The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1933
Page 4
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*PAGE SIX WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 1933 Wl the Blue Eagle means to you and how you can get it The President Reemployment Program i. advancing to complete su , cess . No guch SWfeping demonstration of ^ unity of a whole people against a national danger has ever been made. . In this vast surge of patriotic it n new sary to keep our common purpose always clear. When 125,000,000 people attempt to act as one man 'there aro we •o be some misunderstandings. It is time to restate as clearly as possible the aim of the Me endeavor and the 'duty o each tndtvtdual . That is the purpose of this message-to state officially, briefly and clearly the simple r«l4 for com,non guidance. . It is an evidence of the self-sacrificing, service of the W hole country that this ne~r /,«s donated th,s space. In that spirit the whole country is acting. . Thi, plan depends wholly on united action Wat unity is almost complete. In the next few days let us close up every gap in the ranks and f ' nail the flag of the Blue Eagle on the door of every man ivho tvorks another man. jtuJl OFFICIAL EXPLANATION OF THE PRESIDENT'S REEMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT (Sometime* miscalled "The Blanket Code") Tbli Agreement blmls you to put Its (tiros Into effect from the time you sign the Certificate of Compliance unlll December 31, JSMj Cut when the President hasanproved a Code far your (railc or Industry, that Cmlcfcrs the j>l«re o( this Agreement. cu ayree: Child Labor (1) After AuguM SI, 19.13, not to employ any pewon under 16 year, of age, eirrpl Ihnt per.nni between 14 and 16 may be employed (hut nol In nunufaclBring or mechanical induslriej) for nul to exceed 3 kours per day and IhoM houn Iwlwren 7 A. M. and 7 ?. M. in tueh work ai will nol inler- fere with houn of day school. This means that after August 31, 1833, you agree not lo employ any children under H years old In am- kind of business. You may employ children IxtYvcni IV nnd 16 years old, hut only for three hours a day nnd lliosr. hours must be bclireen 7 in tlie morning and 7 at nlchl and arranged so as nol to interfere with schiwl. You agree not to employ any children under 16 years old In * manufacturing or induslry,.a( iiny lime. Maximum Houn W NJ* to »' ork « n y accounting, clerical, bank. f- ~ '"evwce, teniae, or .ale. employee, (cxe'vpl out- .hie uletmen) In any store, oftlee, drparlmenl, nlabbsniunt, or public utility, or on any aulo- nwjiveor booe-dr.wn nasHnger, «xpres», deliver;-, •T Iragal Knice, or in any olkw place or nuancr, lor more than 40 hours in any 1 week and not to . S * ke c«° 1™ of *"^ 6lora m "*rviee operation lo below 52 hoar. in_any 1 week, <mle» fuch V 0 ?" "**• Jew lhan 32 hour, per week before July 1, 1935, and In th,, l.tlcr rat nol Ii, reduce iBCB hours at ail. Thi. means that yon agree not to work nny of the kinds *f employees.listed in tiiis paragraph (except uiiHiuV Mlesmen) for more than 40 hours a week. This paragraph covers alt Employees except faclory workers uic- ctianlcal workers uml artlsani. However, no limit on houn and no minimum wage applies lo purelv airricul- rursl labor, domestic servants, or persons working for J«i solely on a commission basis; but, if you Imve pets rat workinr for vou who arc guaranteed a base pnr m addition to their commission, then their b.ise nav'nlus commissions must ef|unl the minimum wage. Thll Agreement sets no maximum on the number of Hour, you m«y keep your business open. You ojrrcc not • «• keep your wholesale,, ,,r service