The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1933
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Seriwd 60 the •United Press BTYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS T^uo rw»\»iw A KITI u cimc n * tmn r-\« virvDTUB 1 A t^-v *nrri*.m.n . ,..„ .._.„_. . __ . ~~* • - * ^^*rt» THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI EDITION: VOL. XXX—NO. 135 Blyiherllle Dally. N«w>. BlythevUto Oournc. Mlt'Lalppl VaUey Leader. mjUicrtllc Hrr«M. BI.YTHEVll.l.K. ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, AUGUST 2;i, UW3 SINGLE COPIES T1VE-CENTS1 STRIKES SHIP WITH SET BEER BILL leaves Films to Wed in Britain I louse .and Senalc Iron Otil Difficulties for Final Action FomoiTOw. , LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 23 (UP) — i'.y a VOIO Ol (& 10 2(j lll(- IllHJSt: u.tiiiy pah.scti the senate bill Ict 1 - iilizin^ ihc sale ol lish: wines nml Lctr In Arkansas. Tlv.- emergency eli-uxe also was aJo|)lcd. KI'.I I'.kc- H. K.. Toney quoted Lieutenant Governor Iff Ca/ori as raving Ihc uin'.'fldnu.'iu attached lo liK- .senate measure by She house '.Mil be concurred in .by Hit "P- l-i-r budy luday. IT this Is done :!IHI 111" senate ecu) vole for;n- i:!iy nn tlie measure, tomorrow. TlK> house bill with Hie ainciul- !••::!! that paved the way for sUl? l?P.nk.s to comply u-IUi provisions of il:c naiicnal Oliiss-Steagle Icgls- • >lion alsx) was ])a^std in the ]ou - - Under r .hr femur measure the | j lax is [o be (UsUibut^ri R.S fol- J 70 pei to the common 12 per cent, to Hie girnslO!i fund. 10 per cent lo Ihe ArltiM>sa_K Tn- li'-rculosis Sanalorinm.' 2 per cen; to the Arkansas Service Bineau. ' pt: 1 uenL to Slate Hcollh De- )iartm"nt. 1 per cnu to Arkansas Children's I'Onv and I!a-piial. 'Hi" M>: uniendmenls adopted by t.oth houses la'.e yesterday were: Home Of Scotland Yard Hollywood doesn't tool BO cheerful ubimt ILCT departure, but Bonna l-lume. Englibh actress, WQB In higli spirits when, as showa hero, sho sailed from New York. Tbat'a because ahe was on ter way to d Jack Duufee, iportstuan. 1—That the stnatc method o!! distribution r.t revenues be kept in- 13CI. 2— The house county Inca! op- tior. elau'.e te retained. Bill, iilth -me provision thai comities voting diy ut.. a\ cnming election shnl! not parlliSli:il? |r ."Ji-ai'i} 1 "'li4cr revenue. 3 -House schonl dislrici lorat (.plion clause be eliminated. •! -Retail dealers be defined as lliose selling U! gallons or less of beer al a time. 5— [louse provision whicli provides tax of $50 per county for wholesalers or distributors with a s'.TiO maximuut he retained. fi — That retail dealers in cities be inquired lo pnrehose only n rii.v license: thai tbasc in county be icijiiired to purchase a comity Bui U. S. Sarlliiml Yard! Would Huw lo Be Biy' Undertaking. ' By NKA Sen-ice | WASHINGTON.—If th» United i States is to establish an American 1 "Scotland Yard" for Ihe new r'rlve ! against crime, asjit. is 5:1 id rrofjs- , sor Molcy is llilnkinit of vecom- i mending to President llamevelt, I there will -have lo be n vastly more. I intricate and exl?iislvc oruani7:Ulon j 1 than the one which has built up | such an enviable reputation in | England. 