The Times from London, Greater London, England on August 29, 1838 · Page 4
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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 4

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1838
Page 4
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THE TIMES, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1838. KORKiGX - ornciVAt.c. .:. ?r H Right Hick) John of CUrT. 3w - U Ur,. aUot Yvtraordinar, and IVniUntUrj to lb pernrof AU tU Ka - . IVWN1N5TRF.KT, A - 3. " Tit Queew 1 - n.rJeaaed to PT"n "rscr, la be. Sheri of tb '.eland of Van IHeman s.Iaaad. - . ilea. - . . v r - , W v. ewe.,... vs. luk. ViA. IMi ttnlM MI - ltala Kutatrn. rent.. W h Fn - tUaattd Uaonlh !.' affnlaWJ to the TO. KW - t ( - l.fcxnrnt ArarFrrk - k lleanrk - rk. tmrv ah. hew IWM santa. s k Ueutevtaat. T prW, w Ka - aa. U ss'tta - ta - vtenaat Koffwne 1 1 lrry Metcalfe. ? Sr CVrUiit. kr I,, .Ve Hnr. - t - err - ,T - ; IN...CV. IKtneaa lrte. to het.4ew - awisnt. T pin virc VetralVmarnev Wahhe. tv"..' he Ea - krv hv ittvt.e. w line. S:S - .tl r1 lle W r.y.fcwa ti HrH.t t VWoti. aire ;r - ce. etrkaere. esu purrWr. wr I Wty. Wewtl ; Serjeant Vatr James sltaa - c, to I 1 trn tvr Hakcr. JTWi Kistt - IWfn J.ei veei leU. take lieutenant, rur rt - , Ve tV"r. llrrhrrt RaatrU - Maimers. gvwL. 10 be ' W tin - Fiii OwtnfZm.fran ike re - J. BnamluVFr trr..a re oe Or.r'iastv, nbervckar.fev; QoiJVnnHW hiiyirt Jwfth l.ttrr. VJ V llnartrrnavaer. vVrJlfetT, Iirt4 to die CM Uxrt !k lnt ('KanOirW iMH Araev. from ike half lav l" arta. - t.rtt. W IVj - ta - a. parts tJw1i3.t - tr, i c I'Uwr, r .ttilej and of the Ljr Awciition for Uxe Drfrnce of the " EUlllW Church." AsUcg aa the friradi of the ntablnhmrnt prrmitted her bulwark to be tapped and mined without mutanee, the Borough - road engineer were content to proarcnte their rtrategiea with 0cnt and tuceeful effrct. Hut no kooner do the members of the Church arone themselTc U a peat rolunUuy effxrt for her pmerratioa, than the Diiarnting brothrrhood, wittfa lautiful and modest consutrncy, apply to tkt Stmte for increased aid to enable them to accelerate her ruin. The personage through - whose intermediate agency they have be Tantagroui t the growers, and exhibit aim great progress and activity in the woollen, manufactures, particularly those of Prussia and Saxony. Although the markets, hare been abundantly supplied, yet friers were considerably higher than thone of last year. At Stettin, in June, the quantity exhibited amounted to about 28,000 cenUner?,. which was all qaickly disposed of at a considerable advance upon the prices of hut year. The buyers were numerous, but the principal purchases were for Prussian and Saxon account, the Ensluh and Iklrians havinc I r Jll,.ft Kiti Tl.. fair i1.J f - w sought this boon evinces at once the extent of their days previous to that at Stettin, was equally well emergency and the quarter they can bct confide in for j supplied, but prices not so well sustained. At Cuael its relief. Iiord J. IUw.ix, their annual chairman at hit, ending the .TOth of June, of 15,000 centzners, C Kxetrr - hall, is IooVed to, not unncturolly, to be their advocate for Treasury favours ; and the objects prayed for "are first, the rsUblialiment of an educational board "enjoying the confidence Of the various rtiigioui Jrnnminationt in the country ; and econlly, a general system of education, " txrlinling tkr jbrnu - f la rift of any particular cburrh. Now, before adverting to the proposals and claims of this rommittect we.lx - g to l indulged with oneor two - preliminary remarks. For many years their . mJ - . , inirwi' ami QuwteraWT Ttuowt ' Boctctv has lecn in the receipt of an annual Exche rflrrirj irih ItijW. t.p irln. rrrivaiiitbe fdmtxT. Uili Viipt. 1C ri. Mmrtaru Ierjvrl. ui be LjrntectAM. itb - tmt 7riaVF iv M Cathy. ed; iert:tVouin C4et RdwanJ TVrrm rratl. fran'tb tlcytl VSitarr (VQrvr. to be Kixn. ir ImMR. t - - i'oat - I e - wfM inww Krwt. f ret Ote balf ray the lh Hermiit, lis hr LieuWtuit. KT Krlj, &J JxwmVxi U) lie CVykmHlfle Be(nmL rM - iiiu4 A4,mtut Junei M 1Vt. to ha e Ihr rnk eliratenaa'. It Vont r"mCT An Kit 1Srft. V t I ieutenaM. wtKout ir n - r eet Wvte4. 1 !ll 43enree llrtrne. t - 1 t" Le - Btrnant. Sy ram - baa viee rfratt. wrw tw4um. y yvreAaae. aaa f1 taken . t - r.:rt - n a.V - i II .rert II, IIaWy. feiim tha IWya! Miliary - lie S.ah lnCsrtaR WRliam 1'aier. fwnthe rth RrrHMit. ankr Carcat, k c3ai. aha mmarM ba' - l jay lBattariie4.;reeitea tbe rt'.ee. ' ' Orion RiiU Keeaneat. liealeaaiit Oiarba lleeay MaeUmer Kel - an, fmta.fke th Kejrat.xo)te Lirateftaat.tieenerao!&;MictaJ aa tke TVh WecleaenV l tai:tarhnl. - Iteica tarW Ja Coraj MIs. Iran lb nth Kr - ,aai m f ke I tewtiiaM. re mr'lwe. f aiUry iier - Veleemary Kirceeai AVaanJer ItWL. franitliellUi Iirt - t Ifcama - t U" tetniearr ltirce.) rt tla t axry IV.I al 4aMl.UJor. - W Jamr fle - rtaeierj. fca retieeaupan kaJf ray.' , l;rr - 7 t 0 - J! m the rniy. - L!eatenant 4Vkiwel llennan PtaplrtAff. - n 'V laf r I ? ll' - rrmrM ; LkvtrBia! CHoaf I TkmM keararfr.t tke katf fay H tke tk KeciraerL la j LaruUTiart ulof. u m ute rmT. - .lav Itaanaa KileTt Saiune ei the talf fay VeattarN; M Kert Snath WeM, an Ue feaa ni I oattaclM : Major Ju - Aniiur Batkr, an U llf the An&.ValUm ViJLaoi soow.; the fCk Keiri - Tab Major lent. M ervjrvdum. I .ienteraM WQ'.iam llelt. half far Ne SfaVrh Wale Veteran I tntnir.ta Iweu J - ru iIk - '. - ettrv - inmi the eerctee. ky Cm aaUf an l't)artac - ke4 Larutrfunrr, ke havlite kreonar a arttkv la J'fX'0WaJr. P A RT FRI (I vs iiissoLvrn. WftS - r - t ihI Uwle. Jte4. JnOtir - . j - rii'. - eff jrrr" r - Ifrrj and Knowlea. rWvtw)e.Mtfra. lalicaalliee.errtiMl neanerv.Kvana and hac. IlialtT. IVmaUrattuv. tiiUier.. K. aoa W. Wfilianta. iKiifrBy. tet - rret.h - r. tnprti. T. atd W. nrtan. ltiitnl. lojkMrinv - B. Martiaa J. JTk.lcaeee.lithcaTarleni' - eTne aid llHeeeav W'onla a - h. caal anerrbajita - Neaa - Aaand C Manrevet.t'ealiam. SWiti i.eoar - aveeair - J. laiey - a4 t Lj - eraaal. katiaLenL Peeirf and "jr. fkniuocliain. jeaeUeea Ti r ajvd llarda, fkeap - fcfyaad WObraao. S)alykra!e. ijhMrre. kaAet ii laruf - 1.trer. IV rtetoo. IlaeMUeai. iM ". - ., lerpral; b - raaHera T. Ilufid , and Sejn. ffwep mMfrtiuli T lln V'tl - k ltBMMeM Kf Lnltr'a. Mirltne - triniiorra Jlemf aij tiih. Sl lllV Lanrt.Ltif. ffkyraiaU. Mfewatai ar! r ., tjverrao1 'iral Mv - Ro. SaVniMer. and inra. I aearnnR. - avmeO - JB,ira . - ljrrtpat W1 9ture. MMmTamp - ta. StaJt.Tn'jMei, n - eecen. IL and J. R tinmen. CnrHa.apon - Metl - atv - i.. latcatiut'. ourt lnttT ljjk! and P. lra!Vy. llfrefoed. paUteUrea - - Maiey w Ayfcey. lrtti.ainem Mlato ana Iun - . BAN KR CITS. larael Moant Vai Prrc?). Irttia - v.v - t. (nttdmaa'a fieWl nmtuun. tc aurreMee Cert - T. at ? ntWt tat. v. at Latf iat II. at; tl - Ibck - ntf mt : aakciwr. Mr. K - l. Ilreal trrrt. l'hr:(lV. efflrial a - atraee. Mr. Ojwen. hrtnrrrh - bne." John WiHtama TaoOMie. 