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The Times from London, · Page 8

London, England
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Thursday, April 6, 1843
Page 8
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THE - TIMES, THURSDAY, APRIL 6, 1843. tfE3TRVCTirs riRM at aRZEtraicil. A QUI after 3 o'clock reaUrdV b ldbeunaiairted hiwrflktirttakrlMU Bar kuajesty, by ih tvsvi of W Privy Ccaefl, talght dir - ot. Mr u tana t U years. CENTRA L CM V IN Al COURT, WtdotmUy, Afiri S. rta'. comijo!, A special eemmiaeJoaa, WhieVaat ba Issued by tha Lord Chancellor, for th trial of Juan Dawson, a sailor, charged arith th' wilful marder of an Arab, ia Africa, raa opened this snerning. The Rrxoacsa end V r. Corntniiaiooer Bcuoce took their eat rt. Ix bene al 8 o clock, when Mr. Clark, th dark of tb eourt - read tha cnaalitioa. which wot direeted to a3 th jadget ni tS cxmiailawaoners en u vntri vruataai iart,uuortxin2 them to mpani a grand jery, end a!ao a petty try, oat of th city of London, purpow.oi trying, tea uuvimti irswsofi; aaa aio airecimg i nm to proctei with. ua trial rortawitn. A spwial irand latv - tiviet: bn stturn. Th Rnooxnxa proceeded to deliver his charfe, an! !(, Ihey were iiojqotj lander liar Msiesty's special eaeiarji aacn airecimg uv . eomaiet'OMrs of to inirai tnrainti Court to iaiair Intoth carenautenee of a marler alleged to bar bee eoramitud abreed to a country not forming Hi, 'part of Hsr MtjxlVa dominions or osving allegiance to tha Ck - ownof Greet Britain. The alleeed ranrder took place in the Island of Zicsibar, situated on tba eas' era coast of aitics, end within to coraintouota po uunuuo tha Imeam of Muscat. - A person of tha r.ama cf Jinn Dawson, a saVject of tha Qaeea of Greet Britain, rat chargta with earsmittirg a ciurdtr in thjt country, bat tha tmci murdered did not irpm to b a subject of these realm. Tb jirisdietka cf thai C - octt, and their pawer to inquire into tM dimi o: tr. eul, trer siren noor lb tstut of 9 - .h Oorg IVfp. Jl.iha 7th lection of which enacted tha', "II any of Hit Msjesty.Vsubjecti ahaU ba chared in England with any murder cr maoalaaghter, or wim taring accessory before tea fact to any msroer, or tha fact to any murderer nsritakughler, tha same txin; ra - arwmmy rpmmittM oa UnJ ouTof tha naitad kiar,dota, wtatbr KitLin tha Kin' iomiol jai or without, it aha'l ba lawful for . ia - lic of tha Mac of tha etmnit or claea wtHrprMaii rhu - gfd ihall t;to taka coRnrimc of """1J'"C - cuargao, aca to j roercd tbcrrid aa if thf lame tad ra conm":ttc4 withia tha limi'a jef h - a ordinary jaria - aay ptrfon to coaral ata'l be oocumitUd wr inu, or aamttiM to bail to anawrr aach charge, a com - Biiri.on of ortr and nn4. - I).. ...1 .h.ll ba dirtctad to rack' pertoia and Into aeh' eoaaty or o ppoin:a ey toe lord VbaocaUor, ' ' ""'u v'pt, or uorai vommiuioncrt of tba Ureat ami, .lot tba jpad j tnal of tuch jffndtra, and aneh paraon thtil bara foU fower to iaqaira ofr bear, and dttermtaa all aoch muuii ica ecacty or place lumtad in their eooimia - aioa by inch jood and Uwf ol u - .en of tha atid county or placa aa hll be retamtd before them for that porpofe, in the mmimt u ii ue cnencta had Deen aetnaUy eoa - xai'.ted in the tail eoan!y or place. Frcrided alao, nomine aarem eonuined atuu prerent any person from heinc tritd in nr ntiM ont cf OAt kir dota for any murder or manlanjr,hter oomeiilUd ont toe siojiaotn, in tie nsu - manner aa tach person - mitht hTe been tried before tha par aing " of thia act." Kow, the srorieioa of the itatata down to that point bad keen rompLe J with ; the penon to wham the crime wai iav pnted had been taken before If r. Clarke, on of tha juticea i meoanty ol ueron, and tpe uori Vhtncellor hod leaned a Commieron to try the prisoner in tha city of Lorjdon. They would aea that the .jiulisj had acted aa if the' affesea bad been commuted in thet conelr, nd the conunieeion wat ia - laed to try tba prisoner as if tha effenca bad been aoaimittad in tba city of London. The I'atn'e refivrad to tha erimea of marder and manslaughter, and it woald therefor be aeeea - nry for him t adeert rery briefly to tha law aa applicable to fuchc - v. Ilia Lordship, then cited froa the work of bfr lliehael Koster that learred jaJge'a dcHaition of the crimen of murder !"ti4 maaa' - aagaler," and croeeeded to Bay, that the " iiland of Zanxibar waa formerly aabjeet t the eroini of Potta - nLbathivinr been trait time since taken from the Portocarre Oorernment waa bow strtj et to tba Imaara of Muscat; the inbabitanu rf that country were, be bettered, uut;rnerI blacks, and Pagaaa, ar MahomeSani, bat chiefly Pagani; bat the person alleged to Lara been murdered waa said by the nitneatea an Arab ; bat the ceantry or the religion of tba deceased would hare no effect whaterer npon the na:ore of the crime, aad Sir Matthew Hale bad laid it down that it was murder wilfully ts. kill an alien, or area aa enemy, within thia etantry, unlets in (he he, of war ; oa a former occasion, when a similar inquiry rack place, a considerable dientiion arose wkether it was fccceattry, in order to brirg tha case within thf prorieioaa of tha sta'ate, that both the erased and tha deceased should, bo Britiab antjecta ; bat, without further adrerting to that disctuaioa, ha (tha Recorder) wonld recommend them to lock at tba case precisely as If it btl occurred ia tbia coon ry.aad after diligently taqairirg into its merits, if they should ba of opinion that the fcta were rach aa to satisfy then that tha .cffenca bad been prored, proridad it bad been committed in this country, it wonld be their duty to put it ia a train far farther imetu'sstwn before tbepet y jiry, AlUrtagb it would not be necessary to f o intoiba ficu of the ease, till it would be desirable to make some allusion to tkem in order that that tLy might be more dearly understood. Tba priaonar, James Dwem, wu at Zasiibar in the moiitbof Aagatt but, mad was in the company of other .persona, alio subjects of this realm, bat ia tha heuae of a natire of that country, of the name of Abdallah. On tha day in question the party had been drinking rery freely, and the priaonar wu intoxicated. In the eonne of the areniag ih prisoner and the decaaaed bad some wards, in the co: - .rie of which tba priaener made nae of threat! toward bio. The priaonar left the house, bat eras seen re amine in a abort time with a parcel of atones, which he acknowledged waa for tha purpcae of eteuing tha deceased. 11a again left the' bouse, - and when ha again returned, hia apseaatbee waa very remarkable, . and ba was in a rery excited atste. It waa customary for persons raiding in that country to carry kniraa or d&tgara about with them. The prisoner carried a da ger and wore it rery eonspicBOuely. When b left Abdallak'a bonae he wore a hat bat on bis retarn be waa without one. Ilia dpger waa dnwa, and tha blade ef it, as well as his drtai, wu caTtred With blood. He wa spoken to npon the subject, when he said that ba had got into aa altercation with two Arabs, who attacked him, aal that ba had slain one of them in hia owa defaces. He then took tha person to whom be mad tha communication into a line, where the deceased wu found tying npoti hia face quite dead - There wu no eridenc whaterer that "tha person to fouad wu the person murdered by the .prisoner, except bis being seen with a dagger ia bis band and coTered with blood, aad eoapled with his own declaration that be bad committed tba act ; but at the same time that declaration was accompanied by another statement, that be bad committed tha act in hia snrn defence. Aa inrestigatioa into the eireamttarjtei 'sru made by the English Consul resident in that country, whs deemed it neoeeaary to send It prisoner to this country to ske hie trial for tha offence. ' The eiM wu oa which called for tha fullest and most open inreatigttioa ; tha national good fiith was, to a ceRaiB - ezteDt, inrolred ia it; sua raerejore, unaer su ue circnmsiasces,ii wonia M better, if the f aets. warranted it, to hare it inrestigated before a pettyjary ; wou: a d seen Tipon what endenoe the obarge was mad', aad what were the circumstances of ex tenuation er aggraration. He should leare the ca - e entirely in their band, and should recommend them to deal with it precisely u if tba effance had been committed m London ; he would not trouble them with any question of law which might ariae in the cue, bat would Ieare that to be dealt with ' trr the learned 1 udee who would Vt ire the nrisoner. The grand jury then retired to their room, and after an absence of about an hoar, returned into cosrt, baring foaud a hk uu Kiusfc mm prisoner. The jurr were than discharged, .The last special commission, and we belter the cnlyona, sinee the estaV.iabment of the Central