The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 22, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE POUR THB:BLYTHEV1LLE COUR1EU NEWS THE COURIER'NEWS CO,, PUBLISHERS C. H. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HArNES, Advertising Manager Solo National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago • Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Every Afternoon Except Sunday (RA, Entered as tccolid class matter nt the post ofllc'j nt Blythevllle, Arkansas, under acl of, Oc- lober 9, 1011. Served by Ihc United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in tlie City ol Blylhovllle, 10c i>cr week, or SG.50 i>er year. In advance. 13y mull, within a. radius of 50 miles, 53.00 per year. Sl.bO for six months, 85c for Ihrce months; by mull in postal zones two to six, inclusive, SC.50 pel' year; in iones seven and cislH, $10.00 per year, ixiynble In advance. A^o Need jor Sales Tax Tim Arkiitisiis Coi'poi'ntion loimui.s- sion, in its : biennial report, .says; "it" the iirapoiiy in Arkansas WHS uniformly and ci|Uilably assessed at its triw or market viilttc there would bo ample tax money for the school* and Hie Kovurmmml we do not licliovu it wnultl Im nui-cssary to apply ' it sales lax unless sucli a IH.X could bu collected in liuu of properly taxes." The proposed lliri;e per cent .sales tax for the benefit of the schools would he a lax increase for Die m?iii who is paying property, taxes on a fair assessment us well as for the man who is not. Take (hu ciu-e of the owner of a Jiomc in the, cily of Blythevillo assessed at $1,000. His property tax, at present, is about §'15. Substitution of a tlii'cc per cent wales tax for the three- mill slate school tax, as proposed s by the school groups, would lop ?;! from his giiiiurul properly tax bill, lie would pay $.12 instead of $.15. Uul if | tu spends 81,000 per year on food, clothing ami oilier articles for himself and III'H family, and that i s a conservative figure for the owner of a home assessed ,at ?1,000, he would pay $30 a year in sales tax. Net tax increase: i?27 per year. The Corporation commission urges itss-'cssiinenl of Arkansas property at 100 per cent of its fair cash value instead of the SO per cent now proscribed by law, \yiih a proportionate'reduc- tion in the inillage tax rate. 1 'l'liurc.-is nothing to that. It doesn't'make any difference at what proportion of its fair value property ix assessed so long as it is all assessed al the same proportion. What Arkansas needs, before adopting a sales lax or other now taxation, is uniform assessment of all properly and more elfeclivc collection of taxes. Gelling a Little Too Hoi There is a disquieting report from 'Washington ( 0 the cgect that (he Senate munitions invc.stigators may be compelled to pull in their horns, on,the ground that they are on the verge of •bcspallering certain gentleman who are loo highly placed for llio comfort of. high, .administration officials. One hopes thai Hi is report is not true. But if llio second part of it be true—if the senators are actually on a trail that leads to high places—that is all, the more reason why the investigation should continue. This munitions investigation is of very great importance; potentially, it is of vrtst benefit to tlio whole country. If the cards arc about to fall in such a manner as to embarrass someone close- to the inner chamber—we'll, thai is just too bad, but the people are en- tilled to know about it. To try lo liiioh things up \vbiikl be to make a very great mistake. A Homestead Tax to Offset Homestead Exemption Governor Shollz estimates ti m t, Florida's $5,000 homcslcnd exemption nincnclmcnl will reduce lax revenues of tlie slate, counties, eiUcs mid districts by $10,000,000 a year or filiout, 30 per cwit of lite loinl now collected. To replace revenues that, w m t! ius bo lost tlic Hovitlti U-atjue o( Municliwlllics Is asking for a state tales inx, without, exemption. Uul H retail sales tn.