The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1933
Page 2
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t WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 1933 '' BLVTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ' PAGE THREE Figures In Latin-American Negotiations Velvet Glove Policy of U. j S. Diplomats Helps Increased Trade Talk. Bjr NEA Sen-Ice ! WASHINGTON. — Negotiations now under way here wltii Colom- Wa are only the first of a series of Mich pow-wows' that will explain/ .86 they unfold, the reason'! for the i United Slates' "velvet glove" policy I during Ihe Machodo overturn in' Cuba. I No .soaner had the comparative failure of the Lcndon Economic § Confeience become certain, thani the United States announce' deft-1 nltely that it was going out to 1m- j prove trade relations wiln its uei^h-1 bors to the south. The comparallve mildiiev, ofi United Etat I; policy In Cuba wa.s | undoubtedly influenced by consid-1 cnulon of the negotiations which | If are no» ; beginning. | "Imperialism" at End | These talks with Colombians are to be folloived by similar talks with Argentina, Brazil, and others. They all lead up to th seventh Pan- American congress, which meets next December in Montevideo, Uruguay. Tiie United States is> must anxious to make a success of Ihis con- lerence and cement closer the interests of the western hemisphere by proving tljat il. means what its president says when ht speaks of u new era of being "good neighbors" to supplant the old policies of business imperialism. Secretary of state Hull is himself, expected lo represent ihe Unite:! states ai Montevideo. Tariff Trading; S«fn The confeience now on with Colombia, represented oy Dr. Don Pablo Lazano Torrijos, aims at increasing trade between the two countries by reciprocal tariff ar- Jitiigements. Colombia now sends to the United States' principally coffee, bananas and cacao, all tariff free. We ship to Coiombia jiiostly machinery, textiles, lumber, automobiles, furniture and electrical goods. Colombians one of six southerr countries which bought more goods Irom us in the first half of 1933 than the first half of 1932. the . others being Argentina, Brazil «, Venezuela ana Mexico. The intention 16 to foscer'lhis increase In such a'way'that both 'countries may benefit. Task for Picked Envoys JefYc-rson Cattery, the assistan secretary of state, who it is re polled, will become ambassador to Cuba, is expected to be of specia value in tn'S present negotiations "as he is a former minister to Co loinbia. A 1 special effort is beini made In ,the state department I build up a strong South Americai section. Sumner Welles, his prestige en hanced by his skillful handling o (he dlfficull Cuban situation, prob ably will return to the departmen in Washington.. Alexander W. We<ldell, now en his way to take up his post as ambassador to Argentina, gave a hint of what may be expected of the "new deal" in Latin-America re-' lations when he said, on leaving,' "We want no big-brother altitude, no paternalistic attitude, but z neighborly and exact reciprocity." Tills equality of the 22 American republics is wt'iat Latin-Americans have been urging for many years. 3 I « Britain Keen Rival -,. 5 k Development of American shipping and air mail routes to South America has un-oubtedly helped to overcome [he handicaps impeded by tariff policies, a fluctuating dollar, and the United States' general reputation as a meddling bullf. Great Britain gradually beer getting a larger share in trade wilh South America, and has an advantage in the stabilized pound, on^e more resuming its former place as the international money. The "salesmanship tour" :f I'm Prince of Wales to South Amcric" was principally aimed at Argentine trade. In 1926 Britain sold Argentina $108.000.000 worth of so=df the United Stales $140.000,000. Last year it. was Britain $30.000.030 United States $15,000.000. Tn , lt shows what has been happening, and