The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 22, 1934
Page 6
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11 to Pluck fnrf Many Slntes I.r^nli/p Rc>t- ting Wilh Pi-ohihilion enl;' Rnrinf. Tliriws nv nmiii.i: N'EA Scrvlf-i> Turf WrlliT NEW YORK, fite. 2i— Thiuiks to Icgnlluillon of belling In sev- nii) stitrs wlilcli <-ani<> nnn and nrni with repeal, racine roare/l fllnng like Ciivalradc In ihc> slrflch In Wit H was [lin nMMsliy of vcplnn- tshlng .slain treasuries ihnl nmde She iimnlne horse finmp more, ulde-sprcaj than over before, • ll, was lawful lo wager mi Ihe ponies in 17 sntrs diiriiiR Die pns t ,, 0!U% Massachusau jolnx tin: ranks In 1335, and n parl-mutuet hill | s ox- pocleO lo bo passed by Die nr-yl New .Jersey legislature. , With bookmakers operalliifi in Uie. open for llie. first time In years, uttendani'o leaped in Now York. The two New. England Inicta— •KockliiBlinm Park iit Snlcm, N. 11 and Namigflnset Pnrk. near 1'aw- tucket, R. I.— enjoyed phenomena! seasons. Them was Increased in- toiert In Illinois. The hamiUilfci galloped for 123 continuous days in Hefroll Dels may not, hnve been ns lnrj>c In die long-established; centers of Maryland and Kentucky, i but there were more of them made. .California's new turf deal had mi ruispiCjotiA b-:jjinnluu Hits winter and is in be climaxed by (he $100000 s-ihta Anita Handicap nt tlic new '41,250.000 Santa Anita track, hard on Ix>s Angeles, on Feb. 28. Tlieie \\eic so many additional meetings In 1334 that, obtaining horses became a wroWem Mrs. Slnan's String '.leads' WWi 5251.138 Mrs Isabel Dodge Slonne's Brootanondc Slahic Mulshed f n ,. \ n front in ibe tnoncy-whinlnR department, wllh $251,1M. us cav- nlcadc v'as llie lending money - wlntiig horse or lite yenr, w'llli SHUT; Civnlendc nnnoxud the Kentucky American, and Detroit Dttbics, llie Chesapeake and Clii'sic Stakes, mid finished only n nostril bolitnrt Ills RUihlemale, High Quest which tagged. Die Preak- iiess. . Wllh Equipoise in the barn most of the tune, 0. V, Whitney, with ^108,120, was fortunate to bent out. J E Wldcnev,' who collected $100125 Widener had the. dlslIncUon of being the . first owner to lake both (lie BeJmonl Fuliiiity imd Belmont Stakes In ilir'.shirii!* r>nr. Ills Cliano*', Sim raptured tlie Cooler Wildcats Take Two Games hum S'teeie COOTRH, Mo. — The Wlldcflte BsEtftball double hr-adpr <>vn the „„ 11'*.', on (he local coiitt {* 1>( : to? Pattt-i- fltH wan, tf , 0 2, \vh\e tw %A nhtthed oh tw long tni of 5 24 to H score " line iijii to ili f. ' Position MMff, r>, p Clohtoh p' (toy , • )?; Mnorf. 1 :, V. P. Missou Menlor? Ohance looked after the (Mono Pelraont Stakes. •• ' The n n stable, the inrspsl. in the sport, v>ns. fav In front in voces won, with close lo ion. M Petm lopped the' jockeys Wllh moie lb.nn.2GO victories, with Silvio CouccI close behind, Highest uding honors went to Undo stack GIINW, however, darner look Hie most bli; stakes . with ,CavnIcade. Ptteis liinicd In the very lofty rlciiug percentage or .2:!. Concci .20, and Garner .13, Deaths and Hrf.ikilomis Hurt Handicap Division Tragedy , stalked" the (racks. Dcntlis iriji breakdowns all hut robbed dhs turf of every high- class fperfoiraer among the older horses B> mldseason, Ihe iinpor- tant fixtures were 