The Times from London,  on May 18, 1863 · Page 28
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The Times from London, · Page 28

London, England
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1863
Page 28
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13 LATEST INTBLUdByOB. TA.TrUo' tt Wbhf fimti ta mloetnalXdJ. Ua of Beterday t - 1 TBJLNGX. .?ST?r r .:.,: r HIS, KiT IT. la Train Bad tha rayi of Ihla erealna' ia i , M I1m Holy Sea b nrvptring mraxmadam on the aufjerinca and coodition of tha Catholic Church bPoUnd." : Tha IVtye also mji thai tha Turkish circular on the Soea Can! vu proptrodlfmiooa to tho departure) of tho Sultaa foe Egypt CUANTTLLT, Mat 17. Tha French Derby vu ran to - day. La Totienoa von oaiUjr. Dollar waa aeoond. the roLisa ixsnuiEonoy. LKKBEKQ, XAT 18. The InanrrwUon haa brolran oat in four district! el rbdotia. Thapoasantry rMaainqaUk. Three Insurgent coqra made their appear anew in Om districts at Wlmlr aud Luck. . TIm Iluaaiana art fortifying Luck. LeleweTi carp has marched north ward. The whole of the Ukraine it In a atateof inxurroo - lion, with tha exception of the dlstricte of Caeriask and Osuchryn, wher tha nobility an farooraUa to Russia, An IrwnnwHonarjr prorfamaUnn haa been lamed rwjnUtoii the rihU of tlta ItitaiUn natlmtalitW A prorUinn) iniurywit thief haa lawn jrod aimed in the Ukraine. w CRAW V, Mar XmiKfl, iMawnth dfh ami Uta loth itut. an iiuume lion bn. out at lira lUrfervnt jwlnla o Volhynla. Tha intiirypnti emifiM in (lallfU haw all re - fupil to avail themtelna of tha atnttMli in ipiUi'ef Ike adWlallwia hf thd UnaainM aotMila. HKItLIK, MAT 10. " L - ttm raealred here from Warsaw itaU that on tha 10th bat. the reroluUooary Tom Captain, in onlor to liferent the emigration of doipondent cltl - aens, Issued a procUmatiou forbidding any person to leave Poland without a pusportfrom tha National Go rem meat. DANTSIC, Mat U. Tha Otttt ZtUung of to - day aaya t "Tha Provincial llerolutionary Committee for. Lithuania haa published a reply to tha Imperial ukase granting an amnesty, which aayi l " Aa the object of the ineurrection ii not to obtain eonceaaiooa from the Emperor, but to eata - tdiah the indepcniUmce of tha whole of. Poland within the frontier, which existed before it partition, the national struggle ahall continue until the last Muscovite eoldiur haa been driven from these lolih prtmnoBn, or till the lait Poliah army haa ceased to fight, . .RUSSIA. . . - w,, . - 8T. PETERSBtTJiO, MAT 17. A decree of the Minister of War has been issued, ordering the formation of new regiments for tho occupation of the fortresses of Finland, and tho placing of eight battalions on a war footing in that province. ' TURKEY A2TD POLAND. CONSTANTINOPLE, Mat 15. M. de Moustier, the French Ambassador, has .invited the Porte to co - operate with the other Powers in diplomatic action at St. Petenbnrg in favour of Poland. The Porte has, however, refused, on the ground that Turkey waa not a party to the Treaties of 1815. COXSTAKTXXOPLE, XAT 18. In consequence of fresh remonstrances the Porte has agreed to the proposal of France to take steps at St. Petersburg in favour of Poland in the same spirit as' those taken by England, France, and Austria. " ITALY."" TUBDT, Mat 16. The Optntenu of to - day asys "The Italian Government recently reeei red information that a Bourbon expedition, under the command of Bourbon' ex - officers sent from Rome, was being organised on the Albanian coast, for the purpose of conducting a number of Albanian briirands into the province of Pralia. - " In consequence of this information the Italian Government, after having despatched several men - of - war to cruise off the Albanian coast, requested the Porte to arrest the conspiratora. " Upon a domiciliary visit being made at the bouse of the Austrian Consul at Yaiona, a quantity of arms and ammunition was discovered and seized. " Three persons at the Austrian Consulate were arretted." QUEEJOTOWIf, Mat 17. The Royal Mail steamship Asia arrived hero at 11 a.m. She embarked the mails, passengers, and telegrams, and proceeded for Halifax and Boston at 4 p.m.; all well. x SFSKSand GRANT JOINED by FBTtUUUCX vx tub: wuaz jiu, k. MTflT snrmii n rtif f . Kr. - It jrillTba a relief to the public' eaxisty fcapocting the fata of 21r. Petherick, whose death had been annonnced . some Una) ago in a telegram from Alexandria, to hear tho good nara that Ea ii alira and well, having elloctad a function with Captaina 8pekaiand Grant at Ocodoioro, on tha Whita Klla, on tho 23d of Fabmary. . In reference to tha great question of the aouroea of the Nile Captain gpekethna writes to met ."IsaMIwoaUde Ik, sbJ 1 ksrs doM It. TbeTMeria Vyaasa k the great reservoir af ike sasr4 Bahr ! AbU4 wane not), . . . I thus I may safsiy sty (ae adds) us i nevtr mi so rvjotota ss i aw wnoa rsuttnec ou THE TIMES, MOlDlY. MAY 18, 1863V vmd Is me tow Wtlw, neUyla that the Itoral Oeo. rraphleai Hoewlrksd sajsdiMUil to rae their VoaBdtVi StdAl U Um dMenrrrr U Um Uka VlotorU Kjsaak), tb smt so ss Um kind sitmaioas la rear Utter Nashsd aas jon ss wy uum wr otst. ...:.. . Dr the intollimnoe communicated to the Foraiffn offloa by Mr. Colquhoun, Uer Britannie Majesty's Consul at Alexandria, and for which I am indebted to Mr. Hammond, it appears that tha Viceroy of EdQ - pl was about to aena a steamer to Assouan, to bring Epeke and party - down to Cairo, ao that we may soon welcome them at home. It further appears that Baker; the adventurous author of the HfU and Hound, had gone to the south - west in search of another great internal lake, or branch' of the White Nile, and will return in ooe year. Captain Rpeke, writing on the 30th of Maach rrom ivnsnum to r, Kwnoars at Ataaanonajaa i loam by a letter Just rvoeifed from Mr. 0. L. Conynsham, of the Kwign'oflloe), aayi I , Ws Ml rVthsHfk, wife, s4 1Ktr sd voU al (taut kom, iMkfft wha wm ll Ant nlishmaa w Ml wltti, Itv um mwihk in hmhs, nf9, awi mwfir Aa Uapuin Kk waa in amiety aa to the mean of mikIIiui bask the nam norten and atUtniUnta. U.1 in niimlmr, to tlwlr imtW eountnc, near Kanaifiar, 1 aia luttty to sar that tlila wish haa been aotkU by the last mail, lielietintf that he would be so emhMTaAMkl. - 1 andled to ttiyfrietid Admiral W. It, Hall, who. as one of the directors of thePeflln tiliif and Oriental Navigation Company, haa lib rally arranged with his associate that theae poor and faithful jople all all bo conveyed gntU to Aden or Bombay, whenco they ean be ahipped diroet for &ahtibAr, his being so well inured to African climate, I von turud to say at the last meeting of tlio Geographical Society thai l thought he woum emerge from the rezion into which he had penetrated, notwithstand ing tho Iom of his i tores and the disasters which had befallen him. This disco very of Broke and Grant, br which the southernmost limit of tho basin of the Mile is determined to be four degrees south of the equator, is the most remarkable geographical feat of our age, and is, indeed, an achievement of which all our countrymen may well be proud. 1 am, Sir, your obedient servant, RODERICK L UUnClOSOK. 