what the .series of conferences leading up to the Pa-American Congress is trying to rectify. » * a Shape New Sales Policy The aim of the present administration seems to be lo reverse tlie vra' of "super-salesmanship" of previous administrations. That was lo make loan> almost under pressure (o countries of the South, and to press the markets wltr. an •utal&ate government sales c: sanitation (Hoover's Bureau of foreign and Domestic Commerc. now greatly reduced). Th« present aim seoms to be not so much "sell Ihe goo:U at anv cost," as "sell the goods as ollrn as the deal benefits boll) p.irlfc." Tcurfc.1 Traee Spurred Even Ihe tourist trade is lo b= encouraged. In countries like France! England and Germany, the money' left behind them by Ameri can tourists u a bU Hem of national income every year. But th« possibilities of greatly increased traffic of this kind between the Americas Is shown by a party ol 175 Brazilians now on their *ajr to "See America First" on an Fascist Fashion Notes Closer links are binding the two Americas . . . already linked by many steamship routes (solid black nes) and airways (dotted lines) ... in netfotiollons now beginning between (he United States und atln America. Dr. Don FJbio Lozano Torrijos of Colombia, upper left. RlnaWo Silva of Brazil, upper ight, Alexander Weddell, lower left. an:l Jefferson Caffrey, lower right, U. S. dip'.omute. will take imp riant parts. ' American liner bound from Rio to looks to the future. In 1913, the [ world trade of Latin-America was The party Is to lour the United ' around $2,800(000,000. in 192U tliav tales widely, and may be (lie van- • had climbed to almost $3,000,000,000. uard of a two-way army of tourist] Countries like Bra-ill and Argen- ravel w.iich would not only be a i Una still. offer opportunities lor de- nation, the campaign will from Past OnM commtiiKl.iui of Canadian Hoops during tlic war. American police ofnclnls often hnve ex|irrs?r<l ainuseinciil at scrr.t of I'he <ihi.f;isiiioiied inrthotls UK«! by Scot!, ml Yard. hV)r instance, policemen UK bicycles hnve been after automobile ihleves. U vviis nol until I9H Hint lyiKwrller.i were liurodurvj Into the records mrnts, niui sun Inter that n police telephone -.ystem was Installed, like lliat of iiiiiny American citli'.s. Today a visitor lo Die Yard rcylsterK with u [|iiill pen. and In nav (Jrlm- i hull Records otllcrs he sees elderly : workviu m alpaca cunts pir.leriiiK throiigli ru.iMs of old and new files, Kmui", (iallrry ('gniplrtc Yd cvi-u Hie mention of "C. U, 0'.", the Criminal Records Otllcl;. | will (jlu miy imbtluiil criminal | BOOseJl.sli R i, iiiU dep.iriineiH, 1 wltii its 350,000 fingerprint c.irjs and auiMlinjly complete data on the habits, methods nncl haunts of crooks, has won ilit> Yard much i of its (time. ! In America ill present police I handbills are sent out over l-ie \ 1 country from scares of dlflerfil j sources, in England all such ma(I ler Is issued by ijcoilaiul Yard, have There src two dully rxiucrs—the I real benefit in itself, but result In essening of the mutual ignorance f the two Americas oT each oth?r. velopment comparable to tlial of our own west., and tliey have been far less hard hll by the depression • ' * j (Sinn world War countries. MI Market Offered j 1'rie conferences now going ou in The new Latin-American policy, i Washington are the prelude to a vhile partly defensive because ol determined effort to participate In he failure to make mutual agree- this present and future trade on nents with Europe, is also one lhat I a mutually beneficial basts. Wt DO OUR TAFll N R A News To help the people of this community tn understand and co-operate In ihe. national recnvsrv pro»ra:n this column ,will 'appear dally or as occasion demands. Persons uncertain about any requ'remenls o! the President's Re-employment Agreement o r other features of the recovery movemniu are Invited to submit, inquiries. been a success, and that will