The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1937
Page 4
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IHATIIEV1LL13 '(ARK.)' 'COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 1037 'THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS '•THE.COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS ,' ; -' • C.'R. BADCOCK, Editor *', '" H: W. 1IA1NES, Advertising Manager •So'.a National Advertising Itepresontatlves: •Arkansas Dallies, Inc, 'Now York, Chicago, -Detroit fit. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at tlie l>ost 'office at BlylhcvlHo, Arkansas, under act ot Congress, October 9. 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City or Blylhevllle, 15o per week, or G5c- per month. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, $3,00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 75c for three months; by mall in postal rones two to sU, Inclusive, $6.60 per year; In zone; seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. T/ie Jssi/e The Texas Weekly, which 'is stroiiK- ly opposed to President, Koosovcll's plan for reorganization of tlic supreme CQtirt, makes Die point, thai it is the business of the ju'licinry to be neither "liberal-minded" nor "conservative- minded," but to be judicial. We imagine that President Roosovoll would say that is what is wrong with the supreme court as it is now constituted. He 'believes, and not, without reason, that in a number of instances a majority of the court lias not been content .with the exercise of its purely judicial function but has assumed the policy-determining function that properly belongs to other branches of the . government. And while the president might agree with the Texas editor that the court should be purely a judicial bo'tiy, at the same time he cannot be justly criticized for insisting that, if it is to exercise broader powers, its temper and disposition should be in harmony with that of the people of the United States, as reflected in the legislative and executive officers chosen .by their votes. .' , -i It is along this line that, the real issue in the court controversy is drawn. To those parts of the president's judiciary reform program which are calculated to improve tho functional efficiency of the federal courts there is no serious' objection on the part of anyone. The . 'controversy t is centered entirely iipon;that part of the, program which proposes change in' the personnel of the supreme court. Whatever' effect, for good or ba'cl, the accomplishment of that proposal might; have upon the court's efficiency would be entirely incidental to its main purpose, Svhich very plainly is to bring the political and social philosophy of the court into harmony with that evidenced -by tho American people in ^biennial national elections since 1!>32. Thus yesterday's letter by Chief Justice Hughes, while interesting and informative, had no real bearing upon the' controversy. Tho. chief justice emphasized that he was refraining from any comment or discussion of the question of policy involved in the court proposal, which after all is what the row is about. The university should be the place ot tlic beginning of study. Tlic true scholar never stops. *-Prof. Ross J. Griilith, Butler University. OUT OUR WAY Worth Remembering The house of representatives hits passed the' AIcReynokls neutrality'bill, smashing down all nllempU to broaden its scope. Amoiii! Hie amendments that faile'tl was one, offered by Representative Hamilton Fisli, which would have outlawed the export of munitions regardless of whether there was war or peace abroad. Though it/ was defeated, this plan of Mr. Fish's might be worth remembering, If, by some calalnity, we should get into war tomorrow, a good many American boys would bo killed by guns, airplanes, aijd explosives made in America and sold overseas before war broke out. Mr. Fish was out