The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1933
Page 6
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'.'•-IXi..'. • J:>AGE EIGHT Senators Winning ,Slrea)c Slopped at 13; Braves Go Into Second Place. HEADED FOR THE CROWN HOCKEY JACK WESTROPE, I9o WINERS • By Laiifer COURIER NEWS / AMERICA'S LEADING The Detroit Tigers stopped the miming .streak of the lending Washington Senators of the American League yesterday after Die Naus had won 13 straight games. The Giants, National league jicce 'tetters, were Idle Tuesday. . The Tigers trounced Ihe Senators 10 10 S at Dftroit. WUti the tcore tied and two out In the ninth Inning nml Ihc winning run on second Greenberi;, Tiger first baseman, hit for the circuit, to decide the game. II was his second homer of Hie crime. Washington scored ilireo runs In its half of ihc ninth lo take the lend but iht Tigers came back to count Ihree mm in Ihclr half nnd wi oiu. Pitcher was the winning pitcher and Crowder tlie losr-r. The New York Yankees defeated the Cleveland Indians tit Cleveland nnd ttopped a winning streak of tho Indians which liad reac.'i cd seven games. The score was 4 to 3. The win gamed for Hie ynnks on the Senators pulling them but seven nnd n half games behind ihe league leaders. Gomr z ai the winning pitcher and Harder the Tlie St. Louis Browns lost a 7 lo C )»ame lo the Philadelphia Alh- Itttas nt St. Louis. The Macks hammered out three homers by Finney. McNnlr and Htneins while West of the Browns hit for the circuit. Maliaffej- was the wlnnln" pitcher nnd Knolt the loser The Cbicaeo While Sov vwn two comes at Chicago from the Jioston Red Sox. The scores were 88 to 1 ant) 4 toO. Ted Lvons pitched the first victory and Kevin? shut out the Red Hose in Ihe second g;imc Ljons led the White Sox hitters vrlfh three Ukws in the first ijtiine. MTie Boston Braves jumped Into «cond place In the National lencue race yesterday, beatine the Pltls- burgh Pirates In 14 Innlnes The score was 5 to 4. . The blov, that decided the game *as Wslly Berber's liomc run In the • Hth inning. The home run -was hit at the expense of Wnlto Hoyt while Prnnkhoucc was the winning pitcher. Neither team scor til from the fifth inning until Berber's 14th Innliw homer. • 411 other National league teams were idle. ' BRINGI HE. POUCHED TIME: ' AND IS ONN 0? WE IS DEfEUT JIM Boron Pitcher .Wins Own Game With Hit in Tenth Inning. Tho icnillne ' Smokies dr ° PPC<J JVEDNESDAY, AUGUST: 23. SLIDES Players ivr:: u r^ ham ^»«:G«we., nJng to rival jjoctty for roughniss ,, -..-- .r.'.:""- ». Hope U. S. Will Be Outlet Cecil Smith all bruised up, w»s the lion of the po!o crowds at a, W a, ««• SILL BMUCHEK. of Abbreviated How old do you Ihlnk that little W<! man of the ring. Hilly petrolle, answer l s 28. ... Juhn t"in«r<i-»™'"i'ii" Phh Chlcta i, »• K '^''>(d on tlij . iJ tll ,"' d ,! )Ia ™, sain- (u on the league leaders: lend of Madison Qurden. set n 45-yaril - record nt Amlover Unit for 25 yeais . . . the snme John now K'piKhs & bit over 200. — ...... .pounds. * i ••esTi 0B ^\i r01 ', nnc<l Ule Sin( *-' When I,o« Ochrij? joined the,' Hu'on nit, \L Blrml " r - ha ni- Hughes. • Yankees he *•„„ placed on the' ^•™i,. f,! ' < °" Ws own BO™ h™ch - . . and a.slwd Miller Hug-' ini iiir ir ,1 i i lc wlnnj ng run Shis to bo sent to Si Paul in the Ithc n'uom i.,!!' i Al « 1r " nlr «y or doal ror K W"I: because he wanted' "•rfecl dnv ?? h IlUs fov n '" " Iay hal1 - • • • NO" 1 * ""sh Is u.uiect din at. bat and Allirifton n " set for another ywn- us mini-1 the : pitcher. Memphis Chicks defeated -....j,..,-, Vf niv:ii!> <h" Vols 7 to 3 ttl Memphis The \T*'r/in>jffjH.i ... . * *-<Jl, Manjihtons wen- umhlt by «" '•> man-In but inani h- blow.s count lo j Thanks, Hormby That was a jjcod brenk for Ham Gray of the Browns waived to Washington \ m r-^ , • " Mr. Dooley, Of House Of David io __-• . •* ; Doolcys, Wins Official Decision How They Stand Bontti»m Knoxvflle v->n- oceans Memphis Nashville tittle Rock ... ...... Birmingham ......... 