be! Morillll B Keporl and, In the utU'r- Ihe purpose of the campaign from! n °°"- 1'rinlcd Infotmatlon. Tlic Ho- thLs time onward—to educate P«o- llce CJozelle Is gotten out threu pie lo trade only with those em-l tlmes a we ek, and there arc five ployers who are doing their part.l weeklies, each for a siwclflc purpose. Tr.c Illustralcd Circular reports the movements of wandering crooks, mid'The Weekly List ot Habitual Criminals tells which of tlKin have Jiibt been released from prison. Then here arc The Pawnbrokers' List and T.ic Cycle List, for the recovery of stolen goods, and Tne Black List, giving the names o( habitual drunkards tc whom It Is forbidden to .v.'ll liquor. Outlook Bright for Big 1 Deer Crop in Texas SEGUIN, Tex: (UP)—Deer ivlll >e plentiful In Texas next year, if the second seasonal crop o( fawns ; a "correct Indication. J. J. Dent, director of Ihe slato xame preserves, said many newborn fawns were found (lite month on Texas ranges, an 'unusual occurrence remembered only by vet- • The Courier New s • and other lake that eagle off that window, dully .newspapers on the country, We are going to do it under such are today carrying a full page ad- circumstances that • the whole vtitisemenl which is an official, world will-know why we have tak- stalement of the Blue Eagle Divls-! en it off, and that we have taken ion. National Aecovery Adminis- it off fairly." tration, at Washington. The ad-; During these remaining four vertitement carries n statement of IRELAND- FRINGED eu>e : SHI(3.T SLACK BU06 EYES TO 1.T£LL UasOU ABOUT TMtSf I PON T CA.RE ABOUT TH«i COLOR — IS IT COMPUCAT i O(N» S lluw Pliin Would Work If Uncle Ham hid a Scotland Yard, It doubtless would fuiu;ll;n similarly as a central clearing house of all .such criminal Snfor- er"p is ™e C second I his season, "the | matto ! L A1 ™ »ke the English firet having been delivered nearly Iwo monllia ago. Late arrivals are lem, il coulJ coordlnnlc Ihc ctlorls of local police In any area, while attributed to weather conditions. at 'he same time it could dispalch 1 last winter. Nearly 4W deer will be moved trained Investlgaton-, to the scene Officials Interested In the plan neany ,„, ueer win pe moveu ^ Mi btllcvt , ,, lal Dividual po- this fall from Kerr, MO.WII. all-, , 1(S „„.„ „, „„ s ,, urilt i «,„,„ lesple and Conial counties for re- WOU ]<i i, stocking other parts of Texas, Dent t mule said. of the separate states to For kidnaping o: bin racketeering c:r>c, -mi ofllclnl of His fUilc pullr?. since the crossing of a .stale lx>mi- j hi the lalltT capacity hu coiil:! dai-y probably would be involved ('linage from Hie oiiUsol In I he In- during the commission' vrsli'jiilUm of any iinpurtnnl crlm- of the crime. Sccoiully, u nicr.iu> Imii t If iha turned out has been pvopwd \vheroby one orj to iininlie th'; iitlriuliin of more representatives of "Thf'Yurd" i Yind." llrj ufllciiil would nilioinull- coulil bo In cuth I cully in.ium(j coni|i!ele cliurjj of mid could exercise bal'.i !-t(Ui) inn] i It its a rqjri^iMtUillvt 1 of the rv:i- Federal nulhorlly. Senator Hoyul 8. Comjlpml. era] •j,..if.,*i, .,~.* _ f comlucllnij racket' Investigation) Larbon lYlOnOXltle ViBs the basis for li-ifhln-! P i n t «•> slays nomeiess uogs huntin [Ion to IM submitted to Congress next full, suguwls^lhal each gov-1 enior assign from the .stale ixjllc?' one or more men (o be trained In Uncle' Sam's "Scotland Yunl." Fjich miui, on tlie completion of training, i would return lo his stale, resign - i his former position nnd accept an'tin ilealli for Detvoll'.s homelc^ son, (lie Federal government, prob-lappojhlment as n Federal aoeiit.'dnjs. : ably' could easily nnd some viola- At tiw same lime he vvoultl ue glv- Mnu. Ilerfcrl K. F.rte, lii ehar;ifi DETROIT. (UP) -- The vicious dea'.h thuL lil-.les In l.u:. t-olurli'a. odorlef.i ;|ns, carbon monoxlili: .found In ntilinnobile. exhuirit:. -has btfrii cmiverlcd Into a mcrd Cijtimr irews Want Ad.i tlon