The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1933
Page 6
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. S. .BMfTHEVIi,LE...(ARK.) COimiF,R '-NEWS ^ Nats Win Doublehcader '•-. But So Do Yanks; Ci• ants Increase Lead. Chalking up their 12lh and 13th jvlclorles in their string of conscc- VuUv* wins, the fast moving Wiisli • ington Senators continued to set .Vt" daallnK pace In the American Hague. The second place Yanks won i»o games and kept eight '.and a half games Behind the NtiLs. In the National loop Hie lead• ing Giants pulled still fmtlier away from the pack by touting the Cubs nnd -Increasing I heir margin to seven and a half fumes. •• 'Hie Senators won two close de. -"'pistons from the St. Louis Drowns, -a lo 1 and 4 to 3. Rarl Whltehlll | rested Dlaeholdcr in the first ' limltrig duel and Stewart beat "Wells In the second. The winning r run of Hie first game was scored , "In thfi ninth, inning nnd (hi-second In the elghlh Inning. The Detroit Tigers defeated Lin 1 Philadelphia Athletics twice atne- tioit. The scores were 5 lo 4 and 4 to 1. Hogsetl anil Fischer were • tlie winning pitchers and Grove aVid 'Cain the losers. Tlie winning run of (he first game was scored • In the ninth when Walker singled, driving. In Fox who had doubWd. ' The Yankees blasted the Ohi- iay,o White Sox Into submission Iri. two' gariies at Chicago. The scores were 14 to 3 end II to 3. flehrlg hit n homer In each Riime ; and 'with his mates pounded out a-'-total- of 28 hits In the two : games. The Yaiiks scored six 1111.'famed -runs in the first ;i;::Snx of • the second game when the C/li- raijo' defense went up In the air. ' "Allen"'and Uhlc were Ihc winning pijcherx. « •••'.'Rie Cleveland Indians, beat the Boston Red Sox twice at Cleve. : iinil. winning 14 to C mid 9 to 4. ,faildeb.rand and. Perrell were the , .jflrmmic pitchers and U Brown rpri<l Mine the losers. Averill and •ijlssell hit homers. In the first •gonil; a.nd .Jolle.v In the second. '' 'jTThe-.Qinnfs .- trnunced the Cubs .-' '(Ff.0,,1 ai. New,.York. Schmnacher ' limited i fhe Cubs ,t.o .seven scattered ' hits while the Giants col- ; If'r'ed .'Id. off Ihree Cub hurlcrs ami. ninde them good to? runs. II wai Schumachers 14th victory' of the season. • Malono was the losing '. pitcher.' . ...... ..'",. i .'• : -:'.The^!BrooVlyn. Dodgers lost two ^OTrifts^to'the _SL Louis. Cardinals .- fttv.Brbnklv'n... ,Ths scores ^-ere 6 to • I.;aria.5'to;0.-A triple oiay started . tr? Maniter pinkie' Frisch was • the..,feature of .the', first game in *hiai- Walker, ^was. .credited with .. uje ytctbrv . after relieving-. Vance t Jtiv.tSe', flfth Inning; Dizzy Dean fleldj..^ Dpagers to five "hits in • .fJjJE; second game.. Collins and Wnt- -lans hit ..hpiners in - the closing content .and ^ed'wlck,.- in the opcn- lTh« Bostbtv Braves defeated the" Pittsburgh Pirates. in. two games at Boston; went 11 in- nlrwf..before I-ths Braves won 5 to 4jaAd;they-took'the second with |S «j*e.;I'to'-l. Cantwell chalXed up If . hi? ,llih~.v1ctpry- in the . second • a ' game. ; .Traynpr and Berber hit for the .circuit: "in the Initial'battle. . • ; H»w they Stand Another Heavyweight Threat Triumphs MONDAY, AUGUST 21, Gehrig Sets Endurance Mark Pi-K'-aps Wi» Pair as Do Chicl's" Travelers Divide With Vols, Tlie Knoxvllk Smokies divided I wo Kumfr, will, UK, Allaniii Cnif-ki'ifi nnd continued to set the i;ahc In tlie .rxrond half Soulliern IP.IKIK- raw yesterday. The S'tioklcy won the flrsi. Raihe !