The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNK 8, 1914 : BLYTHEV1LLE '(ARK.) CbUfolER NE\/S Correspondents Enjoy Luxuries Reporters Are Given , Strawberry Sbor>ca|ce For Lunch On D-Day AN ALLIED ADVANCE POST June 7, (U.I>.)_The war corre- tuondeuls assigned to General Elsenhower's headquarters 1m the invasion soy their. Job wns one a newsman dreams about. ' H included official secrets. R shiny limousine to- ride in, ami .strawberry shortcake for lunch. United I'fes GoiTespondeut Edward Roberts says the correspondents, got their first taste of luxury when a handsome liiivousiiie wlilsk- <'d them out of Jjjndon.- The .supreme, commajider greeted the correspondents personally and gave, them -complete. Invasion details. " ' Tljey were Installed lii a spacious tent lyal far Iroin Eisenhower's. An English orderly was 1 assigned to wake them up in Hie morning, light oil heaters 'to'take off. (lie chill and heat \yater for'washing and shaving. . •• 1 ^V^ ^'} lei ? they \vpre served genuine strawherry shortcake for luiich on .D-Day—that was almost too much, says Roberts.' Tlje correspondents are ijermit- ted to accompany the jjcncra!' on his . lours of "inspection. By ills direction, interviews vith the lending commanders of the invasion operation arc arranged. He arrange^! an interview with General Montgomery, lor example. ' : •'.''• DiVprce Plea Granted Lucille Morgan was granted n divorce from Elmo Murray Morgan t recently in Cliaiirery CourU Two ''divorce suits were fifed this wecft'ih Chancery'Court. They were 'Nolan B, Young ys. Delvyie Young and Frank SI. Clair vs. Isa'bclle SL Clntr. EDSON IN WASHINGTON I /n I I c k i r? j •''.•• f* ii* M-ULSM-Wspn Calling BY VK'IKK KDSON Courier WAJINING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT OP CHICKASAWB A' DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Silas Crews. Plaintiff, .:'.'' ' vs. No. 8489 Nalma Martin Crews, Defendant. The defendant Nalma Martin Crews Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption heiyof and answer the complaint of .the plaintiff Silas Crews. Dated this '13 day of December 1943. '. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Doris Muir, D. C. J. Graham Suduury, Ally, for Pltf. G. W. Bnrham, Ally, nd Litem. H-2i-2'8-4 When. .Smaller VV»r Plants Pot- porallori Chairman Maury Maverick 1H go his blast .at meanUigifss'golj- bledygopk language .used Ijy'euv'- 'ment bureaucrafs hi their official prde'rs ai\d mcniorandai' lie 'tritglit hayp .tlpne .the' 'iong-juffering clyjl- iiin reader another fayQr'jf'lje'h&'d Included lu Ills target a lot of tlxe naval and m'ijjiary jargon of alpna,- bellsin and nuriierology' which' now clutters up tlie news of the war ami (ho news of war production. • How" would'you like iti for in- saiice, If.'tlie news of the invasion came at yju iike this:"". : 'The'first waves'of Marines debarked from LCI's and, 'supported by M-? tanks wlilch rolled oil Ihe LST's, l!jey'"q'ulckly established We beachhead. Prpjn the air they" were aided by SBJiS's.' In the secpijd wav.e came An.ny' troops, debarking 'from LClL's, siipiJprleU by LSNl's wWch dis(jor'ged tA-4 Uuiks under, the 'i'lf irbleclion 'furnished 'hy'p'-4l''s aiid A-2b-A's." '."-"•,.. And so. on. ,',:': No siluaiton .would .ever .develop like thai and heayen knows, no rp- IJorter In his right jnind would ever ivrite It (lia't wn v y. Bill "Oils'gives an idea of how tilts trick' te'cHiilcal lln- ;o is Ueveloplug, and it's high .time t was stopped', inasmuch'' as ''It's .Ikely this war-wiirbe aro.und'for quite a while. •'"'• • '.' : v -' JUST |IAV^tJ7 GOT , SKX AVI-'KAl', '•''.'"' '..-.•' Even'when spelled .out.'.loo'niaiiy ( >f'those liam^s stilFrfad-like sphie'-' Wng"6uC of-a ma'nufabtufef's cata- .pBU'e instead '• "of'words' 'that hiakc sinall boys want to''emulate > the ^erts of'Gominaiido Kelly. A I'Land- ng Craft, Infantry, Large' 1 is useful n' invasion, but it's still: a lousy name without 'sex appeal or glamor for a gal .who 'wants lo brag to her playmates about' .what kind of a warship her 'sweetie is saiJJng pii. Also, song writers ap.d pojtasters can get ho iiispiratipn out of sucli stuff. What kind of-.tune coiUd bp written ajoo.ut a cpyplet yiat.''yejiit: My sailor boy al'i'' sp,t' ni.uch raiik, ' But""h'6'! ll coni'nnimte a 'Landing Ship, -Tahkl And ^hat In tlie world can you find "lo'rhyme with an'LSM, even when you spell out the M for Medium. • , • ' ' Maybe ji lot of these things are Montana has 7500 raisers of wool. producing, sheep. Shuttle Bomber .The Allied shuttle bombing sys- jjfem to Russia, which caught the ^wazis by surprise and threw eastern Germany into a panic, is in charge of Col. Alfred A'. ^. Kessler, Jr., above.. . ,oq new to hnve acquired much irjidition or the rlchumd'riicy nick-' names which soldier aiul sailor and leatherneck"slahtfln time testow on all articles of war, ;sacred ami profane. It look four yeurs or more to j?rcft)i down official Army and Nnyy conservatism nt the top and get colorful names approved and adopted for aircraft. But when once-the barriers'were removed, how'm'ucl rhorc drama in u "Thunderbolt" tliiui a P-47, how much more of a lift' to the spirit of a pilot flying a "Havoc" instead of an A-20, hon much more of a buildup for the morale of the folks at home to know that their dive bombers were called "Dauntless" Instead of having to bear up under the cold pork grjiyj Icslgnritloh 'of 'an "AVV'S Hb'lllNl) ^ Army |iiis be]ej) w'ny (i)icad of the Nnvy hi llils iiiiinlng business as a nor^le builder, particularly In allowing the pilot and crew of an r al)'r ciafl to glyp their own plane a ! .pel nan\e and 19 doll it uj) wltlv a little loud paint. Think < what \ Cli'en- inuilt's "Plying Tlgeis" i»d'.to the' Japs. There are thousands of tf-ll'S, but there will be only one "Mei'itJ phis Hello," only one ."Wabllt Twacks." only one "We Should Dp This More Often"—names thai wjil go down In history. ' ''."••• Why the Nnvy gold braiders'have ( - u't come down oil tji.clr')ilgh''sea horses and permitted 't|i« u'll6ti and the skippers of its' 'thousands of small landing craft to liuve'a little '"« in naming 'their birds and barges Is a mysleiy. The Navy Jins u onij Ivagllloii of namhiK' tilings— battleships for states, cruisers for Hies, silbmarlnos for Hsh, destroy- is for nnval heroes and so on. Uut W> '•«(• Wk. BOD^I Rrix'ps Ttilt rinurmwi KOI] AKR NQl C81NO J»«>»»i! Aim liberal trUe-ln KjJmjMf lot .01* formmr«.jiB>^r, irrT ,.'• Atrtn Bvdy Km. Co. ' Energy-full • "B/». • II II Vitamin Value BACON 11 s made by ROYAL so it must be good 1 And we want you to see how goo<( « is. That's jvhy >ve make this amazing offer Quick—goto your grocer now. Gef this new baking powder vitli the famous old namCi See what marvelous results u gi\es CTht.i Mir <lMt no) .„!, | r Mllillllp*I) ll's still nttnlust reBUlatlons to nun\c Iflanes iind small craft, n'ml Ihe boys In Ihe I'acillc who have begun to tag their weapons have to do It' un- dfllclnlly. The Navy should relax. 'Anyway, php.qpy.on nil this 1,01, Gojupilniv presented Queen Isa- uelln u'ltirswcci/potatoes' from the New World when hu returned from his flrfil exploration.' .. ' MEXSANA ' We Hqve At Present A Good Assortment of Jell ies. Jams, Preserves, Apple &t Pear Butter. ; BLAIR'S CERTIFIED gKCONDITIpNALLY GUARANTEED 25 Ib. S.R. 50 Ibs. S.' R. ipplbs.S/R. 1-27 • • • -, i, 2 ^P '. fat 100 Pound SACKS 2 55 SCRATCH GRAIN 100 Ibs. $1.25 HOG & PIG FEED 3 •95 16% DAIRY FEED HORSE & MULE FEED..« 3" MASH STARTING & GROWING LAYING MASH X PELLETS SAY HART' The Qplden Brown Loaf Enriched with Vita min IM an'd Energy For Victory. 2 SPECIALS THIS WEEKEND! Delicious Devi/'s Food Cakes. 49* Fresh Cocoaniit Layer Cakes . . . FRENCH BREAD Baked Fresh Daily » S Btytheville Owned, Employing Blytheyille Ptopl* BROILER MASH Sock GREEN BEANS Fres/j Pou/jo 18c CARR01S Bunch Fresh, Ripe V CUCUMBERS Fresh P.ound POTATOES p.;— 5 Pounds •,Vt No. 7-—OLD 5 Lbs. ONIONS fyew Crop Dried, $ Lbs. 13c 11 oz. SIZE Qt 45c; Pr. 25c GUNS, Med. Size 25c; Lg. 35c HUMKO 4 i'QUNDS 83c 8 IBS, 165 VINEGAR DISTILLED GALLON 35 VICTORY WAGON Delivery Service TWICE DAILY, ANYWHERE IN TOWN, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. PURE LARD <J, POUNDS : G8c : 8 IBS. 1.36 VINEGAR, GAL GALLON WFIITE nflc PURE CIDER 49 Buy Better Meats Green's Swift's Premium or *}4 , 's, Piece, Tfe j|jt SWEET MILK « BONES Fresh » 26^ Independent's Rock Spring, Sliced PORK CHOPS Center Cuts Ib PORK ROAST Lean, Meaty re COTTAGE CHEESE Fresh 1b LARD Bulk, Pure 16c 113 E. Main H APPYtJOUR ; GROCERY & JL JLMARKET Phone 814

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