Criminal Court, wu held on the 8:h of July, 1835, fir the trial of Manoel Antonio da Mat toe, charged with the wilful marder of Jacob Kettle, an uigiuo. uuor. tui onence wu auo commttlea tn tne aaae place, tij., um island of Zanzibar. fBtfon Mr. Jut'ict CutiswiXL. J klichul Doyle, 35, labourer, wu indicted for tha wilful urnrcer ot J - .Len Doyle, aiiat fcillea N'Une. Mr. Adoi baa' conducted the prosecution ; Mr. Doane de - jni'ifa in 'ruroxer. - I'rom th - rideaee of the witnasses examined. It anrseared . that th iez - wi. wb pasted as the criaoaer's wife, resided with bim in Milcoa - streat, Cribplegate. Ia tha month, of oremwr uattney were ueera by some neighbour to be . qearreil cg, and shortly siterwards the deceased ootnpUired of baring been brutallt knocked down and kiaked be tha prisoner, from the effecs of which she became Terr ill, bu reuiuuj oieo. i ae prisoner, who caa ceen empleyea " as a labourer at th Royal Exchange, Immediately mad his vope, m j wu in appreneuaea tiu aBout a rortaignt ago. The only witness who saw tha injury actually inflicted npon the deceased wu a little girl 10 years Of age, but upon . ber being qsestieaed by the learned Judge u to th nature ai aa oath', she resented the moat lamentabie ignorance with regard to ererj thing relating to religion and religious duties, so that hia Lordship said be felt bound to reject ber eridenc. Mr. ADoLrnrs then called another witness, but sh did not answer. The learned counsel baring informed the Court that be could not carry th caa anr further. ilr. J ustic CsESSwrjJ. told the jiry that tba cite failed 'from tba want of evidence, consequently they must acquit the prisoner. It wu rery lamentable t find a girl tea years of age, to totally ignorant of all sense of Religion u not to be . mum w v. uiuenc in a court oi justice. The 1417 aceerdiaalr returned a Trrtirnf fluili William M eller, aged 10, wu Indicted f r the taaaalaoghter of oamuel Hunt. Mr. Adolphne. br daair of tb Court, examined tba wit - " I7m. tn proeecuuen; Mr. Doaae defended The faeu of th ease, which bar recently been before, the public at some lenrth, were briefle u fnllnm - Th and deceased, who resided with their parents in thS neigh - kourhood of Keaish - uw, bad been la tU habit ef playlag logelhar. Oa th day of .th nnfortaaat occurrence the deceased mat tha prisoner, and taunted or accused him of harin purloined a balfpenty which bad teen giren him to purchase some . milk with T soma Angry words ensued, when the de - oeased, who was tb most poWeKnl, struck the prisoner one or twice, and knocked him down; The prisoner rot in. .nrf - said that if be (deceased) did that again ba would stick a knife into bim, at tb earn "time taking a knife from hia . pocket. The prisoner almost immediately carried bis threat into execution, aad th deceased,' who wu turning round ia order to aroid the blow, received a atab in the back of the neck, from th effects of which be sooa after died. Mr. Doaxz addressed tb jurr at some length ia behalf of u iineouer, ua cauea eererai.wi(neaee,wao rare runt, a tood character for humanity and kibdlinees of feeling. Tt Jury, after hearing tb summing op of th learned Judge, fouad tb prisoner GaUtf, but strongly recommended tot to mercy oa account of tb yrorocation re bad reeeirad. teaiaxvad tb priaacar U U days aolitary caWaetaerit ia M (25 QoAiard, ir, fitMMQtSlij''taU laiitant charg - xf bia with liealtsf a letUr eoaUiainga srrriga, tba property of th Pcraaxtar - Oeneral. Th prisoner wu ia th tassloy f a person wb kept a re - cesriag - koaj la tb ci'y, and ba cotrjeqassc of eocnplalnts eiac mad that a number of money leiiars potted at that place bad not reached their destiaation, a Utter contaialag a markid snetrga was made op and poatsd at th boa tn quit ion, which not harbg teen forwtrdid in da eours to la chief office, th prisoner wu takta icto puiaij, stbea th Utter, brtkea open, wu found in on of bis po." a the marked aoreraiga in another pocket. When quettiuTM" upon th subject he said b found tb letter on tb flocr after tb roUectioa bad been lervmiiel to tba Poat - oOe. aad feaxiag that kit master would be angry wi h bim if b mentioned the circumatanee. he waa ininnmA tn break oien tb letter, bat intended to reseat it and forward it by the next nag. . If r. Jostle Cats will tenteaced the rri'.oaer to be trans pirtea tor tL term of tea yearr. say lispeesaTbU act wiUiotU Ibau sanatioa. baklartdaosd aa th books h bad, aad there wu nat a tittle of srid ta skew b bad any ethers : cat tho 'aontrary, tba itrsa wu dearly prerad, and it would be monstrous ta punish a man i not dotag what it waa nt ia bia power ta do. Tb trua'sax aad eolectori, who bad tb control aad custoly ef th books, were tba parties who otsgiu u bars bean proceeded atainst, and not tb defendant, who had displayed erery anxiety to glr tb ooaapUlaanU aattsfaetinn ; aad nothing eould be more clear than that hwu net Irgaily re - nnaiU tkt aan - nradnetion cl lb aecosnta. Mr. Uabbard. defended th oood&ct of tha callacton xaaxb npon th same groon Mr. TJ&ocaaroK said, H dli Uw clearanJ mliiUest larr sf LA HEfi TABUS AND FATAL OOCORltKMCS. CsatiderahU wajtesaaat hat far tba lot weak prtraflod at Sou thee d, U Kaasx, (rota a gesaral rumour that Captain Ed. ward Johnson had bens killed la a deal by a brother ofioar, at Priltlewall, a riHaga La th rjsigbouxhaod, aad that th body bad been prirauly rrtaored ia th dead af tb night to his apartments, and that it wu tb intention of his friends to conceal the affair from tb public, aad to bury tb eorp without aa mmtigaUon of tb circumstances leading to his dealK. Tb report wu aa current that ererr reraoa beliered Mt, xa lit trajieal . oecarreae became tba eeneral topic of . I OTn.ral TK - X Ll i.X fa POLICE. Miauioaocon stbeet. James Roberta was brcurh! lore nr. MiiruT yrsteiaay, enargta wtta DtrlDg asnugea by furious dnrirg a'earriags and on of th horse belong ng to uora Aucsisao. The coachman of his Lordship proeed that tha defendast, rbo etat dririni a haekner flf withoat lamse. In Park - street ran right into Lord Auckland's carriage, in) are! on of th boreea abxit ih head rery rererdy, and did considerable aamtge to use carnage. , u uBipauak ('vui.iae cusree oi zurioux orinnr. lie wu fined tOa. and u tha amount of the darwres wai oeyona me jurisa:cuon oi in J0ur: nis Lorjjn:p wu left to uu nun; vj sgmob euewnere. The recent eosrention between Franc and Qraai Britain for th mutual surrender of sersons chirred wi - i sneafle ofTecceihu been lately eaUel toa aid of th new police in their attempt U obtain tb euoJy cf, two perron U - Dounna - uuoer cuirjrr wr.icn it wu cruumea DroneKt tnem within th operation of tb trea'y. th first cua wu that ef an inditidual deeply implicated in the lata Cuatem house frauds, who had succeeded ia escamar to Calais. aoa ijr wnoa appreneuion a large rewara nu been pro raised. Inspector Pear re went orer to Calaii to aa - certain it the hrtnea authorities would permit him to briog back tb cccused. As soon u th taipector's mijsion wu knows, the accused claimed the protection cf the French authorities, and ismeaUa'elr npon this th in spector, in a rery unceremonious manner, wu informed by a urnoarm it ne attemptea to execut nis misuoa a would subject himself to treat personal dancer. Th inmeetor scexrairgiy zoana u to De in most prant court to return to England. T second ras wis that of a person named i im. a waiter at tn senior unitea semes Club, who latele absconded with opwarda of 100L belonging to th club. i ouce - serreant urar was aeeDatcneo: to uaiau tn take ttm offender into coa'xxly. prorided be bad the sanction and as sistance of tb French ctboritiaa. Th sergeant waited oa the British Consul, and oommunictted hi errand. The mu nicipal autnonties of Calaia intimated their readineas to comply strictly with the proriaioas of the treaty, bat not to go herond theo. The treatr onlr nroriJed for tha eurrender of hnrtaara. beosebreakers. murderers, ani nmu ehrr.t with rading their creditors, and as th charge against fit w tot rmoraceu or anr or inea otlenesa tna Kraneh authorities refused to sanction hia cant urn. exeeDt with tha offender's free will 'and consent. As toe aUarnatire was quit uupeioa un mow, aa a natiar oi coarse, aia not pursue tb affair any farther. Had the terms of tb treaty been a little more comprebentiTe it is reported that the polic would nat only hare sncceeded - in bringing these two offenders to lattice, and in tb latter instance recomed the whole of th stolen property, but they would bar been enabled to apprehend xnanr notorious criminals who has ahaiv1i tn j a ties here, and who are enjoying a sort of impunity at Calais ana Boulogne lor their misaeede, niw that it ia ascertained tha French authorities will