18, Ptlgmt - sqttsra, )tsy 10. " TUB WKATHKR, METEOROLOGICAL REPORTS. The UxrrtD Pkesbtteuav Chcecs or Scor laKD. The stiDtul 8uol of this lwxniotioQ tntt at KdinburjU on JlooiUy, and oatinaed its sittio Jnriug the vtek, TbalUv, AUiaoJer Voucf from Logieslmond, msrrisfa. took plies on the Prim MlaUten ilill, which wss ol)Jtl Vion rrskaiant ami VoUaUry iroands, torn memhom aun mntrsma u wm nsiw nnwm m nn siiuivilm wry wlUim r on (Uiftfliia ia it wm lmirion4. Th lartiw h, iii(uit mi(Mit tlt Htll wsi sarri4 withmit a viH, nitateit(lrliMullH( fnmi lbs Intnulttellaii of nuvh qumllmM Wt th 1uilnvM ftf th HynM. it wuls n - 4y m pntilhn Ml"l tits MtaHAh Oram sift lh trronl 4 tlthm , (rturM WffeUkl wt Dm ut4 ftom itrml ffpifirHft and kirkttwleiit in favour if ttiiina with the Km (ttFh ef MooUiDii, aud nllicr tjti.lrtw.l WlUa of lWLtUiUtii. Tlu llcv. Vt. Kins. IjMl'tirtt, Innteii tht S CumlnltlM bg liiltltKl to entifcr Ulli any ettnmlttee which mljht I imnintod by thi free c:imrth for lbs tame ntpme. Ths iter. Henry llrutou, Krlm. muTol that Um ortrurn lie on the UbU lr future eontHirratUm. About 1( hnuta were trht In Ui dUeiu - sioa of tKe queitioo. Tin itiRVrFUees betwrea the Clurttio wrr did to be ebltlty tbm, fint,! that while the Ulillcd Prnbrtoriaa Uhorab hell th voluntary principle, th Yrt (ytiunb wss prepaTHi to aeerpt Ktale odowmenU If ti - ritual indrpenflenoe wcrt aeearrd aud, teoootlly, ai to tha nwU nf supporting the iMtontetbs Unlte.1 IVnbyterian Church siring eoncrvKitiooal ilipcada, with M Ut puur eon - trfirtfiom from a centre! (upplrtMfiUl fund, and tua Kree Cbnreb ruinliters drawing from a ceoentl " tualcnUtion fand," thedividend from which is lupplcnwoted to their iwa Milliliter br the richer eonnvjstloDt. The promoters of Uw uoiou ItcM'tbe dnctriusl diflrDce to be purely theoretical In Um eircuiuitancM of tlnUo denominktioni, aa .nnrndownl, and that any difficulty ritlng from Ui divme mu'l' of clrrlctl iupport might b rpt oer. The obkvtora to Um uniou iiMUiUlDtl UiUAIm Free Church bad by the acorpUuc of ht&u jgnnu tor cdneatlon crratcd a practioal tlifficultysa mgmrld the ndnntary prliwiplc which UiU Church could not noeommailate or nrrttnler. Ercutually the motion of Ir..King wm carried by 178 to 14. From too UUalieal rcpurt it appoared Ut tbe aunibrr of alnicten and congregation! under the Synod was S77. and of oommunkaaU 104,213, being au increase ainee 1C0 of 2 miniiten and 10.441 eummunicanta. The entire Inornne of the Church la 18CJ wm aB,iS75t, an IncreaM of 37,83a. since ltrt. The avenur yearly contribution br each member vu If. 4m. ljL, Icing m iucTouc uf 3a. 2 id. (ioee 1K5H. la fire yaan IMjOOi, had been paid in liquidation of debt. Tha cootributioM for boina mimosa Uatvcar ware SLlOli., and for foreign miasioni 'J(KIL The AbbkvIujs Jaw - bokk. We are given to un - akrataod that Um dooai which existed aa tothe famous human Jaw - boos of Moadin - Qalgnoo aw AbUriUa bava bera - wbollj removed by the Bnaainwoi vot of Um French aad Eafliah aoraatf who, mach to their own credit aud to tha advantage of edenee, bava repaired to Um looality in which Um dom wu reported to have been found, and aatf a - 1 Hed themaelves that do fraud had been rradlaedTbut that the jelie. in question waa really dlaauvared under circa nwUooca aad ia orautiona which prove it to be Um oldest fraemmt of humanity. Tbe opinion moat supported by geological iareaUfatioa would give it aa aati,ralty of many tboetanda at years before Mm Adamie period. In the aame locality snaoy flint axe - bcads were found la Uie preacnoe of Um learned investigators, ia fonnattoaa obviooaly ttaxUatarbed for ages, and lata which it k utterly ImpoaBbie tbey ihoold hare been conveyed is modem days by surreptitious maana. Tho parUctdars of theae Inveatigatiooe will ia das time be given to the worldWragaf Jsfiaaragtr. CarnAl Paxacb. mi 8nnxra Dat, Mat 10. Admiasioo oaptTntaat, lCB ; ditte ay soaaoa ticket, VB8;U4ataV' ' ; , Borax, Fxxa BoarrxAi, 0u.t s - nr - MOAD. The aamber at taatiaajwatveu, aa 'TT.'frf aainiag Batardar, Alar la. VL & n. F. X. C t B. . a, Kaira,. .. SrM IT l" WAW. 4 T T Abaraaen.. JWJ U ( 4 I II b. 1 ltth.N. BO K I WAW. 1 M a. - - Aidnama. M K I &W. I ( M a I III I Portnuh .. B'A Ml 8. .1 IDs - I Oatwar C1 MO W. I I M a I rS I Taleotla .. ttt IS I B.W. 4 I H 1 1 HI QoaenalSni 873 Bl W. I B t . . Relrtaaad.. Stl S3 4 SAW. i I a. 1 Xtnrpool.. trtO O 4 SAW. 1 f U a. J 914. J rseahtoks U 1 B.W. S 4 a. I HI Pi sin us.. Bfl (I 1 aW. I T a. 4 bmi.. .. arw u i aw. 4 s t 1 oo) i LUrlaaS CO H I BVW. 4 ( B a. 1 141 I Becharort . XW U I &W. 1.1 B a I riraoath.. (7 S B.W. 4 IBs. 1 M0 J WeraMath J3 - M (1 I WAW. 112 1 4 013 I hrtaauuth M S 3 S.W. ( I S a J Ml 4 Kev .. .. B - M It $ BAW. a. tandna .. Jt - Sl S4 3 BAW. 4 S IS e. S H Doesr.. .. 23 - M (3 J W: S 4 SS e. - t Tanoeath M H BW. 4 4 13 S 84! 1 "acarearo.. OTI S3 4 WAW. S 4 30 B. I 0 - 33 3 BMeUs .. B74 M l W. 3 3 33 a 3 HrllfnUml - U 0 B.W. I 7 U a. I fit t Capenhasa T7 U BA.W. 3 a. 3 Balder .. tm a BW. I o. 4 Uaboa .. 3013 a - V. 4 as. 3 IrsbaUa. ooadar. JCoaataT. aoonawn. Aaabota. BW.teW.W. and , trcm;aa - W. t)X. aad back, fnsh: araanr. Zajxajra. lAaabova. W. Onnu. BW. toK.W. aad V, tresh to I WJJ.W. to yjT.E, Bodarata. auOarala. J Warr ruses. W. to K. and X. treshto moo - 1 XJ4.W. to &, moderata. Aj next abort, As abora. S W Tenriwo I W.. W. to y.S.XmojeraU; ia. B X. Xsoaajra, V I Jf. n K. and BE, sacdsrait ; floe. K Ooaar. treah;K.W. to VXaad X,modarate ; W.X.W. aqea&r, R nirwaatr, aarveetel an rediaoad lo 3? al mesa sea strait each Mfeetoteertfesl rtse eaodnf about ooe - amLfredlh of aa tnehdlal - nntioo, aad sack 10 abora 33 oetutaz nearly three - buialrajths fav - lineal 3L Kxsnaed laenaameter la shade, D. DiaTerence of wet butb (foe eraparatloa and dew poiatt. W. Win.1, difaatfcm (Tw - twe pouiea Itfl ef manetlel. I, fores (1 .to U ill mil X. Eitnes (ores aiane last report, Q. Quarter whence artrtex lorae IXJt.K.t, to 33X.) L Initials i - il. bhas 7 ; a, eloods de - tsabad); t, foj ; a., bau ; L, lbtalnt; m., asiatr (baer); a, oieruasl UaU); r rata; a, anows L. theadaR - B. Uoun of. R. Bain fat mow. or baO laaaliadl. siaee laat ree - wt, B Ba dlitarhaon (1 to O t Ualm. wed uanuai - uirwaerera to noiwar. wast mass vCberbuatj ta Bocnort. a. K. Kiia1a4laleol Wlsat w Tbamna iMnvcwr mr hi , m.i.m.y wm p.. as Mnwiq nun, sm4 hear motiona, adjourned ruiamonaea, and the rrnertl paper KtarUr, Way 'A petitions, short sauses, adiournoil itiitmonstia, ami tli ginersl aprr i Mmi.Uy, May i Tbm - Hsr. 'JiUi. and Wcliieadiy, - Wlh, the fenarsl IMlwr I Tliurfcisy, May 'M, inotlona, adjourned, sumiu'watia, aim tUe (Ttneral r I fiwlay, May '.V, prtitiona, idJourni imih - monaea, and On general lvr Malunlay, May 20, iliort eavaaa, aijimmen suiiiniiiuwa. ana um vrncnti paper msh. day, Jttim 1, TnaUy, 3L sad Ws,luaily, iH. Um rterl paivr Thurtilay, Jub 4, inollnfit, sytjoums.1 latnmotisaa, and th getirrat paper Friday, J una ft, tlttotia, adJoumed aiimmntiMii. and lbs rpdrral halmr i Haturilar. June A. nn silting (lirr Mijnly'i birthday ktptl Monday, JtthS 0, short eausea, aitiourbwl lummousea, aud the fenerat paper Tttly, June V. and Wedneaday. 10th, the general paper j Thursday, JtltM 11, Inolloba, adjourned lubimonsea, and Ibe general pairr I Friday, J Una 12, petitions, iWt causes, anjournm aummonaea, anil uie general paper. Ills Honour Viee - Chaacallor Sir John Stuart will alt at lauoolnVlun on Friday, May 32, aud hear motions, eausea, ice. natnnuy. May - xi, tmiUona, short causes, causes, fte. Monday, Hay 23, Tucadar. 