The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1956 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1956
Page 7
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14,19,18 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Soviet Unions New Propaganda Moves Have US. Wondering By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst . WASHINGTON (AP) — The Russians must have a new public relations man. Every move packs a propaganda wallop. They waltz up to the United States as if to shake hands and then sock with a fast left cross. ed peace and pointed out United States had surrounded sia with air bases. Eisenhower and Secretary' hi state Dulles decided to wait a while before rejecting this second offer, as they almost certainly will. They haven't answered yet. Balloon Charge Feb. 6. While the world was still pondering this second Soviet offer, Their timing Is good, as the dates show. They've got this country wondering where the next punch is coming from. But there's no mystery" about their propaganda which has two aims: to shake loose this country's allies by trying to, fill them with misgiving about American intentions; and to win over the people of Asia. Africa and the Middle East with the idea Russia is big brother, the United States the opposite. Here are some dates: Jan.. 25. While Britain's Prime Minister Eden was on his way here to meet with President Eisenhower—an event bound to capture world headlines — Premier Bul- ganln sent Eisenhower a personal message. Shared Headline! Thereafter Eden's approaching visit had to share top headlines with the message. Secrecy surrounding it added to the interest. Russia didn't spoil the interest by revealing the contents. Jan. 2€. Eisenhower released both Bulganin's message and his own reply. Bulganln had proposed a 30-year friendship treaty. Eisenhower rejected the offer, suggesting Russia show its good intentions by deeds rather than words. Jan. 39.* The Soviet press headlined Bulganin's offer but didn't mention Eisenhower's reply. The Russians let the offer sink in, getting maximum mileage out of it, building up the hopes of people who didn't know Eisenhower's re- Ply. Jan. SO-Feb. 1. After three days of talks, Eisenhower and Eden issued a joint statement on what they had discussed and decided. It was vague. They stressed their wishes for peaceful settlements in the Middle East. 19M Agreement They referred to a 1950 agreement they had with the Trench to «top.» war in the Middle East, if It broke out, by acting together Inside or outside the United Nation*. Did this mean they'd intervene with troops? They didn't say. Th« Russians let this pass momentarily. They had other fish to fry. AB if to divert world attention from the Eisenhower - Eden message of the day before, Bul- fanin did an extraordinary thing. Feb. 1. He sent a second letter to —Eisenhower, urging again a friendship treaty and offered the same kind of treaty to America's friends. Hs called on this country to show by deeds also that It want- "nte Russians accused theTJffi States of sending balloons equipped with cameras and radios over sia to do military spying. This may have been meant to back up Bulganin's complaint the United States was hemming in Russia militarily. The Russians played this tune for days, even after the United States said it would try not to let It happen again although explaining the balloons were not aerial spies but were gatheri»; only scientific information. Feb. 13. Russia picked up what it had ignored before: the Eisenhower-Eden statement. It warnec against use of American-British- French troops in the Middle East, put itself in the position of protecting the Arabs, and accused the West o( being more Interested in oil investments in the Middle East than in the people there. PAGE SEVEN Parakeet- Is Good Fireman OMAHA (fl — There's a parakeet named Pudgies who is a pet at a fire station here. And as smoke is a signal of danger to a fireman, so it is to Pudgie. You just can't smoke in the st>. tion recreation room with Pudgie around. To disbelievers the firemen say "go ahead and light up a cigar. Shp lands on it and she pecks it into two parts. No use to blow smoke in her face, either. She's a true "smoke eater" like her ownen. Academic Route 'L06 ANGELES HI—Driving along Sunset Blvd. In the fog-smog en rout* to an appointment, Dr. Wallace Sterling, president of. Stanford University, got his directions mixed. Mrs. Sterling quickly straightened him out In ilmplg academic terms: "Why we're, just going toward USC and sway from UCLA." with full safety availability and convenience Current Dividend Rare 3% / Blytheville Federal Savings & Loan Association 