The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1933
Page 5
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MONDAY.-AUGUST 21,-1933 BLTTEgVILLE, (AM.T OOU1B1 CTW1 PAGE rnw CiAMif i ED SECTION - r/r „ ' >/> s Wants & CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»Uy rat« per Hue ror coa*eca- Uvc iniertlom: <H« »«r«* •«<>« to a line) Ooe time per line' .......... Ita r»o tiroes per line per day Ota Three t»ine» per line per day We six time* per Use. per day .. Wo Uootb rate per Une ........ We charge Me Ads ordered for three or ilx Umes and stopped before explra- Uon *U1 be charged tor the uum- 6tr of tlmt» the ad appeared and idjuittoent of bill made. All Claalflea Advertising cop; 'ARMS and Homes, ewy !>»>'- meius. Ethel B. Thompson, Ca- uihersvlllc, Mo. BpW-D LIVESTOCK I'wo milcli COWS mid young calves for sale or trade. Barn 'at C»n- factory. 18pk-J2 POULTRY. POULTRY MARILYN HATCHERY lO-ck-28. WARNING OIDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICK ASA WBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AKK• ANSAS. Taylor RourrU. Receiver of Travelers Bulldlnc & Loan Association (Perpeluul, 1'iiiiiilln, vs. No. 5538 Mrs. Minnie McMulian ct al fcndtiit. The defendants, unknown heirs of E. I>. McMatian. dei-mod, warned to apixmr x'llhlu thirty days FOR RENT l>j- ] Milking Stool, 'Bwch' I For Butler, Mo., Judge IIUTl.KK,- Mo: *-• Judge • J, '!<• PhUi'iiliiiitt held voml In lili b;un InM week will) u'milk- In the court uuincil in the caption hereof ind answer the complaint of the plitntls Taylor Roberts, : i»lv«r of Twvflm BulUling & Assn. (Perpetual), Dulcd thh 7 day of August, 11)33, U. U OAINES, Oterk. ' l,i. l; MW! for the Jmlldnl bencli By Elizabeth Biytne, D. 0. IA youiiK niim chaiRCd with n Jesse Taylor jliulfle vlolnllon lippmnxl al llw Ally, ad MODERN Five Room - Furnished downstair.* sparlnicntt 100 W. '• OUR BOARDING HOUSE Walnut. Attractive brdrooms Car y»u«l mru, 518 W. Main. Call 3I». 16ck9-16 by persons reiidmi out- tide of the dty must be accompanied by cash. Rate* may b* easily computed from above table No responsibility will be taken tot more ttiaa one Incorrect •ertlon of any classified ad. Advertising ordered lor irregular insertions take toe one time (ate. Phone 306 01 307. Five room house, lights. Uath, garage, reasonable, 1604 West Asli. 18ck25 NEWLY FURNISHED modern apartment. Vacant Sept. 1. Call 412-W. 18c k23 •*o FURNISHED rconis. lights batli. garage. Reasonable 1601 W Ash. 18c-k25 ilcrhanic'ii K<u' A <e ^ind butldirti suitable fur gntn. L-o»l or bee iterate. t'riMy Kidirur. Sternbei^ •ollon Co. CJQl 'Z4. 18e-kl BUSINESS DIRECTOEY HXPERT T>pe«Titing and AddlBt Machtre Beptirin*. U. S. »«", nslllp , US ,. K-. Ca THREE ROOM MODERN .apartments, newly decorated. Over Kirby Drug Co. Also apart monl on Kentucky Ave. P. Simon. Phone '64. 