The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1933
Page 2
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yCOURIER NEWS Social jCalendar THURSDAY'S fVSNTS Obwrcti of Christ, .Bible study, rf O. p. \Oriines, hwtcss. Ahead With Fall Coiffures! •at* A The 30 members ol the woman's missionary union of the First Hap- tlst church met at thp church yesterday afternoon for a program on •The R*tum of the Word to Europe "wd Palestine" with Mrs, W. M. Crow a* leader. The devotional was on ttie theme Behold the Umb of Ood." Mrs. Crow ajw\c on "In Europe WJthout the Word," Mrs. Will Rogers offered prayer, there was a roll call ol fields by Mrs. J. W. BWiop, Miss Martha Chambers read "From a Missionary's Diary," a talk "Palestine Without Hie Word" was given by Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer, Mrs. Edson Wood played a piano solo "The Ho!y City," Mrs. A3vin Huffman spoke on "The Word Returned to Palestone' ; and Mrs. A. C. Blaylock and Mrs. T. H. Haynes offered prayers. Plans were made for an all day meeting to be held nl Jonesboro next Tuesday when Mrs. A. S. Shilth. who formerly lived liere. will be hosttss. : •., '. «*•.-, GcUen MMtt Oaw Has A E*ak Party There were 21 at the rook psrly given by Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Bar- nttt last evening for the Golden Rule Sunday school class of the First Christian church . Beautiful garden flowers enhanced the attractiveness of the living and sun rooms arranged for the games. t '•\ chicken salad course was served with Iced tcj. /After the party there was a briet business session. I . • • • ITsii Dancing Party. ;' • V . ]Mir,s Arjic Eaton entertaUr* tilt couples with a dauqtnj? part)' last evening at her Some »r> Cnlckasawba atcnuc. , IPunch and' cake was served at, l«r several hours of dancing. Bride C«aiirilner4«4. 'Mrs. J. li. Ncwsom, who was before her recent marriage, Mrs. Hnttie Smlddy, was given a sur- pjlse shower party last evening by members ot her Sunday school cJass, Junior (iris, ol the Second Htptlst church.' '[The 21 «lrls went to their teachers home, taking with them jilts for the bathroom, alone with materials for !hc freezing ol cftam stal .two ^aki^. After games, played on the church lavn, .the Ice \crewn was frozen for reiresliroenU. F A S H I 0 N 3 in new fJll folf- turea *r« decidedly Individual. They »r« hiclier and ehorter and i'lofc- ]y moldci) to tlio head. Bobbed lielr will be extremely short — three or four Inches In front, two on tto sldc.s und even shcrtcr in the back. Hanga are not the old-fasbloned curtain lifutlng kind. They aw soft and light, wiih new foreliead §pac- IHKS. Ono particularly lovely Bumac coiffure for tbe bob-. Hayti Society '• — Personal Miss Maiiha Reynolds, who" 1 IX.TII ii]iejitllng the past two weal Nevada, Mo., returned ho:ne nday with BU'rling Duncan. Mr. Duncan attended the nallonal guard encainiimcnl at. Camp Clurk at Nevada. Miss Reynolds has rc- Eiimed her -Sillies "s ofTlce assl.' ani to Ally. Houston Buckley, who t also been at the national guprd encampment. hcd licac] 13 nr- raiiBed with «oft. wide whves, pert lllllc curls around llio faco- and n charming fringe at tlio back ot tho neck. A narrow ribbon band goes just above the Ir 1 n go and the curlii to tie In front. •A smart coiffure for long hair is parted In the middle, worn straight acrosa the top jund waved softly on the sides and lower back. I'ickcns ,of Girardeau was here over the week-end visiting his mini, Mrs. Down Well and also visiting Miss Thelma- Alexander. Mr. and Mrs. Ed oabour