1 For a difference between the iwo I countries ,of several hundred l.ioti- c a"-" vniare miles in aveu, and some 80,000,000 in population, would mean | a tremendous task lor American | police forces il Itiey arc to atlain i anything like tlie closely-knll co- 1 ordination thai exists here. An| other dimculty, of course, would be the United Stales' vestment of police power In Ihe separate stales, whereas the United Kingdom has a ccnlral government. Officfni Go Unarmed An additional factor in simplifying the policing of the United Kingdom is that even In Idndon only 4 |«r cent ol the population are foreign born, and elsewhere a still greater majority have been laugh for generations to -respect Britlrh law; ::nd inslitmlons. Soj firmly giounded IK this re.specl' lout the police go unarmed, even asuinsl. the most desperate criminals. Anooher thing: lo dec from] 'England, criminals mml take to | . A _ _ .. _ , i „ _. .. A I" Ihe tea or the air, and they know Locate jUU Li3llon LOOKCV i Prosecutor r lailS INCW Ap- r Nurse A; discs' Star Polouu Vnrwl Gold On Wliiln [WI.e. On Bol- Inin Diet! Says Priest. OETUOTT. All*. 73 lUI'l-.The policies lit Former !'res!4tiil Hoover WXTO crllldy.i'd bv'l-ht liuv. l-'n- i >'••!• Ci'niles K. C'OU'ihlln today l.'oforc- the ni'und lurv Investlgiu- lii" Ui'inilt bank failure*. "Tlicro was. corn f<iv the plus of / ikini.mis," the radio priest sliu'il- 1 '! "'MII nol one loaf of bread lor ll'f tiiu'i'lii? ueople'Of Michknn." "The li-auhlc with the Hoover >>o:>hv !•• that he tried 10 cure depression liy pouring «old In nt t<tr inn while )>eoplti died at l >lrt Ixittoin. Father Coughlln rend al length evcilr's from an article, hn v'l'i v.'us wrllien by Mr. Honvcr In 1012 r " • th" Mlnm" M'imi7.liK'. an Fnu- H«H publlcallon. It wns I'lilllled. "The ICconninies of A Boom." The rirlicl'' i'xiilalned the steps for or- °n)il7.lnv a nilnlmr cfimpunv can- llnllml al fS.OCCl IXin. A In'f mil| Ho-i rtollars would lin rcnulred lo tbn mill": M5.000 lo Slenmer .Madison in" Dis-1 Iross 0(f Virginia Ca|>e; | Rusorl Hard Hit. The entrance to Scolland Yard, hea'lquaiters for t men and 50 wCmen who police all force ot 24,000 SHERIFF'S Prill! a board of directors, and S7S.Ofl.ri to nav off Mock brokers. Then. Ihe. urilrit? staled, Ihc. company wan rrmlv (o be capitalized for five! minion dollars. ' . | "II Is (mite noFftlUli 1 ." Father! "thai, dm ila Hoar,' abtivi>, HIIIYC In an KvanMon, III., liii'jpliiLl. !m» charged Hint Cecil, Texas polo Blur, UniKi'.uii uur from an nutoimibllc after n iwn- hour BtruKglu, mid attached her. Knillli, who wan in Chicago ta ) In tlio uiiBl-woai iioln labeled tlio accusation ivnnstcr Advisory Board Protests. ' against vnem . cicely guarded thai the chances arc abani ifl!) to ever passing the rdcd ports. onlv. These in addition lo taxes, ol Ihe slate course inx. Achvi-tMn™ in newspiijiers of Aikansas is iwrmitted by llic sec- iini \vhieli reads "Sec. C174 ot Crawford and Mos':s' Digest o! the Statutes of the State of Ar- kmitio. which prohibits .nolicita- Mcn cr taking of orders by let- in. in i>erson. circular o: 1 othei l.'ilntcd mailer for any of the mcnTioned in Section 0165 r,{ O. & M. Di.esl. shall not apply 10 beer and light v;hics of an al- ei lujlic conlrnl, (3 r , ». such as an- 11 ^alizetV under this act." - State permit:; to rell iKer will be •: .; follows: A^-'nutucjuiT:?. S.'iCO nnnULilly. Retail dealers whose grow: rale-. n i LK^iy gl.araea puru>. retallpn r roposal i London is almost ideally located A ^Arlmmlcri-ilr,!- fcr ft ce)llra l headquarters'.ol po- / VUIIliniblldtOI. ! 