The Times from London,  on June 24, 1856 · Page 16
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June 24, 1856

The Times from London, · Page 16

London, England
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1856
Page 16
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16 . . w - . vx. - - - - k fnwte frsi Bw.WgVi. Middlesex SS"15 f XHINNOCrl arid OAL8WOKTHY will SELL I m btcjwtisNOKTOIi. HOGOAKT, and TRI8T W I Vv auction. o o - fw" , ma THE TIMES, TUESDAY, JUNE 24. 1856. , hmlm of Ajfcrchtw NORTON, HlXHJ ART, tad TRIST mi MrMMkofv fee lALXaSSae Mart, aa Jm t Uh t, Ux KINOBMOKTH KflTATE, . Ii ill nil Mk U the HMa W Uwntt, I aaMcaburat, Wnkim aoa Oriestmu : ebowl tw, anise .teas leal .aassUy hn sad uareoruj town of Aafcferd. mltae af kr A about lea Mt dsaeoc. from the Aetif d w. main i and ma land, wtal farra - eraWagea. Aa.. and npdacaa, at U 1' AM per arswaav'Tb enseal eras! of the UnlW Waw r - Lot L Tbe Km oC Wl ttiaaiMM Sart Laac rna aod Magj. 1UH Fares, buaraded ewd Mmtod ear - ' scads, tae n.l nua laid ears - e ta Matara, aad J drained, wtth as old f srmbouer, taravta&ItBfa. eM un ami . ot arable, snssdrrs. aad iieetiue Uod. T..ed Farm, etas, so KleajsnorUi lliurcb. and adjoining lot L Mek inaWial fenn - aooa. and (aha txaudiags, and imnl MrVwsrres of exeertmgly f" "7 - oo. - - ia S Jan.. In th cecasnatKal ol Ml. J J . l, X K Hawk, farm, a wj eocaparl Ettla pro - iiielllTH saauasj aad enatasnlrai naaDaat ai ig. Mar as vt. 1. 11 aujry. - Kar - Yehaabl. JtnsMsal for a Lease, vram asv to parchaai at a CHINNOCK and GAUBYTOB'hY will SELL by AUCTIOX. upoe la. IV taa. or rlaj. Jmv L at IX wor - aunt to a Decree of the JH Owl r, CxMoeery. mads fa tha above esvae. the ahaaHaAORXKMDrT. ,, , IXAbA of ervwa year, of taa anrOot KUUSBta ak Hu'. , rahaa. MlddW. aaMad ta tha CTUt et CTaaal yart - aaa ouada, la a farinnnahai ind aaaUbfal kvaUtf . The tmm nwrti kuprnor aoeoauaodataoa. and a la m; vaj kiaptad luc taa taiaaam ol a aatlnmaa'i taiallj. A laft ouUar bat ora mada In tba Valdta of a maaul it, H (et Ion, ans - IneWd k Wacai and Co. who bara tntrodaoad all thca maim hot - water afaantoa, aad aiestad appllaDeai (or cutnlatlnf air o a pro EHi atui a, Tha groondi an nttatn inrl UMrfagj aid oat, frail cardna. Ac. woll aVxacd. Tha acnamant (ta kaae aontaini at a filed turn, and aiu bv told, taclodtnf all tha ivtf to nuaaaav at a filed turn, and (mprovrnmU and ootiaf Blade by the nnarnt vrnen. wortB7, aalolkm. 11 Jtd Jrvrr - chambm turt, ll, LincuUtVtnn - r, brax aaU fcrBe, aoa mwamj TI"" " Ma (am - aoaaa. tarm - boiVlnar and vwyml Bl'liaiiiia nrabi aoT aia land, euatalntnc vflh the Hrot meatlova. ftna. lr 17n - la tha necorattoo r4 Mr. Jnha hartea and Mr. W. Sohald.'tDt 4. Thna MraSoM Enclnnm of Vanb I.vtJ' Kaow a Oodfwoa! and JadTa - hlM - firMa. rvtaining tla. Sr. TTp., tn thaocvpaUrau Mr. tVa - maa. 1x4 5 Tark Panawnh (ana ort - iara and taraubaiMlnfa, and arrvcal rncinaarva of arable and Bxadnv Ua.1 emtatiuaf avrthrr IHa.1r.23o. In the nerupabon of Mwv Lavraaoa and othan. L4 a. rcanV - r im ram. wtth (araimuiv, aailillma. and amval andoeurra of arahW and vtradner land, ountain. lac VaWherllla. Jr. So. In the omraUua 4 Mr. Gonlatn. Ul. tkn Aak Fana. with darpctU w Lower, with Um, (arm - bolfctaa. and ahout Cda. Or. v4 araUc and meadow Un t part'.r .'i aba oanqatloa of Meawv G. and J. Wu - alaate. Lett, ruur Kiu - i. - anreaof Arable Land, reorntlj dramed. and unpmred part of a.ti laada era tain txtf turrthrr !U Or. LV. In the 00m ratine af bTwawrc jrU t. 11 11. 11 aui U wiQ oieawt of rarton aronrnmudtUiri of Arable. Meadow, and Wood Land, containing t&a. V lap. XaaKThe Mactwof Cnltt Ik aprirtnaro Mflnew.l, aad narlicular aad at the Rarat'rn'ahrad. Aahf ord . of Meara Sraitii ana Juhfton, Waraford - eoort. Tirripnnrtoo - trrt - at the Mart : url of Mean. Xonoo, Baoart. and Trut. O. Old Broadlmrt, B ral The 5tZt rruaaiUtliw to and rrwtaal Adnrwaoa o( the KoctorO. Klnetnortb. "TifESSKS. NORTON. HOOGAnT.and TRIST hT? J.T J racatvrd tnarortiW In offrr ( KAI. ml the Mart, in Frt lar. Jane JJ, the NEXT I'RWEXTATIoSto and rERPCTCAU AI - TOWUUS of the RZCTIIKY of KISOSXOKTa. aituate al - Hit two aalba from the town of Ajhfcrd. in the ononty of Kent, eiwiautiti af a nrf atnafortable recfcjrj Lou - la the Tillaea of Klncaiorth, ekae to the church, with gardene and clcbe land, ouotaiaine ahunt S3 acra . alao tha Uthra of the pariah. wbKfa In the jrar lMt were onrnraated at per annam. The are of the Dreamt tncnmlwt a aboat M. Mar ra nrwed by prnnlaaon of the Innxmhrtit and parumlan had vt Mcaai. pmith and Allatoo. mltcltors. aamfordonrt, TbjoeinorVa) - atreet : at the Mart : and of Mown. Korton. Hotxarv and Trat. a. OM BroademeV Boral Isahanre Yahuible rYrebold Kandeaca. wtth Pleawin Orfwmda. Oardma. frrheea. and Land. MESSRS. NORTON, HOUO.ART. taA TRIST harareoaleed batractku to Oder (or KAI.Klry ATCTIOX. al aba Mart, on rnday. Jane Tl, a Taluahie rRttllOLD rBk riKTY. dettchtrolll atsate. al Clay - bilL tti&eid. VUddlnwx. only two Bllea tron the atoAeld MaUon, about three nillea from Waltham Bta - taga on the rnlim Ooostlea Railway, and 11 mil (mm Lou. loo. II Of a nbjtarmaUT - txutt KatOeocn, enotalnlnt rrrrr aheraabouta. In tha oooupattnn of a mrwt reapeetahle trnant, at a waodrrate rental of jDto per arnam. May be rtewrd by cardi only, by lnaw.1 11 af the tenant, and nartienlan had at the Inns at lfriftaM, Vahhaa Abbry. and bdmontiai ; of Mean. Uatry aad Howard, auu - ratcra, 1 Ancel oourt, ThmcmorUwi.rtreet : at the Mart ; and of Meaaa. Kortoa. Borjart. and Trat. fi. '1 Broad - ob - eet. Uoyal Eiehanre. Tha Ptrpetnal AdTtvwaon and Kelt rrracntation to tha Rectory of Uild Hirham. m the eennty of Xarthamrton. ESSRS. NORTON, HCXJ(.ART, and TRIST bare marred lnatraotiwtf to oCTer forS AI.C FriUr. Jnnet7. the ram'AL ADVOWSllN and NEXT PRES KXTATION to the BECTORTafCULD HICHAM In the county of Xurthaiunton and Srpi and !0 arrea of and. of the Talneofat kaat M0 nrr annum. The xtent of the parah a about 1.7U0 aerea. the population only 400. and the ate of the reearnt meumbent aS. Paroeulan mav be had of Mean Currw. Woodcata, and Williama. Si UncolnVinn - netdi ; at tha Mart; and of Mean. Korton, Hooart. and Trut, 61 Uld llroad - utat. Koyal dcaanfa. IV - aAlnloa. TtfESSRS. NORTON, HOGG ART, And TRIST XTX nara letarea tiatractnia 10 offer lor hale, at the Mart. 00 Frtday. J una V, at U In one lot, raluabla FRKKHOLD rSTATEH, artnata ta tha ialand uf Dominica. adtUnina the lea : eomtwUane the Landooaerry UiU. nmitalnlm about TS7 aerra. and the Pairoartla aateta, aontalnlm about Km aerea, of wUcBIT? aem are in cane cul - tl ration, toaathar wtth tha whole of the dwaUinl - bouam. mill - boum diatiUery. plant, lira and dead rtock. and oomj.lcte art of worki. The vrwin jeart7 crop a toe iwini ror uie law, ricni yran nar oooruie'i cf Docaheada of tufar, M puncheon of rum. and f puncheoni of Timlatara Partaculan and eruditions of aale 'mar W had of Mmrarm. law. Horary, and Hulbert, tolidtorv 10, rwiuar. UncotnVuin ; of Mr. WUliam Andrrwa, 14, Xew Uty - abambrrt. Biabrninae - rtreet: a the Mart : and of Maars. IlortuQ, Uorrart, and Trat, 61 Old Broad - atreet. Koyal raccanca. Friday,. DurhanjL Valuable IVeehold Ertatea, oontalnlaf tofrther upward! or 71a aorea, ana 01 v Taiae or cm prr ""'"w. ESSRS. NORTON, HOGGART, nd TRIST haea mtraa uatrueuora to oner (or BALE, at the Mart, on 3, Jane Tt. at 11 o'clock. In two Iota, Innleai the whole ahould he arrrvwrfy cbercard of by prlrate emtrart.1 rry raoaUe FKEEHOLB ESTATES (tithe free and prinnpaTy land Lax redeemed, aituate In the tnwnahfp of Kewaham aad panah of Kqrlranliffa. In the eountr Of TJurhajn. about arrro mike from arrea (rnm Wcvaall. from Durhnctoo. and wrtldn a abort datanoa of Yarm. where tarn a a railway ataUoD 00 the Btocthn and OarlinOon Railway, and bounded 00 one Ada by the nrrr Tree, the whole oomnruanc 108a. Or. 6p. of htzhly produotira land, which will be rubdinded Into rwo iota, ar rouowa - Lot 1. neeizuun llaa ana Aewaham Urance Farma. torether wtth an undlndrd motrtf of the Manor of Kewiham. and tha ntrbta, mem ban, aad rrirtenanoEa therrto belonttiif . aituate la the panah of EtfflrariifTe. with (arm - bousrA. (armarda, barna, and ttfneultnriJ boildincV three roUaffra, gardens and orchard, and numerooa wrhaua of aralia, paatura, meadow and wood land, lytnff well tncataer, In a bih rtate of eultiTatlon. and oontallt - tnc iSOm. lr. ltn. In tha occupation of Mr. E. Braithwaile and Mr. Bell, annual tenanta, and taertber of the eetimaudrajueof jCOOorr annum. There a a beautiful me on the 'rwaham liall Farm. orcrkiokln the rrrrr Trea, well adaptrd (or the rreotion of a reatdtsnoe. Lot 1 White Bonaa Tana and part of Nrwvham Hall Farm, alao in the panah or upeaaine. ana aajauilBf lot 1. onrawnrtf of a aarm eoctare. yanu. and (arm buildlnaa, and ereral rnoloaurea of prlndpally araue LuvL In a rood (tale of oaltiration, and eontarniin toe - ether Ilia. 2r. JOn. to the of Mr. GarburU and Mr. E. Braithwatte, yrarly tenanta, and of tha animated value of 230 per annum. The aetata my be ramd by application to the tenanta. and particular, with plana, had 11 day prrrioui to the aale. at the nutria at Yarm, (Stockton, Darfarton. Ki eialla, and Durham : of Meaan. Flumtrea and Ilrjdnct, aolicitrra. LambVouiloinci, Temple ; of R. liarry, Ei., rark - hin. near Whitby. Vortahlra : at tla Mart; and of Meaan. yoreon. noarart. , and Trat. U. t)tl Broad - etrect. Royal Kxehanra. 5a. 1L Liord atreeL Pentonrille. (or Occutiatlon or Inrestment. MR. ELUOOl) wUl SELL, t the Mart, en Wednev dar. July 1& by ordrr at the Truster of the ill erf the Rer. T.R. Welch, dacraaul. a handnonir and rolatantial detactied KtMDE - N'CK mod wailed rarden. 0. 1 L lJoyd - atrrrt. Uoyd - a - ruarr, 63 (ert in (rout pj Uv feet In depth, hartnf a portioo rntrauee, (our rood lilting room all on tha Tvtneroal floor, and errm or rbrht bed mmli kitchens, ab latio the Ser. Ceorn (Morn till Uinstuiaa at a low rent of GO ruiocaa raw aBB&m. and held of the freeholder (or 5 rrart at a ground rent of SI rumraa. May be riewad by tiekrts uue work pnor to the aale. and parueulan naa at toe aswi. iiunctun ; at the Mart ; of Mram. ftry, Warren and Hardinx. 57, Great Buaaellatrect . and of Mr. Uroud, W, w rmpoaretrees. In CbaDOcry. - "fVTR. ELGOOD n - ill SELL. At the Mm on Wednw - XT J. day. July 14. at 11 a valuable FREEHOLD rKOPERTy, eiltaUy situate on the ntrth side of Linooln'a - inn - uelds formerly occupied by tha lata Dr. Moore, and latterly as pruftaaional chem'uers at a rentof above 300 a year. It baa a food elevation, with routh aspect and verandah, overlooking the extensive and beautiful xardens of the aouare, and tha value will be rjoriaderably increased in the event of the cxntemnlatrd erection of the new law courts In thk snuare. Msv lie viewed by leave of the tenants, and particulars had at the 11 art : of the toliaVxv Mr. (ieorge rridham. Plrmcutb ; Mr. KennoU. 1, Linouln's - tnn - neias ; Meesrs. rirtrgs, u, ana Mr. Hnoulliet, M, Lincoln sinn - fields : Mr. Walker. 1ST ot BiUun'alaiie ; and the auctioneer, Mr. soriion, w unposu smet. ResideTior and Effects. 