not permit their apprehension unless prored to came within the rigid stipulations cf th conTeniioa. rubsisted ca both sides, snd had hoped tba adjournment cf tn ease would har produced a eaneuiating etieei: oat u such bad not been the casea wu bound to gir his decision, which be had taken considerable pains to arrire at. The iaartur of th act cf Parlismentwu exuedinely ambiguous, and it wa to b regretted tb complainants did not appiy is the Court of Queen's Bench for a sveoK&swu, when th deci sion ol that Uourt would bar been (irtn ca ua eoastrucuon The C9th section ssid. the clerks to truiteen should be sued in stead of the whole body, but that h eoneeired to apply t court of record, aad not t criminal proeee ling. The ehief stumoiing - moci wu liaise oi tn woru - custoay, eniumi aenniag real ar legal custody, wbtcn mane ue ess aim mi to decide. Ia this instance it wu prorsl that tb legal and construetiT custody ws in th true tees, while the real cus - tooe wu in tne boumuti t ana rner wu so snuui mwtj ui tke oonatructlon of lb clause, that he thought ba should best administer Jostio by dismissing the summons ; by which. However, tna Aamniainanu would suner . no wronr. aa mm leoger rrotn wnicn tn Tata dooxi were eopiea was m me w of the clerk to the trustees, and always open lor inspection. Union - hill: Yrsterdar seven, men were brought no for destroying their clothes in St. O.are'e Workhouse. Scarcely a dav caaaea that aeveral men ar not hrosrht no for a similar offence, which is increasing, owing to the influx of casual Boor driven oat or tn air. oetnr. it wu sla tea. to to piece ot reception In each personr la t'leynooae - ysra Detng cieaea within th last few dsn. Oa the' preceding night 75 casual canaan were admitted into SLOIara'a Workhouse, upwards of 100 mot being aent away, in consequence of the want of room lor mem. Crowds cf tn um nniortunai persons o - aiegad th doors ef St, Uearga'a, Betmeadaey, Christehoreh, and other workhouses ia th district, and tb seen of turn alt aad confusion ariarnr from such a circumstance is described u being moat unpleasant to th inhabitant in tb vicinity of thoee places. Mr. Corniani eaid, that a representation of the dream - stance oucht to be mad ts tha l'eor Law Commi'aionars to adopt seo means, if possible, to cheek the evil. Th magistrate then committedJthe defendants for seren day each, and to d paasea to ueir retpecure pansaes. TUB LATE FATAL ACCIDENT AT DLACKWALL. Mr - Jatj Caittwrit laid it wu a lamentable thinj to "m kT S .l Prisoner's trader ge in such a situation ; . .v '? wrea cirnsteiwon:a d a warning to nun Tor IU remainder cf Lie life, .and bar tb effect of teacbiag turn to t,OTern his temper under any circumstance. AhkoagS fcebad "eeived great provwutlcn, still that wu no Justin. tics lor the commUaion of tuch a erim. In consequence cf to.stror,g,e,BmndstioBef tUjury. and tha nswilling - hit , i.v I " . . ."n eorrnptea, trcoace il socks, oat to wu only tne servant or the tros'ees, biipuiuenvmmld teTerj - itutliV jjjj, Uiiship Uicaloal CTulinvt get ia cvBlnfeslivB of tbsia iixtctivoj, or ii QcacN - aouaaz, Wterdav tha Earl of 8nm ran t the court to prefer a charge against Henry Baldrey, th proprietor and driver of a hackney cab, for unlawfully, wantonly, snd cruelly driving a horse. - Tha defendant, unoa beinr railed nnrni ta r.l.rt th if be bad at all ill - used tb animal, he wu prjrokai to it by its stubbornaess. Mr. Bond observed, that if the defendant adnitud the offence be would of eouru plead guilty; if, on the other land, he put in a plea of not guilty, he wu at perfect liberty to state any circumstances which might mitigst tb punishment, eren if he felt disposed to admit that he had exercised soma cruelty. The derendant then pleaded guilty. Mr. Bo - iD asked the noble Earl U he would be so good at state the particulars of tha charge t The Karl ef . Sarrev staled, that on the V7t, nil K, ... andine ia hia carriage at No. IS, Cheetham - pUc. whea be ibrmed the defendant drifeuu ta tha door of Ne 17. aiiitaat doa - n a fare, for which ba bad apparently to wait. Directly the party had Mt his cab, the defendant whipped the horse, snd started it off at a great rate down tha street, round th gardens, and back again to the wbore he had act down. The horse wu verr lame, and indeed ouxht not to have been iae cao at au, ana oncer tacn circumstances th noble Earl J nsidered the act of dririar him about naedlualv r .. ton and cruel. . The defendant said that tb horse had originally cost him 11.. (a large ram. ash declared, far a rjenon - in hi. - lin.ofi life), aad had giren bim much trouble and annoyance, since tha horse wu a perfect brute, would go when be liked, .ad do what be liked. On the morning in question be bad been kicking, and got bis leg over th shaft, which, with th effect of bal shoeing previously, had mad bim atiff and tame, u orov u none round ta garden and np the street, in order that when hia fare eat into the v.h e.!n there might be no difficulty of starting ; for if ba wu kept standing, instead of being kept in a " fret," that . Is, eonti - ; nutlly on the more, ha would whea required to start ply all sorts of antics, and kick and plunge in such a manner u i mace gsnuemen pr cipitately to leave Ue vehicle. The defendant produced a letter from i.nt!.m.n in Grosrenor - plaoe - nest, which stated that defendant wu Terr aril, respectable, and hnmaaa man. Tha Utu, men. tioned the circumstance of th horse being perverse, which it bad fallen to th writer' lot to observe on travelling one day in defendant's b,aad oa that occuioa the mantxhi - Ditea great patience. mt. bokd said the character the defendant had reeeirad wu a very excellent one and did him great credit. The defendant said he honed' that he should not fall inti a similar scrap, u he had sines parted with the hars at a toa of .V. He had driven' r six years without tha least eim - pla'nt. The'Eiri of Sorrer said be was verr clad ta find that tha man had received a good character. He bad considered It his duty to Drug th case for rr arc, put did not note wish to press it. . Mr. Bono said that th vary eireumsUne ef the horse being lsme wu a reason why it should not have been driven more than wu necessary ; bat u defendant had, in some measure, explained that circumstance, and bora th character of a respect tbla mau, b should discharge the summons npon payment of coats. Th defendant immediately paid them. Mr. Bond observed, that the public were indeb'el ta the noble Eirl for the trouble be had ttken in this ca.r, which was a very proper on for investigation. Wokship - stbket. Yesterday a decision wu siren at tbia office by Mr. Bioconroir, tha shting magistrate, in a case which has far some time excited th greatest interest in the parishes of this extensive district. Mr. J ohn Wart, the vesVry clerk and clerk to the Board of Trustees of 3. Leonard, Shoreditch, wu summoned in bis Utter - capacity to show cause why be sheuld not ba amerced la the penalty of 51., under the Parochial Assessment .Act, for refuting to certain ratepayers an inspection of Ue ratebooks and accauata of th parish, he baring the legal custody thereof. The proceeding har occupied the almost exclusive at - : teutioa.of tha magistrates for three days, the first hearing taking place en th 2Z1 nit., the eecend bv adleurnment on the 'Jyth, and tb final hearing yesterday. Mr. Thomas, a solicitor and honorary secretary of the Shoreditch Parochial awiauuu, - uKaiiu rar sue par is ni on era ; ue aetenaant was accompanied by Mr. Bodkin; and Mr.Hubbsrd tees pre - euiouDeaau oi . ue rate collectors, waos conduct ru,iu cideatsllr called in Question. Tfe bare not room for mere than a mere summarv of th three dsys' proceedings, and an understanding of tli object of them will b best "obtained from th statement of Mr. Thomu on applying for the summon against the df?niant on the loai alt., from which it asDeared that the panan csntalned a population of nearly 33,000, on.jfb.oci between isxw and 14,000 acessmenu were annually maae, ana J.tww, collected yearly under the denomination of poor - rates alone ; and a board of truateer, 72 in anmbrr, only removable .from bankruptcy, insolvency,' or leering the parish, had the whole control of its affairs. Great diesivtis - laetion prevailing among tn houaeholdtrs, from not being able to get aa account of their expenditure, they formed a committee of 16 person to examine into their affai.s ; on which occasion the trustee directed the defendant to famish them every facility far, so doing, but bad subseqsently become discatitfiel and thrown impediments in their way. The committee served a notice UDoa the collectors ta erod - te tluir books in the committee - room, t which th latter sent a joint refusal ; and