of Federal ]nv.' In nny en a dollar-a-jvnr iipiiulntnieii! n 11 of lie Ifthul clmmter. lintinil, lins ilevLscd a now method'..i uf piilnle.ssly klllinK unclaimed" dogs, mill/Jug Ihd carbon monox-'"' 1 Iclc from (liv exhaust of n .small truck, whkh Unclf cuntalm the • General Hugh S. Johnson, National Administrator. Under the heading "What the Blue F.nglq Means to You and How You Can Get It," this advertise- menl explains the : situation very days before check up week starts, Blytheville employers are most, urgently requested to complete: their arrangements lo comply 100 per cent with their agreements. Let nothing remain undone in .this direction. Let's be able to report r'earlv. This statement carries to i to the administration In Wash- the entire nation substantially the '• inglon that Blytheville. Arkansas,explanations which have ,been j is going down the line In this- sivcn from time to time by" the ! campaign just as il did during Blylheyille NRA Committee, and is j those trying, days In 1917 and 1911 nn official explanation of the when we went down the line at President's Reemployment Agree- . the head of the parade in doing 'til (sometimes miscalled ''The our part in the campaigns In sup- Blanket Code." Every Blytheville • no" of the world war. ' The program, so far, has heen to pet Blue Eagles in the places molover i s urged to' read this -tolement carefully. - ' . ... . The local committee wants to of business find industry through- j call (o the attention of Blytheville out this nalion. The job of deal-| r»nnl».a statement made by Gen- 'inc with the chiselers and those, ern! Johnson in his speech deliver- who try to "get by" will come ed at St. Louis on August 13lh. ln'«'- . ' ' which is as follows: "If you see u This is not a campaign of in- j place where there is none (Blue 1'iiidntion, but a campaign of ex- Eagle) and you do any kind of plnnntion. All lhat is necessary to ' ' IK* there von have a right to now it thai tlie President's plan "Brother where U your Blue 10 restore prosperity to this na-; Eagle?," and (if the answer docs tion is for the jieople to cooperate ' not to you seem fair). In take in this campaign. All that Is nec- vmr business elsewhere." That is essary to knov- is lhal every cm- to be the outcome of this nloyer who shows i.he Blue Eagle | Ins already raised wages nnd ere- > going . . ncnfal Johason. in asserting . a led new jobs and that Iw can- 1 at there would be no trifling ] rot keep it tip " nile -^ ^fP'l^J. 1 ' ...... "' that with the Blue Eagle, said: "I know (here is a lot of it now, bin we nre going to move in there and acts now to support him by buy- ; inir his goods. \Vhcn this Idea he- i prevalem throughout the < The followlii" short o'ueslionnnirc will be ri port of the dally lornl NHA column until the tinr: ro'nes for the rocular checl:- ii;i campnign. All empiover.s .mil signers of Ihe President's Be-mrJoyment A°refinent are i^ni^-led io rlln Iht5 form, fin in the answers to the questions anil re 1 , urn I 1 " h'nnlt lo 'h> office of the Corner N°w.< rr lo the lova| NRA cnmmltleo headquarters in 'he Chamber of Commerce offices:— ' 'i (We) have ihned the Pr;sid»»l> He-eiup'.o-.meut Agrrcmem and arc complying xvilh the provisions theivol. (Yes or No'. I (We) had ...... employees -.vhen the Agreement was slgnrd. 1 (We) have r.lwrtetied (he hours ol ...... employers. I (We) have increased the IKI.V of ...... employees. I (We) have discharged ...... omployees. • I i We) have decreased the p.iy of ...... employees. Wei hove Increased our monthly payroll $ ........ 1 I iWe) have added employees. I (Wp) nre (are nol) tltspbyln-r Ihe nh\i« 1 (We) havr nol signed th? Ajr.vmp'i! leasons— I (We) have signed Ihe Agreemenl and csr with Hie provisions thereof by full lime and ...... l ):irt llmp for '° ** complying Name Address Tk eure «/ Thei/ Taste better v ^ 191). I-toclrr It MrmToMcco Co.

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