to prevent that sort of thing from happening; and it is a little bit hard to sec why bis scheme was not a thoroughly sensible one. Ptissing of an Oracle , People who have been acclaiming Postmaster General James A. Farley's uncanny skill as a political prophet might give a thought to tlie coming resignation of Emil Hurja, for years Farley's right-hand man. Mr. llurja has announced that he will presently leave politics to return to privatrr business',: and it is quite possible that this may have an efl'eet on Mr. Farley's gifts as a progiiostiea- tor. For it was Hurja, by all accounts, who collected the. statistics and erected the graphs on which the postmaster general based his •forecasls j . Hurja knew politics as few 'men know- it. For years, Washington correspondents have marked him down as ii man who had an uncanny way of telling just how the cat was going to 'jump, come election fclayi'" It will be interesting to see how the rare Farley gift survives the loss of. this talented lieutenant. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Thc'y ; se;cni:lo he catching colds, so I'm keeping them in whcre-I ciin'.walch them.". ''Maybe It's because I don't push so hard. If the union men want to know -,vhy I have acted in n certain way, I just tell them what It was possible to do nnd what was Impossible ia do. '—Philip.Murray,.explaining his success as C. I. O. organizer. . . * ' ''.* * Thirteen billion . mosquitoes weigh 20 tons. That's three pig elephants, nnd is an (uyful lot of bites. —J. Lycll clni;k, mosquito expert, urging mosquito control in New'Jersey. ''.'*: : * * The fervent love of.the entire people will constitute tho .safest rampart around Der Fuehrer and his trusted followers:'•_;;— Herman Gocrlng, warning unnamed foes of Germany. . ' * ' ' •"* » rarenlcctomy Is perhaps the only cure for imaginary Illness which parents encourage their children to develop- after appendectomy nnd tonsillcctomy. —Dr. Irn S. Wile, New York Academy of Medicine. j ~ I did not want to sec such n • voice and a talent lost. Yes. I approve of careers for married women if they have something lo give the world. -Henry Johansscn, husband of Kirst^n ringslad, who urged his wife to return to opera. SEAL S WN COATS WORM BY, THE OF TODAY ARE FURNISHED BY " SEALING- RESTRICTIONS LIMIT THE ANNUAL. SLAUGHTER. TO BE MADE ONLY AMONG THE IMMATURE MALES, ' KNOWN -AS^BACHELORS." PUTS A OOVERJN& Of STACKS ' OVER. ITS NEST TO PROTECT IT FROM ATTACKS FROM ABOVE iu;<;r.v nniu: 'j'uii.iv lUl'IIXl; IIHHTT lurrJ J.AHUV SMITH, :irvEilU-L-l. Hut Jjuiilme g'lld l-i'diNi'il lo limrr)- Lurry Illllll Kfu- luiil m'l'Uinuruml hUlUflent iiuino- lo Inuncli JKXMI'KIl, licr 3'oiiiiKiT hlhU'r, on 11 e:iri-iT. Jennifer linil jirovril Hip ni'lllsli .kltiltr leant I In- Kail, ilrtrlni; Kiililuiu m (.very iftr". /-'l»nHy Jennifer inretH IIOHIIO.V HKIIK- IIKIKi, Ilirnlcr iiruilili IT, ;iuJ ii|i- luimitl). llmlK lu-r uork. Tht-ji l)ii|)MlQ I* xi-nl nil :i tivn- inotillis' lour. lli'Iurc *lu' Irjivi 1 * win; (i|;:ilii rcfu«i-« l.iirry'* olft-r of HiJirrlnKr, (nil ivlllmul u-Jlln^ Mm Mliy. No Larry »a)» K "'J 1 , "'" hiniiliiK lli-,( I),,,,],,,.. I,:,, ,-lii,s,'], )(r t'rtrecr In iirtfvrvm'i: I') I'l* Inv^. TJjc nnnl Mniv ourm-* ^vlivn Duilli- llf, ri-lllfiilii^ from lifr II'E^, Itnds JfinitfL-r (hitliiK J,nrrj! Kti Jlnpline dcc'idi'K to piny Ulc KEIIIIC hirrsclf. 