5. I'lstcr - terrace. Kecent'stuu - k. MR. ELGOOD will SELL, on Tutdny next, July 1, a small HOUBE of modern FCRXiTfKF. the j.nprrv ot a gmueman rusng aoruaa - occoieuing arucirs lor tnearawiiir ana a: Old KenWoad. - FThold Ground Rents, amminting to 34 M.M r.r annum arudng from 64 Houaii. at llatcham Vew - town, and a Pair or neat nonage Krsaencrt, proauang a m.u ur JU:I a year. fVtR. V. J. COLLIER Iju received directions from 13 the Morttafeea, 108LXLI7 AUCTION at Uia Uut, on Too - dar, JuItS. at 11 m 18 lota. FREEHOLD U&oCN Ll UEh'TS amouut - Inc to 234 2a. 6d per acnuui. securtd upon C4 rnll dwelling - Lous, s and premiers, situate tn Hatcbam - strett, Croaratnwt. and Hatchanv road Old Aent - ruad. The prois - rty a of recent erection, and let cn leases, (or terms having about 90 yean to run. The ground rente a visas s about 3 15a. per house, snd the property will be raid ia lots BMxaraing w we arasre ; aao a pair 01 t - at rrsiuences, called Alpha - cottarra, situate in Ilatcham - strrct, pnludng a rental of 34 a year, Czieahlra. Valuable rreeh'jld Manorial Estate, oomprudr:; a oompsct Farm, contalnlrj 173 acres, with superinr Kendmceand Il3tneewal a subrtantial Water - corn Mill, wtth Dwelling - house, and nearly 18 acres of land ; and a small Farm of 25 acres, with suitable Resiilenc' and Buildings, the whole being di - llght(uny situate within a mile o( the maket town of Audiem, about five miles from Kaiitwich, and nine from the Import sot Railway Matron of Crewe, rrtidenng It of ewer sua, man woe metropolis ana uie principal towns m northarn and midland dian - tcu. TVC, V. J. COLLIER bn received directions from - ITJL the Mortgageea to SELL j AUCTION", at the Crewe Annt Hoel. at Crewe, un Wedneadsv the 511 of Jnlv nert at 4 in rw. lor. the MAJfOR, or reputed Manor, of IIAXHELOW. and an ficeeiliigly ratable freehold estate, containing 11 acres of vrry fertile and pro - , - l isewme lauu, wiui a superior rooocrn resiscDOs and ana larm duiioiuss. 01 an anusuauy raintanual Oescrlptlau. a newly ssjected bnek and tiled water - os - u mUl. drtvirig (our pairs of stone artth miners dwelling, stabling cow bouse, aifi out lmi'dlngi. Tie farm, Ineludiiig 173 acres of the land, is in the occupation of MrTTh.o. sun. a most ivnuaasmc yearly tenant, at the low annual rent of 30n and the saiU and tha rexaatnder of the land are lt to u, Wiii,Bn. u.n tram year to year, at the very moderate rent of 130 per annum, the lansnta partus' the land tax and all other oute - oinrs. The 1. will comprise a compact little (arm, contifuout to the above, containing about 25) acres of productive land, chiefiy mceUrv and pasture, with a neat dwellinr - bouse and appropriate buildings. In the occupation of Mr. C L. lAsle, an tmprorklg syl cxceUent yearly tcnatit, at the low rent of 45 per annum. The above valuable property iaadrantagoul situate on the excellent turnpike - road leading from Nantwich to saaraea sjrarton, lormg aoous eum - custaot rrom eacn town.1 in i capital norUng diatnet, regularly hunted by three packs ot hounls the river Weaver, which forms the boundary of the estate on one aVSardi neellent nsbing, and dlvldee toe estate from the prism ea of the Rev. Dr. mith and - Monk. Eao hence the satate offers erea attractions to a ffmtietnan destrout of combining the pursuits of a aprevasnaa wtth a rrofi table afrlcultural oorsination. as a small outlay is Oeci ration would render the rvaidanee ruttable (or the leeupation of tastily of high rrapectability ; the estate alao rreseota an tmexcep - Jionshte investment Three pews in Andlem Church appertain to 1 . The property may be viewed by prrmiauoo of the refiaietive tenants, and nrUculars may U caiord Vlx. C, n. IWUrse, Eso, aoliator. Auletn : at the Lamb Inn. Xantwkh : at the Crrw. Arms "Ota. Uwe :or Mean. Bearefl, Fox, and SewrU. sotidtors. Ores TJisaat, Old Broad - street, London ; at the Mart ; and of Mr. V &lttsr. a, Moorrate atiest. London. Xxvt Fraehcad Mssiortal Xstasa of Bordle CuS, near lrminsion. Hamp - ahira, acmprauig an axaalknt Rraatnoca, sM 6d0a creattiUie T. ESSRS. GREEN f2S. Old Bnd - treti have . JJJL cetved taatracticca to SELL by AUCTION, at Qsmnri, orrow. Jwy , at 11 tardea. fn the meantlm. iaipoasdofiriba - eeakal nuCEHOLD MAJfORf AL ESTATE, eSattogot' the ggT?.1 f rarjixenaa. know, aa Hordl. Hcsa? wTihlSiSdeni' tedaaaaasssswssUwesswaM by the late Dr. Chaaut - rs, vrttoapitei a ia, , i iej ,,sea ta, sotssaaa, and about 00 acres of sand, within Iraxiaana.M TheaartcsteS o, the satass aormeua an extent of aa SSlj - .gSg'.1?'''' U Castia. Tbi, rS ' - y'lJ', agadhiiittmii t, wtth aa ednurable aoustry ud BNknM TkaJa of CUIbe iBun Wtth Ma BOWv, mauaVoa, rich waOad part, and capital faraa. rounded by 'u.a wmea&gaoc tne river w nart. ejose vo toe sown ta " "" - Tjy, York and llarrogata, a highly plttiiiesuae ar of the nly seven aUlsa frisa Ktarrvborouch, and 11 frj. Leads, d snar ranch of the saeeai of ssasnlpaeas of isavss. fESSRS - DANIEL SMITH And SOT. will (orJes, jjl anarawaaavabsJlW aiiissasb; saaAja) aabaaS to puhfia nSMFsTmOJIaltha Mart. THIS DAT. Jwea Latll the show moat vahsabie and daagnsrol sTTXHOLtoasat iHj lliee tias KeTATst, nsiiutatng a essvksl sen aiarloUB avawarss. sihi swery sawaasnaga a rasaliy of extraction, aupaoar aaaxssra, siasuaasa. iiasiai ahlrxa.ludwea. aa. all ta eager, survoupdrd by a nch mbaswd nark aoclosrd b a wall, aad skirted by the river for a iarahla ax - vrtrt, together with several grat - rate arwav wtth snMahle sad most aabatairm) raiinta, m the aaods of good isapirsrlbie tssasrta. at vary low rents, ajaoswther about 1060 acres. In a rlrst enea, aad la the midst of a neighbourhood of the highest last a I sbtlrtr sa the heart ot the Brasahses Hunt, and wlthm saay reach of tha York and Axosty and other bounds, and with a ana rVturss sad Wtwkl of Art of the k Wheat class MESSRS. CHRISTIE m&d M ANSON mpectullr notice IhM ll - v tarsanl aiLLrXTIOX of rMCTURX3 1 akhsatdaas. toJnZagths .. teal d Kamhow Laardaoape, by seeJsaora. Isiasss anlna, esrvtnga hi wooo, miaanias aaosas TL7r IS - lvwd from notae asasatoa la the TarVao. on rrTu their great Room, and - 10 bs BOLD on sj,thsri.snd(iiVwmgdsy. - A Frsehcid Bo ! Itabesa IlaH. TllMI mm Tif B. ROBINS wiU 8KLL by AUCTION, tt th XIJL MsHt, OQ Tar - Osj, 5RS - CHB18TIE and MAN SON nmethOj tttf Mm wm BELL f AUyilw . mm mw, mmamtOiiM 1 wtth mil pMit at Um H&fdua. Th iifr tt ArtrraAeb - jd faf tiwArinin, lodti ittttaaU ITOD (M - Tway moa wwzu rciwN km VsUKm, upon tb wrricc o 1 pUte. Jmk i ftnd nrlnlf vL&armK dntten And OafnTixigs, mad tbf fsWUtatmUrt collettoo oi m&ocnybm Mm? W riewwl Xhrm timjt yrtexdlnt, tad laflnnf bmA. tmtm qiiaviJtT - T" Wctui - jwiiw ud woodM hew. Th Und to of fixrW If tf - ,9 noUo 4haU tbry will 8XLL by Al'CTK N, ml thctr crct btr - m - U p - vrt rich Tnnm mod mUwi tetrmmA with g, - . V Kii - - - tit St JmiomX oo Wvriitdr. JuJy Z,uAlvt Ui im thn - lnf wonrllitwto. and ft gxdrr4 IvytkTC JowtoJ iUyxiu 1 pattwl. by order of the Elxixrutori, tb bodon TurunAod, E).. r - I ofjcuxnUtioo Ucd to tb lorn, liinittnc hich mti mod m mS9 penu - L aaQa AtUlIUL Kjlid' 1 - s - rv thvrrwtt. lr - rrJtJ H.lf Oisa - 1 . g.. ewrt.rr, ex - Hct mod tiowmui, UiKrtnV trinM cf th mmtmXm. Ftvikmlan wtth pUcs Buy t obumfd at Bt - Dt ta.rvt21.cctt liw fTiinnnrh mod tilwarthy, S8, Rul tUtvt, ' xhm ehMf boteto U Watberby. Kiwvmbnrotjck. ! mcto; at th Auction Mart ; oi Mr. W. Y Jf - Btaod uaUy ytraitoir rbnraUJ China, OeUr - f Ti2vi4a CMflNN(HK ani tJALSWORTHY wiU SELL by AUCTlUN. uo tha IWrt aa mbor. oo Tuctkfay, July L and .. 1114 ilAK puntiui to a ixravm uc ux 114Q nw. 01 qaoctt. bAewtUi tn th niit of " Kay t. Juiiiaflota,' all tins ekvant and oustly WFECTrt of Cjc MA5UN. lnfiudiiic a drawing mom went ta naf - t llaiTvd tauii, manitrWi - v iuiwru ana 0Dtici, etvr - va i 1 nr Aiuctac, poc dm atti r uui tarn t chsxvtn ; the dioir t nx m. L hrixira, nurauid ruttt s am f uniiah - i in a cjrTTvuodai itjW, and Udulo t iaf vtii mmU walnut trw exlartvlULj OUaiXaX taOilrft. 12 Oitto cnair. irrV kUxanl Burtooutitrl by large pUu I f imam, mot - aeon mcaa oxmciM - t. ML r tMcff and c tnaa fcall Acnn i - riAmrtiu, kc Ttt oualcsU uf Uie iiecuni a(rutrtiu miiinae a lauderta cand ok caurT brdrtratj llh fLfvml latit. furrutur. i.maUitrt.tsaJ trvsi twuaiU. bawla - rmr dwarf aim wui(ea waMnbr mstfUe WauJs - taU.dx. UiilartaL aiil rhaoalt r urtn - udaaft - a. Thn wlne mtt t - f tht - hi:h - pt rlvM atl t rry chftc. acrd outuut of Kart In - lia Hhrmr ani Matletra. 4d ISrt. LIitte CUrvta. Ac The camv - rr nrnttruc a Dewly - Uiill d cart, an oi - n nul ixi aaUl plitioij j Lini( ampL. fhwmca.ti.m for family of wvnk and faTttiM, wtth by 1 Vte - rs a asuaUsa, mud a twxlairni - built UvnicLaiu. The honr aiv Kixlggocn mAhnnriT and tonne vtAlrraar - L tLaahtcany dtiora. fte. Tbe wcthy tle attrtiUoo of DO4rrxtrn and rtlc - Xbcn. May be ncwiad two ' wirn ditiniiihxl aa Bt, PrWtaod Ht. PauJX outnvnm the chaKl. 1 (VrniiVwu - a, Wctore rnso, thMtrra, AtKU, n4rctiT.a, Lc., but LDLfbt I be eaatiy rroioTrd. Tbrre are capital rtaivUiug and farrn tiuiidlni with oU"r Otskcnoa oracrtv exctciitji gartise&a, ana rumanuc pi9s - r may rematn on r ba obtainnl aft La. UedaTViwk. and Har - ravar. lktetd. Milford FrtnhftrkL aolidtun. New Baak brnkliDn : and of Maavvalatael (vaiui and Boo. tana acr&w. in w atcr ioo - pimot, who fairy aot - vwt tn tr - a fur U diapoeal reerinua to tba auctJoo. The Pnnr - park Eatata, lUtiueoiBprtittif a DoUa, ipteodad, and vpackjua Htone Manatao, wtth tU cstenaiT tnudero wii, cinnrr4cd by archt - tvctural amda and otjcrviori, lately oecupted aa the Great UuauhO Catholic CjJt - afT with Tanuua other ADradaye dclAxhtfuIly lituata on oue of tha pmud tanincnota oreriUiis the fine city of Bath, and a - tiimandiriff grand eirauM of uatcnifioeiit keenly, but orDtVd tn prn.t ground of porvvuig and rmrved beauty. f ESSH8. DANIEL HM1TH and SON are commli - ITX Hoard to prepare for t - qUm CVMPETITKiX. at the Mart, near tha hank, of taiglaud, THIS DAY, tha 34th Jane, at 13 o'clock ttuiiesan aoerUbleofler ihall be prrrlfxaUj made by prlTate bratyl r&Ura tnr in a few aubdiruiijcia rrraratint ehoiw tit far buildicg) the above n - ry imtnrtant and f ar fanwsd KfrATE, within and onuar - ratrntly pna - ayaaiiAg ainndtTalite taflueDce In the bnrugh of Bath. It eumpriewa aeaiiy2tX) a rtragfjtotvUlbe frc,aixi chicfir wxind pactureland. t tcly andulatrd and richly woodtgd. and ernbelhahrd with ornaaieiital plar.tatl.nia, r - r - - i, and bndgra. The inantaon tfomw rly the wtt - ienoa of Lord Hawanlen) to ot tha btwt Bath irtone, abd In a perfect Rate, rrrsrtitirifi a dom tpweiiiMra or arciiiwcture. wiu a pasa ptrtico to each prtocitl front r.f kAy OunnthiatA columna, and 000 - Tba BvTiee of PUie. rurriiturti. and Effects of B - stvr - AdBiil the JUaht HOB. LrOra masaxT nwum, immf vrnw - m. TtfESSRS. CHRISTIE and MAN SON refptfaliy ic?ri pr 1 tt. Kmiw - Hnhi nuTiiturts. tiraametital Durcrl objecta of arta and rrrtu. glaf m. lion, wine. anl bouki erf the Late Ilear - AdiuinJ Lord Adolphu IMicIaimoe, 1.C H., rrroottd