The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1937
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 11)37 (ARK.)'.COURIER Permits Will Be Asked for At Least 20 Ne\v Homes Within Month At least 20 building iiermUs will be issued for new resiliences in Bly- tlieville within HID next month, so .say those who are assisting prospective builders in making their plans. Announcements of these will be made soon. Work lias slaiittl on razing the present Coca Cola-building, lit the cci'ner of Ash and Sixth streets, lo make room for a new two-story brick structure upon which work will bejin within a. week or ten days, U. S. Branson is architect for Hie new 75-by-120 foot buildini \vMch will be especially attractive in a setting of landscaped shrubbery and flowers with a warehouse on the rear of the large lot. The fireproof structure will be at the r;a'r of the bottling room. There will te a closed loading dock on the west side with entrance from the diiveway on the west. The one- story warehouse at the rear will be UEed for trucks. Residences completed tills week include the colonial cottage belong- Modernization Is Needed To Raise Living Standards Only a small percentage of the families of the country can be housed in new dwellings each year, according to the Federal Housing Administration. Hence, Improvement of existing dwellings Is a most important factor In the general improvement of housing standards. Some 900,000 homes have been improved with the proceeds of notes Insured under the Modernization Credit Plan since it was put in operation. In addition, 250.0W two-family houses and apartments were improved by such loans, as well as 150,000 other properties, comprising business and industrial buildings, hotels, hospitals, orphanages, colleges, schools, churches, and farms. As in the two previous years, the availability of modernization credit insurance was made the occasion for a wide vnriety of local and national activities to promote modernization and repair work. Business and professional groups connected with construction and local 'better housing committees conducted community enterprises of this type In several thousand cities nnd towns. Unless Congress extends this part of the Act, it will expire • II Does Not, However, Supply House the Public •"lans to ing lo and Mrs. J. Graham Sudbury and tile rock veneered collage at Hayti, erected by the A. B. Tribbles. Mr. and Mrs. Sudbury are moving today to their new home, at. the corner of Madison and Hearn streets. Tlie house has n living room, dining room, bed room, kitchen and bath -with while plastered walls and oak floors, except in the kitchen and bath rooms where inlaid linoleum was used. The colonial entrance has. a six panel door and concrete steps. There are built-in cabinets in the kitchen and a linen closet in the bathroom and a clothes closet in the bedroom. A rustic style \vas used in building the Tribblc house, with Wendell M. Phillips as architect. The kitchen of the five-room house has a tile wainscoting and the floor of tlie bathroom is tile. Oak floors were used in the other rooms and asbestos shingles were used for the roof. Wundcrlichs Buy Patton • • House on,Hearn Stree: Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wumteriicl have purchased the E. C. Patton house at 820 Hearn St., when they will reside after April 1. The house, which faces th south, has three rooms across th front with a living room, dining room, two bedrooms, kitchen, ball and large rear porch Included i the structure.. The new owners will redecorate the house on tiie interior and outside and make minor repairs before moving. nsulation Adds to •• Comfort of Home Adequate insulation adds grcat- to the comfort of a home. Vhcn .properly installed, it retards eat .and cold, reduces heating ost, protects health, and promotes: conomy. Special attention is given to this mnortqnt:. matter in the homes nanced under the insured mort- age plan of the Federal Housing .dm frustration. WASHINGTON, D. C, — While the Federal Housing Administration encourages in every possible way Ihe Improvement of construction standards and Die utilization of the services of competent architects and builders. It does nol supply plans or other architectural service to the public. From Ihe inception of the Federal Housing Administration's program, the construction standards established for projects applying for