The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 22, 1934
Page 1
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Served by the United Press ™raMJMME Blytheyille D»lly New* BlytheYllle Coirler Mississippi Valley Leader BlyttievlHe nor»M ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DECEMBER .nine hr'Gear Irene Stokes, 21, Almost Inslanlly Crossing iRoad Mrs. Irc-iie Stokes, 21. wife of .1...O. stokes, wait' struck' ;iml nl- mnsi. In.s' killed by a uu driven by l>. M. llollowi?)!. Wlban, Ark., cafe operator, 'us ^he wns crossing Highway ei ulioiii a i-u mllW! wiuih of Dlyiheyillp ni r> Vt o'clock yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Htoko.s hrul crossed the highway from her home to talk to her husband, who liml .stupijcil his wngon oiid u-:ini on ihr- opposite .side of the mud. Mr.- Stokes uas driving )iorl)i when he'.stopped nnd a ncsro wagon driver.: had also stopped his team ,i sliort dislaii'c behind Hfokes' wagon. Darts hi Path of ;Cai- Taklng .some article, froni her husband Mrs. stoke.s reti-accd her steps around Ihe wi^pn-and stalling running across the road to• ward her home, according to llol- lowcll. The latter, driving south from Blyiheville after holiday shopping here with his family, said he had no nppoitunlty to avoid strlklnc Mrs. Stokes when she darted directly into the path of his machine from between the two wagons. The woman was hurled against the pavement nnd her head as crushed. Hollowell stopped his machine and mslied Mrs. stokes to the Blyiheville liospilnl but .she was dead when physicians made their examination. They said she rnusL have dicrt nlinost Instantly. tffllevf Drivel nianielru Sheriff?, deputies wei-e invesll- EnlliiB the accident but Indications were that no arrests would he rntide. They sold that so fii their investigation showed Hollowell to be blfimeie. n A Funeral ssrvlpe's . will bo held Sunday at Boonovilfe. Miss., when ^ nitemieiit will-, be' made. Trr . Coblj Uiidertiilcing conuiany Is In charge of funeifil arrangemenls. Mrs. Stokes Is survived by hei husband,"", a son, Elbert" Clinton Stokes, -Jiw father. D. P. ;j;aton Loun. • was runr Miiey P . reading 10 nfa ioglslnl lire's ways ami moaiia cbnimitteu only Biich nans of his iicwest 34 bills 113 lie felt necessary when the camera cangbr tills pose. Tlic Ilou^p. referred to ny one ot LoiiB'a few npnonenta In Um legislature as " • "piiny-faced fitopgea," immediately pajse-i .'.. ' liciu all: ••'•'••; PemkccJ Dernoerafs Khdors'e Bailey Brnok\ CARIITHEHSVILLE, K(o.—Bailey P. Braofci, of Ihir, citv has been .endorsed by the PemlseoL County Central Democratic committee for rue ixKf/nnst&ship of Coriithevsvllle. The enddrs!>men! L", .regarded ns aifin-lng ills tip p&inlreeiit. . . Brooks war. among eleven who were seeking endorsement for the oflice. The others were Edltoi O. w. Chilton. former Mayor W. D. Byrd. Paris Cunningham, Tom iVfedli'n. Lowell Poster, Frank Balrd, H. P. Tluveatt. and Mines. Leonard Shade. C. E. Hr ngr „„() Floyd Wilks. u wns understood that umoks received siitTiclent. votes on Ihe first b.illol (o g?t a majority and lhc endorsement Brooks is at present, employed in a local garage as manager of tli;; parts department. Paul L. Homer in ihe outgoing poslmas- ne of inknown jilgm dama» i stole building SD6 '"08 \\e t Mai i suect enily ihls morning Causing considerable loss of stock In Hnynr \fros Ehou heip the rue suited and slight Indlu-ti nmage to 'o.' C. .R^ske's shoe or* nnd Vvnlpole E|«(itiic shop Ef.timaU}.