11.,, Fmm II nrdeix nnrl t mined Uce . Fr - om u , of NRA' [ men may be rushes in any dircc- WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 lUPl-jtlcn to the scene of an Investlga- A vlsorous protest against Admin-: ticn. After all. the whole United Islralor Hni;h Johnson's plan to, Kingdom is only about the size of nterpret the collective bargaining feature of the national recov- llie Montana. But what would America, do for a central NRA advisory board. The board succeeded 111 getting joY Johnson's assurance that nothing! !lieadqiiarler.s? - insti Washington, wliere . of Justice Bureau ;aliou Is now located, would be done to weaken the law r .S w ""'", DU \ C na Cl oneraliv cs lo Johnson said- yesterday that so ,„ ^ ^,^10.,.' The Lindbergh kidnaping dem- and Smaller Outfit; One Man Arrested. Inn interpretation of an "opcni onstrale:! ll'.e terrible riisadvantaa- ?!m"hS n f C lt B nn^lcKB^to!' 610 ' h " vln « '""'^ '> m ™ M »» "> l iie'ccjsarv ""n-i.u ciciiniiion | v _ p lnw n hK | sc .p C ;lse of county He"caid he proposed to write and slate boundaries. Tnere Ls iu one personally lo IKS included in suc:! """""call In Eneland. various NUA codes where the labor When a crime Is cuininlllcd In Sheriff Clarence Wilson"" and IVpiiMrs Arch Ijinrisey. Kddie U. David ami V/nrren Wright found i\\c slllls in (he Big Lake bottoms northwest of Half Moon loony, bringing the lotal found by llie sheriff to three in Ilir- last :'(\v days. Thrre wns no one al Ihe. biggest still where ofTlcers discovered a 500 gallon cooker and aboul WIO l."rrels of mash which they dc- Uroyed. At a small si 111 however officers s:i:d they found Azor Sines within -.1 lew yards of Ihe small SO gallon cooker. Despite his plea ihat ho was sfjuirre] hunling. SijM'-s uas C'-ouglu tn the county .jail here anc charsji-d with ix),ij a shnnlv n tnnllnl from one hull 11 It- placed , ,-, n • ' u'C" 1 pvoducllve lises than If loft pen] lo rotmer rreSl- in Ihe hnmls of Iho Idiots or out- ~'der.s who parled .with II." "To get down to nlaln lalk." the . dent In Bank Probe. DETROIT. Aug. 23 IUPI—Prose- cutor Harry Toy planned today » new and more pressing invitailun arc iu Abolish Stale [ thai Mr. )Ioover promoted over o former President Herbert Hoo-i-gold mines: nol one of which ever n dividend." Fathei- Coughlln emnlmslzed that he had "no nuarrel vei to icsllfy In the grnml Jury investigation ot the local banking situation whicli preclpllaled 'lie imlioiial bank crisis in£l ?,Inrch, Should nothing come of the new efloris to persuade Mr. Hcovcr to taflfv the praseculor planned ta|M»Kltm? Gandhi nsk Ihe former president to make | „ ^ . a deuasilion. it was umlcratood. Prosecutor Toy received a lonjj fMinres%veVe"iT''coiHroVrsv.''The England. Ihe nation's -detective labor board took immediate ex- brain— Scotia nd Yard—at i!ii nci nrally. lletail ric not rxxrocd Jl.OCO. S10 an- ;l-. x aler.s whose gruss exceed S2.0W but More than $1.000. 515 annually. retail dealrrs whose cross sales .'iv more than S2.000. S20 annually. There is a tax of SI p,-r barrc no: tn exceed 32 gallons. i'tio lax on ^ho! r salers is :'iticd in Paragraph f>. nf ccplion to this view and declared Wllds <>"<• «nP» L '« lo all Us nerve Us opposition to any attempt by centers, nol only advising but or- Johnson to inlcrprct the law. cering "« fences into a single. united plan ot action. There is no _„„.