The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1937
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 22, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS Matinee Idol Topics to Be Used This Week by Dr. Eugene Potter Are Announced Large audiences heard the Key. Eugene W. Potter, of Joneslwrb at both services Sunday at ' the Mist Methodist' 'church, lii an evangelistic campaign which will continue through next Sunday. At last night's service he spoke on "Tragedy of An Unwise Choice." Dr. Potter said In part: "liot's unwise choice was cumulative. His' first decision was lo pilch Ills, tent toward Soilowi But finally his home and family were In Sodom. Then Ills choice was ultimate. He could not then say is Ills' children. The time had been when .he could have saved them from the materialism, and sin of the city, but now they would not ; listen." Tonight he will speak on the { subject: "At tho • Forks of the L Road." The young people are meetlns! In a special service each night] at 7 o'clock under the leadership of. Mrs. Potter and the Rev. Lynian Barger, of . Dyes.?, who "are assisting In the revival. Mrs^ Potter, who recently joined the Rev. Ml-.-Potter will assist in the young people and women's work. Tuesday night - the Rev. Mr. Potter .• will .speak on "Parenthood .at Its: Best."'. .Wednesday night the subject will be'"Is Contentment . Possible?",' Thursday night, he will-; speak on Th»> Would Not." Friday night the theme Is "Is There a Future Life? Saturday night the Rev. Mr. Wade will speak on "How That Christ Died for. Our Sins" and Sunday morning on "The Resurrection of ihe Human Body," 1 The Rev. Eugene, Hawks, of the Southern Methodist University, will speak Sunday night. Mrs. Potter will speak each night of the week at the 7 o'clock service and the Rev. Mr. Barger will lead the singing. HORIZONTAL 1 Piclured Him star. 9 Soap substitute. 14 Astringent. 15 Florida •' swamps. 15 To linger 1 1 Ordinary written tin- guage. ,. 18 One of K-s fanious roles. 19 Electrical term. 20 Ogles. 2 1 Covers. 22 Godliness. 23 Monkey. 24 Mister. 25 Aftow. Ansv-tr to Previous Pilule 11 Poems, 12 Rumanian coins, 13 Narrow ridge.!. 28 Possesses. 29 Epochs. 30 Gcnui! of duck?. 31 Broriw. 32 Hawthorns. 33 To oust. 3G Cloth measure. 37 Tone B. 33 Snaky fisli 39 Like. 10 Falsehood. •II South America. «Pair. 43 Heavy string. 44 To observe. 45 I.yric pcem. 47 Part of u collar. i 49 He was a . great star of -the screen. 50 His native land. VKRTICAI. 28Bai-k of fool. 30 Sloth. 31 Toward sea. 32lloisls. . X Male servants 33 He in 2 Sound of , [i)a« sorrow. 3 Pitchei ear. 4 Type standard. 5 Cylindrical. 34 Horso fennel. 35 Painfully. ^7 Vampire. 10 Mineral fissure.. 6 Elephant tusk VI To pave. substance. '!3 Mounuiin 7 Heartland. pass. 8 Native metal. 14 Mineral 9 Clover. spring. 10 Leader of Ihe 463.141G faithful. " 48 Preposition. Store Company Charged With Evading Gas Tax A charge of gas fax evasion has •been docketed Hgainst the'Kroner Store company la municipal courl here. ' Bennie Eddings has been fined five dollars for possessing un.