200 N. 2nd St. Phont 3-4553 Attention: Rental Property Owners Of Blythevllle and Nearby Towns For quick action, If you have nnUI houslnc (Tillable, pl«M oil the Blytheville Air Force Base Housing Section at the (allowing number and five Information such a* the location, number of rooms, rent, etc., on the property: POplar 3-3931 Extension 791 (If Von call before ft In the mornlnt. or after 4:Sfl In the afternoon, call POplar I-.193I ami ask;for Extension 4«). The Information th« (Iren will b* Immediately pasted u I* families morln» here'wh* need rental hdu.ilin and may enable, you to have your property occupied qalcklj and with a minimum of trouble and expense on your part. (This advertisement l» published as a public service by The Rlylheville Real Knfale Board) LIONS' INITIATION — The Lions Club at Caruthersville had a drive for new members and got 17 new recruits to make their membership close to 50. New members had to divide up with half of them acting as babies and the other half as fathers feeding them baby bottles. Pictured (left to right) are: front row — Paul Bookout, Gene Lewis, Glen Tinsley, Walter Kulpeksa; back row — Lee Coleman, Melvin McClendon, Burgess Acuff and Berbage Bryant. (Photo by Sanders) Young Divorcee Held in Death Of St. Louis County Politician ST. LOUIS WH — Police quoted an attractive young divorcee accused of killing Walter A. Siebert, prominent St. Louis County politician, that "he had it coming to him and I'm not sorry." Investigators said Mrs. June Jay Hilton, 28, used these \words in a statement admitting she shot the 59-year-old widower in th« back, then returned the next day to burn the body. Mrs. Hilton said the shooting climaxed an argument in which he accused her of dating other men, police said. Authorities reported her account further stated that Siebert had threatened her with a gun, the weapon she later used in the killing. Mrs. Hilton, twice married and mother of a 5-year-old boy, has been charged with first>degree murder. Siebert was chief supervisor of the county highway department and a member of the county Republican committee. He was found shot to death yesterday in his burning home in suburban Webster Groves. Prosecuting Atty. Edward W. Garnholz said the woman told authorities she shot Siebert about 2 a.m Sunday and set fire to the home early the following day "to destroy the evidence." Read Courier News Classified Ads. Thief Can't Use His Loot SPRINGFIELD, Ohio tfl — If the thief who stole the Rev. Gerald Fisher's suitcase uses the loot, he will not be hard to catch. The suitcase contained a number of large wooden discs used by women of the Ubangi tribe in Africa to stretch their lips to the size deemed glamorous by Ubangi men, The clergyman told Springfield police his suitcase was taken from his stage wagon. Rev. Fisher displays the articles in religious lectures throughout the state. CHANGING TROUT A rainbow trout that migrates from fresh to salt water changes in coloration and becomes a steelhead when it returns to fresh water. Woman Ends Her 'Vacation' In Jail house MILWAUKEE 1*1 - Mrs. Tillle Hansen. 58-year-old housewife who said she had a "wonderful time" during a week's "vacation" hi Jail, was released yesterday. . Mrs. Hansen was jailed Feb. e when Mrs. Alvin Harry invoked an old Wisconsin statute to compel payment of a $150 judgment award- de her 15 years ago after a Parent- Teachers Assn. quarrel. A settlement was reached yesterday and Mrs. Hansen freed. The amount of the settlement was not made public;. Costs and interest had increased the $150 figure to $295. "I had a wonderful time here." Mrs. Hansen said as she left jail. "I wouldn't mind staying longer." Mr. and Mrs. Harry paid Mrs. Hansen's $23 jail board bill. The couple's attorneys said the bill was taken into account in the final settlement. The PTA dispute that started the trouble allegedly occurred because Mrs. Hansen and her husband had not voted for Mrs. Harry's husband whn he ran for clerk of the school district. He lost the election. Landsberg to Wed LOS ANGELES Wl—Klaus Landsberg, vice president of Paramount Television Productions, Inc., and general manager of, TV ' station KTLA, and Janice McDonald of the staging McDonald Sisters plan to be married today in Landsberg's home. It will be the second marriage for each. • Canada's Long GM Strike Is Ended TORONTO I*—The 148-day strike a$ General Motors of Canada—longest auto strike in North America- ended last midnight with signing of a contract running to Aug. 1, .1.958. The settlement provided hourly wage Increases of 18 cents over the next two years, supplemental layoff pay similar to the plans in the U. S. auto industry and