establishment open less th«n 52 hours a week unless it was mini l,» than 52 hours a week before July 1, ]!B3. Even then vou • agree to keep It open us long us you used to keep it own I*fore July 1. Of course, If you have always kept your store open shorter hours in Die Summer months r«u ran . continue to do so this Summer, but you should pav your ; employees the tame amount each week Hut tlrey will "i-l / when you keep your store open full time. " The stores with more thin two employees which remain ; 0|<j) trie longest are contrihullng Ihc taost to carrvini: out the purpose of the Agn.vmi.-ut. UK: stores ivltli'twa or less employees which can In- 0) ien only the minimum number of hours required, ace. doing the most to fulfill ir.eir part. (3) i\ol to employ any factory or mechanical worker or artisan more lhan a maximum xcck ot 35 hoor» nnlil Urrembrr 31, 1933, hut wllh the right to work a maximum week of 40 hour, for any 6 week, within thi, period t and nol to employ any worker more than 8 hours in any one day. This means that if you are employing fuctorv or me- cliamcal workers or artisans, you agree not to work them more than 83 hours a week and Ml more than 6 liours m any one day. When you have more tlian the usual amount of work to do and can't get additional wmkcrs, you inny emnlov this class of employee up to 40 himrs a week in "any <i weeks but even in this case you rmi<l not mirk Ibera more than 8 hour* a day. (4) The maximum' houn fixed in the foregoing pangraphj (2) anrl (3) sfijll no t apply )o employee, la establishment* employing not more than iwo persons in towns of less than 2,300 population wfcith IOWTM are nol part of a larger trade arva: nor to registered pharmacists or other pn»fc...ion>l penoni employed in their* profession nor lo employees in a managerial or executive capacltv. whr, «ow receive BMWC lhan $35 per «ckj nor io rm- E-jf** ° n tmr 'f ta <*. maintenance and repair - • ~°r "««J7 '^5,',*', cas " "here reslrietion. ! ot Bigfcly .killed worker, on continuous r .— * «n»»oid«My reduce production but, » any «ch .p«ial ca«, at least lime and onr-lliird P*™. for flours worked in excess of the be determiner! hy reference lo the l Beans that there are certain employees ™ " liin " re «" is In "* !!<H " 11 , <1 ' ) ". rot 'P^r to your employees or i.rlmarilr nun* ? er» or eiecutket at *| ttiVe - 18 *,! '"kv Professional persons, oti, torjtrs, regWered pVarmaclsU and nurses, tmflojti witbvot any Italt on hours. j*? •« dotaj -inerpacj Jobi of malnte- ' itp»lr WBrt. they may be kept on the Job for longer Imurj, but you agnc to pay them at lent time and one-third for hours worked over Ihe limits set in paragraphs (2) and (3) I'.It.A. There are a few very special casts where highly skilled workers must be allowed to work more than file limit of hours fn order to keep up output on continuous processes, but, IKTC n«aln, you agree to pay them at least time and one-third for tho hours they work over the limits stt lo paragraph! (2) and (3) P. It. A. Minimum Wifet <5) No i to pay any of the, chute, of employee, mentioned in paragraph (2) le» lhan 115 per week in any city of over 500,000 population, or In Ihc immediate trade area of such city] nor leti lhan $14.50 per week in any eity of between. 250,000 and 500,000 popalalion, or in Ihe im- mrdi.te trade area of <ueh eilyi nor le»> than 114 per week in any city of between. 