The Times from London,  on January 30, 1821 · Page 3
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The Times from London, · Page 3

London, England
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1821
Page 3
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ad KT" - i - T1 Sfc"?1 TZmt SLiS kr - Ta up. lTT TJ wt Wl U J 111 ulw with . . ii mmtirr eMno' t niiilm the Lord Mayor .v. Ram. and th. !r .v. Pm arkboat rial o"" , HadeyWtbtW K)rt OF AUSTRIA IE TIMES.. 10 TBSwvr; ha. been jnaae w . . - BT fT Hef Coujrooiu, tnepuouc - i rL la the nouae i m0Oer &vn!nfA - Uut i., (Vocn the - ' Cwnbrth? m rf the Imperial i - crcw. kMwnbI,T - TTn. made in thii ft - Ynnmtiet, w crrmv , . . - 4Y) Tito EDITOR OF THE TIMES., Yesterday, fa 6vtn of inrnmailr riise. ftqdylricn.tbt LbxW.4nn, JC - !"U J T. iaJ - I hiTe fee wme time hiou for tout cooderuoa fewldets on Ihit momcnwat faif boh bouse .f parUsmrnt w rn mt attempt nsstrww w - fJUAoC the Queen from the liturgy, but ,ceeding. agaki her Mjety th. Queen, and .to rare nHnawuronw 1... i.n - in th ooa of her Majesty "a iian m trte.imMT ana pumng view on matter of such .paramount iPf . I tadiat Ml poaaesaioo c all tUe rgWand totae. Got eminent and Law. of tnu country, which appertain toher aw ' - "Tf" - n.i. .nd ttttennin - UK manner, nar; uc n - 1 me wmxoi vu - r - r r,7 y,,,. K - - irtiii of Parliament. InthuexfecUtion The Lo.d - Mato aid - Oeauemen of be IWi ." on the my fint rneeting 01 , ... ,JVllCT - day ubled in eoracquence of recusation which I haw re - iii.niiMiiuiiinnnan. iwioi" . - . . 1 . . - .i nrtarL bout, isaa. temC aathey tire been too iu.dy.tyW, of .. maVeVtaTl hi itt.bJdirio'en.cB. Si - , mo. pore that the obriou. and Pfi, SkJU e - lr - Fo - bU thirU JJ - M - the proper officer, and I am tort tt h unnetnr U claim your im c1n"Mr. errir.muteriy flciUofBm.UtudonalUwdauteddownto ar tiut h . w,1i.;rl Mned enCT. The onler in connal I V , Y f - bu bj datincubhrf by a denre 10 pty . " V. 1 .tn. w Ulilriafd and inexpedient. I nmnrr ttMtW 10 any obaemuoca addrened W you, ana mains ner "' . 1 . I'V'L t r.W .rvi dueawon. (AppUaae.) I am in - IJa,aficaUonortnuctwo thence, MlinrdMRtilpoatm2a.w .ZatUsttyWbadthoaf patnota naolred to meet annaauy to npport reGfion aad morality, (boats of ipptaoseo H mijbt Rppoas thai they bad coododed wfahaaoaf Fill your jdaea, fill tbcm jann ? jt mill niim in nmi njainf (Chccri.) It appeared by the roriotiooj of Dr.Scvdl and W 8 - . 17' x' :s n - urrn.of retail f wn,CM Ti. 1 - t Mar. 179k which, Vnd wu known riJ Krt of T"1 . .w. or Short Anuui - prouid hare been this coune two reaaoru are Rea to .uppoti IRC.W, Ti - rA5rfc;'oih tbcn ItTit embraced the legality of beW e"iK to th - lull: aod, rt. it wis necessaruy mcxpeuicin , "V! . . , . 1 nuke wen renecuona, 1 am wvnj j - LTed wuAe moat rpcctful mode. .of hinting the opi - t mmorfeumple. Uprfauae.) Ithu unfortan bap. . - v it , .1.. v,n. u examine eacn 01 1 nmd thu thewe m omi innuein 10 ov un ir . inc tne mouon w uc - - , - - , . . r k,."a i mmJxrrrrtr.cxm naen 1 im utmj . who with Alderman Heygate, condemneu uie orinn b u'upbold ibdr chincttr u loren of iwUnty na fooa oracr. !lT.,!on thmick rwtpretircd to addrew Uie throne for a ,BtBIKthtborin.of ibedar, iTutetomfbrmywthu, mwn,thVTt b u of the molutkm of lb. Ueommoo - haU to addm. rniorauon 01 t""" ' . . . u d... L.n.. . rnM draoUtkM did on aioooay uar wail on 4Trr J' - f loan. prondeU, ina i v .VmridHUoroiineu. - vr - - - - - 4 , f on uie luaw Jindtaa , 1 f timr to umi r nod. ana P " r , L nradace of tie amount of the (1nHuify wVo be rnniticd from Germany iSnkofEngUnd. preTioualy to the iLrfrtTW1 - . . 