The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1934
Page 8
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• rAC-E S'':HT {a madhouse ns soon as I he trial 'starts, but, tney are not Morning Rliprlff John 11. Ciirtlss for'the JAck of fa oil Ilk*. Ito has even .snrrnri- tlfivd his prh'iitr offiro anirf.tie 'of I he court house lolloU to sow as •.-i for n omiple of press : New Jersey Hamlel •'''.'. Occupy Naliorml Spol- tiglil Afler January 2 nv I'.-Ulf, HARRTSON KKA Service Kluff Coii'fs|iiiiii!f-nl Fl.FailNGTON, N. .i—Tlir n,:iln - line of the lj>]il(>t] Vnltey vallroail't go Hii-oiigh Plf-minp.ton, but, yon can rliange nt tlm junction and complete- the Journey on the creaking rail pencil whldi sliiitilw bseli find forth ilivouah Ihe wlnter-swipl Konrland foothill;-,. "Comlii" doivii for Uio Irlai " twains the conductor. "Seems like: half ihr- country Is eoinin'.for the' trial, l lien,, [hey primed up tlion-' sailds of r-xli-a i-allroad tickets. We've had Mrs. Uiuirniiwim rlc.lln 1 with us often, A thin Illllu woman; i guess slio worries. Tiir> liuv- yers, too, we've. Had. The head lawyer, Reilly, his name is, come yesterday. . ." Tliecc arc taxis 'at -tin. Minion now; private c-urs operated by enterprising cilliTiis. r-Mi-c, 'X, cents io all parts of the. elly. niiling up Main sired, wlicre". houses and "stores arp inierm!n«lc-d, you jisk about plemlnaton's ixirmliUlnii.'Two thousand, seven hundred and twenty-nine." says (lie driver. "Chamber of Commerce calls it, an even three thousand. You wnnta no to the Union Hotel?" You do. of course, there bollix no other place to go. It's a four-story brick, and well preserved for Its u'o years. In l)i c lobby are a hound ' dog, several, venerable citizens In rockers and a group of reporters whispering earnestly aboul something. Tils manager, D. II. Frederick, already looks somewhat harried. . ' . "All our rooiiis been engaged since .llMiplmann was Cidlcied," lie says. "WttH only 50 rooms 'l got (o take euro of t!;a jury, ten court, report. ers, nnd a lot or witness!-. 1 ; and lawyers and such. I send pcopls out to Jive with private families. There'll be about a thousand -extra people In totvn when f| W trtul sUrls. No we're not .-cluu'Ging any fancy prices; only $5 a (lay for board and private, room." . Tut In llljfgcr Adjoining (lie lobby Is a bar room Men only. Behind llml is n pool room, but Hie tables are being ro: moved for the Installation of nn- olhcr and Inrger tar. Here also is one of the batteries of telegraph Instruments which will cllck : °no\vs of Hie- murder 'case to all parts of , die world.. Emil yiscontl. Who has worked-on every Important story lot 26 years, Is in charge-for one or.tlio : tcle.Hi-aph coinanles: Tic finesses-lhat Uio. Ha'up'lnmmi trial •wplch everyono believes will last .about '20.-flays,' - K m' be tl, L . biggest story from the. standpoint of won!nee ehflt. over hnppened Directly, neross Ihe strerl l s MIC Jluntcrdon County Court House, while stucco over stono. A: D. IS28 Us good Colonial architecture bui . ?carcely th't- place you would select o unroll-the sensation of the century.-. Behind it, and connected bv an elevated passageway; ,- 5 n, c ne { v (a century newer, at any rate) jail Tlie cell', of. Bruno Richard ilaupl- m«m is on th; second floor with a tiny.barred window on an Inclos- ed court-, .it has no outside winnow. The. cell's last previous occu- Pant. was another alien criminal, Joseph Kiirachlnsky, a cobbler who shot a .j, lsl | ce or the peace and was .'electrocuted.