3lu' iirrllliKi'H n KitrKvttun .Thiiu-r [mrty fl»r sevi-ral frli-nilH, InelLiiUiif; llrr/.lH'r*; null l.lirrj. l,nrry Is vi-ry Ijniuiy l<> siu. l}:ip!inc ii^rLln. hue hlic liulilM film nluiif, iilnyliiff "II C" llern- .Ijrrif. Tin' rollinvIiiK Suuilriy Hal'li- 110 Is KlVl-[l II Irllll III UlTKlHTK* >ir\v iilny—the Ic-iul Ji'iinlft'r t""l MMlKht. .Imiiffcr. IfUrnlrlK ll''», iflls HaiiliTic, "I Jiiitc yon!" M)\v (^<> o.v \vrni TIM; STOIIV CHAPTER xxiv TVAPHNE was very calm about ' it. "I'm sorry that you do," she said, "but I'm a little surprised. And v/liilc I dislike Quotations, you might r-inember thaT one about sauce lor ilio goose." Jennifer stared back at her wordlessly. "For the first time you're learning what it is to see another person take -what she wants, isn't it lair?" "Fair!" And "Yes, that's Ilic word," Daphne a better wife lo Larry. You'll Iry and see his point o£ view when ethics aviso. Perhaps you'll re r membor that you lost one thing because you didn't know how to play squarely. Maybe it'll make yon the kind ot a girl I tried to make of you. Thai's all." Daphne whirled out ol the room. * * * JENNIFER followed'her. "Daphne J . . . are you doing this just to teach mo a lesson. Because if you arc . . ." Daphne was very cool, keeping a firm hold on herself. She answered, "Not at all," After that, for the remainder of the week, the two girls avoided each other.' If Jennifer pretended to be asleep when Daphne rose in Hie morning, it was no different from Daphne's pretense of the same thing at night. Jennifer spoke lo her only when it -was necessary and then in monosyllables. But Jennifer took lo giving her strange glances and more thai; once she e:une into the room they shared and stood silently staring for a moment as though there was something she wanted to say. Daphne had to keep her niinrt from thoughts of. Jennifer. A new quiet, a strained haunting in Jennifer's eyes smote her and more than once she was tempted to ask Jennifer to talk to her. Then, thinking of Jennifer and Larry, she was firm again and put her pity out of her heart. said calmly. "Don't I get any!"?• . Five days before the play was •You ve got overylnmg. (o opcn she £ omld Jennifer in Thanks fov the compliment. toal . s I was going lo point out to | Jennifer liadn't cried even v;hen you that it's about lime I had ai s ] 1e w£ls a j^i^ bit of glamour in my life. It's 1 a ' * 4 not loo late I'm beginning lo dis-' cover. I lived in a furnished room and earned my keep so that you could stay in an expensive school. When you got out, I did everything I could to give you a good start. You didn't show up too well so I'm the worm that's turned." "I don't know what you mean." "I'm going Ic fell :'ou what I mean. You knew Ihni I loved Larry. \'o:i knew that he loved me. You knew that we had quarreled but you should have known that . n lover's quarrel can be mended. Yet, deliberately, when I was way, you took him away from me." Jennifer started to speak but Daphne went on: ' "All. right, it's'Jair exchange; you'll have Larry and I'll have the liiealei 1 . And'if this is the .Its^n I mean it to bo, you'll be "WHAT is it, Jennifer?" she asked gcnlly. Jennifer wiped her tears away on her sleeve; an incredibly childish gesture. "Nothing," she said proudly and walked into the bath. Daphne Got up and followed her. "I suppose you think this easy for me?" "I'm sure I don't know, but if it makes you any more satisfied, you'll be glad to know that you're breaking my heart." "Have you really got one?' : Daphne said. "Yes, it seems that I have. It was all in the theater until , . She put her hands over her lace and her shoulders shook. . "All of It couldn't have been, there's Larry," Daphne remindcc her. "There isn't Larry . . . ; in which hair and wool j are handled. GASTEKACANTHAj A TROPICAL SPIDER, IS ADORNED WITH TWO LOMG.CURVED SPIKES, TWICE AS LONG "" AS ITS BODV. 2.1 During the closing years of the 19lh century, it seemed that the fur seal was .doomed to a quick extermination. Numbers estimated at 2,CCO,OCO decreased .to. 