'left' lo ' Ihe mercy -of one of two crack animals. Death exacted its heaviest toll in many a year, taking spring- steel, the unbeaten Chase Me, nnd that grand router. Dark Secret. Racing suffered nn irreparable loss In Ihe rtcath of these three. Chase Me was looked upon as the one horse that might, conquer Equipoise. Dark Secret was the only first-class distance horse in the counlry. -y i |, With Chase Me, Dark Secret, and Springslcel gone, the handicap division was something of a failure, and the "situation was helped none by breakdowns on the part of Equipoise and Ladys- mau. Three-year-olds also had n sad time of it, with Pence ~Chnncc, High Quest, Singing Wood and Tint Minstrel preceding Cavalcade to Ihe sidelines. Rose Cross nnd Obsmant also went wrong. Cavalcade, of course, raced often enough lo make himself the champion of Ihe year, but Ihe anticipated duels between the English-bred horse and Peace Chance did not materialize. - Fillies Fail to Show Juvenile Brilliancy Three-year-old fillies were sad, with Mata Hari, Jabot, Bazaar nnd Wise Daughter showing llltle of their juvenile brilliancy, even though Mala Havi did score a double in the Illinois Oats and Derby. . : i I' The lno-year-old crop revealed a cluster of whirlwind performers, with chance Sun, Psychic Bid nalladier 'and Nellie nag leading ers singed bitterly fought haliio.i. The biggest achievement of the year was (he remarkable mile turned In by Lawrence Hanover, n Iwo-year-old Irotlev who whirled this distance in 2:02, world time tor a coll of his age rente Hanover (bus ecmalu, ... time mndo by his full sister, Han over's Bertha. however. ing Jrom leg innrmitlcs Play line To this line belonged inc.: three-year-olds,. Peace Chance — —-— •*>,»» Mll-J Hie JUtdllJt^ Chance Sun, Ps>chtc Bid and Nell;e Dag. Harness racing was more popular than it has been In years anjioiiueeinent ,'of [he .-appall!!' nient'fif n«ii Tnnrw. above. ''»!> head .foolliaircniirli of iliir'tial- VCTSIIy of Missouri.. is to" lie. mndc rhnrll) Fiurnt. \vlio um\ iiiMPi'rt Traak Ciililcn. hna Ini the Mrkivlllp. Mo. Tearlieis 10 a piriny of 2*j successive vlu-l (Olll'i, By Harry Gray so a NEW YORK—11 i.s with a fwl- ln(! of apprehension Hint one scans Buddy Buer's record und bodkhiKS lor (he Imnir.ijluiR future. There Is no doubt that thn ydingftr and larger liner's ni:l.ivU!r.s g-aduully nn< rewnlhijj HIK ifKM- "lt> membership of Ihe Atnnlinmal- cd order of Reslncd Round'Heels, jri:l lo dale, tin- list does not In- I chide nn old familiar name. Tiny A (limit. Max lirown. Jack Pelvic, ctcnc Oarner, Frank Keller, johnny linker. Vied Fields. Mickey NfcOoorly, liob Cook. Jack Ctrosky, Henry Surretlo. and Cliw fetnnlon—who over heard of lliomV H i.'i lo bn hoped that Pop Hoffman merely, ha.i decided lhat Ihe Iwiiy tlacr IK nnl yet vendy tor III i: league' sel-nps/ • ' ; i Personally, I'll 'wall, unlil I rc:ul II in. (lie Police Oamtte before I'll believe (hat the. collapsible corps uncovered by Pilmn Onrnma on his O lira I. Amerlcfl Sucker" Tours of iian nnd '31 has vnnlslini nltn- KPllinv.. Wllh. several holdovevn from the pefii|jsey era "as a nucleus, Prhrio lUsPmlilM thi> finest colleodloix nlj fallcrii 'that ever locked nn Ihrtr tiurt.s nt olio time. »*•..' r'nMiiiK Also Lost Art It