1 1 - ,m,t of the loan and rf?2. - tfioY iembcr, 1794, de - s itft. ere wa. j a box containing S5 mort - Htt&f Vienna, djto jpun scheme ot poucy, we an ,T h JlajeJy wiii ib addr,to which i plmed to mqrq in. irthhwere otXWfWAlSU S.eTOSi will now b.rd. lAppW - V, . wMrt dietiMnz an assembly which for 20 year. had implicitly M - crier rod the awwerof her Mjy, hch w rt - . . . ir rP Pitt rmilil hare imasnned for .i rhMTs. . . ltt tharthe How by being pledged to a ote 'fh.ioao MAToa - Iharealaoiomforayoc 1 ftajl rote had oTine of Uw. In proof of the Ttgour and - wirfom of M he Vhn at ThelLt eommon.ulL THok tam paot who weathered the Storm," the numerou. admirer, ot , uTe nf()rtttnaUiy utt behind mt, but dvey wOl bebej. In time to that .talesman conrtandy point with exultation to roeawnai WJ Mon the lirar, prior lo tecafanf ypof the baB. tewBTffoSSht ailbtained t. of indemnithat CCj would hare been needle - , 5bT he hr" .iXhe 1 "Aytr theJ h Ufc, legal ; and unmerited, had they been H5 JP 1 d, h2 WlieTtdThtVM whoUy unknown tq ajrreat P w an assembly, the great majority in profeuedly con - j, Bat, a. he J"Jl"J? !?i".l,S3!a,ls heWrmJyped. H. - asbcwnfof 1 - Twtlc arnent, with an mini.txa.Jon W .trong in iJt that .necie. of reaaoning: but 1. it reaUy, then, come to until hu lut moment toproroot od iecur. ?,.P"' - LiSSSi LJlwa. "a8 frSm bSaber, aad rTwprictor , and, m wl Rbbahei m t amper tU wry, Qrdar of Ibo S, be had riolattd. Tb7 CouJTTL . f their order, did. m tb motion of HiAtmaff ' Geoeral, mk another order, fee the 5??ir Clement 00 a day, faordrr a aawwer U to eow duct, aad rfww eaw. why the Cowl - wua w" - .!. piiular pwhlwher be aad pot fVmt which thai contempt 1. .mAiintinE wn. esnroawu fcl. itrriinp, xrA rnal Majesty - . . . . th, - ""PP0" " " ?'r.ZL Wth. vond reason giren, flSSL' WrdbA them, for the "j .c. r.rwtw niTinc w - 1 nnncinm r nu "r ... .l .u ' " v "rr . - 1.. ,a iw m - . r - r .nml:w due the utoremow , fwUiecuTHr - " v ,1 Fund of! from that period the diridenda.anj j Abmitie. hare been pud out of the offence. vrtrtner, in ic , tended oy men ot me n ""; "LTs - i., .1. rTanirraponSiblebei.r,inapMeotf were denominated a farce, then the : present moeth mht lw iniercoune with hi. Parliament, must be a. k - " ,w entitled a fWCe. But were they to be insultmalr told, in ume uuMritie. a. to other men t but let u. t whether u w ab - o - h when th WM iuffnw under a load of du - lutdy Impracticable to frame a motion, in which th. lUen I ty of the ' P k tfut , roeftinp rf the ausens of London, .iLmneror baring failed to make the rcmti - j t - . , ? AnJ bring. rae - to tne aecom inaw Kircn, X.mmu He now appeared xwt 'If' krfAnl! anal IMMtn,iw"' sutlr admttd lor the aanoort or Rttclon ana moraurr. nj iw ( - - j , . Vi ti am - .. .m eJ Ib.SMdl andbu and wen coctenTprwawa Pn jwrnninw. "V" . ... il aecrrTa - HeTM. RcSVeFnXuTa ed bfibTmiere of rtlio and morality. (Oreat appUaae., rfWrmd But if their artifice thoold screed, they woM on pof oat that j1 amdark bw TrthrpnbSSSonTV reTiAn and monlitr withoat wbacription. came from a .Sop m hu hu appearance. He bad therAn r aroona u ' J neibournood. (rm which " Go it, my boyt," had com. aocn. by tbe Bne beuw tmpoNO im nu ma " TTTZnt if he. year: tinee. PaMication. tbe moat obacene an4 djainutiiu: were ww ZrJJ'lVat for soch contenrpt. 1 1 1 1 : ..j 1.. f kiiAvinr that derrr. I had ehoen to ofier any Uuntm panurionoTcacaaw w w" ir jv - r rTcl.Zr ,"rC:.V,) I H e adduced arrrral ihoririe. 10 show that tn.wmn. w" K - 7 Zi'" .w."r, ,4,k, M MBkk v fin,. Dcnon. eontemptuooaly wouunjt na wroer. SofVoShtmbe direct to Mr. Wrkhf. shop in! duct; and if any aboald b oCerl, ne oopea s. o - "Srweren put. and carried munimonsly. One - ASoO man was aaid to bar. held 00 hu hand airainst the fint and jeeonU UttUdaie, and air. Tj 2 reao. W upon an iJry bei. made whether be wa, a U.ery. I - oCX JTr P"lliiratnt 'jrl'D AXoo 'Tpart ihedrfewlantrcKS the W aiidapeed to nnanrmously. ... ,n ,v, . rf,h Court below toounish wmmarily by Wry fiaw m sweh 1 u iiiiie n r3nrora wu rnuoiuu iu mw u t i - . a a 1 Ixa. and Mr. Aldenrun Wci .hat to the Common . mj caae a. tne preaen,to ms PTI7Z ct.tirr - i. aa. aM... rJm .rul Mr. IVilaon. wertin - l 01 tne proceeainn wpoo uie iwiiiip.H.." ' . Hi JlL. A' .a. r;mr nated at the time. Such publication waa m perfect eotnaaeaa wan lac utneted to aupnort the petitxra lo the Commonv I "i.C : j.kUinincrftht The followine - leum from Lords Holland and Erskine were wen py r.??wr, - i.lir i,rf.i , - i moat important pnrura - o m me pcvftm vt " " readt . .. . I k - .k.r.ntlnn m rmvi!m) m (wadmicisttrrd moven Mr Lord - 1 bee that m wiU do roe uie nonour u couuuU - - - - - - r '2 - AT.n .o ,n?!'n - ,1':",! 