4'rtedtm. tmi . I ) luaiC - St t - i. li.'at II elnrk. Oct S. a: X at thr lUniruru' I'ajit : anlattttr. Mr. iTiun - b, Venal Jaiaeaatrart. liedit.ra row j ttfti - ial aauflter. Mr. Akavcrr. Rtr - at.nvlaar. Georer OrMI. K - eij korar - dealer. Set. 1L. llVrL 9. at 1 'dork, at tbe llaakrti(ta' Court . aaUiuaa. Metan. Wahilry. Keuttt - kry. and Parkin. Otircerr toe ." tficai satirnrr. Mr. cinxan, .k ratanrb - buie. Henry CrMl. RoRrfnrd. iukrrrer. Srtt. II. Can. . at 5 Hark, at tka Raskruftt' XVairt awlctutes Mem. U'alndry. Keirkt - k - y.and farku. tltaaorry Ui. aQwial aaM(, Mr. Edaarda, I'nr - deeckvclane.OM Jewry. ;; Tmntby fike. 'Heakernnhe - eu . t. etatl - merrhant. eirpt.XrVt - 9 at 11 e'ekxk. at tltr iUnkrupta' C'atin fitcu.'. Mr. Mion.' Lfjie FriUyaireet: oScial vaauw. Mt.' Uaanla. 1 reirvkaplaee. OVd at tit HaeVniru - Court: aonauea. Mewv HxV - a and libt. t tn, utmn - jn": ejnoal y.r. Aiaarer. IhrcMn late. ' Cetrea F""dra - t Owler. I Jernrttt3. enrninrn let nee. fteyi. 11. O - t. S. at 1 o'ektrk. at the Oarentinf - rnnfna. tjverpntil auttara, MeMra. Wa'aatley. KetctVy.and Parkrfj; "haatery Iaae. Jana ttreennnufti: areiiraterjftitrni vaker. ?ept - 1 1, f irt. a, as ? Conservative" (lovemmcnt, with the cordial concur rence of the leading .members of the church. In accordance with the common and just remark, that .thc ascendancy of our noble national hierarchy is " iiifinitt ly more mild, tolerant, and generous than " the hbtory of Cram w tax's Commonwealth could ever, lead us to expect front Dissenting doraina - lion, the higher dignitarirs of the eatAblinhment, though rKfeafflaing abundant influence with the Government which partially endowed the British and Foreign Schol - Society, neither refused their consent to a large issue of public money for purposcttof lient - ine education, nor interdicted the use of any ratecln only remained unsold. At Lubetk, about 245,0001b. weight of Ilolftein and Mecklenburg woob were exposed for sale on the 20th of J une and days following, and wold at prices ranging 40 per cent, above those of the year before. Here the buyers were chiefly KnglLJi and Ithcniah Prusaian manufacturers. Numerous purchases had been made by anticipation, it is said, on account - of Knglish houses from the growers in the interior on more favourable terms, which lestened the quantity of wool that otherwise would have lecn.scnt to this fair. At the fair of Warsaw, also held in June, the sales amounted U 1.1,000 rcntzners. At the fair of FranVfort - on - the - tWe'r upwards of 10,000 centzners of ordi nary and middling qualities were, purchased, prin cipally for account of Ilcrlin houses. Considerable supplies of wool were arriving at Berlin from Wes tern and Northern Prussia: the whole of the clip of those provinces and Poland, which was expected to reach about the middle of this month, would make tbe'rtoukon hand at Berlin from iO.OOO to 00,000 centzners. These are the wools known as Prussian which obtain a preference with manufacturers gene - Ca&a - Inglcae. On the other hand, Vesuvnu had become perfectly tranquil, not the slightest appearance of smoke emerging from h was discernible. The lladrid news contained in the Pans papers is only of the 19th Inst, the date of the intelligence arrived to us direct, and published in TXe Tivut of yesterday, and consequently conveying no new facta. Our l"ans letters, however, acquaint ns with the f 111 i i Tm in ia all las eallrfes of Fraaee u pnUsgiJ till UkslMa'of October. YsaterdsT worv&g tb perwas (BplereJ in tfc BatueboJJ ftiksDnas of Orkanswcr iaioroed that ta - o jaaotit' ad - tlitional sslarj had beam grsatcd to than on eeajioo af the birth of t! yoong priaeav Uta MemUmr sBBoaaees thai, bj a Rojsl ordinaaee . iu aalratioB to the birth of an aJiitiotiil heir. T!iij immai dated tb 34 ta last, the birth - day of tbsCoaat de Parii,the ; alw remarks tku the prasence of tie elerfj of - Uwj chant, ,( MUrwinf militirj fraaotxxM bare been mad bj Its ' St. Germain l'Auierroia at the ehapej of the Chateati trovjj Majaatj: seem ts prove that the pamh af the Chatea has Bot v . ' . r 1. U.;A.rXnatala Rarau fTaw rhueal fop tkat af Rt Rneh m tK k.kl. " poUvejrefasaloftheh.,tseot IIot Hem-.' aad Jscqveoiaot. To be MajaeHieneraU. Vxmo - i . ACOCSr 27. nels Naoqurt, of the ArtiHtrj ; Parchappe', 1 jlh Light In - j The Journal it ltrba!t finds in the' pJicj of the Kin unCT ; UKueaej, tiin. uneeri ; Keroj - amTarKCT, raj StaJT Cerps; Brack, 4th HuMars ; Thuillier, Rojal En - the proposed terms for a new lease ol the ejukkailrer mine of Almaden, and the withdrawal of M. Aocaoo from the negotiations entered into with him by the CommisnioBers of the Spanish Government for a loan of 5,000,000. sterling. The effect of this double disappointment at a moment when not a shilling remained in the Spanish Treasury, and when the Government, was reduced to straits such as those described in our Madril letters noticed yesterday, acd further in our present number. must hare been overwhelming. (Pram tat Papers.) PARIS, Accesr 27. HER ROYAL HIitllNESS THE DUCHESS OF ORLEANS. The health of the Iucheu of Orleans and the Royal infant, the Cennt de Paris, continues ta he as tttufaetorj a can be expected. Tbe following bulletin vu isiaed on Satardiv afteraooB : "TUILERIES, Arc.CS, 5 o'ciock tm. "The incidents which showed tbenuelrea after the ar - coaehement or Her Rojil Il'ifihneaa the. Dneheaa of Orieans eomptetelj diuppeared daricr; the erentar. The niiht has ?J Tk coaditioo ef Her RoyU Highnnts is quite aauaiaetory.. in youag mnce is perfectly well. - " Chosu - " PaAqriKS. "Mobxab." " 5 oC!ock p. m. Hrr Royal nighneaa is ia a quiet sleep.' Tbe Queen has paaaed a great deal of time bj the bedaide can - rallr. nnitin? the so(tnew and substance oi the Sile - sian with the strenirtli of the Pomeranian and Bran - ! if ,b. I"4 ; Moreaa, who has remained in tical formularies which the .recipients of that money I denburgh woob. It is remarked that throughout ,Unt t,ij prtmet'of her Ro,J High - :j.. v: - 1 - - c. . W. : .,.. :..I1 .1 1 1.:.K - I toatte4 the of the KioRoo Saturday, whe. he :. .r 2 ...1..: - v - aL - A .1. - I r. J n - ..r. - . ... ' irrmed ,IU M ct Aeadsnj of iniin ana