Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 28, 1896 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1896
Page 9
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LOGANSPORT JOURNAL. SUPPLEMENT, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE '28, 1896. PAGES 9 TO 12. THE PERU RACES Managers Deserve Credit for a Successful Meet. SEXTUPLET A FAILURE It Could Not Race With Ice Wagon. an Tin- managers of Peru last Thursday la toil on having ^[ jsnctttvl'irl evojus Wi-yclo raei.ii;; in ilu- nice mooting at are lo In 1 ronjrratu- i-u one. of rlie most Liii 'Mie history of XoiMJieru Imliaua. Tlio mile track there i^ a jjood one am.l hail been worked ami worked a^ain. uiuU ir was in t-xi-elleat .slha.pi. 1 , wJUi the excretion of a space proba.bly three feet, in width dow up ro the Inside of Mil 1 truck, which was somewhat sojrgy. NocwiThytaitil.l'njr tliTH there was fairly good r.iim- in all <>C che events, rhoiijrh no record* were l>roke.n. unless the time of the mile imvice Is botrr.er Chan the Staff record. Xu <me can bo found who know* what f.ho record is. The day was perfect for bicycle rac- iii?, with 'one exception, u still wind blew from i:ho sout.hwiwit up the hack stretch, and it made the racer* bend lower t.ha.n ever over their handlebars to. meet ic. Tlie tirst race called was the anile novice, in w-lweh there were twenty-two eut.ite. Charles Shaft anil Sam Li^peaiard. of 1.1 ic Riverside Cycle Clul>, w«re omrorwl, ami Shaft' drew a fjood iKisjitiioii, tfhiirtl or fourth from the pole, while Jjfepraiard was well to the oanteide. Ski il' sliot onit ahead of the' bunch ;ir. fhv Mfcuit ;uml led them a merry clia.<e for -r.ho first •Imlf. He Irad set a pace Which. luid It been kept up tlu-oiwh r.he-miili>. would -have made the record for the UiLlreil States look sic!;, but he had not reekonod on tilio strong wind Ite hail to face In 1'h.o back stretch. When be struck t'haif. Ire threw up and E, Haa>, of FT. Wayne, who had trailed hiiui close, shot out -ahead and was never In danger from tilmre to t'lie tape, win- tunjr iu an oxoWuj: finish by ;i wheel lenjrtihi from C-harliw Poles of Marion, amd TCa-d KOWU.U o!' Pern, a close third. SliaiT tiiusjhed twelfth, well ,«peiif. awl Lii-ipenanl was away back in Uu 1 ruck. Time 2.iry,. la die mile open ••pltere were fifchtceii starters. It was fciven out from t:hc judges siraJid bofore the rideis were se.nt away 'flint tliey must make Hie rniJf in 2;18 on 1 bower, and tliei-e wen- cries of "can't do lit." "Give us n pacemaker," and .similar Icicles. Tlic pacemaker was provided, two met) from Danville. III., tiiktn? a Steam es tan- dwn out. to makeUhe frofng. AYheu the buinch was seuit away, '(.lie ta-mlem wad 11 fry yairds up : (ihe track and its riders wore rtkrjrms in -for all tiiey wore worth but they were «uijrh-t at the eighth pol and before tihe ha.lf wns reached, iiearl all of the ridel's had passed the paco niaUoiii .'uiil were matins the ninuin; for tliurrwclvcss. Allen ScJireyer o Hun-t'MKTtan, won the nice in n hot fie I.<h wltl) M. I. Levy of Indiana polls second and Lowell Lani'b of Rich mom tlwird. Time l':29K-. 