--a year ago. Before , ; -_- -•: i-.vhi*iL, ^iitiii n\, irCIl- y»rdSr> erebimtlntte J a11 • • t . -- . '•*..* '*' v Only I7fl p u bi| c S P . I(S . You go ,,p worn stonc s , c (0 enter the court house The cor- , "dor on the first floor Is flanked by offices. Two rathe,- narrow staircases cad to the second floor and Ihe courtroom, it l, n high room, in lht; VMr w »'<* 0 1 ? embo « o't th c press.' other reporters will oc- cuoy numbered benches along the ™' <tow«latai. The courtroom ?h. ' l 1S ,, r walls, ide benches built next lo 'the will ho!<i only ]7a .p* esa ns. , c petit Jmor , on hc ho' h . ' C " Ol «" public emng lo n(lmil ™. e "Closure behind the 'Paclous enough , u tli plenty bles and witness chair? Tno thp lail b of ta- Wlili cvny"*- room and tied In Plnningl.on rontpd long in advance, late comers aro s|/n-a;JI;j(f mil to nearby luimlPU. One ncws|Kipcr has taken over Hie Copper • Hill Coimtry OluU, loch, stoek nnd bar, nnd has Installed n staff in luxury. .Stocky, smiling and wemlngly iinpr-i turbablf, HIP slierllT remains cheerful us lie alK-mls to the Hum- sanii-iind-oiio mm) delnlls of Die trial. NrK'spnpfi.", , from 'tis far away n.'i l/iiidon arc spndlug \tirll,- cr.s lo Flomineton, but they won't nil get teals. About, 400 rriiiiMts for courlroorti rpsr-rvmlonh have bccii declined. Sheriff CnrtLss' s|K>aks miitler of-fiu-tly of his slur prisoner: I'llauplmann'rt us well ns yon or l' only mayb" n • Jittlo eortStifthted J ni-ed i.lin doctor who.'wn.i : --M/uii'- iniiiK him every 'day because • It, was costlni! ,is « a vlsil, .am! WviJ- goi our own jail physician"; iraiipt- mann ruts ifguln'r Jnll food'thft'i Warden llaiTy McOrca or his son carries up to him. "Talks to his guards some, smoker a lot, but mostly he reads, nn? a newspaper every day uftcr wo «o over |t and cut out I'vcrytlittin about, him and the case. }|i.> e el,s fl ) 0 t of magazines on wllil Illc nnd he has .read n biography of i,lii[«bi n hisloi-y of Pc:n\cf.. See:; his wife WodnesduyH and Saturday.* and his lawyers. No, he hasn't asked for a preacher, and I don't uc- llcvc he reads tin; Bible.-1 nndor- sland he's an ntlwiM." Hornersville Society — Personal Mrs. R. M. • MCCaleb and Mrs. Earl nnfllii shopped In Hlylheville Saturday. Mr. and Mrs, Mllford Sanders returned Sunday from Marble nil], where they spent, several days. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wright, of icennett. and \y. S. Traiisd»lo, of Paris. Tenn., were giirsta Sunday of Mr. and Mrn. c. P. KirJtmaJi. Hev. C). N. Gate; attended a meeting of the Christian Board of Education, . v .>lth the Rev. John D. Tnssoy of St. Louis presiding, at. Maiden Monday. Dr. and Mrs. B. G. Cope and their daughter, Mrs. ciinrles P Kcnnelt nnfl son, Ralph, drove to Memphis last Friday find returned with Edwin Cope, student at the University or Tennessee, wJin will spend tlie'Christmas holidays here George-A. Qulnn and little niece, 1'ftlty VVelb. went. Ip Gainesville, Qa., Stoildny to brln e - Mr. Qttlmrs- daughter, ^tt^,s Lucille,. lipihe for Iliu-ptii'.Isliiias holidays. MLw iiu- clllc allemls' Brpnnu cqiicgc. -••"''•. J. C. Edmonstpn,' -.''.^bp •;att«hds central col!6Be;';af-Fayctte,-. : avi'lvx;d Wedncsduy to:, speuil,, {lie -hblidrivs willi his p'arcnt.v-iri,- .'n'iid:"Miw.