23th, aud Wednesday, 27th, causes, lie. Thursday, May 24, motions, eanaes, Ac, . Flilay, May 2 i, 'petitions. eauaca, ke. ; tsaturunr, May m, sitort causes, - causae, Aia. ; Mondar, June 1, Tuesday, 2.L and Wedaesday, rsoay, duns i, motions, causes. usee. K ke; Friday, June 6, petitions, abort causes, ate. ( Katunlay, June 0, no altung (tier alajeaty's birthday kept);, June M, short eanws, eauaea, k Tuesday, Jans 9, ami Wedoesdsv, 10th, causes. Ate, Tliuraday, June 11, motions, causes, ke. ; FriiUy, Jane 12, petitions, motions, and short eauaea. No enuse. or motion fur decree or further e.msl'lerati'Ti. shall, except hy order of Court, bo marked to stand over if it shall be within 12 of the last cause or matter in tbe printed pulr of tho day for tearing. His Honour VWChanoellor Sir W. P. Wood will ait a LincolnVIan on Friiar, !sy 22, and hear motions snd tin general paper ; ISatuniay, ilay - i, petitions, anon eanaea, ana lac general pacr; Monday, May 33, Tucadar, SCth, and WetU neaday, 27th, the general paper I Thurtda, May 23, tuntioua and the general paper J Friday, May 29, the general paper ; Haturuay. May 30, petitions, short causes, and UM general paper ; janniu.T, nnc s, i acsuar, mi, swi n cu - nesUy, 3d, tbe reneral paper ; Thursday, June 4, motions and the reneral paper; Friday, June 6, petitions, short eauaea, and the general paper ; Saturday, J uue 6, bo sitting (Her Majesty 'a birthday kept) ; Monday, June 8, Tuesday itb, and Weilnceday. 10th, tbe general paper ; Thursday, June 11, motions aud the general paper f Friday, June 12, petitions, abort causes, and the general paper. Any canaca intended to be heard aa short causes most be marked ao at least one g' ear day before they eaa be put in the paper for hearing. The other Chancery eonrta have already appeared in The Timet. . Ciunu Keuet uomkttto. me returns ot the Carlisle Belief Committee for the last week show a still further reduction in number of recipients. The numbers relieved were COS families. eoinrrUuu 2.278 In dividuals, aa against 80S families aad 2.993 individuals ia we prcYioua weca. a lie cues in aue pauav )kmh wa. .m. aod ,ZL The improved state of tbe cotton trade ia this die. triet has given employment to so many of the factory girls who wars emtof woricthat oaeef the two sewing schools la eoanexiou with the Carlisle Sewing Society was doaed en Thorsday, the number employed tbVrs baviag dwindled down from aboveSOO la March to about adoaea. ;',Jm the otler eewiaa; school the nomber baa been' also aaaeh rw - daoed, there beinej now only between . 40 sad 'M en the books, aad tt ts la eootemplstlon to eloss thia sehoal at Um end of Um preeeat Booth, - tta scetw have still aboat 70t hamd, aad the balance wffl boTbcU ia reeem for the 16th of Jlaj wasayagft tfya y wbtnhfmdthaMigT tMtjBfi mT i. - - :JJW.(" , ww ? - . "iryyai star ewaasjaa) HQYAL ITJ1LL2T, QPBUAi ' I' a o rS - M s t er? v: TawtaterasiVi.'asTina.aris HaThis ISttt taw Iwuagat the easerTbers aawtbsr always wvdoocae ppsra, sooner, psrbaps, than it tslght otherwise have bawu prndnsd. T Ecasiai'l aniesuistarUeelvaa nee ef Itaaari. U Midamiaini rattTa Baetna fa a brilben, tasrforuuuasa, her Zarliaa Is ta aa. iaapisti taahdeam. Xqually ssstural,' plqaaat, aad attrastive 'as a aaere display of hiatriooU talent, ia aftrictly tausisal atnse tt at a ftiU taore assaetptloBable seUeretnajcH, iaaanrawii ss, the WMaas it aommand tt the young singe aaubtote give the taxi prvcwaly aa It standi J a Um ssors, the adberss tort with a religious aarBpubssnass that proves bsr a geanjoeoevetes. KctarUshsagdnotuorsainat or acadeoee later. polaWd. Are "Battl hattl, " Vwdrai esrUo," and " U at darsm la inaao leas eSeetlve ea that account? The twmllhaishowa tha eeatrarr. AH three were called for again, with a baarUaesi and aaanlralty that aouU only hart rjreoeeded frota a feeling of satire and ancheekerad aaliafaa - tiea oaths part of theaodieooa, aoehasted alike with the music aad the tlaejiac. Sat the cturaotarirUee of Made. moiaelM Fattl'h ZerUaa have been dwelt apoa tnore than oaoe i orliial and eharalng from tha first, It has ripened Intosnoornmoo axoBtlenoa, aod must heneeforth slwsys rs - taain one of her most engaging ss it iseae of her most ar - tUUe parformiasaa. The other Udiee were Medewsoleeih) Frieoi snd atadame Baderedorft Madame KodendoriT aeems to bs able to fill any part in aay opera ia a mors or lass competent manner, and to bring to it a degree of energy that la character! like the fartakca and iaoeeaanUy aont. 4alniagElTiraio,iUia place, XademoiaeU rM has gnod Impulses, besides tniag alrsvf sartMat aad pains, taking, hat she mast study hard! snd aevjuln much before bar Roqna Aana aa ha reaognliad ai the Itoana Aana wi km a rigfat ta kw far ea the Orat (Wiiew Unarda, J lev aaott iqaeeasfvi aecne is that ia whisk iba dwril her wrnaga ta TUm OtUvje, M, Vauri ii atmiUy impreviag his general snflcrptioa nf Dea (JIovmbI, whUli, alth a UUla mors virasily thraaa lata eertaia its miiMut lUiistkHia, wvuhl Uavt ij few fmiiiU for irisisum. Its tiagi ail his inuals ciiRmsly wall - ma tha trying aad Mr M ria' iba dai vlna," vllh whUh Tsmhurial himatlf nanl ecwaekmally td bs taken abast, llal, M hat frequently hn p4 cause V aekimwieitga, M, yam is aa artist of the right stamp, as sooseientloiu as he Is ta. teliigent and elerer, in addition to which his ewnporltnetit ea IMitaga'U iaeonlrttably that of a gentlrmaa. Don Ottavlo, time ml of Inlsd, has ilgnlfted exclusively " 11 mlo tcsnro " - ls other language, hs has been s sort of walking satotnalen, with a capital song to show that, after all, he S endowed with animation. Thus it It, and thas It Is likely to remain, until some UBeiaanplaJ dramatic genius appears to tmbody the ltoffmanncaque view of Anna's vacillating lover. Oa the other hand, " II mloteeoro," out of keeping in a measure thoogh it be, both with words and situation eompeaastes, by Its spontaneous melodic beauty, for aU that s wanting elsewhere. The smaslng spirit with which It drllvereil by Biganr Tamberlik, moreover, can never fail at it has never yet failed to roase the sympathy of. a musical (or even comparatively unmoetoal) audience, aad win the unanimous "encore to which the Roman tenor has been seeaatomal sines he first saaunsad the character, aad to which Ilubini aad Signer Mario were accustomed before him. In this air Blguor Tamberlik shows be pqairasea a "B flat quite as loud and penetrating aa tha aa'ach talked of M (7 in Araoido, and the still more talked of "Csharp" In Otello. It is a powerful note, beyond denial ; and Signer Tamberlik knows what um to put It to, " tinging up to it "to employ a common bat not ioappro - priate phrase with vigoroas resolution. For a more ad - mirabla repreaentative of the Commandant whether in flesh or ia stone than Signer Tsgliafioo, it would bs vain to look. lathe laat (and greatest) eeetMof the opera the tones of this gentlsmaa'a voice are truly sepulchral, and Urns forcibly aid the motion. The Leporello of Ucrr Formes is more than ever German, sad though, in pUcea, inclining to exaggeration, unquestionably the correct rawtrayal of Don Giovanni's unscrupulous factotum. Xevertbeleas Herr Formes might spare na some of tbe shrugs and starts, snd other contortions, facial and what not which, from superabundant seal, ia the scene where the Statue comes to supper, sail summons Don Giovanni, in re torn, to sop with him, are made to aceompaoy every striking orebeatral chord. It is not the place ol Leporello