'J.'he boys' race, one niiile was won 1>> ITowarcl Mnso of llnlljerry w!ith Eo> of Disco .se<-ond and C. E of Kokomo third. Then came .the exhibition mi.le by thy titoersma-n of liho bi^' scxl.uplot, the famous "flying nificKLne," wliiich was to itnvc raced tJie EmpH'e S't;ite express und Outa't. '^ie iMra- was mounted on a Fouler racer, and was paced by two Fowler tandems. The uiMe, Hying starl was made in 2:0-1 and could easily have been done to even be.Cle.r time. The iwif mile open wns run In heals, Mi we brtiif,' too many entries to start them all at once. The fli«t bunch to flimlify Clui-k Brown of Butler won, wltili C. B. Gorby of Sf.'irion second, and Fred 1!. Hail of Tli<;!ilm.on(l -third. In the second bui-nx-h Vililjaiin Thomas of AVcslfidd won. John Leonard of Da.n- vllle. 111., second and Allen Sclircyor. of Huiitiinsiton tililrd. In the rlunl Clark Bi-own of But'lor won -im a close tiuish, ' Clirb Bylor of Huntiiliiffton second and .T. Gonprh of Ft. 'VN'ay.ue third. Time 1.12. Them came flic Kreail. event, or the day, tilie cxhibiitiou mile of tlie fainou-s sex- tiiplor. iriio six-man ma'clii.iic which litis 'been puffed all over tlie country as the machine, tiliat was biti.lt to run a gainst an express a rain. It was built by t'he Fowler AVlicol eompT'ny, a.iul is a mar- rol En Ms way, but It weighs voo much. The machine wa.s built to nra asainst the fa.-st.esit train on tlie Now Vorl- Central «fc ITwlson Ilirer ni'ltaxul, but It novel 1 made the nee. Numerous h-ials ])rorod -than; tt eoiuld nevw make the time its InrUdcrw fondly hoped it could, ajid instead they lin.ve scut it out over the eotmfirj 1 to aitteni] race meets and make exli.I'bWo'n md'les, .In the hope tliat chioy will got tllielr money back. The six uiwi nioum'tej tlie ininolUne ait .the cape a.ml rodo nrouiul t.he track to get a pood s-ta'rt. As they came down for 'tJiu word i't wsis seen by every bicycle man present tilwt tliwu would not be a.ny Mi ling pa'ntilcularly excitlitiR ahout uhe eX'lidbMiion. Tlie nvacihinc seemed to eavy amd Clio sJx trahied rideis. a | oo]|(xii,ioHs dit.to. WHEEL NOTES Tlie Itlverside. Cycle Club now lias a pool table and the boys are having lots of fuiu. 'J^lie deulnrs reix>jit biisJiiess only fair. Sales sure slow all over Hie country and Jlor^am >fc AVrlsiliit te-am, were work! UK like jro«xl fellows. All Hte way around t.licy pumped as hard as they could, but it sennwl fha.1 when a certain speed »-as altaitied, tlio macliine refused (o respond to aflded effort and it came 'Uowiti lili'extirfltifu at whait: se«med an ag- Ki-aviUiinisrly slow pace. W!»n the time 2..1-I, I'o-i- who mile, was ajiiiioiinced. l.lif ,'Hiilii>uc* iri tihe f,"rand stand ^ r ave vejvt to expri'ssiuiiis of disgust. The sexitip- K«t wa.i a failure. The two-tnili' handicap was won by .1. Gon;.'!'.. <»f Ft. VVayue. rtir, yards) Lee HeUer, (2."0 yards) Ft. \\'ayne. second; Lowell Lamb. tl.'O ya.rdsl rhird; time Tolm Leonard and .Tame-i ShoaiT o! Danville, 111. w<»n tihe two-mile tandem race. wMfh Chirk Brown of Bn.tJi;r and 51. Xesse! 01" Marion, second. Time Lee Heller OJ' Ft. Wayne won the tive-nwJe -handiicap, with V. .1. Xlin'nicriiTan of Disco (-.10(1 yards) second, a.nd Cdiirk BI-OWD of'Butler (400 yards) third. Time 13.30. WABASH WILL HAVE RACES July 4 Will See Some Exciting Sport There. Will Ounii ha.s insured a number of wheels since tlie bicycle thieves have been jreititiiiR in t.heiir work. A. S. Z'iitin, oC /inn & Co., bicycles, liM.lt. at mi cainly filifc morning: for Indmn- apollis by -t'lie wheel romte. ]te will go from the Gapi'tal Glr.y to Fniinkliii oil ;> .>ilwri v.l'Sit. C'lia/iih.' Slwiff anul Sam Li-spejiartl s.