'fririS oHie. British Sons ; ak therefore, upon, for UUna . the conreniencea and 00me frr - ?' aVw.'ee 1 our lmianip. most uenUy .could tabibe no prejudice, from a fair Katemettt "U.Arabell..row. Lower Oronenor - pbce, Jan. 12. U " m "To.haRLrhtHon.theLwlM.ror - I c" , ' lut; ZT v Tv. - u . D...i:.ijiMi. be.L loiner aiier inc two .nu m . . , - " , , T j, f - ,,. eommunicuion I nen examined would be communicated to all. If air. CJemcat had SJlllf2l!JllAU LhSSS ofSe committed iy crime, he miht hare been indicted, and punubedby of the molutwn of the aiayor, AWermen, fro".ta. indention of a jury t but be moat earnertly deprecated tbe. a - . ' hit p,.. mnJ Penalties, which waul sumption oi to lemntc a pwwer aa wat w du&uib aawucr mm iuu uon - my oproonw EWlof ,"JXdlT h U bl no precedent, and then for non - complunce with TLrS fllS a dnaioV: Nothing but. the order, of the that order rjrr rih;,Vm - f, in rotine arainat it. It u, bowrrer, some com. ueruooa to Deion . . ' r.. - l. . inrKnlont and radical duality. Mai it which was to be rot up tnai oay. i ujbi. . - - "t VL r:f' - .....;7.k - ,t ,,nnltW aoent in thai Ker - nau, erery court w quancr aemwou m n.e mp.i iuirmi ftSiSJrSSS - - ere denominated 1 - riw1 !Sim?f"5iri!J" V.r Irdahin'. oblired and obedient bumble .errant,. we vour, r wa , VASSALL HOUUAnU. way eonnecien wiui w. procmuiwa wunui vuu uiwunk , . . . nA Mender of the resolutions eTounds, therefbtf , be contended that a etriionri was the host mode Thanks were inor ed to '.J i rinnVeOTder. of the Court below before this Court, to in. and peuuons, which were aereed to with unanimous ana warm p - ud decide upon tbe question solemnly. P' - ,.u.', , , ... - . ,v.,v. 11. Puitt fallowed on the same aide at much length, and with Mr" AU.min"vooD c forward I amid the wmt plandits conaMerabl. ingenuity but our bmiu will not permit , to do SStfS TSSvSfr - urn expire ou the nnXmount of the diridend. on tbe Imperial jpffCenta. ..eror has been by any lX!ZSI IScncrmenU on the making of tji&ictargfdaTom. from rbekana, it PP" w til KDIIvlU - y "I'JL" T - a.r.K fOUKD. .HtLUXCi. X. 70 TifE EDITOR OifTHE TIMES. m Dublin, Jan. 18, 1821. nf the names. SSS penonage. that hire .cmrned The City of lutdyimprcablemframe. order in council awu. "i ataemoteo wswai TTT: "k. fi to those c ,.. .1.. .u. - ,neil of the 12th of February, "j "1 - fc - i. ihr M OOOL or 30.0001. a year the Tumble councillors of the crown did. ta by iibcnJi,y of the people, or rranted Iby thet. who ronoa m spieoawur, ww " ' . X. .. 1820, the responaiwe counauor. I provided 6y we liocraiuy oi uie yy, rrjV, their d.ty toiheir Bovereian and to the mamlest danaer ofj he state, Q ' but to hlin tIld u, those who, like hj, Ubwred for adVue the eaercue of an authority, which depnred James II. ol what tlet0 lhog wll0 W n0 hemhury property, but were hu throne, .we power m.ZZtymu and.loWw w .1 ".k. Mun; rfunrd distress, and llie first subject in the realm per. his throne, the power of dispeniiin with the law lobliited to carre out TtbS UieliAtin which I lure alw.y. rte.ed e queswn; and, rf y, If it be correct, was t not the bouaden auty oi we w - i. - .o., . , appallin; distress, and tne nrst .uoject in rery firortunUy, to interpose, d warn the .ed, insufSf, ddri. lAM r. perilous situation to wnicn m ,T . " V;. Wr th state oi we aTcyimri - . iher U it more becoming more p - , Thefarmrr. were rrowmine orea - w - j - - - rinHcirSo r be wdi u "T?", j.. ,1.1. ' u ihenrice was, bad not the sir. Aiotnnan it uuu uk - .. . : : adirehimjo ' ,or wnetner ne couw su ; ..v v .1 uZU. 11 at fal in thTruardians of the ! ""T. k .WaV necoaarr tor the u ura. to petmii