froea hii Uwdahip'! late ilooe. A mtaa ari - oonrt. Bt. Jamea'i ralace. The plate eompttara a haodjnse and comp)t - te terrwr, made by ttwwr and MortiBv - r ; alao aotue buUful pecea of anew - nt nnuamental eUrer and gilt, Tbe oniamenUl otlcta oompriaf hndome Frruch clocks and rndelabra, Diraden and Bexiin purct - la.n, niulTbotea. mtiuturr. and yisfra.sri riAM, and auae bijnutcne. The IwukkulI furutura u nwrjirTTi. and in the beat taate ; alavo a errxe of gLaa aisd luxm. hanti - ftime sUrtjadf - n diii&rr and deaaert irmm, eome booka. and a ftniaU etdlar of !!. Further notiee will be gtyrn, dtvyt pirrUiia'. and catkcviv ,0d. rach) had upon the prvauAca ; uf Hrrt J. aui W. Oalmirthy. avliaUTm, 11 uld Jewry - chain Uv : w. Tnriuuil, ri , rr - iv - r. ix ux Jrwry - cnamtstre ; Mnn. Iluckortt and AUjin, Kiltctora, 17. laiWi'n'auiw - teld . of Meagre. Hrtt and Bowrnan. lJteeclnVinn - Ditte : and - of Meaaa. ChiPDorA and llr - rnrthy, atx - tionarra. gt, Rxe"t - atreet. WaWko - plcc. rreehold Buidiiig Hitea, Weet - hill. nrar Wandrworth. CHINNOCK and OAUSWOKTHY will SELL by Al - .TION tAt th U .vrl ate. on Thar lar. Ju!t1 at 11 H PUITH of FKKKllfiLD BUILDINO OWU'.VD ; comtrnjung torUin of the WeaVhill Katate. adjoUiiiigthe Wlmllln pir. dfrtnaht, uccupying wnne of tha highest puund in the naghbiirtaonil, din - banding eiteoaire riewa or m ncuir uTT - rvuiru wuumj, tivrmuux va bfbtnhMm aid the Humry HilU. The pluU rary froc a tjuartt - r of an mat Bpwarda, and will ba anld with the usaal Ratrictk - na, ahich hare brrn wo eotMlurtre to the general adrantsca to partita buytng plota on On. Mt - attL Tbe utea are anrriched 00 all aVlra by good ruaU. the toil la grarelly, and the Btuation wtthia 10 mtnutra'of a railway rtaUuu 00 the Rjchinond line, and cocitigtiou to the iioble arenue akirting wimhic - .i'n. pari. mm 01 a moarrate oiaxactcr on um eeute uuxx with tminriliate tmrrriMtTi and rrmdy orxuikkr. ivndcTirjf the Drotiertf eligible fur a eafe and profitable tnTtatxnent. Slant and pakkniUr may be crbtalned of Mown. Batty and WhJtbote. .liciirs 2 OisVkv - etrret ; of C. F. iundy. K., olkntor, (uitmsaiainUTt, 8, Krjt - tFri t : ana uc tne aucumer, 3, iunt - atrttt. Flntlaai City rrr - hoJda Lower Thamea - treH, clo to Fth - artnrt - hiil . liround Kent or - tw prr annum, rcurrd hy a nrwly - erecte 1 lr pTty nf great Talue . Two capital lioiuira, wtth large Khnp ; and a ralnaUe Warrtitmiae of thre etenra. In Pudding - lane, adanuu - loiliiciii( Wvrther 30 per aiipum : very eligible uiri - taULwnU tor trtat mncM - rs - C1HINNOCK and OALSWORTHY are instructed to StLL be AUCTKiy. at tha Mart, on Thundar. Jul 1 at 12. valuable FKKEHOLD KaSTAT eomr - Tiaing the newtynted range of warrboaaea and sabopa, stoata and U tng Horn. 121. 123, and 12.1, Ixrwer Thamea - atrrrt, with the wuvhouae ptrmutca In the n - ar. lt at tl - r kw ctouim! rit of XQ per auttum, iLm rack aiaiuad value betiig J&Q ; alan two aqlatantial hfMiaea, with large h'T. vaulta, and bunl - Dnw prcDsUtc. being Aim. ivu ai.a lr. iwef ixniijwi, ana a valuable warehnuai i4 four ftortt - t, raulta. kc, aituate tn Pudding lane, adjotning, partly let 01. laiv - , and produciisg 440 per annum. The Uit CHINNOCK and GALSWORTHY will SELL by At'tTION. at the Mart. cnThurday. July 3. at L tn two lota, the rretixKirtaut FREKIlOLB MAR INK ESTATE. ampnu)g2t5a - of Lavt.l of a bLchlv urwlulatiiigt character, cor reed with clautaUona of larch. piiie, and iitbrr dectduooa fonat trvea, oorupytng a mort omm andiug rwtion. aituate only 1 niilc from BiKirnrmcMith, 34 mil - from Chn. - it - church, aud 7 trm ronle. The property it bound! by nhsutsUl retatcatf (.Mrneral Sir P. B. Sn - lly, Admiral Pnpham.. and Wadham LKe, Eai. The Tlewi from the uitate are delightful U yood aacTTr - tit n. eiU - Lding from Hur - t Ctle to Oorfe Cartle anl the I lirbnck hJia, 1 uc u ling the Needlea, and a largf portioo of the Isl of Wight. Ikrurnernouth : of C Oeeke, Exi., arrhitcct, Bourneniouth ; of Mfmra. Uiiuiick aud UJxwurUiy, a, attegeiJtHareet,, watenwpiaoe. VY imUedou - corn two, (park Bd. Important Hale of Frt hold BuiU - tnffSitea, of from one and a half to four acrea. CHINNCR'K and GALSWORTHY iU SELL by Al' the Mart, on Thmwday, July X at IX numr - .tj vrry elHtnble FREEHOLD BUILaOIKU PLuTH. eapeciaUy adapW fin the erecUoo of 6rrt clewa vUlaa, which let and aril tn this locality Lmme - diatrly or Uy they ar finished. The land forming this sale cim pnw the lurham - hlll portion of the beautiful dnuii of Wimbled - n - park, enunentiy duluiguiahfjd aa tbe most healthful neighbourhood tn the envtrona af Lradoa, eairy of aoceaa, ocing otaijipx mllea from Uyde - ia - k,aad Dear the WlmUedon, PutziCT, and Wands worth Batilway hUlaOtia. Tha estate Is well supplied with pur water from an Ajttfnaa well, lighted on its outaklrta by gaa. and u UAiaaiaed for tts picturt jue KeiAir and delightful dritee. Three rlota may be approached dirtK. - tly fnm the common I7 the New - road, auJotxd&g the gruunds of Btdxnont - hniae. by the ratnutoo Dear the Wimbklun Htwatiota, alai try the ldce drive at Ijtzjry - hevth. through the plantation, which leads to tbe bruw of the hill, commanding the natural amphitheatre formed by thw very eligible bulldinc sttea. XK - arnMiva ptvrticulari and pLant. tray be oi sure giuunda, with terrace and other walks and ndea of unusual variety ana eitetit. Tbe wdom aor - iLoajng witn speingv 01 ue puma water. Alao aii rriieunental eotuge retreat known a the rVkjry ; a complete gymnjatium and several neat etitrance lodges, an obaxerratnry, and very rahiable stnue iriiarnea. Icnitive paiticulara, with rlans, may be tad (price Us. each, to admit four perattil at tha chief tibranea In Bath ; of M - wrm. Wtta and PtAgrave, aulienora. rULh : and at tha Auction Mart; if Meaan. DangrrTVeld and Fraaer. vltcttun, SC. Caveri - fftret, Channg - artM : ana of lltan. DcUiicl fiauth and 000, lind agents, in Watloo - aLace. Pall - mall 1,500 Vols, of valtiable Books. &0 Colourtd EDgTanngs (framed aid Luedl, a powerful - . ioed tH - octave Punoforte, Funuturr, ail other tffecta : removed for erovtueoee of sale. MR. J. J. CLEM MANS will fSELL by AUCTION, Upon the PremUra. 1 HpitaJ sntir. Buhnpagat itreet. To - m. row, Jane 25, at 11, 1,500 tola, of BtKJKS. ijraisUng of andeat and modern htatorira. illustrated daavical and poetical works, travel. pLays, ranances. and various other subctsv of eminent uUun ; the lura. - tar? com prises m mahocany .Arabian btteada, ftather beds, and tddlXsg, olKata of drawetw, two niahogany bookcasaa. dining tablea, carpets, and other effect. May ba viewed the day prnoedirg aixl mom Ing of sale, and catalogues had 00 the prcixiiAee ; and of Ur. J. J, Oemmiu. auctioneer, turveyor, Ac. Hotrwell - row, Flnsbtiry - vV.UAre. ifoxton. eSafe and eligible small Investment in Leasehold Weekly iTTrpeny. J. J. CLEMMANS has received instructions SELL bv At'CTION. at Mr. KiUon's, Birch Tree Tavern, Great Jamea - street, Hoitoo.THIrt DAY, June 24. at f m the evtniing. tn two lota. SIX nearly new trtck - built MESVAUES, utoaU No. 1. 1 - 3. 23, 54. and 15. Turner - anuare, Boihm, let to good weekly tenants, at rents amounting to 11 per year leae al - JUt 33 yean, at sCil lta. per year lor the wnoie. May ie viewea try eauatrut 01 ue tenanta, and particulars and eonditions of sale had at the tavern ; of Wm. Oray'Jun.. aolicitor, 133, Tyen - place. Kingalaod Toad ; and at the omc - of the aiictkmeer, HolyeU - row, Ftnsbnry. CaiJixihury park. Valuable leasehold Villa B9aidences, prvrducuig a the aty of Undoa. annstsnri for boslna parTimlars will be green. rrsdsj, Jar 17, at It, a FUXBULD ttoUdl, la betas: XeTlet Fera - atraat, trlapWal. a earstal s. lakVy anrwrasd fry a tailor and oatcuar. Furtber ' - bwasSTL.a:'"" R ROBINS U ciiretod to 8ELL by AUCTIOir, iTl at tbe Mart, oa Thsaadag, Jaly II. Nil I daarabla OOrY - finTb rvVESThlEST. betaar Xos. 5 and A Brltarasia - row. Lower. road. letmgtoB. aaaly taoroogaly n,iliw4 by Ur. Kasaon. the tenant, and ai for a long taras at tM aer aasraaa. The proprrty a equal to freenoal, no na, the quit rent iri1 Farther psruculars will be Important Kerrravn to the Boxa of 11.000 money, oa the death ot a Isdy - aged CA. TtCR. ROBIK8 ia imtrocted to SELL by ATJC - JLTX TIOX, at the Mart, on Thursday . July 17. at IX a BE VXKSI03; to a certain BUM of Xa.00. and to a 8am of about jfXOOO. navaole nnon the ilsmass of a lady and 6S yaan. eonttngvnt upon one of fcaxr yonnger bra. aurTrrtnf her. The ahova smna are secured upon proper i of great valoe. I landing tn tha names of Uuslaia. and offer a most desirable node of investment where Immediate income la not require i. Farther yarneqlara will be given. kerissnaVa part. Xotting - hill. Most important and ehglble Plots of Freehold Building Land. In this admired sxalitj, the roeia and srwera formed. "si R. ROBINS ii intrartdtoSELL byAUCTIoy. oaacrtption. intended to form both stdra of the Sussex road, leading f r In the Ladbrote - road. also a oontinttatioo of Clarendon fed norta and Bomerset - tcrraoe. at Kerisington - perk. Xotting - hill. The great 5rw Qaahse straev. fa we i a lis in. A Hoess sad BhnsL ks MR. ROBERT RKIDirill HKhU, M GarrATraVa t - dirsetloaaf the AdasUaUasur at Mr Klefavd oZL? ersa. est Tewrwdar. jsh 1 a U . LrAxrwiiir, 4a sr SHOT. Xe. 14. Hew nneapirvd. at a r rowwi Bmre. um gar ssssmsv QauTmS xOTxTTxa?xfsC vVZZLte aMTsaOarrawar - l ; and efMr. toaari sUsd, , roSfC nla mtiaaaifhsonrL !ID wiU iTborsdsw. Jaly Aat IXraslxlola, a MR. ROBERT REII en Tharelav. Jahr A at 11 somprkina su aooaas. wtth sbota. tassa Ilea. A A sonri. and Was. I and V OeeWssrt, Oxford stiuat, i row, uwaveM, 2 EoUTtsVad5 Lower - road, Deytfard. - lxsig l 'tl Inveainanta. awaineL?7S TK. ROBERT REID will SELL, at 0rrwAy - 1T1 bv order of the VivUvm Thwradaw 7nl. V .. TV? TV! H LKASEUOLD HOUKlri, eompriang af: U. . , j? ti 3 2. Btanle4errarsv rMitford Lowsr - road. Eotherhitl.,. tr JiJ Ti hh nad : S.a. 14. 15. and 14, Ruao - iaca, to Jhl rS5? Ii! . 7, A 13, 14, and li. lb4nsor4rraea - lrt at rents sinumii,S fSl) nee annnm. and said for krju rl ..l. ,J tt, .7. 1TX at the Man. on Tbandav, July 14, at IX tn sereral lots, FREE - I ground rents. The hooasa may ba viewed by permaaon ,3u!, 22" HOLD BUILDLNO LAXD. ol aa extremely sttraetive and Important , tenants. Perticnlara may he had at tha led Liun. Lowrr rnad2? inru . uie utropa, notnernrue . aao of exessn. Fslrfa v WrisTZT CAeth. assavws. 13 and U, Uement'ainn. Mtrand . al flarrawsj? plan for a bulliling operation, which ii now rapidly edrancmg tower - Is n useful rimrletion. the moch - admlred new church, now nearly anished, being in the vicinity. Krsidarjors of a rapenor character have bren erected, and are in coarse of being finished. A glance at the nUn will at once snow the intimate connexion of the land now ofireI for ade with the most hreatiful part of the estste. and tbe adTsnUtfea to be derived from sauting to carry oat the oririaal scheme. The land will be offered in kits' of moderate aUe and value, capable of being sub - dirided with aJvantaga and profit, and the building public are mmed to inspect the plana and co - operate. The roads and sewers are a' - ready formed at great expense. May ba viewed, and partiaulars. with plaija, are now - ready, and may be had at the Clarrndci Howl cUee to the' land ; of Messrs. H. snd 0. Lake and Kendal solicitors. 