an improved health Insurance program with company and workers sharing costs. Previous average wage was SI 86 hourly. The strike of 17,500 workers started Sept. 19 in the five GM plants at Windsor, Oshawa, Toronto, St. Cathariens and London. Louis G. Seaton of Detroit, head of GM's Labor Relations Department, and George Burt, Canadian TRI-STATE ABERDEEN ANGUS SHOW AND SALE FRI.. FEB. 24, 1956 AT SHELBY COUNTY PENAL FARM MEMPHIS, TENN. 71 Females 9 Bulls Good foundation stock wlil be offered in this sale. Animals consigned by breeders of Arkansas, Mississippi, and West Tenn. SPECIAL ATTRACTION: FREE REGISTERED HEIFER to be given as ATTENDANCE PRIZE. Plan now to attend this show and sale. For further Information or catalog: write— Roy W. Turner, Sect. Covlngton, Tenn. HAMBURGERS For your protection, our Hamburger Patties are prepared and delivered frozen by a nationally known government inspected meat packing plant. A warm well-seasoned bun enhances the wholesome deliciousness of this pure hamburger. KREAM KASTLE Walnut & Division Phone 3-8051 DRIVE-IN "8«" HOtlCAY COUP.!—Here'i proof H'f etiy to get out of the ordinary and into ID Old*! Thll thrilling, action-packed Oldnmobile It priced *a low •• many model* in the imall-ou field. Make it youri... with all the brilliant beauty of Sta/fire ityling aod Oldwnobile'i f*mw» Rocktt power! SIOISI X/E LIIM IUPIR "II" HOLIDAY SEDAN—It's the Mr with the power personality . . . with all the excitement of the new Rocket T-350 Engine ... the distinctive smartness of Starfire styling. For the pure fun of it, drive thia Oldamohilr. with many fascinating "features of the future". Three Dazzling New Series I Thirteen Thrilling New Models) / . . . a Rocket for Every Pocket I MNtTY-IKHR M lUXI H«JO».Y «0«.H—For you who prefer the ultimate in good Kite, here's sheer elegance ... with • d»h of difference! For there's cliuic reitraint ' in thi» Stlrfire Ityling that iay« Ninety-Eight exdmiivfyl It'i the Fine Line of Dittinction—by Oldsmobile ... bringing the famous Rocket T'350 Engine and new Jetaway Hydra-Malic* to the fine car field. OA-A-A/ thostt '56 Meet the magic nuinhers of motoring—Ninety.. . Super 88 ... "88"—the Oldsmobilt "Rockets" for '56! Take your choice and express your personality in a new, exciting way. For Oldsmobile brings you glamor— Starfire styling keyed to the functional beauty of the new "Intagrille Bumper"! Oldsmobile brings you power—new Rocket Engine power to wing you along / eagerly, easily! And only Oldsmobile has new Jetaway Hydra-Malic*—for smooth, new take-off action. Just choose your number, your favorite model ...take a thrilling Rocket OUIsmohile demonstration today! 'StanrlarJ on jYinrfr>Ei'tf&r moiiWi; optional •( exlrm coil tin Super 88 moMi. TOR VALUE TODAY I TOR RESALE TOMORROW! I VISIT THI "ROCKIT ROOM",.. AT TOUR OLDSMOilLI DIALIR'SI HORNER-WILSON MOTOR COMPANY, 317 E. MAIN Phont 2-2056 — HOLLYWOOD ON PAHABII OUSMOMU MUUNTS THI 1TA*. ITU0DID "ACAPIMY AWARD NOMINATION!" SHOW • SAT., Ml. U .ON NIC-TV I—. director of the United Auto Workers, signed the new contract. "Our Canadian companies look forward to resuming production as quickly as possible," Seaton said. In a statement. The company produces automobiles, Frlgidaire appliances and diesel locomotives. Workers still must ratify the contract Burt said membership meetings would be called as quickly as possible. He estimated all benefits would average 25 cents an hour. MORE this circuit after 7ae>. -— Glue used on U.S. postage stamps is made of a hybrid-corn, and casava mixture. It is not only palatable but slightly nutritious. Of course... it costs a little more than other straight bourbons ...but this is Old Taylor 86 O LD TAYLOR 86 ((MM slightly more than other straight bourbonf because its quality it exactly the game ai our 100 proof bonded bourbon— the highest. It costs considerably less than our bonded bourbon only because of lower taxos en 86 proof whiskey. Either way, Old Taylor 86 taste —mellow and satisfying —it well wortk !<• price. "The Noblest Bourbo* of Them AW Lighter, milder, lower- priced $£82 «J 4/5 QUART KEfiM sim 80UIMN msna 86 PROOF < 1HE OLD IMLO! DISIILlEir COMPART, FJAHWII I IOUISVHLE.IT., DIVISION Of NATIONAL DISTILLER FROOUCIS CORP. Master Mix Feed 16% Dairy Feed $4-05 cwt Beef Concentrate 4.63 cwt Pig & Sow Concentrate 4.94 cwt 35% Hog Concentrate.. 4.98 cwt Plj Wormcr 5.14,cwt Chlch Starter 5.01 cwt Chick Grower 4.45 cwt Egg-els 4.35 cwt Egg Mash 4.60 cwt Rabbit Pellet 4.5« cwt Horse Feed , 3.94 cwl Shorts 8.95 cwt Shelled Corp 2.50 cwl Farmers Soybean Corp. "Home of Sudden Service" Rlylheville, Arksn.w

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