weir wooa ' - " V' ...j. " cimumtMcti oi in umn, ukj '"r - - . - J, ,i,; breach of the Uw to snowier, nuiw". - 'T' ,T " and the manufactures; cww, lowaa - ' Tlj,." Kcere er. of. their country wm : deplore - .Jt the order f un for J or fubence. MM ui mi - m ....... ,.i ihmi turn meir errs louiciuauvi boftheUw, tUl the eonaeouence. may Savlrl ItcT wWch do y h. KinR, Queen, or royal The woridndUier. TthTy would feethe cjua. of prayers, ""ff , - &c - Are not wese as ff""", EaTwepressions aa the Enalish lanenafe can supply?. t. was the ease of the Queen, and it was neceasary that LTr - hVldTerwie ate, if he can, - clear and as mprraure an IXou'eonrider the ritu - Win which h Majerty rtood a , th : iit w , th me - umber of words. And. snouia some in, nvJnn.. - rh,T could not fonret that she was tnea, ana iwiuk, alAddr. - tohi.M.jty. transient .chea,taiun,ta ,g, LomMayor,5wa. .Pjcen ann. saiarr; - uw uuecn wuw . , . - . . . . . ' " . r'j .u .ik tnwardaher. Mmi thousand, per ann. xhm7 uiww., i - anmotitc: necause, a utej ",v' , I posed in we course mat nau iuowjuhim v j younter Bmtner, vwwu" ' fraratie mMOrf 1 :ne exclusion oi ner jmjew, " - . - . - . . i o. M the petitions. TW poi, he M - " - ward oy a learneu gcnucniaa . - whirh tor Ioaue had nerer heard surpassed. sure harine resterdsy reccirea ii irorn mi jiwji - 1 ummMi, ui. iui - - - " nereV woSd mrup the point of the Uturrr - 'CMounp. could. Mr. Johnson, ron Thomaa, who brea m lb. mh of .aprJauM.) Minister, - er. crossly raisUken if 1Ji) J. UXJ. - ?Z.. j .li U.: :.'. iVVuturrr. He asked, after th. conduct which l uonce. and on his way horneward went into Mr. Mnsdy. Jjcu Greece. ler acquittal naa neapea P""1""1.' rj wZTrfil e.1 Erery public insult that could bederued had been ottered I . ' 'j.. :;! .n.t mmnmlf which slie ana. saar irew , - " tI.M.... - . MrieOreen.Towr.elerku Vhitford - MWn VJ'SriHhle to th nffiv or a notice ma, . au.naato.'SBaffi " hnmc and other allowances u. , v - . rrmTed for ro 7minc f uui . - . - - - i daurhter. the pnae ana nope w - - rri - - - . pleasure oi uw vre . , ... panaea conuw" v " .i.u i r. it. .uthoritr - , ' Ci - rM the nuenan - 'raYooot. per annum his brother - in - law I1?' E?" SrS: if Newcue. I.000L per aanum. iu n C - h. a tJicemawmte, WL perwnum. . VT?;., Smile, appointed by we '"' I ccld drscribe scneroort of these j1' li'j, Grateful a. her Msjesty was for Uie generous suppon oi me vy i a itirecuan icaains; rroro a oora, man, aS Tihl Wlofpainiand penJtieS, she trusud they woulil pre UaJd , him, Go.1 bles., us into the umt suDDOrt on this occasion. lOreat cheenrur.) ii e aemeu iri arxi kU" Jonrwon asaea now tney came were, as i he oTafflrreTrVr to addrtsnes, called the people ber sub. throufi. the field; on which they kt " they did not ieeu and he defied her calumniators to find one instance. But it him they wete iroinj to Burton. Johnson notions; .tha J i . , ,nn, .rrr thin aninst her .and to represent rtliem anawered to the desoipticn nren byJIr.imn wu - ,hiii to her lament. . p...l tn. w is I ii .V t they came there, as iher was no road know," aad tou hXcouk.w.r, and acain bringtljem back into the un. w$ bytheQueenm reroain. that splendW offer, d com. dWUheTchissI termed RoyJ proccny. Upon such instances, "T0?Tmttt U nZmit, boldlr. Thf on! r mark of hooour or re - fil ?k. fluert mar securely say raZco - l oiilm tnose cha - lL!; Mch miniiters intended to pay ta hrr Majesty wu - rpped up weitmrf by the Act : the fcn? and Queen are. 1 T reruditt eUemM whocited Q" SSeeS .?. - ,f: Jl'J rti l - lSofTSritSIh " - r - nrrW - r THE TIMES. text writer, ..T?" rrfl could not TU int. w.. postlireenaameo. . in tout paper ot tne Uin, .atcd by a prenous , - - - y;. - ; eonaescena w cau y. - .pr - . T bn - aame in tbe prayer onm j", k th. 45th Canon, of Denmark could bare oeen cotnpra.c.mcu. ... - - we jstj, nd ittn i - nanei w. uym mr . Jfowion that alfder,rme. ,.Wr.ju!SI utteVlr Enable of rencUinj hmto the desenpaon rfeuher I u kind .had , bcen Cnowj