• . pi. ' duplication of effort, no jealous ri- ner.IICUt rians va |, Ti no clashing of loasoly rielin- Drive on Tuberculosis | rt) :alt , i ; orUi J, CoUon Crop Advance lelegram from Mr. Hoover explaining his knowledge of Ihe. Dc- Irnll banking slluallon v as gencr- iil and "niostly second hanil", making the Journey from Call-1 I foinia. . "We shall make every effort to 'obtain cerlain witnesses mimed l)y i Mr. hoover priest said. "Ihe HohviT phllow-1 TjITTI.E nhy • IF the exnloltatloii of Ihe AdmlnL<lral"ton :: forci!;i"' nlct"ft1til inanv for Ihc few. T BMI Informed! defeat on Iwo"bills loday. "" ' '"" ' thn seiiale by a vote, of 20 lo 11 defeated the house bill abolishing the stale board of education, The hoiiro defeated the measure appropriating 165,000 for thn Aik- nnsas world fair exhibit. Under Ihe house, measure which was supported by Governor J. Marlon Putrcll In n messnge lo the Joint assembly when It con_ vcncil lasl week. Ihe slalc board : ot cdnnitlon would lie nbolLihct! liy Cnllfd 1'j A Moi'in nf hurricane fofco. whirled up t|ve caslirn Keaboard j today, damaging property on land mid !uipi!rLlllhK v &hl]H -lit sea,", * i The sli'|iin.ship Miidlsnn, will) &0 I t.ixnird, was in tlLslross dlf - tha ! Vlrijlnlii Capt'5 fighting valiantly ujalnsl the, whl)e other wf- . iels went to'Her nld. aix • com | nuinl ciilter.s and u patrol v,no iittejuptlnn to aid Hie K son. Ths cruiser Indianapolis was H'ady lo as-slsl as were : dcslioycrK wllh steain up. Conr.i ijiuirdu rescued Ihc crh'w | n! a four-mri^U-d schooner on" Ihe North Carolina const Just before I liu: .':hip w?nl iishoio. The storm was- spreading along the ciisst. 'I l:i- reiiiher liuipaii warned that II was movlni; noithward. wliere ' siioiiE Winds havrr hindered i plug, wrecked r.iimll boats rr.n:.«l inland damage since Sim- j (my. i A fi!l-nille gale threatened' Atlantic City. , Ccastnl resorts along the I'inla coast weri! hard hit: ... 'rite navy look over the wire L clrci;ll to Norfolk. 'Washington, I I D. C., revolted minor 'damage and [ ', «|j£cled whub of gale force tateiv- AlrpluHe'j were grounded • in ! must of Hit eastern -stales. All Miiall shipping WILS he|d In the | harbors. The cooiUldc steamer Chat- | ham. bound from Norfojk to ten, reported nlay ahc liad takfri-l icfuge In the..Rappuluinnock rlv-;j i.r and was "riding', diat'.'thel storm". ; . "--.-..,<:.!.•;.' Mr. Hoover personally 1 , but only with hlc philosophy." From Prison After Fast Wilson ReaidenfOn Visit to Ireland] WILflON.'ArX.-Percy A. el Wilson left Monday for",N«w Vcrk. from where he wlll-Vsall [ fir Ireland, his nallvc land,---He has obtained .passage on, thj; Lleamshlp Georgln, which --salla from Kew York today. This will; be hLs first vlsil home since, com- lo Ihe United States len year? POONA. India. Aim. '» (UP) — . • i air. iinnv-r and to ret (heir lesll- iatisfactory Last Week 1'"°iy." 'r»y said, -we have not I yet ceased our efTorls lo have Mr. WASHINGTON. Aug. 23 lUI'i— | Hoover testify." Tile cotto]i crop conlinui'd lo j . r _ n~t • linske Millsfarlory advances liirongh 459-911 Bales Ginned and Act 18 of the Ada of IMS Mnlwtnii Oandlil. weak and 111 af-1 would lie repealed and 11 state sup-! 'IT [aslhw fo'- a week, Mas ro-1 eilnlendenl or imWIc Instruction l"a=ed imcoiKlltlonnllv from hlsl'w api»lnted along with n board 1 I of seven. I A letter wrlten by the governor a;jo. 'Cl.osiiifi Stock Prices Mr. ytnccnt will visit his otb-. •. W. .1. Vincent i her, Mrs. Kathleen ,;it Dublin. Ireland. ' died recently und hi 1 .. , , | postponed until Bctlleu I", ! hc ... 1 ' CI !^, or thc _ slnlc ; s /™ r . ul !f.