to reveal himself to the house as , a musical diUltanU, an appreeiator of the valoe of diminished sevenths," &c He should simply attend to the busineai of the stage, and remember that al thia important crisis of Um dram leporello, being of the slightest possible eonsequenos, ought modestly to keep in the background not to make 'Jokes at tha expense of the terrible Statue, as the late Lablaebe sod some other Italians were prone to do, but to tremble like a craven and hidahia "diminiahed " head. If memory serrea ua, thia was, at OM time, the view which was taken by II err Formes, the last soene of whose Leporello, besides being picturesque at it ttCl remains, used to impress by its judicious retieeoos just as it now provokes criticism by ita too freqwent geatieula - toryexeeta. EanMatnese is commendable in aa actor ; bat diecretion also counts for something:, and tbe true path lies between. Signer Bonconi haa created a Maeetto of his own, just aa la II Ftauto ilapifo he ueatod a Fapageno. Xo - thlng leas, than genius could have Imagined so maeh out of ao little. Tbe by - play daring the progress ef the two songs which Zerliaa singi to Xaaetto the first f Battl UtU") to allay bis jealous lrritaUhty, the second (" Vadrai earino") to soothe hit bodily aches aad pains is just as natural as it is humorous and diverting. Ia no opera docs M(he fine orchestra over which Mr. Costa presides display If J power to more aa vantage uan in um uhovomux ; tor in no opera are the Instrumental aeoompanimenta more uniformly ingenious and interesting, or more essentially a part of the whole having as much really to do with the sentiments and actions of the dramati pertoitt aa the vocal melodies which they set off In inch harmonioualy rich and varied colours. This was the secret of Mozart, aa it waa afterwards of Beethoven. In the seores of those great masters the orchestra lives ; each separate instrument (instance the trombones which, by the way, should never be introduced except when the statue of .the Commandant lain question) sneaking a". Ian - guage of ita own. T!m grand finale to the first act is now, as it has always been, ooe of the moat effective exhibitions devised even with the resources of the Royal, Ittlian Oners, The catastrophe, however, as a seeule effect, decidedly admits of reconsideration. With all hit audacity and self possession, Don Oiovssni would scarcely bars bees able to terrify and drive befurc him an infsrittM mob, by tin slmjdd einedlent of presenting a loaded pUU4 Ant at pnt and then at another, Thi ineitisni of isportm ran ning behind thi mirm to feUh thi tfiirestld mj4mjB it, thrrvfon, rather aUaiM than Iniinting. w tbi not pre1 tend to lassest amithsr pltni but a itaia - mannger wilh thi wlU and MtiHIy ef Mr. A. Harris - would be st na Mi te Invint a ai sofltrivinM for the cmii ef Don Olovauni and hli atrvuit, The mlniitt, too which Mademoiselle Htlvktul tteeutei with Mh - apjire - prjate grace and dignity might alto he Arranged la ineh a manner ss not Id maks Motart rrpeat himself, snd thlt without losing the attraction of Mademoiselle fUltlohl's dsndng. The ttage directions for this part o the fitttlt are to be found In the printed scores of the opera. To tbe four encores we hsvs mentioned, It remains to add the serenade addressed by Don Oiovaoai to Elvira's waltlng - mald, which It, Faure singi with Irreproachable taste ( aad the trio of M Masks" (Mademoiselle Frioei, Madame Budertdorff, and Signer Tamberlik), which, to quote an odd sxprcaaion greatly ia vogue, "never tteapti an eneore," as though thi lingers were supposed to be running swsy from rather than soliciting the seldom uneoreted distinction. Tbe performance of Martha on Saturday night was chiefly notieeablo for the admirably expreaalrc tinging of Signer Mario (Lionel), who, with the quartet at tbe end of the Ant set (u Buoua notte"), aad the romance la thi third (H M'appari tutt 'amor"), fairly enraptured bie hearers aad wat compelled to repeat both. The other parts were sustained, as usual, by Madame Kan tier Didiee ooe of the liveliest of Nancies ; Signer Qraxiaal who,ia tbe somewhat pale music of Hamkett, afforded convincing proofs that his rich snd mellow voloe wu ttiU In fall bloom Signer Tag. liaSco who makes of the amorous Lord Tristan ooe of tbe quaintest of superannuated buffoons ; aod a iSbntanl Mademoiselle Elvira Demi who played Lady Eariehelta (Martha), and about whom, having nothing complimentary to say, wt prefer guarding aa unconditional silence. Mr. Cye baa not been lacVy this year with his new acquisitions. Tbe bouse wss crowded, snd tbe presence of a great many members of tbe world of fashion, who bad attended tbe Drawing - room and eamc to the theatre in their Drawing - room costume, gave extraordinary ieUt to the "auditorium." To - night the Biritiert it to be repeated ; to - . morrow, Don Giormmi; and oo Thursday, JtfsaeiaiWto. As vet ww bear sm talk either of 1L Gounod's Fault, or of Signer Verdi's Xs Form 41 Destino. Thb Habtxst cr SrAcr. A Madrid letter nix. M Only a week since, the country throughout Spain pre - amtcd s moat dlaoourariuaT appearance. The best informed agriculturists thought that at least two - thirds of tbe wheat Irretrierablr lost. In the sittinr of the CSiamhere aei tbe 28th ult, at. Consalea do la Vega aM the Govern ment whether aay slept naa been taxes. lor artmithsga nnhal fotwhra eon. aod wu told tiitX Um matter was wader eoneideralion. At present, however, the aspect of thinn Has eotnpwtetv coauxea. aowncant rains nave nujen, aj there every reeetm to bopa UiaA the yield wffl aot be aa wader tbe sveraew." . . . .. - . i . We are reqneatea to awe inss ue oeioaan. a atie IT.I"rrnortcdUn riatee of tba Uih tnst, is rtCtWKUUalMii& y SAT2USKBT THRAXSX. - ays Vtiag & AIM View. aaiMtabtut wf the .Bt. JanWs Theatre a etigiasl sotawdy from Um i TauWa, new the Cbuatess ef Glflord, waa saMcwcd ainoeg the fortheoetiat swvwUtcs. . The tnanatimcnt aame to a etoae before the proJaetloa of the work, and the curiosity which had ' beea gwoevally raised 'gradaalJy . died away. Ilowevtr, for the last fsrtatght er aa, linea the eogagament of Mr. aad Mrs. Alfred Wlgan at the Hay. Btarist, anew motif waa promiaed, whieh was rumoured to be UeallesJ with thi one expected twe yean ago, sad this eoraed wasbrvaghteuteu iaturday night aader the title of VatMS. Thcbouss wMseowdedwithMaalkaoslawhora tbcsMrksof a revived eurioeily might be easOy traesd. Their cxeitatneat waa asalaly dae, ao doubt, to the rank aad literary celebrity of the reputed suthorasa, bat the etrsum - tUnee must not be overlooked that the toeoedy wasUa poist of fact, the first aovtlty ef importanee brought out al any theatre for a toustdsrahU time, A lack of public patronage has lately been a en eject of complaint at several of the London playhouses, but it meet be ebeetved that moat of the nvansgwrs have abowa an ultra - eouterv alive diepositloo) with respect to their hills. However good a piece may bo, Its attraetive power will not last forever, and Mr. Techier1! drama of the DuMi ifeOo, whieh was played for tbe hwodredth time la the eourse of laat week, and sUB draws crowds te the Lyceum, is a brifllant exception to a general rule, Ia London an sudieaee whose expectations are raised is generally good - hamoured, sad the Itaymarkat public oa Batarday ntrht waa evidently resolved te be amused, Th high