renlly.i.s n sliiuiic'If such famous folder-lips as Di(; Boy Peterson, Elibai-..I«oux, Cowljoy Bill Owens, Man Mountain ' Ericicson, Farmer Lotlgc, Jack McA'ullirc II, K. O. Christncr, Ocorge Cook, Pat Redmond and Kniite Hniupii hni'e >ne or two of them win n»aln. and AMATEUR RULER _ Avory iii'umlase aa Ti-esldent cf In,-, Amnleiir Atli- [olte Union is .lorfnilali T/Ma- lioney, nliora, Xrw i'ork, SC-ycai-- o il former aiipwinu .:ourt Jurist. Mahnney. receiuly elncted at Ilia iMinml, via., coiiveuiton tif tliai uiilon, will illrert all amnleiir? UK) iliild ovonl3, : j.. ft'htfli fall under dlreciloIT'of • lha_iinlon during Brits.'. ' SWEET VICTORY? I HOI sliiiko hfc Jicail. Boxlny riph'. now rcciuircs iiianj Ihlnes, not the le'nsl of which is linislii'd f'imift a! fnldei'-iippcra. '»YOLTOE MI TELLING ME Mickey Cochranc has no idea of retiring to the bench lo manage(he Tigers next season. . . . He saj'.i he'll lie behind that plate, in inn games. . ... Harry Sluhl- dreher, Villa Novn coach, i.s .said lo be in line lo succeed liob Hig- "'IIB at Penn state next season . . hill, that's just a rumor. . H:il>r: Ruth is going to write uook on baseball in Japan but there'll bo a ghost doing nil (he work. '. . . Dixie Howell. Ala- Iwuia's All-America halfback is franc ..shakes UK an liifieldcr . and probably will eH n tryoii;. wlih (he fMr'oit Tigore 'next .... Red Orange again announced his ' retirement . mid If it's the goods''(his , lite Wlip.afon. iceman will .".'ft behind n rwnrd of riov- UM> pnlnl.5 rin llie eridlrori his e'arecr. . . . Oleal-s sl- 10 those worn ou football are being advocated in. (he . - r, (hits eciualcd the' '-f" lcl J- 011e ,'"' two o is f - bob 1 " V(m lllpiv h(1( - k Senior Kentucky Futurity Grealosl Harness Context What this mark rcnlly means is that, more Ihtm any other one Ware, Miss Bertha Dillon has demonstrated -the astoundlnc vitality of standard bred blood lines, Miss Bcrtliit Dillon now' 1ms over's Bertha 3, l:59Vj; Charlotte Hanover 3, l:59!i; nnd Miss Bertha Hanover -1. 2:00, not to mention another full sister, Bertha O. Hanover, which I his yenr lowered' her record never approached by a inn re. .either thoroughbred or stnndavd bred. The greatest contest ot (he sulky season was the senior Kentucky Futurity in which Princess Peg humbled n field that included Lord Jim, wlner of the Ifand- blelonimi Stakes; the faulted trailer, Vilamlne; Emlly 2:01!i; and M ............ , .. show the Johnny-Come-Lntelys now jnck-kiilfinfe before young Bner iiow to do the swan, Ihe one- and-a-half, or what have you as It should be executed. There is no question that box•"8 lias gone 'way back, mul ihc of Inlmlliig has disappeared wilh feinting nnd knockout wallops. This was mnde ciuite niuhl, when young Bacr put a Illy in the hand of McGoorly with a rtirly look and a vicious" swing to the shoulder blade. knee, ffow o faller. McCioorty doesn't know how lo get" lo one the newer customers wo.iK 1 have enjoyed some of the old-time fallers. such ns Bill Squires, Bombardier Wells, Joe Beckett, Fred Pulton, Lodge nnd Qucntln Romero Rojns. Nose Dlvin? DC l.uve at North Hnuriall, nnd winner In the Haml The race was won of world record time in four heals, with Lord Jim Inking llie nrsi in 2:00^1; Vitamlne was second in 2.0t x i; and Princess Peg the third in 2:Clvi, and the last in 2:03. Vitaminc recorded the best heat of the year wilh a lime of 2:00',i. The leading two-year-old winner was Silver King. Doc Parshall remained the foremost rcinsman on the Grand Circuit. 