The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1944
Page 6
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fAQCStZ, BLYTHEVIIiliE: (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS /' TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 1944 BITTER HOMES Headboard Bed B i Is Practical And Colorful Just ns the voluminous long skirts with many petticoats of a venlury ago have been outmoded by comfortable, streamlined modern frocks, the four-poster bed nnd its successors have been crowded out of the picture by the headboard: bed. Interior decorators nnd homemakers alike are enthusiastic about the decorative possibilities of this type bed, and its space-savingqaul- Hy Is no Email advantage in view of the preseht trend toturd smaller homes. The four-poster seived Us purpose well. Bedrooms were not heated escept by fireplace In tliose days and the canopy and side - hangings provided pio(ectlon from draughts os well as privacy. The style' which followed with a high headboard and footboard also furnished Insulation from draughts. It was cumbersome, but rooms were generally ample In those dajs to accommodate large beds In. the last 25 years, bolh headboards and footboards were gradually cul down. Along with the tendency toward slmplci lines nnd the improvement in room heating, the footboard 'was reduced until it was',even with, the mattress. Today, the : footboard •-is sometimes eliminated entirely, making the bed nothing but n headboard and frame. •.•-.- . The headboard bed- has evolved still further with the result that only a boxspring-on-legs plus a lieadlioard T| necessary. Headboards may be sliprcoveied or upholstered to match draperies an<! bedspreads to provide plenty of eye appeal. Furthermore,.enough floor space Is saved, so that eveii a small' room is not burdened by twin headboard beds: • Bent-Wood To Boudoir Chair By NBA Service SYRACUSE, N. Y—If you've wondered what ever linpiiciiod to those .out-nmded tent-wood clinlrs, • the khUI tlicy used In ice cream pai'lors years-ago. students of Home'Eco- nomics at Syracuse University, New York, csm give ,you tlic- answer. Tliey.'vctbccn turning' lliem Into at- ractive, comfortable boudoir nnd "iippcr chnlrs. "You cnn buy thorn in seeond- iniid .stores for a quarter," Ethel Traulmnn, professor ot textiles nnd ionic furnishings nt. Hie college, snys. "And though the chairs are sometimes seiittoss, ir (he frnmc- vovk Is good you can \x sure of (timing but a sturdy chair." A student Illustrates, above the few simple steps tlu\t transform n Ice cream makes 5011 warmer, not cooler. Its slnrch, sugar and cream.produce body heat. i Notice ol Sale (Arknnsns). Notice is hereby given tftnl the undersigned mortgagee in a mortgage' executed by C. L Cady to Hie United States oh'the:23 day ol March, 1942 and duly" nlc'd "lii the office of the Recorder In and for Mississippi County, Arkansas; the said c. L. Cady having waived nil rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the, Inws of Hie State of Arkansas; pursuant to the powers granted under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of the Stale of Arkansas, will on the'7 day of June, 1944, be- tween'the liours of S o'clock in the forenfen raid 5 o'clock in the afternoon of said date, tit Dvess, in the County of Mississippi state of Arkansas, offer for snlc to the highest and best bidder' for cash, the following-described property, bent-wood chair \ Into • a Iwudolr show, iilece. She has taken an old battered chair like tlie one nt the loll mid tucked .webbing on thereat nnd tack; tied 'old 1 springs straight across and cutty-corner, so • that Owe nre'fight, knots on each spring, (\nd then knotted the tying cord and tnckcd It Into the wood frames. Old bed riulHs were \ised for padding. .Padded rolls : (made of ,'wol twisted papei' covered with felt strips front nn Ironing Ixjftrd cover) were tr.cked In plnce nnd covered with muslin. The chnlr (shown center) Is now ready for n slipcover which can be made from Inexpensive remnnnts ,nnd given n profes- slonul louch with cording nnd buttons'. Tolnl cosl should bo less tbnil $2, Anti-Stick Trick For-Drawers . Chest, pantry 'or cupboard drawers that swell and jam during the warm weather can be cured of tlieir stubborn habits. Just apply a film of liquid wax or rub a bar of soap .over