position of the authoress, though .not formally en s need, was unertUr known, the pieec was stmagiy sast, tbi aamee ef Mr, aad Mrs, Alfred Wigwand the PsnnaM fsrounta, Mr, Ifusksvma, itanoing mi inrlUniif ia tba Wlk imi the pretty rlsw of the asaabora ef Maatiaa, pew 44 with' Jthsrmrs and laje - reeL iaeaMbl na the rite af the lartaJa, ihewtd that ivtry tiling had heB seas hr the mtftajHiiaii ta iqalp the aeveity ia the ifflirieet msti4 iHire, tt m huiea ta M that It pi hlght degrM nil' eatsfuL iM that, although probably thin wen stvefal f soul ttbdb oil leavlRI tin tow, fell thll ftblt twt bad leea did not lastly sorrespnttd te their ideal ef eomedy, there ttt tint ooe among the audience who had not been neerw SHIHimL ' Vft ahall not attempt te deseriba mlnnteiv thi plot of this new piece, for We are by ao meant eertaia that our attempts would bs crowned with neeeaa, sod we are quite tars that they would not coadaee to tbe edllleatlon of our readers, tt Was by semes and eharaetera Interesting, apart front their connexion with each other, that fimem chiefly amused the audience, aad if the entire work bad been reeolred into Its elements, aad reconstructed into two distinct Ucea, it Is possible that the enjoyment of tbe public would not have been in the least diminished. At it Is, the dramntUpcnnvv may be divided Into twe principal groans, rsepeetirely formed around Mr. Alfred Wlgan snd Mr. Baekttane. The former of them represents Dr. Bert rand, physician to the Engliah garrison at Messina la the year 1811, "ho, though by birth a Frenchman, - haa vowed eternal vengeance against the Emperor Napoleon, leas from political moil res than on account of lupnoeod personal wrongs. His mala object is to thwart the schemes of a Knot of conspirators, who design to destroy the English lafl Anoa, aad cut tbe throats of Um garrison, aad with this eUd he employs Jules d'Artlgny (Mr. W. Farm), a young aaval officer In the British service, to assume the character of a spy sxpected by the eon. spirt ton, and thas to obtain possession of certain papers. by which the existence of the nefarious plot may bs proved. When this unpleasant duty is performed, the young rootle man is conveyed in a mammy ease to the house of Baron Freitenbonen, a scientific German enthusiast, from whose window be escapes. Doctor Ber - trand, tha contriver of thia ingenious counter - plot, it sup posed to be an incarnation of jfaease, and is therefore, the reverse of Captain Mortimer (Mr. Howe), a Britiah naval officer, with whom he is in constant communication, and who dislikes his schemes partly because they are roundabout, partly because Laara Brandon (Miat L. AngeQ lives at the Doctor's house, and the Captain does not wish to see her too intimate with the comely D'Artlgny. By the destruction ef hit ancestral ehlteaa and the execution of his son, a ooeseript, for desertion from the Imperial army, the fcelines ef tbe old Frenchman bava (all been used up years ago, aad, though he displays deep emotion when he talks of earlier days, be laughs at every human consideration that Interferes with the coolest policy. At last, however, his abject devotion to jtacaae It cured by a seven shook. Having reason to suspect that young IArtigny: has been discovered, he resolves to leave him to his fa te, without making an e7ort to save him, when the fact is suddenly revealed to him that tbe accomplice he would so rent 1 res ly sacrifice is bis own son, who. waa not shot after all, but escaped through tbe humanity of a superior offices, Tbe change from the apathetic man of intrigue', to the doatiag father, weak ia frame, bat lion - like in spirit, aad his attempt, sword, in in hand, to check a party ef soldiers as tbey approach: the room ia which, as they think, D'Artlgny it concealed, is remarkably effective, and Mr. Wigaa makes the most of the opportunity it aSbrds him. As the shrewd, quiet, sarcastic man of the world ha is finished to tbe highest degree, snd bis sudden ebendonraent to pessimists despair it terrific Tbe principal figure of tbe other group is Mr. John Popple - ton, a young city gentleman of maritime propensities, which his father haa endeavoured to cure, oobomoaopatbicpri net - plea, by actually tending him to aea under .the care of Captain Mortimer. This hopeful youth finds himself la tbe house, of Baron Freitenbonen (Mr. Chippendale), after, the escape of D'Artlgny, and thus becomes tbe subject of a ludicrous mistake. One of the crotchets of Baron Freitenbonen Is a belief that he haa discovered the dizir ritcr, and be has agreed to receive the mummy ease from Dr. Bertrand, on the supposition that it contains the body of a recently executed fehm, to whom a dose of the precious cordial haa jest been administered. Finding the mummy caso empty aad Poppleton lying on tbe toft, be concludes that the great work is accomplished, and a .most amusing scene occurs between the philosopher end the subject,' the' dialogue being ao contrived that the former constantly refen to tbe gibbet in' terras, that are never ap. prehended by the Utter, The situation of this comical pair is complicated by (Saroneaa Freitenbonen (Mrs.. WUXlus), an Eugliali lady of jealous disposition, who believes that her hatband s devotion; to seienoe is but a pretext to son seal some disreputable intrigue, and sonoludea from thaeonvemtiou which. the evsrheari that Poppietno t rrtnhorn'a eon by. another wife,' AU that belongs ta the? three penon mlsht entlly be wrought lata e iincacl fare i and no doubt seTrral of eur obler readers have already recognised a resemblance to thi tfommy ef Mr. Jlayti llernard and the.OsKT MM of Mr, Mtlrllng (Jiiyae, ..Mr, iluektteni wm never mora thoroughly itumleal than "lit thi thirictcr ef l'owiUton. Ilia entrance in tailors atatttme is the signal for' a roar that shook the house, snd when hi want through a amtrM of the approved; nautical gealleultlUbs, and actually da&ct a hornpipe, the general dellxhl knew bo bounds. That abiUty of grasping a whole audience which is so pre eminent in Mr, Buektione It gnnted but to few even ef the most favourite as tors,, and may tlwirt lm ferred to a populsrlty which eomprehtnds the msb.u welt as the artist. The asms feeling thst causes the guest i of .the General Theatrical Fund dinner to anticipate Mr. Bsckitonc s rpeech as tbe grand event of tbe occasion prompts aa indirect to an expression of expectant glee at toon as he is seen in an unusual dress, Tbe cha rades of tha dreamy German doctor it extremely well ounecived and executed by Mr. Chippendale, and much amusement is afforded by the Jealousy of Mrs. wilklns. The ttories ia whieh these two groups appear are united by th circumstance that Poppleton is more than once mistaken for D'Artlgny. Towards the eud of the piece thia union Is obtained in a manner that greatly compromises the serious Interest, We bare already described the change from apathy to despair in the character of Dr. Bertrand as the grand situation of the play. The door which he guards is at length opened, and he embraces not D'Artlgny,, but PoprJetou,wno haa been regarded aa eludicrousflgunthroujU - out the whole evening, aad woo tnemore destroys tbe pttnos of the aecne. Altogether it is in constructive skill that tbe authoress Is most deficient. Though this is her first dramatis work, her employment of known expedients for mirth, and the very theatrical smartness of her