of An adarko, Okla., Mrs. L. Khourie sn children 'Halphcal nnd Adelc ol I)c war, Okln., Mrs. T. J. silamy and children Victor and Victoria o.' liorger. Tex., returned to llicir home Monday morning after a IKO weeks visit 1'ere with Mr. Jabo'.ir ami Mrs. Salamy's sisler, 'Mrs. Wolf Khoiirie and with other relatives in dillcrcnt jioinU ot Missouri,, Ttu- nc.ssce, Kentucky and IlllnoU'.iThev were accompanied to Anadarko by E<lwnrd Khourlc who' will 'visit iu- I (leilnltcly. Mrs. E.'K. Sickery and sons 'Fred nnd Charley and daughter Miss Since the operation Miss Harbert ids been unable lo regain her ilicngth. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Slelngel anJ cv.lklrcn Geneva and Richard of St. Louts, who have l>ccn here visit- in Ilio home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Buckley have returned to heir home. Messrs. Byron liryant and W. T. Nctlicry jnade a biitlncss trip to Memphis Monday. Mr. and Mis. Mendel Shalnuerg and children Jeronc and Carole were In New Madrid Sunday visil- itig Mr. Sliainterg's cousin and wife Mr. and Mrs. Jay Shainberg. Mrs. Chris Dcckery who was 11 tlie past two weeks suffering from blood poison caused from a tils Wr on • the Instep of her foot is much Improved and able to walk now. Mr. and Mrs Harry Walmtm o I.os Qngelcs, Calif., who arc en route home from a honeymoon a Chicago and other Eastern citle wcie here the ilrst ol the wee visiting friends. Mr, and Mrs. .M. J. Travis wit llicir children James Milton an Sarah Beth are In Tmboden, Ark •veiling ,Mr. Travis aunt. .T^iey e.\ pcct'^to return home. Wednesday B. u.. Dewcesc spent thj' pa; week, •_ attending to'- business-, i Charleston,-Mo.;'' .- '';?* Mr., arid'i'ilrs.'Ralph! Holt an sons Ralph Dee and Paul Robe of Bragg Clly wllh Mr. Holt mother Mrs. R. p. Holt ai hospital for two weeks, is slightly Improved (c<lny. Mr.iknri';Mrs, tfW. iHollipctcr Bib oj Mostly Personal and grindcjiuKhter. Miss Jfinc. hnvc rcturnci^'•'Ii'O^u a vacation.- s]ici\t al Lake Jumes, Ind- ••'. *. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Collins have returned Irom a visit In Memphl-s. They wcr: accompanied;home, by their daughter. Annie,,Laurliy ^r\o has been In Union Cily, K i'ciiril,!l9i a visit with relatives. ;' Mr. and Mrs. c. R. MlllcrV iwd daughler, Macelle. of I'rlncctpji^ Ind., hove returned home after sjv- cral days stay with Mr.'and Mi'4 Tom W. Jnckson Mrs. tiarrls Carson and son Jini 1 mlc jr.,- have relumed "from a two weeks slay hi Chicago. Fulton, Ky, aud Dyersbnrtf, Tcnn. Marcus JQC. Evrard is 'R patien Mi 1 , niul ^Trs. Harry Green nnd 'nmily, and with other relatives icrc. Mrs. «. 11. Malln returned home Sunday from Memphis, Tcnn. where she Ims been ill nl SI Josephs hospital Ihcrc for Ihc pas' \vcck. Mr. Malin and daughlci June drove down tor her. Mrs. Charles RUlglcy of Spring field. 111., is vislUng here al Hit lime with relatives, this being her former home. On- Friday she was .accompanied by Mrs. Curtncr Pierce, Mrs. Fred Wheeler. Mrs. •F. M. Haskcll and Mrs. Title Clark to 1'lKKOU, Ark., where they visited ivilh relatives. John W. Burton attended to business In Portagcvlltc, Mo.. Monday. Sam J. Corbctl jr.. nnd Marvin Freda of Lllbourn, Mi>., wtrc licrc Suniay 1 evening visiting in the home of Mrs. Wolf Khourlc: 1 Frank Adams 'of Parag'ould. a Baptist evangelistic singer, who assisted In n' number of meetings here I directing tlie slngins, was tiere Mon : d^y ' visiting friends while'""chronic to Tennessee. Mr. ami Mrs.' Floyd Mallils imd daughter Mary Joancttc of New 1 