• lo 4 in in Innlnps niit dropivnl Hie wroml \vlK-n Meadows shut iliem OH; mil let them down with live tills. Adklm was the winning iilu-hr-i- of Ihi' first. Kami; and JJht- clu'r i lu< losr-r. noljnck vnf, llii; li:'.in-< mii'hjr In (ho second gnmi 1 Knortlllc >>ll.n-Ji'pmer. In ili'- idimc and noi'iowlt-/ ,,r Allunla hll for ihe clrclilt In tin: ^r^f,n[l name. >'. Nashvilk-'s Vols.and. MUl'c Rwi/'.s •rrnvnli-rs divided two pninns utLlt- 'Ic I(CK:k. Tin- Vols look ihi> open- ! I'll! (iiicoiinli'j- li in/ 1 while tin-' Truvtli'i-s finnc Ij^cV. lo cop tin. 1 rtronrl. 0 tti 8. Clmplln wns tin; winning Ditcher In Miu. first game nnil wiis nrr-illlccl with Ihe loss In tin- .second when hi- appeared us n n-lief liurlcr. Ifollowav f-bt nctl- iL for. tlie. victory in the second :iirolr. ftoilda hit n homer in the H-i-ond Kiime. Th<! New Orleans Pcllctins tie- K1llltll| S.^ r" 1 "" 11 .'" 192lii L "" Cichrig. Yankee first baseman, fotrd the Barons twice at Ncwi" s " |ld :i new l)rl - si -' l ' :l11 tnilurancc mark v.hcn ho played in his 130SUI ^•<"3i\s The scores 'were 3 to t];cmnruillve e a:ue the St. Louis Browns in SI Louis lit is r!tont.^nd-wi'ur;Vs' U 'll! t e d w t| !;-!" Sl ' OVVI ' "J""* 1 " " "°""- V '" '^" Ui "" « f " ls '«t from E . G.'.iraiid, -••— pitcijer in'the night can. Tin-' ~~ ran down his face and nick. Tlie lyr- kilhd most ol Ills hair, ate un eyebrow^, anil his face loota HOO^S ^XZ^ 7 SLIDES i tolen her Eelclins that afternoon I The stands saw It for what it ; was—a holdup, and 1113 stewards acted swiftly. 'Hint much can be Eald for Saratoga. They couldn't get away with tlmt sort of « Job. KILL Rrgalla ' On the heels of Die hoi-.w-iiop- -g Invr-s'Jgnlloii at Chicago ron-.t-s phinry at Saia- lopa. The events reawaken spec- nlutlon us lo (he honesty.of racing. Ho 1 *' fflliy races an; n>:ed? • 'file nns'.vr-r Is, not many. Ami the rrasnn Is lliat a lioi-so race is one of the hardest things In ihe world to llx. There nre -so many (actors, iiinludlng the nations of the hOi'M-'.s theniMlves, thai cause the best-laid plans to go awry. Tiny Stand Out Cue of llu- evldr-ncns thnl most iaci-.s ar« on the. Ic-vcl Is the fact that n Ijorit race, as an Hrran[!f-d nico IK called, looks so biid. This was shown siartlliiKly In ihe chaso for "gi:iiLlf-mc-n riders" at the S|ia where several of the joekej'.s did everything but get ofl anil wrestle with their steed;,. I'm talking -about. Don limloii Wins ;Vllrr Title At Missouri Wcl CAMI' d.-ARK. Mi.— Climaxing a seiraUioiul i-is? 10 pugilistic honor., in carnn hue. Don Bur- ii'ii. of Coiiijiriny K. .HOlii liifiin- • iy of Siko.'.uni, Mo.. MOII the v.-el- terwlghi c-hiiiiipioiisliip of ilio Mlsiourl NaUi.i'.nl Cuaid piicjiinii- iiir-iit by knoi'kln? mil Johnny put company II, U8ih Innlryl The crowd of <oldli-r Loys loljljtd o! llii- llu-ills ol a ll ruund COIUPM wlu-ji U.irlo'n Hiiiuloxxlv awuy itj tin- .sc I'limd with n f.c-iip:; uf ],'(! hrjil;s. The record el nunini in llii! ciiiiilnuilu!! I.', iini(|iii!. due 10 \\v.: lact. that in his llin-i- lights nil ™ The race stands out :LS a 1 flagrant example ili;ayo e 'd of f.kiillcliij!6i-ry. Clio. Ihe winner.' was backed down from even tnon- <-y lo 3 to 5 before the. heat and so much comeback money came In iaku lits .s«-ks for i winds 01 (hi- M Only 21. Palsy Porrunl of Clcvclitncl, moved ii[> Into the select ranKs oi liic heavyweight.lendins by iroiinclnt' Isidore Castanuga of Spain In .1 10-round bum nL Mndlwjn Sijiian- Garden. New York. It wus his 21st consceiitlvf trliiin])!). Above yon .see tin: lUjhtcr.s at close nnar- tera In the Uiird rniinil. and IR-IOW, ,loe Humphrey;; raising Pcrronl's liiind n.s the wlniuT. The Memphis Chicks trounced! ihi' Chattanooga Lookouts twice! Ijv the shutout route Sunday. Thi> C'lilck.s won the first game 10 - to 0 and the .second. 