2,500 and 250,000 population, or in the ImBtedlate trade area of lucfa city and in towns of lei. lhan 2,500 population to incmite all wage, by not ICM than 20 per eenl, provided thai this .hall nol reqaire wage, in exerM of 112 per week. Thll sets out UK ichcdule of minimum wages which you agrc« to pay all employees, except factory or mechanical workers nr nrll.wns. Tlie wages are set out In terms of dolhirs per week, but if your employees are paid hy the hour, you umy use the following schedule: Fleet of Bauntti i Minimum Waft: In cities of 500,000 or over.- J7Vi Cfnl. per hour In cilicB of between 250,000 and SOO.OOO 36tf «nu per hour In rii!r<i of between 2,500 and 250,000 ; _ 3Scenl.perr.our If your business is in a town of Ifss than 2,600 population, you agree to raise nil wages at least 20%. ]f raising all wn^es 207^ causes you to pay over $12 Tier week then you need only pay the $12 per wcolc. If there Is any doubt In your mind as to whether your business is in the "Immediate trade area" nf n city, von should ask your local Chamber of Commerce or other similar organiialinn for a decision on the matter. The general riilc Is that the "immediate trade area" Is the area in which Iherc is direct retail competition. (6) Ku\ to pay any employee of the elawej men- Honed in paragraph (3) Ins lhan 40 cents per hour unless the hourly rate for the fame rliss of work on July IS, 1929, was less lhan 40 ccnls per hour, m which latter can nol to pay le» lhan the hourly raie on Jnly 15, 1929, and in tin event lt«, than SO cents per hour. It i. agreed thnl lhi« paragraph establishes a guaranteed minimum mtc of liar reiardJcM of whether Ihe employee i, com- prnwlcd on Ihe basil of a lime rate or on a piecework performance. Tills fixes Ita minimum wage which you agree tn p» v factory ami mechanical workers and artisans. The fol- loivmg schedule may help you to find out the proper rale: It fA» rait for tttr »M« AI H 4 Ti- _, , o/ •ct.rfr in tlit tan, tomm**lt-, mi*lm*m r*l» irAJrA jtu °* July IS. J9Z9, v«>.- •*'•• ** P*I IM: More lhan 40c an hour...40c an hour SOc. lo 40c an hoor The July 15,1929 hourly rale I.e.s lhan 3flr. an hcmr.....30eanlioiir Instead of paying by the hour, you may p«v by the week ot a rate which gives the same weekly 'earnings fur n week of D3 hours. For example, instead of 40c mi hour, you niny pny $1* per week. If you hid a contract on or before August 1, 1933, with a learner or apprentice, you do not have to psy him tlic minimum w.ipr, but no one sliould be tltastit ns n learner or mi apprentice who has ever been emplovcd ns a regular worker in your Industry. ' " (7) IVot to reduce the compemalion for employment now in exee.1 of Ihe minimum wages berrbr nrrc-cd to (notwithstanding thai Ihc houn worked m such tmployment Blay be hereby reduced) and lo uiereane Ihe pay for «neh employment by an equitable rcadjn<lmenl of all pay sehrdnlcs. Ts-n interpretations—No. 1 and Ko 20—bare Iwen issiieil. explaining this paragraph You t-ct conies of tlirM- «t your local Chamber of Commerce or from the nearest N. 11. A. representative. Anti-Subterfuge (R) Not lo me any lublerfuce to frudrile the •pint ami inlent of this Agreement which i-, umonr other llunji, to inereaK employment bv a uni- >rr,'»l roicnanl, (a remove objrrnctions 'to com- rncrce, nnd lo .horten hour» and lo raise v,,r. for Ihe thorler.week lo a living ban:. 7'ni'i it tkt l.tnrl of tht tr\t>l» Agnmiat. TU Prlti- ' iltnt, Pi™ u lo cur. (nil dtprtuwn ky !ncr, n ,l», pur . chai,t>y faxtr. Tou can htlp Mm fvt th'u ji( an 0 J e f [,„ raite -jaj,/. Then it no force to compel you lo jinn JM» Agrtminl. It i, not |»w. It it a p«/iOMl aartimint at'"/ 0 " 01 "V*' *"**'*• Tl " p "iW.n( froecH ltd cooptntio* l by put S ,tti*, it mi M | ft >»«U6. a "«rf«j. lo /fwlrall tin ( p(r« «Mi inlml «/ (An Agrtinnf tn l<f» « ami !A<» «,| «« „/ your •nfloym m • tirfifU etnmttrin txuS-tr •*<» ol»ir (rfck fo arold do<a* irM JTM •remiii fo do. 6 Wf .DO OUR.MRT HOW TO EARN THE BLUE EAGLE 1. SIfln the President's Reemployment A&eement (P.R.A.). 