\ Is u homestead lax. The Inilk of nil retail buying Is for home and family tnnposc.s. In Uic oni: cnsc you tiix n family eroup for having » roof over their heads. In llio oilier you MX tlicjn foe liui-iiiff food In their slonmclis, ulolhliij; on Ihclr bucks, lunil- luro nncl furnishings In Ihc rooms where lliey live. W. A. .Stevenson of PunigouUl.complains In'u letter to Die Oar.etlc that the properly lax— the. lux on n _ family's roottrec—keeps "many iwor etiully owners In mortal fear of losing Ihclr homes" because of Inability to nay (lie luxes. Hut, if we replaced Hie properly lax with ii sales tux, those same equity owners would have to find Ihe money lo pay the .sales lax if they bought miytlilug for Ihclr families. And if (he home owner would put. aside every night the ccniivalcnl of Uic sales laxes on thai day's pur- cliiislngi lie would find ul| Jlic end of a year Unit he had saved enough to pay the luxes on lib; homestead. Ik; would probably find in mast rases umi he had saved a (jrcat, deal more than his liomcslcnd tax bill "came to. There is always u demand here In Arkansas for homcslonrt exemption, which some oilier .Mates have adoplcd. We have no great, body of hKluslry or wealth In (his state lo fall back on for revenue. If we exempted homesteads we should have, to make up the lost, revenue from some other source. And ir we' chose a sales lax as tlial soiircc, we should merely be getting riil of one liomcslcrid lax by Imposing nnollier and iicrliaps heavier one—Arkansas Gazelle. I'm u country doctor. I've ucim one for 27 yi'iirs, and I'm going- tack lo when: f belong. . —Dr. Mian Roy DiUue. » * V 'Ilie tnitli Is Hint, outlook for refonn Is hopc- U'sr. business recovers. —Col. Leonard !'. Ayres, Cleveland economist. * * » Tlie freedom which is socially beneficial to the worker and lo mnntigcincnt must te shared wilh capital. — Rlchanl YVliiliiey, nrcslctoil, New York sjlock. ti'scliangc, * * * Our plan Is to make all Ihc people capitalists and thus save Ihc capitalist system fioin Communism or Huclsin. —Dr. .Francis I.'. Townscnd, author of the Townsend old asje pension plan. * • » Government is nlniau of ncccssit.y bureaucratic, and formal. Tlicrcforc, il cininol he- Bin to do imiiiy ol ihe public services which need lo be done one-half as well as can Intelligent, co-ojicrnllvc free effort, by citizens themselves. —Ur. Nicholas Murray Duller, president, Columbia University. J3y Williams BLY'fHKVILLE (AKKJ COU1UEH ; . SIDE GLANCES By George Clark '• SATURDAY, DKCJSMBER 22, ii ix; i. x » i: it i; TODAV A MS IIOt.l.laTOIl, iJrellj ivcnltti) finil [iroinli imiv v.\i.i!ui.\ ii!: J 1 '"" 1 **. I'H« <lf«lvc li-IT» Ijcr i-vrr>Mli[ii|r lu-con llitiii. n '• "' 'r'i"-l- lllunloiK-tl, intrl hi 11 taiiniiii. Wlio jirrj' Ulin slip Tln-y BO in .',-.".| ol tin- K.-mlnll run . JUr.t.l. U "What dlJfcrcac'c docs It "It makes a loi o( dlfferenco lo me," Carol eald. Slie stumbled on "Say, would you iiiim! lending me your' lipstick mid some ot Unit eyt!sh>uto'w?" THIS CURIOUS WORLD DO ALL TH' WORVC- ASK PER JOB , SUT ti^iM; \J, £Mll it; &\___,_ msy^f^G THE WINDPIPE OF A CROCODILE ' EXTENDS ONLY TO ITS NOSTRIL'S .... NOT TO-ITS MOUTH / OF SHA.RJOH I OF THE BIpLE, 'K NOT A ROSE, BUT A ! TULIP,/ CUNT, *,,,,l, Aim. Ami li|.j lr) H ull | nll lir.