-' stamped ifqiior and a similar charge * lias been . docketed against Anna Duncan. A' charge of petit larcenv has fieen docketed against Helen Parker. . Public*'; drunkenness cases were 'tlfSposed of, .as'follows, this morn- Chester Pinkely, forfeit, D Kirby, $10 fine; U. S., Margerum. $10 pended; Bill Odom, bond forfeited; D. Fortenberry, bond forfeited; J C. Pierce, bond forfeited. .and Owners Seek Transfer of Proceedings to Chancery Courl Construction of n power Iliic across land owned by the Three Stales Lumber company and farmers buy- Ing kind from the company, by tho Arkansas-Missouri power company, 1ms been hnltcd by agreement pond- ing action on ti motion by the lumber company and farmers to transfer condemnation proceedings brought by the power company In circuit court to chancery court. A hearing on the motion will probably be held tomorrow morning before Circuit Judge d. E. Keck at Coming. . . i i Tiie Three Slates company nnd the Tanners, c. L. Eubanks, p. E. Eubanks, Mrs. Pearl Hill, Miss Willie Marshall, A. M. Brlttbn, 0. G, Smith. Elvln Love, Vance nixon, McMurly, R. E. Jones, Chester Danehower and J. w. liu'rke, were named defendants In the iiower company's suit brought nbout 10 days ago. The power company was requlr- « to past $1,783 with the court to over damages .that might be su's- alned by the defcndnnls, the amount to be determined by a jury liter. The motion to transfer lo cliiiu- :ery court.alleges that the defendants would suffer unusual and Ir- •eparable Injury,, that the power hie Is not actually needed for pub- le service and that other routes are open, to the company. Tiie high power lino would con- icct with a similar line being erected by the. Arkansas Power and Light company a short distance west of Osceola and would provide additional power for the Arkansas- Missouri Power company's use. ...: C. M. Buck' Is counsel for the power company and Hnrrisc Smith and Taylor represent, the dcfendanlsl: . Osceola Society — Personal Visitor' from Honduras Here Mrs. Carrol D. Dodgen of Teia, Honduras,- is here as the guest of Mrs. .Lehman 'Williams and Mrs. H: M. Rheubush. Mrs. Dodgen was formerly. ;Miss Gladys Boucher.- of .this city. , have been the guests of the former's. sister, Mrs.-. B. C. .Bryan returned to their homes yesterday Mi and Mrs Bryan accompanlet theni to Memphis and met her mother, Mi's. J. J. Dillard, who is retuniing home after two JHREE-; -';? Slcelc-Cootcr Society — Personal Mra. Curl Sheeley nnd Mis, T. A. iiggiur! were in tharse of the )>ro- grnm at the regular meeting of tlic Hook Club In lh« home of Mrs. l)c- wnit Smith last week. The society will have Its next meeting In Iliu Iminc of Mrs. J. H, Workman, Friends gnve Mrs. P. H. First Lead Solves Problem of Setting Up Needed Trick John Conley Dies at Home of His Son months' visit with relatives Mississippi and Alabama. ln| John Conley, 71, of, the Hightow- Qr community, died" Saturday nlghl at 8:30 o'clock at the .home of his son, Nevett. Conley. ' : •T'lincral' services were held Sunday. morrilng at Sawyers cemetery with the Rev: W. O. Singletcrry officiating.; 'The Moss Funeral Service was In charge ''of funeral ar" I'llnn n surprise ' tiji'thday dinner at liei' liomc near Stt'elo Wetliifsday. Tlic guests were Mr. nnd Mrs. l-llnn, Mrs. If. E. Dosriicr, Mrs, Ludlla Stephens, Mrs. linymoiul lirouks iind daughter, Mrs, Eiirl Vlck ami daughter, Mrs. Scrap chlsin. Mrs. 0. A. Ounivunt, Mrs. Jolinnii' 1'lillllps. MV-S. Uill Sheolcy, Mrs. Max li. Kclley and Mrs. A..).'Overturf. Mr. anil Mrs. Kills Chambers are parents of n 0-pound .son. born ut their home In Cooler Friday morning. Mi\s. Chambers Is tile former Miss Alice Ennls. Mr. nnd Mrs. Sidney Upscomb have moved to IhcMr Itom; In the west part of Stcclc. .Mr. nnd Mrs. L. W. Turner and son. Billle, have rclinncd after several days tfslt with relatives at Marlon, ill. Mrs. •]'. I, Brooks, who has been very sick with tha llu, Is much Improved, ft Harry Burnett, who 1ms betn seriously 111 for several weeks, Is uot- 'cr. