The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1933
Page 3
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M'KDNESDAY, AUGUST 2IJ, l'J33 BLYTHEVIM.R, (ARK.) 'COUlURtt NEWS PAQ1 Phillips Motor Company Oldest Auto Agency Heifi mm IN BMIILE . loitheast Arkansas is housed In I he Phillips Motor company build- 1 iig. Here owners of the economical Ford may find whatever parts ire necdei: :or rejmlis. Thus immediate repair service prevents long delays which might prove costly to car and truck operators, Fiicslone tires pre sold by the fcinpany in line with its policy of offering the public only the most i enable products which It con I bnck with all assurance and Ihe Local Agency Is Dlie Ol e:i»rlcncc of years of dealing with . '• T • o, . I F'nrrt motorlsis who are noted for Largest in m-oiaies (> K \ l!a -a and lone SM-VICC and Area. Home And Employes Oi' Phillips Motor Co. Tlic Phillips Motor company, tlic oldest tuito sales company in Bly- Uievillc In continuous operation, diitrlbntes and services the world famous Ford line of automobiles and luicks. While It is fitting Hint Hie car which popularized motor travel not only In the United Stales but H'cuv they expect and iecel\e from products handled by the Pord de-ale;-. ' V-8 Truck <lfls Praise With the advent of the radio as r.!> added convenience and luxury for motorists Ford has produced lh; Fold auto radio. It has immediately been accepted by the nnMtc which is-.vise lo the durability and reliability of perform- that can be expected from I practically every nation in the, miythint; bearing the famous Ford world should be sold by thp old- rit sales firm liwc it !s also notc- worlhy lhat both have tulten rapid strides forward and Jtcndiiy rcp- Iradeniark. While the various Ford models each have their particular place and each is the best buy for resented the best In ever ndvAiu- ,: 8r ile»lar clo.i? of motorists the in? motor car performance as well; ncw Ford V-8 truck Ls attractlns as sales and service. |a considerable part of the favor- Tiic.Fhilllrs Motor company viisl a i,| c commcitl on tile newest Ford oiganized in December, 192-1 Rnrsell Phillip 1 ; as president and pnicra! manager. It succeeded the Ward and Shouse agency as Ford and Lincoln distributor here. The company is a local corporation in which some of the best known citizens of this section have an interest. One n( Tri-Stalcs I-arjest Since that time Ihe company has 'jrown rapidly under Mr. Plill- Hr.'j direction until today it h nr-.e of tile largest Ford agencies in the tri-Statcs outside of the Ifirr.i'r cities. . j The cotnuany started in business | at flic building of Us predecessor, Ibo Ward and Shouse company, at Main, and Fifth streets. The home >t the company at that time was •onsidercd the last word in n uilding of Its type with a modern •iragc and sales room as well as arts department 'in the same tildlng. In the fall of 192!) the building] Ms razed by fire which ariginat- c. in an upstairs apartment of te t\vo story ftructure and re- fltccl in considerable loss, to tlic I jiotor company. In December the] Ann moved to the three story Hol- ! licetcr and Blionvo structure at Main antl Fifth, diagonally across the street from its original location.' It. stayed at that location, ivhich ill shared rsdth- other businesses, until : December, igx!. Then the film moved !o the Dentnn build- in" at Main and Franklin streets where more comniodfoiis and.mod- ern rniartcrs were obtained. All departments were aqain centralized in the one building, the com- 3nny tiding a service garage build»!