and, tfierrfore tok that you will consider wemuo - KinQueen, or RfU proceny. x, Z:XZ h. dld.n. - ? ."7 - C u?, 'rared nfflmnrethetirstswiie. lima if vnnrrnders: . , , . i. - . I " TZTJet the illness of the curate of flemeu, m - .. j - - "." u b. lhe . " ?.?rrri;:.A I W.k hia dutr tor a lew wcxa vu roimw. r"""r :. .1 . .ki imant na uns puce - vr: - TTn s V,r.rer before we ser - will suceeea m renoenn vr. .,TiZ .i. v:, O, Z - iwforanChrisUn That Kmc, contacted marriace - , iher 7K Majestthe most eon : and especially tor ueorje our ""; - 7..1jj., at ., thr tinder the sanction of forewn uw ana unacr me ".T v ux. bad only I baeeeh thee. Abnkhty Ood,our paoous Q."" . ' f ' ,K marriase Wa. diasolred. It i. to be extremely regretted truuso I nauseous a not oe iiraoi 'orthless and degraded of her been we means oi mumiuls - ... obscenity. What then had been done on tbu occa - ' idd her from all daniters ; may. J ' r . , I i.riiiiian aa Sir William Scott took no part in we aeoaie, , - r t. oflhe country had been minnf ea ine muraiu v Crspretncr; and may W'. 0 ? eounTry nad been poiy .d - decene be put net ber Andto aU thy people pre wy hearenly pace, " wey ltCTe wu no bond of matrimony subauunj? lo ' , biJshmnd the church had been dispacedj for We fairly acctirding to thy will in thu KhewhhSe thSof Queen Consort. And unfeu there were, ZJgX ,be Bishop, baring t in the house day mj IjKlZ ererU.tin happineu m mgdoni ba Sy7i the Minister oil mat day justified in omitung her nne Suoiag to the moat loathsome detaoie unm Tkeieprarers and supplications we humbly Kjlns fitv. tourer, but he would, br inserting it, hare beengudtyof j'y, dupace. Tliey were told that chu w. a rehpous uTSaSl through the meiatson of thy Son Jew. ftur ,he Uw Verranu of Queen Ajjr - mM "Kiniaier. of we cro - n - fteySffi On - ." . hr one of the riear's ?been by inserting that of Prince. George - or u the present ,h Mxious to support Ae interests JV . (W )s the folio win, Saturday I ru r - uerted one of t rvcar Jw'y,, CamUneV Itu howerer, dl4Jnot n the ccL iraur. the rkar himself being confined to his bed by "euJ fhu adWthePrinces. of ZelT or the Duchess of Kendal must hare k .pirit of Chrouantty did n Iterate jewtwn. S (W, - . name in jrira. fTwhe bnTbut thTrery factof the amame ol the lt - Vhat 'he this day day said 'jd P; tfcu rwneat, I learned that the Archbuhop of TJ'" ''X eTrte purposed intention of George the Fim.that she should or'libeUous. For real loyalty he would not pre rijtoinj giv of to Ptraysl.y,tbuunue in that infenorrank to but if loyalty T. rear, atating that he had been dJft1 Stion of thu .bich .uch a marriage was appropriate. if it were loyalty to "ftWFj with iBt aawit prirrr before the sermoa, mftrr... f ... Informed that her rirtues as nces. a prooi 01 itic.a. ed dauKbtcr, which wouia oe appiauaeu, " ' - . . . C" v oftheinou affectionate of mothm, had been turned agwnst her by her enemies. Perhap. his colleague, might be conrerted by argument, before the peat question came on, especially since Ljwd las. tlereagh had said that her M.jesty wu In the same utuation u if J!?..?fi.j - m. .1..... tb. rm. fllr. Nienn n illiabis , r, , ... , mencement of their proceedings, harmg been necessarily detained bm.JT"i? . .hank, to the Lord Mayor. If erer his Lordship's patience wu tired, it - u when X ing merchants, bankers, and traders, had acted in the most tumultuous manner ; but after menooning that Mr. Ba ring, and eren hu Lordship, wu hissed, he needed say nothing fur. . ... . - l. l.j k. im in uirh meunrea m de. "ceof rd aw3awSnSJ now a prstbr th fa5on,bechUloP hai .wed A.ample ot theSpcaaer in puiuna; we v ."" .Cl i.i,7. M there wis a foul and atrocious conspiracy against the ngliu ol Se people. It wu rrt of the system to calumnute and deerade. not oniy we ojimuuh - , ""r . . Si&tWigrandh h&oTe wui at the beginning .f the French - ar , but the J!luf. r..d m be deluded. (Applause.) He denounced this tlndof conspiracy, wd sorry he wuto ssy thaJ 'A".' aentatires bad been