10. LioeoluV inn tiuarc ; at the Mart : and at Mr. Robins', offices. Criynit - r.irden. light wcesahops. and drying room over. The staMmt, coch - l ana one worxsnop are at at aui per annum , the Mhrr snrksaon 3R. WuiarlKule - house, Oil J - hill. Nonr - jd. FH. LKIKrHILD respectfully announcefi that the lfJL above dwurablo RrIDRCK and LAN It has lren DIlUiD OK try I - rtvato CVmtract. - C3, MoorgaUMrt rt - et, June 31, 19U. Ci)ital Ffthold Brrkarence, with about SO acres of superior Meadow Isanti, at llaretield, Middlesex. MR LKTFCHILDm instructs by the IVoprietor toHtXLby AlXTIONU(.airawayTHISDAYJiinelt. at 11 f.T 1. in one or two lota, a very valuable and tmnortant KHKtHOLD UsTATE, plfaantly aituate on an elevaWd gravt - Uy site, crimnandlrig ; leasing aiii exteiAMve view, ta the parish of Hareneld, and county ff MiddU'eex. This dVtraHe pnrperty cmpnsea a staaous family rt - Klrt ce. m i - erfi - ct rejakur and ctxliUon, containing entranoe - halL hbrarr. dininr num. arawing nroni. and aARservatorr. 13 iriudjsal and mvcolxImtj U - d niius, 3 waUritrtii, Uie uaual j M liox and coach - houw. enclt - ed yard ud ouUuildinga. kitchen garden and (wcharil. The huse stautls on a large lawn, sloping to the south, with pterrea. winding witiWa, and oniauiectal SaArubheriea and (ilanutlruus, and it overlooks nururr - ius encloaurea of rich i - ture Und, a hkh are well timbered, and rurplied with a fine siTicgof water that risea near the house. The rotate, which ia freehold and tithe free, contains 41 acres arid perches, and the orJy Crutpitngs are 7 pee annum for the land - tax and 9s. M. for a freehold iwt rrct to the niautw of llarefltdd. 'earlr 14 acrea of fine pasture land are held tn addition to the above, and the purchaser shaU take them at the rent paid by the vender. This property is about 30 mihta from l.on - don, iur (rtm Uilcidge, three from UckiTiariswoTth. and five from the railway sUtion at W atford ; and while it luseases peat attracUnng as a genUetiiau'i reeidcnoa, it is equally eligible and valuaMc fur building purposea,, Tiutiniian and oothlitions of sale, with a plan of tha iTOjarrty, will' shortly be l - ued, and may be had at the usual inru al tlairtWld, Uxhndgtt, lUckTnansworth, and Watford ; at (iarraway1! ; of Meatara. Tnnder and Eyre, wlieitorm, 1, John - treet, Bedfurd - row ; and at Mr. Leifchilds land and timber echoes, t3, Mocrgatatreelclty. To TurnroUne and Tar IistiUera. aixl otlera. "f ESSRS. FULLKK And HORSEY kvre inatructod HX. to H1JX by AUCTIO. without reaerre, of the Late Mr. Gartoo, Kotherhithe. Cttndjr, .. m ma, apKirtrw - fcr and Galsworthy, 28, BAe&Vttvet, Itegc&t'fr park. Improved Uround KenU, amounUng 1 1 13 2s. per annrrm. amply arxured br a property producing 3, 1 per anoum, CHINNOCK and (JASWOKTHY will SELL by At'CTION. at the Mart, od Monday. July 7. valuable - well secured Improved liROUNL) &FHNTH, amouoUng to a net UsCome of 71 3s. per annuzu, ansuig fram four private lMntaea, being &. 7, 8, and 11. Bentinck - terrace, EegentVpark. a bouse and ahou. S, Johntreet, adjoining, and a coach bouae with stavbling, the whole produciiig a rental of about 371 per annum, ParUctilar may be obtained of Jaa, iVacfaey. E,., aoUaUir. 17. Halisbury - aiuare ; of Mr. Miller, 4, Wei - Ungttm - road. bt, John awood ; ana of Meecn. Cuiinock and Gala - worthy, 45, B - at - street. W ater too - place. producing a Rental ojt332 per annum. Bafe U - aatdiold Investment. C CHINNOCK And GALSWORTHY will SELL hy J AUCTION, on Mouday, July 7. at 12, at the Mart, TWO excej k - nt UaAhElioLD HOt'HfcaS, being Not. 67 aud 81. Oxfoid - temce. Hyde - iaara. near busaex - tardena. No. 57 oontaici U rooms an I usual seanuVmcea, and Is let to a respectable tenant for a term, at 37 per aiinum. No. al ctaina seven bed rooms, two drawing ixtomt, three rooms oo the ground flour, and an eceiltit range of domestic apart - menu let to a good tenant, at U5 per annum. Held for terms of about 80 years unexpired, at moderate ground rents. May be viewed py permi9Rfn ; ana particulars naa oi j. n mtenouse, r,., aHiator, BftiUDck terrace, OTerlokingBecent's - park. Eight Private Heaadeoore and Six Ranges of HUbling, chiefly in the occupation of highly respectable tenants, and being of tbe value of 7 45 per aunuiu, a very eltip4e property either for tuTestront or crTipation. GlHINNOCK and GALSWORTIIY will SELL by 1 AUCTION, at the Mart, city, oa Monday. July 7, at 1L In lots, KiGUTdeairable PRIVATE RESIDENCES, forming Uie chief part uf Uue noUe terrace known as ltentmck - Wrrace, on the north aide of the Regent's - park. The houses occupy a delightful position, cooimand - Ing a tue view over the park, and having an oriaantcntal WrTacc screen in frotit, well planned mUrrualiy and ewtaining every acummodtioa a family remdenc' aim six ranges of stabling In the rear of aiuse. The whole when fully occupied will produce a rental ot 7 15 nr annum, and they will be sold in lota, subject to leases for terms of H yean, from 1&37. at very low ground rest. May te newrl by penms - SMMi of the tcnaiita. the reaideuoM In !.and at acy time, and raruculari had of Jaa. Peachy, Kwj., soUator, 17, SliariAU7 - square Mr. Miller, 4. WeUingtocs - road, St. John's - woo.1 ; at the Auction Mart ; and of lesen. Oilmiock and Galsworthy, its, RetrenV street, WaU rloo - placu. b.uth&ll. Middleeex. Compact Freehold rrBtlernanly R - tn.lence. ptvrt like Grotinds, IVacure and Kitchen Ganleni, Farm yanl, and 17 acres of nch Meadow Ind, close to the railway station, a portion of wnn n j - tuuirmoiy nu. - vta ior uuiiuuig aoaeuua, witn imiiie - Ua.te V - favouj NNOCK And GALSWORTHY hare boon favoured wita insl7ti?tions to KKLL bv AUCTION" on Tinrk. iy S - i. at 12. at the Mart (unlrai ireTKmJT dunie.l of br tsnT - tte treaty), the Important FRliKHoLl (andsmall part Copyhold) KHTATE. Ute the redenea of Mrs. berjeant Lawns, aituate near the high mad, at bouthali.oompns.iig a good aquare - built family bouae, ruble, double cvh - htiUflF, delightful pleasure and kitchen gardens, tLnh pond, parklike grounds well timbered, and 17 acree of superior meaitow land in h - gh cultivation ; the whole lyttig in a ring fence. Tbe estate haruig very eliginle fnmtagea to the main road, tt is particularly deeerrtnz the attetittou of buiident. PailwiUn, with plana, may be obtained of Thomas Biiwriing. Ej., aJiator. 1, Hatton - cotirt, Threa.Ln - el. - street ; of George W'alea, Eat,., surveyor. Great St, Helen's : and at the auctioneer's oflicea, 36, HegeietHtreet. W aierU m - plce . Islington. Leasehold House. rpOPLIS, SON, and HARDING will SELL by the lemisefl IV at 11. inl.rta. Uie PL.i.T of a TURI'KNTLVE and TAR I)1TILLU1V. utcluding two a - ir melting nana, capable of melting 113 m& Is each ; four coppt - r turpentine stilla, Au) to 70o galiouit, with crj.jrr Btrad , four copper morms aitd backs, one copper taritiU, to work 16 tsarxela with a'pper htaad and pewter worm and tub ; four casaV iron rvsigj oil pana, seven cast - iron pans, four - hore power steam - engine and boiler, sereral rods uf bnckwurk. furnace work, and smcke - oo&sunung apparatus, four Urge kad turpentine and - oil cisterns. In cuea, aru turpenune punimeons. ii u - on - onunu ou ouvtvs, witn It ass cocks, scale, bt - ams, and weights, two honea, two waggons, two caxU, haxtn - na, TtuTotas uteiisils, and a uuartity of Initlilng materiais in pan tiling, raftera, 4c. To lie viewe! on Tuesday previous to the aale. when uttaVgues may be had ou the premises ; and of Messrs. Fuller and Horary, BiUiter - stiuet. dty. Wtnea." MESSRaS. FULLER And HORSEY will SELL by AUCTION, at tbe Mart, on Thursday. June 1.0U0 doreu uf trtt - claas WIM - ii, tndmllng sume very vaJtiaUe IXJRT WINE of Vuarlea, Uarns, and Sons' shipping of vmtagea of l&tO and 1S1 from fire to 10 yean in bottle, together about 230 dozen. This wine ta scarce and can Ik atruugly reoLwniendud for Its high character, Several bins of choice old crusted Tort, from four years to seven yean ui buttle : Thompaon and Croft's, Burmeater'B. bandeman'a. Ft rrxter'i. and other sluj rt - rt ; three pipes of Pwrt wine, recently bottkd. khlpped by (.fUavrlca. Harris, and Hons ; 300 dozen of superior Sherry, 'bailing some old brown Convent Sherry ; 40 dozen of Medoc I "lire t, mw & dozen Buct - llaA Haniple may Iw had at any time by payment. The wines are lying In crLiui, 35, Tukenhfyuse - yard, in the auie curtody of tl.e auctiotieert, who arc thus cubied to pledfe themaelres that the wines shall te deliTrrHt rtri - ty in arwrdairee with the sauries shown. To be viewed and tai - M i;. tre cdlajn ot. W?dfrvailay itvvious to tbe sale. Caulf8uea may be Wi at the Mart; snd of Measrs. Fuller and H. - nty. BtaUtver - "treet. citf .. ' FkiiT. Itf ESSRH. FULLER Mil HORSEY arc instructed ITl to SELL y AUCTION, at the Cwtle Tavern, Mark lane, on sMoudav, June 30. at 2 for 3 prvciatly, in lots, L6o0 UutvIs A M ERICVN FLOUR, sundry maris, ex Kouthampton. from New York, lying at Measrs. Addin and tn Fireman a - wharf and 'Eat - Lue. Ta be viewetl in bulk till the sale, and samples seen at the aurtioDet - iV ofllcen, 13. Biiliter - street. Catal - rue - may be had at tbe a harfs ; at the Castle ; and at Meran. Fuller and Honey's, BilhteTr - stivet. nty. Re R S. Rvderw Bairaptcy. and PLANT of a PAPER ST AI N LR, cotoaisting of about 1X000 pieces of paper hangings in favourite dottgiis, quantity cnauotj and other flck, white lead, colours, long eleihact, pnntin; blocks, and various eflertrv. On view day pnor and morning of sale, when catalogues may be bad on the rrremiaea ; of C. Lee, Eaq., c4hcial aasignee, in. Alder - man bury ; of Measn. Ajihley and Tee, soUciton, Lord Mayor's Court, ofhee. Old Jewry ;and at the auctioneer's, 170, Bigpsgate - vrtrcct with - Klerant Furniture. Mil. EDWIN WHITE will peremptorily SELL by AVITIOH. without reserve, at his Rooms, 170, lttshnpasal. - strtet without, on Thursday, June M. at 1 for 1 punctually, to cover an advance. fsshiouaUe HliLoEHdLD FURITURE. including 3 very el. gant rosewood and walnut drawing roomauitea. tastefully uphiilstrred In nch crimson andgrecn velvrtaad Freach cballis, a fine Knees - octave cottage pianoforte. In walnut ease by Allison and Allison, noble chim - ni - y glasses. Brussels, tapestry, and velvet pile carpets, other drawing and dining room epilntmeut, mahogany wing and othir wardrobes, an iron bookcase, usual chamber items, and effects. View day prior ' and morning of sale, when catalogues may la had. ' NorUMifaiaie. Two Days' Kale of Furniture. MR. EIIWIN WHITE is instructed to SELL by Al'CTIOK. on the Premises. No. 31, Nortot,falgatr, on Monday June 30, and Tuesday, July 1. at 13 f. 1 punctually each day, the geuulne STOCK of au V PUOL8TERE11 aisl CABLVCT - xlAlCEll cor - tlstwg of four pianof,irU, pedestal and other sideboards, chimney and toilet