20 Chattanooga ......... 2C Atlanta ' ............. 21 National 30 Pet. .59 6 .572 .433 .368 New York 68 Boston (H St. Louis '. ' " 64 Pittsburgh 62 Chicago f> Philadelphia ....'"" 43 Brooklyn 4j Cincinnati ...' 44 Ametfcin Lewnt W L Washington 77 30 New York CO 46 Cleveland 62 60 Detroit gn gg Philadelphia ....'.'.','. 57 5D Chicago 54 (a Boston 49 eg St. 1.0111s 44 77 Pc.l. .613 .S41 .542 .539 .409 .503 .500 .462 .419 .354 Nashville at Memphis. Chattanooga at Little Rock Knoxvllle al Birmingham Only games.. American I rarer* New York nt Cleveland Boston at Chicago 12 games> Washington nt Detroit " Only games.. f.ratn. PiltKbiirgh at New Yott ft«-i gomes). Cincinnati at Brooklyn Chicago al Philadelphia St. Louis at Boston. ley, the bearded House of DavU wrestler, and Ei'eretl Jeimhiex. Terni, boy gaining victories. . ile some ralher weird ami imisimi occurrences the card wns Ihe best of l!;e new scries here so far niitl u fni,- house appeared to \fn C " joy llle sllcw lo '' lllte n " esloll l • SU3 jmlk'ing from the cheers and jeers' thai accompanied the grunting and '?„;, groaning. This Way or That ' As far 115 the ivrlier is concerned Mr. Dooley, Hie highly piiblicb> etl lii-whiskcrcd "villain" lost, a decision io Mr. Unknown. Bud Cnr- ney .of Sealtle. Wash., but Referee Aflke Meroney didn't sec it ihal way and it's Qn M r Meroncy's say 'o that, fhe game is run. Of course t here wns plenty of argument al the end as to which one really V.-OH and controversy always makes for bcller crowds in Ihe liiture. Dooley essayed the role of "villain" nml while most of llic fans roared for blood and bsced lii>n Today's Games Victoria Falls, in Africa, is more limn two-and a half times as high a 5 Niagara. Post recently broke tb» ' OR ENCIRCLING LD .slablisbed by •I'Jistlf and H«rold Catty and (ti * doing became the first man to ; rnske a nob airplane flight JTou?4 th* wr th. JACK CRAW', FORD ()t Australia la th« wor]d'» 1 »»«t*ur,lenh«' champion. TS« u f< * **' The wrestlers had their mnj. or the „.._ — .,,-„ »."ii>viiii3 i m; itUl lo Carney but evidently Meroney was jiisl. getting them back In bounds. Anyway Carney arose -with his buck to Dooley and protested lo Meroney. As he dkl so Dooley yniiked him dowi. from behind nnd M momeni Inter Meroney was civ- nig Daoley (lie oat, on the luck •hat means it's your full. The- annual loss of tin; Amriienn public through embezzlement MS been estimated m NOTICE . Notice Is hereby ulven Hint n suit has this day been filed in (hr Chancery Court, for the chlcka- cawba District of Mississippi Oo-.m- ly. Arkansas, by J. Nick Thomas Sff.-iinit Clyde Robinson; Ada RnU- inson; Mrs. G. W. Miller; Mrs. Lee Richardson; Mrs. Pnul Elnm; Tom Miller; Mary Phillips Robinson nurt Mrs. C. D. Elam, by which saltl p:nlnti(l seeks to quiet nnd cj< firm his title to tlie East Flficen acres of the North Hnlf of Ihc North Hnlf of the Southeast Qmr- ir.- of Section Ten (10), in Town- fhlp Fifteen (15) Norlh. U»ngc Elevpn ill) East, In Mississippi County, Arkansas. Plnintlff -luirilcnlarly seeks lol MM iisltle, ns constituting » clnutl i.noii Ills title, the following mn:- in vlctorj- they'll turn oul nenin 1 h "-" of seeing him 3 b mmf ,i i lrar . lo the mai the nc-xt lime lu- ^ar.s here. Jennings, who nccorning to ti-.o cltici;il aiiiioiuu.-i.