another on the defendant to produce the rate books at the next meeting, onwbicli occision'hj only produced four, uyiag they were all he had, and they thersfore adopted the present proceedings. Several of th trustees in court oa th flrtt - dtv Tr,r4 their anxiety to produce the books, but as they were only a small lection of a large body, they bad no power to do so, and were obliged to endure the odium atUchirg In conse quence. Witnesses were then called U substantiate tha cue, comprising several respectable ratepayers, two f the defendant clerks, and two of the collectors. The farmer prored the eerriee of th notiae on th defendant, and that h nrixinn. only the four books aborementioned; that, though the in - pecusn uaa oeen eraaea since in xormation ef the association, they had frequently examined them before that, and made extract from them, for on of which, mad by defendant s clerk, by bis direction, the m of li. 5s. 6J. had been paid: that th books were kept in the defendant' fr? ta rer produced to them from any where lse; that th check - ends er coontarfjO of tb collectors' receipts, a material mean of detecting - any errors tit misappheatien of th funj,, wtTt wrar prodooed to them, and that .tb defendant had told them that they srere nevr returned to him, and that, in fact, ha nsrer aaw them after they had left bis hands for those of u.7!Ct2r ??1 ' hl produced th trustee' minal - bask. in which there waa an nn. ... . .v.. as they beard IrgU preeeeding were, about to be Instituted gainst their clerk, he should furnish himself with profes - siocal au - jtance, and the expens of which ahouli be defrayed by tha board. The collectors stated that the. ,mm retnrned their counterfoils, that they did not know what became f them, nor bow msnr ther at that time had in tfc.; potseuion, and on of them aaii be had burned the greater pan oi nie. Mr. Dodkin said, has client bad alwsy been anxious to the accounts ot bis pariah a right h bad never eren heard disputed, aad h. could rxt cencaive why it was refused in this instance. It had been granted to two of the witnesses, ana enoua not nav been denied to the complainants merely mrertatiatv Th offieer el th pariah lost ao US b ., - 7 b4Sp :Xtu entl hTraria had an aUeUa right to examiae, at all MlnWe MTdoel wu wi - Jfoat tWation. aLboega ba bsd died from th t nerve of a patol - ehoC. nuder cucumataneea of th moat SHtr ffBWS. Dikfas M M ..: w Wseaaferd - Prauch w - .. becaos they kad eonstitated etaailtte by taetrfet - j u . pUe - M U j., TmTmrm TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. S'r, On my return from Bath, at noon this dsy, your paper wu placed in my hands, and I beg to. forward tb following facts at connect d with, that most distrestisg ac cident, for insertion in your paper to - morrow. On ascertaining the melancholy fact of my friend Mr. B, F. Busfield being really drowned, but one object occupied my thoughts, that of immediately communicating tb sad vent, to hi relation in inch a way u would cause than the least possible pain. With this view, after baring giren the necessary direction for the recovery of the body, I proceeded to the St. James's Hotel, Jermyn - street, for tb purpose of seeing bis brother, Mr. W. B. Ferrand, M.P. On my arrival there I fouad he bad left town the previous evening for a fortnight. Not knowing that ha bad any 'Other relation in London, I immediately started (after having obtained leave of ab sence far that, purpose) far Bsth, where I knew he had relative living, through whom' I felt assured th afflicting intelligent .could - be eemmnnieatad to his family with more caution than by any other penon. Hia family being new in Devonshire, Bath wu on my road there. Having noticed thus much concerning this dreadful and truly distressing occurrence, my feeling at the present moment will net allow ma to enter into the many erroneeus statements u regard the proceeding! of licr Majesty 'i revenue steamer Vulcan under my command, merely ob - terring that the cause of her temporary absent yesterday wu tb trial of ber machinery after a very extensive repair previous to her resuming ber station to perform the service she is employed on. These repairs hai only been completed the Moniay evening at 5 o'clock, and consequently she wu not waiting off KlackwrJl for ray friend. I am, Sir, jour obedient atmnt, W. CRISPIN. ! Htr Majesty's Revenue Cruiser Vulcan, off Black wall, Apr3 5. MONOMANIA. axtraerdinarr and tralr affi eucs: natarr. Notice was irame - oijUly forwarded ts th coroner, aad a jury, consisting of th most respectaM tnhaouanuoi toe district, wu eamrawea TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir, The following lines from Mil tea's Sampm JgonUUt may ba well anl usefully applied ia these monomaniacal time: " If. weakness may excuse, ' What murderer, what traitor, parrieide, ' Incestuous, sacrilegious, but may plead it ! 1 AU wickedness is weakness ; that plea, therefor, 1 With Gad and man will gain thee ao remission.'' I am, Sir, your obedient servant, J. I LAW NOTICES. (TUt day J COPRT OP cnAVCKUY. Lrxraui'al.tir. Rtt at 19. Attoner - Oeaeral v. tart cf rttamford, appeal for JuJmeat. Cauvea. Ace. Toied) v. Vuta, pe'itijn p - r. heard Xeedham r. Ncedham, appeal u.wv uj www - i ,. wwvuBnt, ipeai. pari aearu. YICB - CHANCKLtOR'"CWUllT8, LlfroutVIfKl at M. Bankrupt retitioo (Court of Keriev). Es pane Ford, la re ToUenurbe, part beard. (IMore Nr L. tSHasirai.u) MtTtw v. Clefr, two pettttoas, bj order. " 'After wtoieh aJJoumed pstiliius. Sir J. Wlxraoi eill not ailend court to - day - . ROLW COTJHTi CniKCixvust. Sit at I. Renaisinz Prtttiona. After which Chavmsa v. Willlik, to be spokea to. BAJfaTtUPTCT COURT. IUtaRALL - Tarr. (Before Mr. Commredcmer Ko?f m aivquai rtsrris sad Hani, of CnUam - strvet, n:,rrhnt au.tit at 11. J. Wacer, ot lletch - sUest. lioeawUcr - dlvluend at lx. Oeorra MachlU, of Ieckbara Sew town, builder, issolrsnt eumi - ltohert Ames, of Marrate, llnentlraper ceatifteita at S. ( Before Mr. CommiMsoer 1Jouiovd. Thomas Poreef. of Commercial road. lork.eUr!i final mWil l C. tt. Mastersian. of t10Tdou. choice cf Msisivnct at haU - Georre Bott, of Umehouse, lieutenant in the Rojal Jfavx final order at 1. John II. Glover, of Berrsandierstreet, oUman - choice of uiifaces at half paA i. ( Before Sir C. F. winu h.i Pimrin Tsaaca. ef Middleaeitreet. furrier final order al 1 1. Jante, Marcus Frames, of Oosport, frouer adj earned eiamlnation at W. II. E. If. Kittoe. of Therer street, surraos final order al it: . Themai Chealttt, of Gracecharchatreet, hoaisr adrcurued ckoios of awaTlfes as nau - paw is. INSOLVENT DEBTORS' COURT, PosrroaMraST. - 6lt St 10. Adjaamsd lienruii. Job Barker. Orlziaa! LtnonDnaiaa. Charles Palmer, Jamn Yaraaia, Jamee Marouis, Ilenry William Oririnfct fnMvail. Th - imas Wool. Jamas Car too. Itickard Grorje Cross, Charles Know. waa, ueurse u.eouW' SPORTlNtf ISTF.U.iiESCE. ET30M FIRST EF1UNO MKETINO. Fa ma v. 50. Ilren br Fir Gilbert UeaiWe. liart. added to a BareeptUkas 0(3 sera. eich. : (or t - vrotda. 7t : t - rrria. vu. One - UO.Iirriinrk sSUJeaad'Atre.ty.a. . . Mr. GrevUls's ch. f. br I,hma.l, oat of MorvCs. J mt tU. Braitawstei. ch. f. Ticarase, br EaJius, eul of afiss Four, rrs. . Mr. Monk's b.f. Crocus, by Jerrr.out of Bntrwerons darn. I m. Mr. KadJw'a b.l. Conqatat, tirr to Combat, 1 yrs. ' Mr. Grar'a b. e. Ouder, t its. Mr. Wenuock's b. k. Pa'.cbwork, 4 n. Mr. Geodraaa's b. c. Maciabsos, by Gladiator, i(a"i (fealad ia 1W3) by Capsicum. rra. Mr. Oarilnor's b. h. Captain Flathooker Oats St Lawrence). by Mnier Molocb. 4 yia Oenjral Wyadbam's due. by Veiodpede. cat of Gaerdon. Hr U. litatbeota's br. e. Blniol. 1 yrs. - Mr.Smiia - seb.f.i5pHeful.lyrs. 32 Mr. BalekU's b. m. Esaulette, 4 ITS. J3, given by the tows and aeiihbourhocd. added to a iweetanakaa of 3 tova. each : for yr. oldi, 6. ; t rr olds, list. 41b.; i jt oils. Sat. IJlh.. oaMase,st.ilb. The winaer ta be sold for tWsovs. One Mr. Oaiauor'i b. h. Captain Flathoolorf. Sir O. Ueatbcote't ehTL liyiaspea. 4 yrs. s !r - Thn'I,,0B',b - e.TomMipe. lyra Mr. Goodman's b. c Bother'em, 1 yrs. Mr. 8. Bcou's ar. e. Gray Uercvt, by Bir nsreuies. 1 rrs. Led G. BnUnck't Muat ipha, t m. - ' Mt: Wretord's b. f. by Camel, oat ot VTadistra, S yrs. iSf.!1'. 