'less than 20G.OOO. In 1911. however, s treaty veslricting. the slaughter was made between the United States. Orfat Britain, • liussln, and Japan. When anthrax appears, il is possible, of course, to uss vaccine made fiom the germ;; for im- muni&Uion as v.ctl as for treatment. Arizona Holds Many ' Secrets of Dinosaurs Ihcvc , . . there never was. He wasn'l in love with mo. He's eating his heart out over you." Daphne listened with her heart standing still. "Jennifer, tell me (his minute what .you mean. Slop acting like a child." The blood pounded in Daphne's _ears. Jennifer dried her eyes and sat on (ho side of the tub. Her lone was sulky and her eyes were fixed on Ihe floor as she began lo talk: "You oughl to have known Larry was in love with you all Ihe time. I did." She gulped and went on again. "After you went away and I called Tuck and he said he wouldn't come over because you told him lie couldn't, that was the last straw. You and your high-handed methods! I was v jealous." / 0_ "Jealous of me?" Daphne demanded incredulously. "Certainly. You were always' Ihe pretlicsl. You were the successful one. You were (he big- v.'agc earner. All the men were crazy about you. All tiic men I met here who were allraciive always talked about you. And I loos civay about Tuck. I liked :iim better than anyone else until I got in the theater. Oh, Daphne, wanted to be an actress! I'd lave worked myself lo dcalh for Ihe resl of my life!" The lears slarted 10 flow again. T)APHNE handed her a handkerchief. "You'll be back. I want to hear about Larry." "Well, I lied to him. I told him 1 wanted tt> have him help me make a decision about something and he came to see me. I told him you were completely through " but 1 thought when you came back I could plead for him. He used to hang around me lo hear me lalk about you." ' Daphne poured coltl water on a towel. "Here,, put that on your head and lie down for a few minutes. I'll give you an hour to rest and then we've got work to do." "Aren't you . . . aren't you mad?" "Just r.> mad as anyone could bo at n G-ycar-old child. Now take off that dress. I'll call yoi: in an hour and we're going to •. start rehearsing." jk "We?" "Yes," Daphne said as she went into the other room.. "I might need an understudy. ; 1 don't think Ihe 'one we 1 have really knows all Ihe business I do. I can teach il lo you. Just in case." (To Be Concluded) approximately 500,000 years ago. By Williams NEXT: Wiial is thb-tillc of the head of Ihe iiiprcms court.' lizc or disinfcc! it v.ilh steam. Etram. hc,vtv;r, will !:imasc ivcol and CAMERON, Ariz. (UP) — Arizona's famous painted Desert once was IhR reaming place of yiant dinosaurs, scientists concluded here prints. The foolprint=, methods, therefore, are necessary to disinfect these substances. r^riou'l''! illu lu u L y 1111 ^, varying from hirlps ''" Oth'-.r ciBht inch=s to a fo()t >" size. uc were discovered in the stone sur- No'.vadayr, BOVdniT)r.p.L United- Status demands that Approximately one-third of the entire population of the United Slates voted in the last presidential election. ] face. Originally, scientists concluded, the ancient monsters £tcnif,ed about in soft sand, but in thousands of years of shiltinq L-sec for fliavln- crushes be dis-1 Ulc carth submergcd them and infected cither by boiling for at: they reappeared in the stone least three Hours or by exposure, Follm , - m a dccl , canyori ncav first to a vacuum, then tc stsam < th( , uulc Colorado river feme rnder at least 15 pounds of prcs-j railra cnsl of ,, erc the j,nprcssicns sure for not less than 30 minutes. have fceen studiKl by archaeolog- ' lists from all parts of the nation. Also discovered in the canyon Th= ommon v;!iit= potato Us* nvcro a few footprints, which, the , , :uins to the E-b.nuun tulwrosum i , cicntis i s (lreitto1i v .. crc evidences plant 'family. _ There ars 1200 jot prehistoric camel. They csti- kixmn varieties of ths potnlo. -mat;cl the foolprints were mau'D t/ WELL", HERE » I AM ~ SHE GOT I ME HOME, ALL V RIGHT.' I NEVER. TOUCHED TM' LITTLE SNIP.' HE DID THAT HIMSELF, - SO VOL) WOULD'MT BE SEMDIMO ME AFTER- HIM SO MUCW- Germs of Anllirax, Animal Disease, ireail Chiefly Through Hides. Hair I NO. 108) OK. MOIIIUS FI.SIIHKIM t'llilor, Jmiriuil of" tlir An]rr:c-iii Medical Association, and cf ilygcia, the llcallb MKsaiinc The, first germ known to be dangerous lo man, fccu uncl'.