The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 22, 1934
Page 3
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22, 1S34 WEEK Blythevilles Theatres 'Best Dressed- Crown Is Hers THE Described - ns one ot iho most human and dramatic screen stories of tlw year, Jesse L. Lisky's "The Vrti|te Fafa'd'e," Will hft seen al the HI!?, Sunday and Monday. l/)relta 'Young aiid John gole.s play llif. leading roles in this first o( all films lo deal with the slu- dent nurse—her training days, her heart • aclws and her happiness In service-. To judge from advance ac- foiinte, Hie picture sets a new high for faithfulness to life ant! for discovering heart throbs, pathos and Iqughter. In' tlio- mosl realistic of material. A notablr, cast,' Is lined up In support of thif two leading players. Among them are Dorothy Wilson MurW Kirkland.' Aslrld Allwyn' Frank Melton, Waller Johnson, v Jonn Danvcll, Prank Conroy, Sam £.H»<lcn and jrjyco Coinplon. A picture of heart throbs, of pathos and laughter, of touching humanity and high resolve—Hint is what Is promised to local audiences when "The white Parade" is revealed here. fr Seldom, if ever, has ' there teen such n combination ot elements which mean good entertainment as there are in "Imitation of Life" 16 be Ihc Rltz Tuesday and _ Wednesday. ' Fannie Hurst's great novel will interest millions or women. "Back Street" proved that Fannie Hurst .understands -thoroughly what women like to see in a movlni; pic- Uire.i Jbim Stahl In that picture prqvai' that he knew how lo transpose lo l>)c screen every Inst ounce of which lay in a PnnnU- Hnrst Klpry. "• r nien them Is Ihe popularity ol Olaudett* Colbert, who is an ideal 'heroine for- Rinnle Hurst's story. A new baby slar. fhtK time . a three-year-old one, named Baby . Jane, plays the liny daughter anil for her work was given n starring contract by Universal... Hochelle Hudson plays the baby grown up, -wllh Alan Halo, Ned Rpai-ks, Henry Armell a, Louise Beavers, Henry Kolker, Alnia Tell, G'. P. Hunlley jr., Wyndhnm Slaniljnir and Paul Porcasl. ' . . " Earbr>ra Stanwyck, in nn r-nilrc- .h. new kind of role, and wl.lli War, f$ William as leading man, comes In -the ftjlz (.heater on Thursday and, Friday In her laleil Warner Bros. " production, "This Secret Bride." The picture,'based on the play drama r,f political intrigue v.hleh Involves iho commission of two banllng murders and tlio Impeachment of the governor <)f Die stale on brllwry charges. RpcreUy married lo thr> attorney general, she learns on her very wcddlnn ilay thai her father, tin? governor, imx brf-n charged wllli bribery and her own husljand hns to prosecute him. Warren William, playing ihc attorney general, hides a leilcr supposedly written by 1)10 governor sollclUng the bribe, after he hnd pardoned a big business man who ha<(- bean imprisoned for embezzle me m. There is nn unusually slrong supporting cast wllh Artlnn- Uy- ron in tin; role of the governor; Grant Mitchell as the cringing .secretary of the slain financier; Henry O'Neill in iho role of a big contractor and politician who belrays Ihc governor, his best friend, others Include Arthur Aylesworth. Wlllnrd Robcitson and William Davidson. Joe B. Drown, the wide mouthed comedian, lull come to Ihu Rilx theater on Saturday an a "(i Unv Bike Rider," n First Knttonal pro- (Inctlon that is .said to be Hie biggest rib lickler in which Joe has yet appeared. The story, by Earl Baldwin, is crammed wllh hilarious sitnalinns, .sicte-splittfni; (!av,s, romance and hcarl throbs, and in :iddilion cnr- rlfs cnoii|;h thrills In lunko a mrto- drnma. Joe. as tlm village wise cvacker and local Don Juan, bfcomr-.s