-, of the lotnl loss were not. available' today but the dam- College "Heavy Water" •Worth $40,000 Per Quart EUGENE, Ore. (UP) — Water $40,000 per rjuart? 11,'s "heavy water," made at the University of Oregon by professor o. P. Stafford of liie chemistry department. 1 ™fcEsor Stafford concentrated •'0,000 gallons of ordinary water to 50 gallons which were sent to the bureau of standards in Wmhtng- D. C., for final processing. _, -•' --• ...nil jtt UL l-i.ljll^, i no years ago, when D20, denter- nim oxide or "heavy water," was quart wns nwth him oxide 01 discovered, $ISO.COfl. FLASHES NEED MONEY FOR PR011E \V,VSirrXfiTON. - The senate munitions committee decided to- diy to demand at least $50,000 from the new congress lo con- liniip ils investigation nexl year. The Wonder ot the First, Christmas SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT?" SlilEIl '''ormer Oxmilan Was for Years n Promin en I Member of ihe Bar OSCEOLA. Ark., Dec. :>'].—fi. H. Klmpson, former ; resident of O.sre- nla :nul ill one lime une-ol the most iiroiiilii'fhl/aUnropy.s hi wm.h- ' cast Arkhiisajj, •oirci 'HI. :c:ii] n'r Friday ultcruooi) .at 111" iiojiii- of ht:v daughter,, Mir,, Ruth Hlmpsi'.n Answorlh, -1701. fVrrihhu 1 Avenrc, Port WortJ). 'rc.vii.'i. .. " . Mr. Simpson had been In i~<ir>, Worili for liliniil five yfnrs, tuivin« left 'Owol.'t on ,-iecoinil us health. . : . Mi'. Simpson., served . as pvosa- ciiMng attorney of this 'judicial district about .311 year* :i(;o • and was OUR,.or the man ; «bla lawyer.^ in this .section l:Kc>e l!l health forced his gradual retirement from ncilvc practice. Jle'wn;' born ill Wavrrley. Tenn., In iQiji, and started Ihe practice of.liuv'ul Parafoiilri, where he tniiaJit f.r.lmel. He moved from Purngould in Os-, r.eola about 17 years :\KO nnd at OIK; time u law partner of Con- i gre&smiiii W. .1. Driver. , Funeral services will lie held at i'nrajjpnld but arrangements are not complete. , ..Mr. Simpson Is .survived by .four - dliiBluers. Mrs. Answorth, Mrs Nina. Young, of Little Rock and Iv.-o ntliere. one; living - In Uetioit and the other In New York state. llavncs Mali's Sh_ r Neailjy Sioies Suffei AtionVeys Will Again Seek Samiy lleanng a l Pine Bluff Today L1TTLR ROCK, Dec. 2'2. (UP) — 'AUoinej foi Mnilr n ghapk Ohio quadmulc slajd nwiltlng e\p^u and t! " n Decemb"! 28 said they \ oiild go to-Fine BlufT IhK afteriioon for n snnlly hearing hi circuit court. Bhke Cook Ohio attorney -Jan ' r - J$ ' !](1 dcmned DIM [aid he' v-as eKceedln°h,"hopeful £ nfit by (o ihe Inilhliijg, owned A. M. BuiL. was about. »„„„. fai Ihe heaviest los was MLS tnlned by the, men's clothlne store, which will run into.several ihou- dollars. Damage to tho shoe store was confined lo smoke and' in the electric shop to smoke and n small amount of water. Damage to both building and the men's store is covered by insurance. I, R Waynes, proprietor of ihe men's store, wns out of town last, night and Mils morning, employes said and could not be reached for an estimate of his loss, but It Is known to be heavy. T)ie store was closed today but the shoe store and electric shop were open for business. The (ire apparently originated behind n partition separating the front and rear rooms of (he men's More and near (he east \vnll. It evidently burned slowly. Fire Chief rioy Head said, following the line lo ih-- ineral rout Loot said "Irani cn'fTf<l the thud dm hi-, last, 10 la\ solid I./KI 10, \ otild bf> gianfd on th inlrroreJ ln;a chilli e—l!io wonder of (I to Mnrlo, Dlonno, rapl