18c klB Frigtdaire-Delco Only authorized Ffigldaiic and Delco light service, li. A- MiUer, oilicc nlionc 67-residentt 414 f Ilpk9-ll . Retibltrrd Spencer Corsetitre Mrs: J. J. U»«s. Phone «'• ' 20c k9-M L. G. Moss Bljtticvilte's cut rule "OLE AN ESS: TAILORS Have your suede jacket and othc Fall dotlini .made new by ^eclal cleaning process, tln 0»miii t Service. Call Hl^V tlicrs Cucumlur Rifhtly Swuni Cautct Banditi to Run COVINQTON; Ky. (UP)—A IniBcjlo lob tht ciicuinber was the ImiwrUni. fuc-' Diirliu; HK< niclcr wlilcli toi in enabling the tukowtky bro- cd,:one of-tho brother* hurkd »' ,(rull mcrclianls hero, to two bundlls who nl to in pled cucumber it. one ol the rob- bci-fi. it was sulfklcnl to daze hlm| mid hlfi iiartni-r vu 'lorcca to help him.escape. The Ovci'-Enlhusiaaslic Welcome ONE or two rooms on North Railroad street, suitable for cotton offites. Will fix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier Newsi NICE LAROK 3.10 W. ,Walnut. bedrooms. CLOSE 29ck8-2D TWO,, NICELYj Furnished 'Bedrooms. 1017 Walnut. .Mrs. Ed Hardin. 21 MODERN .furnished ^.apartment. Ciood location. Call 135. 271 'ka-27 E^^us CLEAN and your FELT HAT. We arc sure you viilUike.our service. NU-WA CLEANERS. '.Phone 180.^2cM-U Rooms, furnish-j ed. with private bath. 1030 West Walnut street. 16ck23 FOR RENT—Furnished Apartment. • 305 UouFHl^-S '. ; .-- SPORTING GOODS INQUIRE about our Golf BallI'Sale . —.You wiU'lie surprised at---the ^o-^-.- t!«Vh^n1 HdW. CO. ' '' J •' drier: lOct 3-10 AUTOMOTIVE Have that broken glass installed in your car while you- wait. We cut iiid install class in any mafcc car. Shouse-UUlc Chevrolet Co. WANTED TO iBUY, 1 HIGHEST.- PRICES : paid for fires, inner tubes, Iron, metals, rtjag- azines, hides, cars to wreck. 'Woll Arian. 128 E. Main. Phone 116. 8-ck-9-8 SALESMEN WANTED EXPERIENCED- man or -woman with cnr to handle quick selling product here. Hall Sisters Shoppc. • • 3lek31 ANDERSON In ch»rtc Chrysler Oarage Nt W -Van Norman Raring Machine Work Giurnirfted - - 1'bone 888 2w k8-25 Let us paint your car bclorc fall. Prices arc still reasonable on painting a» rt ^i' repairing. Wrecked cars our tpecinlty. shouat-Little Chevrolet Co. . 8-lc M-l Aato Gla-ss Al! Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10-ck-O-lO MALE WANTED ilAN WANTED—Supply, customers with famous Watkiuj,. 'Products in Dlytlicvillc. Businessiiestablish- i tl. earnings average -$25 weekly, i;; y starts, innnediately,,'. Write J. R. Wntktns Company, 70-86 W. a A^•cnllt l . Memphis. Tcnnes'sca. ' Bad circulation may injure your motor. We'll put your radiator in shape for a small amount. We icpair any make of radiator. Htonse-littlc Chevrolet Co. 8-lc fc NEW ASH USED AIJTO PARTS, JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. Phone 66 2c V.9- [-OST Laclios Brmvn PURSE containing glasses and key. IreU'een Rob- iiifion Drug store and Ritz theatre. REWARD for return lo Conr- r News. 21c k24 L.OST—Newspaper Itoutc Book. Liberal reward return to Jack Marsh, 321 S. Lake. 21ck25 MISCELLANEOUS BATTERIES __ NEW FORD BATTERIES Rcntal-Rccharging-Rcpairing 177 TIRE & BATTERY STATION If your battery is weak call 633 for quick battery service. We sell New and Rebuilt Batteries. lJUle Chevrolet Co. 8-lc M-l - - Notice All those owing Bankrupt Sales t'o.. please rail and pay sam c to Grand I-Cidtr. Aaron Itoscnthil •5cfc22 rli-.ut Kiillly. T|K> Judge wiis busy nulkliM hill he- nccoiiuiuKlnUMt the nnd held fuvlh^llh, with no ii'lcmipllon ol Ills chniTS. The use of stockings In Hie cold countries of northern CDUUSrr,VOU'D TVH HULK OUTA-TH 1 HUSKS? LIVING. ONTrCtl-IS foRtH 1 HOME zoo f—vocivE. <3or AN HOURT:: TAKE ON A LOAD OF PANCAKES AN' SAUSAGE, AN 1 THEN WE'LL TOW YOU TO 1H T5EPOT < AT 1VA STATE , \WTH~ CORVA- I TIGORED ON VISITING UNTIL BUT \1S TIME \OURE T3A.O< \N TH' CITY--CANST EXPECT TH MAYOR TO CATIR.Y TH V WHOLE BURDEN ? GfcT HELP •FOU HARVESTTIME: Q - .:•: ..