-lale could be made. The: return HARTFORD. Conn, tljpi- Th? 1 Slate Department nf Health hope.s' IVe coming sch.ool year to be. able lo X-ray and examine every school age child for traces of tuberculosis. According to n barm. stat? conn Originalt'il Many Americans have the ld:a!w?ek, the weather bureau rc]-ori- tluit. the delectlve force in Em: | r :l l"day in its weekly crop Iml- land is t--e one called "Scotland I It ihi. that organization Yaicl i! I lie weather was modcralrly apart from the!cool and rainfall mostly light regular police department. As a j i seep! malter of fact. Ihe name is a mere r-eticn iu parts of In Texas Ihe eastern where crop This Year By August 16 WASHINGTON. AUK. 23 (UPl— Ihe versus bureau today roport- li •4S9.01I rnnnin; bates of cotton rimed from the srowlh of 1033 |-r : ni >•> Aiwsi n;. ,'l'hls compar- , . ................. ...... _...,.... ! pseudonym for Metropolitan Po- 1 progress was fair to p.ood (lu'_ri I i .-d with JS1.451 iiinnliig bales In I Uce staff members will X-ray the chil-l £= dren In the varicus towns at a cost " v . uarlers. and the dclec-; "cr? scattered .showers. I, Ihr al.ovo amenduieuls adopied bv tin ji in: ooimnillcc yesterday. Th-sc ta:.e.-; nr-> ::i iddilion U- :t-.e federal taxes on the fate o. V.u-r. Manv dealers in Arkansu:: s'.ri'ady have obtained fcifjral li- M'.ISCS and have b-en tlo:n« busi- ix;s for more than two months. TcMtrknna is :imong ihc cities i-i /'vSansas pr"part-d lo sell li- rerff.^ for l;rer as s:on as the bill tirsii^s. l"w. Ciher cities havr lie! r>te; v.lial the lax for .T.|- of the bcveraze in 'heir to- csli'i-'s will be. but immediate ac- 1 nn is rxpeclro by all by the end r.I thr week. of 13 cents or SI. Trie plates will b; studied by competent diagnosticians, and where traces of t:e disease aro found, the plats will be sent- lo the family physicians designated by the child's innnts. .so that corrective treatment may be started. Chicagoam Lack Interest In Century of Progress is only a regular force. Prior to head- central states the weather the WQS and OO.flllS in 1031. Cotton consumed during July, omeuhal variable though favor- l 1-1.13. amounted to 600,143 bales. quarters was In a group of builJ- ings surrounding a courtyard at> Charing Cross. There Vad bcenii' quarlercd a forte of Scottish i • ar.le in most sections. Cotton on hand in consuming A. T. and T Anaconda Copper 1'elhlohem Sled Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola 127 3-S 17 S-B 4(1 3-4 ' 43 1-4 3 1-ft 05 5-8 even though (he present headquarters is on tlie Thames embankment. Tlis Metropolitan Police Fr.rcc 1620. when 1000 for Geese Ready in Missouri Ml.033 ua aie and ou July 31 was I,- j Texas Co. General American Tank 37 1-4 General Motors 3'l Ocncral Electric 25 International Harvester 38 5-8 Middlcwest Utilities .. 1-1G Montgomery Ward ... 20 1-8 New York" Central .. 4R 3-8 Packaitl S Phillips Petroleum ... M '-'' Radio Corp 87-8 ^Simmons Beds •• St. I,ouls-San Francisco 5 3-4 Standard of N. J 38 tilf. will be made on the launlc, which sails from Irelwdj Sept. M. Mrs. Vincent nnd'Chll- I'.en will rcmnln in Memphis with lelathos during his absence. fair commission wns rend to the " ft In It the governor fititd that thft bill came within his leg- idmivo call. This bill would ha^e appropriated SOS.tXM from the beverage tax lo be used on the Alkansas exhibit at the \ l 'orld 'fair. The house killed the bill'In thn cornnllltee of the whnlo. At the reKiilar legislative session this year Act 78 was passed. II . i<«,| ii<« «ii n p r.nrrl. urnn !]]