8'. - lnidarr, ( yra Captala WiUaa's b. h. The Uake. hr Sheik. m. aadaTaafS J?1!?JS ShiiJf'J1' M 4 TT olds and upwards i0, I4.:anil , Jilb. over u abere other aUowa sees uii toritwf ' Mwureh Bwb Uobln). yrs. to te u?u 'Xilf'Jfai?)a' ' n. to be soli for W. MX.Uoelaua tt.n W.1A le CssnriCkTU Or MlUIir.t Th. rn11, ISil: - - Sir, - 1 bare laid before the Baard pf StampT and Tars your letter ef the 17th ultimo, and ia replr I iniX 1 rted to inform job, that a eertifieaU of marriage' ia liable under the tamp act of 55th George III, cap. lsTto a stamp ravef St.; but a eartified copy of or extract from tb pariah register ef marriagia doe net come withia that description, oa such copies or extracts no stamp duty b chargeable, by whomsoever siraed or siren. I a Ki. . - C!.':T before Mr.' Ii. Morrisco. on Mondar mornio last. Iroring th proceeding th inquest rcom wu crowded, and a number of tb deceased' brother effiearssand the mast inflien - tial gentleman in the. locality were present. After tbs jary had viewed the body of .'the lamented gaa - tieman, wnicn exaiMtea no tuara." or exiernai ibwuw, u f.Uowint eridenc wu adduced relative to the truly lamentable oecurrene. William Sinsair stated, that ha was rroom to th la'. Captain Johnson, who wu a single gentleman, aad aboufl 4 jesrs et sg. vtitaeu occapisa in room imuieuisiei under tha - of hi, muter. On th evening of Wednesday, th 23;h nlL, witness saw him go into bis apartment for lb purpose of dressing to attend a party oi nts lrtencs ana rjro - ther erasers, snos: ol to latter caving com irom uoatnam in tha eours of th dav. About an hour afwrsrards the deeaaaad left th hooae ; sosn after which witness heard him return, and aa into hi drrssiosT - raom. but he did net remain long before be left ; between lu and 11 o'clock witness went to bed, aad heard ao more of hia muter daring the riigV, About 8 o'olxk on Thursday morning witness went into his master's room, u waa bis "usual custom; to call him, when,' upon entering, be wu si .online 3 at naqing two easaies burninc in the sockets of the canCiesticks. ana nis mu er not in bed, ner'did it appear that he had been so, from th undisturbed iUU of the bed - clothes. Upen looking behind th screen which d rided th room, he discovered th deceased sitting on tb sofs, with hi bead reclining over one aide, welttnag iu blood, which appeared to bav om from hia mouth, although bia lips ware closed, aad be wu quite dead. Witness esse an immediate alarm, and Captain Bridges shortly attended. Witness ran off for medical aid ; and, in a short time, two surgeons arrived, who, on extminatien of th deceued, declared him to have been dead some hours ; h was undressed with the excentisn of - his drawers and stockings. Witneu afterwards discovered the pistol now produced in his muter drawers, which were hanxuit; about hi legs. Tb pistol wu her produced ; it was one of a pair ez aueuing pistols, made Dy Kigge, ol Liawin. j Coroner. At what tim do ya inppeae your lata master came bom from th party ! Witness. 1 cannot precisely sir : but I think about t! 'cloak in the morning. J orer. Did you, during the night, bear the report of a pistoi tt itneea. No. sir. I did not. Coroaer. Have vou nrticed anvthine oarticulsr in the manner ot the deceased lately that wooid indace yoa to uy be wu of unround mind I Witness. Oh nc. Sir: on' the rmrxrr. he wu always particatlarly eheerfoi, and ia very high spirit. Foreman. Had yoar late muter a difference with any en mat would b likely te lead to any unpleasant cons quenees! Witness. Certainly not, as far u ttj knowledge extends. Captain E. Brydre wit next examined. He stated, that he was well acquainted with the unfortunate gentleman, who wu very highly connected. When th alarm wu giren' by th last witness that bis muter was dead, he burned to his friend's room, aad wu horror - struck at beholding him deluged ia blood, without any apparent wound or marks of violence. Hi lips were closed, and when the surgeon arrived they were .at a loes to conjecture whence the blood bad flawed. However, npon search being made, the pistol now produced wu found, which had recently been discharged, and npon ope nine tha lips of th deceased the upper jaw wu found to. be completely shattered by tha ball (wuicn wu subsequently extracted), hating lodge! mme back part of toe heal, w itae wu confident the deceased never intended mieiJe, bat that hia death wu occasioned in some way or other by accident. He wu' a sensible, gallant officer, and the last man in tha world who would commit self - murder. ' ' In answer to questions from the coroner aad jurv. Captain Brvdgea said, that the decesaed wu not addicted to gambling. nor was he in the slightest degree embarrassed in pecuniary matters ; on the contrary, his means were most ample. Hs (Ceptsin Brydges) felt confident that th death of hia lamented friend was accidental, and he waa strengthened in that opinion from the elimination ha had nad o the Dis tal. Upon looking at th ramrod h found it was very difficult to remove, and hs Tttily believed tha the deceued was about te draw th charge of the pistol, and, finding ha eeuld not ahift the ramrod with his hand, he hai applied th teeth of hia lower jaw to a small ridge near the top of it, and in doing so the jerk most have caused the pistol t go off and proJuced the dreadful calajiity. The pistol wu closely inspected by the coroner and jury, and the ramrod wu found difficult ts remove without the aid ftbete - th. Captain Brvdee farther sii J. that he nsrer bad seen anv thing in ih cindct cr general manners of the deceased in - aieaung insanity, in au tus experience he cad never known a man more careleu of firearms than Captain Jahn - eon was. Major J ante Powell stated, that he wu at the party with tb decnesed, who wu in high spirits during th evening, which wu spent with ranch conviviality. Witness left bim abent 2 o'clock on Wedneeday morning to go home. He wu then in fall spirits and perfectly sober. The deceued bad been out on a shooting excursion the day before, and bad missed killing a pheasant be bad aimed at, and had expressed hia determination to attempt again on the following morning. He invited bia brother to breakfast to accompany hia, and he aeeeptad the offer. Witneu wat quite sure he never contemplsted suicide. Coroner. Were cards or any other game introduced daring th evening at which the deceased lost any money ! Witness. I am poeitirs such was not th rue. Coroner. Did th deceased drink much wine I Major PowelL Certainly not. There wu rery little drunk dnrinc th eveninr. The jary repeated the question to Major Powell, whether during th evening any gambling wu introdaeed at which th deceased lost, by which hi mind might te affected, aad wu again answered in th. negative. Lieutenant kiahon atated, that he was also at tha party, and noticed how particularly cheerful the deceased wu during the evening. Witneu lent him a pair of pistols soma tim ago, and tha one not produced wu cse of them In the coax of th evening he requested tha deceased to return them, a be wanted to tske then with him to Barbadoes. The deceased said ba would send them horn th next corning. Witness wu of opinion his meltneholy death wu the result of accident, and not of premeditation. The deceased, who wu greatly beloved iu the regiment, was a gallant meritorious officer, and had served in India during the whole of the Burmese war. Dr. Mitchell and Mr. Dariey surgeon, proved extracting tha ball from the head of th deceased. Death must hare been almost iastantaneou. After other evidence was beard, The Jnry deliberated a short time, and then returned a verdict w That the deceued wu accidentally shot." The inquiry lasted Marly fire hour, and excited consider - able interest. . IJTatJtFOOt, Arait 4. Arrtvei 71 Tiatact. ftCUS - Aad - tw'a leaky, rjaia ttreektrpou the Bagrrtea ramnraar momtar - . - 0 Zfty Irom Trlu Otioafront Cats Bakynx front Uafcoa HtsraJ'1 Savaaaak Nattk Fol boat kpeivUcola Barium from New Praauv - Besolaxiea aal Tenwe trjra lfoolle - Ehxaketk Fritb - aod Ut, - w - fna New (Msnaa, . naOnd. Tke Thnritm a II. - Mtasnil I H3(.r Uversool tor New Orieans - afenaT far M x t,C'aroima Maria tor rixosTr'Wat lor St. AnlreWt - Aocllaod and CkarioC Ut C" liasnlbsl fat Js tw Orisansw Faiestis for Jamaica Aastar for IHstsie Uxaide far Boatoa Data for Vera Crcx 3y4 aad Jobs tor Qoee'e Luted Elatee for New twleess OeesTiat (cr Ctarleavon Fermna for Reasbnrg XUra AutoiMLte U Astwerp Piasa and '' - foe New Orleans Ilsnpahlre for Ancooa nary sad suaas far Apalachi - colv - Mary for BeUae 1rrassaiw roe ffamburab Brunette fir Quebec etarah Aaa be St. John's, New Brunswick Utor$axa for Msasisa. Mirade Ui Uuebec, has pot back. Aran. J. Arrived. Tbe Tbemir Urea New Orieacs Rlebird from St - Thomas's Robin frost K. Js de Cuba Georce from Meawaa Rose rrom AMiaeiucoi u. il uarraoi rroa utbsa uewew rioos New urieau if aaatnla. . . wraWialh ndnity af th HoreitaTat QraLx . j qekly rpread through the town, ggrtth7e2 exciteaunt la CTrqr. of ttTfiliaf thaTu .S ' . - Vu DC - Ua JteSmj itjdf that wa, diaT? M! ' aerlfi to tha Mimes. HappUy thaseTfelrr irerVm, fcdad. although th. bmWad - rTS Cot Up Brewary - is a part and pare! of th piepertyof th. iaatitatlari, bat esnsirj ef detached premise, beiiur ugantad from th hoejiui yard bj a street etiTed StatVrird strseU , rai seen ry a poaioeaua on Z''r - who immi - duteiy ipria hi ntlle, aad raissi an alarm' witli; the "f: In "7 11 l. only th. wa - ebmerl on daty, but a number of tb veteran Uri, wsre bil? work la nttiag out th engines beloagiag to lU - CHUtl ' and took them to th acwuof ,h. firo Wor. tWpriTiSl fc worthy efforts were of any avail, owing to the eearatrof wItfr - Th psrui egtn toon Jgiaed tha four frora the vwllege, but wu also, far a considerable time qnju risiltij. Some of these who wertt pa the spot with th earliest easinae IU! that had there been areaiy xnrply of wiler.tbe prolne Of th fir Could have been et.oJte.ffn . Jt..!. Britannia. frn - a Mobil Ateuadr E4susis from Ssvaaath Tout ' bkelyeonucedtothafljcrwhareitorigiaated. Almostuavmi - Teosh frrm (TarenteKailJfta. Florence, aad Harrrave from New :j n adequate aunolr of water wu ah'ainn? . Ti jr - Oiieane - Mariou trom Coarletlon Fraocosa from Mobile A jundar , o.v?pi . .r,er . 