glsascs, an antique ledum lieautifully csrved in oak. three Indian rabmeta, tables, etiairs, buukcaate, elieffonlers. earTx - ts, ward, rubes, bedsteads, chert of drawers, unmanufactured stork, maaagany. vi neers. girf in the a bit, aud Items. View Saturday before and nj'Tiiingl of sale, when catalogues rsay laj had on the prrmires, and at the auctioneer's, 170. Hlshopsgatr - strret without. minirtrsbr of a rt - nU.tnsa deceased. Mil. EDWIN K(JX will SELL by AUCTION, rn tae I - rrmisrs, No. S3, Park - mad. Moke Newington. THIS 1A Y, at ll. neat and tuod,ru UUI'BEIIOLS FUKiilTURk. comprising the requisite apprndaeea for the bed chambers, dining and drawing room apfMUitmests, handsome needlework chain and scm - D books, engrsrlsrs. and mucsllaDlis. Hay be viewed, and catalogues had. On rieturlay next - Maamllcently Oarrel Sideboard, reprrainting the Anglo - French and Turkish Alliance, unioae In design, elaborata in tiecuUon. aud uacqualled as a specimen of the art of wood carving also various other specimens fur which the tSodrty of Arts an l the Manchester Society respectively awarded their gi'M and silver medals. MR. EDWIN F(JX is directed to SELL by ALMJ - TION. at Robinson's Rooms. Jl. Old Ilond - rtreet, oo Baturday Lext June JS, at 15, ralual.le SPECIMENS of WOOD - CAr.VI.Viem - iTacing a lutjfttl sideboard of solid oak. feel tn length, with carted panels of lime tree comprehending the union of the aUha. eauestrlau mi - ilalllons of the BovereUns. portrait of their most oistuiguiahed gi ncrals, represcutaUotj of the army and nary, and finely wrought allegorical and emUematlcal devices. At a rpecinirn of wood - carving it is rjronoanced unequalled, while as a work of art, its elabteate execution, lQtv ot design, and correctness of detail, render it perfectly unMe. Tbe other earring, are S In number, and lnclmle tbe Battle JL AUCTION', at the Mart, on Thursday, July 3, at 1 punctually. W j Uranlcut i Leila and the Swan : Nymphs Bathing. Ac alar be viewed order cf the Kxrcutnr of the late Mr. J. Mouse, a LKASEIKILD at the place of aale pnvalrly, by orders only, on the 36th, and BuhlicS HOVBU being No. 17, Rlchardetreet, Liverpool - road, of the value , f on the JTth aixi morning of sale, and catalogues had at the ruucLsTsnd 2i per annum ; held for 14 jeers at fi per annum. Msybe newp.1, ' at Mr, Edwtn Fox's oillcea, tl. Coleman .street, Bank. . On Thursday next. In tbe eountr of York. rknafl Freehold Fara.t and valuahleOral TTU. EDWIN FOX is directed by the surviving Trux - - t'.f - r, Y - zecS,". - e UJf UiM b AUCTION, at the Tslhot Inn. Bradford on Thuratlsv m v - i ., . w.t '.llul1U'1U::KU0L 'ARMS, situate mthe parish of iirad.J. Iowa, f Tlr2t011, nd ""T ot York, eeoulnlng respectively 131 acres. inrestment. TOrLIK. SON, nd HARDINO wiU SELL by At'fTKlS'. al the Mart, on Thursday. July S. at 1 punctually, by onlrr of the r i. - cuW of tlie Iste Mr. J. Waring, Stamford, a LEASE - MllLXI aetacnea l'.rlLir..M. leans 11. IJm - T,,, KTK.Ui:M ... i l ,. , 1 t.r - . a sToun.1 rxnt, ticulars may be had of Mean. Hughes. Kearsrr. Msstfrmaj; and of the annual value of 50, and held for tli years at May be viewed, and particulan had on the prrmisra : of Messrs. Fisher and Son. aUlcitors. 1C2. Aldenaat - atrrrt - at the v.rt . 1 ,.r Toplia, Son, and Harding, U, bt Paul , churchjard. Now on View. Roeriampton. The very elegant and superior modem Furniture (manufactured by Messrs, llowbigicui aul (At.), Suites of expensive Curtains, noble Glasses, ami eratly decorative Appes - daces of a Gentleman'. Mansion the whole In beautiful eooditiou. Tl ESSRS. RUSHWORTH And JARVIS Are XTX Instructed to SELL by AUCTION, oa the Premises, Lower G vis House, Roeh upton - lane, near Bameacommon. To - morrow, J uue JSjisud followin' days, the very excellent and tastef ully - designeil Fl'RNITUBE, including, in the drawing rooms, carved and gilt o - briole chairs, sofa, ottomans, and Indulgent chairs ; tables in ebony, boule. and marqtKtcrie ; coaunodesaodcabirieu wiuior - moulu enneh - metita, noble coaaole and chimney glaseea. glrandolta. or - moulu cande labra, mantel clocka Ureaden and other china, gilt screens, jardinieres, tc : oak dining room anendacra. brautifullv carved oak cahineta. chrfforuers and erjooigDeuri of 1'ansiso manufacture, Sparush mi - hogany library fittings, a oockamaroo board, a few valuable pictures, bronzes, a regulator by Payne, barometer, hall lantern, oak tables, chairs, kc ; suites of curtains and portieres In rich Hit damask, figured table china and cut aad engraved glass. To be viewed two days pre - vioia land catalogue (Cd. each) bedon the premises ; of Holland and 8eos, 23, Mount - street; and at the offices of Messrs. Eoahworth and Jams, BariUc - row, Rrcrntstrert ; and 19, Ctiange - aOeT, OorahllL asaito t UwwmSum7 SSIS, aaUaa. - w - - i ' awraaaaag No. 31. HID - street. Berkelry - eonare. The Furniture of a spadoui Mansion. Including valuable Boule and Maraueteric CaUsnets. Table 1. and macjrotlier Approdares of an omamantal character, and leTC - ral large Pier and Chimney Olaaaea. "f ESSRS. KU8H WORTH And JARVIS will SELL XT A by AUCTION, on the lYexuaea, on Mooday, Jims SO, and fes - Cwtaf day, the leas, having been disposed of, the capital FURJU - TVHX ; romnrtalng. In tb. bad roosns, 17 Iron, bass, and otnar bedsteads and bedding, with approrriate chamber raraaites of every de - scriptlon. suites of silk tabarvA nn - talns in tba rrand salon and drswtnr rooms, with rut Frsoch chairs, sofas, sad oooches. In tbe styls of Loua XY., ottomans and bytnlrrnt chairs, a great variety of table, ta chrace " 7 oil boule and marqueterl eccnmode (od cabrnets, (lit Fraoch pier tables and glaaaes, noble rhlini a j ilaaaia, enVfaai rhamWWr. or roouiu arswawafTraT Isjnps, large est pia, Braaaa, and other rarpets, dlntnf room csrUtra ta crimaon dAmaak. a setof oak ctranlar erpacdlng tables, mahogany ridaslal sideboard, ad vabsas. llbrarv tables, sets of chairs ta leather, oak ln.iliasse. a small Iron aafa ball tablea and chairs, clock; yard and half wide stair Oaraetmr ar oaa ananas table, oak pr a, w cannery MsafUf, besyjaoiue aarrlces of flail manga, ecrjner et aad glasa, and caber twafol x. Tobe viewed cn Friday aad bad on toe iiaalni ; c laeaars. jaMd Jura, UHann, Swtniiit, mi B, CtaraT. i 'rl p "Sir ":, "j"r7 ; at tne place oi aale ; and at Mr. w, sa. voirnismtreex. sasaa.. otoke ! Newington - green and tUvrjatock - hiff - TwoprettyOotUie Kou - MHSXA ..TfImc"! UoOH! ! ,ot investment . oocuiti.m. R. SPEARMAN will SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, on Monday. June 30, at 13, In lot. TWu new and imusually well - built and nnlshed OUTTAGftS, containing (even room each, woh long gardens, pleasantly situate, Nos. 3 and 4, Shakeepeare. road, Albion road, stoke N ewmgtoo - frean ; and a genteel Reaidenor with garden, reputably situate. No. 6 a. Maradeo - terrace, MaaW road. HavOTtock - hiU. near the RrgentVpark. Hampstead - heath. and North London Railway Station, containing nine rooms, and with rajon ; held for W and W years respectivelr, at moderate ground rente. May be viewed, and particulan had of Meerrs. Hird and 8vd. !lilaiD?t 1r,hcrs, Great Klchneld - street, Marylebone : at the Mother Red Cap. Camden - town ; Adelaide Tavern. Haverrtock - h.uU 4.?.'' 1""ii ! the Mart ; and of Mr. Spearman, auctioneer. 45, rledford - row. becure Leasehold Investment, octtr,rising three handsome Villa litsi - .iakST?Saclx 3"s P" annum. Kerauigton - park. fR. SPEARMAN will SELL bjAUCTlON. tt XTX the Mart, on Monday. Jane SO, at It in one lot. THREE elrxant setni - detaebed 1LLA ItExlliKVi'KK . T. "i Wnslve pleasure aToasdi ia tbe rear, desirably situate, a short distance - from K rnstiirtoo - fardeiis. and bring Nos. S3. H. and S. Uavend - - road Villa norta, CUretidabroad, KeraangVici - park ; m the oceura, t of first - claas tenants, at 3ttj 3a. per annum, and held by three lease for S3 years urjexptred. at moderate eroend rents. jfi,BX may remain on mortgage. May be viewed remission of tbe tenant, and Verulam - btuldiriga, Orar - lnn : attbe Oarendon Hotel, near tow property the Hoop, Bajreater: Royal Oak. Padaington ; York and Albany. ReerMVpark ; Axuret, laltngloo ; Mart ; ando? Mr. Spesraan. land agent, 45. Bedford - row. ' ' u. Uphreslrry and Aousetmaaera' Stock. - IncorjequeDc of a Disauia - Uon of Partoershic, MR. CHARLES J. BAKER hAi been Instructed by Meaan. WUHa and Cochran to SELL by AUCTION, at the Ma - Hr7' axMojeaex ucsxaiai, THIS DAT, at 13 for L becsaraqtierjceof adsaoluuonof partnership and rs - arranra - mant of the firm, tae ltlnirirwuKrnrn7xrfu llTIrrfr to, . ojprlahM bon mahngsjiy, Arsbtsa French, and (oar - Boat bedstead and furnitures, mabtacy and birch t&arbU - too waanine and dreasteg kablea. kAlet andSevaf gla - iTbealaoa drawerj,4Jeet taahnginy. Meat, aad other wardrobes, tare Bets of suBing rawvs nam n BBOswoao, a j - eeet a f rtflT Mdeatal - a sswaW loo, card, and nnrvaai.iil tablsa, walnut anastonaar. wcrk aifaj m atlkaadlacsatij, two drawuateooes asrkea m aUk, rosewood aad wahtut drawtng roost ehetra. arawtng room aaar ehalraVasaaea: fxaidaa. A and cAntr rlatea. atw to Tste ra prloruarS from the McrrtaTv?t - i to BELL Yj AI'CTION. at i.arrawar'i. Wlrv.UT JuIt In fire Lota, at 11 FIVE suUtantial well built. iMMlcrn VILLA R8IDE'CE8, sitU Xoa. 1. 2. aU 3. Tor out - - villas, arul S'os. 1 ami X Hnraoe - niiaA. Ht. IViraroad. Canonbury - park. within fire minutea1 walk ot the Xlichbury Railway BtaUoo : k - t to hifhljr nxpectahle teaiits. May l riewetl by penuiasioo of tba tenants, and particulars had of aft - Mrs. Jtiiluiisoo, Hwrtitig. and Jen - kinson. sohatorv (IrtDtsnt'aUne, Lxnbaj - twtrect ; and at the auction and rstate otbors, Hol7wtul - row, Finsbury. KeniitngtonFark. For InTcsUurnt or Orcupation. rJlEiblt; Lcmav noi'i rvoavf. prorroanf pt jt kt yran. R. J. J. CLEMMANS will SKLL ly AUCTIOK; at GarrawaT't on WtlielaT. .Tu!r J. at 12, in thrve lots. TUKEX drairabie brtck - liuilt R8I1EN ES. with fortwurt and derp gardens behind. situat N'oa. MX. 39A. and 40 A. Iiol.liDfft.iri - crote, Ht. Mary's, t?wtiijton, let to rtrctble yt arly utianta. May bf riewed by permlMkm of the tnai:U. and particuUra IlvI d Messrs. Jrnkinsoo. HwretixLf, aol Jenkinsnn. alwr.tfir. ClrmentV lant - ; Lum.ard - Etrr - t ; at the Rfyal (erj - , Xew - strfet, Kranuaetoo - rot4; at Garraway; mr of Mr. J. J. cVmuianii, auctioneer and surrryor. Holywell row, Kinsbtiry - a'uarg. Church ct All Saints Iwring in the cectrt; of the iTwitr. MR. ROHINS ct t annoum - e tht he U instmcteti to offer for SALE by AVCTIOX. at the Mart, ta tbe month of August irinleM acorptaUe offers be pKriously mde for the whole or portlocis of tbe land by private contracts riiularly eligible anl important FRKEHoLD Bt'ILDIN; LAND, OPn.priUi ruaUiy acrv. known as part of tbe Talbot Instate, at Kensington, which, under the direction of an eminent arc&lect. hajiecn laid out in a m" attrac - tire aiTauaicnt fora building operation, offering nwldeuees suitable for this adniired locality, which, naa, in a niearare. been crmineocxfl. and an enormoufl outlay iriciirml for the formation uf the roails aol trwen. The beautiful church of All SatnU. a fine Fjeoinen f Gothic s eh i torture, rapully advanciag tnvards cMmpleUon, bfir. the c - n'j - e of the estate, and the approaches from Pdriuiftor i - rui - l. Capital - bta inclined to purchase portioos of the Und, ami M carry out the proposed scheme, are inrited to inspect tbe plans and elTa.tons. which may be sren daily, at the offices of Mtwra R.ry ar..t (iartwrght, soUci - ta rs, Lothbury ; aud at Mr. Robins', PWxa. Ctirent - ganlen. of Mr. Rfbert Rrld. ta. Girert Msribtmrnnerh - txiH. Furtian d - maws, Berwick tper - twU n iLum TLfR. ROBERT REllTirSi SELL, tt Oamiry. Ill by rder of tbe Trustee tinder the Will of th Ut, ZTtI q.. on Thursday. July 3, at IJ, araroable FRFrHMU) PRrftrw ituate 'o. &. Ijrtlai4 - mewi, Bvrwtck - itnet. ri. trxr htlll oompnsu.g two thirn stall sUbiea, two coack - iMMigkna. two mLnoBj Pa3 maybe eWwed. Particulan may be had of S TIhto, mi 17. Berreraetrcet, i iford - sU out ; at Garraway's: and of Mr Beid, 41 Great Marninronch - etnrt. flo In Cliarjoi - ry. Bird r. FoweU.' - MtaanieKrpet,' liJiSo - rm " A well - atcurrd tnnstment, let on kaae. at jC - j per ua, TiZL1 for 16 year. imespirtvL ' Sir. rohkrt reid wm sell, inwr,. - ... 