The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1944
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE G, 19-M Fans Get Thrill As Welch, Allen Win Tag Match *' Malone and Srabo Able To Win One Fall From Local Fans Favorites Joe Welch and Roy Allen racked up their second successive lag victory by defeating Irish Eddie Malone. and Joe Szabo In t!i e feature event of Promoter Mike Meroney's 'weekly wrestling program last night al the American Legion nronn. Working In complete unislon, much on the same order as lust week when they blasted Dill Canny nnrt Slri Hays, (lie winner.? took tile first an<( third falls of the last and furious battle that at times bordered on extreme brutality. Malonc, substituting for Floyd Byrd, who was delayed because o( an automobile accident, enrontc from'Birmingham, Ala., saved the losing team from a complete rout during the evening's rough entertainment. Irish defeated Allen in the preliminary and then iilmost single haiidcdly beat Welch and Allen for liie second fall that evened the match, at one apiece. Welch Sets race Once again Welch was the fair hniretl boy and (he spark plug of the brilliant victory. It \vjis he who tricked the, wily Malone into starting another overhead arm chancery, then turned it into a reverse back breaker that actually changed the (ide of battle in the third and decisive fall. Malone ha c | used that effective hold to force both Welch and his partner to surrender during the second fall. And lie did such dam- 'gtf>se with it that when he again ••"aught Hie tall Welch in the viselike (rap the fans groaned for their favorite. But this time, Joe was ready and had plans of bis own. He simply brought his entire weight on Malone, forcing his back into an arc, then slipped his right arm •under Malone's chin as Eddie released his hold to break the expected fall and hauled him over his back into a dangerous reverse back breaker. Malone quickly gave up. Eliminating Szabo in the finale was comparatively simple and made to order (or the agile Allen. Three successive kangaroo kicks, the last one smack in the puss, turnc<i the trick in just a couple of minutes. S'/.afoo Attacks Kefcrcc Enraged throughout because Referee Meroney was constantly forced to pull him off Welch and Allen via the hair of his head, Szabo staged a mild fiasco after the battle was over but got no where with the capable official who can still hold his own in the ring. Mike wisely held htm off at arms length and kept on the go. Finally, the Hungarian -cooled oil and left the ring. . '- • ' Welch and Allen toiled 20 mln- .utes before gaining the first fall. And they waged their successful campaign mainly because they centered their attack first on Szabo and then on Malone, then concen- § fling on the Hungarian until ey eliminated him. Welch put on 'the finishing touches with a powerhouse right cross, followed by a body pin in 16 minutes. They used- a different technique on the big, powerful Malonc. Joe started a series of flips, turned the job over to Allen who kept the pace up with four more. Back came Welch with more flips, and Allen put the clincher on thc spinning Irishman with a body pin, all of which consumed four more oiin- titcs. Losers Sfeaf Sluff Aialone and Szabo stole some of their foes' thunder at the start of the second fall by singling out Welch and giving him the "works". They hammered and cuffed and choked the tanned Oklahoman without giving him a chance to Ing his teammate, but just when it appeared as if the end was in sight, Jo c escaped thc: pair and gained relief. Bui not for long. Allen got into trouble with Szabo, who 'effectively employed the choke mcth- JBLYTHEV1LLE (AltK,); COURIER NI3W3 Itte DOPE BUCKET BI 1. P. FKIEND SO GREKN IS FIELD Thanks to the Blylhcviile Junior Chamber of Commerce, our High School Chlckasnws will have a beautiful green sod to romp on this Pall. Under the capable scrutiny of Sylvester (Pop) Mosley, Haley Field is getting its face lifted In preparation for the football campaign ere the falling brown leaves |n September ... The field has been broken up, then rolled nnd now is being planted In grass. "You won't know the place in n month or so," Pop beamed with a twinkle in liis eye. . . "This grass will be out and not a sign that It has been planted in rows . . . The only' regret Is thai we can't keep