roreign scuooi, uai nxnuigeinrni iui i operations gradually uuuuiuuuig, ou tuc romntiy, . aECEmo.ts asd ADBREasrs. ariacn, not from any interference on tlie jiart of the chunh. but from the jealousies prevalent among Dltfcnters th(tnelvt,vho, finding that each denomination cannot obtain exclusive favour for its own distinctive dogmas, are driven to the wretched expedient of prohibiting even the mot approved elementary' manuals of Christian instruction, rrsptxrting xhctee general soundness all tlie orthodox sects arc, without rxception, agreed. And to crown the grace and forbearance wherewith' the clergy acted towards these partica, wlie, while loaating ol the universal sufficiency of - the roiuntari principle for jM educational purposes, whether religious or general, exhibit the strange inconsiitency of first repudiating a state provision for that important pastoral instruction which men are proverbially indifferent alout, and then demanding Treaury assiatance - towards a merely M - cular education, to obtain which, with its ttbvlous worldly advantaccs, most families will make a considerable sacrifice without requiring the stimulas of extraneous inducements, the ehurrh not only rrfrainetl from twitting tbe Hiwenters with this marvellous inconaistency, so open to sarcastic censure, .but declined avjcrting it just claim t the in5joction, risitorsliip, or ruerintendence of the schools, whkli the said inconaiatency brought .into operation. Tlie sweet requital which our national establiahmcnt has received for this forbearance may 1 clearly seen in the British and ForeignSchool Committee's memorial, - to tlie merit of wbuh we shall now briefly advert. .Thce worthies petition, it xems, fur a national board of education ' enjoying thr confidmce" niot of the countrj' that would lc tuo much), but " f the " varioua religious. denomination." t)f course, tit lttxird consisting exclusively of churchfwlks, whether clerical or lav, culd injov anv such confidence ; for, j although the church jorcast - s tlie confidence of the WiSlam Cunmbr. Launrea.i. i'oraaall. IwiNr. Set. I.t rt. at 1: - tha RaJJlotrl. 11raV::th - ftlieitort. 3Iran. IVaraaad WadWk. Kiua lktvrh - a!V. Ten tie JZiZZXZ: - MeTioSS: nation, the confidence of the "de.H,mmations" ia qujte ZillZ!i. rrnree. .an:,. I another matter. What tlie petitioners are driving leo'clnrk. at tha Kjr' llrad lazf eaon : aobntar, - Mr. rkr. John 7 - ot - iw!. ItaTiat a dork, at the White Saaa Inn. tlalifaa. Ilt - t.. las, I latent - KiKVion, .Vctrrv hattye, r ahrr. and SutSc . ("halxtrry Smr - . . YeriXirr.' lelhvr - drnMer. SeTt2 14. at II i. at the White Linn at, if their words liave :iny "meaning, is a hoard wherein the (iuakcrf, Baptists, Arians,' Independents, Soeuiiana, Soutlicottites, .1umjers Itaaters, Ir?Jita ,,?r? - hmoMjr. seji ie. Oct at l . in - ites, Swedcnboreians, IJtl - ts Pai - ists, Sabcllians, aeik;at tk t ironi - etatee. - .t - vati.. .v;nrhrter - Mbcura. Moan. 1 "f"rt"" " . ' Makwaiandnaaem.r3mna3iiddieTrmp'r .' ! ' 1 Muccletonians. Jews, Nxetlcrs, Antenomtans . wen - i IT. R. . - , He3t,uilu - monarciiymejiva"rT,"',,J wy iii;sTiiiai a every year. Purchases for German account had been . At half - put 11 on Satnrdaj the Peers of France now ia made at Berlin to the extent of .W.000 centzners, at i n, met ,n th spartmenU of the Duke of Orleans, and were Stettin of .10.000, and at Offenbach. of 10,000. The ; rwnt1 to hu Rojal Highnea. by Baron Punier, who dr - ., r . . r ' ii It. "versa an address of felicitation in the name of his eolleaenee t.rwfita uf wool n - ruw inr in Prussia are allu led to as i nrai;u - , ven - considerable, and yearly on the increase, from the great encouragement given to this branch of in du.try by the Government ; and as the domestic manufactures absorb so large and yearly increasing a proportion, it is clear they must be equally flourishing 'and extending with the raw product. Madrid papers and corrrspondency of the 2fHh inst. hare come to hand. They are utterly destitute of news. .Ministers were said ta have made an arrangement with the Bank of San Fkkxakdo for an advance ol .10,000,000 of reals, in. fire monthly instalmenta; and that of the first already paid, 4,000,000 were sent to 1 jtr a rt cro, and 1,500,000 to )ra ; but the report was not generally credited. The Bourse presented not a single cash operation on the StHh, and such was the distress of the Treasury, that 10,000,000 of reals had become due to Don Jr - AS SEvittASrt. the contractor for New Castile, who had given notice accordingly that after the present month he would not furnish another ration. Thus the garrison of Madrid itself would be unprovided. The report of Latrc'k resignation of the War Irepartment turned out to be false. Jle was at bis office on the 1 1th, but would not, or could not, receive the British Charge" d'Affaires. The approach of Narv4F2 to the capital had thrown tlie National Guards into aslatc of alarm. Another private letter states, that the bank liad actually" made an advance of 0,000100 of rcaLs (,0(KV.), ot which J,00),000 had been sent to KsrARTERo, and 1, .',00,000 to Ora a ; (710,000 had also beeu forwarded - to Narvaez. A . montli's arrears due to the military pensioners had also been paid up. The Active debt is quoted at 20j. letters from lUvonne of the :Uth in t. doubt the intention , of F.sraRTEBo to attack, Estella until acquainted witli the results of tbe operations of the army of the centre. Tlie Saragoa papers of the - 1st gave no accounts from Morclla of dated sub - fiert. Ik. S. ffltrtifi. TottenlAnvrurt Ttf v 1 - oiWee. aet. am, Liurrtiuu tniinii aiT. - .t. 3. r - rieniiena. fact - it . , Snnhan.hallr. - . w M. Cnnnatn. Ktnrwtn ui - n - llulirma.u - rfna. PCOtiU". kliall te severally rcTTCM - ntetl; as Well 14 the X A. IVe. tka. I :. mehrrt ; , . t rAjmttnna iff t - liil ln I" 1 I Uiiw. - ooJTerrij(j,,. - i. vv m x stauer. Meiv. Lan - . - - i - - 1 . T, i ,. ,v " . i sequent to the l.,th, a circunisUiicc ttccasioned eaahire.etorinneret - u. f wa - - iIk; h. disantemm is divideil. Iut would any such lajard ; ..... ... rwt.Tift I 5csi the confidence.which the IWroUgh - VafT' :J , : ' road sages dirmindisp. usable to its efficiency We CERTIFICATES to I r - xate!. unleit. raute he aboL la t! ran - 1 , vvynaar brsteestrt. ik. tioubt it muciu 1 nc stnuiiacfti particular 1 - lapllSl me cradle or tbe t - ount de Pans had been placed in the audience - chamber ; and the Puke of Orleans, pointing to his aon, replied to the Peers, It is also a Peer of France, that has jut been born ; I hope that he will ore daj