••. which i*. had been forced in luild on Fifth street because of increased business while at Its first lorafinn. for storage only. The n;w building provided the Phil-! lips Motor company with Ihe most! nrrtern disnlav rooms In the citv.i built especially for occupancy byj an automobile distributor. Has Bij Payroll ! Besides Mr. Phillips who is ac-1 live head of the organization the, Phillips Motor company has 23 cmnloyes. most of whom have been with the firm over a long period of vears. The- company had 21 employes until a short time a&o when with the advent of the employment pro- pram of the KRA two new em- ployes were immediately added; and the pav of four old employes] increased while the working hours' of the original 21 employes were reduced and a total of S22D monthly added to the firm's payroll. The personnel of the company, Includes, besides Mr. Phillips, Otto Kcchtitzky. sales promotion, Mrs. Futh S. Holder, csshicr ana Iwok- kceper. and Miss Cora Lee Bald-; ridge, secretary. New car salesman' arc R. G. Cash. Lendennic Fowler. A. A. Hardy. J. C. Kinningham and J. D. Ross. Used car salesmen "!•. C. O. Graves and Will Alter- berry. Paul Stilwell is manager of Ihe parts department and Abe Kinningham is service manager. John Fox is foreman of the shop where the lollov.-ins; mechanics are cmnloycd. John Murray, Clarence Holder. Ben Edminston. Walter Bishop and Elza Wheeler. O. C. Gailhcr and Archie Brown are lubricating men and Bishop Lofton. J. P. Patton and Ezra Clemens are car washers. 1 The company boasts the most I •riTiptetely equipped shop between Memphis and St. Louis. Mechanics In the shop have been especially trailed in the repair and recon- diiicuing of Ford cars and trucks. All are experienced men who know [heir Fords from A to Z and have i fccn service over a long period of I time v ith the same company. Aulhrrlzfd Akmitc Sen-Ire Tiic only authorized Alcmite sla- tlcn in northeast Arkansas is operated by the company. It features complete Alemitc lubricating ' sys tern which has recently been Installed and brings to motorists ol thlc vicinity the same high class lubricating service that motorists of the larger cities have found to ••-. EO effective In prolonging the lives of their cars. A painting department which can touch up the smallest spot on a car or apply a first class paint Job to tlw entire car Is also maintained Dody and rndialor repairs aic made bV experts and acccly- lenc welding at the plant gives the Phllll]K Motor company service for repairing and re-condltlotiing wrecked automobiles. Possibly the largest supply a' Ford parts and accessories In models. The V-8 truck lo built particular tor fast transportation anil i;. Eiiiil to be unexcelled for the chipper who must t'cl his products cwlftly and surely from one pomtj to another whctlier tlic trip be long or short. | Above Is pictured ihe newest Ford together willi the large sule-s and survli'c force which make the Phillips Motor Company one of ihe largest and best known Ford ngcncH's lu ihe trl-sliucs outside ol UIL- laryer cities. The picture above was takeri before the NRA program bccnrrie effective when two now employes were added to the group abovj. I-'oi'd Company Can Now Replace Cylinder Unit of Ford Auto. An announcement liy the I''onl Motor company rivals the <l[\j-« of Alladlh's lamp, accruing lo Km- H'lt Phillips of (lie Phillips Motor cotnjHuiy who stales that his vnin- liany Is now In position lo renl.icn the cylinder ussi'iiibly of tiny lour or elKtit cylinder For;l uuloinisbllc, commercial unit uj I nice (cxcepl- Ins Ihe Moodi'l T) with » cylinder assembly shlpucd dlrocl from Hie husc Ford fBclorlcs ttlong llio HIv cr ItciLgu In IJoiubcni. Michigan. This replacement Is nil e»clianne'| imposition, Ihe O'A'iu'r giving lib old cylliulcr ntisemuly for an ns- xembly IrcondHloncd nl llio fuc- lory auj a very reu.soimble Mtm of money vnryluu according lo Ilia Irclgf.i churgc-3.' Tills oxclmii|jc bciielUliiK Hie owners of t\>ril auloinobllcs Is in.i:lc ;io«slb:e u( th; small cosl only bc- cuiiso of lliu ablllly of tlii! l-'ord Motor Company lo eonccutriil; the rccoLUllllonhiK o|)crftlloiis al uni 1 ceiilral i»lnt, the Rlvor ilcugu plant which today Is ihe largest luOiUlrlul'.plant hi Iht, \vorltl. Tlinv Li Installed the mosi nicKbni an: lak^t typi! Mine saving ctpilpttiDnt. Tin 1 trenk'st pii'dsloii h iissure;! llnough siu'i'lnlly ili'.sltjncd fixtures, pruclslon naugej, tcsllng apparaliu mm factory Inspection. The pvcclMun employed in HID Ford fucS'Jrles Is made ]iosstble by lifi 1 of Jo'.:anssun daiiKCs. recogiiln- nl as standard ol lllo world and miiiiuf.Kluml hy llw C. B. ,l-'litnii- son. Inc., n division nf tin- I.'jrcl Molor Company which has Ihe ox- cliisUv AnicilL'iili rlghli. Heads Large Agency- Ford Has Display At Chicaio World'i Fair The Ford Molor I'ompnny has opi'UL'd a dlsplity In llw Comtrcsi) Hotel on Mtchlunn lloiilcvaul In 1 ChlcaKo which will continue for! the dmiitliin of (he World's Fulr.