-y they know more about -racing ttam tlu'y j the dliil. They w.iil;! prepare nhemselvcs for the next race they en-tor. Tin.' I.U.MB hiindiciip race for tho cham- |tl(MiN ! lii-p of the Riverside Cycle Club, which wa.s ro have been run last Tuesday at'tw-noon. will be pn-lled off at some later da-te. the rain having made ir unipossilvle to run t.hu race as scheduled. F. W, Skinner Is ineetlng with great success selling Kreis Bros. "No Lea.k" tire coinpotiiul on tho roeitl. The ntuCC (.".no ya-rds) j , loes . f]lo biwinws promptly and .sffoct- ually. rMilIln^ and Trill's comiKi'nnd is also iineeliin? with sood sa;le-s /(hoii^rh rhi'y a-n; not piis-hin? it -to .*iie-l!/kn cite n-t. 11 The new bicycle track n-t liulli.'niipolls is c-omipleted an<l tlwy will ffiv. 1 a nice meet ou July 4 which promises to be a "huiuiner." All the swift riders oC tlie country will he there and the racing will be Al. The (.rack was built on the imiC'li-medltiFne to keep his liver in order a« woultl tlie protestor who preferes the old-fasliloned way at walking, ami therefore the dot-eor has LIO sinister motive In comtomalng the wheel. But he I might have spired us sucli an avalanche of mliseiry by dealing otit those several 'distortion civlaJiiiifies in doses of one at a time. A fashion authority says the present season wiill mo/st liikely .see the passing of bloomer custu.mos for women who ri(h) a wheel. Leadi-ng drossmakiH's have set Che seal of their disapproval on the lilooinor costume, and therefore its days are n,nmbt-red. Already the 1 effect of the ccajdemiKirioti is noticeable. I Socieiy womon, have ordered cost u mis I in whi.cli the Woo/uer li.-is no part and womain of IissSL'r note will not be slow in following tlie.ir exajnpli;. Peru Cliron-k'Ie: 'Ph.n young thief who rented a wheel at Frank JliJIer's early yesterday morning and disappeared, is still at large, iillhougli tlie olHeer* hope to capture him, as they have obrai.ued a slight clue to work on. Yesterday morning some wlieftlinen riding ro ibis city to artend rlie races passvd a lad iwar Bunker HLM whose deserlptiou au- s-wei'Lil that of the one who took the bicycle. Miller sent a mtu> out to Itu.'ikcr H-tU today to follow him up. Charley Gra.ut a'ttd Chtirley Enyarr made a century rum last Sunday, going to Lafayette awl n-t.uni In a link 11 over ten hours. Century runs have not yet "ca.nght" the seoivliers about Loso liard as in t!ie cities. WHAT COL. POPE SAYS. About the Thirty-Dollar Bicycle Story. Colonel Albert A. Tope, m conversation \\-Jit1i a reporter for a New York paper, on tlio subjec-t: on the cost of Ill- cycle building, said: "I canuot understand how t,lic people think bicycles can be made so cheaply and that it i.s all prolit. In order to meet rtio demand made by rlu; public hist ye:n' wo were oliligrd to expuud SOOO.OOO in addJrioiial macliiliiery. This year we are building a new rube mall tha.t wiJJ cost, a great many t.liiousa.iKls of dollars, and have just 1 contraotcvl for auotlit'r JUMV slrur- tnre for our factory, t.hls a<ldilion alnuu being 200 by (Si t'rri 1 . and four stories higli. I have seen .--iM-eraJ papers that tell how much a blcycie cnsts to maki\ and one in partilenljir. Ju the capital city of New York. I have replied m with the following letrer: June IS. ISOO. BLcyck' Ediiior, rlie Albany Express. Alhaiiiy. N. Y.: Dear (sir: You have been publishing sraiicp.iotHs alioiu the cost of a high grade bicycle. I do not know firwn wham you have gathered your figures, liiu they are cert-ijuly not correct. They are ni'gh.t as far as many bicycles are cor.ceriH'd. rlul.t are listed at .fli'iO, Hiial are solil a I any price. Tiicre is a i.U']i.'wnn«iiK flore here i,n Ballon of very li.igh credit advenl'isimg to .