11 1 Kr. Martbt, tl - 1 Lt&wttae - ixtsrr mttiso at scwcastxs., ;..! U ftakn I to I acrt TomTeh fiakwii. ; 1 laaiaaieajtaa. arv uaeca atbal 1. 1 Beel af An IL ; t 1 wn.n liWT ei 1 1 Kanwe(aaieBl. 1 - e awvataaa - . Itoll 1 - 1 Pyilraer Waaac I It 1 lahsnoi ioi zrffiaaL" - 1 - sjii I S3 1 i M - l 1

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