'The Saratoga sale of thoroughbred yearlings continued to suf- Stokes winner "'\ at heit'^"' 1 ' as Pl1 " Scolt ' Chrislncr. a neat Hanson, Peterson and Viclorio 1 ,,„„ I Cam P° l0 ' w «< fnir'y accomplished, Ila ."iUii£ none quite matched the art. . Squires was c;,lled the Australian Quince because he fell like an oier-iipc one leaving the parent „ nd pacing stock ended lively. The Old Olory sale seem- ert that Barkinjr Dog Saves Five CINCINNATI (OP) — Five I ^ ,1 , •_-•-« .iu.,1 IJUSSIOJC death In n fire by Ihe barking of a dog here. Mrs. Jeanette Menke, S8, tapped by the flames, leaped second story window 'and school. . .. of Ihe finest of ihp old ' Ucwctl. the di.ddy ol them all, never failed to live up to the fine old Iradiilon of British heavyweights. Neither did Wells. Theirs \vn$ K iwrmanerl resin rash nnd ihcy tell stntght forward. Fulton toolr idne on a scowl '.vjcn he didn't fall automatically with nlj, appcavance. Lodge was awkw.irdiy clever lit railing, and so sinccvp. RojM .slid to (he deck like ll avalanche in hu native Ancles. Or tlie later crop. Scoll's fallin» was maircd by claims of ,1 fo'il. Phalnllng Phil-got out evervlhins iiiclijtllng inji.nclions. en ro'ule 10 the . floor. Christner -vos an obliging and tiioroiiidily titpcndabb canvas kls- KI-, v,no seldom kept tbe folks waiting for a>)y length of lime. Htimen -ihimped downward with a camp-stool effect, nnd the Dane* lin:-. lillll' ing' mllnr -. Texns U-ninLi-. Spiked shqes. are too flant'oious on the diamond, it ts nsserlod. . . . Thai .glymplo hase- l fame lo lie played in Berlin in mn will lie between mi Am- rican lenni and a Japanese sqiiiirt. Hewitt.Easily Defeats German at CaruthersviJle CrtBUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Dec. 21.—The Charity Fund wrestling nnlche.'! last night resulted In Whltcy Hewitt, Afcmpiiis heavyweight, scoring two out of Ihrec over Hans von ncusinB, Oermanv ivilli lilile (rouble. In the wmi-wimiup. Mike Meroney look two straight from Waller Miller, mid the preliminary went Hie Horn- lime limit to a draw. Chief Litlte Wolf and Floyd ISyrd eacli baying one fall. About $35.00 W as realized by the Charily Christmas Fund fitly per cent of the net receipts po- in to this fund. Uisihinlnc i be nilvlcc that Su- •U:!£iMKf- in sweets smiii'times. hriiiu^ n liitir-i enilius. l'c>]> War. ' ncr, aluwe, roacli ot 'IVmpIc I'm- versil.Vs Oiv]«. ronMiinis .1 few Intuit of Rii«ar from a linwl. sym- iiolir nf llv Howl i;ame Ida vrarrinrs will ciifnpc In aii.iinsl; Tiiliini: ;,i ,}v'cw Orltaiw.' Ni-w Year's Hay. bunking ills falls with his knees counted heavily against him. Peterson \v;<s a good workman-like taller, will, ; io frills. Campolo went '. down right smartly, but mde 'the niLslnke of shnkins bis once nil of him wasoii i ho taanb. Quivering ac- 1N THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OP ItrsSISSIPPI COUNTV ARKANSAS. Altcit J. Stiegemeyer, PlaintifT, ra. Bavnnah Langlcy Arnold, el nl., Defendant.s. IVAKNI.VO ORDER The defendants. Mary n. Kies- Icr, Lucy Klesler. Dorothy Kiesler Rushmore. W. L. Riwhmoro, Marie Kieslcr. T. J. Kiesler, Olive Klesler. Iiiigciie Kieslcr, Henrietta Kiesler •ind E. p. Klesler. are warned to I appear in this Court within Hired months, <o answer the complaint of the plaintiff. , WH'NESS my hand as Clerk 'of said Conn and the seal thereof this 15th day of December, 1934. . H. L. GAINES. Clerk. 