2. Short.!. Hour* of factory mrften to 35 hours per ««*, m d of all other emp!,,™ ,„ 10 hours per uetk. (See parayaptu 2, 3 and 4, P.R.A.) 3. Ralsti Wag.*. (See paragraphs 5, 6, and 7, P.R.A.) 4. Don't Employ Child Labor. (S« paragraph 1, P.R.A.) *. Cooperate with the PreiJdent. To do this: (o) Live Up to the Agreement. (See paragraph 8, P.R.A.) O) Don't Profiteer. (Set paragraph 9, P.R.A.) (e) Deal Only with Other* "Under the Hue Ugle." (See paragraph, 10 ,m.l 12.) W Get o Cod*> In by September lit. (See parograpfts II and 13, P.R.A.) HOW TO GET THE BLUE EAGLE 1. Sign the President'. Unemployment Agreement. 2. Mall the Signed Agreement to your District Office of the Department of Commerce. 3. Pot the Agreement Into Hfect (as outlined above in " Earn the Blue Eagle''). 4. Sign a Certificate of Compliance. This it a slip distributed iaA the Agreement. Ii say,: "I/We certify that ti* fcaue adjusted the hours of labor and the uutfs of our employee* lo accord uiih the President', Reemployment Affeement, rtrVc/i ire have signed." 5. Deliver the CertHtcato of Compliant,, to Your Poit Office. The Po,tm a ster mil gtic you your Bine Eag/e. EXCEPTIONAL CASES 1. Where a Code Has Been Submiiiled. (See pnragrapli 13, President's Reemployment Agreement). If your wlMlt Trade or Industry Is unable to live up to the President's Agreement, you should gtt together nt once, with other employers In your Trade or Industry and, In a group, suti- mit a Code of Fair Competition to !?. R. A. in Washington. Since it ti.ics some time after a Code has been submitted (or it to Ue finally approved, your group may petition N. R. A. to substitute the wages and hours provisions of your Code for the wages and hours provisions o'f the President's tteemployment Agreement. If N. K. A. fuuls lint the Code provisions are wtthm tlic spirit of tbe President's Rtcmploy- mrnl Agreement, it vrill consent toiuch substitutions If N. R. A. ,loes consent there will be an official notice In nil the pipers. You may then put the substituted provijfons Into effect In place of the indicated p«r«prnph» of the President's Reemployment Agreement. In this case you slmuld add to your Certificate of Compliance the following clause: "To tl:e eitent o( N. H. A. consent as announced, «-e Ji«ve. complied with tlic President's Agreement by complying with the siibstiluted provW,, ns of the Code submitted hy the -- -- I'rade/Industry." If the substitution is consented to aflcr you ' o ene o acr you lave alrudy put il, c President'* Heeraployment Agreement into full effect, and after you have already gotten yoor Blue Eagle, you may still put UK; substituted provision* Into effect without signing anolbcr Cmincate of CornpHance. ?'J? h 7V- C ?- lt " ns B " n Approved. If a Code of F'oir (.^petition for your Trade or th n e P y -H U ; nl ' r=! -' bccn fin »»r «Ppro"«d $ the President you ,,er,l not sign W * ruldenfs H«n.r,lo J Tnenl Ap.-eomont In order «o get the to . rod! iv ,' c , vlo1 , e is *' M " >' ou •« «bJ«t " l>CCn 1 "' int ii'iV/r nf 7i"'" tS " f! " ur Trllie OT maustrj'i but In of Com Ii.' "'"' y ° U murt sl f n " Certificate S^V.'oVti 1 "?"' c>l:ll Plied with the oneratfve provisions of the L,Me for the Tr.Je/Industrj-" it PrV^irlc f - i. '"' tlirdshlp. (P irrtcrnph * r rcsiucni ^ l(rcnni[i\rin^nt A trrii*m*.,i v / \ f District '(Mi!!. T ,^,' ccm<lnt "i' 1 «»ll It to your District Odirc of !,„. Department of Commerce. (b) Prepare a petition to N. n. A. setting out the reasons why you cannot comply with eertuli