at the meeung to wmA he balluded. WWu out public meetings, publie discussion, and the liberty f we press. Mspu Chans, thVbUl of right., and the trial by Jry, would be of liulekvul (peatapplauseV, and aU the right, purchased by the blood of our ancestor, would be swept a - ay. PIO The Loau MaToa returned thanks, and was most cord tally chiredTHe had had experience Utelr that the fnend. the Speakers auwoniy wnen oppuxu m 1 ' P Tht meeting wu then dissolred at half past 3 o'clock. mi miiuirrirrtH 11 F THE TIMES. . n 1 . ..... i,Mi1nl that I am a writer in a Sunday peper, called John Bull, allow me through the '..""J rJLLal to contradict the rumour. I bare nerer contributed a line to any paper bearing dname. I am, 011, jwi " . io c and in the hone of securing their apawebenakon, U Show them two roaas, dui wb a wan nana; wrw a twnmmi, might tel Ioat, and if they would go with him near to Perky ba could put them in a right war t to which they consented. He directly led" them down Mr.Mundy'. park by the side of we plantation, and brought them into the turnpike road leading to Derby, and through tbe tollrate kept by his father, where he left a basket he had with him, ' - J :.k ikm 1 Mir clun ba intotwUtl i m rrTT .1 a l. Ul W ik.' f . K. w I 18, Anstin.Friara, Jan. 29. JAMES SMITH. 3 wo - " J ffiVa S - SS nn. rftiueen fSmline, we . He regretted wat there .. A. I wu awaie , - 5 w I cmW IA "rT,"" vtiLTTf " 7il so small a meeung 01 we 1'" .v, '."7 . K.l, ,0 under. r fl - ! Ou Third. .That is a proposition " eularlr u the mmistenai press wouw , 7 - LC. 1;.. - . " CTr.;,a5d br the Attorney GenersL or eren by J "7La f nublic feeling in the city. The worthy lirery? rharre aninat tnt, o weae ,r - - . 1 L... - dured the broacmng oi such uocinoe un consaoua or innocence cou m ua . v. .... - - r . - - . . . I no answer, though I Jmo - Uut nu ur tTht. I at St. Omer's. The root of sll the eriU r - ma. uiccu . - - sty for the fwtare. A. I wu awaie - - - - w Cceksed curate, I bid no tight to occu?T 'he Pihe tT.ZZ esewul of tbe.ricar, I had rhmg to taW roueating be curt nua rasgement. J wrote, tiowerer, - ,:" the rrfbrmaac pf him who i os(.ubebad ST dwtr. he w aU th M.ria llwvf. .,.l W I am. Sir, your obedient aerraW, nogaor, Jan. zz. T. B. MORRIS - .aererosDby! AaMxvueautuuoaaa, nw. . " - r - aaaaOhoo. c. Dundaa. Charles ffj' mm, mt ti. uatrenpon, v. " - - - asrey. a w Joan wrarni. - rTZZiV w H yr, W.H. rill.. t. war.. JJ'V'jIkn wawnt.T.W. K.C "aas, I. T. u. .'l'h rnot ox ail uiecrua ut wmw.. , . .. denng an 1 "..niv. found in tlie want of a House ol Common, that luiiy, TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. t SSCl iSaW diuin7pt public que d that r,one. Kn.'rfKtom. J. " ela(i t0 find by the lesoluuon puousneu oj Sty Vu, , phrsse of I.,10 . fwtett, Sir I". Grant, n. I. jr. p. it. 1 Culae. Ur n. t. r. 5aJurlUt.ka.s. Talbot. K - w. diriduait so iua - . - to fiad that tius appears 10 were fonned, huAiajesiy wwuu - jiiay Df flpd amorunt uunrieiiowui.. - cbmi, weT. not quai " 7 tn ullr forth WaiSA lie afiuaea uio,.t " - r - . ,w with stweading xMatau.W.R.GrimUs.J.W. 1mA Tcnnyana.C aWaWJrantb - at. SS'CharU - VenSbrb. V. raimcr. v.r .. . - m ur K. TnnmiT r. . - - Sutai. T r liuhwt. Hon. K. nuuiii, - w . Ukn aaloncr, KovartHcathcoU, Sir O !". "'"T. , whltbcW. W.H kntZi.H. Herwn.6lrR. K H & WllklnT!r S.SiTr. Kiionbr. Hor - wmuma, ..jr. at. Mi Hoarwwrf.W. r. tvj - JT!m "9i"h...Vf " . kirrwrilllam , I tumutoB, - r n. C"rr - Ti d n 11 iaaaas. WTQlaxo Ownryt iarrviaf , s r. J'Vw Uwry Ulna, llwn. VI S?.,r UaaMon. i. p. aiaStfJulwluriirW. jas.T.'H. Usshl luthu.eoueaguu s - - ,5. . Uenlofw.lrinaplethatlh f we orcuiw - r continue iu labours ot winsuan aDonl public questions cmua pe " f '.u ', A J.uae.i It M.T th benerolmt society ertr co . lh - and ,C..wers not uualified to set themagqod are in arculatwg inc sroru houl distinction of name. .j.hl hare been exported th Com ConwTY AUio - - The SherilTat first defection and duloyalty .? "AwhihiS pubhahed