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Cook of this city, who arc spending the .winter at Tuscaloosa, Ala., circ '.spending a ~cw days here hi the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Spenco. Mark Anthony was returned to :ils home In Stole last week from the Memphis' Baptist hospital, where he underwent ah operation recently, lie Is much Improved. Mrs. Gerald Brooks Is In Caps GirnrdMii at the bedside of her father, Mr.. ilrihs of Marble Hill, who is In a hospital- there. His condition is much Improved. 'Mrs. V. L. Ulackwcll Is reciipcr- ating from an operation at Dr. ilus- band's clinic at Dlytheyills last week. Wesley Johnson, son of Mi", and Mrs. Wesley Johnson, and Jessie Johnson, son of Mrs. Rebblc'John- sou, who have had .diphtheria, arc very muclr improved. Mrs, H. L. :cuppics, president of W5I. r. SHKINM Y y, American llrlilye I.L'aftin^ the dummy [joss down, the first tiling done by every careful declarer is lo count Ills winners or losers. It Is really Immaterial which you count-. Tho general pvnclICK is to add up,those irml total the least, hut .it no trump It hi much ensier lo count .certain wlnnors. nnd then A Q B -1 / V 7 :( 2 O A K J 5 * Q •! 2 IS lOTul! V K U It « 93 •V 8 V C 5 N \v r s Dealer AK fi Vt) 100 1 *Q10>! 1 -•AA'l.l ( , V A J r, A •) n o ! * A K , i •—i\> y :Sniilh U'i'st KUI..I' 1 N. T. 1'nss ;t N. 'I 1 ./"ass l>nss • • Opcninn lend—A 2, Today's Contract Problem North has (ho contract, for six no Iruinp. \Vlicu' lie picks'up Ilia (juccn o[ .cluus, lic'tun counl on HVQ clubs, Iwo hciirls, ihvcc spnilos, anil one (liumoiul—11 IricUs In all. Wlinl'linc of play will produce llic Iwclflli trick?. AK Q4 2 7 i\ K •! , 0,172 i?i A B :i 61109 7 <> 10 G '• 0 10 u 2 fish, panol flsli, sergeant < msijoi and squirrel ash It Is estimated dial (toe-third of the tip* pioslmaicly 600 varieties of fish found In the nalor'i near here are si liable for northern aquariums Most ot the fish caught near hern are loV-cn In tiapa on reefs from live lo 30 feet under the surface Souorlt<u> Maria CaUlina Encl- ims nnd Maria Arcos Cedilla wero the llrst two women to obtain airplane pilot licenses in Mexico Don't Sleep When Gas Presses Heart If you want to really GET RID OP QAS and terrlblo bloating, don't expect f-.cutil's determine. wlioio putiiHul Hick 1 ! nifty by .(levlop:d Int) riLtunl ones. Today's hand came fiom riink K. Perkins ot Huston. As soon as the opening lend 15 innde. Saulh cnii'coijiit oisjlit sure tricks. He has four .clubs, two diamonds, one heart, nml one spiule. | Where should he look for his gnmo- gdtlig trick') A successful fliveswi In llnnionds would give htm one more vlnner, and If that'.suit lire-he three uid three he would Imvc 11 tenth trick; but a shift to hearts might prove bothei'Eomj If the.finesse lost, Bust's piny to the first trick nolv- «1 South's problem. On lha opining lend ot tlin two of patios, the four wns played from dummy. Et\it played the'jack nnd South won with the ace. Bust could huva no ob- Jeiit In playing a fnlsn card. Hence lie did nut holil th" 10 of spndci With this reasoning. South confidently . relurnr-1 tho ihicj ot spades, when West jilnyed tho .six the eight In (lummy was finessed Tills forced out"the king, uiu Miami Planls which bear two types of flowers, s.uch as the milkwort, are called, "cleistogamous," Thus, when one is destroyed, the |seed.