Joal- OILS of n proffwilonal tvk:k bicycle rider, and tells the neighbors thai he will "show" Ihem by BOJIIS to the big clly and winning lift grrifl, sl>; day iviee. Tliere Ls a lalcnted enst of comedy players in DID Important rales. Frank McHugh, who plays Hie part of Joe's pal, and rides as hi? (earn mate, Is a far Ijctler comn- ulan ilrnn hi> | s n r ],](.,. Mnxine Doyle, a coiniaralhw newcomer lo the screen, wa.s selected fm- lic-r charm and bc-anly to te Joe's leading Indy. Gordon Weslcott IIRE ihc part of the city slicker while Aiiliur Aylr-sworll), fnmoiifl on the New York r,ino D h Die banter father or Joe's "girl Ixillie William.-, jrtnys die pr.rl of her mother ivhllp norolhy Christy is the blonde "oilier woman" in the case, others In the east, include Harry Seymour as the radio nu- nouncc-r :il Uio incfrs. Llovii Ne'il nnd W.ll)lnm-Cirr,n R 6r. - 3-- S Witli Nniicy .Carroir.and. George Murphy; iri" tlic leading voles, Columbia's '"Jealbusy" opens Sunday at'thef Rpxy for Iwo flays. Bused oil'. u'ri rtrgyll -Carnpliell slpry, it relates the thrilling c-ipfrl- . ences of a icaloasv-cva?.cd pvlic- nijliUr and his lovely wife. As Ills opponent in a championship fight in tlio picture, Lee Ramage, ncarrcontender for Ihc world's heavyweight crown, was chosen. James J. Jeffries, former heavyweight champion, is seen as the referee. worthy of note thai Ramage and Murphy .renewed an old friendship with Ihe . picture, for they had boxed together' often in the latter's fighting days. Also seen in the cast of "Jealousy" are Donald Cook, Inez Courtney, Arthur liohl, Raymond Walburn, Clara Blanrtick'-nnd Josephine Whittell. and directed it ns well, plays one of Die lending roles, that of "Bob Grant," Ihc slagc producer anil unwelcome guest- In the Maxwell home who causes much of the mixiip. The head of (ho house, probably equally as lm]>orlanl a lead ns lhat played by Mr. Craven, is acted by Arthur Byron, noted lead of Broadway's "Criminal Code," nnd who did a fine piece of screen work ns the prison warden in "Twenty Thousand Years in Sing Sing." Helen Ware, fine old stage actress, plays the tircsomcly talkative and fiery wife of "Tom Maxwell"; sheila Manners, n .striKn" redhead and newcomer lo the screen, lias Ihe feminine lend as "Deila," Ihc older Maxwell sister- while Mary Carlisle, popular youii" featured player, is cast ns the younger sister, while Mary Cm lisle, popular young featured player, is cast as the younger staler. "Thai's Gratitude," fast-moving small town family comedy which j "Dora," who is in love "w'lth "'lie ifrad a sensational New York run,l"' \jilays at the Roxy Tuesday, Wed-' nesdny nnd Thursday. Frank. Craven, noted actor and lglit ivlio authored the piece -, -.«- .^ , i, ivvi: xv H [sister's fiance and finally ge Othera in the cast arc Charles Sabin nnd John Buckler, Iwo popular Broadway favorites. Good Players Don't Always Reach Correct Contracts Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WM. E. McKENNEY' Secretary, American Bridge I^ay Yon cannot bid all the hands ccirecUy. Sometimes ' It Is very * A V Q 7 5 -t 3 fQHM J 10 G 3 VAK 4 A K s s PunjfcBte— All vul. South \ Vcst N(11(ll ,^ Ast Pass 2 » pass Pass .iv J'ass Pass Pass I'ass teniJ— 4 <, 22 .ilifflcHH to determine wheUicr to J,'^h« e *? at f ^ 1 ' ^ a m "I° r or three no trump. Over South's spade bid In to- days hind, North's mpcwe of Today's Contract Problem South is playing the 'contract at five clubs. West opens tlie king of spades, ivlilcli la won In durnras' with tbe ace. Now what's ihe first play declarer must mal<c? A A 0 7 I A J HI C A V A Q 10 2 * A Q S 2 * K Q 7 4 3 Solitll.on .In flt-sl issue. £2 America's