more.tnan a v. - - - v . , naiShumourS. At tn penoa n nu ow Brare Caralien, o jouy " Cheer up your aad souls, a vM tt.M.M. wiwla u With tack, and claret, and sherry.' "aEw. L" - r. UonewarT - - Xn w - - TEaLX.K.HJaW 1 J ftwlf fTIRalN . a VZS?tJr nnenlK.VU. I JTT reouisitionista. and camea ww ""1 SS&ori. J - AfflZ. carried. JSXe2lM Sheriff d J jew of bk KSS,.?'L: 0X10 M' - BeaJTX ItJnTblVpd a .counter addrm, whkh tr ww awaw. ZZ - 1.. - .w I AaJlasasaV TaBUW " a. f 'I " tVaaa IMIf AM IVawWaM" barton. Dr. RuaatU. Lr d MrT Wrixon Becher rtm - w fT Hil levlw eavsawai w w (tomena.Uugb)Atih.i health of a clergyman, ww, " 'thatoaata. ilL wu! "tln wonun andin. - - (great applaae), and TU Iin ai 1 " . . . . . . .. I .r - it .1.. MMmnk 11 Mvh . Sim, - 1 ohserrea in Tourju - ". - J - Vl 7 it is stated Inst ice uai raauj tKularly fatal and unhealthy, and that we raina had not ceased at so lat a Period u the th Norember. I am glad to hare it m my late a pw , , and t the umt time 1 cannot refrain from deprecating the conduct of those interested indh iduals - .chln.oundedrTO aninst wu mucn caiuuuuaw. v. . , . y ... fni ence, dated u late a. 27th Normal which ume orJy two deathi irora wicui,Mv - Knrnneana there, and to far from ceased earir in waoocr. . - : . Song Se uilor. on board the wood ship, thai we Wudmi t up Ae . , v.i: . . h.. irwn mors from their own intern - Zl ZSc7( nTm,; iLn the particular .ohealthineu of the that the mina 01 wose woo " - '. - " i. 1 ... j liwed from the anxiety they must hare naturally hare felt on. ing the parapapn auuoeu iu. 1 remain. Sir, your obedient .errant, J - , latnUOn, iJUl wauuaii, .u... . The article alluded to wu extracted from the Conner. COURT OTTTTBEKCH, Jax. 29. . "rer.T: t.:;,:t eu:ted air. usaxA - .as . - rr 5iT.. iu ,r. to the Court, watnenaanoi rrceiTcu uw which he wu instructed to ofier to the Court m support of hu motion for a new trial until thu morning, and theiefore had not had tune to read them orer. tie naa uierciorc t v , , Jirmit the order for the dfeianU coming up th day lo stand orer for a day or two. ..rv.l Sn, irtT0.. Alter aomeooserrauona ipuin . 7 , IT , j Gl.caAL, the Court ordered that the defendants shooUcome op on v eanesoay next. This wu a proceeding upon a rule obtained by Mr. Denmaa on a formed.? , f to be'tLwt, - hythopeocem the Court below ahouM no oe remuTO "7 - . - - v - mtet iTqueKion wu the fine of 500L imposed bri ldge. m Amil, Un rear, at the Old Bailey, for a contempt ofCowit, mpub. iS.fu&accountofth.e; TOerSoedth uv' , .. VTTL.j. ,Kn two Bnaaoexa until lhe trial, of "JT rnhe same indicUnenl foe the urn. crime, rticaaU be lermfeaxed. , . . . Th ATToaxxTxwxVa - T s enntcflded, at eaotaueraoaa LsM legal light to make eeeomff, a. anou. prereo " - .V' - T - - JTJLiZi been maoe, ipc ss - j u 1 in i7. ..,. tnrW.1 ia tb u'1 . S " 1 T - i .l .w. i twaikUawa full ac in thvrrt. Ahnut 50 rarda front tha' rate he met hia fa ther, to whom he said "Mr. Johnson, 1 hare left my basket at your house 1 you will take care of lb Ilia father expecting who k is com. panions were, got a neighbour to accompany brm, aad followed them. On arriring at the end of the ton, Johnson said to them, Now, Gentlemen, this is lhe road ; you cannot get oot aad put ting them on tne utwxeier roaa, ana narmg numeaiaiciy oo - tained the nscowsry aaristoncc at the Wbed Inn, act .oft" in pur - ...t. TV w. anrtti nmlikni. hfi - InKnanii fimd me a them, and the other two ran away and got orer a teaec into a earden adjoining the road, where they were both apptehended. The prisoner, were conreyed to the Wheel Inn. where one of them wu identified by Mr. Simpson, but none of bis property being found upon them, search wu made at the place where they were secured, and the elerrn one - pound notes, the promissory note, and the nurse were found on the ground, and the watch wu also disc - rend 1 i , .v. rn c.t near we same paacc vu uie iww.iun imnwm. n wiai uwwm. tion of the prisoner, took place on Tuesday, when they were all I a J 1 TV umui) Bnmttf, Li tK nrm Mnnthlw .1 gazine (new series), printed on a new and improved plan, and published by Col burn and Co. . 