11 (pnrruant to a Decree of the High Court of tlaiwrry naU a. the above cause, and with the approbation ol the J i.l. - ,; , . boarinaS the above cause a sttacbrdl, on Thursday, Ju 1 st 11 a LAsHLD EVIDENCE, being No. 10. kitaaiei - i? man - square, most pleasantly ntuate. the back iw .w, .rerlobrTi the spacious gardens In tbe rear of Moutan Hw Uie trm - i.i of Lord Eokebjl. let oo lease InTbonias Carry - k. I', f.r a lrrTiI? years, from ChnstmaaJay. IMS, at a rent of 50 ,r smmhiSilJ for an uaexpirr,! term of 11 years at a ground rm: of j l'u. r - Tt num. Tbe resinrnee may bs viewed, by prruussi.u A the Hunt ticular, may he bad of Worthingana Evana, K ,, fr r (Sit m so - street, dty; cf Measrs. Htileman ad ate. a 4i ,' ra" rw It York - mad. Lambeth: al Cerrawaj'i ; and of Vr lu - rt ureal Marlborougn - strret. t - rt Rnd, SI, M1 Xalalon. To UniaU (apitaliata, Buil - luiz Hocietira. aud othen - Xtn - raet larehord Kstate. prodncing S3 per year for 47 yean. MR. J. J. CLEMMANS ha been instructed by the Execiiton t" SELL by AUCTION, at Garraway's, on Wedr.. day. July 2, at 12, TWO suVstaitlal brick built DWELLING - llOCUEti, Noa. 23 and 33, Foret row, DsaUtyin. 1ft to good tenants. May be r iewtad by ooosent of the reqctie Wuanta, and particulan had at the Lamb, Ktugnland ; at GturawM s j of C W. Xsns, tCi.. Charles - wiuare. Hoxton : and at Mr. J. J. Clemmans's auctaim aaa estate oftiorw, !nl well row, FVnsbury. Li - acre. leiing Leasehold Shop and Dwelling - house, let at 36 per MR. J. J. CLEmSiAXS1 GiTreoeiTed instructions from the intirtgagee to HELL by AUCTK LV. at Cam war's, on leaday. July I at 11 a bnck - built DWELLINT, HOL'aK and BtiOP, with seven moms and other conveniences, aituate 3A, Little Bbort's - gardens, Kndeli - strect, Long - scre, let to an old tenant. STTL RICH J. at the Marl TATE, of 15 i To Small Cap. lalita. Twenty - fire Cottages, at titreatiiAm - cominori. RICHARD MOSS will SELL by AUCTION, Man, on iruiar, jane n, at ii. in two iota, a compact 25 outtatfra. lurmins GivThoujxl - iux. humthatelT behind the Greyhound Iun, at SuthaniiQiiiion. about six miles from Lnoln. on tlie road to Croydon ; aisn, a Iwrivhop, doing a good trade. The wh(e is held oul ease, at a moilerate gruuiul rent, and re - turis arery eriaUileratle income fora small uiTt - rtmeut of capital. May riewed, and partioiLan had at tbe tiiynounu. mrvUham. the Grey ind, tYoy - loo ; of A. T. Hewitt, Evj . 6, 'i, - bola - lsln city ; at the Jt : and of Mr. Richard Mom, 11 King William tjt. city. i Railwar Station, with DoasesKion if oeatred. MR. RICHARD MOSS hs received instructions from the Mortgageea, under ft power of a - U, to SKLL by Al'O TH at the Mart, on Friday, June 27, at 12, in one rot, the capital LN.X or PUBLIC - HOUSE, known by the sign of the FminUiii, oocnrrutg a prominent poitin otpotute the ara, and clone to the KL Lat - onards H Lai inn of the Month Coaat ami 8tuth - LAStarrn Railways, being one of the most Improving eUUiaUotis in this fahi' - n - able wateiinc - plaee. Tba boune rxtttains bar. bar parUnir. atooking room, kitchen, dub room, and eight bed room, with cellar in the Imip - ment ; good yard, with stalled stabling ft sis horara, coach - hooiw, loft, and men's rooms ; also a cottage adjoining, with a Uackamith's shop liehlixl. The wholr has been circted within a few yean, and preseuU an unusually favouraUe opportuiiity to an acti - e man fur establiitiiing a flourishing aud lucraUre businrsa, as TwwarMriou may le li - wl If required. May be newed lj penniftsioa of the oocuihvt, mod portiauUn had on tbe pnmiiiws ; of Mt - n. IIoirr, Grveue, and Hunt, at Lewes ; at the HLar aud Garter H' - Ut. l4ighUm ; an.l in Iaoitdon nf J H. Lowiflias, k., a, New - inn, awud , 4 tha Mart ; and of Mr. Ritthanl, 12, Klua wiiiLam - ttivet, ety. Mxlrn Furniture, rianofurtes, and Effects. '" MR. GEO. KOlllNSON wiU SELL, it his Koorn, 51. Old Bond - street, on Thursday next, June SX. at 12. FCR - K1TUK1C, whkh ciauprlses the re,uiates for the various apartment china and glass, and effects. May be viewed the day prior, and cata losues hs.1. Tneatre RoyaU Oovent - l - larden. - To Theatrical I Mansers. - All the gllsh Music in 8core. and numerous riays fr,.ui au eirly iriud, PUy Bills, large In Repsntory, tc TES.SIW. KOMNS Are instrucU.l to SELL ly XTJ. AI'CTION. at their Konms. Fiaua. Cuvent - sarden. n Tikalay. July L St 12. lU the MUSIC m Boer of tlie niimeroui Oprrss an l Plays pnluoed at the Theatre Koyal CVrrent - Oiinlen, fru the yew 18W to about the rear IMA, Inclading those of Dr. - Arm - , shielt. Kit Jen. Attwouil. Davy. Sir lleurv B. BuihoD. and C. M. Vno Weber. and the adojitcd tipt - ra of Mozart. Spohr. Eossiiii, .Meyerbeer. ao.l In Cbanorrv " bird v. PowelL' rxfird - rtr - rt ti tt e ir - rXada. Valuable rWairmrrexxdsea, let oo lease at AVtt - 1 anmuu sndsaal direct fmea T - Ti Pretxnan. K. ROBERT REID trill SELL, at (;rriy'I. 1'A. oo Thursday, July 3, al 15, pursuant to a rv - rr , f tha HaS Court of Chanrery, made m the above cause, a:,' I .4th V - .r pnroba. Pproba. 'acCd, l.pnvale. ti - ai of the Judge to whose Oourt tbe abwve ca; vsluaUe LH.kSK.HDLD PROPERTY. comreKina a ,h m dwelling, being No, 21a. Oxford - street, on the nirUi - fleuf equalled buruieaa thonraghfare. aad three doors fn - m Pirtma - etresb let on lease to Mr. Robert roster, for a term ot 21 vejrt Inn mss - day. 1S53, at a rent of 300 per annum, ami iie.d uirrrt !nra Lord Portman for an unexpired term of 74 yean, at a ground rent of 3 and the aootitoi .opera or atozan, !ponr. U'aKiiii, .Meyerbeer. ao.l . "jr - ""''r"' " 1 ' , " a rrouna rent of a otlier eminent compoam, also of the mekidramas an.1 psj - tomimes. , fc - '"nam - e rrenuses i'r4 tv wrrala - , u,,f the tecsnt. with the various plsrv prompt books, snd play Mils, from an early rarticuirt may be had af Worth tagVm Kvsus lor, TV r,riod, some of which are great curiosities, from a variety of aaaoaa. Iweman street, city : of Messrs. Htileman aud ete. .atcrs, , w Vm ; numenjos mauuscnt a ramas, capital large iron repoAttwy, a "t - iW ditto, and sinulrT artuture, May b Utfprcted three day T n - rioui to the sale, and catalogues had at the auction rooms, in Oient - gard - n. UTClaari - street, lrtman - srruare ; of Messrs. J. ton. I. ors roati, LamtwtA ; at Uarrae Reid. i Great MaHbtjrvaatfeet, Wravrrl tkrtiw. vLrd of Mr. Bajbert Han - nakers. Cabin e tma h rrn, andothen. MESSRS. OXENHAM ud SONS will SELL by AUCTION, at their Rwrna 353. Ox ford - street, near tSe Pn - Uieon. on Knday next, at 3 punctually, TWO rery superior WAVED MOULDING MACHINES, complete, with cutting irons, caum m May be riewed on Thunday and morning of sale, aixl eaUloartu s ha. I. Opital modtirn Furniture, two Winged WardroNt, Plain fnrt? by eminent makers, a few lots of riate and Jewellery, 11 Watche. Flated Artki, FainUngn, Kifrmiui& and numerous Useful an 1 LaU Miseellanieri. MESSRS. OXENHAM Mid SONS will SELL bv AUCTION', at their Room. JS3, Oif.wd - rtreet. near the Pan. Uxim. rm Krvlsy neit. at 11 for 13 punctually, the capital mo - trm FURNITURE ; coonMing of four put, Arabian, and other bedsteads and hanging, wivh Ikediluig oompicte, a haiHlsome S - ft - et mah.i gaiiy wingeil, a 6 - fuet ditto, with looking f lam panel, drawers, wash - etands, drwing tables, kc. walnut tree, romwood. anl mahogany chain, stifas. oouchea, acxl easy chain. Uble of erery deecription. cnnimodea. sidebnapla. cortaina, chimney gUmea, pianofortes by eminent makers, bookcaaea. kc. a few lota of plate aod plated article). Jewellery. Z3 watchea. and numerooa useful and fiiumT'ital miaoel Unlea, May be viewed on Thunday and morriing of sale, and cat MESSRS. OXENHAM and SONS will SfcLL by AUCTION, at their Rooms, 3&3. Oif. rd itrrrt. near the Paii - tlieon. on Tueaday next, at 12 for 1 puiictTially. the HTiKlK of a We - t - end UrilOlXTEIiEIt, cotuurting of about 6.000 yards of ttlret pile, patent UpestryliruiHels and KiddermimWr carpets, heart hruff. pieert uf damask and Utrtcht relret of various enlonn, very elegant damas', chintz, muaUn.and I ce cnrtauATournay Telret and othT UUe eoren, tc. May be Tiewed on MucikUy and tznung of ale, aod caUlocjes had. Bu - wex. near to Eaut Grinrteaft in the parishes of West Hoathly and East Grinstead." A valuable Farm, with oomfcwtAbla Rwdehoe: also a Dwelling - ha use, with Meadow Load, In tbe village of West Hoathly. MR. SMITH has received inrtnictioiw from the Trustee under the Will of the late Mr. Roberts to otTer for SALE by AUlTION. in two lotn. at the Fublio I - m. Et Grinatead. on Friday, July 11. at 1 a raloable ESTATE, pan Frreh - ld ant - part CVpyhoid, known as Ties Croas, eTceedingly wtU atnaie. ab itting on tbe road from East .rntead to West Hoathly, and coutaimig abutit T7 acrea. with ontrtfortible fann - boiiiie arvi the nstial farm - build tngm, foor miles from the market town of Eat t Grtnjrtead. and one mile from the rillage of V est Hoathly, in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Tow lea, as yearly trnant : also a neat substantial built Reatvtlenoe, ntuate in the Tmage or w est uoauuy, wiu goon raroen, ana abnnt 3 ares of capital meadow land, in the ooenpatio i Hunter. FaWj. Tbe properties Hale of Furniture, kc. HENRY HAINES and SON hasten to atate that the HALE of FURNITURE, nitures, and Lea of No. II. V uwiniil street. Finsbory square, postpotted from Friday lafit, will take place TUta DAV.atllfnr lprecirtely. May he viewed, ami catstiugutss had. aod must be cleared Imniediately afterward, A u ttoiavgtawa' ottlcea. 