>• slnl>| MEMPHIS, Aug. 23 (UP/^ A ••('i'CJilonal department as a bill bomb, a four Inch steel cylinder, I Introduced at the soeclal session. v;lls folln d in the Strand theater ll-,,i ti-e omcr<">ncy rl-'ii>e «ns nol I Ilcri! today by a • negro \portcr 45 | attached lo Ihe earlier bill and i minutes before It was set; fa", go ! i "ponents of Ihe measure oblaln-1 °^'i ed a sufficient number of signa-l '"!« thcute" reopened only" re-. Find "Scarecrow" 8<>nib In Theater at Meinplm and ,in public comprerses 5.739.100 Process Tax Is _ f . jJ re!t by largest saiiciuarics for wild geeso in Ihe country will be ready this fall in Bcntnn county, near .'.ere., An estimated 700 acres will be .WASHINGTON. Aug. 23 (UP)— occupied with this natural feeding The SllO.OOO.WO collon processing Thveats, Jr»timiiJa{ion Wron? Idea Says Smith NEW YORK, Aug. 23 (UP)—Al- frrd E Smith, in a nation-wide plea for loyal cooperation with the national iTCOVcrv administration warned against Ihe "excessive enthusiasm" of the act supporters. "The American people will heed a palrlotic appeal." he said, "but threats, Intimidallon, compulsion, boycott, black lists and supression of opinion have no rightful place in this" "I speak lo you in an hour ot bewilderment and in a great national emergency. I ask for universal cooperation In a fair trial for nn nsknnwkdged experiment." j annoiuicemcV ground In the rich botlom Ian: ao- tax already is beginning lo make exposition, "arc greatly Impressed' Branch" are agents throughout the foot above sea level staec through-' cultural bv It—but they always £iy to me: out the year. This Is the normal 'This Is a great show of yours.' If such a force were operating stage of the lake. They never say: 'This is Ji In New York, it wculd patrol not York City proper, bill U. S. Steel . 24 1-8 .. 55 1-B Yorli Cottnil NEW YORK. Ai:i;. Cetton closed ea>y opei] hji?l 25 t-8 1 lures of citizens lo a referendum' cently. Union motion picture op- pctltlon so ns to refer the act toj erators were replaced by .ruin- I Ihe people at the next general el-j union operators. A "stink bomb" | ectlon ' lvns placed on the rcof nenr a j Rome senators contended In 0,1- i vc " l "" lo . r 5l wm Vr^lf"""',,) th posing Ihe bill torlav f'H ti.r^ i,! inspector Will Griffin said the :-ome doubt wlielher the question!•£ cm ? '? known as a "scarecrow ii'SFSieX S^VrJ ™? anrcat 1 ^^.^ irp, _! included In a supplementary call' il wolllli havc ma(le a ^"l! 1 ?, "•> l "- lenMatnrp con-; 110 " 6 - .• - : ..' Del Uee (153 073 98S 1002 1010 1031 587 9SG 1015 1030 ltH2 low 935 955 M5 nai 1000 1017 ClOS? 1 935 f!67 084 1001 ion | l?h~ULU Ull- Uil> IIU UN ,.-. Ltl t 11 L I- k.'u- vened. Others said the legislature Girl Astronomer Finds Earth Sets Slow Pace Spots closed n«iet at 930. off 20. "The reason for this attitude, as the entire metropolitan area Into I see It, is that they leel that they'. New Jersey. Us jurisdiction would were not sufficiently confident re- extend Into all states, and it would warding the ultimate success of the fair. "Know, that its success ts assured, they, arc prevei'M bv -OP- sclence from talking of It as their show, which it really Is." N'ew Hountles O(T«rfd HARRISBURG. Pa. (UP) —A have authority over local constables. Politics Kept Out Another thing — politicians do not and dare not monkey with the afTalrs of Scotland Yard. The Commls-Joner holds rank alnicsl equal to that o[ a cabinet officer, and he Is appointed by the Home bounty of five cents for each crow I Secretary of the Crown, w;-.o cor- and 25 cents for each copperhead, j responds to the American Secretary or rattlesnake, will be paid by the, of the Inlerlor. Today the heart of U S. L. Sportsmen's Association of l the Yard Is Lord Trcnchard. Ills Franklin County, according lo an predecessor was Lord Byng of Viiny. Cape Cod Residents Win ; Missouri First Cotton Bale Lone Fight on Mosquitoes' HAYTI. Nto.