1st Feb. will contain, besides tbe usnal lancuci m act, m w.u,wiw.. w lyiniuwn I. Continaation of the lecture on Poetry, by Thoenaa Campbell, fvqII. Learned Ladies III. WLnterlV. Kenil worth V4 The M aid's Remonstrance Absence Songa, by T.CanrpbeQEsqi VI. Wedded Lore VII. On the Confeuion of Ignorance i VIII. Parliamentary Eloquence I A. On the CompUinu of Am, rica against the Brinh Prcau X. Original Letter, of Prior, Joh Erelyn, and D.rid Garrick, with iac - aumliea XL On tbe lew cerebrated Production, of tbe Author of Don QuixottaNo. 2. NumanT" - T - i . it r Y i t n a .k i No. 2, FrederiS&ilIer. Xllt. On the Theories ofMalthu. and Godwin XI Y. Anecdotes of James MacPberaon.theaacientFreel . . . w t. tr . Tin Tn.. ti .. pooter ana Jiuswnan ivt. an a iuu. ouwi. . a. anv uhtui - ' . . r.l - A run T - v.a nome,a aaeicn iroui a pwiunu. u v uuwai aa. iKcpan Blanket, a tale in Terse X VIII. Line, br the Right Hon. George Canning on tbe Death of his Son. XIX. Unpubhaheu Letter of the Right Hon. George Canning to his Censtitwenu in LirerpooL XX - Biographieal Particular, of the late Mrs. John Hunter. WBliafrs PamelT, ac. Professor Young, Mr. Hamilton, of Sundrum, Jtc Order, rtcefted by all bookselleis and tvewrrcndeTa. lAdrerusernent. Forciga Cuswros. It hu long been the ens - torn ia Turkey for ladies and gentlemen to die their eye - brow, and hair, by which means the ere. appear more animated, acit age baa the jcmblance of youih, and ibis art, though practised from time im memorial, aar aeen arm a secret wua we nauywa uu aoout nileen rears ago, when a gentleman, long resident ia that coon try, obtained the tecipe, and commonicated it . to a relation, Mr. Atkinson, 44, GmanUttreet, Sohoq - ure, who introduced it to publie notice aider the came of ATX.ijraoV. Veoktablx DlK ; sine when, maay ladies and gentlemen, whoa, hair wu red or gray, bar. now beautiful brown and black hair, aad the colour b so permanent that m lAdrertisement - 1 No. 48, a prije of 21 ,0001. consols, wu drawn on Tuesday last, and aold by C'Aaaoi.1 - . in IS sixteenths, at his for - nt,ii. Vl 10 fVtmhill. ami 2K. fVrfntt - al Ii tt ,hm tti - VmIm wmIh nwwtrw All dalut - Itla flv,' day's drawing wul tax. place on Valentine's Day, and the schrm. still contains six prises rf 21.0001. conaols and moner. UIBTU iiVnU. In the berinnine of Janaarr. the ladr of John Cam miiur. Kaq - . of a son. AlAiUtl rJU. On the 23d JnsL. the Rer. Edward Bowto, recta of Tasboyne, in the county U Donegal, to Mia Moore, of Burbhoaae, la tbo umc coantr. On the2Sh hut, at Corapton Bishop, Mr. Robert Cox, of YeU mintter. to Marr Catherine, youngeat dautrhtrr of tha late Mr. John Pope, of latwrinee lsae, Irtwlon. At Dwblin, the 511 int William CvU Hani. Es to CaxaCne, only .rhtfr of Sir John Browne, Bart - , of Hoile. .treat, Me - "T'ljffa.L 1 . c. raT - m. U L - .1 - vra ww aaaas nrw , aa ot. a ju muuv, .j iir w. Court of Chancery, John Stephen, jua., secuod tea ef the honour - . Mm John fu Kan. him. Mi'mti'i SolicitarUjcaeral for the Lerward laiaaoa, so aaary jsunm nwuni ' : 1 ; ,L. i.V A.. f 1.n iomt. rwt?f, uibia n - , . . . .v'u xzr: i ttr ln eonaay anaocniy, as na, an - w, navnui, ley, Esq., in his 73d rear, sincerely rejected by all wboka bisn. ' i . . i I. .AaUoilliiaM slta. Jain CVaaminrrelieat danimter of William Marte. Eau - of BeMat. COKN - EXCHANOK, Mownar, Jajr.3?. n . n - r. Vk UTkaa, ,Wa MnlM. taa wkiek' - xjmi wiarsn w. y . Easex, Kent, aad cW&la had a heary sale, at a aech fawe: oarttr. and the crdinary qualitica were eater at aa abaawacMr arVereaxrter. ZlZy ttmt aakw H tha "fK eonaiteable hesh wpthis aaorning, nxainedwrer rVom fridar. market, eawawd aa foe afl deKrisc, a . a peraiarteraa tbeiafiriui umplra ia aiiatii, a - awa,a a Salt or no slrrrsrwss. srrsavaaajr,iw lwwrrawMsUrftaaa - at.

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