-'ell .$100 In wheels at ?20.."0 :u:d other department One Dollar Wabash is to have bicycle raci.ng .Inly -J. The following from Hie YVabasli Tribune will prove inleresling to a mimlH'r of riders who may want to j compete: ! The twenty-mile hauidicap race will be one of tihe matin fititunv Of t.hi' coming fonrt.li of Tnily celobra.tiou. The start wi.1! lie nwde from tin's city at 10 o'clock a-nil all wheelmen are requested to be on tiiine. Farmers living along t.lrc route are requested to knep their c-ows, hoi-ses and dogs one of the way, The roni'te will be north ou the Koann pike, retuniiug ou Uie Cory pike. The merchants ami business men of Wabash have respO'iidod liberally to the call for donations and the following list of prixes wi'U be given to Oic winners: First rime prtee— Ha-lla.day bicycle donated by morcha.tvts, Jfarion Cycle Co.. and Be.ii.nott il Grover. Second prixe— One pair oC SiniliglJt til res by Kokomo Kuliber Co. First place prize — Gold watch, mer- ch.'i ti'ts. Second place— -Sweater, G. B. Johnson: bicycle lamp. Launder it Harter; bicycle slices, K. L. P.echlol; one year's subscription of Hie Daily Tribiwin, AVa- I Ixwh Tribune Co. Third place— U.mbrella, Big Four department store; bell ami cap, Simon Uros.; onie box of Rig Four cigars, N, .1. Power: collar and cuff box, Sweetser & Clark; cigar case, Bloiiut & Egbert. Foiurt.h place— One dozen cabinet photos, F. E. WUMsims; chair hammock, Bennett & Graver; briar pipe, Bradley Bra<s.; r.welve soda water tickets, Brad- Icy Bros. Fifth place— One hundred curds, The Tribune Publishing Co.; work $3, ,T. riuddleson: lap I'obe, A.. Hetlsiuans- pe.rgc-r. Sl.Mth place — PeEfimne, Swadley & Son; pocket book, AJber & Bannister; ton soda nickel*!, Blount & Egbert. SevcmtU place— HammioeU, Jamo.s Lyun, jr.; paper woigiht, Connor, Mat- teru '& Conner. Elgh'tih phieo — Oiue Irox of cigars, Ed Vijrns: Neck tii;e, I. New & Sou. Ninth place— Two bath tickets, Becks Era*.: tcoufrs !<lioc*, A. F. Kbbingiiousc. Tonth place— Folding chair, W. P. Jones. Remarks— Tweruty mile handicap, start ,-Mid (inis.h in TVabasli, 10 ,1. m. same pl.in as the Fouutaiu^/.'.fy track. a.gii. ospBCiuiUy it is consiclereil ;i great thing to sliow a long string of "eetiMiry bans.' 1 The. riders gei a neat badge and whenever, they make a hundred-mile run, t.liey have a bar hung to MISS GERTKU&E VANDHRBILT. IIAKRY 1'AVXE WHITNEY. THE VANDEBBILT-WHITNEY BETROTHAL. Tlio coming marriogo of Hurry Pnjiio TYhitney, eldest son of Ex-Scorctury W. C. Whitney, and Miss Gortrudo Vivnderbilt, eldest daiiditer of Cornelius V.inclerbilt, will unite two lui-jro fortunes. Young; Wiitnoy will inherit millions nnd his bride will one day bo worth §100,000,000 or inoro. The prospective groom ia 24 years old and a graduate of Yale. Miss Vandcrbilt is not yet 20. stores over the country, an 1 doing a similar bw.lno.s.'-. Poi>: t.be buyer believe t.hey are w-crt.h $100? I am sorry Cor jieople who cannot afford to buy butter wheels. Thvre are all kinds of liieydcs jiist as t'here are all kind* of watches. I purchased a watch tixlay t'cr $100 to give to a friend, but I might have bought one for .*-.•"'>. If you care ro know the rnuli ahont rhe nia.iuif.'H'fmv of bicycles we invite you to se.ud an intelligent reporter with a bitsi.ncs? head sui-fl a mcchanioal mini i-ir <H!