It that way. . . When the boys report September 1 they will start right to work and will have worn off some spots even within a few days." And I got what the ol' timer was wishing. . . It has been his hope that someday, somehow the school district would make arrangements for a practice field, leaving Haley Field looking spick ( and span for Ihe games. . . That policy is innln- lalncd f by many'of the other high schools the state and country find has proved quite successful and colorful . . . Surely, Ihere is a spot of ground nearby lhal can be secured, say, adjoining Spain bottom. ... It wouldn't lake much work to get it In shape and should be secured for school purposes at a reasonable price. VOKl'OKAL WANTS ADDKESSES My o)' buddy, Corp. Udell Newsom, is having n "hot time" out in Mo- javc Desert, where he is stationed. ... He says the temperature gels to 130 degrees in thc shade. . . Only trouble, there's no shade In the desert ... He tosses a few bouquets into the "Bucket", then breaks down and lets me in on his real object fo rwrlting . . . Stationed just 75 miles from Hollywood, where he is "Electrical Specialist" on B-24's, Udell,and his wife get Into town quite often and .want to look up their old friends. Elmer Lindscy and Heyward (Charlie) Partlow, who are in training at San Diego. . . Only the evening 'before Die letter was written, which was May 25, Corp. Newsom told of talking with Cass Daley and Rochelle Hudson, movie stars, and seeing Ann Rutherford and Madam Queen (of the Amos and Andy radio program). "We have quite a number of Mississippi County boys here at this base. . . In fact, there are so many Arkansas boys here we are planning on starting an 'Ark-gcttogcther- Club' once a week," he pens. . . His pd for weakening, .and tagged Welch.-,As i Joe entered .the riny Malone was Waiting, his atlack all mapped out, apparently. Grabbing Welch's left arm he spun under and raised himself placing his shoulder just back of Joe's elbow. He began putting the pressure on the reversed arm suspended over the shoulder, then flopped Joe with a vicious flying mare. An arm strangle turned Into a ringer process forced Welch lo surrender. Malone Beats Allen Allen was the next vlctlm'and via the ssmo method and yielded in four minutes more after nearly escaping. , In the first preliminary Allen fell victim to Malone In 15 minutes, with a stepover toe hold. Spotting his opponent about 25 pounds or more, Roy did all right until he began roughing Irish. It was his first big mistake. For Eddie poured on Ihe coal and hammered his lighter foe into submission. Welch nnd Szabo waged a wild, hair-pulling war in their prelim. Szabo'.s long locks were tailormade by yanking and Welch made thc most of It. He punished the Hungarian unmercifully as he used the long hair as a flip springboard. Welch was the winner aft e r 17 minutes of extra-rough milling, using a resounding body kick followed by a body pin. address is: Corp. Udell Newsom, •121st Dnse Unit, Sqdn, !•', AAP, M«roc, Calif. Here lire the addresses as requested: William Elmer Llndsey, Fireman 3-c, Heyward G. Pnrtlm", A. S. Co. 44-274, U. S. N. T. S., Sun Diego, 33, Calif. BACK O.V VOKMKK ISLAM) W. O. Mitchell Best, former assistant coach under Joe Dlldy here nt the local high school, Informs Mildred Lou Hnbbard thai he is back on an island in the Pacific for the third time. . . . "I saw more In four hours today than I have seen in all the other limes put together. ... I Just look an air trip, looking things over" . . . Our friend, Frank. Mancuso, who is doing a lot of catching for the St. Ixnils Browns, currenlly In first place of the torrid American League pennant race, went on a batting rampage one day lusl week. . . He slummed his Ilrst homer with the Browns, collected a double to tool, nnd balled in a lotiil of 6 of thc n Brownie runs. ... A teammale, Mark Chrlstman, is Ihe same former University of Mlzzou ace passer. . . He is ruled a potential major league star . . . After wcnrlng iilmsclf down waiting for orders in Miami, Lieut. Armando Biiccl, ex-postal officer and basketball star at the Dlythevlllc Army Air Held, finally got going. . . And how! . . . He writes from India; currently al Calcutta. . . . Wiilly Smith, star end on thc Chicks' two conference championship football teams, 1910-41, is In advanced bombardier training