-ivfnc nr (hi- Ki-,i roi'l'iml''™ 1 '' 1 " '" '" '"""^'•'- >''« niiilif a inlk nli'lri, , t ,i{ t> , II, , " '• Aim ccnll.o, .),« I, I,, love \vli|j ln-r lnt*lini,ti. M)W CO t>X WITH TllR STOIIV CIIAl'TEH XXVII QMIOL KENDALL 6pol;o lo the ^ chauffeur, driving tlio car. "With so nnicli room hi from I don't know why I must clay liacli here." Tlio S'ouiiu man nt the- wheel drove on sluljbornly. There \vris dctcrinlnallon In tho BCI ol his answer euoutilcrs. lie made no reply. Carol sat back, smiling. When Blio readied her destination, a handsome residence, she said carelessly, "Como for mo al one to- nlglil." "liut I iimlerslooil—" "You ntulerslooil lhal I was slay ins; llio nit-tit with Virginia Leo Well. I'm goiiis to her party but I am not spemllnB tho night," "Vca. Miss Kendall. ri| tell your mother, miss." "Vou are not lo toll my inolher. I'll lell her myself when I reach home." "Very well. Mlsn Kciidnll." Alioul 12 o'clock Carol, passing her friend, said carelessly. "Virginia. I don'l llilnk I shouru slay lonlflil. fllollicr linsn't liccti well. 1'vo phoned (o have tlio car ecul for IIIG." "I'm 'sorry, liul yon uhouklu'l tiiivo phoned lor tlie car. Soinb of us wonhl liavo run yon out." "Tltcrc Is tio reason !.o lako anyone Ironi the party." A little later, with iicr evening wrap drawn about her. Carol wa* being driven lionie, Presently slit sahl. "Slop tlio car." This Lime sho'aditei). "Please. Wo might as well talk Mils out." "Tliis Is so much hcllur." she sahl K moment later, seald) beside the young man al the wheel. Tlierc was no reply. "You are very uncommunicative," Carol persisted, "i don't believe I luivo ever known anyone uioro so. Is your name really Lawrence?" "Yes." "One shouldn't call a chauffeur Larry?"' ••;-:•: - • "Certainly nol." 'Thou I shall rail you Larry." . bravely, earnestly, "because, you sec, 1 care." Tlio car's speed was checked. U stopped suddenly and Carol was In his anus. 'We're ooili crar.y, Carol. I slioulil have goae away." "J cau't believe you rc^tfy love aie. Anybody aa wonderful as you." "Womlorlul! I dlst-raceil pcoula la colleKo. [ couldn't a decent Job." Ills voice was hoarse with misery. "Everyllilng will be difforeal oow." Carol safd. "Oil, Larry. 1 nover dreamed 11 would bo like I Ills! my "I lell you. It's Impossible. My family Is poor. Carol. I' couldn't marry yon." "t know you'll ial;c care of mo," Carol cald liapfiily. "but (f 1 knew yon couldn't r,i , niu . ry you j llsl t | ]C samo. Larry. IM scrub or cook or anything to bo near yon." was only one way to nON KENDALL drove pas! the * J blj; family C ;, r )„ u lc shadow o( the iiorto cochcro and then slopped his roadster In amazement. Two people were Inside, so engrossed ilioy lind not noticed his approach, llo leaped out ami walked slowly toward the oilier car. The door opener! nnd the chauffeur stepped out. lie opened Ibe door oil the other side for Carol. Don said angrily, "What In hell docs lliia mean?" nnd advanced threateningly. "Why yon tnso lent—!" "nou," said •clce. "you'll explain laler." "Explain spooning with Lawrence!" "Larry, please go now." said. "Let mo handle tlila." Sho waichGi) Ihe chauffeur fetir." quarreling over a Carol In a low wake Mother. I'll Carol (j^JO SKATING RECORDS FOR. DISTANCES OF S/X" TO TEW A1/L£S HAVE FALLEN S1HCE IB<34-/ . HELD B,y JOHN JOHNSON MONTAEAt-, C4AMO4, ' 3 .'434 ec ^ CA SCHklCC I THE Hose ol Sharon slill is grown on Hie plain of Sharon, Ihc Medilcrmnean coast. Dotanisls know it as lulipa niontaiia. H bears deep red floiveis, wilh black centers, and is n member of the lily family. Don't Dismiss Storaaeh Pain Lightly; Cause May Be Serious tlic MvallovviHg of nil- will take care of the symptom. One of the commonest, symptoms ol stomach disturbances is heartburn. This is a or Ijurniiis down the caiirst: of Ilia rsoph»jjii"-> —Hie lube that leads from the throat, to the stonnich. H may be attributed lo overeating of sugars, anemia, pregnancy in women, or hurry and worry in HV DIt. MOKKIS I'ain in your stomach may ranyc n cause from mere hunger lo some serious trouble, such as nicer or been swallowed jallblarldcr disease. So don't try Therc arc mn ,, y ^^ for yet moved onward. Tf there in no odor, the belching nmy Ix: due to the fact lhal too much air has swallowing of air. Sometimes il is a liabil dcvclnpi-d by Die :itlcinpt to bi-lch and thereby lo relieve Ihc pressure in the stomach. .Sometimes air swallowing is associated wilh Hie attempt to s ct rid of the mucus arisin- from infection in tlic tliroat or"in the si- The repeated .swallowing ol . this material lakes air wilh it. - -- v-.