The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1948
Page 7
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Congressmen Hit Liquor Industry Capper and Crawford Back Bill Prohibiting Whiskey Advertising WASHINGTON. April 22. (UP) — A Senator antt a Representative opened heavy fire yesterday on liquor advertising and the distilling Industry In general. Sen. Arthur Capper, ft.. Kans., and Rep. Fi-cd L Crawford R Mich., battled lo restrict distillers' advertising methods. Both testified before a Senate Commerce Subcommittee which Is considering a bill lo restrict, Hie type and scope of advertising for alcoholic beverages. Crawford attacked "fraudulent, deceptive and misleading" advertising. He marie It clear* that lie Is not opposed "to the production and sale of "cheap alcoholic blends." But he objected to advertising which presents those blends ''as "quality products." But Capper went farther than Crawford. He said "the way to p-ji- hibit liquor advertising Is to prohibit It." He said he could not endorse compromise bills submitted b.v subcommittee members Clyde I M. Reed, n., Kans., and Edwin C. .lohnson. r>., Colo. He urged the subcommittee to act favorably on his own bill which would outlaw the movement of any publication containing liquor advertising by mail or other interstate carrier. Endorsed by Publisher Capper put Into' the record a tel- . egram from newspaper publisher '. Frank Gannett, which "wholehcart- ' edly" endorsed Capper's bill. Gannett said "liquor advertising '<A^K.T OOtTKTE* KBWt Roosevelt Statue Unveiled in London GOP Senators May Confirm AEC Directors WASHINGTON. April 22 (UP)- Sennit Republicans, who 'want 1o KCPJI long-term Bovcinment posts oppii mull nfier the elections mn v innke nn excrrjlion In Hie <,„',<. O ' f pppolntmrnts to the Atomic Enemy Commission, ' 1 'Mother of the Year' Finds New Title Brings Many Honors, Also Busy Day • r>D rv)/*iwr BM *-i .» SPRINGFIELD, 111., April 2'i — • UP)—A inxll, white ihlngle bungalow on the outskirts of town w«s «s busy yfsteiri.y u the had H-OM lli« glunt jackpot 0 [ ^11 1»lis shown. For Inside, . queenly woman of 61 WM receiving congratulations from the nation, htr husband and her 10 children tor having been named "American Mother of th« Tlil.< was learned ye-iterriav from I Y '" r " '^ u »*»y. Inlluentlnl rtepnblloati Senators 1 M "- H *'«n o "l j ' | n> Mines, » run- ...u- ,... .. _ '"nier-iip for (he honor In 19« took | the congratulation calmly, sand- iwlclilns Ihe reporters, the newsreel men, her friends, «nd the who feel I hat Senate failure to okny new terms for president Truman's present Atomic Rn«rgy Commissioners mny liurt the ' Atomic ' Otherwise.; tiirse ;^nalor* are willing to RO aloiiR u-llh the Idea that no 'Human appointees he confirmed so IJwt a normbllcari president, if one is elected In November, could make his own appointments. Chairman Botirke B Hlckenloop- <•'•. n, la., or the Joint Congressional Atomic Energy Committee has not yet decided when lo b«lii Pipa loans, natives of South I America, are so thin that one can | fee through them. > "thou«anrl-and-on«" telephone eill« Into her regular d.itlw M » hou»e- wlf« and mother. Th«'Hfiwly-crownert "Mother of the Year" WM chown by tht Oolrl- en Rule /oundatloii from M eandl- dales, one Jrotn e«ch of th« slntu and three "extras." Mis. nines was one of the extra candidates. Of On «lghl boy« and Iwo girls who ar« ready lo voln for Ihelr mother Ihla year or any year, only the oldest, Herbert, Jr., remains al home. He is prenldent, O f Ihe Hlnes School of Btislnew at Spring I field, The other* have B[ >n e |,,| 0 such v«r!M fields u nuMlrig, con- stnicllon, engineering, musio and promotes and increases liquor con- | Tele I sumption and all the evils that go ' King George and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, MHW. just after they unveiled Ihe Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Grosvenor Square Londoty England. The statue Is just opposite General Eisenhower's war- tune headquarters. The hu B e crowd at Ihe ceremony sang "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." (Exclusive Radio, .London-New Yoi-Jt from NBA Telephoto.) with the liquor traffic." "This advertising," Gannett said, "Is not essential to prosperous and successful Journalism."