3K. Moorgatetrect. dty. 1, CartadiJi - rjad. Waodswortb - road. - lhe genuine HUjce - ilv Trade, exoelleot Fixtures, Fittings, and Effects of a Oroet - r, Cliecrikeesioiiger. and OUmau. Absolute Hale, by ord - r of the Proprietor, who is r - tin fittishtn; the bu - inetts on aocoont of ill health. MESSRS. OREEN and SON will SELL by AUCTION, on tlie Pnmlse. as above, on Thuriday. June !. at 13 for 1 rreciscly, 311 lots of the pniune well sheeted 8To'K. together wi'h the superior fixtures and nulngs of a groex, dieeaemmigrr, aud oilman. May be viewed the day prior and morning of sale, anl rati - locueahadon the iftuiiflea ; at the auctioneers' office. 13, 11 at too garden ; and at their Male Rooms, 44, Famngdon - street, city. Near Harlow, Kwi. - Valuable Freehold Entate, land - tax redeemed. High La rer and Magdalen Urer. - Ky R. FRANKLIN and SON, at theChequen Inn, Biahcp'i Htorlfnril, on Thunday, July 3, at X ALL that very desirable Freehold Farm, ckUed Tyle - gates,eomprisuag a newly - erected and comfortable Residence, Tr, - '1iTig tn a pleat - ant situation, with complete Homeetall. all In good rxrpair, and 136 acres of exoelleot Arable and Paetnre Lnd. situate and lying by the roadside leading from Harlow to Ongar, now occupied by the proprietor. The above liea well for coem - atiou. elng Intersected try good TomdA ail green lanea, and is tn a goa locality for markets and spurting, and only four miles from Harlow Railway titation. Ma be riewed ny applytmg on tbe premisre. and posseasifm to be had at Mlchaehnas next. Particulan, with conditions of sale and Uthosraphte plans, mar be had on the premieea ; at the netghlHiuring inns; place of sale ; of T. Kernedy. Et., Jd, CTiauccry Une ; and uf the auctioneen, Thai ted. Etvex. l"rthminary Announoemeut - of Sale by Auctiouof .Stock and sUup.e meats in Trate of a wholesale maiiafarturing confectioner. MESSRS. PUUH and Co. are instructed by Mr. Robson. of CitDorer - atreet, Houthwark. to SELL by public AUCTION, on tbe Premiaea, early in July, tlie whole of his reoiaiuing &TOC1C, in conseuuence of his nirament from busuueM ; compruiitg large quantities of gxun arabic, F - "gb juice, jams, kc The plact con - Bute of eight - hore steam engine, l& - horse boiler, large Iron tank, steam pipes, kisenge rackx, tnn marble slaha. benches, comfit pans, shafting gearing, juice pans with eoirearpocMling gearing, stamper, stiting ana drop machinri, and all the other custotnary re - iQifuU - s of an exp - irt and wholeaale oonffcUoner. The cnnv - nitat mai.ufartunug premiaea. msv be viewed rm 8ppaicatn to - ths respective thmaiita. Partlvealan ana conditio! of sale, wtth plans, may be had (10 dan prior, at the JounkAU ot Aarti.ns office, Sartex - trtreet, Strand. Londoa ; of Mesart. Hastie and Son. soUcitors ; and Metan. Peerten aod Head, sutictton : aod at the offioe of the auctiooeer. East Grinstea - L GnnsteaaL MR. SMITH is initnicUd to offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the Public Room, in the town of East Grinstead, on Friday. July 1 1, at 1, direction of the Trustees under th Will of the late Mri Suxanna Wickena. the following FREEHOLD aod COPYHOLD ESTATES, In three lota. viz. : Cook ham Farm. !!. saiitly situate, commanding most extensive viewa, 4 miles from the market town of East Grinstead. aod aUrut half a mile from the village of West Hoathly, adjoining the nd leading from East GHmtead to West Hoathlv, oontalulng about 90 acrea, with farm - bouse and neree sarr fsrm - btuldlncs. in the occntim of Mr. Foster, as yearly tenant ; a Brick - yard, with all neeeaaary buildings thereon, now tn full trale ; and several erwdosure of excellent Aocommodatkm Grass Land, tn the whole about 12 acrea. adjacent to the railway station and the town of East Ghnafead. held by Mr. George Lynn and Mr. John Thomas. May be viewed on application to the iiTectrve t - nanta. Particulan ami conditions of sale, with plana, may be had, tan day prior to the sale, at the Journal of Auctions office, Essex - street, Htrand ; of Mt - wvt. IVarlesi and Uad. Ubton, aod at the Unce of the auctiooear. East Grinatead. lu liisolvency. Re John Chard. Small LeaaebiCd IvtULCLtaoda Rerertion. MR. ROBERT REID will SELL, at (..mwayv by order of the Official AsaigTiee, on ThiirftUy, Julj 1 u 11 LEAoEHiLD PROPERTY. Noa. , 30. 31. and 3 CpnJy street, Fortmsn - maxket. Nca. 2U, 30, aod 31 are uitilrrlet lur tks whole term, at ground rents axnounUng to X13 10s. tternnnra, mmi No. 33 to a yearly tetaant at 2S per aiu.uni. Tbe iLile lvilafcf ($ yean - aaUxTrtrrd. at a ground rent of 15 liin. fi - r aimum. Afeoths Remaioder, expectant upon the death of Mlm Mary Keen, ia tks ttouie and rretniava No. 6, Tavwuta - plaee, Yrrk - - irrt, lAiruaaa. square, of toe estimated annual value of XJ0. ard h, ul l r yean o. expired, at a ground rent of & Sa. per annum. Tbe hoMt may W viewed by permisnon of the respective trnant. Par'jeulan mayst M Useful lisle and Article of Jewellery of a geutlemvt, deceawd. ft. U. WAKTOS will SKLL by AUCTION. I the afart. To - morrow. Jane SSth. at 1 fur 2 o'eavs .u l'LATK ami JEWELLERY in tea ana coif re ermee. ihnnl... prescntatioa aalver, several bracelets.tmaH - hes. bnUiaot sail other naxs. . fi Krmoved from Thfravlneeille atreeC The Land - tax irf XI X VI.. chargeable nnon the (.'oilers' Oompaera EsUte. Broad - street, R lcU9 ; and a 1 W hhare in the Rsrkmrnxai. MR. C. WARTOX U directed by the Trustoei ta SKLLliTAVmo.V.alth. Vtart. To - m, rr.. J SSii. a U tbe LAND TAX of 1 3a .1. per annum. ahumlanCy bkwmI rn aeveral honara In Hmaietwl Rataliff. ant Hii,!inv4,m.hDiLI, y. ra - tioertr of tbe rTorahlpfhl Ooinpany of Onnrs . 1L a 1W fO - in the stoaa trom narxi tbe Hart j of Messrs. ' Poontner - Une : and of street tremoved from 3a, Thwasliwamlls .In 4. bice Road from Barking to Tilbury Fort. FarticuLn may b. L. tne start : oc Messrs. nanon ana nsuirjors, .icit . K Lstnwa roantner - tane ; and of Mr C. Wartou. 7, UUuo court. OU (naa. CopyhoU and Lrasoholrl Inrrrtmmts, al Htereirr, ll 'iton, abadetll ami Ltmehonse, tjrodoring 1K fev sim ini. MR. C. WARTOJT U directed by the Trustee, ta SELL by AUCTION, at tbe Mart, To - ui.wruw. JunsEtA it 11. in Ave lota - L A substantial CurYUDLD FAMILY OWOXr LNO, IS, Wepney - caiixewav, let to Mr. rurrell. aolicitor. al lbs lew aaa) of XZIperannoin. 1 A Lraarbold Dwalling - aiHui. and rreauass li, Itrldpocv place, New North - mad. In the orcupaWn 'f Mr. Mrrwrri al 4 per annum. 1 A Leasehold House, lis, Il 'gti - sa - rrt, Bhadwall, let to Mr. Baurstenon. si jCJ3 per annum. A A Leva, float Hoass. 1, Aiuiarttetreet,ijmenoiise. lei to Mr. tsattersoy, at tib it, par May ne viewea. arw parueuiars naa as uie Man: sns stun ej the Britannia, Ismehouse ; C. J. Heaita. !., solicitor. Kins1! Arasv yard : Measra, Wsrton and oauaders. aolkitors. A Laurence faatnev Ian : and ot Mr. C Wartoo. 7, Union - court, Uld Broad - etna, em. tooveq nom inreanneecj arress). Borne, Surrey. Valuable rreabold Building Land. In extent apwarl, of 13 acres, in tbe district now pormlarljr knowu. and In mnrh rernite, as Emnghaffl park, within about three mllea of the Horley or Three Bridges Stations on tbe Brighton Railway. MR. WM. THORNTON is instructed to rabmit to pulJie WJMrKTTTIOX. at tbe Duke's Head Inn. Oonthorne. ou Friday, July 1L at 5 for 4. In one lot, a valuable area of BUILDINO C. BOUND, roost favourably situate, adjoining tbe high road lea long from Burstow to Three Bridges, to which it has a very extensive frontage, at also to the new road leading from thence to East Orto - tead. UDdenialjIy the preferable part ot this district. The situation is otj rising groumU commanding angularly picturesque views, and the neighbourhood is preverbially heaJtliy. M aay detached villa have been already erected In the immediate vicinity of the property, and a plan ha been prepared, and may be Inspected, at the office of tbe auctioneer, for rendering It available for erecting detached riHaa. with gardens, for which it is exceedingly eliribk - , a bnek yard being situate within a 'luarter of a mile from the spot, and tbe approach by .xceUent mada. Ctaiuitions of sale will be produced and read in the sale room, aod may m seen previously at tbe office of the auctioneer, who will u application readily give any further InformaUoa that may be desire! Auction aM Mta!e seeix - y offices. Relgate. iiitr IlelgaW, in the parish of Notnell. and within about two ratios of the Jauction Hallway at He. thill. - Attractive little fleaaure Farm, of about 15 arrea. with magnitcent Site for a Residence, beauUfally timbereil. and Four omnpact Labourers' (Xlaee, the whole free from land - tax ; ami eligible Building nronod. In tbe parish of Ilurstow MR. WM. THORNTON w instructed by the Devisees In "rust of the Ute Mr. James Kuea - ll to SELL by AlCTIUN. at the Mart. London, on Wednealay. July 16. at li a euairvcu iur any iraue requiring puuucity or pouiion. aitn great acca. . :' - " ' , - , " - - - ". noujoiar, ujj io as Bbility. tigether with the residence, may be had at a low rent, aud the I 777owhl5 MTATK, delightfully situate, at MaanoVlevUe, Sled plaat taken at a valuation. rarticuUn of Measra I"ili aodOu.. ' rn'ng a good road, and within an easy distance of either the Re auctioneer. 6. Blackman - street, Southwark. RtKitl. It comprise a bomestea.1, with variou sgrtcul - nua icncv, aoou, u acres oi souna aralile unond, Surrey, Anaeut and Modern Srulptnre in Statuary Marble, t arnl meadow land, presenting on tbe south aide an Invltiua - root for the aeveral fine Bmnzea. I 111 Paiotlnaa l'uni,fa, I FrrtiMi nT . mnntr, mUmm, V.,.. . f. ,'J" TT H.11REW lias lieen fT0Uml with instructions from ' tmn? J? f""1' preserred. and in a remaAeMy healthy and nlctureaiiue e the Rxeeuton of tbe late Mr. Thos. Long to SELL by AU'V ! 'i.1?. if,t"'1, 1 , HaTr - "hin ooe hour1, ride of the rtty to - TION. on tbe Premises, Sretof - teirv. To - morrow, Jane 55. at 11 Jrth..wi. "refold garden and orchard. adKanizur tbe road leading for lprectsaly. the choice CXJlXECTIONnf rK ULITURri ccmrraing I 'rsm N utflell to Ilqrrt,,w, and s freehold ootw an3 garden, aituate finely executed statue, busts, and medallion in list nary an - lk. - on ; "ST1 dijtanee only from the last - mentioned property, in the same marble, aud cunoua ancient figures in stone, various ligurea aud vaes 1 fH10 - I srticulars may be obtained at the Auction Mart : of Mr. In terra - out ta and comicaiUon, and the remaining household furniture, i ifon en:' 40(1 Mr - c - Morrison, solicitor : and of Mr. Wm. which - consists ef the usual assemblage of chamber appendages, dining s, oouxs. emus. To Liveryetable - keepers and others. Ten Subli - s' and Ckatch - huustl Prmhndre Villas. WMtimmMMM u,., "fR. KEELING has received instructions to SELL jS - TXby AJTl - TION, at Harraway - s, on Fri.lay. July 4, at H for 1. In Thornton, land agent, auctioneer, aad valuer, Reigate. tV2V r? " " Aactiou Mart, in the city of Londor. M( person, appotnled to asUTiLmer A Valuable Freehold Bit to, situaU in the perish of jLM. a - empslora, in the county of Glocester. shut 11 miles from consisting ot a ncn ana complete dairy and cberes farm. kits, TEX STA11LES and (JUAtH IlOl SEB. situate hi Pemhrtdje taio" as lkj Fsrm. eMtairdng 71a. frl3p. of etceUent pasture ViUaa, Barswater : five on each aid of tbe mews, containing uree ! ij0 1?,mfL!f?b "J1 inXm by the river Coin, with a iub - atalla, ooach - houae, l,jft, aud three rooms ovtr. clostt, drained, and Eti' - bui' d - eUing - houae aod eonvenimt ootiaUdinrs and farm water can be Uld on to each stable, the main mpply pipe running down the centre : lease about W yean ; five held at a rrouud rent of ii per annum each, and fir at 6 rjer annum each. Panirnla ... - . ii Jon of salemay be had at Uarraway'i ; Messrs. Neve and Wllwn's, JoMfMo. The estate I ttthe - tre an,l land - Wx roles Ml. and Is uueuiuaeu. a uixniy respecsaias tenant, for a term which "u uay oj aurcn. ism. si an annual rant of S120. , Ky sou Bwmiuwa oi sale may ne ootalnea, m Lonior, solicitors, Cranbrock ; and tbe Royal (Sal and Prince of Wales Hotels, i S.', M.j J; c14 "Y?: 01a Jrwry - chamben ; of Mr. K. IL in the locality ; and at Mr. Keeling'! office, X, Connaugnterace I SjA "ota,or, - 7. rmilraUr - lnn ; of Mr. R. W. Jobxiaon. anicltor. Edgeware - roal wuauguvierace, fyvjm, . Jr Jame Crowdy aoUdtor, 17. Herteants - lnn! I flieltenham. Glocestershire ORD and SON will BELL by AUCTION, at the i' ."TS U Pbelteciam on Tueaday, July 1 - t 1 for J, in six lots, toefoLowing valuable and tnuy destraUe 6jPiH(jLD PRO - T.S11 ; - FoBI "eU - budt private Residences, being Nos. . 