dialogue. show anything but the hand ef a novice, and her most striking scenes would do credit to the most experieueed writers of drama and farce. But the work hangs loosely together. It seems to real on a historical f oundation, but this melts away before the gate ae aooa .ae one endearoun to laepeet H, aad as for . tho eon. splracj, which b the thread oa which all the iocUeete axe supposed to he strung, It it ao very dark thai although ita chiefs, represented by Messrs. Beard aad Walter Gordon, tell t great deal about it, its exact object and its svxfw opereWt are orrer revealed evem to the aodieoc.' There h ooe part which seareelr beloop to either of the two groups, hut, as the most eaiginauiy ccejeeived eaaraster ta the pleoe, is nfratstlmahls ealeav This Is Vra. Bobbin, an abhrailin theaervkeef tho BarceMam, who haa a aaee beared c?anforeigaawaawlw1skwiaiwawjseo l bead aod NAVAL AUD mUTJLBrTSLUaEIfOZ - The aMp WlBeetx, of Loudon, CM - CenMH (Soya Saval Eaaerve), arrived etfTalatouth en Salary afasrawa from Iadia with troops, and, rseoMag crdera, the pntetded UeeMeforSpUbead. BbebrtngiQA Cc4Vat fasomoMod, with 15 coeri,2J ergants, corporals 14 itinera. 3S3 priraka, aSwomea, aad 48 ihiWrea, twaossrief to tba Sal IIlrMandera. She left CalouUa ea tbe 27th ef January.' tbe Caps oa thiStth of Marsh, aad St. UeJeea (rrom' which place she Jandauantaujau ineon p. The ihlp haittprrienotd a fits wasthcr pasafe,an4 only one aasualty (from eoosumptlon) has ooeurred during the voyage. Ttteral dated Aoril t have been reeei red at lyntoulh from the screw itearn frigate SaUej, 33, Capt ConoOy, fi of Rear Admiral John Klngeome, Ccmniander - U - CaJcf la the Ferine. Shi was, at the time they ware dispatched, a Valparaiso, aU wen. , TV. .lm ,Im Aleri. 17. Cbmnunder VagtndU st Devon port, just somnuasioned, U ordered to be stuel and provisioned for Immediate s trrioe. She wai pUeed en SatenUy in dock So. I. to hart bar botlom cieaneu aaa pi overhauled. Tbe hlied transpurt Trsneea arrived at Spttheed en Saturday with military lavalids sad time - eipired men from regiments terrlag at the Cape of Good Hope, who embarked on board at Cspe Town oa the 17th of March, the thip sailing on the following day and calling in at St Helena oa the Slit of March. Tbe troops daring the forage have been under the military command of Capt, Montagu Btrtou, of Um Kith Light Infantry, and in wedlsal charge of. AaaJsWnt - ISargeou Jet, or Wm lpe sxounisu ww, Tbe other msorert br the ihlp somprise Lleutenaat Wundrpffe, of the Caps Mountl nifles, Deputy Purveyors TolW 4 Wright, an4 the wife of Purvsror Mtrnall, The tmops nwtitt af W iBTalliH and 11 tlma - sipire.1 mn in the MIni rrrrtlonti - - TlnlirtJJhry,tw8 mm Itanl Kngineer, an man 1 34 nuwum iuir rm, n um, Si 'woffln,atdrettF(hiMrin l fUUtllna lllb TmA, M wsi) tad twe wtua 31 lUttellmi Wlh Ftt, 17 ma, te women, and twe sdlHrvfi Kih Ugiii fnftsiff, U Hie a t liUM ftsit, en ffltd, ni wetnts, tbd wm ttiild OtsMnleil Hlfp,2iJ mi, four womra, aad fin ehlMreB, The diMlubttkltlon Will Uke plaee this morallig andeT the MprtinleU - lebee of the Qusrierttvuter - deneral'l department at Portsmouth, sad the time - tptret men will be fetwanied to depMa, and the Invalids to thi Roy! Military ltmptui at KeUer. .. Ills Swedish Maltitr'i eorvette Laaerbieikie, Capt, Her - kips, tailed from the if etherbeak on Saturday treeing for Cameron a. Her Maleatv'tserew frUnte tesn Jer. 30. 00 - horse power. baring made the final trial of her machinery, was inspected it the Xore, oo SatnrUy, by Vice - Admiral ir w. nope Johnstone, K.aa, Commander - in - Chief, snd yesterday got up iteatn st an early hour, and prosoeded lo Portsmouth, when slit will reoelrehrf final orden from the Admiralty. The Letmler wulrelUretUTopaie, 33,000 hone power, earrvlne the broad pennant of Commodore of tbe Sd class. tho Hon. J. W. 8. Spencer, the Topaae being about to retain to England. By direction of the Admiralty every despatch li to be used ia hastening the departure of the Laandcr. In eontenuenee of tbe teriou - drUl which hsve taken plaee caused by tbe ansatiafactory working of her machinery. It Is, however, tbe opinion of competent baval engineen and other officers st Chatham thatltbough the defects la the engines of the Leander have been tempo, rarilv overcome, her whole machinery ia ao defective that ihould the be despatched to her proposed itatloo a very abort interval only will elapse before she wm be eorapellea to return home to have ber engines and boilers taken out. The first of the new Boards ordered to assemble at Chat ham for the inspection and discharge of invalid aad time - extend men sent home from India and the eolonies was held at that garriaon on SeAarday, when a number of non - oornmia - siooed officen from the several districts were ordered to be dia - eharjedon the oom pletioo of theirperiod of enlistment, or their nfitnetaforfurtherserriee. Under the new regulations, which will effect a considerable taring to the public, the system of sending soldien found unfit for aemoe at the noma stations to the Chatham invalid deoot teiee a year is discontinued. The troops, found unfitted for further service from fUneas or other eauaea, are sent to the head - quarters of tbe district ia which they are serving, when they are to be examined by a board of ofiSoers. A notification has been received at Chatham garriaon that the next examination of candidates for admission to the Eoyal Military College, Sandhurst, under the regula tions, dated Horse Guards, May 1, 18(2!; wfli commence al Chelsea, Hospital on the S2dof Jane, before - Jfajor - Gea F. W. Hamilton, C.B Tioe - Preaident, and the Council of Military Education. The examination, ef candidates t c commissions in the Boyal Artillery and Eoyal Engineen for admission to tbe Boyal Military Academy, Woolwich, under regulations dated Hone Guards, Stay 3, 18G2.WUI commence on tbe 2d of July ; and that of candidates for admission to tbe Staff CoUege on tbe 22d of July. On Satan lay detachments of troopc from the three bat. talioos of infantry at Chatham proceeded from that garri. ton to the Government rifle range, near Gnveeend, for the purpose of going through a course of ball practice, pnvioos to embarking for India with tbe reinforced eots about to be despatched during tbe present summer. The left wing of the Cth Foot will Iesvs Gosportthis morning by a special train on the Sooth - Weatern Bail, way for Alderahott Camp, rid Faraborouga. A detachment of the 92d (Gordon Highlanden) Begiment, arrived in the rirer on board the Surrey, East India, man, from India, it .expected 'to arrive at Gosport In the after part of to - day, and will take postrerimi of the quarters vacated by the left wing of the Cth. The remainder of the 02d, hourly expected iu England on board another transport, will, .on arrival, join ths detachment at Gosport, and the right wing of tbe 6th win join the left ia camp at AldenhoU. ' Major the Son, J. L. Talbot, from half - pay nnattachei - haa been appointed to tbe ith 'depSt bettaUon at the camp st Colchester, in the room of Major Greene, who haa retirej , upon half - pay ; and Major Swinburne, of the 18th Begi. ment, haa been apt eta Ie4 to tbe lutn depot oat cm on, la ue room of .Major West, retired ' upon half - pay. On Fri. day a prlrsts ; named Smith, of the Wh Fusileera, was drummed out of bit regiment Smith bad been