- L. Edmuiistoi!. ' •.. ..;;.-. .-. ,-,,'.;.; ' ,. Di-. Wheeler pny'ls an'd v the. coini- ty health nurse hnve completed In- noculallon of grade' school'children of this district, against diphtheria. About 200. children .were -Innocu- laled. - • • Mrs. Walt Lomax ami daughlcr Kitty Adklns. and Miss Maye : Parks' visited relatives In- Hollatul last week end. Mrs. XfaiTiii Halre. ^rrs.- c. P. Klvkman, Mrs. Oscar Dcmijscv Mr.5. Webb Kennetl, Mrs, D. A Ruf- nn, ^rrs. Roland Jackson, Mi's. Milford Sanders, and Mrs. B. P ; Parks shopped In Kennett Monday. The W. M. u. gave n Ixilllc Moon Christinas program m uic paptlst church Monday evening A special offering for fowlgn mLislons was taken. C. B. Watson attended services Tuewln yfor w. R. McLorkln, who Ml dead 111 his offlcc at Paragould Saturday afteri\oo«. j,j r McLerkln for a number of years was nscnt for the cotion Belt railroad here and at the time of his death Ind business Interests here ' Today's Markets New Orleoiift Cotion Clownfj Stock Prices NEW OHMtANS. Dec. 21 (UP)— The. cotlmi) market inled ttulet toltiy nnd prices closed unelianecd Io K\X. iwolnts litfJtiKt for OoXolwr ill-1251. - open Dee. •Ian March May July CVt high 1-2-in 1248 12SB 12U3 \m I MO I24, r < 1262 low 12-11 llilfl 125U I2M f.lnv. ran 12-11 1207 120 3 Bpi)-steady n( Iil7.-un- • York Cotton NEW VOI1K, -I)r-i:. 2t |\)IV — Cotton cla r ,ed very sleady. .. ' . • opnn high low t\m.? . <: ' • MM 1S5I 12-10 1251 Jail . - 12-17 12fil 12-17 ll r )(l Ma'icll 12f)8 12M )2F,7 1259 May IWD \'i(\f, \'ff,f, IMfi •july ' 1202 I2CU lad r'85 I, ' '. ' 1244 I2.M '1244 ,\'Xa • 5|X)(.s closed steady at 121S, lin- Wheat May 97 l-fl WALLA WAU.A, Wash. (UP)_ Edwin Eastman harreslcd n fcc- mid grape crop from a blue Isabel a vine at his home Tlianks- glvJng Ony An early crop rii>ciicd in September. The vine bore ripe fruit, Rreen fruit and blossoms Thanksgiving Day. rtead Coiirifcr ivc^s TVant. Arts. low DO S-8 fll 7-H 07 l-fl 0« 1-2 NOTKiE Ol' SPEf.'JAI, K(!lrOOI> KI.KCTION IN VAHBRO KI'EO- IAI, SCIKKVf, niK'l'ItiCT 01' .UISSIHSMTI COIINTV, AH KANSAS. Notice Is hereby [jlvcn that thn County court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, has called a special election to lie held In Yarbro Special, School District-'of Mississippi County, Arkansas, bn tlie ,11st day; of December, 1934, .nt whicl the qualified electors in' said Schoo District shall vote on the tmcs- llpn of oreadnjf a building by the levying of u tax of 9 mills for a building fund to bo collected annually on the assessed valuation of the taxable property In the district' for SO years, to repay borrowed „ and,the Interest thereon of a pro- posod refunding bond Issue of $14,500.. Such election shall be held at Yarbro on the aist day ot December,' between tho hours of 2 P. M,-. and C P. tif., nnd otherwise In the same, manner as Is provided by law for holding annual,.school elections. WITNESS my hand and the seal of s»ld court, this 28th day of November, 1934. (Seal) FRED PLEEMAN, Clerk of Ihe County Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas. YARBRO SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. By Jno. W. WUter, ; .... President, By B. B. Akin, Spcretary. ... 30-7-14-21-28 NEW YORK, Dec, 21 (UP) *Pressure lifted In tlie utility groiip on Ihe strx;k exchange today 'mid tlie main bmly of slocks redf-ctfd I lie change wllh n nrmer uniicr- lone, A, T. arid T ing Anaconda Copper \ni-R Kill I!) :il riii !i(l w 4 14 -I [J Chrysler Ollles, Servlm ...'