., He called the capper bill "the least that Congress can do." Crawford trained most of his fire on what he called the "four horsemen" of the liquor industry. He identified them as Schenley, National Distillers, Seagranu anrl Hiram Walker. These firms, he said, have been the leaders In "outright fraudulent deceptive and misleading advertising." , In the marble pillared Senate caucus room—filled for the most part with stern-faced ladles In : flowered bonnets Crawford exhih- | Hed a series of brightly colored • advertisements clipped from maga-'i lines. I Natives Deputized To Help Police in Southern Korea SEOUL, April 22. [UPl — Tile American Military Government yesterday authorized native civil officials to deputize a virtually unlimited number of "local patriotic Kor«n»" to help police keep order. The action followed a fresh outbreak or violence in Southern Korea In which a mob of 150 persons beat two detectives to death As delayed police reports showed scattered incidents in Southern Korea with tension mounting. Maj. Gen. William Dean. U. S. military governor, issued his order. Dean Is known to fear that Communists will attempt to disrupt elections scheduled for May 10 in the U. s.-occupied zone. Balloting will bf lor selection of a 200-member assembly for Southern Korea. The Russians refused to permit this election to Include the Soviet-occupied zone of Northern Korea. South-Approved Vice Presidential Candidate Sought FORT WORTH. Tex, April 22 lUPt-Gov. Beauford H. Jester set the slate's Democratic organization to work yesterday choosing a vice- presidential candidate "acceptable to the South." He said the party must select a man who would offset the "cruel wound" he said was inflicted by President Truman's civil rights' program. Jester spoke during an old-fnsh- ioned political barbecue last night and told his fellow "solid Southerners" that there was little hope for preventing Air. Truman's nomination to the presidency. He urged them to remain Democrats but to send their delegation to the convention as an uninstruct- cd group. That, he said, would give it a free hand to work, for nomination of a vice-presidential candidate acceptable to the South. A technique of testing the air of machine shops to detect the rare elements beryllium in quantities as minute as six one-trillionths of a pound has been put to use by a large laboratory. There are approximately 2100 miles of. canals In Ihe United States. would probably not be as Rreat in other parts of the state. Gill said the lumber industry would probably get back in stride by mid-May. FRESH BLOOD A MUST FOR FREE ENERGY 1X> you fwl like you *ra tied to * drag «verytlme you try to do something? If so, don't let a low blood count hold you down when you may release vibrant energy to every muscle, fibre cell, Every day—every hour—million* of tiny red-hi ood-cells must pour forth , from the marrow of yovir bones to re- plao* those th*t ar« worn-out. A low bloodi cwunt may nffect you In *eve:Rl wnyar no appetite, underweight, no , energy, a run-down condition, luck of resistance to Infection and disease. To gel real rellet you must, keep up yourbtood strength. Medlcnl autliorltles by aualysfe of iho blood, have by positive proof shown that, SSS Tonic l.i _ amazingly effecLlvo In building lip low , blood strcnglb. In non-organic nutritional niiemlEw This 1-5 duo to the SS3 Tonic formula. v;hlcli contains fipecttl ; and potent activating Ingredients. I Also, SSS Tonic helps you enjoy the ! food you eat by Increasing the gastric l digestive Juice when It is non-orgaiil- • cally too little or Ecanty—thus the atom: »ch will hav« little causa to get balks • with s*s, bloat and glv» off that sour • food Uste. j Don't waltl Energlza your body with • rich, red-blood. ELarton SSS Tonic now. I As vigorous blood surges throughout your whole body, greater freshness and ( strength should make you eat hatter, ; Bleep better, feel better, work better i play better, have a. heaJthy color glow In I your skin—flrm flesh nil out hollow places. Mil I tons of bottles sold Get * bottle from your drug store. SSS Tonic helps Build Sturdy Health Employment Outlook is Termed Good I LITTLE ROCK. Ark, April 22.— ! (U.P.I—Stala Employment Secur- it.y Administrator Purifoy Gill said f/HJay employment prospects tor Arkansas look good for the next few- months. GUI aaid the construction- industry Is in for further gains. and predicted a bullciinR boom for Comvay, Harrison. Monticello, Finn Bluff and El Dorado. He said he based his prediction on work that Ls currently under . way or scheduled for the near! future, and added that the boom TRANSLATED COULD SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY! Serv«cf-onel «njoyed- in hom«j from coost to eoo»t end in C»ntra) and South America. Rich, rip* flavor. Soft eorbonalion. Six full ounc«» of trut Kospitol- &y m a gractful, quicli- chirr Demand lli« ertginal. Ask for Tt by n»me, "AGRAPEm, THIRSTY ~ NOT We Announce \ With Pride • * We ar« proud to an'nounce that ; Nichols Drug Store • * « now offers you famous Super-Teat PEYE • Dfl/C/0(/SIY DlFflRtNJ I ICECREAM • IN A VARIETY OF FLAVORS • Here U an ic« cream truly "deliciously 0 different," so creamy-smooth, so richly • delicious that you'll say it a unequalled • for flavorful goodnes*. • It Is made in the great, modern, sanitary Pevely Ice Cream plant in St. Loui», its . quality guaranteed by the Pevely Purity • Pl«dg*s • "IVe pledgt that Petxly Super-Test • let Cream I* made only with the purmt icecream ingredients, ereom, • «"*•""• fruit*, flavoring, without tub• tttiuti&i or adulttrantt* • • THE PEVELY DAIRY Co. considering 111. proposed new terms I for Chairman David-E. [JJienthal ,-nnd Ihe foi;r oilier Atomic Kiiergy Commissioners. Piesldent, -numan ,ent the nom- f li'atlons to the Senate late Tuesday, j eh*ml»lrjf. . H.r husband, Herbert, I, director of the injtlttiU of lnlernatlon»l Understanding lor Rotary Interna- tonal. Together they wlll'jly to New York Oily May 7 to be non- ored by th« foundation and ap- Holyok* an* •J»»o**i .tfe. tlm«, now Uut tfct __^_ trown, to hw rtrfc, ebon* •choot «utiML •> GARDEN SEEDS COMPLETI STOCK BULK OR PACKAGE * FRESH PLANTS DAILY BLYTHEYILLE CURB MARKET • 130 EAST MAIN ST. MOORE'S THE WORKING MAN'S STORE 306 EAST MAIN STREET Khaki SHIRTS or PANTS $1.98 Popular Nationally Advertised Brands DRESS SHIRTS $1. Men'» Light Weight COOL STRAW HATS 98c,$1.98 Easy-to-Play CONCERT GUITARS - - $9.95 up Overalls .35 up Men's All Wool HARD FINISH SUITS >29 Popular Brand of LADIESSHOES „«,„, Ladies Gixid Quality RAYONSLIPS Men's Ravon SPORTSWRTS Men's Sterling Silver INITIAL RINGS Bulova, Gruen, BIgins USED WATCHES 12 Weslern Slj'le -„ BOYS BLUE JEANS T Misses Reg. $4,98 GIBSON GIRL FROCKS T 8 Regular f 2.49 BOYS COWBOY HATS T 9 MBN'S BLUE DENIM JUMPERS 98° up 98 up Men> Blue Chamhrav WORKSHIRTS Men's BLUEJEANS (Genuine Grain I.ealher MEN'S SWANK BILLFOLDS Size.s 1 ii> « BOYSOVERALLS Boy* KHAKI PANTS Men's Regular 9Sc T-SHIRTS „„„ Rugged STEELLOCKERS Come In 2 F'c Sets PLASTIC LUGGAGE 13 98 Heavy and Durabl* STEELTRUNKS1$ M Special * \ ., BOYS DRESS HATS ,«„ 79" If 39 If 98 T9 1149 69 For Dress, For Work, For Play -Moore's Has Clothes For Any Day!

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