<" factory :»t Hart.f<ird. and il' you will fall nj)on our manager there, with tills litter, he will give yon aa opportunity ro study t'ho iiiajwifacture of bicycles WILL NOT BUY A House and Lot /• But It Will Purchase Something Just as Valuable . and rhen youir man can go forth intelli- 'geintly aiiid write whnr he r.hinks. I am (.sure t.lia.t; your paper wanw to publish nho trurh, and hero i? an opporiunily . for you ro get it. Very truly youj'S. I ALBERT A. POPE. President. STERLING ELLIOTT. Farmers living along the course please look out for tiha tvihcelmeu. De Wolf Hopper's Lstelt. Do Wolf Hopper's latest skit, sprang on the wheelmen at the theater party given in Baltimore in their honor, links together Maryaud her Jittlp Jamb and a pair of bloomers. Hero it is: Mary hnil u little lomb. It Jollowuil her ovory day. But ono clny Mury put the bloomers oii< And tho liimb—ho run away. A Bicycle In • Dlrorce Co*o. Too njuch bicyclo was urged aa a cncso for divorce from his wife by a New Zenlander recently. Sho spent nearly all of her tiiuo ttway from home riding on hor machine in bJoomers and neglecting hor domestic dnties. The insbnucl said this nmonntod to deser- ;ion, but the jndge did not see it in the same light.—Chicago Inter Ocean. tit, .Louisville, and Is considered one ot tlio fastest in the country. • Yesterday the bicycle ordinance passed by the Goslien council went Into effect, and Dhe police have been given orders to rigidly enforce it. The ordinance absolutely forbids scorching on any oC tho city street? and regulates rhei-spcod oC riding to six miles au hour, l-n/fhe paved district and eight ra.iles per hour elsewhere in. the city. Adaim Fdker •mom'.us the loss of his now Aiiie-1 -1110011111110. Some Inconsiderate Woj'fle rJiief picked the wheel up from hi front of tho Pha,ros olliee last Tuesday evening, a.nrt, though It was locked with the latest Improved lock, carried it off, lock anil iM. Adam was thoughtful to have the whori 'uusured, and will get a new one to replace the OIK stoleji. Peru Chronicle: Quite a number of the city riders who took part in the bicycle races yostxsril'ay apparently had au attack of. "buck ager." Earl Rowan, who won. third money :!n the novice race in wliieJi* the fastest time was made, mOde-sUy says tliere we-re several In the race whom 'he thinks can beat him, but they made a- poor showing, yesterday. Ear], ho-wever, woniJtl like to race Marion Spurgeon, who won the county A doctor says the bl'cyole habit makes people crosseyed, wrinkles their fore- hc^id's. causes them to have bow-legged arms, makea tlican plgeontoed and h u mp-biiicked,. gives diom round shoulders, cranes DheJr necks, dcrvelops Interfering 1 arildes and otherwise disfigures and defaces them. Of course tills prediction, is made from) a pnrely .phlla.n tln-oplc .standpoint. ,A cross-eyed bl- ^person jwould require. as the badge. The longer tihe. string of ba.rs tlui better Slit; rider. The very Jjitast argument offered in favor of wheeling is that the bicycle is . the mtsins of Oiuwiimg together h.us- bajid 5i.ild wife iu the performance of a common cxercltee. The husband has no longer any reason for taking exercise alone when his wife ca.u accompany him. The hea.lthy develoi>mont of strength, the piurJity oC open air, help to giivc joy aud JieaJit.h, to crea.te in men and women tllivit good fellowship of tlie road that w-ill list nil through i.lie journey of life, etx- \\TilH JJurdock made a record for the oou.t^e described tis'follows: Start!ug ;.it Dick TwKlIs's clgjir Htoix 1 ou Broadway tlicuce ttomi Broadway to Fourth, to tiho Paroh:uidile station, to tilie Thliil sDreot bnlnlge, awoss to 'Hie river road down 'tihe -river to the Cicoit street bnildge, up Ciicol;t streou to Market sitreot, to Bel Rilver avonue, to Broadway, tbe.ucc t:o Twells's store. The ey- ctamiinetoL' ma'kiss 1iie dtestmicc 2.1 miles, Jlimlock .iu.