9. 10. snd IL MontrsiUer - street. a fashionable part of tbe town of Cheltenham. Al a comfortable DweUiag - houa. aud Premise. No. KPnory terracei a respectable and improving nelidibourhood ; and a couvei jent Dwell - lng - houae and Premises. No. 30. Great Norwood atreet. Tbe whole let at 175 per annum. Particulars and condlUoos of sale may be had at the Aortloo MarvLondou; of Messra. Urch aod fteabnsit,liGlooester - 'Jf0" - rJelieoh''mV "rUce of aak ; of J. D. Francis. fiijTaSI dtct CUaham ; 11 D. Francis, Eaj . 4, Mooumetit - rard, Loadoo : and of the auctioneers, Chesham, Bucks. .rSWX' - Wl0ooa0rr'e. EJgeware - road. TtfR. GEORGE LKWlTbegTS anncethat he Ajl 8DJL by AUCTION tbe EoslT of . liouSS HOUSE, as mriously advertised In Th Time, at 11 o'cio, kra on account of the number of lot. Catalogues may be had oolb en - mlava.andoftrMancttcseer. 13. Fore - streei; dtr Cltr - Under an Ewnttpn tram the Saeriff. - Two Howes of Brtttc, s numrswa useful snd oruameT.Ul Effects. 1 itf,Aw.15?l announce he is directed to IT A SELL by ACCnOS. at tbe Wsreroorss. 63, oJeZCtiwo c frco KwOaiiite dty.) wberTth; pe llTbeerfr walnut - tree aad rosewood. SiSfJ? Uo kxd. and other fancy uhlrsTaeTS T"r aaa raas, swu nruiiant - lcaaast scasara u"w of proof prmta, elegant chimney tad caoauie lounge ana easy cnaan eoverad In morocco, sets of rtrrffsrl rawarsri ami ii!jfw'yT"1'toy1 n4 caaSoMier, aurwSraSiir - .. i w nnr car - rea nuiar XCMr - eraS uwt wxavU5d?Tlctbaxl7u u7SmSfSlmiulS.i ratoirtahM, fa.; tan aad . ! nil ivsyalSarrigigiyg "v , scsaaaarwrta ai aolicstor, Ti Suit, atrand ; of taatetStaV lairallew oecraLaracU. - Hrvaey wtbar xsugaUj. vleftaw Fleti stltet '. and In th (mnCrv rj Mr feV . 1 Jl ' i - ' Maidenhead ; of Mr. a Henderson, nijrttor. Reading of Mr U. T. Brown, aolicitor. Ashbv - de - la - Zouca : and of the "i - i"mrri Measrs. Weeks and rammnoa. Wolm. Berks. Berkshire. - A very raluabla Freehold EsUte. of upwards of HO acre of very superior Land, with Uomeatead, adapted for a first - class Model Farm, or easily convertible Into a beautiful Park. Purauact to Deere, of tbe High Oourt of Chancery, made in a cause of " Simmons versus Rose, with the amobatlon nf the Right Bon. tbe Master of the Rolj, si th. Aucticei Msrt. on Thursday, the 10th da of July, at IX, m one lot, by Meawv WEKKB and SIMMONU, tbe wjus spswuM so sou u same. Very desirable Freehold Manor and Estate called . Lowlmoai aituala la the narlah of raws bmt VdnW - ka. mnaMtinr of tha manor or rerjotad mseee of tawivnoka Jk a farm rmtalning 32a. Or. lip. af nch corn aod stock Und. lying together, and bounded by the road Issitlng from " - VnriT. - l to White Waltbam, wtth a dwelllnf - boua aod hornestead In tba antra ot tbe farm, aod newlv - erected farm - brrildtnn of tba meat anmnieaa v,.. ler, aommodlouslr arranged round tbe everal yards. The estate bag an abundant supply of waaar. aod Is aoderaarlyUbered.andtaaroml Mate of eniavataic. ran i. an be had on coeapartlo. of the purchase. Puted particulan aod rrsalrtiaral of sal. may be obtained tl uara wiu. w hu. aaea. 10 laira.w, U, jsr. St. J, llisa. Dilator Old Jewrv - shsinbers ; of Mr. R. IL Qhaad. sollcttor 1. v5ton - 3 Mr. rwTjoiaiaao. aolicitor, CsrSTiodof MrSimesaSu? jolkltor. 17. Sertaxybraii. FUetstraet :d UU aoeSoVMr' Bobart Arthur Ward, soocixor. MaidanWl n lT. 1?La1Z Kf5Jp - O. r. Erown. lobdtor. Aabby - U - la - Zoucrr; gjj - . .we., sssa mmmma, was ngnam. rehold aawstte, siaaaji, m WeUrarAaA. Berks. ONS will offer for "fES8RS. WEEKS and SIMMON ?i.vl?40CV Abte r1 ' awgesoor arabl sad L'HBZ - nr&3f - sjcaasy, wnaa ora, n, of tbe Bvafr,ss, WoairarhaaB, snd Wokme wa aa sxasocaii mma is six axuaa ream the rwyxbrd Btsriosi Ls5 c mil aad a half oa taa urea Waster, Wautagto, OoOate at His S, .n. k JTTTTl , v. v.a rnl1nMisifiW SnZfn - J. a drrr, of Vtrrtnia Water. Wmdaw - cari. ac TtfR. O. WARTON U directed by" the MortogK m. rwrempwivur w sau, oy svutiiu.v, si tne Man. lo - a una lMii - aa 1 1 fnnlaaa ai, mmUII, m W. MW, u n.mmodlous FREKHOLD TlLLiTsi Statnea, known issBbnt adaryted fur a rouna famihr. and cctaluine aeven eed aaj A rooms, rising and drawing rooeas, library, outer aod inaev aaH, bb wm, oua - puiaiiiura srsiHms, aoa lour acrrs of sieadow as. oneinacs, ana atsiuirja on sne aisn raaai so MMirtwiL. nisni ai i may b. lad alth Bush MuleL Staines ; lb CastU, Windsor; Ainfrl j. wlch ; a Messrs. Cbapla and Co., aUdtors. 5, tWaWaiiaa : iff i Oeorg llensman. Fast, solid Vw, H, CbUeslim; ss the Anclloa Marl J" anl of sir. u Wartoo, arjettorjeer and astau sgent, 7, rjniisi aailj 1 Old Brcsd - atraet trexaoved trom J a alia.). . kalfl , traod. - To Publicans, Brokers, r.xturedealers. an I uUsea, IMCssI ia , rasas uuaiudi wui onuu or AVilT if A TION. oo tbe Premiaea the Milfcad Arms Milforl - lana nraaLl Til Id DAY, June H al U tar L the excellent BAR FITriXOS ef al six modori sua uuu E. metal - top counter, inaivigan; bar cabas" J aota wniay uiai. simii aoa saraiei casxs. ga oitinga, tore ouaaMasB H show lamps, uteraulaUi trade, slate jed bagatelle ubia, bnahold tw - K17n oiuira, aoa a rarmy or vnects. May os viewed, anaealalaraa aastawa Mr. Edward Lttmley's suction offices. t7, Uhaoeery - Uoe. l" - S tr St. Jarners - suTiara. - Ftoery sarvedOak Chamber and Urns, FaraJsj, av joo vol, ot Boots, rrut. c - . Tt TR. EDWARD LUMLEY will SELL by ACC - lJSg To - tnorrow Vun z a ilfcrl. tbe wbols of Vis sioatlrat HOUtt - l Ft 9 HOLD aod OFFICE FURNITURE of arveral miles of caaMttws :aavsav trVtajy, kSM I y BS Utawg Mn AUssstrr lafw. MUU niM, riAaial Ualtrv - aesaV mmmm dim mad ttrelroiit, luiiM ol outaina, nitea of oak office fmttar rm wTUiii ii4eaai"i tnapea. a - of oiaaar, opea b(aa. a ooMyca oid Kncliah oak aideboard, ditto etteffaaMr. dinrierwanno, aa.: be riewed. aod cValoirnea had on tha nejiiiM : aud al Um mtrkrw 9mm ottlce, 67, Qiaynoery lane. Ht. JohnVwoul - Oak linuttire. Aa. TiTR - KDWARD LUMLEY will SELL by ACCl 11 1 TIOX. on tha IViiiIm. L WalhnAiad. Ht Jra Verial atK H Thunday. June tt, at U for 1. tha OUNTEXTS of this HO CSX of tlioi&ff room fittuici, in chauUbea,diiAnr wafrxia, Ur), BSS auu otaer eavrpeu. rhimnrr iiiari eur - aiaa. futuOen ana uiuiev - n haDOJOixe oak ehamber ltttinrj, doowatlo aod kitchen reisttea a vanom err eeta. li, Marykbonu iUix. Bemtetreet. Thu Evenuu. June 11, HlrtrvH dsely. Uousehold Fumlturs ami Meets. WIVJ lVlriSSKa. W. and . C. BON HAM will SELL - XIA AUCTION, at their Urge Rooms. 13, Marylcbona - iaeet. Ks street, THIS KVKVINU, at 7 precisely, superior modern HOI nuiar w u ju lit. isc in maAogany, roaewoci, ana mut egcw of chain In haircloth, velvet, arid damask , a maguiacenl drawing suite m rosewoui, covered in nch enmaoa vvet : msnugsay. ai Iron, fourpost, and other bedsteads, be. Is an - 1 IvsMmg. KncBM ndeboarda, Diaoofortes. carpets, fenders, window ctirtaiu aad dage. for domestic and other officea. Ou' view and eatalogaal be had. 'mTzsi atd lnra.J TtfESSRM. W. and p. a UONHAM ) r - fr "mgial ATX they win SELL by AUCTION, si their Qalkry. I'll atari street, Warwick - street. ReawnVetreet. on Thuralay erenir i eaely. a OJLI.rX.TIll5 of about 130 very rpeculstir. sodsnl moocrn rAinriMiit, by the favonnie trusti, sun ncu m tc On new Wedneauay aod wawainr of tale, aud catalog) had at the rooms. To - morrow Evening, al ( to the minute. The runuwrsaDd rft,UlB Sect oc three bouses, removeu trom Batiema, sc. lorsasfc.wMMaajj TLf ES3RS. JONES and BONHAM wUl 3XLL lr?l HOLD FLRNITLR and EFflT8. rj. ArablsB. 7er beddUig, sets of chain, sofa, coaches, various tali, chadoaisrt, Tm)7jia cases, chests of drawers, earpeta, gl.av l. waahetanda, sutwans. asMaE runs easfittlnr. chamber aod kitchen reomsia. ,ether waa S a. 1 sawrtment of miacellaneou items. On view, and catalogues MAawre at tne ronana. Thuradav evenine. al 6 to tha minnta. Kicrileut ui aiern - umitun. Hate, naoofurtes, and Effect of t jtnUuua removeu rrom m reaKlmee, at Hsmrnersmitu, lSSB MESSRS. JONES and BONHAM wiU SELL l AUCTION, at their rreat Booms. It and 11 LOrrvW - tC Thursday evening, at , eicaUenl modern UOUSEHOLD Jl VaT "9 TURK, puts, aod eflret of a gwntlaman deeeased, vu., Araaaaa isred goose feather bada. hair and wvas maUluasus I robes, ebeeta of drawees - J - and dreann taMea. I loo, pembeoks, card, eonanla, and lliliai nin tram, uiiliag tabke. a rai seia ox luageuua, maoogatiy, sou caoe - easl cnair and easy chairs, pier, chimney. ooasole, and drearmg flaaaa, aas enmoolen, txxikcaaea, jco ounces of pule, iron en en, fortes. Brussels sod other csrjeta. eurtsina, ooUeraou of fraaaa. risssd ancravmgs, clocks, creacaeota china. gUat, cotlsry, ijwaa Wtth hed elmnav an.1 kileKM, Mrniiattae in ahundaDCC. ISlVanVsaj neanay, aoa rarawTfues to De aaq a toe roums. oetsoa Rooasa, miMiik tt ITVa. far the Bale of cvvvt Prcertvvix. - Htjoehold Furnrmrs, Orilleotione of IVtaria. rs - wasw XWvdr. PI., - ImIUm rVt - fllaM. Musical IJirlrv2SBva rwaw., Books, Plata, Jeweilary, Ckuna, OUss, Musical Ii mlsxsauaxanos Effecas ka awoaral. rrerr Wedneadsy. llcUTSwefirssatrlrTaxt - esH MISSEST JONES and BONHAM be fW the Dobillty, gsntrv. sxscotors. trada and rabot r - 3 ara the BOLD UTBCTB, slocks la krada, sod sjtsole w rSJ'OTwala - S - d, aad aalaa a4teaedHFiv to an aaoant halanrea paid tha mada tor axaenton and ripimoia uraoa ana riosoio rau ulssuiss. is,a doubU - aftaon Harps br bard, HarmostaaielAssas, tltv of Wmd Inatruwiects. Wtar tba Block in Trad, cf eae fi ES8R3. KELLY and Oo. will Hijuu e,ov .. raa n - i I aliaal rvraniiiy. rz June tti at J for 1 o'clock, upward oi JJBiTZ, rORTXa. kodudlng a fufl , oompasal raswwoodpiccolosM wer SMetleaeerm. T. High Mind, Aa avTassfaswitaware. Gtasl stoat fttnts. J IRS. LOCKWOOD will SKLL. By At IA rsill ll eLTwreue mw; MaybsvWwwd the dee weesdtag tba sA tsw - - . II iiiiimIiii fi IT7 - " ' " '"" Hyde - taw, aad . Vfft 1 - rzrrim Six - l - ctxS

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