The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1948
Page 8
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'SS TWULYJ BUTHHVILLK (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS $117£00 in Rewards Offered Eor Arrest of Gunman Guilty of founding Auto Workers Chief , A<>rtl W. CU.P.) — Ttire* foot|>riiiU, n sholKUii shell wadding tawas- car were the only, due* jwlloe hart today muld-be Moassla of w»lt«r p. Rtuther, chief o< Hie oro U»lt«d if CoHuaissloiitf Marry S. Toy «tid Hint lie hoped tlx JII7.800 In that .-have been, offered for capture of the atiacker would liirn new leadi, *— — — - - — ., - . — . Gtfe window of Reullier's eot- 1«S* indicated three men may have wkbi part in the x attempt oil the l!t\ot the W-year-old auto vrorkys' president Tuesday night. Thy »aid one iftan fired th« blast (hriugh the window, 'a second acted u lookout and a third drove the tata-mode] maroon Ford four-door Wdin used In th« escape. , Many Rewards Offered Mice scientists alsv were fludy- tag the wadding of the shotgun [hell In horte of tracing the nssall- »nt by finding where he purchased She ammunition. Dr. Raymond A, Solcolov, '*lio removed four shotgun pellets from keuther's right arm and operated 'an a Jess serious cliest wound, said 'he was certain the aim would not have to be amputated. However, the doctor snid it was not yft determincrt If the rarilal nerve In the arm had been diun- sged. "If It was." Sokolov said, "he piny never have the fiiJl of his arm atjain." The ]nrgo,st siiigle re\vnrd offered was «100,OOI) by the UA^\"s international executive bonrd. r riie Detroit City Council voted $10.000 The AFL Teamsters Union offered $5MQ. The Michigan CIO Council and UAW Local 174 offered $1,000 each. The Michigan Communist Party* voted $500 and the Wayne County CIO Council $100. Various other UAW locals brought the total to sm,800. FBI May Invcxllgale Toy said he hart received a telephone call from Sen. Homer Ferguson, R-, Mich., who promised to 'ask the Federal Bureau or- Tnvcsti- patiftn - to assign agents to the cape. Th« polios hav« been receiving On the Lookout Students Go to Commercial Meet Mo., April 22.—Students of three PcmiscoL County high schools will participate In tho annual Southeast Missouri District Commercial meet, to be held nt Slate College, Cape Glr- Hi'deau, Mo. Seventeen schools are cxpecied to be represented in the meet, whith Is expected, to attract approximately 1511 students. schools which have entered are cooler, DecrhiR and Hay- tl. contests will Ix- held in novice typing (speed.and practical), amateur typing Cspecd nnd practical), novice shorthand, amateur shorthand, and bookkeeping. Trophies nnd certificates will be. uwaiiicd winning teams and individual winners will receive medals. The meet is under direction of Albert R. Fehihoff, district manager, anct commercinl teacher In the Illmo-Kornfelt High School. Kiwanians See Film John D. Hale.s. represent alive of the National Register Company, of Dayton, O., presented a film "The Bell Heard Around the World" to the Kiwanis Club at their.noon meeting in the Hotel Noble yesterday. Tho film showed the operation of tile company's plant, explained the firm's recreational set-up, and other information concerning Held 1 representatives. Other visitor* at the meeting were Bob Hay, and R. p. Morion of Bly- I thevilin. and s. W. Pollard, at Memphis. Kiwanians Present Flag TJTUKSDAT, 'APRIL M, 1941 •Malta of carutliersvllle, re-elected In the Board of Directors. Mr. Nclliery lias served ns sccrelary- trciisurer for the past 15 years or longer, while tills Is the second term on tho Board of Directors for Mr. Ma Jin. Kansas City Boxer Dies Of Injury During Fight MILWAUKEE, April 22. lU.P.)