00 - aiaao, a bngad fromFa - enro. ; : " w - nwara - cnage - ra',.ani another frm r'ar - Tb Panther from Antwerp, that was sank la Kauri Patch, hu I nngaoa - itreet, together with the West of - England eciin. been raised and broufht t here. I arrived at Greenwich, and lent their assiitaaca in ..7 Tjr.aDav. inrill Wi - 1.1 IH. H n. - m mlj - a - . fr.rn I SK th flsmeS. PW - tv. aodina J - Lieat ats frora tse samhwird sad west - : . .,r5w'r' wa - Jted f a substantiai. - briek builiac. wan ana no. . - t euia lee. square, arja i is lees mga, hanas at th auramit Past, AprO 4. - WiB4 W.s.w, squally. Arrive, tb John Peat, i an troa tank hciding many teas cf water beaiJta two ernTlI.. P?.8.1 :." frooyirrnia.. feval ef the outward n oa th. ton of Laii'l."'.?1? oeues eaieu ams moraine, ous nsve trace put t - a - K. ... T ,"., r . ..... .. - w iu uieir i - ruDUTHxtii, pru a ine nawaa artp ."Meoune,! rrom r"", aivm cracaieu siai. or io wane it wax uuesu ana iuiiusoeie. was run aowa by a veret err sctry, ca tne loougnr I .ley would nave fallen dariag th. rasjnsr of the fire nlshteftbenhuit. - . eew saveiL by ta Aii arrf. - i here. in th. interior cf tha fcnildhie Soeh - I. .5. v . l'oaTxoi - ra. Anrfl SWIaJ. f.s.W'A w.N.U' stnar anJ I . "lienor ta toe cuuaing. aach wu the intense heat sqoauy. Arrived, u. aan, rroa Losxias, fer astro (udarsi. PtvuorrH. Arrnl 4. Wind W. stroer. FaiMOPTH. AnrJl - Wind. WiVr.uW. atroar brHwea. Irriead. ane i rewarma irom uaiama. w in oniraen. rune. in. aauwav tor te. nesi inokn urerpooi Tor ubniur. Orr rtdLLr. March ). Tra:Fhifa vn VTiutt front Ttatavta. foe Amareveun. Bniiroi, April 4 Amvtd. the seniiaal Hiker frun Mauritiua - i GtvecssTsa, April 4. Sailed. Tie Inland ar.d I - Woo tor Quebec etWAJrsaa. Anrit X Arrived, the Edward from VatrjaraiaollUilml Commodere tVithecck from Cntn (Si dart'. atrutias. April 3 Snled. tn Kacer for Vera Cruz. Ll a s i DOCK. Anril l Th Lebrn. - 1 in Altnaa. ia aahafs bare. and Mrot - i to beer. i a wreck ; eno erpjcted ta b aaatd. . Fraan. Tai'ao. April J The Orient, frtra Quebec, ea shore en the ltck .'anda. nas turti IwoortrmeboHa. ant wi I becone a wreck: pan ei earo avea, ana the remast.'er eipec:l to be. SmsiDa, April 1. Sal wt. tb Carnation forQuViec; 3d, Velcaa far Cerlon Commerre for Ne Tork Lent Brouinxn. Mary, aad bir F. H. Head II Out Lac.. i - T DasLa, . aanie aiea. mivjii liumjjr. April 2 Sailad, tbe llecovery forQoebec. forQoebee. Ca. Apnl i. ArriaeJ. th Fruic from Mocte Vidaa neb frain Madras' and Caiaaj j na(1er tha principal tank, thit th great body of water it eon'aioed coald b seen to boil ever the aides. i - lesririte wnoi oi tn vaiainie mart rnj Ko.n tog - thar with the (Tester part of th atoek of beer, which wu contained in 27 vatr, and consisted ef upwards of 20ft berrelsv beside abaut 700 aatks of malt, very littl of which will be fit for me. A powerful steam - engine - on tb ground - floor wu cotaplete'y covered with malt, as wall u the forme and aU part immediately under the fljor where it had been deposited. . A rumour cot into circulation in th. mnn.'r it,. J. - the man who attendd th furnace and engine wu miesirag,' aad it wm fearsi b. had persthed, but we ar happy to " Sad that ther was DO ground for the report, asfb man ia " question was seen on th premises in th course of th after noon. Th only causa that can be assicaed far th Brims f ih. fir is that cn cf tha fluea had Decern overheaW. hut in precisely what part cf the flaor where it was, first seen ia not' known. Th premise were not injured, neithe. - . th. stock, u the whole belonged to Government. Dr. Bailey, recently conn'cted ior forgery, waa snippets ivr new Douin rtaieaoa n aoneeaay lut. The late Accidint at Btacxwaix. Upon inquiries made lssteveoiog at Btackwall we learned that the body of the tntortunate Mr. Ferrand Basfeild had not yet been rectrerrd, although a number of persona had been continually dragging ever since the fatal catastrophe. It could not be ascertained at what' particular spot the ill - fated gentleman felt from the platform, but u it wu thought probable that his body might hare been drawn under the lighter in front of tha pier, they were moved out into the dream while the spot wu being dragged. Indeed every exertion has been nied forth finding of the body, bat it il thought not unlikely that it may hav drifted a long distance from the place where the evident occurred. The baits, belonging to the deceased wsre yesterday afternoon taken on board the Vulcan revenue steamer, and aha immediately after welshed anchor aad proceeded on her vovsc. CaMBSRWELL AND DeITTORD. UoVB KBRZ1KERJ. A ganr. f desperate thieves are now levying contributions on auauauaaauw ui vue soovs uis'ncis. x csieraay a most daring robbery wu effected at New - Cross. Between 3 anil 4 o'clock in th. morning tha thieve broke into the bouse of air.ruuora, no., tiateham - terraee, and stole therefrom various articles ef plate, ring, a gold Trinchinopoly chain, a ailver cup, and other things, to the value of upward of 39. They were - - fortunately disturbed in the midst of their operation, otherwise the house would' htr teen completely rani tacked, aid t conaiderabl turn of money in note, which escaped notice, takes betide. An attempt wu also made to break into No. - 5, in the tun terrace, but the door being lined with sheet iron prored as effectual bar ta their endeavours. Tb gang consisted at least of fear persons, and must have been occupied some time. This locality borders mt th. P .S u j: . i: i .J. .. - - wirwwu wa aiwuee, au wuooe uisirici wis gang hu been actively at work, and who tueeeu reflect greatly on their want of vigilance in not being able ere this to detect so large and accomplished - a bojy of hetasbreaken.' Rather Straxob ! Yesterday, as a lad waa cleaning a first - Boor window in the Bigh - strtet, hia cloth fell froa th Udder on which be wu mounted. A lady passing at the instant deliberately picked it up and put it la her muff, and before the window - cleaner could reach terra nViaa in letreh of hi doth, the finder bad carried off har nrixa. II however gave chase, and on being challenged, the lady, u deliberately a au usa taaan it, orew tne auater out oi oar man and returned H lMaidttont JomrnaL. State of Trade. The demand for line ihiwli and all other description of new good of Paisley manufacture contiane rather to increase than abate, and wa belier has not been equalled or the last 29 ytars. Various causes conspire to produce this unexpected prosperity. In the first place, many of th leading merchants bad gat to disgusted with their loss in tba shawl trad, owing to th importation of French nods; and the fluctuations in price, that they for th. last 18 month weuld har nothing whatever to da with the baaineaa. These booses, finding th srticl so rspidly rising in demand, have, in eonasqueace, naw stock to max up. Another cans i th proper circurarpection now enforced at . tha Custom, heute regarding th imposition of duty cn foreign gsods ; and th third aad moat important etas of aU it, that, owing to th crippled ttaU ef th town, both u regards ta circumstances cf matters aad workmen, aad th. number who bar. left it.Bothine; in - proaebtng the naual quantity of goods can b produced. Tna mannfaetarers are afraid that the demand will b. over by the termination of th spring season, end they will not, aa la ordinary eircnnutane. siv th. n.ourv fthlf wpitatn t9 89T?t lifw Hh AtwywjoJ, St. ftomincOL BawTav - auv - Arrived, the Deadeaabna from New Orleans, with part of carco thrown orertioard. llcrx. April 4 - The Kiasston. henre to Itaniburb, hne pox 'back leaky and must .3iscbarse. and is supposed to h,ve atruck a wreck 6 ralUj trnm land. fiaiiust, April 1. The Jane, from .Shields ta Gibraltar, has