-The. first bale of J ' • I SnillVlrtncf *«lcr<M,p! l-nHiM* n-i • PROVINCETOWN, | Southeast Missouri Cotlon was brought to Carulhcrsvllle yestcr- tually havc been exterminated. In a relentless campaign, finance-l by S200.0SO raised through Mercantlle Company for twelve | (Continued on Page Three) | out once being bitten lie subscription, and funds recelv-1 \ ggg cd from the state, marshlands and | l^tigh't other breeding places were c'.lmiml- ftom .^ ulllc;15l „„„„„„ lu , , ed. and recently, on a bet. a group , asl sevcn yoar5 5a>7 . , h<! cotlon of vlsltln g.<skcpU« .Tit for fcurja little later than usual. Tlic n._. houvs 0" a exiwsed veranda ullh-|bale last year came In on August cents a ixjund. which Included a premium. The seed cotton weighed Copped ?e. who the first bale of colton Missouri for the fl rst 113. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 23 (UP) — CoCcn closed steady. oven Iitzh low Oct Deo Jan March Hay July . !>50 <)72 982 99S DO! OR3 989 IMS 930 952 9S5 982 clos? 932 934 had no right to repeal an act al- i™idy referred to the people. To Adjourn Tomorrow UTTtE ROCK, Aug. 23 (UP)— j CHICAGO (UP)— Miss Christine The hous- of representatives (o- • Wcstgate. of tee Ycrkes Observa- ' cay advised the governor thai i 1 ; tory, has completed studies • that lias transacted Us business and,reveal many stars rotate at a pace would adjourn sine die tomorrow I which niakss the earth 'and.suri at noon. The decision to ndWiiru ; ;eem sedate by comparison, came after Gov. J. Marlon Fiitrcll! Investigating the velocity of the had told a special committee from rotation of 413 stirs, all of *hlca the house that he would veto an:' have temperatures mi:ch hotter measure approprating additional; than the sun,'Miss Westgate found iv.oney lo ray session. Hie costs ol tlr i that nearly 80 per cent of them ! revclve »lt!i equatorial velocities 962b! The call for the exlraordlnsry nDDrOslmately -100 kilometers per lOlSb 1H3 1000 1030b IMS 1045 {182 1000 101SD Spots steady at 922. off 15. Chicago Wheat o]>en high low close Sept 88 3-8 90 1-2 88 1-4 88 3-8 Dec 01 3-4 93 3-4 SI 1-2 91 5-8 Chicago Corn open high low close Sept 51 3-4 53 53 5-8 51 3-4 cession cnirled the agreement second. signed by « majority of the mem- hers that they would limit ex-| IIJP »Turn l-cnscs of the session to $10.000.; VYLAlnEiK This bill has been passed by bothj bnncliM. i ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy: Controversies over the beer and I'lobablv (hundershovrers In other measures have dra\vn cut llic session and another $10.000 ppproprtalton b'.l! to pay. salaries t-nd expenses of the legislature for last four davs was proixised. Failure to get approval of a supplementary appropriation for- ccr the leglslatois to serve the Tliursdiy. portion tonight .ana Mrmphls and Vicinity — Cloudy liwitfnt and tomorrow.^ • Little change In temperature, . v ," The maximum temperature here vesierday was 92, minimum -t>, clear, according to Samuel P, Nor- OV[JL Hi j-n ao .)•) u-o ui J-i Liiiic mi: ladv icn un^^ Dec 57 58 555-8 W 5-8lino $6 per diem ulloved. Ihe last few days without rls> oft | c , al weather ob»mer!'

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