-still'will-'be produced, since I rangeincnts. I Gets Drunk Again Released to obtain nipney to pay off the costs in''his conviction on a public drunkenness charge,, for which the Tine lind been suspended. Earl Hutchins got drunk again. Officers said he was found lyin? on the floor of a- small cafe In an intoxicated condition and that, he had spent part of the money lie had obtained to pay court costs .-for liquor. Arraigned hi court again he was fined $15 for the second offei^e. Walter Smith was fined $50 and given a 30-day jail sentence for carrying a concealed weapon. J. E. McDonald Dies at His Home at Keiser J. E. McDonald, 46, of the Keiser community, died Saturday morning at his home after four months "illness. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. McDonald, and four chll- IVfrs. RTUli 'Hale Carlisle hostess to her Saturday- afternoon' bridge club at her home Saturdly afternoon ^ Mrs. G. B. Segraves and daiiEh- tcr, Mary -Virginia, were Memphis visitors Saturday. Miss Eula Moore Dillard • of Birmingham 1 and Miss Mary Slodghill. of 'Auburn,' 'Ala., who self-pollination will occur, in nns . uiidefgroiln'd. flowm. " '.''.'... the . Mr. •; .Conley .'is .survived r- by four soils, Nevelt, - Merrltt, Orvell and Cantrcll, aii'd a daughter, Mrs. Bertha-Wiggleton. ' _ , the Gibson Woman's Club, is, very sick with pneumonia. W. E.- Taylor and daughter, Miss Minnie Elizabeth, liavo returned from Dyer, Tcnn., where they attended the golden wedding anniversary of an aunt and imcle of Mr. Taylor. Miss Minnie Elizabeth, who attends college In cape Gl- iardcnu, returned lo school today. On Mahhattaii 'Island, there still Is .a* cave, which:.the early Indians used ; as a home. : :. . Joan of Arc was inade. a taint in 1020; ill 1431, she-was burned n't the stake because she iviis termed "rashly guilty toward Oad and Holy church." ; •l). :&"'r. l,. NO. li RANTING SKK1V (A .1'iirc Strain) Original sccil «lilaliii:d direct from the lirccdi-r and plnnlcd by us for fwn jcirs No ntlici coltoii. iihiitttl 01 i;hmc<l on tills farm. Itcisotiiitlv pricul in ryen "right 100 Ib In IF Sliccial inli't.s on I'jrluls. Inquire 1-'. A. lingers, Jl.inajji-r, C1J5AU1,AKK VAUnI yunnlii 2, Box'81. Illyllu-villi' : • • • riione ISOO-I-II m ,, VQJ JO 9 G''l'3 ,~ 7 0 2 r,'- i * K Q ° Doalcr | jf, q 4 A A U 'O'AB.U' ifr 1C J 0 7 5 one 1 \al; c Opener— V '^, jlulloi! In next Issue. 22 s sea -I'll fov tile ninth Irick tge Tropical Fish Caught for Aquarium \MI, 1 la (Ul'l — Collcclois iiOrUiern ftf|iinrluins*'nrt! busy ! (liilf sir-jam waters around 1 tuipplll]; sliailKC UoplCll or exhibition In ;the.-mclro- n centers. ' y AIO tiappln^ such cm Ion's n'ins n? Hie poiuiplno fish ifilioi Srr\lre - .t Oil 1 Ipen All Nifjht hillips Service Cenier riioncs 1T7 - 810 | with hflr*h. Irritating alkallei an<J"[ja» nLteti." Most OAS Is lodged In th* * tcmaeh and upper tnt«itlne and It due to old polionoua matter In th* conitlpated uow«li that ara loidcd with Ill-causlno bacterla ( If your contupatlon f* of long ttand- bact«rla accumulate Then your dl- mtlon T» upiett QAS often pr«ti«t icart and lunoi. making "f« mlitrabU. nelifs. Your back'ich«i. Vour^com* >lexTon IB callow and pTmply. Your tr«ath U foul. You Are ft iTck, grouchy. wretched, • unhappy pcrion. • YOUR 3Y3TEM IS POISONED. AdUriku the quick, iclentiflo way to rid thefr »vit<rra of harmful bacteria, Adlerlka ridi you of gai and cl*an,B foul poUoni out of. BOTH upper and HEAL cfaansinq with Adlerlki Oit rJd of QftS, Adlerlka do«a not orip*— la not habit Tormina. ^ * Klrljy Bros Drug Co. Uoblnson Drug Co. 1 HANNft I | FUNERAL HOME j <J A beautiful and syinpathctla >J;«] ccrvlco at modeiate cost, ;» >t' Ambulance '•', '•: Service ^ !; V V '« V 111 N. hi rhonc 58 : . ; !