mutual mortgage insurance, have been published ami presented to the public, to builders, and the construction industry as a whole. However, suggestions as to building practices and desirable building standards which we have also developed, have been offered as suggestions and ere intended 'in no way to compete or conflict with the building industry or the architectural profession. Several private agencies have organized planning services and offer sets of stock plans for public purchase, but these agencies arc in no way associated with the Federal Housing Administration and are exclusively private enterprises. In encouraging the construction of small, low-priced homes the Housing Administration devised a series of five examples as illustrations of these homes. They were designed purely to show the feasi- slmtlar to our suggested, homes which appeared in Technical liul- letln No. 4. However, the Housing Administration has never furnished stock plans for iuiy ' private enterprise. In the case of tlio demonstration home program now being promoted by the lumber, brick, concrete, nnd other industries, the Federal Homing Administration lias merely acted in a cooperative capacity and Is taking no part in furnishing .plans or ether material. As in all operations private Individuals ami groups present their plans for approval If financing under the In- siired Mortgage System Is proposed. Aside from studying such plans for approval tile Housing Administration has no other part In the design and specifications entering any building project coining under the Federal Housing Administration's program. A rack for cooking implements .it ihe side of the range will not only keep these things handy but will also be an aid in drying them out thoroughly. A rack can - hold pot lids, too. Use of Resilient' Materials Noted In Modem Walls There is an unmistakable trend toward (lie Increased nppllcatloi of resilient flooring materials to wnll decoration, Walls coverc; with linoleum, or olher resilient material, flic rapidly gaining favor with architects, decorators, nnd home builders us n distinctly beautiful nnd practical method of wal decoration. Lobbies and corvtdors of offlct buildings, hotels, and apaitmen houses find this forni of wall decoration protective, economical, niu easy lo keep in order. Rcslllciv floor materials may bo used clfcc' lively in restaurants, bars, nigh clubs, and theaters. !n the home lesllient-coveied walls are espi? clally suitable for bathrooms am kitchens, with wood paneling effects proving popular for living room or library wall decoration. The Federal Housing Admlnis liatlon Insures mortgages made 01 ionics by private flnaticlnl insllUi- lons. ; t. . forch May Increase* Size of Living Room I'orch space may be used as in addition to the living room by enclosing the porch nnd making :i double 1 doorway between the rootns. The sumo color scheme- as is used In the living room or a harmonious one should be employed In the decorating, Homes llnnhcod under (he Insured Mortgage System of the. Federal Housing Administration may have this lypc of Improvement. A stringent law against pipers was proclaimed by James I, king of ICiujliUHl, during his- reign. King Jaiiies wns very puritanical. IMl'KOVE YUUK PROPERTY NOW We'll help you secure ft FHA loan. • Wall Paper Paints' - Varnishes Aulo & Window Plate Glass HIA'THKViLU? PAINT ami WALLPAPER: co. GlMll'OU Illtlg. I'llOlID 880 YOUNG EABEN1S . . , \viUi • moderate incahs and .a growing family lo come in nml'learn about Uio FJIA Plan of paying for u out of income. Naturally you want to raise your children in the happiest, healthiest environment possible: A home with sunny, airy sleeping <iuartcrs; room.s for .play and study, and grounds lo To'mp in. WE WILL 'HULI' YOU NEGOTIATE- A LOAN THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 and practicability of low- priced home construction, Outside bility planning groujis have seen fit to prepare plans for sale to the public, which arc, in design, closely DILAPIDO$»$ * . Disease common tohomcj. Symptoms: paint-ihirsiy walls, sagging steps, blistered surfaces, rotted posts. A general run-down condition of the entire structure caused by overexposure. Ideal Kitchen Can Be Planned for Equipment The ideally convenient "kitchen .should be arranged from a carefully-thought-out set of plans, made before any equipment of any sort is placed in