^.,i. l,n. 1Wl l,lv,liLll^ up of the condition rcsiionsible for :o dismiss Ihc pain with ihe common iwpular diagnosis of dyspcp- a. U may be more than lhal. The gnawing pain of hunger >robably is known lo most, ot us. Yon won't feel such pain so scvcrc- y when you arc warm and rested, ;i\lt it becomes intense when you're tired, cold, or worried. And him- „„.,„. 4110 IL , ])t . ;ui scr pains are particularly severe, this takes when there LS nn nicer of tlic slom- m cither of Hies ach or Ihe duodenum, and when llicrc l.s disease of the snilblnddcr or npixmdtcilis. 'copli; who have uo in uc h jicid in Ihe slomach. or smoke loo much, nay be bollicrcd with lmn s ,.r pains. You can see, therefore, 'that this- trouble Is not n sign of a particular but merely dial something Is wrong. If you fee! hunger pains regularly, you should tec what the caiiie of (lie duttirbaticc t -iin (>c. l( U is pliycholoijK-ii), or if (I's ••iMoeialed ivllli fatigue or worry, thctc tilings tan be controlled. If. hoH-cvtr. the hunger pain is a. re- Mill ol an uu-cr or tin- Momacli or ol H»- pri'iflw of galbloncs, more rtclhuic' v.ivgical or mcdkul ticat- mciil is (Iciniitidcrl. Aiiulhcr common .syinpuiin clc- mandins atleiilloti is Hie collection of Mir in the .stomach willi bckli- Ins. Usually you (;cl n i-cnsc (•! fulliiei-s or discomfort in the dies 1 ,, and fructailmi or uclclilng 0 [ gU i relieves this feeling. U the material that. Is belched is of strong odor, there is probablv, nuns tuuJ Iliul Ihc stomach ha-- ;:\ Vfe; clearing 3.0000 acres of land t 'jillUY drove siloncc ami .1 lcv\* niiuniM in then Carol s.ild slowly, "Q| course you know 1 ar „., „„„.„ ranged this so I could drive wlib been hard u linear In Hie darkness. 'Come Inside." she whispered to her brother, lusldc ihe great hall, lliey faced cacti other, "Tomorrow I'll ihrash him within an inch of tils Ijfo and scad him [lacking." Don said. "Don't Ii3 absurd." carol said "lie played fcol'jall at college. Oh, Don. are you Wind? Didn't you know lie wasn't a real chauffeur? Vou'il Do surprised if 1 (old you ivlio he Is. lint I'll tell you Mils much lie was nieuiioucd for All- .American. Another year be probably would have iiiiirle ft." "So Ibal's big story." sneered Dou. His voice rose angrily, "Tlic dirty crook." \ "I recognized lilin," Carol v.-ciu ou. "1 went 10 school wiib tils sis' tor. He hatt Heard ot me, too. which gave him the Idea of gelling a joi). After a while it was a question of taking any job lie coiihl get or stop eating. And he wouliln'; go home because his failier iia<J you. Don't pretend yon don'i Driva any place you «;uit. Larry. liut don't take,me lioiue." "You arc out of your head to do such a tliini:." ihe young man spoke roughly but tlio car was turning from Ihc tamlliar route. "I couldn't bear Bolus on likj this any longer." Carol sahl. "I couldn't bear to see you |ilay ins chauffeur and believing Vou bad fooled. What college did you attend, Larry? (tucradc?" And why the mas- with him." "Lord, you're gullible." ', "Don — Carol!" Mrs. Kendall'? i frctlul voice came from the head ol j Hie stairs. "What Ir. ihe world are • you talking about?" "Aboul [hat damned ciiauffeur. Don said angrily. Carol's frightened eyes met hl.> "Lawrence!" "He wns impuilciit lo me," Don Carol and Don wenin "PJease don't ask me was all about. Mother. . ..