the points of friction, particularly on the untier- neath "trolleys" over which 'drawers slide and at the top; jSide towards the back. ^- — • Asbestos Roof Still Available War Effort Profits By: Use Of Asb'esros .Shingles and Siding Here's an Interesting war oddity -by using certain materials in the repair of your home you arc actually helping to provide another material which Is critically, needed for war use. Tin? seeming contradiction Is explained this way: I/onf fiber asbestos Is. used for many essential war purposes,''-To obtain n single ton of long fibers, many Jons' of shorter fibers must be ml|ied. The principal use for these short fibers Is the rtjnmifnc- tiirc.of asbestos cement shlngle.s and'.sldines.' '.''': Evcrytlme a.home owner pills on ft-iicw roof of asbestos shingles," ov covers tli e exterior of his house with asbestos siding, he may be helping to provide n fireproof asbestos suit for an army or navy fire tighter. nccognlj-lng this -situation,'" the War -Production rioarri has adopted liberal rules vviiich enable n homo owner to ic-sliiiigle or re-side ''his house with asbestos products when any rmrl of the roof or siding is In need .of repainting or 'other maintenance_or repair. Portable Barbecue Pit From Steel Wheelbarrow If you've a steel-bodied wheelbarrow and a yen for outdoor barbecues, here's Uetler Homes and Gardens' suggestion, tor getting yourselves a portable pit: Fill the wheelbarrow parll v will) Hcreeucd snnd. Kind In n junk yard a few pieces of Vi by 1-Inch strap iron Jong enough to reach across the barrow and bend down an Inch on eacli side. Three or four of these straps spaced a few inches apart awo.w the barrow will support grills, coffee pots, and sundry utensils over the fire yon build in the saml. Makes Perfect Record Peggy Lou Hipp, 13-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hipp of the Uuntcttc community, has attained an enviable record during the past year. A student in the Burdctte school, TEST 'Petroleum Mly Ihh Waif , , ja. i, abm-ilona umi ekln IrrttuUulu. Ht, triple tjw, uuly 10^. Screened Porch Added To Herrick Residence A Kcrccncd-in porch is being added to the Gordon Herrick home nt 1025 West Mnln street. The exterior will be rcllnlslted in asbestos sldliiB, and n new roof laid. The Interior will bj redecorated, nnd the floors reflrmhcd. Rfcftrt Oouncr New* ivsuk ada VPE Fin, Ai.iTnocrona' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE IOC MONK1T STEWART'S Dm i Stor e Main A Lakt Phone tXtl Try our "Own Made" ICECREAM Ole Hickory Inn li? OLIVER FARM EQUIPMENT , Sales and Service HARRISON AUTO I'AUTS CO. 517 W. Ash I'lione 2552 FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL RIZEB Cheaper Thau Bridge Lumber Osccola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 OscMla, Ark. Peggy Lou has made straight A's in alLher school studies, as well as having Rchleved a perfect attendance record during the school year just closed. She will \x a student in the eighth grade next Pall. There are 500,000 restaurants In the U. S., normally giving employment to 1,500,000 persons. Spring and gammer TUNE-UP Save Gasoline . . . Save Tires. Get All-round Better Performance! T I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler »«al«r P»rti A Service Ul W. Aih Fhraa tlK Every detail of tlie work is sloivly, perfectly done with modern equip- men I. The best materials and leathers used. Only highly skilled operatives Jo the work. If you want long addilion- al near with comfort—utilize our service. H-R LT£RS flutv SHOC SHOP 4I W.,M.«1.N ST. If yea wmoi (• m mere H». ftouit SfLL OS THE Ft/RNITUKt «[OU ARE NOT DSINO foe n»M Alto liberal tnie-tD alMwuiw for olt forcltor* .*n new. Ahrin Hardy Kurn. Co. in B. Mala Phob. nr »!>"•"«''*"*.'»;>"•'« »*•••***•*•# Buy Your PLUMBING SUPPLIES FROM THE MAN WHO KNOWS YOUR NEEDS. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call me f(K check-up without cost or. obligation. KATB, MICE AND ROACU CONTHOL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSH1P 309 E. Kentucky Phone 2354 IS YOUR ROOF FAILING? ' Better Re-roof It Now! We can re-roof your home wilh CKRTAlN'i'KBD 210 POUND THICK - 1HJTT SIIINGLKS at no iidvance over jire-war prices, lioth nititeriiil and labor may be financed in 12 'e«j u a 1 monthly payments through FHA. " RE-ROOF RE-PAIR RE-PASNT RE-PAPER We have the materials E. C, ROBINSON LUMBER CO, Crickets Ent Offspring; Monnoon crickets me the most dcvnstntine or their kind. They eat everything in sight, including their offspring, and are called Mormon crickets because of their frequent 1 Yellov, Jersey Cow, named Jersey 500 Iks, 9 jears old, 1 Yellow & descent on Salt Lake City, Utah While > Guernsey and Jersey Cow; —7-;— : - — Drop Everything for this Amazing Way! 1 Cream Jersey Cov,, 750 Ibs; 2 Calves; 1 Webber Wagon; 1 Tumble Harroiv, 1 Coidwater Streaker; i Avery' Yellow Jacket Middle Buster; 1 McCormlck-Deering Turning Plow, 1 McCormlck-Deeriug Double, Shovel;' 1 McCorinlck-Dcering Planter;: 1 McCorraick-Deering Gee Whiz.' Witness my hand this the 2 day of June, 1944, United Slntcs of America, By \v. P. McFadden, PSA Supervisor. you. rse, fit homo, III^ [onniili iiH-^l lir 1MH1TOUR nilMncllli'l]'. nl itult<l 'I'hoTii- eon * Jlliiiir Clinic. Ilg i.iuaidt l,on- (j(H(!K yoiir Jillo i>:iln, ili-li, forun-s^ an; rrlUTnl (let Sl.UO tliln- Tl»>:nli>li * Jllnor'a bint. )neu( IcMlujr. fir j;it tlio,v.1o-:ipv!v- Thnrn- ton .t Minor HixMnl SuiiivKilorlc*. ^nliy sx W trail more. Ttl IKICTOIIS' war TODAY.' At all good drug stores everywhere -In Blytheville, at Kirby Drug. ft'f Cfoanf tt'sQulckl Iftlatyl brand n«w In wall paint -becauu It Kh'M «K«Hent reiult* over old wnll- p»p«r, plaster, brick «nd many other •urfaces... because on* coat of TVchld* b uiually itifficient . . . becauas it ii quick and easy to apply uyi drift in oat hour . . . bec«u»« it givet you san- ittry, wishablt wall*. Don't mix thi» opportunity to redecorate your rooma at amafl cort. Aak \aabout Techide. KONOM1CM. On» gallon of Ttchldf nolcM \Yi fuUtta «f point— * «M»tH to it tv« . !*• trmf • turn. MADE IN I COLOM AMD WHin PITTSBURGH PAINTS T«M<f« comit tn pa it. form. Can b< mlxtd !n Will t may bi ^lltVly watW wtn m<Ht MOP and woi«r. HUBBARD HARDWARE i Phone 491 DIA'THKVII.I.E'S ONLY HOME OWNKU I.DMREK CO HOWDY, MISTER .... IUU -lre an average citizen. You make your living and support your family by Kard work. You try to save a little money. You wish you could make more. At tlie same time you wish tlie cost of living and taxes wore not so high, nnd they didn't keep on rising. 1 la ve heard some folks say that if the Government furnished the necessities the cost of living would • be a heap less. They have mentioned siich things as coal, clothing, food, furniture, houses, medical care — and electric service. ^"U have lived long enough to know in the grown-up world of men and women there is no Santa Glaus and no Easter Rabbit. One way or another, you pay for everything you get. IUU are told by Government ownership promoters that T.V.A. electric rates are lower than the fates of business managed electric companies. They lead you to think this is due to belter management and freedom from price gouging. But you're not told that the T.V.A, and city-owned electric plants pay only a fraction of the taxes business managed enterprises pay, and that they don't pay any federal or state income tax. »UU know somebody has to pay the taxes — all the taxes. When a governmental agency or group takes over a business-managed electric company it destroy; a tax paying enterprise. This means the tax burden is made heavier, for the remaining taxpayers . . . including yourself. IUU may be interested to know that our Company pays out in taxes about 19 cents of every dollar it takes in. You could buy electric service, at lower rates from us than from Government power systems if we were allowed to operate on the same terms — with the special concessions and tax freedom — they enjoy, . *UU and other citizens raise your own taxes by encouraging Government ownership. And you undermine the American system of free enterprise too. That system has given ordinary shirt-sleeve Americans greater opportunity to' "get ahead" and "be somebody" than the people have in any other nation. That system out young men and women are giving their lives to protect. It's worth more to you and your kids than all the rosy socialistic schemes ever invented. REDDY KILOWATT, your electrical servant j i//s OtirBusiness'toSerrti 1/ou _ ' / A Business Mirnagtd, Tax Paying Utility Under Federal anA Slate Keg-.datian * *••*.* * * *

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