-- Jackie Dartliard, 19-ycnr-old middleweight boxer, died today of a cerebral . concussion and internal Ijlcwllng suffered In a fleht Inst nij-'hl, with Hert Lytell of Fresno, cai; Darthnrrt died despite • offorta of three MirKeohs who operated on lilin for nil hour and n hnlf this morning. Dr. Harry P. Mfixwcll, who jjcrformed the operation, said a hlood clnt had formed on the lefc side of ills bruin.. The /nt;il b(o\v efitne ne/ir the end of the sixth round when Lytell rrm- nucU'tl with a .smashing right to the head. UiirDinrd, whose homo was hi KansM City, was the fourth botrinr! /atality this year. I —Courier News I'lintii , Rol»rl 'nirner anil Charley nognn aro shown raking the Ma K presented this week to the Blytlievllle. Hi K h School, Central, and jmilor.Higli School hy E. H. FVirrt, on behalf o[ the Kiwanis Cluh. ' | . An Italian policeman searches a worker in Montecelio, looking for hidden arms. Italy is guarding against a possible Communist uprising after the critical clec- fcons. (Photo by NBA-Acme staff . eorrespondent Albert Blasetli.) $7,795,000 (in Chinese) Hot Enough Postage WICHITA, Kim. (UP) — The package, the size of a cigar bnx, had $1.195.000 in postage stickers. Yet It arrived needing 15 cents hi additional stamps- The dollars were Chinese. 'Hie cents were U. s. Capt. c. O. Hitnug of the Chinese air force thought It was n good ex- nmple of Inflation In his coimlry. So did the workers in an alrcrnft plant here which he visited. Capt Huang snid the pafcel. weighing less thnn two pouruls. was sent by air to this country from China. The 15 cents (U.S> it needed in additional postage upon arrival represented about $22,500 (Chinese). The Chinese flynr snid his 1 " nation's currency had Inflated so that, it took $02.50 now to buy what $1 had bought JO mouths ago. scores of calls 'fVom persons who J have spotted cars 'similar to the one used by the gunman Toy said each lead U being carefully tracked down. Reiither was shot down hi the kitchen of his home white eating a late snack with his wife. Mac. Their two children Linda. 5, and Elizabeth Ann, eight months were .sleeping. The scrappy, slightly-built lubor leader never lost, consciousness at- ter being hit. However,, he was unable to provide any ciuw that would lead lo the Identity of his assailant One UAW leader told police thixt there had been "real blllernrss" bciweeii the UAW and the CIO United Electrical Workers' Union which had accuserl'lleuther of raiding the UAW for members. Almost Pure Helium Developed in U.S. WASHINGTON <up> — Helium whose production is a United Slates government monopolv. Is now SO 8 'per cent pure and doesn't rust n cent more. The step-up from the previous 98.2 per cent eliminates "deadweight" Impurities, will save .|r:in.i- portntlon costs and uc-milt ne* and better welding techniques for fabricating materials, (lie Interior Dc- partmetil^salcl. As for its j.-j known, there Is- no helium production outside the United States. None of the non-explosive, ilghler-than-iilr gas Is exported. Foreign countries use hydrogen, whlrh is lighter than helium but hiflnmmuulc. The Bureau of Mines sells helium from Us two Texas 'plants to the government and industry for balloons and dirigibles, lo pi-event fires in welding metiils nnd to make medical anesthetics non-explosive. Says Humans Shouldn't Tinker With Biology MI3DPORD, Mass. (UP)—Somi> day people mny marry with (he primary idea of improving the race, a 'I*ntts College anthroixilo^ist predicts. I*, may be 50O.COO years awav. Prof. Frederick R. Wnlsin says, but .some tlf.y social pressure mny produce such a situation. Me also believes that man "will coruc to tinker witli his own hcrecl- [ily as he has with great effect witti I the heredity.of,animals and plants." j "I don't look: lo see this in the immediate, future." he Fays, "nnr do 1 I approve of it. for 1 regard iu- | tempi.-; to tinker with heredity as efforts lo take over a function of the rlcit.y." \Back Seat Driver Yells 'At Motorcycle Operator, "• Collision With Car Results IJTTLK ROCK, Ark., April :>2 (UP)--Jessie Black was driving Ms • motorcycle down Louisiana Street I , last nigh!. His w ife was on t the I : back scat. j j The situation was under control ' according to Little Rock police l ! Suddenly,- Mrs. Black screamed i She thought her husband had not; seen a car pulling out from the j I curb 501110 distance ahead of them. I ; Uliirk said he saw the .car, inn • turned mound | o BCC what, haii : j happened to hi.s wife. j : There was a crash as the car ' anil the motorcycle collided, hut the , damage was limited priuripally tn a couple of badly ruffled tempers Policemen said Black appeared ' to bn in enough trouble, and made no [ONE'S Beauty Shop III N'ortli 2nd SI. OPKJV KVKNINC.S by AI'I'OINTMKNT Otifrntors: Fnyon I'orlor ' Mui-ic AlcLe.nil K(>(l<T.r _Mildr|.