provisions, and requesting that an exception lir made in your case. (c) Have this petition approved by your Trade Association. If there is nu Trade Association for your business, have your petition approved liv your local Chamber of Commerce or other representative organisation designated by N. It. A. (d) If the. Trade Association, nr other organization, approves your petition, send It tn N. it \ in Washington with this approval. (e) Comply with nil the provisions of i].,. Agreement except the one you ate pelilirnin- tn tiave cxceptecl. (f) Sign the Certificate of Compliance, adding: to it the following clause: "Except for tlmsi- interim provisions regarding wages and hour.-; which liave been approved by tire Trade Association." Deliver this Certificate of Compliance to your Post Office. Vou will receive a Blue Eagle, but before displaying It, you must put a white bar across its breast with the wnr.1 "Provisional" on It. If your petition Is flnnllv approved by N. n. A. you may take the bur dona If your petition is not approved by N. H. A. you must comply willi the Agreement in full. 4, Union Contract!. If you bare a contract with a labor organliatlon calling for longer hours than the President's Agreement allows, and this contract was made In good faith by collective bargaining and cannot he changed by you alone, try to get the labor organization to agree to « reductlon^to the maximum hour* allowed by the President's Agreement. If the labor organization will not agree, you may apply to N. R. A. for permission to work your employees as many hours a week as the contract callj for. Send to N. R. A. a request for this permission, with a certified copy uf the labor contract and any statement of fact you desire. This application will be bandied by N. E. A. In the «ame manner as «n application for telitf in cases of individual hardship, filed under paragraph (1*) P. K. A, but It will not be necessary to obtain the ap- proT«I of ^a trade association or other organiia- tion. If N. R. A. approves your application or Is able to bring about any modification of the contract, you will then be granted permission . to work employees in accordance with the contract as originally written or modified, and can then sign the Certificate of Compliance adding to it the following: "Except as required to comply with the terms of the Agreement in effect between the undersigned and the (Same of Labor Organltatlon)." Antl'Profiteerini (9) Not to Inereaw Ike oric* of anr merebindlie fSii i V e kwof ov " lb « » ri « <w Ju'j I, I /.,.«. by more ihan (• made neee*urr by actual in- ereai« in produellon, replaeemenl, or Invoice co.l. ol merenmcuse, or by taxes or olher e<Ml. reiult- ill|£ from arlion taken outMuant t.. « prntileerlng advanla ( e of the ron.umhTg pBftlic! The object of this paragraph Is to prevent proflteerfnr or speculation, so lhat grlce* will not rise f.ster ttanW," ••Iraslng iiower.andrleitroy the President's plan.. The. rW xrr to I* avoideil was pointed out hy the I'realdent on June'lti. insa, in the statemfnl which he made un tlinine (he Retovery Act. He said, then: K • "If we now inflate price, a. fa«t aud a. far a. we increase wage., the whole project will be *et at naught. We cannot hope for ihe full effert of thi. plan unleij. in ibew fint en'lleat nwnlhi, and. evem at Ihe expenin of full initial profit., we defer prie«, a. long ai poitible. If we ean IBB. *lut a itrong, lotuid upward .piral of busineu aelivitr our mdiulne. will have little doubt of black-ink opeMlioa, in the J, w qnarler of tkl. vear. The pcnl-up demand of tki. people i. very great, and it we can release it on K> broarl a front, we need not ftar a laggin ( recovery. There i. rre.ler danger of loo miieh feveriih >peed." If yuu were jelling your merchandise on July 1, 1983, below cost, ynu may take your c,.