-.; : t: -.v.v; .!-•:-• i-w-l.' .- 'i,^' 5 -'' VACATION AT HOME BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THK SAMK 01,1) BILL! e>w%v\- VOU WMt VEWE, WECTOK) TON V500U5 «t 600O TOR SOMETHING TO WOKRY WASH TUBBS^ K.OMEUTS OF FINDS A CLINGING TO A CHUMK. OF VCE. HE PULLS THE FIGUR.F. OUT. IT IS EASV. IF VOU A«K ME 5UDDtE.I'O SAV GOT WOT WAS COMIMO TO 1 IM. MUST BE. HE'S NOT AROUND. BUT I CAN'T *EE WHERE WE'RE MIKM BETTER OFf. THE SHIP'S GOME, AM' WE'RE LEFT OM : , ., AOERN <XO ICE FLOE \ I \WlTHOUTA8nEOF6RU6. NO. ABOARD THE SHIP. TRIED TO FRY ME. 910 FI&HT. THEM AW EXPtOSIOM. 1 KIEVtR A6AIM VA/OTTA I I THOU6HT VOO VOECE. LEGAL NOTICES SALESMAN SAM ON^WITH THE SHOW! \, OK' Heite's rt IMPLEMENTS Carload of Wagons Get Our Prices First Bymm Produce Co. Across From PostoRice. Zlc FOR SALE IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THK CHICKASAWUA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. .ARKANSAS. Mary Miller, Plaintiff. vs. James M Miller, Defendant. WARNING ORDER The defendant. Jnmcs M.' Miller, warned to r.ppcar ;r. this court illiin thirty days and answer Ihc complaint of the plaintiff. Mary- Dated this Misnst 14th, 1933. R. L. (JAl.NES. Clcrl;. H-21-23-4 OB SALE — Electric Teakettle, like new, cheap. Phone 920. tt. CANARY BIRDS for sale. J. W. Masscy. Ill South Division. 17pk22 FOR SALE —Four wheel trailer with bed, suitable for any pur- nose AUo 12 foot ItghUxight fishing boat. Call W. L. Cralton al 16D or <65. 9ck9-10 REAL ESTATE House and two corner lots on Highway 18. Wonderful location for be«r garden or other business. Plenty of parking £P» ce - Prlcc rl S hl tor <nrici Ml«- Mr. alii Mrs. W. M. Smith, Gateway store. 18p-kS2 100 acres 40 cultivation on graded highway. Daily mail, fair Improvements, largo orchard, free range. Special bargain. MOO.OO terms. 408 -acre creek farm, 150 acres bottom. .Trade. Joe Chapin Ravetiden, Ark. 3pk9-3 IN THE CHANCERY COURT. FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DI5- .TRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Commonwealth Building & Loan Association. Plaintiff, vs. Hucy Michic. ifrs. Hucy Micllie; Ben D. Hamner and his wife, Maude D. Hamner; M. H. Robinson, Defendants. WARNING OKDKR Defendants. Hucy Mlchio and v.ifc, Mrs. Huey Mlchte, Ben D Hamncr and his wife, Maude D. Kamncr, are warned to appear In the Chancery Court for the Chick- esawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint ol I. he plaintiff. Commonwealth Building and Loan Association. 17; Witness my hand as Clerk, of said Court and seal thereon this the 31st day of July, 1933. - R. L. GAINES, Chancery Clerk. F~T' A-7-M-21 CO^lMG- VJP P.\C«ftUOl ft Hftl-F FRKCKLES AND HIS FRIBNUS FRBCKI.KS' PLAN IS A FLOP! .VELL — IH 5WMMW BY YOOaSEtf . HUH ? WHERt'b PA.T AMD FR£CKlj£&, CEO? HELLO, . VAJCLE J &A-A-Y.' > — WEVJL, \ THIKJK^ VOU'Rg. JU&T ' WHA.T'£> OM ) fceOUT THL NICEST 5>HIL EVER "TOLD &ETT1M' HEP ^urr on FOE.CVTLE% EWHtCt—HE W»W»T GCXMG IM AMD DO JUjT OPPOSfTE TO EVE«Y .'.Qt -«X> SORE, 1 VSIHV X»67 LAST JOHU ? ) EVENING —

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