Survey, Mo., spent the -wecken' here with Sirs. Mathis mother' Mrs Mary Warth. ' Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Wright nnd daughter Inei; visited ' friehd-3 In Blytricvllte Sunday.' " ' Mrs. John Thompson, -who has -TUESDAY, AUGUSY_2gr'-jU33j \ SISTER [MARY'S [KITCHEN NEA Service ) While tlie woman who lany vegetables can sft an abun- cd ;:?ach dumpings, • milk, lia. DINNER: Macaroni and liver tlmbale. creamed olons, r.ead lettuce with Thousand Island dress- Ing, peach custard, milk, coffee. :ich slices. Fry in cooking oil in rying pan until tcnier. ['ut 10 nc side of pan and pour oil all ut 2 tablespoons oil. Add onion hitily sliced and coDk until brown. tit ;i layer of prepared squash in baking dish and cover wiUi terns- pcclod and cut In slices. Sprinkle with onion, add seasoning and elery and cover wllh cheese. Con-!/ lime layer for layer until all Is ised. Put In a moderate oven for •'"'^ fl >" ,;.• - t-, wcr<! fad twenty minutes lo cook loniatoM J^„;,;„• iJ."^ bf»tJ th«e ind incll cheese. Increase heat for | itont (ropi *ome woman who IJM lust few minutes In order lo brown HERVOUS WOMEN Take LydU E. Pinkbam'a Vegetable Compound am M netrou* it Mem* aa though i - " "My nene* are all oo daughter Mlw Allie are in St. Louis this week visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Lumert. Mrs. Lumert and Mrs.' Holt arc sisters. Mrs. Bush Etlieridgc and children Morris and Joan were in Lcnchvillc, Ark.. Mfiday visiting friends. Mrs. porn Dcsha of Chaffec, Mo., is here visiting her daughter' and husband Mr. and Mrs. E. L. LeVan. Mrs. W. R. Limbaugh and daughter Miss Anna Beth returned Saturday ^evening from a two week's visit spent at St.J.ouSs and, Nevada, M,q. ;They : .Yis!ledj''thcir husband arid-' father.' respftllvelv' ant, varied and satisfying table ow cost, she must spend much lime nd tl.ought in its preparation. Tin icsslbilltlcs of every vegetable inns' be studied and carefully worked nit. Summer squash is an cxcsllc'a 'cgetablc lob oflen overlooked b; homcmakers. Fried nnd nuislici seem lo be Hie common ways c cooking this vegetable . I consequently crltici/ed us' taste ess. On account of its bland flavo: summer squash Is especially goo cooked 1 n combinations w 11 other vegetables. Combined with tomatoes and cheese, it orTers n well flavored main dish of high food value. Sauce Helfhteiii Taste Surnmcr squash is cultivated in several varieties. Cymling or "patty pan,", crook-neck and marrow, all--appear In market about the ea'nie time and arc delicately flavored. These squash arc very fine Brained and'. tender, arc seldom peeled and ,t'r:e seeds arc not re- moyed.'-It is at this stage of their 'fcvetopm'enl that they are rich sources of .vitamins. Later, as they mature arid the skin hardens and seeds toughen, tte skin and seeds must be discarded, as In winter squash. If your family objects 10 summer squash and regards it as tasteless, try steaming it and serving it with a white sauce to which cheese U the top. Serve from taking dish. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Orange juice, cc- •ul. cream, creamed ham on toast', milk, rolVce. LUNOdKONL Stjuash scallopsdi with tomaloes, pmnpornicklo, oak- gin today • • • tad nub ttu „ tlrod »iid run-down that her imic* can no longer «l»nd (he BlTiln. No uroman «ho«M alto- hmtlf to drift Into thU condition H ahe can firip htritlf. She >hould thro Lrdta E. Pink, luin'ft Vegetable Compound a trial. For nearly etily s'fcira women bay* taken thk wonilcffu) tonic to ftlvo them renentd • Ucnftth and Ylilor. 