The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1956 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1956
Page 12
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PAQX TWELTB BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS —gUESDAT-y-EBRUARY-14,-19l»-- Arkonsont In Washington Tax Concessions for Farmers Is Suggested by Forrest Citlan By GORDON BROWN WASHINGTON (AP) — J. W. Alderson Jr., of Forrest City, Ark., has a new idea to aid the farmer — give him tax concessions comparable to those now given industry. Alderson outlined his views in testimony before a House Agriculture subcommittee headed by old friend. Rep. Gainings. Alderson' conceded he probably* was before the wrong committee since tax matters nre handled b> the House Ways and Means Com mittee. But his Views obviously in terested Gainings and other mem hers of the subcommittee. Alderson pointed out that for 195! corporation income was at a new high peak and all levels of the nation's economy were booming wMJi one notable exception—Farm ing. . What, then, was the reason for ibis? — Well, Alderson said, he reasoned that it Was the result of the tax structure which gives industry some important concessions. For instance, he said, corpora . ttons increased their working capital by 2',4 billion dollars las year. How? Well, he said ,he be lleves it is chiefly the result o the rapid tax amortization grante( industries on capital investments No Such Gimmick An industry, he said, is allowed under the law to write off as de preciation a big part of capita outlays for improvements in a per iod of five years. This gives it a rolling fund. 1 But the farmer, he said, has no such gimmick. If he buys a tractor he has to amortize it over 10 years and actually its useful life isn't tiiat long. Industry, he said, can amortize in five years and its equipment and plants are good for many, many years. Similarly, Alderson said, the and mining industries get special treatment on their income taxes by what is known a« depleton allowances. "A farmer constantly is depleting his soil but he gets no depletion allowance," Alderson said. H4s idea, he said, is that farmers should be allowed some depletion allowance, some tax concession to put him on a par with industry. "Industry is getting tax benefits that the farmer is not," he said. "Now don't take these benefits from industry. They help industry grow and help the economy. But give the farming industry similar treatment and help it grow." H the farming industry had some rolling fund for capital investment, he said, "we'd put the farm implement business back on its feet right now." Also, he satd, if farmers could get a tax break they could affort to take a lower price on their products. On the subject of cotton, Aider- son suggested that growers might be given both an acreage and a production allotment. Then if a grower had a good year and grew more than his production allotment on his acreage allotment he would store the excess and apply it to his production the next year, in event he had a pumper crop. Under this plan, Alderson said, the farmer and not the government "would store any surplus which developed. "That's the way it's done in industry," he asserted. "Industry takes care of its surplus—not the government." En the room to hear Alderson. who is a farmer and a merchant, were Mrs. Alderson and their son and daughter. LONG TRESSES FOR VICTORY-This woman isn't rigging up a new hairdo. She's feeding bundles of hemp into a machine to make rope for rerigging the historic ship, Victory, at Chatham, England. The new rigging for Lord Nelson's flagship is being made in the same rope walk which supplied the ship's rope before the famous battle of Trafalgar in 1805. In that battle, the English defeated the Spanish and French fleets, Lord Nelson losing his life. The Victory is being rerigged for Navy Day» in August. Pickpocket Gets Dentist LONG BEACH, Calif. Iffl — A voman entered Dr. Linus West's office and told him she wanted her teeth pulled. The dentist said he didn't extract teeth but would recommend a colleague who did. Then, he told police, she threw her arms around him and said, "What I really need is affection." Dr. West, who is 75, disengaged himself and told her, "I'm afraid I'm not interested." He gave her his colleague's name and she left. A few minutes later he found his wallet, containing $160, was gone. Dr. West said the woman Was about 40. He couldn't give a detailed description of her except that she had six teeth in her upper jaw and eight in her lower. Centrally Located For Easy Shopping oDortnu (_//•< / j jrau Cotu J / cLenol HI-WAY DRUG We Give Top Value Stamps Prentis Holder, Re£. Pharmacist A MET. Charlci Brojdon, owner Main at Division Phone 2-2019 Men s Dress Shoes V2 Price Crosby Square and Walkover Reg. $17.95 - Now $9.00 Reg. $13.95 - Now $7.00 Reg. $15.50 - Now $7.75 Reg. $10.95 - Now $5.50 Reg. $14.95 - Now $7.50 Reg. $9.95 - Now $5.00 7 \7Vi\ 8 9 \ 10 J11V4 I 1 I 2 I 6 C D i 2 ! 4 3 4 5 6 1 5 i 9 3 5 2 3 3 1 3 10 4 4 3 1 2 Check thl« chart for your correct jiw hi the sale shoes. Number lndlc«»« pairs In that size. IfYtrything for Men and Boys! MARTIN'S Men's Store Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Midwest Investment Co. to Katie M. Hubener, lots 2, 3. 