The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Proposal to; Dij-ecj Development "For Benefit of Masses" Wins Support WASHINGTON. Dfc! 21. (UP)Creation of », permeneni federal planning board to direct development of America for b?nffH or the mssfts, jj fit? rjiief rframmpnda- tion of President Roosevelt';! National Resources co;nmitleo, Tile suggestion gtuiird wight In official circles, with some administration chieftains backing It. See- jctary of Interior Harold t,. Ickc-s, Secretary of War George II. Dmi, Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. .Wallace. Secretary of Labor F,-nn- ces Perkins, Secretary of Commerce Daniel c. Boper- nnd Harry I,, Hopkins, emergency relief administrator, are behind tiie move, \ 'Jlie <uty of thebiard, Ui;y saH' would he :to Invent "ways of nlll- ivJng (lie national resources In ma- ,lfttl&\ and men, and employ social .vision in ihe fusion of American. ;lnU>resls. techniques nnd Moils Into sounder and more satisfactory national policies." - -Tnc lx>ard of five- appointed by Ills president would have indirect charge of a proposed {.lO.OOO.OOO 000 public woj-ks fund to lie usart as a.safeguard ngalnsl future depressions. It-would ,, mp a long-time •scheme of land development., establish' jwv.' waterways. • Improve highways, guard. against depletion of mineral resources, mak<! social readjustments. ".Tlie proposed imrrt." Ois report explained, "uould not supplnni tli» : numerous planning agencies now active In various .departments of the' federal government or cl<e- '.where, bill would supplement their work and promote clossr raorrllna- tlon." • . Board members, It was suggested, should be pnld large enough salaries "to make it possible to obtain the service of a, high type of competence." : Tlie suggestion emphasized ilmt the -planning hoard would make no .final,'decisions upon broad ques- ,'ttons. of : nallonal policy-"a responsibility which rests firmly upon the elected representatives of the OT o- Pie of Uin United sials.'\ ^Politics, the report said, should Play no pan in function of the committee. The .report, recommended members be appointed for Indefinite terms, to remove them from pollll- ril Influence (ARJS-.) dotfftlgfc Convicts Go Free by Foiling "T, B." for Hi m He Needs Gloves and we have a large selection of Kldsklns and Itnllnlion plg- xkln at Me,, $1.48 and Lined or Unlincd. ( .1. 0. PENNEY CO. Sinking their lives In a pei-ltoi.s medical experiment for hop- of liberty, two Colorado life-term convicts have won and will be freed from Wrlwin before, Christmas by order of Cloy. K. c. Joh,i«m. The pair was liinociilnlecl with n new serum developed to prevent tubm-ulosl 5 then millions of the disease K er,ns injected Into their veins After M M I n iL' r monllis of experiment, limy were pronounced In perfect condition ' CW IV ' ea " Uot <™g <-O Above, im orderly is shown giving t), n last "shot" lo Mike Schmidt wliile Warden Roy lies!,, Governor Johnson and C,irl Krlckso/i |.}» other .|iallent, looks on. Left, Mow. Li Schmidt; right Uriel-son * + + LOUNGING 1 ROBES Hlnck flat crepe with contrast- Ing trims, $50. Co. Trumps Partner's Ace to Set Contract for Two Spades Cleveland Fund S3,02C7473s CLFVFLAND (UP) -cie^hnn, S,7, m "'*i ^nd ink jear raised $3,026,74118 with tola! number of Bliers, 43SS64-rar In excess 01 the numbei ot donors ta Solution to Previous Contract Problem ainassarhusetts; look around for By WM. E. McENNEV Secretary, American Bridge I.eaeue H is true ,that ihe majority ot bridge hands written about are game or slaiii hands. However, the part score hand is perhaps the'111001 difficult to hniidlp. due Jo (he tam. that \ou ha\e to know.wlien to stop and as (he high cards ai-o more or less evenly distributed, Great cnre must b c exercised In Ihe piny of the•hand. . Theies a lot to loday's hand if jou will la\ out the cards nnd study , them eun more (linn appears on the smface When North doubles a diamond ami East <nei colls with one heart he is blowing ueakness. fn other • worth he Is leilly saying to hi, inilnei I an, ntra id to leave one liamond doubled In." I <|a not Know that the hand h really wflk eno -, lgll o mike lliat bid, but of course there isti t much strength jn the hand and it does tell Ihe slorv at " low point and quickly. . Now of com sc, West won't uc- l come over ambitious with his heart •holding Tx-canse his partner hns told him h e has a. weak lihiirt. North's second iloublc slill | s j asking for informatlnn. K, , mm not bc trealed ns a business double Remember thai ih s partner did not respond to the first double mid hns iiov put in a bid. *J4 2 v AQS n * AK IDS •t *'«.'