In erest at lior utUo Vulo iroe, ti mite rd jiprhaps, ly tt^ new mtiml, but. onlrancoil j)j Jl» .slilntng beauty as It' Is helt! Jioforo her In ''"> mntu' hoanltal-lioiiKv nt. CaUanUer, Onl <Coi> y rlgh t," IS 31, N E A'Bo rv ice Dillinger Bought Way Out of Jail OIMOAC1O, ,f).'c, '22. {Ut'J—Kfi- denco Ihnt .Mm Dlllitifier iinld $1 BOO lo n northern fndlona public officlnl 10 oW.itji Ms I'dftisp fronv (ho Croiv'n Point, liul., juil lust Mnrcli was revealed lo the United Pi'cjs Ipriny by tnriiniin liivjstl- tnlors. : ' Thr> resiills 01 Hie liiVf.sllKnt.lon, which extended 'over more u>:m MADDIBON, WIs., Dec. 22. (DP) —The* lust woman abandoned In the wake of the mill wlessness was ordered to prison M today when I'Mtenil Jiulsie 1'atrick Stone "revoked UK; probation of Murl* eonfoill, . . r ----- e.*"'*> tasls J)f (es Imom irom vilncsse, th->j will offer (o some 13 an Hisanit> claim If (he letitlmi i, denied as It us la«t lall appeal will b" made to Hie suprunc comt mid perhapj - He i r , i if a ,,nd f m t^ 0 ht Iws r-fuvd ^n c OU p nnjl mill. Jwlhi/nlrr intd He ha^ taken only water Exploding Star Newest Sensation of Heavens CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Dec • •"' (UPl-The exploding star No"va Herculis. a short, time ago scarcely visible, has become one of tho most brilliant' bodies in Ihe heavens with "changes that are as unexpected ns peculiar," Harvard observatory reported today, Van Weise Reelected President of Browns j v °! Need Money and Supplies to Complete Christmas Christmas Promises Little For Orphan, 111 In Hospital Clnitmn- wouldn't have' mennt Undertaking Co., where It will be niich to Him nuywtiy, but 'it will held pending the arrival of a h - - , e pe hen -sadder holiday than- .ever to . step-son old iy The Montgom- employed In a. CCO camp" In Mh. .„,• . '. . alsslppi. Lawrence's two brothers iw/ls .'criUrolly 111 with W ero taken by a Mrs Williams nntn til H,n .InAnl l.^r^lt^l ...i. J ...,,- ,. J . VYlmUINb, . rs ams meinnonia at the. -local , Hospital. w i, o will' aUcnpt to keep hem IK IrHlnr >mni^nlnl,n,l n...] .l^rll ...:..i i . . . J.yuj^ HILIII Hi frther unemployed and clesli iile died jestcrday of-pneumonia, eavlng-" Lawrence niid his 'D I rf n es .Board- Has Program for Fiill Develop; menl of Country until homes caii bn found. Lawrence faces a dismal Christ . ,-t. —. ....« .,.., two mas. He's pretty sad over his fa brothers, la and 13. orphans. j ther's death. He's worried abonl i,,™i r u,!, ', "' Recently ,11m Montgomery rent-1 what will become of 1m elf n^d T, g , "' ° f d °" ars '"'"ed : a 'room for himself nml hip hte brothers, and he's verv sick i, i . serve , ns " "• depression hree sons In the home of Henry , no .slel: to have visitors even 7? I ", 10 r 'if lll5Ure f "" (lcvcl Thompson on Sycamore street. Ho.'anyone should come to visit ?,, Pmcnt ° f lhc w "°'° cmml ^' ls iisd been \memploycd and sick for; The nurses have''been ' plofKK! ' 11 b ? tnc National Re.sonrc- sonic-" lime. Pneumonia developed him. They'll try to make hi n en 1 inrl T.On'Trtll.ln 1,-r... nl^^ -i-I>,l I ._- „- . . . *""IVC 1LIIJ1 L[l- 1 WASHINGTON, DSC. 22 tupi— public works mngrmr . - -.--...-...1. ^.w.^.up^ ( , nun, 11 my n tr y [Q mrike him nn i » ind Lnwrence was also stricken. | Joy Christmas. But they have so ' c bo " d sl '8i«fed President The .Thompson family gave them many to care for Ilicy can't tin Ro05cvelt nsk congress to create (i vliat cnrc they could, but were much for one i $! WW.OM.Oflo public- works fund inndtrappcd because .of the illne.M. Lawrence Is' not the onli- utiin fc f releil£c ln cvcnt or nn- ST. LOUIS, Dec p. 22 (UP) _ who recently ---.. ..