for some time in hospital for treatment of rigidity of the knee. The medical eers,belielngthat his lameness was feigned, administered chloroform; and the knee - rwas iattastli aad easily bent, lis was tried by eeurVmartial and sen. tnol toUtirlll tlietrmy, ami Wnndergoiix moelh' imiiriaoninent. About noon en Friday the 10th' batUlloa wai matured near the. Mlllttry Ifeepllal, tnd Smith wai Inwghi, with otlirr lsBn, from the giunL house. The sentence upon tin talprU wu read aloud, and ha wu itrlpped' ef hit hatlens, fsetngt, As. Tlii UtUllon then farme - 1 line en either tide of tha roadway, andV preceded by a lorporaland private, and led by a rope alUehed to hit bmIi hy the imaliesi drumuier. boy, Smith manhad to the gate, the band playing "Tin lingua's March," Oa leaving the gate he was supplied with an eereoai, and wti then taken la shsrge by aa eeorirt, which aeeompahled him to CoMbsth - fietdi Prison, where he wlQ undergo toe ilx moaths hard labonr; During the wltole of these prooellngs Smith inflexibly maintained his composure, and prettied In bis pretene that be is lame. Tbe following appointments were msde on Saturday at the Admiralty l - Commander John T. J. Parry, to the Cambridge , Llout, Henry Waller, to the Leander j Lieut. H. H. Washington, to the Cossack f Arthur D. Faaduwe, William J. Talbot, George L. Atkinson, aad Heymour It. U. U acres. biidthipmeo, tothe Berenge; Harry O. Stevenson and Edward A. Cooper, midshipmen, to the Orlando ; Hubert U.UrenIeli, ml'lehlpman, tothe Meeaocet Arthur E. Bancroft, mid shipman, to the Ooyaert John F. II. Vernon, naval cadet, to the Orlando John Burke, paymaster, to be secretary to Boar - Admiral Yelvertoa ; Robert Bone, par master, to tba Hibemla ; TViffiara C Had - riu, master's assistant, to the Orlsndo ; Eobert Bacon, eogineer, to the Weser 'Bichard S. Lee, assist. - engineer, to the Marlborough ; Edward Watton, assisVenejneer, to tbe Weser ; Peter Colouhoun snd John Green, acting second class tasiat, - ngineers, lo the Orlando, MILITIA. The Oxfordshire Militia completed its annual eotme of 21 days' training ea the 14th Inst., after having beea inspected oa the Monday previous by Major - Gen. Craa - ford, who complimented the troops in the highest terms.. Tbe regiment mutered very strong - in men, there being about 830 of aU ranis present, The West SoSbik Militia, which has. been undenraiag its periodical training and exercise ai Bary St. Edmund'a, was disembodied on Friday. Prrrioos to ita beiss; dlshsided, tbe regiment had been inspected by Col. Farren, CBL. coto - manding the 4th depflt' battalion at' CoUiesler oamp, who expressed himself ia '. highly cooaplimentary terms aa to its Tha regiment naa bow ita fuH atrengta. nsefhrr. ptrakatnmpitallin!cijtzt. Wlisa.wbesl perfectly uaain tuauM waaaaasvuigsanxy. ; Vnsrjra Vsa LbBaeo; Vijl&Tbt Oiplx ;'?5ssfiya a - elii 4 i eaaSf gatlT ,'ttwaiwe li - Ail? ' frietnisx sailed trees isaaarara ea vmii tar the Cards, aad hag pea ilaoa teaa heard efc, , . QiiX3nA3T&iiLYsxBiSQ.Ti Lotd 8altouB. tromGrwaaland,sveaa fsaernes en Thursday, ttree wwaaafm - tteaewiaatvm wpeeta the Aettvu of faiertMad. aed the Meliake ad Alex. iiont aail apoa the proviaiou f the ears 4 ea the aoseaat ef pepalatevei as4 aaaabsT 4 la each between. J, Oa tUaeetWaef aea. TEX XZIStt cavscs. Ifr. DSIwya will ateve tetaeiise far a tsseet caiaaittaaa' . tulwTuire how far the present distribution ef endewnktsnar tar raligioesi purpoeee throughcInbsuyUasaaatsadeal as most to eoodses to Um welfare ef aU claeasa af Bee X. jeetys Irish subjeflU U seerehthe JeeaasOaetfae itwastr tor say isselnttnas passed siaee the Aetef the JOtkasMt ' 40th et George ILL. cap, tg. haviag iwfsreaea WlaaaMtV - eatieQef aay tturplaa rwreeee arista from east ami sen sa STKUwaaeots ia Irslaad I aad U report how far aacs. rsssJt Uon or resolutions appear to have bees tuhesoiiaasaarrttcB toto effect, Mr. IL geyaumr - wa saeve, as an imrelatcatts sfrj DUlwya't aiotloa for a laaeet eesnialttee ea nligMwt ruaVes, menu (IrtUad), That aa b amble address he, icwaWu Her Maletiy, pnyiag thai Her Maety wvU be grssaoaate. rOeased tosppoint a Boyal Ccenmieswi Ulrn , - Tbe territorial srraagecaeet ef sxiating Uaeweas, wbetbrr soaaistlag ef alagia pariahes ee asiuee af laulsawa, aa4 apoa impropriabt patiaUss I as Is their ex Mat, eootigsirf et tne paru, pseibuo et SBurcaea, asx means es i an rial eesnraaaicauea I aouat and on PreaeaUsiU la taartahas a here iwoaired. bv forsoatWa er dieowlctWa ea aniens, or by dirlawns of pariahes, or csebaage ef parboea of pariahes or uaiaaa. having iwgard te aauooat ef saiaia. tetial work aad tbe aircuneitaeocc af earrestadtag panaaea. 3, On the districts which tt aaight he deairable te aerve provisionally by sjiroailitry eeaatea. 4. Oa the iaantsse set' benefices ia Ireland, and. an parts af Uaefiaas. a far aa might be necessary fairly toedjiist the inansai af pssiabaa peutjused to be erected. oxfokdTsUt ia. IaaCoavoeattoatobe bslden ea Taraday next, tbe lXa last,, at 3 o'vhiekvtt will be pewoaad that a eWUgasy bs aa. pniatad, ouelaUag ef the) Ves - CbaaeeUur, the fweeten, t!e sunlon of the tUtre, aa. ais laeaaUn ef CaaeeastiiM w be tJeetad by Uoevneation. s4 three bmiW ef tVoaeil Vs bo sWvsd by that buly, fur the parpae f nsasiag all sr. ratigesMetttt fur the rwailHM - l ft tMr lfl Migtnan tat) lnaw 4HI I'hasBaisf Wsle, s4 rw eatWtt w fxj Viawi.'betta - lW te issue 4h seai In 4 the t'kloeeaHw cheat M pMy, la the )lfel ef la 4i - Tfey. ts ri s t'fi MlKMiklihe alette br - e be mi., a l)ataii will Ian bwldea aa,. ley. the ah iast.. tt 3 e'ttuvs, fe the t!Un sf li I Humbert bf Um tkia t" be SftaAated vf i itsminert ia the rWhwd t .Vt4arai Mewav'wevsT girea antkie that tMr tia - taslrt will swesiawate etw Friday, MsfA at 10 a.ia. . On VeUnlsy. June a. there will be saeWtea al CPwau (dkttwiiiteenblKthiMtioi.s,taeHaf the valae tat fltf.l and loeme Holme, aa Fet, aad ane Diaea KsbiUttats eeehef theeaiueof aur. Tbe rWsnU at HWiee EtWW. tkme areeonnncl to eatirra nf CSiinlerUvi aad Westmoce . Undt the Fet KthiUtiwi to aatlreaef CsasberUo - l a - tl Watlownlsod who Uve beea edoeala - l st Ue Henoal ef tj Bees t swt tbe Diana EshlUtiea to nattves of Whiteoavea. OaexUdatea are raiaired te call ea the Prvveet an T seeder, Jane X . Axbbicav 3lXruTh UritUfi" aril North Ara - ricanKoyUMailtteamshfp Asia, Captaia ShaatrA. aaCeX from liverpud on tlatavby for Halifax and Bwaloa. BW klce the usoal mailt and a fair amount f earge she took cut aboni TOpasautigen. Tub Oariucx iUurr Fcxp. The amount sub - teribe.1 up to Saturday, tbe" ICth iest, txeredl 2JV0t Sixty - fWaas - t bad bten relieved by the committee an ha thst date. This evening the offleen of tie lartamouta e. vittoa of Boyal Marine light Infantry eie aa amateur performance ta aid of the fend at the Bejel Theatre. La. port, under the pntronage of Major - Geaeral Lurd W. Fsa - f let, C.B. Tbe " Vi'arHlrrirrrUiustrtU.' a LiefT of TOSle - i men amateurs, wetl known ta rivtta musical tircies ta, London, bars announced their intention of giving a concert, ta aid of the fund about tbe 10th of Jwe text, at ICrrTa PorUaad - liall, Sonthsea. The eooeert will be aader tbe patronage of Major - Gcoeral Lord v. . raaut, UK. Admiral Sir M. Heymour, G.CBL, Bear - Admual G. J act, ana is expected to prove most sacceesrui.. Kike. About 2 o'clock on Saturday mccaiim fire broke out in tbe premises