The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1944
Page 6
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BIX lo Gel Started U. S. Troops Appear Unworrierf As They Embark For France . • AN EMBARKATION PORT. In England, -June 7 (tip) — The American-soldiers who went aboard the first Invasion barges to head for France • acted us If they were going on a picnic. Corrifspondent Howard Whitman says It'didn't seern to matter to the boys that death might tie waiting for them across the Channel Thev had been training for so long, they we'e glad to get going. Whitman: says 'there wasn't a false move !n -the -embarkation. The I whole mass of barges at the key invasion base were loaded with men and equipment one minute BhearJ of schedule, a schedule that: had becit worked out for each boat; months-in advance. The corespondent says poker and dice games started almost as joon as'the troops got aboard the landing craft. Each of the men hnd been Issued, tour dollars In Invasion money One little rcd-halied soldier proceeded to lose his-four dollars immediately. He remarked "Don t worrj, I'll bonov, come dough from -Hitler when we get theie" ' The general sentiment seemed lo be expressed by Corp 'Ip'ionse Pescl of'Slaten Island. N. \. He said thai after you practice for a thing so long \ou gel sick of practicing. He declared that "We know what we got .to do and we , waiit lo get the darned thing done, so we'll get home some day" Two other soldiers were' p.orched on a cargo hatch like a couple of pleasure travelers. One, Sergt. John Connors of Chicago^ sald'he'wislied the tub would get going. He explained that "Well, if you gave us, bur choice we'd all have stayed in bed. But as long as we've got to go, let' get it over and knock their.teeth out. 1 Hts friend, Corp. Norman raltz'cr of New York City; remarked: that from whal'he heard, it's the people back home : who have the worst jitters. Associate Of Abbatte Mysteriously Missing HOT SPRINGS, Ark June 1 (U.P.)—All, associate of Frank Abbate of Chicago, whose slaUng is under imesllgatlon, Is now said to be missing ,'under m\sterlous cli - cumstanees. The associate'Is-- : ar.ither Italian, Matt'Manai of Calumet 1 City, 311 ..Two american" officers who have been in Springfield hnd • Chicago searching for clues as to Abbatte's tlayer, say that no complaints have been brought by any of Manzo's relatives .regarding his absence. Abbatte'-'Is said to have owned a •' large night club in Calumet City , where Maiizo is missing. . . Vito Impostato, \kho says he is a biotber-m-law of Manzo, has been arrested and is being held for Investigation. He : was arrested i Collinsville, 111.,- where Mrs. Abbatte. widow of Frank', Abbntte, has been racing Tier husband's horses. Abbat^te's body was found in a diich 10.miles from Mnlvern April 22 and Identified by a dentist who had done work for Abbatte : the day before his disappearance'"Feb. 24. Son Flew From Europe, But Death Claims Mother WALNUT RIDGE, June 7 (U.P.) —Mrs. -Everett -U Dodd," who has been in" a hospital since December BLYTHEVTLLE'(ARK.) COURIER NEWS Hope rl,« ri'^'r Cd « Illl ' D » y Go ;'c'"mciit (nkiiif. ov<jr tlic laskof caring for all-civilian refugees, brighter aays dawn roi those two Italian motlieis, pictured witli tlieir raegcd, undernourished children upon U'W.OTmn.lo Miraump,.{olfovipg.ihe. town's, occupation, by the.Allies. f~- Helpless—But Not Hopeless The very picture of helplessness in (he face of modern war's all- ; consuming devastation is this ancient Italian crone, pictured as : shoeless, her feet covered with ragged stockings, she returned to ; Minlurno after Allies occupied the town, ilclplcss she is, but not '. hope[ess, as Allied Military Government hns assumed task of taking .;._..._'_'.,; care of all refugees. Blood Donations And-Bond Sales • Boom In Nation , NEW .YORK, 'June 7'(UP) — Blood doiinUons" and bond sales have Jumped to an all-time high UK America rallies behind Its army storming the fortress of Europe. Three limes the normal number of donors swamped the blood bank at St. Louis yesterday. St. Louis bond sales Increased 50 to 75-per cent. A similar story is told In New York, where blood banks report a WO per cent Increase lii future bookings. At Detroit, th e Red Cross estimates blood donations have increased 40 per cent. In Washington, -Baltimore and Cleveland, donors stood in line at the blood banks. Chicago says its Increase In blood donations wns 100 per cent in the number of persons