.","" Coca Coin Oeneral American -Tank I'lr-iieral EleetHc npnera). Molois ..',.'.'.' Ink-innliontit ITarvr-str-i- Monteomciy Ward NPW York Ccmral .'.'.'" Pnckni-d ...'." PJillll/is Pelroleu;!! Kadlo Corp Simmons IJeds .SI-., l.oiits-.Sah KrnmiisVo' .Slandard of N. .J. Texas Co ... (f.iS. Steel "":" Xonilri U. S. fiiiifiidirg Chicago,Corn open high low cloxr !>.:. «8 3-» m 3-4 ' 88 , w 1-4 Mey B5 3-4 K(i 3-4 85..;i:2.»|]']. 2 NOTICE OF SPECIAL soiiooi. ELECTIpN; IN OOSNELL: SPEO- •.1AL SCHpOL DISTRICT; NO n i:', OP JllSSrsSIPPI COl)NT\', AR;KANSA'S;.-.,"...',:, -. : • -'.-. Notice .-.Isliereby, given, lhal the County Court o't'-Mlsslsslppt County,' Ai-kansas.Mias!'called a special election to'; We', .held In .Oosucll Special ;School -Dlisl'ricl •' No. C of Mississippi .County; /Arkansas, on the. 37th day of .Dec:, -19.14. nt. which the 'qualified • electors In said School District -'snail vole on Uio question of creating a building fund by the .levying of a tax of .7.- mills, for n building fund to-be colleclKl amiitally on the assessed valuation of "the taxable properly in the district for 30 years to repay borrowed money and the Interest lliercon of a proposed refunding bond Issue of $15.000. Such flection shall be held al Goincll, on the 27th dfiy of Dec., 1934, betwcch the hours of 2 P. M., and 0 P. M., and otherwise In the same manner as is provided by law for holding nmuml school elections WITNESS my hand nnd the seal of said court, this 22ud day of Nov. 1934. (Seal) FRED PLEEMAM, Clerk of the County Court of Mississippi county, Arkansas. OOSNELL SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 6 OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. By M. E. Cook, President, By O. c. Wadlcy, Secretary. 23-30-7-14-21 NOIICR Is iinreby given lhat Ihe undersigned commissioner, in compliance wllh the terms of p. decree rendered by tlie ;: chani-fry Court for the Chlcka.sawb.i Irlct of Mississippi kansas, on Ihe 28th Mississippi Coimly Av" "- """i day bl Pel)"ft\n ')*AVT nn I SI, IflSL Catholic Church Will Issue Cards to Service Ushering in Cluisimns Day Solemn high-mass w m be'cota- bratf-d nt Church of the Immaen- lato co>ie<!]>l!on nl midnight Ohrtsl.- mas Kw. Thr. n<;. v j?athor .1 .1 TJiomjison will )x> lh« (v)ebrnnt' ns- slalnil by the rffv. M. J,; Daly as il«i<:oi], and H<>V. p r ,j xftcorrnlck ar. anb-dcacan. Tiie i-liolr, niidr-r Hie direction of Ulster M. Dolores will Mjj the Ma.=« hi Honor of fit. ce- »a. by liie Jtf-v. ,1. R. Turner. O, Dr. Pml n. c))JM tolay |ssj,rd ihlr! slalcment: ' "We, wish to take Oibi'nppnruih- ily or (hanking on,- friends' ^Uo have attended this service in the liast, and assure yon, that wo lyonl you to come a(;aln. However, (life' I'.i the iwpularily, of the occasion wo have Iwcn handicapped in as- surlng you ordinary comfort because, of the overcrowded condition of the uinrd). in rirdcr to iKttf-r regulate tins we. air Issuing mvKnllnn cards tory, or some nmnlxr of the jjarlsh your yniir card f>>ionl(l.'yoi|°'wL<li lo adf nd. -I'he" churcii doors" will' I>P "pen, lo thnsr, nlteudlhf; t.n*s, at pin Wuin ValDfs I,ow BJI/IJNO'S, Mont. (HP) tliolr rarity, hiiffalw.'i are worth Ifr.w than cattle. AC least. U-o Cremcr, rodeo herdsman, received only $50 for five. Wsoh open auction 'liprc. Polwn. frr&lly Klllf.l Baliy MODNTAW HO.MK, Ark. (IIP)- CHAPPED] , Plans Us*,1 in Fo\ KENTON, O. (UP)—All airplane! circled the lines and gave the marchers' signals when the second annual fox drlvr? and turkey shoot sponsored at r% Springs, o jirai- li<=fi>, was held. LIPS To qMcUy relle ' raacUndJi(H>'y wxilhii coellnf MenthaUtun MENTHOIATUM Civ.