'A ouc of every 100 women who report tr\ 11. ur Ibat they are benefited bv rhta N Buy • battle frc UBERTY CASH GROCERY WEDNESDAY and THUUSDAY SPECIALS EGG PLANT, Home Grown. Lb. V 8 c GREENS, ' Turnip. Bunch Ic GREENS, Mustard. . respectively 1 W. R. Limbatigh at Nevada nl Ihc Memphis Baptist hospital.'^''"m^'^iJ^friends In lllmo. lis parents!, Mr; a.n'd,.Mrs. Marcus'"" ° '"'" £vrai"d, wcn.1-do'^ri',yfilh him Sunday: who was with Company C of the National Guards at' their annual encampment at Camp- Clark. Mrs. Bonnie' Smith of Steele Mo.. \vas here Saturday shopping and Mrs. Harry Fieltty Mr.- end I nnd -intending to business. Mrs. j'ii'ck Wilbanks' nfiyirardtll, Mr.: '. Mr.' 'and - Mrs. • Beth Compere tinrt Mrs? CurtisSiwyers l: nud j Misses Claudia Marshall and Lorcne Enderson and Billy Enrier- ron nnd Rev.' J. H. Cunningham of Risco, Mo., who was here. Sunday preached the -Eaptis m'coting"irthc"ohurc'h lbh y rch attended the monthly B. Y iWSr.v ' "'.' . f- U. Associational meeting a been quite ill the past three months is much improved.imd"able to be.up. Mr. and Mrs: J.:H. Fle.Msienter- lained as their ! guiss'ts Silnday, Mr. of vilic/ Mir. and Mrs. Witfprd" King and' tlie Rev. A*. D." Foster bl Union- city, Tcnn., who Is conducting i ? o[ Christ in this'city. well as adults. Squash salad is unusual. Boil squash until tender. Drain and cool. Reject scsds and cut the irm part in neat cubes. Combine with shrec's of green pepp2r and minced onion and serve on a bed Of lelfuce wilh French dressing. iqu*Sh Scalloped With Tomatoes Three small siunmei£5squash, 1 medium sized or.icn, 1-2 "cup costing oil, 4 -ripe ioraatoeJ,'. : l-2 cui chopped . celery, 1 tablespoon sit gar, 1 teaspoon salt,'" 1-4-teaspoon pepper, I. cup grated -cheese. Wash squashes and cut in - 11 _, | ? Mr. nrg! -'Mrs.* Hurry tireen have Mr Ev-'?* thejr. guests-Mr. ami Mrs. C ay.-wliiic , w ildy£on".ni'iHV:,Mrs. Mayme P> Cliff Pctly ;Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Rimer nnd daughter, Marjofie. and Misse^ Qlwbeth and Maxinc Hnlslead, left today for. Chicago. They plan to return Sunday night. [Mrs. Frank Simmons, who has been quite 111, Ss now much improved. Miss Luna B. Wllhclm and he: nkce. Miss Virginia Huffman, linv. returned from a two weeks stay u Ner. Orleans. Mr. and Sirs. Robert Tyroix formerly of Slkeston, Mo., hav anlved here to make their liornt Mr. Tyrone, who is a butcher to the Piggly Wiggly «nd Kroge stores, has been transferred herr At present they arc innklug thci nome with Mr. Tyrone's parents. :Miss Allyce ^felson and brolhei R. A.. Jr., have returned from < veck's stay with relatives In AP f lihgton, Ky. They were accom panied home by Mrs. Hcllic Hol^ LT.d Harold Edrington wlro w'.l x-ra*. their family .for a week. Ralph Usrcy returned to hi 1 home in Birmingham, Ala, yes terday following several days sta? vith his brother. Dr. M. O. Usrey and famllj^ His daiighlcr, Hdc: Jane, remain;d for a longer visit R. N. Hill, Jr, had as his guect lor tbe week-end Harvey Nclsoi cJ Little Rock and Frank Hcnsoi i f Pine BlufI . who were student' with him at Hendrlx college. Con way. Ark. Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Taylor an' daughter, Mary. Alice, will go t: Ccmpbell, Mo., today for sever a d»ys Tacatlori. ' *Jrs. T. J. Mahan ani son Tom 'arid.Ktnt Satttrfleld v\\i rcturr Thursday OT Ptid»y from Prince- ten, Kr, There 'th«y are visltini ' ay nmstoltl operation' and aid will reUirn horde today. . Wrs. Evrard'will ren'i'alri ilietc.,". for St. 