repaired, tuidjanmdy for tea. Whitby, April 2. Arrived, the Indturry, rrom' ShieTda wita dV mare. taring been la contact with a :ight brie orr fearboroaeh t Hieao. March 30. The Earl of March, from Cr - martr to Caaipoel - town. got ashore on Slronia this morn'ox. am sot o - T. and preedo. hcaaanaocsit. April 3. The bnft. irm rhielis to Marcste; and Urtinrrfrom Liondoo, wore is cenlact lttierdaj morning oa LiunlJEI Port. Itia Javrtlo. Jan. 55 SaiUd. Iler M.ijtj's ship rartridn for the River Flat. DoiraoHaecB, April: 1. The canto of the S Clmaa. from t' e Clyde ta Dem - rara. a - h.weea Sara I Martin itork. hat besn taDded ; thj Ttwjl ia espected od if the weather nnaaerate. A wreck tsnppoaed a bngN with white yards, and aprareuly not krax trader - l - r, was paased ea the S7ia ult ia abous lat. loax. ft, by tb Tar Frien'S, arri - I ia the river. FaVEasn.M. Ann! u. Ait - feet boa.amrL.d " rrw - . r.n.n has bee picked Up at Shellnesa. and laadM ber - t. tia - OA. .Ylar4 S3 The stern of a vrel sid ethe - wrecks hrve beea ficked up near Lonjrn ardo an t .FortoiMrdo. A hri; t French t, fxem onloa I llullippevtUe. wu lest on ths IB inat. on Forta Coe'e. AxaoaoL - oH, Ai - rd 4. The Clitem. of too. ttruek oa Tharpnesi yeaterJay eveuias, hut e irae oa on the nted aritheut damaxa Nasaap. Naw PaevinBMC. Mareh la. Th. TtumMna fV m m Jaro de Cuba to Swansea, wss wrecxadenthe HafVues prerious to the ttbinst.; tart oftaatre saved, and portiou.of remainder etpeotedsa be. The J an Er - kise. from Ana Cars to 1'jimoulh. araa wtmIuJ nn Cjaa. V Inland on the X5tb alt. rirateria't and part of earxo savd. Nosreut. March It. The Sarah and Ja.e arrived bare, on the SRth nlt.,Ut.37.1oa2.TS.' einie ia contac: wi h tha huh of a vessel everr with the water's edge, and received da - naxsto bows. Mobil. FeV 11. The rtarah. from llavaneah to , wss sban - doned on the I5lh of January. LaL. 51, loox. la. erew saved by the - iiera - ral. arrived here, wkick put aome of them on board a achooner next day lor Liverpool. Wxvsiocth, Ar"rill The TaJeiraa1 - . front Dartmouth, faundersd yesterdar off Fortland : craw and pnaaesrs saved. rKr Win, Feb. 18. Eluht bamia of perk and five of lard an - re parked off Ksy Vara on the 1 l - Ji inat. by the Ram schemer, arrived here, which saw suxar hossbeads f.oal;r.j all the amy from Key Vacas Naw Voaa, Marrh I - A heavy rait was experience oa the coast of Mexico on t - ie31fi of Januarr. which did conch rLinun. On th. nth the Aaa Jeflcry. arTtved at New Orleans froxi Uterpani. was in ran - only tlisht daman. )n the 15lh the Kaker. htm Charleaon to Copen - baen.went back to tha former port es the "!h inat laakr. Th wreck of a vseel, " M. o - of her nana alone dittramijoh). i in th i, th. r ciallv again, bat on neither occasion wu Intra a Ward men. MJkr sailed irom . Mary. River lx - b. lit al ini n tw s, tioned about Mr. Pilhraw? an vat. iwirh ah - .t.;i baa aot tlace ben heard of. . Jour ofac again to - morrow, a board wu formed jeeferday, St. Osoaos's, ItaancoA, March 1". Tha Sama - . from Go'tea - ln hot indecent haste," and to - day you appear aa th in borjb i to U. - s oa. laite BMm, put in here oa the Hth ins, leaky. sfrument of that beard, publishing a arose attack upon BT leea of sails ax. eharirtav. afta baaia, - ir - .H. . r... It 1 nr. jobm a, Nswrotianuufs. Feb SI. Tn Eaele. from Cadla to ; 71 T - - - - j ... u . uam thUocrt,draaeeaasarikan raekduriai te,ualoa lbs 6th lust., store XAJvrrtlseaeatt A fTOOD PA FING. ro wimair rojra, jtx esj , jicansar to the xsteo - rjUTA.t aTS.rr wood rarixo coaira.iT. Sir. I met VOU br accident this morninw inat after T haf Perused Mr. Pilbrow's letter and your addendura in Tit Timet. Ia th presence of a third party you aJaiitted that hoe statements were rabSsheJ bv ton. sua which I tnt.r yoa that they wer as base u false drspictbly base in their insinuations, and utterly false in their uamima Vna joined that personally you bad nothing - to de with theai, bat tuu juu naa pao:iaaea teem oacialiy ai secretary, and by Withoat assenting to the niee tiiscinctinti yea make be. " tween personal and official reroonsibilitv. I am ehntwnt an' 4 - axonerat you, provided you unmask thaeewho stand behind " you. Wha are the individual directors of your - coapanr who formed tha board rest - vdavt If . . v . . ' sidered merely as an amanuensis, let m have the name of thoe under whos orders you acted! Ut me know who are my actual opponent! I deny ia the most positive and comprehensive manner the reference that I ever communi - eated to Mr. Ferring, directly or indirectly, or to any one lor him, a aingie idea respecting Mr. IMbrew s plan. Thns much' for myself. Hal I farther declare that I know of no essential similarity of. construction between the model submitted to the boird in my pretence by Mr. I'ilhrow and Mr. PerringV inrention ; and I am satisfied that no disinterested person can contend against the fact, that the surfaces of the two . plans are palpably dissimilar. If Mr. Pilbrow ia persuaded ' ' Is th contrary, Isrt him make th best of his own ease, with - , out imputing to m cendaet of which I am incapable. Mr." Pilbrow's letter to your board is dated the 29 of March. Having been Busaeeessful on the prerious Saturday, eome of your directors being out of town, I called at your office but Saturday for a cheek, and had an interview with yon oa tha subject, at wlich time yon were alone, and apparently dis - eusmeu - Aiier waiunr nail as nour, 1 waa - raiormed try your colleague that Iahad better call again enACeinesday. the regular board .day. On the following day (Sunday) went baukta uie former port es the nh inat laaky. Th wreck ; you wrote to m twice, chiefly on private, bat partly on wasV2le7uTw?th ea ihslD em rnatwra. kesterday (Monday) you wret. t me offi - ber bowa. tUft. and mnk : erew anved. Tb Ferorta. front Bristol to Palermo, wttwreckod 02 CSp Bt Via - cant oa (he Slat ult. ; matter and Bra of crw drawned. QRAVESKND. Aran 1 Arrived - The a - .Tn. and Azamb Walt r.Am TmuW - Iui a Palermo Prince Albert aad Aurora from lilboa Marys from Caen,' A rail. ,. The Srria from China Tlnval fVmwwt and Hmmm aw. - .i m EHxabeth frem Cevlon NeDtune from Cochin kkvnt. fMn u.ulv - Commerce from Maraeulaa F.vonriln forSavill. Oporto Neptuaus from Stavausar Restra Castl frora Eliza frem . Sailed. Tb Ceepatra for China Se - narinx for Calcutta Iri tor Ceyloa Oe - Tx for R o de Janeiro Maraboo for Trial lid TrarBller tor CaJx Neptuae for Oaten. AraiLS. Arrived. The Grecian frosn blar. CUSTOM - not'SE. Aran. 3. Yasssu Kwrsaeo IswatM Tba E3ita from naemsey Janun Watt trout Ilavre nanara (rem Ooemaey Aceaoria from the Cape of (hic4 roae Pnningham from Vera Crux Favourite front Seville Mdver from Zante Orion frem Maraeham Loaitania from Oporto Two Friends frotaloote Video Marys from Caen Fatrixt from Falermo Fiutua frem St. Andrew's, New Brunswirk Ifaiaa from (allipa.l Commerce from SXarasUies &rrta from China Ellaabeth from St. Michiel'a IXalxK w.ur from Ceylea Atlas from Aastaad ra Hoyal Canaort from Calcutta - Neptune rrom cacbin - Ion frora New York Grecian Uoeen from lalay Ritchie from Bombay. V astBLs Sarrtmeo Otrrwaana The Caledonia f'r ITamboreTi Fstimafor Artw - rr.:a r.w it - . Alfred for r - tttin elaana Kisj for H - . Lucia Esses for Kenaada Aonanoiw tor Arcnang - ei tienry ior Lanncalou - Clya't for IraiDblA KoryO'More for MontraeJ OirafTe for K .tte Cam - Oedna for Am - Bterdam Colurab'ne for Mauritius - Tartar fur the Cananf flm.1 iliwo Marrarel fer Elstnore and (H. Petenbursh London for the Caps of ajvvna uopw a anw ivr riamiwaran. tyLBaaas utrrwaans wrrw csano. Tba Nartflus for Mannins Betiv for St. Kitt". WiTTim n. for Ceylon - Elizabeth for Slctt.'n Matonn for Berbl - e Bombay for Bonbar. Honx hteux. ere Quiver for Madeiri Havana tar :mhl. Beifaat for rt'tii Uarieenia for toulopie Aoiun tUe (or Jaaaiea. CLsaaxs OtmraaiM tar Ba lat. Tha Oreatet for auebec 8wift for lmr.Ma'i tnr uin - lv i Ottawsy for Quebec John and Hannah for lteatijoacha The Prince Her ant, from London, out CO !ars on the Hthu!t,Iit. ef savins: a at liable in mv defence. What can I cocladfrm all this, but that it is tha desuej' Of your board pablely to disent whatever ditferenee f ' opinion may exut between roaas publicly to arraign each dther 'a acts and, u a natural conaefjuenc, to abide th ra - suit of public opinion! I shall be moat happy to comply with' wish o Uenliail - with my own. ' To what rial of nMw - a aK.Tt nr. Grt ttm .s.a;f from Maranham - T.o Friands f - om Mont. Video - PraTrhanTfrem 1 t li. - j 1 iwgin wtta in purees. IJMuaa - Oradan Qnee from St Kitfs - Ltoe from New Vrik - rS 1 V 1119 ria"3a8 of trtat n th Count do Ltsla 's patents, anal from Ft. Mtciioal's Kaear from Tsnxira Ataa from Alexaadria ; tb Subsequent sale of a part to the company 1 And in that ease, shall w set nat with year information to me of tha first bargain, or with my cautionary letter to yon against tha second! .. - - . If of manufacture, what uy yon to an in vee tigs ton ef tha euriou progression of steam power at the Banleigh - mill ! If of improvements, shall we start with my report of 1840 in favour of grooving both surfaces of the blocks; or, shall W take the very ineffective imitation f Mr. Pening'a wood - ' paring which yoa had in the city this morning, so trace the subject retrogressirely ! Or, if sach affair, being of comparatively a private or cer - ional nature, should be distasteful to your board not with - staning that from thane came lb first effort of the sort - are yoa inclined to discus tha relatir merit of 7onra aad Mr. Perrirg' wood - paving ! This, after all, ia th subject in which the public mast bo most inter - tted ; and, if you are so dispoeed, I shall he ex. tremely glad to eotitend for tha superiority of Perring's over yours, before any disinterested tribunal.' The minute eU vision of labour among your officers within th lut twelreiooatha muat afford. ample leisure and mean - for inch a prirpoae. ' Yoa har two superintendent f work, two secretaries, am engineer, and a surveyor, - and I shall be happy to enter ai euitable arena with any two ef their, or 'to gi re you greater odd if required. A wxiliag an explicit reply, I am, Sir, your rery humble servant. - , ' J. LEE STEVEKS. 2, Charlotte - row, Mansion - house, Tnesday, April t. P.S. rVedneaday. I wu too late last evening for Tie , Time. To - day yon have extesded your attack to th i"sf aad Cirowelt.J. L. S. OPIUM COMPENSATION. - (rkOX A COkKaK!rDENT.) Government hu at length, in eontequene of th memorial addressed to them' by th claimant for eompensatioa far tha 20,233 cheat of opium surrenaeied at Canton on the 27th of March, 1339, laid on tha table of tha Hoot of Cemmon the Wilt of their aearching inqairiesf aad ' nothing can possibly be mare unsatisfactory and de'usiTe than the information they hare elicited. Ia one word Captain' EUio. when applied to by the Government in January lots, for his opinion and ad rice on the subject, hu suddenly tamed round upon1 thoee whtn he compelled to pert, at only a few hours notice, with property to tha jnonnt of - 2v500,0XY. sterling, for pressing reasons of ttu pollers on a solemn pledge of emjla in dcmnirl nation," and bow airues the Government, that such " indeanifl cation" should k fixed at an amount under half the' prim cost of the ' articl! Should the Gerusent act on thia moiutrons (Cggeslioa, the ruin so long peniisgon many hundred of tt native merchant who owned this opium .will be completed. W hope, however, better Ithings frora Sir K. Pes', and are satisfied that th memorial sent in to him, at his. request, ini answer to tte " ceTepondeoe' in' rjitKion, fctr, by this time, satitSed hlta of the ctter fallacy aad worth - lesxnet ef the1 inforaation supplied to bim. Captain Elliot refers them to a ease decided ia'Ca?eut!s in July, 18W, u lijing doa the. correct ml in tha present tax; but, on exsmining that decision, nothing can be men absurd than to eonsiier it applicable to . the case of "the opium claimants. That was a case of Indian merchants conrigning to their del ender cocimisaion ageata iu Cbinaepiam for - uls M immediately oa the dreg reaching - China f and. the consignees guaranteed th taf return of those. proceed,' whatever they might be. Bat when that optura reached China there wu no market no prie could be oh - - . Uined for it, and it formed part GfStha opima .drmindnd by.Ciptxin Elliot, aod the defendant returned his aoip, or eertiSsttes, a a suffieunt eomplianea with .their contract. Jo.4t 1 be waraw. of iiostoa. on the !Sth aik, lat. . la - r. 18. The Mary, of Sanderlaal. oa the JlstulL. LtU tf.knx. 11. by tke Glmcairn. arrived off Falmetuh. The Pons nl Coroxwree, from Bydney - ta Slnxayore. on th Mat of Deeembtr. oft Java lined. A brix. No. i,a - 'a. lat. U 8. Ions. tS E. The Mary Jhudale. of Uriatoi. erTihe Cine, cn the aOth ef Januarr. lat. M S., by the Atu Watson, arrived la tte Dowca plan, arrived at Cork. ineAauranoa. rrom aavsrpooi to New xork, on the 11th ult, lat. H, llnrnard. fron Rermnda f a Mnhria nW rHiti. nM iv. I - it. r t bruary, by tb Mary Ana. arrived at Liverpool. i ne i oa.a n amor, outwara a anna, aa tne 1 su of February, lat. V, Natat. Meoicat. SCTPLKMijruv. FtrsTD. A frpapral meeting of tha subscribers to this fund wa held ye erday in the Fmmisona Tavern, Qrext Q iaea afreet. Th chair wu taken by Sir W, Burnetf, K.C.II. The mt - eticg was Eunieneu ior u.e puxpose oi rectivicg taa reports ana sng - gestions of th committee appointed to investigate tha affairs of th supplemeatal fund for the relief of th wiJow of mtv dical officers cf tha'nivy, which eonuined, amongst oiter things, a draught of itaadine ordera anl regulations proposed to b submit' ed to Her Mijejtr in Caunail, ta amendment and substitution of the Order in Council of 1817, by which it wu establiaheJ. The report, which wu agreed to, exhibiud a - defleienry, whtnh rendered it expedient to diminish the annuities at present aiioxed to the widows of naval medical officers, and a camaittee can - listing of the former commiMe snifive ethers (twi sar - geons, two assistant surgeon, and one phjsiciant wat thire - nson asnointed. to consider that natation fh r1!.ii - - iiTi suggested being one - third of the present amount ; and like - wu to consider whether any aeani could be adcpwl to enable the soe - 'ety to continue tha payment of tt a annuitie withoat uoh reduction. It wu farther delegated to the committee to obtain legal adriea u to whether any dicuau - tion eauld be made in th annuitie without the aid of an act of Parliament, the impression of the melting being that there could not. The meeting lasted several hours, and concluded it proceedings by a rot of thsx - ks to the chairman. x atax Accidint to a CoNTicT. Oa TaesJav sf ter - noon a fatal accident haDoened in Woolwich rn - l.r.rl by which one of the : conricu was killa.L A party of convicts were ecploysd ia removing timber, when, by eme raiiehaaee, a log wu displaced, and falling en the nnhaony man. eanaed hia insiantannnnn t.tS dier Guards was ordered to be xadt - saJ tolh.7afa wa tianiaa,na, u uimj ware tinaniat ux aa bujj market prioe at Caaton, for th reason above stated, gar tb year. At th expiration of that txuuat th - mn.nJin otSoar rtrfused to restore hira Is the oolonel of th regiment w uauieiwa ior asepua; nun as a pnvat still I when a prisoner hu been tentenoed to be whipped, is it neoessarv that there ahonld be a presentation for acceptance prenouslr to th endorsement I In caa af a rafntal ta ac cept (in th above - mentioned ea - e) can the holler of th ioatrument adatniater ! Is it compulsory en a juror to re - eeir a challenge, though ba may bar "registered a row " not to go oat ; and would it be contempt of court fer a luror ta raeuur tn foramia for a cair of gaiters, on retiring to . anidr the verdict! An innkeeper, baring bat a mull leg of lamb ia hi house, sat it before three hungry guests, at la. 6J. a - heei lias ha a contingent rersraicm, cr a eoniii clonal remaisder ta tha Iamb : or do his right amount ta more than a hire psxai - oility j Wner a parson Is teld by hi fotmat s apprentice, in reply to an order for a pair ef CUreaca - Bluchsrs. that they cannot b delivered wi Jsont . tha money, should the a - twsr b referrtvt to the mist'r for impenineace, rr coiili i: be excepted to u scandalous I A an - I B. are Jiiat trnants at luiferanc of th creating at Cocksaur - ttrsat. A (being an' infant without "grurCiau assigned) U 'coUtred by ! tha beadle, whilst B U tuiczat orati BMDtriu Ms - which ilRii:iI - 4ancw, vain of this scrip in Calcutta, via about 40f..a cheat. Whether the Court wu right or wrong hi so doing, what poaalla bearing hu that case on tha present! This opium, so far from having been shipped for immediat sale in China, wu (u has been proved to demonstration over and over (gain) shipped with instructions net to sell, except at remuneratisg price ; it consignee had 'effectually placed it beyond th reach of tha Chinese ; had rarolTsd nmr to put with it to then for 1st than it value ; and wen aetnaUy in proems of sUIng portion of It oa tha ei era coast at ' spleniEd prices, chen tOlt IUU KJSHAIHVKROVF 7 HE NEKS, , SEE THE SUPPLEMENT TO Til E TIMES Cf THIS DAT' ritatel nl mbliahed at the efnea, ht Wateaaartws. ir ApcV ttarra - ln' - haQ, Ukekfxiara, Leeiaa. by Jah Japb Lewee. pnaier. ef Na.SI. Neariastoa aaaeant. ta tt sartth of a. Mtty.Neamtitoa. k Km ai Aavsti' - lMaiuiAsai t to.. -

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