15-52-29-5 R*acl Courier News want Ad.« WRESTLING ARMORY. MONDAY N1TB ' 3 Out of S Falls, 2 Hour tJmlt a out ot AN 3 Falls, l ifaur I.lmtt ALL-STAR CARD DAN THOMAS DANCE oiRtcroQ, RECENTLY GOT 3 SPEEDING TICKETS IN Cooler •Stron j.; Hilllnglon TAY &AWHETT awn? FIVE CUP? |N DAHC1NG- CQNTE5TS 1 . Registered Engfneer • General Engineering, Surveying, Mapping' ''''<"•« -IS8 Bljlhcvni Or /"rank Pattersoii Hrnniini), or HnytJ, was r, Caruthersville Cagers And Holland Teams Split OAIIOTIIBRSVH.M.;. MO.. Jl.—This ojieninj; ol the )i»ij, here Wednesday night nt the Cnrnthersvilfe Ifi e b Sc i lon | Oyi ' lasiinn was celebrated wIMi „ v ic lory nnd „ defeat, the Cnrnthers- »y« wlnnliiB from Holland 13 U) 10 in n f ; roi'lilc 6 "" 1 " S '' '" "' WiU> ' '"' l!o Girls' llnoiip: I.oIIand 2S Edwards, 11 '. Kenley, H i. Parish 1. Parish folder lalcn Pos. P P C C G G os Substiluiions: Ciiruthei-sville — •rysltt for TtetacH, Corrcll for •i'5'slci-, Chltwood for Malone Hoys 1 lineup: lollnnd in Pos. P C'ville ll Cook 8 Malonc Tnivis Co'rbctt | Taylor TIstndt , 2 owlcr, ^ aylor, 3 C'vllle ji) R. A.iher P n. NIrtms, 5 <'• Robinson ^ . C' K. Asher. 4 Cohoon, i ci K crct'rt) 4 aiihstilutlons: Cnriiihersville -'-,1 tokens for K. Asher. Officials —McClannha'n, vefeveo- .•llchard, seorer; Jones, Timer. ' BISMARCK, N. D., Dec. 22. _ Formation of a new baseball circuit, the Dakota League, has been going forward with Jamestown •Blsmnrek. Valley city, Minot anil Devil's Lake. N. D,. bebic approached for membership The circuit probably win he :l 0 | orRanlKitfon. N'nw I.ncalfd at 101 Norfli Seconil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU ftON F.DWAHDS, PTOptietnr makes of rebuilt Typewriters, idding Machine and Oateulafora Kepalring—Patis—Hiblions "the Search for VALUES 'The gold or silver miner does much work before his -niine is on a paying basis. That's "development work." He carries on in the hope that soon he will come to the pay-streak and will have.his reward. Compare this miner to your reading of the advertisements. Not everything yon read is of vital interest to yon at'the moment. But many thousands of others are reading-. One finds a well-recommended suit or overcoat at an attractive price/ That's a pay-streak for him. Another rejoices to find a sales announcement of coal, or coke, or furniture. Another wants the latest automobile or radio', and is mightily pleased to find the advertisement that tells all about it. The advertisements carvied in this newspape7'""are helpful in the business of living. They tell of equipment, appliances, things for personal and household needs. Take note of the things you now have in i^T- lar use. What first called them to your attention? it's" likely that you first read about them in an advertisement. Other good values await yom - choosing- in the advertisements in this issue.

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