-..^ ^..n,, luiimuM" me jii^ 0 . ; • • •"•" .^cciui> ut^iy in. i of he_wall and burning hilo n I™ C 1J° ,? °" tc ! al l'. N ' . J ".. tort "V v*ed bed, ._ ....!, umniijg IIUU U • slock of men's suits in front of the! partition before heat broke out an overhead vent and skylight providing n draft and ncceleral- ing spread of the names. The fire was discovered by V E Tomlinsin, merchants' palrolnian before it had gained full headivav Prompt arrival of firemen and easy access lo the heart of the fire prevented (he blaze from get- t-niS out of control, chief Jfenrt .Uatcrt. Firemen worked about an hour' with two lines of how, one iiiMrte and one on top of the building before extinguishing Ibe fire entirely. .M J ectcd owns Bt n of the St. The child wits nished to tile - -" -"t. W.ILU mti UISIICCI (O lllC meeting-. of, Blythevllle hospital.. The body of Montgomery was taken to Cobb Kansan's Pets Boosted Prohibition Drive ORENOLA, Kan.' (UP)— "Keep Kansas Dry for Kansas Youth" Church, when f he went to* th" doctor to have her injured rite treated. Mr?. Vales' homc-ircaled her ribs, but not having any adhesive taps handy, used -some stickers left oveiv from the recent cleciio n. . iu stickers worked well enough but the printer's ink transferred to her 1VASHIXGTO.V. — The federal communications commission lo- 'lay ordered eleven important officers of cotnimmicallons coin- Mnits to appear al a hearing •"Unary 21 in show cause why '["•y should be allowed In pon- "iiiio as nffircrs or directors of nio re thnn win*, company. ri \I-'iv S ^T'MTIES PKOGRAM Ohio CCO Camu Kuriil Dlaiii • . ORK -— Pllrsul "s l"' s I PORTSMOUTH, O. (UP) — A utililfe.'" v"" 10 '"* 1 O l' cl ' a(| o» " f , ccc camp on Churn Green, near ^..».j,'_ '" n > p or Florcllo I^i- (here, was almost .entirely destroyed ! foday thai a .by fire, vvlth loss c-stimnled at government lo I the only building left itandln?. An [overheated stove was blamed', for Ithc nre. . cd In control 1C MH-CT sysem "//cj>, tohcn arc you /offc gomg fo fcerfp / V anna /rang up " . *i Hlll[linoi]0n "..u.i^ijr i^LwuiIILfJlU- of his lee as result of » hlghw.iv c crentlol > ° f a iwrmanent pub- acclclcnl. He works planning commission to Eueenc, however. Is a little more coolJcnito w'lh President fortunate than Hie. others. Some relt ' Sn - vln 8 : friends visited him ycilc-rdav "'From the exijcrlcncc of brought him some gills nnd n lit- last f ™ years with rivers una tie Christmas tree. He's happier harbors, public buildings, public now ' |«««ls "'id Ihe publtc works admln- .— hslrnllon working separately It FroM R,,k J <v '° lll(1 seem cntlrcl >' Practicable for firect Baroetl |congress lo approve or Fence on Wushekow River TOKYO. Dec. 22. (UP)-Reports ccmln? from Horbin today said Uiat information Is being' circulated there that the Russian forces built n barbed wire fence around n newlyformed bench on Ibe Wu- shekow river. This gave rise lo rumors of further controversy between Russia and lhc government, of Manchu- KIIO. Jealousy Is Motive for Murder of Aged Widow BATH. N. Y., Dec. 22. ,(UP) — the and years, nnd then lo make minimi appropriations to be applied to the construction of projecls within Ihe program In the discretion ot the admlnlslrntor of public work or the president." , The bonrd said the government In cooperation .with states nnd counties, could spend $3,500000000 improving 1.150,000 miles of rural roads. Engineers, the report stated, estimate river projects need $8000000,0<W. Five thousand dangerous grade crossings throughout the country could be eliminated with $500.000,000. A complete $12,000.000,000. . -- „-_. _.