-, COMFORT Daily TONS HAY FOn SAF,R Alfnlfn, pen and Mixed n n y If. C.. Knnppenhfrger TAX PAYERS NOTICE Paving No. 1 Sewer No. 1 Sewer No. 2 TAXES Arc Now Due an«l Payable al. My Office G;G. CAUDILL Collector 100 N. firoaihviiy .. 1834, wherein .„,„„,.. RODEHTS. licceiver of Travelers I Building; and Loan A.".soetnt!on was I Plaintiff, No. 8-124, and HEMKY JORDAN, el al., were • Defendants, will sell at, public auction to the highest, and best bidder, for cash, on a. credit of three months, at the front door of the-Court .House, between the hours prescribed by law, In the city of Blylhcville, Arkansas, on the 12th day of January, igiw. the following real estate, lo-v,'ll: Lot One (l). Block Nine•''(!)), Bugg 1 Addition' to Blythevllle- Mississippi County, Arkansas, and Certmeiile No. 03ri3, Serler. No. CO, class B, being 20 slia'rts of the Travelers Building and loan Association (Perpetual). will bn had to satisfy said decree In the sum of. : $£M.l4. with 10 per cent inleresl from February 2C, 1934. Also the following real estate, to-wll: • ' -' ,L«l Tlirec (3), Block -Seven (7), Bugff Addition to •'Bly- [hevllle, Mississippi Coiihty. Arkansas, and- Certlflcate : No. C356, Series No. 68,, Class B, being 50 shares' of the Travelers Building and'Loan Assocln- tlon (Perpeliral). >•;. ' - l - -' Said salt? will be hii'ri to satisfy said decree. In the sum, of S1.56W5, with . '10 • per cent -interoKt. 'from Pcbrimi-y/-2C, '1934. : -' r ,:? • • Vy , THE yui-c.hasc : i' at i'aid sale'-will be required : .lo 'execnte .bflml-'yjltli approved seciirily,', to' :secnru'*-the piiyiiienl of, the' purchase iffihey, and a.lien will, be.;retalned' iip'oh sai:l properly as additional secur-' liy .for the payment of such p'tir- chase. money, ;.' l ' , ' WITNESS my hnlitf and Ihe. 'seal uf.said Court;'bn^thls, the -i'4'ih (lay of December, 1934. ' ' ' ' ; R.- : L..-'GAINES, Commissioner'.'In chancery. '' '.' . ' • '. '' 14-21-28 IN WARNING ORDER . THE, CHANCERY COURT, CH1CKASAWB A DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI - COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Sybil ^Roberts, Plaintiff, No. S840 : vs. J. C.' Roberts, Defendant. . The defendant, J. C. Roberts,'is warned io appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of tlie plnliilllt. Sybil Roberts, bated this IClh day of November, 1934. . . R. L. OAINES. Clerk, By Elliott Sartalu. D. C. Holland A; Sarlmin, Attorneys. < 30-7-14-21 JOE P.'PRIDE Certified Registered. Engineer General 'Engineering, ^Surveying, Mapping / Plione -198 Blylheville, Ark. h« .» l Ule 01 ^,'H °. et m-1 "S" 1 «re an of t™ "if °J' d / ' twl «"«™»l^ fn~.i h long - (leacj mcmbsre of th' ocai bar on the right «atl abovi the Jury box, is «n American flae incorrectly gl , and lho tllal " a "P""»» be led. A narrow. «e)l- B n, r d- cd passageway leads fron the room lo the jail A iso Ir0ln .„_,. ,,1!