„.,. wretched headache. I left Vlrglai; uecnuee ot u." "Who brousbl you home?" "1 Iclephoncd Lawrence to coi for me." "Ob!" eaia Mrs. Kcmlall. \¥/IIBN Carol came lo break;,- ncit inorulng Mrs. Komi greeted tier pleasaiilly. "Well, dc; how's ihe hcadaclie'i ncilcr?" "Mucli bettor, tliank Mollier." "I'm glad. Ky (|, c wpy, d c: you may bo inconvenienced a In today. 1 let Lawrence go for I Jmpndeiico lo Don." Carol put her cun down raised her eyes calmly to mother's. "He'll probably flml job soon. Ho was an excellent! chauffeur." "But Imagine being Impmle. Don! Carol, you look a 11 "Too much night life. I'vo be "ing Ibcse beailachcs tor dayi "t think Dr. Itockwooil shoi sec you. dear." "Nonsense. All he'd say woi be, 'Carol, j'on must retire at nl for a month. No dancing, a qut ot milk laken In between mea more fresh vegetables and .... And maybo a little trip somewbt --somewhere In the south. 1 (ilotli/ there's an idea! Lot me Join Bc l.attlmcr lor a few weeks Miami. II would do me a world good. And I'd like lo awfully." jyjlit). KKN'DALL stared in amaj menL "Of course you may If you care to. Cut I am sitrprlss Carol. Vou'il miss Ibe Rutherto party and Jean's house party Hi you were so enlhuslaslic aheui." "Mother, darling, how ,„.." dvaw on your Imagln.iilon. Imagl me being emhuslasllc about Jcai IIOUEC party." Carol laughed. "I'm sure you shouldn't lea now," "13m 1 want lo. I'm bored ai not well, May 1 wire Bess today "I Eiipposc so." Wlint a tjuccr child Carol ... Mrs. Kendall thought. She boili sccmtd In tlie leasl concerned abo Lawrence's dismissal. And It w really 'iccausn last utght sbo- b thought Carol was interested Iiim that she'll let tho young ,ni. "I'll like lo gel aivny ^ijl row." Carol said. "Iliu you could;) 1 ! possibly!" "Wliy not? .'J have plenty cloilics. And Miami has shops'." -, J'Of cqursc i*e can do lots (t <_ hurry, bo you feel edual lo shi liing'.'" "1 feel fine." Color liail comc'ba to Carol's check?. Her cy rparklcd. .Mrs. Kendall .siglral. "You fail lake my iiroalb away. 1 wish y ivorii'i niiiio so Impulsive." Only a week before when He iiiad written. Dogging Carol to Ji Iicr. C.iroi had laugbcil at tho Ui "Imagine! t know Miami b;i< wards, forwards, vcnically a iiorl/oiually. r<i ire lioreJ to tleatl Ami here she was thrilled loins, ciiiciins with zest into i said slowly. "Sis said 1 broiigbl "ins for the trip. Really, Jlrs. K it on myself." "Whether yon did or not." Mrs. Kendall said, angrily, "how dare thai can be relieved by the taking ol alkalis, such as bicarbonate ol soda. However, bicarbonate of soda is not a cure for Ihn main dilflcullv involved, but is merely a temporary palliative. In any c;isc. you .should find out the cause of the disturbance, rather than keep on psllint- ing with bicarbonate of soda. Besides llicsc symptoms, there is also tile sudctcti leunruihUinii into in,> .inu nwny in caiinij;. *no\» \.\^ ^HVKILII legnrgu-.iiiou into Thisjs one stomach disturbance • the month of fluid which is cither (lall tlionglit, Carol was difficult understand. ' (To lie Continual) sour, because OUR BOAKDING HOUSE" of the presence acid, or which is tasteless. ' acid condition is associated with ulcer in the duodenum, with much smoking,- with rushing irregularity of meals. Rcsuvgilalion of fluid thai is iour is usually rtfic to Ihc swall ing of considerable amounts saliva, perhaps an attempt by body to relieve tlio hunger i the nicer pains that have! been mentioned. \jy Alic ACM /-NOW I 1<,NOW VOT 1 DO ON OVRlSTfAAS tUF VtN I DtR "PUPILS TAKE OUI5T "TO BLW C/\T^,OL MUSIC-— Sf\! HEHKY '-v "DER CELLO T5L/\ N <-Sp-T-EL\V., }'> VILL1E UND tBNEST "PERFORrAS/|; >ER VIOLINS--UNO YOU /^WIN, )'' fAY MUSICAL CHEENYUS, ( ' YOU TJER LNMTERN V/1LL ( ONE FALSE STEP J ^N' > I Pf\LL OFF ft> OH T'EOPLE,INCLUOIN6

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