« price on that date-as tliij iTr ,r tteminl "f th<! allowable Increase unfler Cooperation (1 u" ) u To , '"'P 0 " W" 1 fr«lronize MtablUhnenl. which alto have jigneul thi. Agreerucnl and aro listed a. meniber. of M, R. A. (National Recovery Administration). The success ot the President's ileemployment A K ree- tnenl rruifram depends upon pulillc supi»rt goinp to -[i| C 'tM ."'^ wa fies and shorten hours in accordance witn tills Agreement, in order to repay ttieni for the extra expm«e which they have Incurred in doing tbelr. part. Codes Ol) To cooperate lo Ihe foll«l extent in havina a l.oilc of hair (.ompelition .ubmilted by hi. i»! dii.trr at Ihc earliest possible dale, and in any event In-fore September 1, 1933. ..'":!* A K'"-'nent is a tcmpor«ry measure to tide over Uie lime fruui now until all employers ond employees can n»'|>erale under. Cudes of Fair Competition under the pnr "r"" ih t ,"d r ' a ' llc<: " vfr >' Act - You «J«e, In this f"r yonr trnrte or Industry l>efore Septrrober 1, 1933.' Appropriate Adjustment! (12) Where, before J»e 16, 1933, Ike under. .1-ned had conlraeled lo pureha» nod. .t . fixed price for delivery during the period «f Ihb Aaree- •nent, the underfed will raakTan ' adiuslment of said fixed price lo meet i I. Agreement ano the nd " 3s «">K '«»> «« anotner, and so on to the consumer. . " i,I5 ''."'I '™ ve " contr ' lct mall « hefore June n. Isxi uy pxids .t „ h«d price, you a K ree to make an arm "" » «• t h.J-nur seller so that you pay l,| m f ur . lhr «> In him caused hy his having signed this Apreein "r hnvm K a.iiie under n Code approved by the f r« ua Ir-rTl™"? ^^ ^'" '" thC <! »«™"»nt "l II , ii •"? "*' ' S P en " al '. v nM "«n«d to pay r In^li .•«'" " Ct '''"'"' Tlle Pr " m "" hl " "niK.uu « .imdr- , T Inn :[ ml - t0 l: " nftr " s tlvat "I'P^prmtl lie nntir- to «l|nw the tiovernment t.. .nla» its pitrt paymg (lovernment contractors' wl» tevV signet -y-recrarnl fur their lwreas-,1 costs. The PruhSi ^;«PI'«W to IN. State ,„„, fK fr, ,i , \kVtc Son nulliiur them to do hkewis r . • • I Vim .should have no fr:ir Ihnt. hcCMse'vour buyer ni'l <ym<l. you will lie left with the incrrasul cost oh ivw,,™!. '" rMWCU '"""'•" rm rl">'».to sign hV the you thil Substitutions (13) This Agrermrnt ,hull rease upon approval I..- Ilie 1 m.i<l,-nl of. tlodr to whirh ike •indeWijtned .» subject; or , if lh<! M. R. A . M ,,„, upon .Mb."."ion of . C«| C 10 hhich ,„,. llndtrs , y u "J in'- ^ , ' u V" llutio ? « f a "r of iu pronsfon, for un> of Ihe ttrim nf 1 bi, Ajrrfemrnl. .U jniinted out in Hie rxphumtiwi of paragraph (II) I.H.A._al«,ve, Uv l-rrshlfni ,,!;,,„ ,„ £ n J|, \, M f nts ', pn.'ri. Itself i,ndrr C, n | r .,. nm | t \r, f f n , c O ,de. shnuld be l'n;»'r'ly submitlen. If X. U. A . lirals Umt the wagrs and tmurs pr,,vi,i,ms of „ C<K! C which has been submitted arc «itlim the spirit nf this Agreement, N. H. A. will »o Wiwy,,ur im|,, Mrv to operate undertime pruvishms " rrenienl 1 '"* "^ W ' 1|r " '""' *'""'* f r " vi ' irKls o{ ' ttlis Exceptions (It) It i> axreed thai any ,,«-r,on who wi,he» to dr. hi, ,,_.„ ,„ , he l>rr>idenf. ltermp!oy mra i IWv pirticn l lTna l rlnVVf' al i' "*" "'' S A f rrei "" lt - "V ftnne ^^^'^^^^:^ ^%£W^^$^™w«* Sa>e this ,hcet a, y. nr om ,|., „,„„,. of omi . Hon. If there are any problem, in y oor mind wblek eommunily. Official Stittmtnt of ttW Blut Etgtt Divition, N.R.A., Witbington, D. C. NATIONAL RECOVERY ADMINISTRATION

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