be worth; ef ue iiiuitnoas ooav to which we all belong, and that he will inow how to prof t by the good example which jou and which I shall always reearnmtnd him to imitate. The King; the Queen, and the other members of the Royal family, then repaired to the Tavillori Mania, t receive the members of the msnidpal council in the apartments of the I)uVe of Orleaaa. All the Ministers wers irearat, and at 1 o'etoek the Prefect of th Seise, at the bead of the mani - cipal body, addressed tlie King in "a speech which expreaaed nearly ue same sentiments as be had delivered in aelnow. ledging the receipt of his Majesty's aaUgraph letter on Fri day. In alluding to the sword voted to the Count de Paris by the eity, the Prefect said, " Tail .word, in the intention of the municipal body, ia not to recall the idea of that of U.arlenugne, nor of that of Napoleon. Tb the spirit of con - queit ha succeeded the 10101 of order and liberty, which yaur reign causes us to love aad to esteem. Allow us, Sire, to ay that it ia a sword similar to that of Louis Philippe which w bring ta his grandson - that is to aay, the sword which come forth from its scabbard only foe the. defence of the land and it iB.titutions the sword of the Prince who knows at one and the same time how to make himself respected in Europe, and to consolidate in Franca the reiga of liberty aad law. . To this address His Majesty replied with considerable emotion, and, alter assuring the Prefect and municipal body aa he Lad already done in Li autograph letter, of the pleasure t iraTe mm to pre the Keyal infant tb title of Count de Pan, a link that would bind bim to the city which naa made ao many generous effort at all times in the defence of public liberty, the King added" I thank too for the present you hare announced to me in the name of my grandMn. I hope that the word, with which you areotapaay it will bo engraved in his memory, that this aword will be in h"a Lands a guarantee of peace, and that, ever ready to employ it for defending our national honour from erery attack, and otir territory from all invasion, it will, ho w - erer, never come' framiu scabbard except under favourable anapk - re ; and that, if it is drawn, it will always be .for Las - trains; the termination of tlie evils of war, and for cxaaioR France t enjoy the sweetest and beet of eon.iurala the conquest of peace. At the conclusion of this i perch, which was received with loud acelamatien, the Queen in the moat gracious manner presented the Count de Pari to the assembly. Some of the memUrt ef tbe municipal body having approached tlie Duke of Orleuu, hi Royal Highness said, 1 am happy ia being all to join tbe expression of my aentimanbi to those you hate just beard from the King. I Uve great plea turn in as - daseriptiaw the state ef political society in France at Uaa preaent day." i The QttUiatM eoDstdsrs the eiAaXsrated rejoicing 'of Oovernmeat prints at tha birth of the Count de" Pari as a proof that there must her something - exeesainlv ani - ij I aad vague in tha Government 'of 1830, which thu attaches yLryrri. Ilevarnnet. rmrktireler - fIL Oram. IUarlnnin - et. Mntrtk - i Would look - aakant at the' frccthmking fnfldcl, the wara - 'chvinirt. M. XI. l G. Coliatrbi. C'M - k;axatrt'et; Wamnatter. ! - , , , , . ' ,,' . SUtJer. - U ABen. Omat ( ocrtjal - annrr A, Juam, savoury JirofcSnOT WOUld deem himsCll JOlIuttsJ by torXrr - w. tkatfe. llviat. orkrf.ire. usesratar. - J. Mrrue. t the touch of the rancid Antinomian. the tiowdercd Brannbtitrher V yfa - i. - CartertairT. lam tataateeF J. Iron, iaraaaL merehant. i congregational deacon .would deem it. an insult to be muen uneasmer). 'Hie CarhsU were supposed to j. ""'" J "utnatmy aon anaii noi i Drought up as children have interrupted the roads lctwceir.Morella, Alcaniz, and Saragosha. - The.l'aris papers of Monday have arrivisl in ordinary course, but bring no news of importance, le - ing, as on the preceding day, occupied almost exclusively with thenew' - bom Count de Paris, who with waam ikvt.K!al".i ; classed with the reprtwnUtive of the unknown j his august mother continued to be as wcU as it was tongues': itfi'L thus, as in the case" of tlie Irish ; rsoiblc. Ci Kducational lAard, these heterogeneous elements,! In our private letters we are informed, that the fill even if .able to amalgamate so as to maintain the ex - that took place in the funds on the i'aris Bourse - vm tcrnal forms of co - ojration, would fail to Command Monday was owing to apprehensions founded on the the confidence f tle tUnnniinaHem (t - say nothing ; general asject of affairs, in which the Hollando - of the country) in exact projrtion to Jie tompro - J Belgic question appeaml the least promising feature. mLsc of principle, whereby alone they could. frater - 1 The quarrel with the Swiss Cantons, the blockade of nue for the prosecution of tLeir divers contlH ting m - j Mexico and Buenos Ayrcs, the projected attack on the at I o clork. at Uta (eaurir Inn. IlaiMinrt - n - Jamri WiVnn. Fifirtairjll. reneral mtrrhart, Ac. 30. Si t 14. at 1: 'rke - k. at t tltjeen't Tatprrr. Miairtl tcrests. 1 j But a motley ncctarian board is not the only thing which the Borough - roadsters doidcrate ; they insist, that in the event of a national system of education being realized, " the formularies of any ar - " ticlar cliurch aliall be excluded." Here, under pretence of making no invidious allusions, general terms are employed with a specialty of reference which tlie initiated will not mistake. This underhand blow is aimed at the establishment. Any unsus'cting reader would imagine, that for the sake of obtaining harmonioua co - operaliatn in other matUrs, the . DLteiiting' gentry were sacrificing their own formularies, as a valid ground for in - Msting on the exclusion - of all analogous manuals. But the fact' is that they have no formularies at all, , THKATRK K0YAL. HAVMABKKT. THIe; EVEMNti. TlUj ATHIIAN CArTIVK. OacT..lT.Walaoa. Ir3u.. Sir r - filrtvar : Tuaaa. MrJMacmaiir: Irmeae. sin. Wamr ; C'reuaa. M taa CViobrr. AJVr.fcieh. THKlVA.XKK.r. PKDLEll. ' TarsaehitS wit WEAK 1X1. SITS. THEATRE KOTAL, l - r.LIM Ol'ERA HOChE. , 'Till Kvr.STNS TIIK JKVIL1 OITRA TVe MarcaJePnamrm. Mr. C Lrjew : IVtno. Ma KaiainrUi: Tsoat aiUt Vallanll. far. Fraaer; Mranr ll - miaa. Mr. Moraatt; Ihanv kw. Mi. WeluJ; .Maoara.Ma V. rprtoc Aisar wkicb IJ4 tlaj, a ne - nrannal kwietla, raM TUK ORRV IKH'IILK.T TecOrlaewltkTIIF. TV1L KYF - wew nTBAMl THItATHF. TMIK EVEMNfJ - tU k tea.te4 TARNATION STRANGK ar.Moe Jenattaaa. crnet Wawblr4in. Mr J. lr. Mr. Jasathan Jaaah Gnliah