who just dropped In to make a contribution. In the small towns the reaction was the same. Taopi, a tiny village In Minnesota, sold ils fl Fifth War Bond quota of $1000 in On e hour. Mrs. Dora James Dies Mrs. Dora James, sister of Mrs. Emma Hawley of Blylhcvillc, died ol n heart attack yesterday afternoon at Campbell's Clinic in Memphis where she lid been taken (or treatment Monday night. She wns R resident of Halls, Tenn. In addition to Mrs. Hawley she leaves two other-sisters, Mrs. J. E Mack nnd Mrs! Katherlne' Belle- flower of Little Rock. Workers Needed In Washington Civilians Are Sought Here For Positions At Nation's Capital An opportunity to perform a vital war service and become a vUnl cog i In' the machinery set up to successfully prosecute the gigantic European invasion Is being offered to Individuals ol BlylhcvIlle-ajitJ vicinity by ilie War Department!, ic- cordlug to cnpt, Allen J. Wnlron and Lletit. Harold p. Heldmann, of Die Adjutant Generals o/flcc In Washington, [). c.. who are on a recruiting mission in this section during the current week seeking clerics, typists, stenographers and male messengers for civilian position ii'Jlh tile Wnr Department In the nations capital. Headquarters of the two officers is at the U. S, Employment Service office, 119 South Second street. They will be III the city' until Saturday, June 10. Men and women \1\i; years and older, not now employed in essential work, are eligible for this clerical work In the capital, the officers explained, pointing out thiU no previous experience was necessary since the War Department hns established a modern business administration school in the Pentagon building for the purpose of training new employees. "The employment situation has become so acute, Capt. Walsnn asserted, "that it is physically impossible to handle the current bust- ness thrust on the War Department with the present, personnel. The opening of the invasion In Europe will increase tli c work load in Washington and it is highly Im- portnut that citizens of this'coun- try become conscious of the great war needs and make their services available to help in winning the war." 'Invasion Stars' Commands 88th 3,000 Gardens in Contest . ScreeniU Everett i BARTLESVILLE, Okla (UP) — L. Dodd, was flown from the i Two thousand victory gardens liiwc European war area In an effort to been entered by Phillips Petroleum Youth Fractures Arm ° r0 " < , < ? t \ ° ,""'"' ' ° ' dltion became so serious that doctors hesitated to perform an operation, which was thought necessary to -save her life. , courier News Want Ads. for 0 the accident, the youth was able to return liome today. (NBA Korffop/iolo), The white slar which formerly identified U. S. svar materiel, will mark all vehicles of the Allied Expeditionary Force that invades Europe. Hadiopholo above shows mechanics painting the "invasion stars" en British Army trucks in England. The t)81h Inlanlry Division, which, wilh the BMh marie (he first team ol all-drah units to go into major battle in Italy, is commanded by Ma].-CIen. John ;E. Sloan, above, of Greenville, : S. C. Tlie UBth chased Germans across (Ke Auscme Valley, breaking backbone or the Guslav Line at Sanla Maria. In the United States Court, Eastern 'District of Arkansas, Jonesboro Division. United States of America, Petitioner, vs. No. J-27S Civil, 337:33 acres of land, more or less, situate in Mississippi County, State of-Arkansas; Riley Diinkin, et ah, Defendants. ORDER OP PUBLICATION. Upon application of the plaintiff, United States of America, duly verified, it appearing that the United States of America has commenced In this Court a suit to condemn and enforce a legal claim to certain tracts of land lying nnd being situate in Mississippi County, Arkan i I Eas, said lands being specifically described In plaintiff's complaint follows: Trad No. E, 1001. The fractional south half (s',4) of Section Twenty 120), Township Fifteen (151 North, Range Nine (9) East of the Fifth (5th) Principal Meridian, Mississippi County, Arkansas, less and except Lots Finn- M) nnd Fire (5), and a parcel of land lying in the southeast' corner containing five- tenths (0.5) acre and described as being one hundred five (105) feet north and south by two hundred ten (210) feet east and west, containing in the aggregate, two hundred ninety-seven and thirty-three hundred;hs (297.33) acres, more or less. Tract No. E. 1016. The north- cast quarter (ME ',',) of the Northeast quarter <NE'/i> of Section Thirty (30),Township Fifteen (15) North, Range Nine. (S) East of the Fifth Principal (5th) i Meridian, Mississippi County, Arkansas, containing, In the aggregate, forty ((40.0) acres more or less. The combined acreage of these tracts is three hundred thirty-seven and thirty-three hnndrcdths (337.33) acres, more or less. Said suit being an action of the United States of America to condemn said lanu for the use nnd KEEP '" P'aw. Tame that unruly vnun tmk ' Ad<1 Iu = t re. Keep YUUK hair well groomed with "orolmc Ifnir Tonic. Large bottle 25c. Sold everywhere. U AID "Mllm benefit of the United States of America for use In connection with the establishment of Auxiliary Field No. 2, to Brythevillc Army Airfield, Blytheville. Arkansas, a military purpose vital to the successful prosecution of the war, and it appearing to the court that the following named defendants, nn dtheir unknown heirs at law, to-\vit: Kansas City Life Insurance Company, Kansas City, Missouri; J. M.-Mott. 215 North "B" Street, Poplar BluIT, Missouri; are not inhabitants of,and are not found within this District, and are nonresidents of this State, and that they have not voluntarily entered their appearances herein, and that persona! service ur»n said above- named defendants cannot be had; and it appearing to the courc that the persons named hcrclnbelow are deceased, and that the names of WEDNESDAY, JUNR 7, 1944 their heirs, distributees, devises, legatees, executors, administrators, creditors, and/or assigns are unknown, the jinnies of said deceased persons being as follows, to-wlt: C. R. Davis, Manila, Arkansas; it Is hereby ordered lhat the above named non-residents defendants and the' unknown heirs, distributees, devisees, legatees, executors, administrators, creditors, and/or assigns of the above named deceased person, and each of them, appear, plead, answer, or demur to the said complaint filed by the petitioner, United States of America, on or before the 24th day of June, 1944, and In default thereof that the court will proceed to a hearing and adjudication of said suit, and that this order be published In a newspaper of general circulation in Mississippi County," Arkansas, once a week for tour consecutive weeks. This 17 day of May, 1944. (s) Thomas C. Trimble, Judge. A true copy I certify, Grady Miller, Clerk. By; Dixie N. TollesoJ), D. O. 5-24-31-0-7-14 Politico! Announcements The Courier News Has txtn »u- thorlzed to announce the following candidacies, subject to tb» Democratic primary in August: STATE REPRESENTATIVE ALENE WORD (for re-election, Post No. 2) W. J. WUNDEHLICH (for re-election, Post No. 1) J. LF.E BEARDEN (for re-election, Post No, 3) LOCIEN E. COLEMAN E. C. "GENE" FLEEMAN (Post No. 41 PROSECUTING ATTORNRY JVJE C. SPENCER SHERIFF AND COLLICTOM HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNTY TREASUUHK R. B. (SKEET) STODT MISS DELLA FURTLK CODNTY JUDGE ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) CJKCU1T COUET CLERK HAflVEY MORRIS (For re-election) COUNTY CLERK T. W. POTTER (for re-election) FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL BIZEB Cheaper Than Bridie Lumber Osceolo Tile & Culvert Co. Phone B91 Osceela, Art. WE FILL ALL DOCTORS* PRESCRIPTIONS AND 8AVK YOU MONET STEWART'S Drat Ster e M»ln at L»k« PhoD. (KB) Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM nn Acrou frtm Hljh D. P. L. 14 Cottonseed 1 3-32 to T/s Inch Staple Early Variety ALSO ARKSOY SOYBEANS 2913 See Dell, Ark. Phone 635 EARL MAGERS Have a Coca-Cola = Come on over <"'\-3 <<•% aKw/VfU »>^.J MTM-S m M\ &w&$mm&$kto or keeping youth happy at home Keeping young folks happy at home is mostly a maticr of having a house m •which they and their friends feel .welcome. So don't forget Coca-Cola . . . it's . always a big attraction for the young crowd. It says better than words, Come . on over to our house. .. we're gUd to sec you. Be sure there's "Coke'! in your T icebox. There's no moreWdial invitation, nor one more refreshing, than the three simple words . , . Have J VCoke". »Y AUTHORITY OF THS COCA-COIA ; -COGA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of *BLYHEVILLE It's natural for popular names to acquire friendly abbreviations. Thai's u-hy you hue Coca-Cola callcJ "Cote". ALTERATIONS \Ve have four expert seamstresses on the jolj at all (irmw these days, and can give, efficient alteration and repair service! OUR CLEANING Will Keep You FLOWER FRESH All Summer Long! 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