the room. Spacing should be allowed for each piece of working machinery. Light nnd ventilation should be planned so that the room is always cheerful and .comfortable. A kitchen that suits the exact needs of a family may be worked out- with the architect when a new home is being planned. The Federal Housing Administration insures mortgages up to 80 per cent of the appraised value of the properly. Rent-like payments include the amortization of the mortgage, interest, taxes, .service charge, and all other fixed charges. Closets may bo built in at either end of a blank wall in a Inrgc dining room, . leaving an alcove, for a buffet or serving table. bliclves or drawers may be provided for linen and silver and a space above for china point/ NOVA you can paint - protect your property when the need first appears and PAY FOR IT MONTHLY -OUT OF INCOME It's jahc economy lo delay [laint- 'K when it's needed. OUR NEW PLAN makes it possible for yon to PAINT AT ONCE and PAY ON CONVENIENT TERMS ASK US ABOUT IT TODAY PHONE 100 Anywhere in Mississippi County Kates long Terms Prompt Service Prepayment Privileges 1st National Bank BIdg. Hlylheville, Ark. Aulhorizctl Mortgage Loan Solicitor for .Tlic Prudential Insurance Company of America r***- /// BW*** 5 "™ //, */ / r/ r ' A NDAfRE PRICES AS LOW AS :$' ISO Brings Thrilling New Completeness in ALL 5 BASIC SERVICES You Need for Home Refrigeration 2 . GREATER ICE-ABILITY Ends "Cube-Struggle" and "Ice- Famine"! New Instant Cube-Release in all ice-trays. Automatic Tray Release, More pounds of ice ... faster. Stores 100% more reserve ice-cubes. Sliii THE PROOF! • GREATER STORAGE-ABILITY New 9-Way Adjustable Interior! Adjusts like magic. Full-width sliding shelves, 2-Way Cold Storage Tray, new Super-Duty Hydrators, Portable Utility Shelf. SHB THE PROOF! . GREATER PROTECT-AB1LITY Keeps food safer, fresher, longer! SAFETY- ZONE Cold at all times proved b'y the Tood-Safety Indicator with dial on door, always in sight. Also, 3 other zones of cold ... for every protection need. SHB THE PROOF! ". GREATER DEPEND ABILITY 5-Year Protection Plan on the sealcd-in mechanical unit! Sealed Steel Cabinet. Lifetime Porcelain or Durable Dulux exterior. Built and backed by General Motors. SEE THE PROOF! I. GREATER SAVE-ABILITY ONLY FRIGIDAIRE HAS THE SMALL DOWN •PAYMENT EASY TERMS CUTS CURRENT COST TO THE BONE! Sec an electric meter pwe it, bfforfjou fer/y/Mcter-Miscr docs \ SUPER-DUTY at amazing saving because it's the u'm^ett refrigerating nicchanitm ever built f Only 3 moving parts, including the motor . . . permanently oi!ccl ...scaled against moisture and dirt. i'RIGIDAIRE with METER-MiSERsavcscnough oa food and operatingcost to pay for itself, and pay you a profit be- •dcs! SEE THE PROOF! ONLY FRIGIDAIRE HAS THE NEW INSTANT CUBE-RUEASE It's in every ice-tray, in every Super-Duty" Frigidairc. Instantly releases icc-cufacs frainttay.mooradozcnata "me, by simple life of lever. L'ncis old-timc (luisancc .., yields 20)5 more ice by ending faucet meltage waste. Greatest advance in Jce Coa. yenicncc ever known! Come "i. Sec its quick, easy action. ... AND SAVE MONEY FOR YEARS TO COME! CLARENCE H. WILSON HAKVEY MORRIS RAY WOUTHINGTON Some refrigerators may give- you/wrf ofthc Service-Ability you need. But Frigidajre gives you PROOF of thrilling completeness in ALL 5 BASIC SERVICES! That's Super-Duty. It means Frigidaire gives the fullest measure of work-saving convenience ever known-yet saves enough to pay for itself, and pay you a profit besides. You save on foijd. You save on operating cost because Frigidaire's exclusive Meter-Miser unic is stingy with current-even in the hottest wc». thcr. And you save year after year, because tho Me>;r-Miser is the modern marvel of trouble* free simplicity ond dependability!... Play safel Buy only on Proof of Super-Duty. Without eye-: witness evidence of ALL 5 BASIC SERVICES, you ci'imot be sure of getting full 1937 value. Sea. our Frigtdaire Proof-Demonstration before joa buy- AND SAVE MONEY FOR YEARS TO COMB! Sec liic 1937' Frigidaii'c at. ihcsc Sales Representatives; rmn-m \- -i-mr mvr« m,.,- n vvruvu LUXOHA: IKX5AN PHARMACY ObCLOLA: IOM JONES DICK M.MCHMl j|ANH,A: ALSTON DRUG STORK iN: !,C,lvWlLbOiS fcCO. LEACIIVILLE: TURN'HOW HARDWARE CO. REISER: HARVEY WILSON JOINER: J. E, KENNKMORE GEE SALES CCL Inc. Phone 07 Blytheviik, Ark.

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