Han. Mr. W. j. Hamavavl . Mra. A4JwaMtt Havmam Shallow. Slna lata; Aatalla CaaUow. Mm IvttiJrr. Ta k lulluaad ky k - REWKRlfK OF r - RI'akl , nr. TLe Kin am! tb Caie4iaa. T ooaalao na IM1N tllOVANM. Daser tb anairial Patronaa nf liar Majaan! KOVAt 'lAHKBSS. VAOXUALL WerkfaitOn. TH1A KVEXIMQ tbefiartkma U1 be ctpened aa uaaat Adataaion Cn Khiltfr. ..... to - morrow tie rii4ji!arn - .utkWai4 f nr - arkt. hk a I The free and licentious spirit of Knglisli I)ia - nt sra pretarl ft tkeMILITAKV ltlt. Kritlar laat. SI bar - ... . . ,, , . ., . waaiad lnftjti at t!f at 5, Frtrrka at liaa eaat is. Ad clones in rejecting all human compilations ami rattv o rrMar next, a a, a. a (.Kami vtalf - Iiom a.v IrETK a oi ! chisuts as accredited' standards of instruction or belief. ' tr - . .nivniirT tn wm lUUBiiU'iera, n.uue. MA toral ana kwtrtunental. wtl be rreen. in aalaaa witb tna aktnaal taate - rnaar aoaeltie an in nstanlaii. an4 tie tee,neW t.ject ta k lumrrd wish tbe t.reamnr4 ail LSetr aorta raucVT fncac Bow la tb mrtra - aoba. Adntkanoa Oj Khillra. ' ' uaM to be in former times, hut w ith the idea and manners of otir own epoch ; I shall take care that at aa earlv re Le Uught that it is by merit, by talent, by courage, and, in fact. cy viriDe, tut me Hearts of j - ranchmen are to be won abort, I ahall do my utmost to make him worthy of hi WIow - etuteiu, worthy of you, who are daily giving in this great etlv iuch good and useful example. The King, the Queen, Ue Duke of Orleans, and thaotller raemheraot the Koyal ranuly, then returned to thethron , - - ) - - "t: cumnernceu. IDare were everally introduced, tbe members of the Chamber of Peers the Cour de Caaaation, the Cour dea Compt, - the Council of Public Instruction, the Cour Royale, the Institute, the. Tribunal de Premiere IniUace, the Aca - dvttiie de Medicine, ihe PresidenU of the variau Conaiitories, and the members of (otber public bodies, who addressed his Majesty in congratulation of the events ana rrccive.1 toe moat granou replies. At 2 o'clock on Saturday afternoon the Queen went ta visit the Infantes of Spain, accompanied by Madame Adelaide, the Princess n. ..I.e. I - t . - r . 1 iu - t.rtwlnre. a f. - elinn - r.f nlarm rtf wha - h rm - . " " "" ""P"r. AI ' - . j ( ti iK. nUM - . vu. ,.i - h. - j ii. frmer, and the unpleasant incident that had arisen out of tlie detention of the Lone, all contributed to eiaeeri ds Schaaenburr. 1st African OiAsaeurs.; Beside tbeee, officers hare been proosoted to the following ranks, in their respective corps. Beyal Staff Corp. I Colonel, 1 Ueu - UnACt - CoIonel, 3 Chefii dTCacadron. Infantry. - - Coloaal, 3 Liautfttant - Colenel, 11 Chef de Battalien, 6 Majors. Ca valry. 3 Cslenel, 8 Lieutenant - Colonels, 8 Chefs d'Eaca - dron, S Major. Gendaruvy. 1 CoIoneL, Artillery. 3 Colooei, Slieutenaat - Colone!, 8 Chef fEcdro. En - giaeera.f - 2 Colonel", 9 Lieutenaut Calonals, 2 Chefs d Da - Ullion, 1 Major. Another Royal Ordinailce Of tbe same date make the fol lowing profnaUoCi in the corps of. military intendants on active "service r 2 intendant, 7 tub - intendant of the lt class, 1 uB - intendaata of tie 2d clau, 12 deputy - intendant of tbe 1st class, 6 dcputy - intendanti of th 2d clan. Isde - pendeslly of these nomi nation.' a numerous promotion has' Uken place in the ranks of captain, lieutenant, and rub - lieu tanant of all anas, as well a in the pmcvul of the medical and administrative department of tbe army. On, the occasion of the birth of tbe Count d Pari, tbe Minister of War has ordered 33,faOCf. to be distributed, a an additional ruceour, to old soldiers, and the widows of such soldiers as may be ia wanL Several journals rtate.that a decree for liberating all mem bers of tha National tinard confined for offences of discipline cotnBaitted previous to the birth - day of the Count de Pari Is about to be issued. The! sword to be presented to the Count de Pari by the ptuniejpality of tbe city i ;to re richly ornamented with pre cious stone, and the exeutioa of it is iatnuted to the bouse of Foshb, the wtll - knowii jewellers. It will cost M.OOOf., sa the DeiuiJ informs us. The cradle ef the' Royal infant, which i very handsome, is lined with blue velvet, edged with deep lace. Tbe Dame de la Halle were admitted on Saturday in the Tuilerie to present a magniticent bouquet to the Duches af Orleans! Tbe oSncers of the staff of the National Claords ye.w Jjj complimented tieneral Jarsuctmnot on tbe new gratle con ferred on him by the King, and spontaneously presented him with the epaulette of a Lieuteuant - UeneraL 'The General returned hi waroieat' acknowledgments, assuring them that he would preaene the epaulettes, aad defend them aa a pre cious token of their esteem. The following bulletin has been potted at the Tuileries : " August 26, 18.T8, 9 a.m. Her Rsyal Highneas the Duchess of Orleans ha passed a gx! night.. The young Prince continue to go on well. Pasvciex, juc,, CHoarx." "5 p.'m. Tbe state of her Royal Highness continues to be satisfactory, Ursaies the ftbar public bodies admitted to pay their respects to bis Majesty on Saturday, a deputation of the Na tional Ouards at Melon, beaded by tne Prefect of the departr ment ef tbe Seine - et - Marne, was received by the King on the occasion of the accoucbesent of the Duchess of Orleans. Yesterday M. Barbet, Mayor of Rouen, presented the mem - ben of tbe Munidpal Conndl, and a "deputation ef the offi cers of .the National Guards of that town, to his Majesty, who received them in the most gracious manner. The King then received M. Aubernonj Prefect of the department of the Seine - et - Oise, at the beaid of the Municipal Council, the Hi - eer of , the National (ruards, and the Mayors of tbe Department.) His Majesty having observed, amongst the officers admitted te his presence, a lieutenant - of the African Chasseurs, who bad lost a leg, introduced him to the notice of the Minister of the Finances. u Here, "said his Majesty, " is a brave officer who has loat his prospect in the army. I recommend him ta you, a he may yet serve hi country with advantage., The Sftmtleur states, that the Chambers not being in session, the peers and the deputies could net present themselves as a body yesterday and on Saturday at the Tuileries ; and that such therefore as were in Pari appeared only in their indivi dual capacity to pay their respects to the' King. No speechea were delivered in their names, and his Majsty had therefore only to thank them, and to, express how much he felt on the occasion. The Mum'irur corrects tome errors in its number of Saturday, as to tbe