6 and part of lots 1, 7, 8, S16, T14N, R9E and land in S9, T14N, R9E. Midwest Investment Co. to Fred Pleeman, NW 1|4, NE 1|4, Sl«l, T14N, R8E. Midwest Investment Co. to John W. and G. G. CaudiU Jr., E1J2, NW Ij4, S28, T14N, E8E. Grover E. and Dorthy L. Snider to Howard B. Perkins, Sl|4, NE 1,4, NE 114 and E 112 of NW 1|4, NE 1;4, S34, T14N, R8E. Midwest Investment Co. to C. E. Bell, E 1|2, NW 1|4, NE 1|4 and S1.2, NE lj4,iNE 1|4, S34, T14 N, R8E. E. B. and Rovene C. David to Boyd S. and Bobbe Tomlinson, L26, B9, of David Acres subdivision. E. C. and Bernice Leonard to Lowell D. and Dorothy Mae Garner, part of L7, B2, Ha5 7 s addlt-; ion, Leachville.. < I Joe G. and Marion' M. Greeson < to William Hays and Pauline Foster Hutson, L8, BS, Country Club. Heights addition. ! Earl H. and Lina June Wildy and i Harold R. and Allene V. Knop io[ Thurmon demons, L17, B "E", of i Barren and Lilly addition. I Charlie and Laura May Vermll- j lion to R. S. Thomas, part of S36,' T15N, H8E. I Otis Wolford to Bill and Bertha King, part of LI, B5, Hays addition, Leachville. B. P. and Laura May Forrest to Van H. and Zela Rhea Smily, Lll and 12, B "E", Smith's addition,! Leachville.- j Magnolia Courts, Inc. to Jack and Elsie Dowell, L3, B "!"', John B.; Walker second subidivlon. ! Kemp and Mary Wtiisenhunt to i George M. and Lillian M. Williams, | part of 13, B2, P. B. Douglas ad- 1 dition. j William D. and Wilma E. Godwin i to H. Boyd Godwin, part ol LS, S15, T15N, RUE. i Midwest Investment Co. to Dewey! Black, part of S35, T14N, R8E. i Allen and Blanche Holt to Midwest Investment Co.', Se 1|4, SI, Tlo [ N, R9E. I H. B. and Anita J. Perknis to; Midwest Investment Co., six tracts and six lots.o • Charles P. and Prances McGowan to Marjorie Wright, U, B6, Wllwn third addition. • Ben and Mary Craig to dene A. and Betty a, Strickland, part of NE 1.4, SW 1.4, S10, T1SN, -HUE. Jewell Lee to Reva Lloyd, W 1|I, NW 1.4, SI, T14N. HIDE. Paul and Myrtle Byrum to Aullle Harris, L88, Larry's fourth addition. Paul and MjTtle Byrum to Aullie Harris, L99 and 100, Larry's fourth addition. Gypsie b. Hawkins et al to Davis Investment Co., part of S 1|4, S4 T15N, RUE. R. C. and Mabel H. Fan- and W. S. and Doris Allen to Robert William and Anne S. Lewis, L6, B2, Dixie Gardens' subdivision. Jessie and Jeanette D. Evensky to Magnolia Courts, Inc., L3, B4, Highland Place addition. V. S. and Mary Ruth Johnson to Joe R. and Mary Lee Wheeler, j»rt of S17, T15N, R8E. Mary Parker to Clyde S. and May Parker, L 124, 125 126, 127, Bll, Manila. Caleb and Mattie Heard to Elisha He'll Be Unable To Attend Ball COLUMBUS, Ohio Ifl — Delbert Edwards wants to know If he can get a refund on his ticket io the policemen's ball. Hie ball will be held Feb. 31, and Edwirds, 34, won't leave city prison till more than a week later. He's serving a 30-day sentence for intoxication. He said he bought the ticket only a few minutes before his arrest Jan. 26. Burns and Henr Dukes, trustees, Westside Church, in, B14, E. W. Robinson addition. MRS. H. MYHRE, Seattle. Wash.: "St. Joseph Aspirin Par Children is a trusted fume in our house. The IVi grain tablets assure accuracy of dotage just as our doctor orders." ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN Beaver Winning Culvert Fight QUINCY, Calif. tfl-Cedl Koenio is, fighting a losing battle with a beaver over a culvert under Highway 89 near Oraeagle. Each morning for the past 20 days the district highway mainte- nance superintendent hu opened the dammed culbert. E«ch night the beaver has dammed It all over again. Koenig has installed creosote drips, arrowhead barriers and metal stakes. The beaver simply used Koenlg'i weapons in his new darn*. Bead Courier News Classified Adi. Announce New Way To Shrink Painful Piles Science Finds Healing Substance That DOM Both-* Relieve* Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoids [few Y,rk, N. Y. (S P *cUi)-For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain—without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all —results were so thorough that sufferers made astonishing statements Hk« "Tile* have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new healing tub* stance (Bio-Dyne*) —discovery of a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available ia suppository or ointment form under the name Preparation H.* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. White Shirt Sale 1 / 2 Price MANHATTAN AND WINGS WHITE SHIRTS — SLIGHTLY SOILED Reg. $3.95 Now $1.95 Reg. $2.95 Now $1.50 Sizes 14 to 17!/j Sleeve Length 31 to 36 \ Everything for Men and Boys MARTIN'S Men's Store Puts you m tor o. W HY hold back from the fun and thrill and pride of bossing a Buick - when you can boss such a big and strapping beauty for the price of a smaller car? Hard to believe? Listen ... If you can afford any new car, you can afford this brawny Buick SPECIAL Sedan —for a very simple reason. 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So if you want to move into the big-car travel world at a small-car price — if you want to have the time of your motoring life with the lift and lilt and pride and prestige of a beautiful new Buick as your very own —what's holding you back? Drop in on us right quick — tomorrow, maybe? — and we'll show you the biggest bundle of high-powered Buick ever offered in America's low-price field. WHM NfTM AUTOMOIHB AN IUM MICK WtU. WHO TMM *2-Door, (5-Passenger Buick SPECIAL Sedan, Model 48, illustrated. Any slate and local taxes, additional. Prices may vary slightly in adjoining communities. A wide variety ol extra-cost equipment and accessories available al your option. L Ah GSTON-He WATERS BUICK CO. Broadway & Walnut OPEN TILL 9 P.M. Phone 3-4555

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