| Visitors In Chicago during the full'. HIT Invllcit lo see this display. ! Those who desire to sen how' Fnnl cars urc built are luvllcil to visit llu! Chicago as.sembly plant nt 12tXH> Tori-cnco. Avenue. Coiu- |:iuly buses mid curs will opcrute between Hie plant and Ihe display In the ConniotK Hotel, providing fife liansiiortnlloil. Cunls ol hitrodiicllon In officials In cliarijo will bu supplied by Ihe Phillips Molor company to car nwncm planning lo' vliiit Cliic tlurluif Hie summer. Rtnutll Phillip* H ti-c Actlrc lifttl ct as lar« an .orn»ni^\llon ILS the Plilllips Mifc tor company Is n lull time'Job !Sr i>ny MIIUI. Bui Russell Phillips ng only, pcnjoually .directs, the co* l\-ny'8 bu^lnct-s but lihds time fig civic mid social activities. New Economy for Ford Owners .Exchange Your Engine Cylinder Assembly For A Re- Built Factory Unit Here's one of the greatest economy plans ever offered the motorists of this country. A sure way lo save money and get many thousands of extra and satisfactory miles from your Ford car. Simple —easy—quick. Drive in your old Fold Four or l''urd V-8 and we'll exchange your old ENGINE CYUNDER ASSEMBLY for a completely re-built factory- unit. Makes no difference how old your car or how far you've gone, the price is the same. No long wait. We have the motors in stock. All of these exchange assemblies have been reconditioned al the Ford plant in Dearborn. A Real Value At These Prices You get 8-cylinder Performance %4-J.M.i4-ft* . rt-^. u. .... ^H^r Itr • r-ftr-to tif • V ^^ V W^ ' ,^^^B ^t?|Mr-^ in the New FORD Gar UP (F.O.B.Dttrvft, pluf frttght mnd Jftlttry. Samper* mnd *ptrt CALL OR TELEPHONE FOR DEMONSTRATION EigKt•'cylinder smoothness and flexibility give the New V-8 Ford a distinctive place in the low price field. Speed,' power and rapid acceleration are among its outstanding features..Light weight and sturdy design insure economy of operation. DRIVE THE NEW FORD V-8 AND BE CONVINCED Thia i» the Roomiest and Moat Powerful Ford Car Ever Built Phone 810 - 811 FORD FOUR $1,206 Automobile For Only $60O Value Of New & V8 Far Exceeds Expeciions The Following Are Comments By Blytheville Owners (Model!; A and It) These Bxchnncr Prices' Include All Labor, but Do NOT Include Transportation Cosl.s. New Gaskets and Motor Oil —Total of S5.50 Additional. OWNEK'S NAMK .Idhn A. lifiijc J. G. Barnes U. S. Jiranson J. .Mel IJrooks Milton Hunch George Grcli 0. 0. Harilaway Judge /al Harrison L. \V. Harr'away Roid-Evrard-Hcnderson W. Mnt Scruggs Cecil Shane Earl Snyder K. Ti. U'iKidson MILEAGE 6,Vl)U ^,900 I.OUU i),OU() (>00 ;s,2oo 11,'JOO •127 6,!)00 12,000 13,500 •1,300 3,700 li,200 ItKJi FO11I) V-8 iicljU.'v: I'oruoi' Uel,iixe i'anel Tudor Sedan Konior Sedan Tudor Sedan Del.uxe Cou|l(! Tudor Sedan Tudor Sedan Tudor Sedan Standard Coupe Dcl.uxc Sedan Del.uxe Sedan Tudor Sedan V-S Truck OVVNEK'S KEJIAKKS "Uui perlorms any car I've ever driven." "iMosl economical and dependable in every way." "Have found there is nothing like it that costs up to !>(>(II).(IO or more. •'Over 1!) miles to gallon of gas iind 1,000 miles without adding any motor oil." "Have always enjoyed Ford economy — In addition I now get real performance." "l,ikc it as much as my ¥2,000.00 car." "Plenty of pep. speed, safety and comfort." "Smooth and comfortable as nny large car." "Drives easier and wilh less effort than any of Ihe curs I have (wheel." "Real speed with a feeling of safety at all times." "Hig car performance with real Ford economy." "I'refer il to a 52,000.00 tar 1 formerly owned." "Just hack from i.flflO-milc trip. Added no oil, averaged 20 miles per gallon. A lieal Car." in every way." FREEH 12 Expert Lubrications With Each New Ford V-8 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Dealers Phone 810 -- 811 Blytheville,

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