best-dressed woman H • looking at you here, upon her return lo ;Ke« York City from j Purls, wliere couturiers Imvo • fallen Into tlio habit of awarding her crown. Airs, Iliiirlsou \VDliams declares it costs her at least $!0,OnO annually In war.i- rn\i» bills lo annes tlio coveted title. .. Biuno in hearts; but If he docs bid three diamonds. No)Hi wllh-. out a minute's hesltallon will (jol to three no trump lie hns a fit in' diamonds, thri nee of his partner's suit, nnd the club suit stopped. Three no trump can lie made easily, but several pairs in n recent, (lpuliciil,c i;ame. where this ha nil was played, arrived in u four-heart contract by bidding It as i have shown, and 1 was surprised lhat only one iwlr defeated l.ha fonr-hi-ail contract. ; ' Tlie Play In most cnscs, En/il opened the fnnv of cliita. West went right up with ihc' ace and returned the queen of clubs. Nov.- Is It a difficult problem for Kast to over- lake Ihr: queen of clubs with his kiiiR? 'r\-\]0 enough, Ills partner rnny have "thv'ee clubs, hut "wTiaf illsoard from tlic South hand will do North liny uooil? Also now lhat East tins four trumps and that tiie nee niid king of trumps'flre'tn Die dummy. East can make oiily ouo trump trick hut if he cnii. kill one' of lliosi. honors In" dummy, 'it might ,he possible fnr him lo gel two tru'mp Irinks and defeat the contract. When \V(?st sliows up with the ncc nnd queen of clubs, Ihe bidding practically marks North will the ace of spades, therefore : spade Irick cannot be looked-for, Ovenakc the miccn of club: wilh the king nnd lay down another club. If Hie declarer does not ruff in dummy wilh Ihe ace of hearts, then. Wcsl will make n trump tvlck; bill, if Soiilli dor; "iff .llien East will make two trump tricks. Either way, (lie, contract is dc fented one trick'. .wo hearts Is natural, but .now South is confrohted with the prob- em, should he bid three dia- nonds? I believe he should, hop- ng lhat, If his partner hasj the club sull slopped, he will bid throe 10 trump. \ II South bids two no trump, .aking a chance thai they have he clubs stopped, or supports the hc.irts, they ore going to arrive at Heavy Eel Run Gives Alaskans Winter Food NOME, Alaska. iup> - Alnska. Indians and Eskimos arc well- supplled with winter rood for men and rtogs, following one of the greatest runs of eels ever seen in the Yukon River. Tens or millions of the eels forced their way .up the -stream under (he first, thin coating of ice Natives camped along ihc ijreat nvcr near Russian Mission and scooped Ihem out with improvised nets. Some .were smoked to preserve them, others, frozen solid Inlow northern temperatures will keep through the winicr. The run . laslccl for nearly sin weeks. Mosl while Alaskans scorn eels as an inferior type of fish, but I heir flesh is relished by natives in 188-I-188G, Thomas Stevens traveled around the world, cover- nig the land nrca.s on a hisli wheel bicycle. He wheeled a dis cc or i,i,r>00 miles. TEXA JOYNER & BONIFIELD TRXACO PRODUCTS for Him * + + He Needs Gloves and we havu a large selection of Kldsklns and Imilallon Pigskin ni, D8c, $1.49 'mid $I.!M!,.. l.lnerl or Unltned. .1. C. PKNNHY CO. 1.OUHC11NC1 HOUIffi Black flat crciw with conlrnst- InU Irlins, $10, New Mead Clothing Co. PAT O'BRYANT, Jeweler, arrj- ge-sls bill folds, fountain pens, pencils, rings, filled zipper scls, cigarelle cases, llghtors, walch- es, chains nnd bands. /' .' 4 *• + At Haynes Men's Shop cnn be : found gifts for Uin man from. 2f>c up. May we\ suggest, handkerchiefs, llc-s, pa- Jamas. .ttilrts, scarfs, lounging rolls', lints, tells and buckles? 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