-r a irtcroscope, was the an!iira:< skin by direct contact, and form a malignant blister; or they may 1 get into Ihe lungs by inhalation R.I In the case of \vool sorters. Sometimes, cf crwrsc, the germ is swallowed, in \vhich case it Iccal- izes in the intestines. In still other casts, it enters the brain. Seven dnys after the anlhrnx geim gets into the body and infects a human bcinj. symptom.-, begin to appear. If the skin OUR BOARDING HOUSE i -.2W THAT -SPRIGS 1£> HERE, 1. ^EEL THE CALL OF THE OPEKl SEA AND THE B1LLOWIMS SAIL— I M MV HEYDAY, A"S A SKIPPER, I COULD FAIRLY "SMELL N\Y VV/AY I WTO A Announcements ' The Courier news nns nceri nu • tnorizcd to announce the following candidates for Eiythevillc municipal offices, to be elected on April 6: For Mayor MAniON WILLIAMS W. W. HOLLIPETER C5. H. GREAR . For Alderman, First Ward J. Ij. GUARD (fuU term) - E. P. FRY (short term) JESSE WHITE (short term) For Alderman, Second Ward FLOYD A. WHITE ,1OHN C. McHANEY. JR. For Alderman, Third \Viud DAMON McLEOD ESTER LUNSFORD W. L. KORNER With Major Hooplc been attacked, boils ccntain the germs. which was actually r.bscrv- crt in 1849. Anthrax also \var> the Cvsl disense-ttansfcmd to an animal by direct inoculation. Pasteur: studied this disease and grew the organism, and in I87o grew it in pure culture. Those e.xperirmnts: with the anthrax germ established modern methods of growing germs nnd proving that they arc actually the ouu-.i-s.or certain disai.'es. It will be ,i-jmcnibercd. ii;ci- rt;.ntally, ',that anth'.ax was tl-.e disease with which P.'.oicur \vas concerned In the• • exp:ii::itni on ilntr. lhal was the dram^U- isiah p.V.nt in the recMli mo'.io:i |:u-;;:ro "Tlie Life of Louis Pi;s(cur.' Anllirax 'primarily is a (li:,r.\se of r.m'mals,', but it also aU.icks man. While it principal!} nitocUi ctiule and horses, .it r.iav aitnci; jliecp and be transmittc;, 10 any ot.iei animal. It lias b:cu :oiind ii: both cold and in warm sncas, iir:d frequently Is intro.luci'd in UK Hulled States • tluougli liidcsj spores. Wool, hides, and hair Mid halt Imported .from a'oroAc!, should be disinfected before be- O.'ic ot the grcatcsc, anthraxi ing turned over to workers -for sc:a<s In the United filatts. t^r; manufacturing puriwses. The iiui.incc, followed the irnpMtnticn | workers may protect themselves I'orm which These boils pEii and the material from them may Infect other persons. Obviously, the people most lifct- iy to calch nnthrax . arc those who are exposed to it in their wcrt. Tliis Includes particularly veterinarians. meat inspectors. femur's, butchers, and workers in | these Industries which Involve hides, bristles, wool, and Imir. The germ itself is resistant to | heat, , to tlrynej«. to sunlight, and ] even to gcrniicidal agents, so that very stroiiB anlhcptics are necessary lo keep it under control. It Is obvious that the molhods cf preventing anthrax must involve suppression of the infection In animals and suitabl! control of materials that may contain the CO.MSTEKMA.nOM WILL RE\<5M AV.OM6 LCVEF6 OP THE OPCJpT Wl-'.SK\ THEY UEAP-.W THAT A6A1M i AM -TO BE A COMPETITOR 1M "THE COM1MG REGATTAS / cf shaving brushes from J,i) n;i. < • & Anthrax germs get Inlo ihe by wearing rubber gloves and aprons and llieve must be proper ventilation to carry oft dust from \5:£?._._lIZr AM— YES, YOU WERE >A1OWKJ "DOWM-IH- HATCH" HOOPLE..AMD TH' BREEZE YOU SMIFFED WA'S OSJE •?AP>T OXYSEM AMD 1 THREE PAWS BRMJ MASH YOU USED A CORKSCREW TOP, AM AWCHOP, AMD 5WIMQIM6 POORS P SAILS — AMD 15IP MOST OF YOUR RAC1MGTHREE MILES OFT^ SHORE, PUWI.VJ MIS HOME PORT WA-S "RY6, OM LOWS I6LAMP OLD COOT PLOATEP HIS CARGO TO iw BEEP, 16 AMCE5TORS LAXJDED OW PLYMOUTH T2,OCK-AK)D-P,YE

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