'Lpulsjv Mrs. John .Andrews,-Mrs. -MuriK,, M «>'Bessie Pralpr. who 1ms been ,v n n nir.k''>Mt«-W* Thnm is i "' ; I" the, BlylhKlllc hospital for the past wcefc or mow rcuirncd home- duitng'Mhe -week end. Mr. and , Mrs.; James Van Ausdall spent ,Vfew days of last week visiting and" attending to business in Benton. Mo. •' F. D. Browv Dave Barkovitz 'of West Fr^uk"- foil, 111., Mr: and ; Mnf/' Max Fein- | berg au<l Miss-Nao'ma'-Felnbefg of j Blythevillc,.visited ijij the home off Mr. and Mrs. Ben Barkovitz Sunday. •:; Miss Nnoma Harbert who underwent a. goiter operation at the Frisco hospital at.St. Louis a few days ago is in a very serious condition. .' Tyler Sunday. 666 Thomas Miss Jamie Nichols siwnt yes-: erday In Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. John Summers \nd children visited In New Miul- :id, Mo., Smulay. Miss Jnmle Nichols will go to LIQUID -.TABLETS --SALVE • Checks Mahrl.1 in 3- days, Coltls fii>' ilsy, ^Hr.-ntaches or Neuralgia ir - 30 minute;;. • ' • . . Fine l,axalivc and Tonic . ! Most Spcrily Remedies Known MEMPHIS ROUND - TRIP ' :: $1.50 K i Buses l::;r> I.cavc 8:15 Blytheville 12:30 P.* Daily : 4:38 I'.M. Chnd'ren'Aged 5 to 1Z Half-Fare DIXIE GREY/ XIE HOUND Xclscr this afternoon to spend the I r '- u - a ™*" of, San Antonio. •cst of Ihc week I Texns Is visillnp licrc with rola- tivfs. having nccomiMiilcd Mr. nud Mrs. Bob Watkii)s.,-nlso of San Antonio, here, •', Mrs. Wartc Hitmrn rctinnori homr I Ihc latter part of the wi'ek aflcr (having spent the' past fi>\v week? I visiting In LaCrossc. \Vls.. nnd In i Ciilcago. III. Canitliersvillc Society — Personal Methodist Church Holds _ . _ nri KeVlVal bfines at Wilson NOTICE .. . Vifjini* and Emma Lee flrttb wW rtjBfri to thet home ir M»rtMm», Art;., .toejay alter kavlnr twen-ritsJs.ot.-^aB. Betty McCut- etna, for £«v«nl days, . . - Clvartes Stoat Of South Bend Irirt, to the guest of Mr. and Mrs R. p. ..Sput. ind son, skeet. . Mrs. Bill Dmton and daughter Mary Uie, of Memphis were guesU of 'friends here Sunday. 'DHrey Fort" "of "Pass fchristlan MiH., l» Tilting here. He tormerl; resided In ttb- city. MCT. «»d Mrs, John Waterman of Blytbevflle and nov o. In the cUjr vwter- «r. T-. •';:•-• v :MT. *ni Hrt. Itepen Cnfton riac •* tMr .fUdti for the wWkftnd Mr., »nd Mrs.' Leo Lesmtlp!*er,{-dl . fcW. rw'ment m»r- 'ter 'ires-Miss 6t :: '-- ita at t Mr. and Mrs. Jnrk Edwards of 3crnic. Mo., were wcrk ond gnrsus: if Ally nnd Mrs. Sharon J. P.ile • nd other relatives here. ; ^\^LSO^;. Ark.-The Rpv it M Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Foster of, Lovis , , ms t or of Ulo M Pt i, ortiq Blythcvilk, Ark., spent the week! church began n revival im-rtlnir •nd here visiting relatives. Mrs.I .<3, lnr j ay n i s ]-,\,. \vhich win coiulmir T 0btcr remained for a few days j oi - IU-Q \vecks. •isit. and will leave Wednesday i Mr i. j. H. Crain lm s charge of or Memphis. Tcnn.. to enter tlicj trlc mus i c al t | 1c services Coltaijc \Tcthodlfl hospilal there to have, prayer meetings are ix-iiv hclti •cr apiicndix removed. | cr , ch afternoon al :i:M o'clock Mr. nud Mrs. John W. IV.irlon i Kvening services are hrlrt at clslil cluincd Ihc latter pail t>I llic o'clock. vcck from Chicago. III., where- hey spent several days attending: Mexico nbrnmi:y puxince-i aboul he Century of HrORiess fcxposi- : n S .ooo.COO barrels of oil animation there. rclurniiiB by way of [n 1812| C hris!op!rr CoweV -1. Louis where they spent a day.; .. vortcf! ( j, 0 nrsl lollins-mill in Ilio Miss Gladys Harris and Helen | ,, nitcri sia"tcs al Pitlsbsir-h P.» Talon of Jackson. Tcrtlv. un-ivcd _. x few days ago ntid are vir-itin^ lere in the home' of Mr. and Mrs. "?. H. French, an aunt and uncle if Miss Harris: Miss-Frieda SicScry of Lilboiini. \Io.. is visiiiiig Ihis wcrk :n tlie lomc of Miss Sallle Hamra of this •-ily. - : Mr. and Mrs. John \V. Rurlon.! 