* FOR SALE AT BAR'GAIN PRICES I USED BO FARM ALL TRACTOR ] USED 20 FARMALL TRACTOR/ 1 USRD JOHN DEERE TRACTOR'* I10KSE DRAWN CULTIVATORS, PLANTERS, HARROWS, PLOWS AM, KKmm/r AND IN GOOD CONDITION ELLIS IMPLEMENT CO. "THE ,IOHN nr.Biir, FUIJ. I,TNE" r. 1D 37, T). J. n* mold J ToMMfl C \ -The body has been sent by the . Moss Funeral service to Mantee, Miss., for burial. The most common fallacy concerning the peacock is that It spreads its tall for admiration, its tail feathers are short and quite undistinguished, what it spreads sre its covert feathers, which lie just in front of the tail quills. FISTULA Every person suffering'from. Fistula, Piles or other rectal .trouble is urged to write The Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 2319,920 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo., for their free book which' explains what complications'may .'develop if- these treacherous afflictions are neglected. This valuable book has been prepared by a noted authority on rectal and colonic diseases nnd gives full details of the mild Thornton & Minor methods by which more than 46,000 patients have been treated in the past 58 years. —Adv. COTTON SEED D. & P. L. No. 11 07 C Per Ton VI w F.O.B. Number Nine 2nd Year From Experiment Station Mammoth Brown Soy Beans Prices' Reasonable C. C. LANGSTON "OPERATING THIS 30-TON crone is no job for i mm unless Ins digestion* ls^ OK,' Ptltf Gillcn says ' I like to sciUe bick iftcr a man size meal and enjoy my amels That's Inmgl' EXTRA!! BROADWAY SALES INC. Announces That Mr. George Disinger Is now connected with the service department and will appreciate the continued patronage of his customers and friends. The service department is equipped foi' all kinds of service to automobile owners. . * H ERB LKWIS (above, left) of the Detroit Camel smokers enjoy smoking to the full. It's Red Wings, a split-second before he scor- Camels for a "lift" in cricrgy. It's Camels "for cd! After the game (nioc?, r/fi/) Herb said: "I'll i digestion's sake.".Thanks to Camels, the flow give Camels credit for .helping me enjoy my tof digestive fluids—alkilinc digestive fluids- food. I'll second the motion—'for digestion's speeds up. A sense of well-being follows. And spke-^smolce Camels.' f^njoy Camels steadily." Camels don't get on your nerves. THE DARING glider record-holder, Dornlhy Holt/erman, says: "Guiding a sailplane is nerve-shattering at times. \Vtr*',lu up as I may feel, a few Camels keep .n> digestion running smoothly" Camels are made from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS... TurMsh and Domestic...than any other popular brand. tstined) R.J.REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY WTnston-SaFem, N.C. CAPT. S.THERIAULT goes for days at a strclch without hot, well-cooked food. • "Hard tack or a big s tea k,"sa ys hc,"wh c n I smoke Camels it's smooih sailing so far as my digestion is concerned." "JflCK OAKfE'S COLLEGE" ft STEER WRANGLING is part of Hardy Nftirphy's job ' I smoke Camels from sun up to sun do\\ n," Hardy says ' I take \\hat chuck I get and couat on Camels to help ease my digestion." FOR' DIGESTION^ CAMELS

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