-i uiKtveiKlied Jack I-twl-i by eight pounds but who a]>- jKared lo oulwcigli ij !t . Kentiicky boy by at least -JO i»mids, s lu c g«l "Is way to the final fall and vie- ,- tory. White l-.lttlng with the closed <"*' lo -^, fiM is supposed to be barred in DcclcD of Chancery Court, rend wrcjtllne it really decided tin- ecu- lest although Jennings appeared Mrong enough to win the match anyway he chase. Palls Thick anil Fast Both mutches.were reeled oft in last time with the first one takiti? only 21 minutes of nllolteS hour - limit, and Ihe scc3iul mi'v 'r. i ~"" "" • mlmitcs of n two hour time llinll |X> ~ Ol salc 5 " bmUtccl by it. Lewis look ihe first fall 0 | the " ' " 0|)vm,i E matci, i,, , 0 mlim t rs . Jfn . 3'SiTi^' 0 ^^ t! niiish him with a body slam m n've I minutes. As before related Jen-! nuiRs won Ihc third fall in s i v ' minutes via th« shi sg i, v , touu ; ! socking L-wls out of ll;e rhiK »-hcr" Clilna's populaiion than 415,000,000. totals more ••/ Last Time Today MAT.—10-251- N1TE—il)-; (JI.ORIA SWANSON ( in ! Understanding' Paramount News Oomwly With Andy Clyde Thursday & Friday MAT.—10-25i- NITE—lO-.'I' Tim Mttte Rock Travelers beat Ihe Cliutinnoogn Lookouts 7 to 5 «l Little to*. nc Travelers ral- licil 10 .core four runs In the sev •»"> »»<I eighlh innlnjrs nn d sew )> the ball eame . Wrnbel u-as the winning pitcher and Ltnkc the los hit for being *!";""' • U nd whnt[ fhl l> s ,.. Al .. !1 ,'. i ^ th .. 01 50 " 00 feet » rl - . aeiisroiitid, Hie temperature rc- s constant tliroiighout the and is abo:it ihc same as the annum air temperature f»r the region In •his level, the . below teinixri-nturc in- Iii 1909. President Theodore looks like n worldlerits " Washington pitching staff, by (lie v '«y, has been standing up pretty well under A 1 01 o f pinilshinenl • • • starting pitchers being sent to the hull t «n day after day ... •md doing relief work , . . which has ruined better staffs than that °. Hie Senators. Recent' letters ask if I'm slill .siicxint' (o (ho idea that Pittsburgh 1 win the pennant . . . the an- Van outfielder, the other clay Walker «.,HC d«.s),|,,g Jn fol . u ,;,„•, li.t by FioUU- Hemslc-y and i.-iicainu '•(I to cmeli It . . n,.. i,,,, ,','. only 30 ysrds behind him. nin voi; KNOW THAT— Pn-Jinps Hint Zeke Eonurn kid a lay. what lite White Sox needed all year . . . PO,,^',, ,, ' li'led lilmself, Red Kies< nnrf Karl Webb on first base I and now he's gettln? l]!e .Uc-r from Dallas who hit r or c'jii of .Ml Hits year. . . . Wunv Roc-User. Cinclnnotl Deds' onl- lielder. Is j.orne. .shnkos as a bas- ktlball ttwt-li ... he sinis his tenth .senson ns mentor at nil. nols Wesleyan , . . ail{ | his learns have won four Little Nineteen Conference chnmpion- dming hi.s stay. Kocky Kleveland kid' Patsy Perroul, who dnibtied f/-y Oastanaga in hl s New York debut, thinks he c-aji whip ellhec Baer or Schmellnu on the action they showed the night of their figh', . . . but he wants a couple more inches in height "t 0 whip ! that big Pisnn" . I meaning Primo. Kill] Ihc liupr- tliat Hie Ainendmen v.'il! l)o repealed. Chuinuagne erowprs pray .|! Jn i tin 1 tin-Ill on chaniiJasjMe, once *illf-S Mil) lift legally lmiK)l'iP(i j,|to HIP Unlled sinfc. v:ii: b? reason- nhle. The pho-.oblephnron, n flsh O f Ihc Bnmla Ji.'umls, las ti large iuinihoiti headlight under its' eye. 'liiis oi-;ian. ijc-inx lumlnoiu> even when removed hum t he 'rtsh is Uf-cil by the nailvi-s as bait' fur "•flit fishing, Queen Viclom v.-«s llic first J -iiglisll ciueeii to assume' ilic lillc of Empress of India; I'ai'liiunejit e<l f01 ' lll(> tfllt ' ln !l WH i" swer u ycs prove it. Blld New York's giandstand managers are castlnu "JpersloM at McCarthy's handling of (he Yanks . . . with all the material und money in the world , that b!lt with as ncmilrcd sel s . . . lncl ]ast this time, with the Yanks fin- , e ans fin- ahead, they were .saying that tlie The first telegraph line in the Unilcd States was built in '1844; H i an from Washington to Baltimore. MEMPHIS 10UNI) - TR $1.50 .'.luff. McCarthy Buses .