2 to ft. Griffin limited the Lookouts'.to .five hits in the first game and Swayzc Remover Proves Sure Fire in Action ANDERSON. S. C. lUI'l— I. Clir- rV Jiick.soii. IM-yoar-old Ander- tii:i neuro, learned of a new "sure lire'" way lo take ihe kinks out held them well In check in..-the 1 '' 1 fecund. Chapman .hit, for the" clr-[ cult In ihe flrsfgame. Teiniis Shows Its . . KnoxvHle ... New Orleans . Memphis • ... Little Rock . Nashville Birmingham Chattanooga Atlanta ..".'. ieunw - W. .... S3 32 29 " .:.. 29 .... 27 .-,.. 25 ....; 25 .-.-.. 21 f his liaii. He went lo one of the local ne- barber shops, where he had llii- barber. 1 ; had concocted a homc- Slxtcen times more rnpn wcrfi'uiide kink remover out of veil killed by disciise dui-inir the Snan-1 <!cvil lye. alcohol and uerfumc. ison had the burbrr put on his hair, nnd some of It by disciise tluring the Span- <!cvil Isli-Amerlcaii Win 1 than were '•"' '"' h 1 by Spanish like a selvc, being well perforated. not l.eekrd Hflf In MIDDUOBORO. Mass. (IIP) — Wilson Harlow'.s dog locked ILself in the bathroom. The wind slammed tlie itoor after it walked into the rco:n, and In pawing to 0]jen ifthe dog sprung the lock. A ladd was used to rescue it through I lie- window. that Tom Rhaw and other handbook operators smelled a 'vat and refused to tuke Svagcrs. Cita .stalled far back, and il wax evident that!the horse, owned by Mrs. Gladys ^Whitney wns not having one of his best, running days. Tlie other Jockey.s took care of that. The rider of. Forbis did iivu-yihini; bin -lake his 'animal into the- (gRindsiaiul, crowding Dock Light oilli'o'I the picbire. The .stewards suspended Edward liall, a.Uride Catdane/a, and D. Hull, vidcr of Fovbfs. • - • ' » Nobody Fooled Ftead Courier News Want Higan McKlnncr mnnaued to get- his mount up by "a whipping finish, though ( at other times, during the race Gilo's efforts were pathetically slow." Mrs. Whitney remarked after! the event that she . did not believe there was n horse Ads. in the lield-'that could not have Pet .600 .511 .537 .SOS .509 .472 .431 .315 Tennis nmy not have dmnscd. much Ihesc past years, but -you'll no- lice Unit the ha?! On the left you see, May Sulton Bniidy as she looVfJ In 1901 when she was America's chump. And on ihe riglit. you see Reity Niuhnll of England, Hrillsl.i fuvorile, as she. ap|x-:iiTH uuriug Hi? imlionnl women's championship at Forest Kills, New York. National N«w York . Pittsburgh .. Boston ...'.. St. Louis .. Chicago — Philadelphia Brooklyn ... Cincinnati' . W. 6S 62 Ct G4 62 48 45 44 Pet. .613 .544 .543 .542 .539 .429 .409 .379 Anerlcao ' Washington New York . Cleveland .. . Detroit .... Philadelphia Chicago' '.... Boskm:-. 8t ; Ixntis :-. W. L. 71 38 68 46 61 -59 Pel. .670 590 .508 .500 53 .482 (3 .452 CS •m .430 .367 Today's Games . . Chattanooga at' Memphis. .Birmingham at New Orleans. .Nashville at Little Rork. Atlanta at Knbxvillc. '.'- . A«wrfcan New York at Chicago. •Boston at Cleveland. Washington at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Detroit. . IMMTW Pittsburgh at Boston. Cblckfo at N«w York. St. Louis'at Brooklyn. : Cincinnati at phlladelplila. by B«tr • HELENA, -Uont. (UP) — L«ga beer hM tooaght the slate of Mon Ulu flTMOO In license fees pal toy »7 ntallen and 210 »-holesaler: »ec»nllni to the last report of th stale bovd of cquallxation.. Unit rtuta ratcnUon. hatched i . DID YOU KNOW THAT— Joe Cronln Is nothing If not n gentleman ' . . lie wears while silk pajamas lo lied every night . . . Ty Cobb didn't take up golf nnlll he was past middle nee. but the Georgia Peach is now snooting consistently in ihc. '7<rs . . . John Erceg. a Czech labeled ns lln- world's largest heavyweight, recently fought in Lo s ,\n- Cfles . . . weighs 2CD pounds ami stands 6 feel B Inches high ' . . pooh, pooh Canu-ru - - - Red Orange is all signed up lo play his eighth .wnsou with the Chicago Dears . 