|i Burncil React Courier .News Wnnt Ads. For Sale Stote Certified D.& P. L PLANTING SEED CLEANED & TREATED 6-8-12 Fertilizer Roseland Gin Co. Roseland, Ark. -J, Funeral Insurance PHONE 4431 COBS FUNERAL HOME Plenty of Towels And fresh rations Ion! Smarl Molhor Takes Them tn "U-Do-lt" Laundry Wash on our morloni MAYTAG MACHINKS nnrt dry on mil- G-\S PIBKD DRIERS. Oiwii 7 a.m.—Close .S:3fl p.m. Close Salurdny nt noon. Oi»n Tuesday anrl Tliuvsrtny until fl p.m. 3M N. Second SUoct Phone Booneville Murder Trial j Verdict Expected Soon i HOONEVILM5. A.k., April 22 — (UP)—The degree murder trial of Grovn- Fields was rf.sumoil to- rlny and mi curly verdict. \vas expected. Fields W as accused of in- • tally stabbitiB Earl Homsby. a state .snultorluni employe, ' last Jjmuiij-y. " . Tlic trial i-nt iniderwny yesterday mid moved swiftly to (lie jury before court was ndjourncd. An- i oilier person. Hoy.Copes of JJoone- j villn, had prcvioiisjy been found • b'llllty of the same" crime and is serving a life sentence. ' i Pcmiscot Men Elected \ CARUTHERSVlL-IjE. Mo., April'. 22.—Two Pemiscot Comity men, of thi.s rily nnrj >f;\y!i, UTJT rirrtrri officers rf the Southeast Missouri '' Lumber Dcnlers Assneintion at its ' annual meeting held last Friday at Cape Oirardoau, Mo They- are W. T. Ncthery of Hayli. re-cieoted secre'lniy-treasin-ei-, ami Maurjcc' Frosh Stock Gtmrantwl Host Prices Kirby Drug StoreS ; Food Lockers i j For Rent j Cold Storage J Meat Curing i J K.\pi-i-1 Processing and j (luii'k 1'reiv.iiig for Home i 1' i Groceries - Meats - Fish I BLAYLOCK Frozen Food Phone 2H02 Bottled by SANDERS & WHEELER Blyth«vill«, Ark. First National Insurance Agency TOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phons 2311 I1S.N. Second Street BILI, WILSON Anthony Building CHARLES BITTNER Auto Body Repairs r»r Ihr Wht In AulaniDhlk; Bod; Repairs, briny your car ta H ' . . . w« h«ve ill modern equipment to cut labor cost*. I Stand tfehind 12 Years of Satisfactory Service Jn Mississippi County '125 KaM BARKER'S BODY SHOP Phonc 25()n Before You Start On That Spring Vacation . . . drive your cur inln (iiiv jrnrii^e nnd Icl our expert mechanics ^" over it thoroughly—put it in (op form fm i>lo;isnr;ihle summer and vacation driv-> ing. Low Viitcs. LEE MOTOR SALES INC Oldsmobile — CMC Trucks 307 East Main St. , Phone 2056 CAMERAS FOR RENT -> r FRFFf 5x7 Knlar * fcmenl 2- stf ri\CCI With Each Rol! Ki!m ))e,-el«pe<) Mm •* T* BARNEY'S 2006 West Maiq St. Phone 3647 FARM & LOANS V«n« O(fic«, Newark, N. }.' PROMPT CI,0«INa LOW BAT* OMi, WRITI OH Si» RAY WORTHINGTON "5 S. Third St., Blythtvlllj, Ark. Serrlnr This SpcHon 25 Ye.-ira AurtmrtieJ ilartnait I.OM SaVcllor lor THE KUDENTU1, INSURANCE COMPANY OF AVUXICA Clinic SU Main, Blylhcvillc, Ark., Phone FOR SALE (X our prices on tested 12 im-li to IS inch concrete culverts. Also concrete buiMing blocks. CALL ON US DIAL 691 We Deliver and Sell for Less Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 Concrete Tile Sewer Tile SIMS 4, 6 and 8 Inch Culvert Tile S'ncf 10, n, 15, 18, II, Z«, W and 36 Inch A. H. WEBB Hwj. 61 at Stale Lin« fhone Blythcvllle 71* DYNAMITE Now in Stock at Paul Byrum's \ff"V "trout 1 RKDYKI), the old sline becomes smart, "o\v appcarinp; <pav- ( ticitljirly if also 'r«v Iniilt liot-e). \\' P rn . dye shoes any colov •—perfectly. H-flLTCRS OOflLITY SHO€ SHO 121 W. M P \ N ST. J.oial & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any IMace Buck Meharg 401 E. Main St. I'hones: Day 4677 2J186 Radio Service At Us Hesl All .Service Guaranteed FM Installed and Service a Specialty FELIX CARNEY Blythevillc Safes Co. 138 K. Main Phone 3fi 16 /** **M Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phon« 3479 Blythevillc Ark. 112 Walnut 9t BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 STUDEBAKER We Repair 'Em All Any Make Cars and' Trucks ... 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