„ Political subdivisions deslrlni to a confession build water nnd sewerage systems tvi-ewrlt ,i,,nh, ton a ' roll illef lolls duilni! the year In conlinsl It repoited rapidly , ..icreaslng dlUdcnd payments ard „„!.?.'! corporation ploflU while corpora- Ion deficit!) hail sharply declined; The •.iiivey, pointing to unemployment icllef as America's most urgent pioulem, —'-' *""" • •--* Eve Program 110111 U 318 000 In September, 1033, lo 10,402000 hi Septrtnbel Ihls: jeni 'Iqlal relief costs nfota than doubled With PWA and CCO pajlolh this cost no\v totals more, than $18 r 000,008 a month",, Showing Ly glnphs that itei production df mines nnd factories has gained hnrdly'at all ovei 1933, the Miney stale's Hint although, Industiliil production, which began to rise In September, promises to continue until sptlng, 'thert Is'no likelihood lhat It fell! lift production 01 elnploytnent above the bv- ols lust May when 10248000 were out of work' A niliiiitf! rail for 8 |fls, nionny, food, flollilnj, toys or other nrllcles - for Olir'stinn^ "v^ ILstrlbiitlon nmong needy famllle.i of the coinmunlly wns Issnuu w- dny by W, ,1. Wumkrllch, ehnlr- man of Ihe (loodfellows rlnb. Ooodfellows Iwndminrters will Ii3 open loilay and Monday in ihe bulldhiff formerly occiiplptt by the Latlles Toggery, wesl. of the Kress store, nnd nnyonj Imvlng nny- thlnt' lo give Is asked lo deliver it there or, If tlml h not, convenient, to telephone nuniber 111. Additional cnsh and .other contributions were received yesterday but; thc ; elub still, fnces n. difficult problem In-making tlis money nnd supplies It' hus on hnnd cover the .Heeds of-all tbef fimillles -oiv.-.lts ltSt,.y .- , •-!..:: '.. :. -•\-' : :'. 1 '^' • ^".'^'.'/i .'t t~.':. ' li Oiisii cbi'it'ri&uiiuiis"; p'i' ; $i(j' tScJ! wqre received yesterday from'-the AfkaJisns-HIissourt Power 'company nnrl :W. T. Bairiell.' 'other gifts ot money In addition to thdise previously' -acknowledged were': h E. •Tiill-n'ml''3..H. Kress Co!;-$5 ekclii Cash Peed store, $2; -1CA. Owens and Harvey Morris, $1 each; Johnnie Andrews,-50 cents. • •B. A.' LynclOls giving the use of the building occupied by the Oood- ^ellows free of-rsiit and the Arkansas-Missouri Power • company •• li furnishing' free electric service. Besides : Its cnsh contribution the Kress store yesterday gave $5 in merchandise. The shibley Grocery co. gave two cases of canned milk. ' en days were granted by ";- ""'; a""""- "i "ui- "-s i" 'ci-ii up nun an avala rnor Futrell today as the state's of presents from all narts 'of Jlr itt 111D t; ni'ACnttt e trt Rl nnttt'In*f nnf fnn "hrlslnms presents to 51 convicts. The list B'us sent to S. L. Tod- unter, superintendent of state rlions. with the instruction that- ie coufd use hLs discretion In re- easing the men. realize that every convic a every convc hat Ls granted clemency has ene- Guides in New nts" " of another man. Mrs. ParJcor «-as 72. $550.000,000 In ap- .jendlng before the PWA. rive million farm families could be given economic electrical service at costs ranging $500 to 800 a inlle. The government in from Love Triangle Results in Double Murder, Suicide _.