amount of the King's donations. To the rdinaries of the 'garrisun and the invalids of the department, ef tlie Saine, (Versailles, St. Cloud, and St, Germain, instead 0f 2t,oUU f. it should be 34,001) L ; to the indigent ef Eu, Am beise, Vernon, and the two adjacent villiages Uiy and Pre signy; L'Orgueilleux acd Dreux .iNX)'. instead of 2,000 f. To other! communes, such as' - Viilers - Cotterets, Livry, Osgny, VillembnUe, Bonayi St - Leu, the King has sen 1 2,000 f. Ine Alunicipal t ouncil, in a l.linan to tbe sums already v oted, Lave decided on presenting to Baron Athalin, who was the bearer of the King'i letter commusut a ting the birth of the f, a gold 'rnuffbtix, with the portrait of the young I'rince. - lVejirations jre maiing in the. Tuileries and Champs Ey - sees for the Tie of Wednesday. The fireworks, w hich caused so much damage to thsv Pont de It Concorde a month 170, will this time be displayed eri. the' Qaai ofOrsay, near the Chamber f Deputies. - . I They?; .Srns.mentiuns a rumour, circulated as positive, that ociaI notification of tlie, birth of the Count Jie Paris ha been sent to the Duke d'Angouhjme and the Duches de IWri thraugh .the medium of the .Austrian and Neapolitan. past 5. A grand dinner wa given in tbe evening by the Kinr, at which Don Francisco de Paula and tbe Infanta, the Dukes of Seville and Cadiz,aaJ tha two Prinr .aldaai daughter ot the Infante, and the officers' aad chamberlains of fyt Rovaj Highness s household, were pretest. In tbe evenin? their TO COlkrSPitil)KNTS.' WflJ Wi A? faiour a .ith Lis aam. ! "A RrwDtsi sr Hlmll Hiki .Tiai " should lave given his Lane: " 5 a'eloca' veslatiar LOSDOS WF.DXESVAr, ArcV.ST ?i 1KW. occurred for some time. The - Opposition journals continued their commentaries on the manner in which the, LirtU of the Count de Paris had been noticed, and the circumstance" to which it had eiven rise, the narticulars of whirh latter, more calculated to amuse foreign readers tlian I "VTJ the Udies of tha foreign Ambassador, and , .. . , , ., , . ... reaident Minuter, and tb Council of SUte. The audience was factious party sneer and contemptible ribaldry, will .. ... . . , , , . J .... , ... . 'rminated by the recaption of the superior officers of the Civil 1 found in an adjoining column. Public rejoicings List, the governor of the Royal residences, and other Royal were appointed to take place in Paris on Wednesday J functionaries. AfUr this reception their Majesties want to tbe (this day). Tlie programme (for which we have not Krand hall of the Marshals, where the detachment of tbe room) differs little from those for the celebration of ' Nstional Ouards and troops of tbe Use doing dutv at the the KiKo'a fete, and of the anniversary of the reyolu - Tnneri wm saaemhled, and tbe King made an animated sentiments. Ministers, ety re - peers and deputies, bavins - their r reaident at their ctni - eary of Lorts BoyarARTE. A correepondent, ' bead, by whom congratulatory addresses were delivered, to Kventhe Assembly s catechismi though occaaioiLtll v noticing thus aNterlwn, says it wagunworthv of ere - 1 bich the King returned the most gracious replies. At hill used by the orthodox Dissenters, is not received by i1 and, asks, " Wlatn will France cease to make Pat 2the Minister of War, the officers of sit ranks of the any' of them as an imperative. formulary : nor, with intention of appeasing nd propitiating her !" , ,i - " regiment, eit. . 7 j . ofthegarnsen of Pans, bad th honour of being received by There is little foreign news in Ukesc papers. A let - 1 the Kimr. and of ti, it ter from Odessa, published in the tVjnfTifrce, notices josty aad the Duke of Orleans Yesterday the Minuter of extensive warlike preparations now La progrtaVi in the I Marin aad Finance bad the honour of being received by tbe Kussian empire. t.lhike of Urleans. Ihcre are Jew particulars' ot tue state of Milan to rcnuc asjoiasos, rngucrnoss, 4a be found in the Paris journals. They merely refer i T - morrw salsma Tt Dtum, in taken of thanksgiving for to the high price of lodgings in that" city, and to facts (proving that frenchmen will not .be allowed to in - inn The K.r. ta - nt.1.1 r,rr - .1 , n... , ers - v. iu .uyaa expreaaiou OI meir - v , c , r , V 1 j At the King presided at a Counal of Ku. in ormandv.on Satunlsv next. 1 . .. VT... .. r. nt s - s . wdjcd sat UU 11. xeateraay, at half - past 12, His Maj ,j a wjv rnu uiumtt ut a aijl, MM 10 DC an reived the the exception of the established churches of England and Scotland, is there any lody of professing Christians in this country who enforce a defined, uniform, and authoritative interpretation of Scripture in the shape of articles or confessions of faith. The objection to formularies therefore is really, though covertly, an objection to the forms of .sound " words," used and enjoined in our uational eccle - siaUcal tsUblianmenls : that is to say. the Dissenters, - From the memorial,which the British and Foreign School Societv's Committee have addrrssl to Lord Joh!. Rcssaxi, as given in Saturday's paper; it would - MBOttJ t2?Jhf. '"J tlvf of the j crease the number of temporary roJiVnts in it. On appear that tW gentlemen, appTving the! general lof ali,nnl Hnotiion - wbe'tvin iW tTJlSTass. 1Clh "renl Vitnck emmaaxui travellers features of Lord BttocciiAM's educational, ischeme' unable and unwillinr to introduce anv defined ' were compelled to leave Milan, arc putting forth the! whole of their corporate in fiuence, whatever - it may) chanec to be, in eoinmend - ing that, scheme to tlie favour of lint Majfatt's Go - Yernmest. Considering that the commHteei are for the most part keen pklitical Disaentera, there can Le o doubt that they bare been provoked? to this jaoTemect by certain anterior exertions of a rery opposite chAracter which we have recently had ocea - fiea to applaad 4hoe of the " Socirtj for! the; Jm - prrretatxl & MaseUt CT.TivnaJ StaWckt," manuals of Cliri - tian inrtructioa. the venerable for - mulaneaj a - llieml to by at least 10,0(10,000 of English khall be jealously and rigorously excluded. Tliisis a modest prowawl truly. Unless friend 'Wiujaji Aux sign nia respectable name with' more circumspection in future, verily the simples and compounds of Ploagh - court will lie in danger of tailing into oUarepute. The accounts from the continental fairs and raarkeU respecting the produce of wool that year, asd the pcMcwmt at tales, appear cxtwatly rd The l - 'mperpr of Hcseia had arrived fit Kreuth from Munich. Thet - sury (crrtof the 23d inst i"n default of political, matter, quotes from the Aopfe