^-! IO ., - f 1 " 111 Jury room, uliero the Hauptniann jury ,rfl| mlre £ make Its decision. The regular jury room-, third Ims besn occuulej by Abovc ' in e considered fonsafe, a few JucJty i" v lVe lnstaUcd typewriters and telephones RcporterT expsct the <rhole amngcmfril to bworite FREE FRUIT CARE We have just "finished a wonderful .vcay and in appreciation of the line IHI?MICSS given us we offer our ninny fnc-mls and customers a Sneciril Christmas Deal: One §1.on Coupon Hook and One Pound of Our Host Vrnil Cake Both For.. $1.00 (2 Deal Limit to Any One Customer) \Ve Wish Every One of Otir tricnds and Cuslomcrs V Merry Xmas and A Happy, Prosperous 1935. BLYTHEVILLE BAKING GO. etter The Petroleum, ; Admmistrative Board—after ihe receipt of .complaints on the part of certain of our competitors and after receiving the recommendation of the Planning and Coordination Committee—has issued an ultimatum. Tt has demanded that we discontinue our practice of offering our new product.. Aerotypc : ESSO ... under a cash refund guarantee. The Petroleum Administrative Board has taken the position .. the opinion of legal counsel to the contrary notwithstanding .. that the cash, refund feature of our guarantee constitutes a violation of RuIcs-3 nnd: 17 of Article S of (lie Petroleuln Code. We do not propose to argue the validity of the Petroleum Administrative Board's claim. The issue involved does not warrant it. ' We believe, that the public will understand our position in not taking issue with the Petroleum Administrative Board ;. despite our feeling that there is no violation of the Code in our cash refund offer. WHY WE MADE THE CASH REFUND OFFER As a matter of •company policy, we.have been definitely opposed to the common practice of making unsupported claims regarding prodviot.,; At the same time .we'\yerc"'convinced of the superiority of Aerotypc ESSO over any other motor car fuel marketed today. Therefore, we felt that through the medium of our cash refund guarantee we could offer this new product to the public without making ex' travagant claims concerning its merits by giving all .motorists an^pportunity to determine for themselves its.superiorities. . . • •• We made no reservations. We left it entirely to tuc.puhlic to pass judgment upon the product- after giving it a-thorough and impartial trial. HALF A MILLION BOUGHT .... ONLY 36 ASKED FOR REFUNDS It is significant'to note that during the first 10 days following the introduction of Aerotypc ESSO, some 500,000 motorists purchased approximately $1,000,000 worth of this new premium motor fuel, . . Of these half million purchasers, only 36 have asked for a refund. And the total sum refunded amounted (o $8.841 We do not feel that this insignificant amount creates an issue.of sufficient consequence to warrant a controversy with the Petroleum Administrative Board. On the other hand, we believe that public acceptance of Aerotypc ESSO and the ability of this fuel to make good on every score have been established beyond every reasonable doubt, as evidenced by the fact that'less than a hundredth of 1% of the "users requested a refund. Hence, the guarantee.of cash refund is discontinued as of Friday, December 2ht, 1934! We want to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of motorists who have purchased Aerotypc ESSO to date for the fair and impartial judgment which they have passed upon it. £sso MARKETERS STAND A R D 0 I L CO M P A N Y OF L 0 U I S I A N 4

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