Leloogics; to Mr. James CUav a carver and gilder, situate at. Xo. Ujpert - atraet, Covea try - street, Haymarket. The premista wtre of consul, nliei extent, and extended as far back aa the L unset la Pnncsc i street, nidaVof which were occupied by tradesmen. Is st few minutes the tntin range i - 'isf workshops was oa trtw Several of tbe Boyal Society a escapes aUeadad, as well aa the pariah engine of St, Ann's, a number tl gaanntl poves engines of the' London Brigade, aod four IsadT steamers. By the time this rvwerfel faros csanei up there appeared not tbe least, chance af easing area ral of the bouses sitaata ia Princea iirs.t, Vot, ewisg ts Um judicious dircetiocj given by .Captain Shaw. Mr. Ferai man Staples, sn - l Mr. Hodges, the fire was vrrretiel froua levelling with tha graundt several of the buildiajs ia that but - named street. Plenty of water, was prueared. ass theJ fire was not extinguished nhtn the woxkslvspe and caaleas wen destroyed, and tne irons nouse 'Utaaceu. v tar cUmaced. prindpallv bv Lrealuce The orin cf the fin is unknown. ThesaJcren wen aoU insured. " ' COBTOBATIOW OF THX SOXI OT TUX ClXXOT - Tbe governon of this corporation held a meeting at their boaae, 2. Bloonasbo - place, aa Satanlay Last, waea the) cases of 37 widows snd c3 aired siazla daiizhten of daacssril clergymen wen brought before the Board, baviag letiiosaly been eareuTlr coneidend bv tie standiac eoasetittea aa mintad to examine aad reoort UDoo .aU atsMicatiooe faS relief from the funds of tbe society. - Zt widows sad 3;' daughters wen then electea io life pensions ef lot, fawaaai to supply tbe vacancies wniea naa oceurreu ea toe list during the last 13 moutba, aad tinaU don .tinea aieiKsas to 76 other widows aad daughters. The total Bewibaraf ladles , in receipt of pensions front tbe eorpcratioa. ia Tli sadt probably then is scarcely a parish: ia fUrUad s Waleev which at tome time or other dariag. tba 3 ywata of thi' venerable " soaety's exiatenca. ass not Uiroera upea tta f funds the widow and orphans of soots eierjjaiaa, wboea. scanty remuneration when alive baixly sufbeed aa ' fwr - bith the commonest necetatrias, al eoabt Be pseeiteV provide fur the auintenanea of his family wbea deaaar bad removed him from tba trials snd privatiaoa est life. During the laat few months tba fwveracrs'kava distributed about 4034.. ia cloaetioea ta poor clergy - .' men. their widows and aged daughters, and ia grubs . towards educating and putting out ia hfe 'tiergjr children. In June the main bcociaetioras an fee - poorearrjy - men with large familiea. and in July vacancies are 13ed ua ametrctt the. widow and daughter pensions of higher aiooaaa Laeitt - saworth'ibe Itev. Lord JeuaThvaae. Sir BroaC W. Brvl jes. M.P.. Sir J. P. Beileae, the Ilea. Mr. Barest Channel C Sir Tbomaa Phillipa, Archdeacon Joaea. Ker. Cinoet Melvill, Jennings, and Tbomaa ; Mr. Aldet - saa Copehnd, M.P., Mr. Barrow, M.P Air. Sutnee. M.P, Mr. Selvro, M.P - the Uer. Dr.Viviaa and the Kev. H, L. Bsc nett, Mr. Aldarmaa Fiaa - , al Mesen. J. W. KrseiAcU. Christopher liodgion, Henry PowaalL Elmaad Pepys, B. BvgjralUy, Jsmea BeaUe, P. Hardaisk, BJL, laeasa WUeoo, WiDiam Gilpin, Thomas Grre - M. Jeaa PropMl. Thonias It. A. Poynder, it. A. Cray, aad P. Caaaaeee. The tfJOOi aoaivartary featlral of the aueiely is advertissd, to take pUee ea Thursday next, tbe Slat tae - . and we undereUml thaAnhbUtop of Caaterbury, the Bisbeca el Lnadoa, Wiachesler. Imtham. Hk AsaA Llchasld. M. Darld's, Usmlaff, Liaeuln. Msiisbary. aad Itawheaarr. tbe Karl afkirewsburr and Talbot. Lonl Fevsrsham, the laava of York, the Hon. ami Iter. II. Lwgo, the Rev. Bir X. It, Jolrell, Mr. lUrrnw, M,lT.r IU W. .Csrwsa. Aldermea CotwUed, M. P.. Kidney, M. P.. aad Cabrwd. tae "Ix - riir of I - Aodoo ami Mhldlaaet, aa - l a Urge aamberef slr - ymea and gvbtleiaen have already asseae4 ihatf Inteutlon of attemliag the dinner at Almhaat Tsyke's lflt, to be ' trnsbleJ over, aecurdltg te aaeieat tasteta, aw tbe Bight Hon. the Lord Msyor, M. P. lHlae ssrvite will l - e perforined the sauie af teranoa andVr the dmee ef t. PauVa Cathedral. The choir will annalet of hmt 31 traiaest Vuices, lnelllng the eholrt of tho Chalet Boyal, WattV tulnsUr All. L Paul's. SL Geors'a Chanel IWisdserV and the Temple and the anthems eek - ctM fr the essay, sloa arc by Mendebaviha ami HandcL aa - i a new eao by that aceoiuptislMd musician, Mr. Gees, tbe organist ef It. l'aul a Uatboirai. Hcuuay Cti.irutafATioir. - W'a are rvrueartea to I Uie that. In addition to tbe confirmative alreadraa. Sou need fur the d Incest ef Itntoa, Um Bisliop will held a confirmation st St. Paul's Walworth, on the atenooa a Huodar. Julr 19. for tbe eoovenJeaee af persons wee raaeot attend coafirmatioa en a week day. Pvranns iatswding te be'eosfirme.) aliould give notice to the parochial ilaTgfa Tub Aca - riUAJr Rctrbat rox KoLrxxrvo. During the whle of the sctiou the head ef the Hesse af Hsfaburf dh - plsts remarkable ealmnese aad prteeaee ef but, aa then is so b?er aay hope af fordnetbe position of the allies, a renerai" ret real is ordered. Werea than that, at several poinU panic sclaee the Cenaaa trooje : with some rec - iiaeata retreat la ehaorn.1 lata atarr root, fa vala their ottteen, who bava festght like lions, try ts restrain them. Exhortations, Intmlts ssjareetrukee aetaisg tea atop then. The very sot lien whoTiave bravely borae tba brunt of the battle now prefer to let UMCkselrrs be atruttr aod raile.1 st, rather than not rue away. Tbe Estperor eg Austria is ia deep despair. While ecetteavplatiag tbaf scene of sleaobttion, tean atreaaa down bit cbsexs. Ha aides - de - camp have treat HilBcntty .in peeaaadiag bjat te of their grief, not ehoosine; to survive tbrir fatal oScreal. Tbe majority oely rejoin the rtgiaae ate eorered with their own or their enemies' blood. Tba Aastriaa sang. len were cot tojether aad aondaeted to Valrtxio. The roads were covered, either with hagsaga Wioegiaf ta taat diSerent troops, or witb tbe etroiperea af bridges aad artillery reeerrea, which crowded toeetber aad upsrt'sata another ia their harrr to reach tee narrow passage af Valcgzio. Maeh waa saved by Um rapid eonstiartina eg flvinKHidoea. Tba In can vera, composed af anea taa sCrUlr wweaded, beaa to eater rillairaaea j the ase tenoualy eraoaded soldien foQowsd UMm r aad taitaibeaa the wboleof this sad sda - bA tba arrirala were ISIIUIVI ta aambsr. Bwdoetccs dressed tberr wwuayis, ssnjeawsdtie witb a little isfTsthateat, aad ssct taem aa by raslaafyta. - Tcrona, wlMn tbatroWateaaaefrigtraL Baaraltbiegb tha arnrr U Us letnat took witb xtsBts weauttesaU possibly trtasf irt ta the vahitlra at Us i.istnss I. wfcsa aMambeaaeardWasamwwielsftsbaadsasd eathaawaad - saUawgrucadt - laawaaiSarem - JI Harm, ef Frattrbsnw. had sash smart tae Ibe Cent4adawa;eDaakaeBb aa seels, tttaaa, aad was Itaaty as sat i is il Irraaly waatttw. bad a,oao Toe kVlsaves!. Halt, aad thews M iirwtgttaa aga leaartrt ' swaaaa. tag taaiiM jasesaway - k laokmriaureawttl LBatmia sssaaii Gats lsu t. FJ ; aa.t XrTi . ak L 9? - " l '. aXceVacastatr. ts - iFeaaba PWsaisT, aa.j laj aa Otfi Ltsir. 3k, ad.: Jsaaestns ana CXiftasmlav a fc. , tas aaawa er tawttat - C teiaV&Tkg aLtslsa. nil stlsa anWl rtaV,wutLrn . . Ji.' - 'S ivn J.ea.1 av a, as, I as. vaauweu. W 1j - i aaOttlarr - 3a. ItLi Jaaaaitat aaaiUsaa, l

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