Gazette of the 11th instant a floyal decree for jjumsbing with death any person who shall kill or severely wound an adversary in a duel. The same ppe states that the eruption of Ustirit Etnantinued to be ektretaely vSoleot, and that the 1st throwirout by tbe vSideAVuo bad aJrty iTaarlved tlvs jlifctOel the birth af the Count d Paris, will be ung at 2 o'clock in th cathedral of Notre Dasae ; and the Archbishop ef Paris will officiate ia the preaeno of the King, the Queen, the Royal family, aad tha whole of the diplomatic body. In the evening there, will be a grand dinner at the Tuilsries. The King ha addressed letters to all tbe bishop of the kingdom, oeainngaaaia ii AAeaa raay be sung in all the cJsarche Prance. TlianaJvriviags were offered yesterday in the ch arch ruiesvwi umaawncs,ua neat oanday Tt Drum will be prfrnW ia all the eharcbe of Paris after ma. On Wednesday then win be a distribution of food to th indigent of the 12 rTondietoentj of Paris, and public rejoacaogs auuuarw uosu m wm jasjrstys ioe - oty wm. take place lo th CThaap Hyaeaw and otlvar lil of tha capiuL Tha great let tar whieh the Casual has vtd toe seeeaaan fuads is psstporasd to tb tuna of the Chris teniae of h ywaaisHawa will tax jaWufr I OcisW. Th ,cMw tt ttalTfisi Msstsf tt tW Uiarmsicfv it nt&m Qovernment abundant proof ef his Majesty's desire to adhte to the principle of th revolution of 18.T0, aad caaisyjuenj) ufScientevideflce of the tincerity of Li reply to theharaae, - addreaaed to bim by the Prefect of the Seine, in tit xtuat of tbe - Municipal. Council ef Paris. This journal next jj, with satisaction on tb marled emphasis with ahieh th Iktnr OAS Allnded til the Iiharsl nnen nf fhtt mu.. - tt . .'. " ... r - iouj - succeasors will one day be called to extrciae. On the prearn. ation of a .word of honour by the city to the Count d P, the lUbatt, though anxious fer the" maintenance. ot pface ei. pre a hope that.sbwuld war become on (day inrviubl,Jto younir Prince will emulate Charlemagti'n and Ni!t oo, aad recollect that he his received a .word, noi to allow it ta rust in the aeabbard.but to preaent it point to Kurope. Th 7in, after remarking that the presentation "of s - sw - ord to the infant Count do ParisUook. almost like a prae - tiaal epigram, conceive, thit the bei motto to be fnsriwd ew the blade would be the French derim borrowed frm the. aid chronicle of this province of Rears, uJe u r.?r. su n ruteoa ; jt m rearer pis ns Aoaarir." (iarv JaiWime. Paris. Amr.CT - Five ner Cent., llir 3e; 50c. 0c. 3jc 30c. 35c. ; Thr per CanU., WL S&j. JOc.75c; Bank Actions, 2COf.; Rente de. Ji, 99L ijt:.ivc , iwain riT per tent lir ; apanisn. AeUvea, 21 j ; Passives, ; Belgian Five per Cent., lot ; Ulfriaa Bank. I,4t5f. FAchanire on London one month, paiar 25f. 37 Jc. ; money, 25L 3oe. ; three ' months, pas - er, ViL BOlRSE, AcGcrr'JT, Hau - rAST 3 oCurx r . ' Last Pucxs - Five. per Cent Hlf. Oc.; ThreV per Centv. SOf. 75e - : Bank Actions. ''ISOf.: Konott. fr. Belppt Ixiaa, 1CM ; IWeran. Bank, J,4if. ; Spr - ii Artiv - a! - 21 J ; Passives, 4 j. . ): TRIVATE CORRESro'Sl)ESCK.: .. . PARIS, Ave. 27, People here are so much - occupied with the birth vf ti wtni on a ana mat pouticai, matu re art? tauuy neglected. As you are not, however, equally abaorbed by thatinterestitf; subject, yu will, perhap, be able to make room - for a tew brief particulars of the attempt made here lately ta raaai money for the Spanish Government. You are aware that comtuiasioners w ere appot'ntel to proceed to Paris from Madrid to conduct negotiations fur a idi of 500,000,000 reals, which M. AguaJs, the iajnenatly wealthy Spanish capitalist, had offered fo the Gotenimeat af liueen Isabella. You are aware of th arrival of those gai - tleraenin Paris, and that difSenltie hai pre:cnt(I theo - selres which threatened to put an end to all hnpe that th treaty would be brought l a succeasful termiaition. 'The . fear so raised - hare been realized. On Friday last M. Aguaia addressed a letter to tbe commissioners, announcinr Lis detrt - miaation te decline participation in the matter. ' Represented as the affair is to me by 'persons on whoas veracity I rely, there appears reason to regret the failure of 'these negotiations. M. Aguado ; had demandrd aa a tme cad non that the existing foreign creditors of Spain bo propitiated er a new loan be contracted fori This he proposttd a.hieviar by the payment in cash (out of the' proceed of the loania contemplation) of two ol the half - yearly instalment or divi - . dend on the Spanish debt now over due, by rendering its' remaindsrj a legal tender for any national property which tha holders might - purchase, and by securisg, for th futures small rategf interestonth debt now actually owin by Spaia. l hese preuminane the Mpamsh Minister of r inincc (at th - uggestianl of Count Toreno, it is said and believed) rrjteted, and thereupon M. Aguado withdrew, as I have already said, irom tu negotiation. , Altlaough thus at an end, it may not be iuperuoua that ' you know on what security M. Aguado proposed to advance those 5,000,000 sterling to a bankrupt txorrrnmeatl. They were these a transfer of the quicksilver mine of Al maden, which are worth 200,000. per annum, and the revs., nus of Cuba, Porto Rico, Ac., which are estimated at 500,0V.more, Sorrows' come not singly but in battalioca." Colsci - dental nearly with this withdrawal of M. Aguado from to loan concern coincidental . too .with the total exhautioa of the Spanish treasury, and with the' annihilation of the credit of the Spanish Ministry, came the refusal ef the house ef Rothschild to .ratify a conditional agreement entered into . by their Madrid agent with the Spanish Govemmtit for a new lease ot the Almaden quicksilver mines, for ta bich that house was to - make, an immediate advance of half - a - mtfliM sterling. What tbe Ofalia Cabinet will have done under these f - cumstance there Is much anxiety her to learn, for the demand, upon them were so urgent, thst already tbey have taken some trp. to meet them. . 