'evidently that pro fooib.ill doesn't seem to lie able to get under llic hide ot tlut groal- esl srittcler. Jox oi Apples Keeps NSWERS TUDK OMSK are a Guide fo and PROFIT The Sheriff Away PALO ALTO. Cnl. (UP!—This ilay and apple, or rather n bos of lilpliins. kept the sheriff away J. Ciatll. ScbasUpol farmer.' was r upposcd to trli Police Jurii;o John Springer why he was speeding near here. Cialti did not appear. Nor did he write the judge, fn the Jurist received a box of apples from Cialti. "Fine palrt. Case dismissed," ihe Judge ruled. Tear Gas Routs out Kansas Bank Officials . McPHERSON. Kan. — It was "French leave" for clerks and officials of the McPberson-Cillzens State bank hero i\h»n Mic unexplained explo-sion of a icm- gas bomb sent the employes into the streets with tears streaming from [heir eyes, The tear gas went oil :!ke the sound of a shotgun nnd the startled clerks believed that a bold u£ was In progress. An investigation showed that none of the employes was near any ol ihc buttons selling olT the gas «|IMI tlie bomb exptnrti>d. Hubbcll recently cr.irkcil Hie .K-ycar.'-'oliI -National l.e.ijjue HKcoiin ox piToniNfi it [-ON. SKCUTIVB KCOKEl.KSS 1 N KINGS anil c.sljbllsliril ;i acvl one or 16. LINCOLN Is tlin capi- lal of Nebraska. The literary ex- verpt i*« from th« RI.'IJIAYAT _OV ONfAU KHAVVAU. 1 . Kalian sunflower- seed brought In from Italy and nlantiM bv AH- tonlo Domarlco of Omaha'. Nebraska, grew to a height"of 15 feel: the parent slock in Italy rejjYes only half this height. ORANGEADE Made from Trre Ripened California Oranges TO YOUR HOMK Before Breakfasl Every Morning ',4 Pints 5<- rinls 8c QurU l;>c At All Stores and Restaurants Bennett's Dairy Phone 74 tii:in tv.o M-liPduli-d lliri-c "On Titc-sday he iixbii. n St. Louis boy, and on Wednesday li, r kncirki-il nil Sf-xton, Kunsas City. Bin-Ion has Ijcen a member ol the Sikoslon cninpanr for the ...... six months. ;ie hulls ti-mn i)ly- , theville, Ark., and v:us foi-merly .1 member nf Company M, isrtnl inlaiHry. Arkunsa.s N'aiional .,d. The championship Umi lie «on is the (iret that Coiniiany K liar, nniie.xed In coinijutitiui) here f.nd Is particulaily pluji.lng 10 lha Bikeslon soltiitrs lircinise S!. i.oni:; ruiil Kansas City companies n.s- uiiUy «ulk olf with listic laurek. . Tlie bottom of u-ike Superlur which is 11 BO feel below the surface- in some places, Is 578 leet ti-low sea level. Cook-si Spot !n Town! IT/1 Last Time Today Mat.—lO^ac" "' Nile—10-35e You'll I'ind that every colnnin in llio want-ads is filled wilh opportunities for someone . . . and many of them are YOUR opportunity. If you are really trying to practice economy you'ean nol afford to neglect the \vani-ad section. And nol only is il pro- fitable-fo read, it is equally profitable to use ... to sell, to rent or to trade practically anything;. m;i- sat . liACTin ' The C SI R WANT-ADS See the World's Fail- On .l.he Srrecn > . , 4 A Century of If yon arc going to the World's Fcir bc> sure and see this picture o yon will know in advance just .vhal you will want to s?c. person- lily. It yon tive not going tu In 1 \\ r orld'.s Fnlr then you onnnoi ,:os£ibly airnril In miss this piclni-e which will show yen the greatest World's Fair that man has t-vrr undertaken to exhibit. 1'AUA.MOUNT NEWS Tuesday - Weds. MAT.—ID-Hoc NITK—10-SOc FREEDOM In MARRIAGI They married to be *...each todoti eac h de» I re d. Su cb was their Perfect., Understanding, r »»w perfect was It 1 KRFECT UKWfttTAXWNG tAUMNCE • OlIVIEJt JOHN HAtllOAY GSN6VIEVE IOBIN MICHAEt F»»«EII A Unit*) Artllti Paramount News Comedy with Andy Clyde

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