.-. . »KJ 10 * J7 5 + A K 3 2 *K7 n o -t : Q2 * 103 s i o 9 s a , Duplicate—All-, ynl. South West .North R»s( Pass 1 i' • Doiible 1 y Pass Doulile Pass 2 » - a 4 f ass- Opening lead— f K. « When West over-calls » spade bid wllh Iwo hearts, he Is'only "striving for a part score. North realizes tot his partner's spade bid caniiot be, .strength, but h e Is Justified In giving him a chance by a bid of 'wo spadc.s. I. Milnk.West was wise In not .going lo three hearts. True enough I if .the hearts were divided oi- lh< j king of hearts were in ihe Soutl hand, East and West could make game. Also, don't forget the spade ace has lo l>e right. The Play Tlie defensive , play ngnlnst two spades is neat. The king at diamonds is opened and, when Ens' PAT O'BRYANT, Jeweler, suggests bill folds, fountain pens, pencils, rings, fitted zipper sots, cigarette cases, lighters, watches, dmlns and hands. +• . • ' ' + * + At Haynes' Men's Shop can be found gifts for the man from 25c up. May we suggest handkerchiefs, ties, pajamas, shirts, scarfs, lounging. robes, hats, bells and buckles? Sec our slock before making your selection. „ •..-..-.••. '• • *'.• *.. '* : ' "..'. IVfi Have Wlal They Want! Skates, Tricycles, Scooters,' Bicycles, Coaster Wagons, Buddy Uikos, .22 Rifles (Stevens, Hamilton and Springfield), Pocket Knives. Flashlights, Watches, Hunting Knives, Buck Jones Air Rifles and Seoul. Knives nnd AXPS, im frnrrlcr. Burke Hardware "We S«ll for Lest" * * * TOYLAND IS OPEN Dols, Teddy Bears,. Trucks, Popguns, Airplanes, Fire Engines, Tool Chests, Games, Oliemlcol sets, Puzzles, Play Houses, Doll DLshes, Sewing Sets, Tricycles, Wagons, Doll Buggies, Tables and chairs, Story Books, [Christmas Candies and other 1 interesting Toys BEN FRANKLIN -STORE fToyland 1 Door East) + 4 * •^ PAJAMAS. ."' All- -colors,- plain models '$5> Lounging styles $6.50..-'.' New Mead. Clothing Go! ' For illw We Saetrsi A Pipe, Cigars. Shavlrig Set or Shaeffer Fountain .Pen BEL'L'S PHARMACY - '•..•• ': :*."+ /;.+.:;''- ? ' A CotnfprtaWe, Chair. fir Dad! How he'd love n . comfortable chair a|l; his own,. '.You'll find ."II .styles, sizes and prlcei'lh' our. conVplele stock. .'. •"• HUBBARD F.llRNITURFi CO JorKiddies # * + DAN THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBO DIETRICH'S" AMBITION I?TO BECOME A CONDUCTOR. OF A i SYMPHOMY .; PRCHESTW. Today's Contract Problem How would you hid this band! If over n spade bid hy Mouth. K'orlli lilds two hearts would you litd diamonds, support tlie hearts or go to no trump? If .North .p| svs the liaud at four licwrts, and East- opens the four of clubs-, how can Unsl and \Vest defeat Ida contract? • 5 + K 9 7 4 2 « AK83 + SS Solullon In next Issue. 21 nlavs tlie deuce, Ihe -six of clubs h played by West, South wins and leturns the ten of spades, hut West must not cover. Uc nould lite to use Ills trumps for rutting the clubs and hopes to find his partner wllh Ihe king of spades. Therefore he wants the declarer to lake the finesse. The declarer doss, and East, wins with the kihg. cashes the queen of diamonds nnd plays a small dub. west ruffs and leads the nee of diamonds, and here East makes a Mat play. , He trumps his partner's goort ace with the spade seven, so as to lead another club which gives his partner another ntft, ar,d, with loss ' Ul * contrli:l Is set two .;-.-• - HURRY] HURIIY! f. Right no w w(! , have almost . every kind of a Bicycle. 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ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. . "At, your Service" ' •• *..'-* * Crystal ware— dishes — silver ware— lamps—to make tlie 'Home Beautiful." Pat O'Bryant, Jeweler - : -- ''-• ' * +...+ America's Finest Gift! Karpen ^Living Room Furniture' ...Made to -endure throughout llie .ages... Single, pieces, or complete suites: • • HITBBARD FufiNjTURR no- Have your FURNITURE upholstered & repaired: for a per- rWmas ".Si".- SPECIAL ,J. W.' JENKINS & SON •118 S. H. 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