3 o'ctora. The funds are falling, owing to th very glowiy upett of afiairs in general, but in particular that of Holland add Belgium, which now appears under very discouraging circumstance. The blockade and intended bombardment, af Buenos Ayres and Mexico, the Swis. question, and an impression that Great Britain and Russia cannt lung remiia on good terms, have produced the decline in the funds which you will noGce in th Cuurs A uiintirt. The' ebviou soliei - tuiie with which the Emperor of Russia seek to keep traskJ him his German friends is for something' in the catalaties of alarm. We are about to have'a day's rejoicing (on Wednesday) fcr the birth of the Count de Paris. At. half - past '1 o'cltck today the Duches of Orleans aad her infant were going on at well itamnM k.iwt;M. .. mmA Ambassidors ; and that the former of these diplomatists, in J After three or four rather inelemeat (lavs the wcalhar kat euuaenuu tu uuurrM.kc lue uaa Ol Hiasini; una nouucatlOn, declared,' at tbe same time, that he did not consider himself as performing an act of diplomacy in sa deing, but only one of resptf! deference, to the pcrsoiiagts concerned in it. It is'ttatedby; the arataf tc I'aris that the Kino; ha or dered two days pay to be distributed to alt the sub - officers, soldiers,' ant! sailors, of the army and navy, from the privy ! purse, on occaaion of the birtli of the Count de 1 ana. It ,was stated on Saturday at the office of the Minister of Justice and lublic Worship," says the lioa Sm and .SUde, that tke Arcbbisbep of t an. nau obtained the restoration of ther Pantheon to rcnioua purooses, and that it would again beeetne the Churrh of St. Genevieve On Iieing mada the Primatieal and' Collegiate Church ef the Gauls. The land possessed by the city of Paris on the Place du Pantheon, it was alsv slated, :wav to be devoted t the buildings required for this Bew collegiate corporation in front of the Ecole de Droit - , ' - SPIRIT OF TIIK; PARISIAN JOURNALS. A r oust 26. Tae .oarau i IkhiL', om the subject of the birth ef the Count de Paris, replies to tbe Opposition prints, which olaserve that the felicitation, addressed 27 years ago to Xapoleon on the birth of the King of Rome, and those presented nine years later to the Bourbons on tbe birth of the Duke de Bor Jeaux, saved neither the Imperial dynasty nor the Government of tlie raatnraelnn All fh ran vj - inft ....k place ;moraUty, - . - say. the ls, ; - i V that congratuUtiou. , St tLerati have nothing to de with the longevity of dynastiea, and that ' But," continue the Uelveiie, " of what could that Oovers - compUmenU never preserved s throne from falling. On this ! ment complain ! Tbe affair of Strasburg I That had alraafT we atthe same tune beEeve, that when Providence sends an ! acquittal of the officers, his accomplices, by the jury of Sfff - oftspring to. perpetuate a royal race, the gift is a couditional I burg. The pamphlet ef Laity I No, frr tbe author of lij pledge of iU duration, .though not aa inrincikle - - tili,nian - n 'moa "J t - Tiamber or reers, nTffTJ letter of Lotus apo'.eon to the German journals! Jr could in that case be obtained by a proaecutiaa of ti " tors.' In cbnclasion the afrWas appeal to th good feeling. to the good sense of the French Government, entreatiag U - it may not persevere in a demand the compliance uith wh would dishonour Switzerland and be, in effect, ti iu nationality, and asks " has not Franc already a number of rival states aad powers at its threshold, "it?"; atrain nn..;ne IaIkTIiI,. - .; f li.m.n ta IUfcr A paragraph dated Berne states, that the Ich - enik again besome fine and warm, sad will enakle the farmers M complete their harvest. I have seen recent Utters from Poland, which spesainf af the harvest in that country state, that a, respecu wheat S will be a perfect failure, but that the crop of barley, rye, oats, and poutoea, will be excellent and abundaat.v SWITZERLAND. The lldadit of. tke 21th inaL contains a long, temperaH, and well written article on the demanded expulsion sof Lrstf Napoleon Bonaparte from the Sunt territory, which, it 0 - tenda, cannot be complied with, for (heae reasons z - ' - IxxJ Napoleon is a Swiss citizen, and amenable only to lie.Snst laws and tribunals. His pretended double quality of. Svist. and Frenchman has no existence, and cannot be plaadsd ry' the French." Goveramerh in demanding his expulsion ; , from the moment when he became a citixen of th eantos af Thurgovia and bis having - baen so naturalised cuides - 7. be proved be had, by the 17th article of the 'rrwach)onl oode, forfeited hi rights it French citixen, that articl bsiaf conceived in these term 3 " The quality of Frenchman is forfeited by 1st. NaSr - ralixation acquired in a foreign, casta try. 2. By th ance, without tbe King's authority, of public functions cs ferred by a foreign Government. 3. By every establisosavat mad in a foreign country which excludes the wiah r ist - tion of returning to France." v "These circumstance tha IftixxtU contends, " settle ti s I point at issue. Being a Sana citixen, and nothing el, ! 1 Napoleon was amenabl only to the law of his actual 01. against the faults of power and the passion, of a ripple. In the opinion of this journal, both the ImperuTSyTiaaty ana that j f the' Bourbons, but for th fault, and passions of the founder of the one and the head of the other, might have been I strengthened and consolidated by the births, respectively, of ' the King of Rome and tbe Duke de Bordeaux. "In our thank?, therefore, to Providence on the prosent occasion," adds the )riaa,"e avoid all exaggeration ; we do not pretend that France is henceforth secure from revolution ; we merely say the truth, that the birth of the Royal infant accords with th wiah. of the nation, as in adding a new generation to the dyaaaty of July it increase the stability of the country, which is the principal requisite of this present period." The Ciavaf iratantae is reserved in the honage with which it approaches the throne on the occasion of the late aufaiciou event. Inconsiderake en thusiasm, observes this journal, aasn passes away, and the reaction is - rpid in proportion to thai violence of the first feeling. The prevailing sentiment of Joj si the birth of a third generation f Kjngs arises not from s ilvalrcus love of the Royal persou, but from a regard for the advanuge, the stability, and the security which ev7lskiividaal in Franc driv from th ltt'T - i of se - skllyl That ssay 1st a ssai ft, Ut it is nsvirtiiftss a tiw. was in commotion, preparing for immft'' removal. The. Chaxtesbocsi. The hoys of the'Chsrtrr - heuse School puhlislibg ahttkperi)dicwort in imitation of similar boou formerly issued bj to" - Eton and Westminster scholars. There ujf. in thtse juTenile" speciinens of scjiolarship and Derin tends the vrrnifvini' departtuent of the scs not to tolerate such rhymes as the - follo'ermge and asrefer are enough to frighten the whole of Bow - hells .,,,, CtasnsBsa, arrrvil I a long far wail " la Hiss sr. Aipaa, sasssv A daw f baisaam, yswH aiiow, Tawa aVJawwal bj tm it SVNSM

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