-uto Jit In G:o7, ,-uid Cha.rJJe Shaft-cut twenty-six seconds off of that, leaving tihe record at 0.31. A Musics! Bicycle. Rnhwny, N. J., has a musical bloyclo which, when rlddon, plnys tlio l.itost popular ulra. Tho music box is operotiiil by n stool fan, Blmilar to a windmill, which Is placed Iu tho cuutur of the hiuullo bar in front of tho rider and works just as n pin- wheol docs when carried by a running boy.—New York World. Homo Cur Uue Killed by Bicycle*. "Th« bicycle.lias lilt tho horso n blow lit:- twcun thu' ey«s at Maukato. Tho street railway cbiupiiny of that" city has resolvvil ahorid the rmmlng of Its horso ours Caroar of the M»n Who II »t the Hend ol the L. A. W. Sterling Elliott was born in Michigan in 1852. His father was a miller, which may account for the good untnrod way in which tho younger Elliott has over ac- 1 cepted life. At the age of 19 ho went ! away from home to learn tho carriage , builders' trade. Tho concentration of purpose and the ability to fulfill it which have marked his later years were shown at this early age, for at the eud of 11 months ho was foreman of a factory of considerable pretensions. „ At ono time ho was associated with Thomas B. Joflery, aow of Qorurolly & Jeffery, in the manufacture of one of his inventions, n dash stitching machine. He afterward designed the only successful machine that has ever tied a errnaro knot in a thread. One of bis most notable inventions was the monster electric chronograph for timing races to tho sixtieth of a second. The pneumatic trotting snlky, now so universally used, was designed by Elliott. On this idea ulone he has 17 patents, infringements ou some of which are tho occasion of cases DOW in court. Moro than 40 patents on smaller devices have been taken out by him. In iin altogether unpretentious and incidental way he addresses tlie public with voice nnd pen, and tho public has insisted on investing him with a breadth of pleasing, homely, convincing philosophy. His interest in bicycling and good roads dates back balf a score of years, uad he has ever been an intelligent counselor and an active, ardent champion of tho cause on any and every occasion. He has been a league member for ten years and a member of tho Massachusetts board of officers for. six years. Ho was chairman of the national highway committee dating 1894 and has been a member of the national assembly since 1890. In 3894 Mr, Elliott was made chief consul of Massachusetts aud iu November last was re-elected in the same manner to servo during the present year.—Wheel. The Sunday Journal Will Be Delivered at YOUP House for Per IN ADVANCE, OR, 1: A Xho Brake Quemtlon. 'Should tho Military MnchiDo Have a Brako?" is a topic to bo discussed at t-ho Irst unnunl convention of tho United states Military wheelmen to bo bold In Now York. Every bicyclo, except tho strict racing wheel, should, in ouropiulou, huve n br;ikc.—American Cyclist. DROP a POSTAL CARD Giving- Cyclingaind-the Sense*. Cycling momentarily expands the sense;! of smell aud taste, and tho sunfie of touch •Is muoh developed during aud after riding, but tho muscular seuso la tho ono •I which improves tho .most, Wheellug has '•noaction on theBonscof bearing.—Wheel. Name and Street Numfeteiv

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