'ccompanicd by Mr. and Mrs. W.j T. Buckler drove to Kcnnctt Stin-1 lay afternoon where they visited' vith Mr. and Mrs. Will Rudder inrt family. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Arnold re- urncd a few days apo from Hoi iprinp. Ark., and ChicnTO. lll..| vheie they had sivnt two weeks: on their vacation. j Miss Marian Musprave and I *4iss Dorothy French returned the) 3ttcr part of the week from Chi•ago where they attended the "-Id's Fair. On their return home iicy stopped In Webster Grove. Mo., where they visited wish Mrs. Will Jomss. .R. C. Powell has recently accepted a position as salesman for hi Kroger Coporalicn, being employed here. .-' • John and Carl Faris and Mrs. Ray Corning of .Greenville, Miss.. .arrived during the week end and are visiting here in Ihe home of Announcing 'the Re-Opening of The NEW YORK STORE AUCTION or JEWELRY 2 Sales Daily I! I'- M. - 7:;i(l l>. M. Uuy fines! cf Mansard Watchrr, -Slerlin; Stlvrr. Lliamoi.'s :i n t] silver Tbtc, etc., At Vrmr ()«n Trice. FREE Di^mnml \{ i n £ and rlonrns of rll:cr valnsV).-, presents give n for .illtntlanrc pii'cs our hip ;alcs—llrii^ rent filcvdE—I.ol^ nf Fun and Kcal ijctminr Auction* ALDRIDGE JEWELRY CO. . with a complete line of new Jail • DRESSES • COATS •-SUITS .• MILLilNERY • Under Gar men Is • HOSIERY • ACCESSORIES g Jot Women and Misses Embodying tlie newer styles as interpreted by New York's leading manufacturers . . . Moderate Prices Bunch Ic BELLPEPPERSi Fancy. Each Ic COFFEE, Lady Alice. Lb. 19c BUTTER, American Maid. Lb. 17c PURE LARD, No Limit. Lb. 7c NECK BONES, Meaty. Lb. 3c PEACHES, Fancy Elberta. Lb. (k CONCORD GRAPES, ^ Qt, Bskt. 12*/ 2 c SUGAR, Pure Cane._10 Pounds 47c | GROUND BEEF, Nice & Fresh. Lb. fc PORK SAUSAGE, 100% Pure. Lb. 6%fc SALMON, Rosedaic, Med. Red.'.-can lie'| MILK; All Brands. Sm. can 3c; Lge. Gc | BEETS, Libby's. Large Can lOc EGGS, Liberty Carton. Fresh. Doz. 20cJ SALT MEAT, Boiling Butts. Lb. 6%c-1 FRYERS, Fiill Dressed. Fresh. Lb. ;20c j NORTHERN TOILET TISSUE, Roll 5c"| CORN STARCH^' Staley's. Pkg, ' '5c EGGS, Loose. : Do^en '15g-; VEAL CHOPS, Nice and Leanrlb.; 5c, SALAD DRESSING, "Pt. 14c; Qt GRAVEN8TEIN, New Calif.'' Lb. (ic VINEGAR,;Sunny South. I'int Ir: Qt. 7!ic; Gallon Zlt BACON,'Swift's'Empire, Sli. Lb. 12y g c. ORANGES, Calif, ed Ball. 288's. doz 15c MASON FRUIT JARS, vin *™£^^ JAR CAPS, doz' 23c; RUBBERS, doz 3c BOLOGNA, Swift's. Lt). 12c PRESERVES, King B. l(j-o/. Jars. 12V 2 c PURE GOLD SYRUP, No. V,'- C:m o. 2>/ : Can PAR-T-JELL. All Flavors. Pkg. 4V 2 c PORK STEAK, Nice & Lean. Lb. IQc LADY BETTY n-O/. Hotlln 9c; \^ic!i Spread Pinl 22c NAVY BEANS, New Stock. Lb. _5c PRINCE ALBERT, Tobacco. Can ]C: AJ EAL, 5 Pound Sack. Eacl^ 12<: HAMS, Oscar Mayer. Whole i Half Lb. COFFEE, Fresh Ground. Lb. FLOUR, Mary .Tar.c Armc 24-Lb. Sack Me COOKING APPLES, fine for pie. lh. 3c RED ONIONS, Nice & Sound. Lb. 2%c ORANGES, Nice and Juicy. Each Ic BUTTER BEANS, Fresh. Lb. 5c PICNIC HAMS, Shanklcss. Nice. lb. IQc CORN FLAKES, Extra Lge. Pkg. H>c OATS, Hostess. 55-0??. Box. Each 10c CHEESE, Wis. Full Cream. Lb. 17y 2 o-j PORK LIVER, Lb^ 5e BEER — SOON — At Lowest Prices SNAP BEANS, > Lb. Ic SEE COMMERCIAL Al'PEAL FOR OTHER RED-HOT .MIIMVEKK SPECIALS

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