„.,. ,' DELTA. O., Dec. 22. (UP)—A lo love irlangla ended in three deaths l x. Ll Lm^' e il, LcslC!r sllncld ' 42 '' Thc sources boni-d said a pcr- $150.000,000 for slum-clearance and low-cost housing has barely "scratched tlio surface," according '- administrator Harold L. ntes," the governor wrote.. "But at he same time he lias ns many oved ones that are just, ns Interested in him and In ninklug him a belter citizen as those that ii;sirc lo see him punished." The prison furlough system Is 'isndlcd on an honor basis. Those approved included Andrew Jones. Mississippi county. 10 days. George P. Smith Buys Kentucky Avenue Home J. C. Thurmond of Gracey, Ky,, who owns considerable property herd, has sold a house on Ken'- turky avenue to George P. Smith. Relief Burden Cilec! in Inventoiy ot Reroveiy Pi ogress .. . Dec 22 < ... ~..v«,, Federation of i.».u* "day Inventoried the, na([on'4 Centra! Bank System \, v Is Under Consideration WASHINGTON, Dec 22 (UP)— Recovers legislation to convert the federal resene sjsf.m into n vh- tunl central bank may bo sought by the admlnlstiatlou In the next It learned of congiess lodny Measures that would center banking po»on In the fed°inl je- sorve lomd nml broaden available credit for business are belns con sldered This piogram \\otild give the federal ipserve board powers "•<> provide new ere.dit to bjtslness "thtu nilthorlty to establls^dlscretlonaiy :mif^-f, 0 determine eligible paper ' , ^ ^ Dickinson . % Gels Land Bank Posi Dee 22 .,.,,_, ,-... - — n .,isoh, president of the Arkansas state Rumens Union nos.been elected a member of the board of directors of the - • Land Bank of St Louis He. will dlrecl the Federal Intermediate Credit bank nf at 1/1= i\ at - Louis Bank foi Cooperatives ^Dr. Dickinson Is pdltoi of the Arkansas Union Farmer nnd supervisor of accounting of the Ark- aiisas state revenue department" Santa Brings Heavy ~ Pack to White House WASHINGTON, Dec 2a (0p> -Santa dais arrUed at (he Whita- Konse todaj three days early bearing hundreos of gifts and thousands of greetings foi President, and Mr* Roctae^lt Mail clerks drafted as Ms helpers worKid at top spe=d In the -\pproves Christmas "Vacations" for Slalc Penitentiary Inmates LITTLE ROCK, Dee. 22. (UT)- —.^u M Mf> 5 pe-a in the B.T.P urlouglis ronying from three to room of the e\ecuthe ortiees trV- Pll iln v.i u'orn rrrn nt/i/l IM- r*m- _ inn- tr\ \ nn« ...... i>.. _ «y — r ing to Jeep up «u n an avalanc nation. Before noon they h-id e ard 6 GOQ ° Iincka ° M .S, nd Girls Act as Hunting PITTSBURGH N H (UP)_Witd game hunting m this wction of «w. Hampslnre should flourish he" big game hunters hear about ^'°,.,? iT , ls !! a ' e teen Permitted Sportsmen if iourc tnter^^ , f y _ ar « Alicc ResnoMs and Mabel Bank s both capable of hiking many miles n dij and expert rifle 25 Religious Faiths at COLUMBIA Mo (UP_re «nt church survey showed 2o re igious faiths represented at the University of Missouri. Included " •*• • •• «• • • "\j ^*v y w\B- nue and Dehnar street and had been occupied until recently K C. L. LlntMiileh find fainlly.' igenctc* now engaged In develop- K public works projecls. The commission could, the report said, consider statutory or administrative devices to facilitate cooperation between federal, state and other local authorities, aid in making Interest com- and Moravian.' . 170.000 federal, slate ond local .state lines, WEATHER Arkansas-Parity clouds, slightly ivnrmer (onljht Suntlay partly clotdy to unsettled, colder In r.ortruyesi portion Sunday. > • JTha maxtmum temperature here Norrls, official weather

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