«d for the trip Washington to it turn. ROUND - TRIP Good for SO Days pretty hot| £,~ «;»«'• I BJytheville Kilo P.M. D: "'b' 4:30 P.M tinrf . _ i Children A«d 5 to 12 Half-Fare rjniirs' I)IP nt\ ~ '**"*** "••*-Q up *~~—' ivnm i t:>1 L galncs lost by one run .'. ™ ??<* club having dropped 21 lliu atMjlhat way. . . . somebody ought to devise n suit of armor for polo ereri ,Mny 10, 1933, In case number 5030. styled Mnry Phillips Robinson. plnintlfT, rersiw Clyric Robinson and Ihc defendants above named except Mrs. c. D. Elnm, which is recorded in Book 11. at page 100. of tile records of Hie nbovc named court.-. h * cut milch as hac i really bwn a ho.ving contest • Ucoley win |b e nr»l lall O f 'lv- lealurc match In 14 miniilci Car>»y was applying n s<. ri{ .. or |; in ,, "'"" sn - appafcntly had Doolpy (0r •«"« cicaners when t|-.e Galnes. us commissioner of said court under Ihe nbovc decree, slewing a sale to Mrs C. D. El'jin of the East 7V. acres o( the lands aliovc tlo- f.cvibed, under dale of June 27. 1933. \vhlch Is on file in Ihc olTice of the clerk of said court , but not recorded. •".' Commissioner's deed from R. L. , .. ^ "P"' When C.>n-.ev in wide open for the killing y jumped astraddle th- n\a, mgtcn blond, wrap.^a ^c , h ^ opponcnt'r, w.-,i« a ,, rt im lojhe noor wit, a ^ scissors for t^e first (all. Blondie Comes Tlirouirli Carney won the second fall in 13 mlm,l« with a Hying , c lssors w| ," the effect reversed. T-LS time vn, -appeared nil but out •••-.•. he suddenly leajx-d m the air, clamped both legs around 1)»- leys head and rode him t 0 the Dooley was awarded the last' r a n in eight minutes. Carney to have Dooley '.squarely or oujhly on |Me „,.(. 6ll )h . ,, Gaines. Commissioner, to Mrs. C. D. Elnm. attempting to convey the lands last above described, which deed is dated June 27. 1933. and is on file in the olfice of the clerk of the atove named court, but Ls not recorded. Order of the tibove court, dated June 21. 1933. approving the above mentioned commissioner's deed, which is on file in the office of the clerk oi the above named coutt. but is not recorded. All parties having or claiming. to have any Interest in or to the I property first above described, arc • warned to appear in said court within sis weeks after (lie date hereof, and set up ihoir claims: otherwise the same will be forever barred and precluded. Dated (his 8th day of August, 'R. L. GAINES, Chancery Court. Clerk. Reid. Evrard & Henderson, Allys. for Plaintiff. . !>'16-aS-30-6-13 5UMMERV1LLE and ZASU PITTS m OUT ALL NIGHT r-th«;pieto«''in which th«>icr*«n'« famous It your elephant wants to ride on tqp IT'S ALL RIGHT WITH A CHEVROLET We didn't Actually plan on elephants when we chose the bodies for the new Chevrolet. But we did choose bodies rigid enough, and strong enough, to support BIX tons of elephant or anything else you can name. Fisher bodies . . . eteel bodies plus a hardwood frame . . . exactly the same type of bodies u»ed on all 12 and 16-cylinder cars. Steel aloae is not enough to make you as Mfe and secure u we want you to be in a Chevrolet. A steel body, welded into a solid wall of protection plus reiilient hardwood reinforcing to take up strets," absorb shocks and prevent the steel from following its natural tendency to buckle under pressure makes the sturdiest body of all-the kind used on the Chevrolet, and on no otfier low-priced car. Remember that when you buy a car. Be sure to get all you pay for ... the super-safety of a steel-plus -wood Fisher body. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT. MICH. *445 TO $565 . f)ir«d«d ky Sum T»yl 0 , p..' wtod br.C*rl tamo,]',. Krazy Kat Karln in n Comedy — "Thrown Out of Joint" with Harry S« f(( . Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. BlyHieville, Arkansas.

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