at Midland. Texas. (A-C William Wallace Smith, 2528 AAP Base Unit, Class 44-13, n 18-1) . . , A former teammate, L. E, Stafford, Is finishing his cadet prc- nighl at San Antonio, Texas (Class 45A, Gp. P, Sqdn. 57, AAFPS (P), SAACC), . . Went. E, Leon Stafford, another ex-Chick linesman. Is about through with his advanced course In searchlight at the Anti- Aircraft School id Cani]> Davis, N. C. r and soon will be headed for Orlando, Fla. . . . (His address is: OSB, SL No. 3, Hldg. 1«0, Camp Davis, N. C.I Baseball Standings SOUTIIBKN LKAGUE W. L. Knoxvllle .20 15 Memphis '21 ,i(i Little Rock 21 10 Birmingham 20 17 Nashville 13 ia Atlanta 20 IT New Orleans 14 23 Chattanooga it 24 AMUKICAN LEAGUK W. L. St. Louis ..21 20 New York ....•...;...'.-22 SO Detroit 24 22 Chicago '. 20 21 Boston 21 23 Philadelphia 20 22 Cleveland 21 25 Washington 20 24 NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L,. St. Louis 2D 14 Pittsburgh 23 16 Cincinnati 24 18 New York 20 23 Boston 21 25 Brooklyn ID 23 Philadelphia 17 22 Chicago 13 25 Pel. .571 ,5GB .568 .641 .513 .540 .318 .314 Pel, .574 '.650 .522 .488 .417 .410 .4S7 .455 Pel. .074 .590 .511 .465 .457 .452 .43G .342 Young Giant Only Flash In The Pan Danny Gardella Is Swell at The Pat But Can't Catch 'cm NEW YORK, June a (U.P.J- Dnnuy Oardella, the unpredictable Giant outfielder, may prove to he a flush In ilic pun. Even Mel Oil, the Giant's manager,'t know what (o do iiboul the young lefl-flt-ldi'r, who Is Ihe strangest player to hit the New York i>olo Grounds In many n year. Oimlcltii Is definitely a wiir-thnc bat'cball product. One of the new and unusual kind of ball-players that managers nnd fans lire Jcnrn- Ine to put up with—H not cope with. , . ; Thc question In Cinnlcirii's 'case is, does he win or lose more'games for the New Yorkers? lie's 'n\inln- iature slugger, of Yankee caliber nt bnl, bul he's n Mister Orop-il Jn the Held. And what Ot| can't decide is, does lik balling "com|ieii- sale for his weak defense. •,. The GiHilt pilot benched mighty Joe Mcd wick u couple of weeks ago and stuck Gnrdvlla, who says that he looks good even when ho .strikes out. In the left tictd. And lor a while Die dlmlnuatlve poVorhorse was knocking ilif cover O ff u, 0 pill, and thc Giants rode a winning streak. But GardeUa was fielding- so badly yester'day. that even when thc Pirates hit one straight to'him, they kept on running. And lightly, because (he tough little giirdcner dropped them all. So irtieii;|lic ainnls take the field on Wednesday oil says that Medwick will he back in the lineup. Thai Is, unless Gimlelln Improves .•.•cvcrnl hundred per cent in practice Ke.sslons between now and then. Little Rock Coach Resigns, Health Is Cause urn.B ROOK, Aik,, June o (Ul>)—Louis "Dono" Nichols — the shir Ouachitu College and University of Arkansas nthlelc—luis tendered his rc.slnnntion as rootbull nnd Imskuluall coach ot North IJl- I'e Hock high school. Nichols—who lost n log in u highway accident last wilder—snys lie resigned the coaching Jobs upon the iidvlco of hts physician, In tendering .his rrslgimlloi), Nichols said: "I nuurcclnle nil Ihe nice things (he North Little Mock People have done for me, Hut I would be foolish lo endanger my whole future by coaching this year More 1 am fully recovered. Maybe some d,ij. ] c,,,, rcpn y ( llpm fo| . the kindness B hown to me. Now, the- ino.5t Important thing for me 4s to get completely well mill gel biwk Into iilhlellcs." 'Red Cross' Potty Berg Enters Golf Tournament NEW YORK, June G (UP)—Marine Lieutenant I'utty Herg hits filed her entry for the Women's Red Cross Open Golf Tournament at Wykagel Country Club. Two other, well known "women golfers—Pat Harrington of Stenben- ville, Ohio, and Dot Germanic of Philadelphia—also have enlered Hie meet set for June 12 nnd 13 >.'•' Today's Games KOUTIlIillN I,KAGUK New Orleans at Memphis, night: Birmingham at LIUle Rock. Nashville at Atlanta. ;. Knoxvllle ,-il Ch.iUanoogX' livo AMKKICAN LEAGUE .' No gnnies scheduled. Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Night games: New Orleans 3, Memphis 2. Atlanta 0, Nashville 5. AMERICAN LEAGUE Open date. NATIONAL LEAGUE Open date. NOW OPEN-BIG LAKE PICNIC GROUNDS '/4 Mile South of the tower on the Manila Side of Biq Lake. CLEAR GROUND WITH 3 OUTDOOR FURNACES . . . GOOD BOATS . . . CLEAN SWIMMING HOI-B . - - MINNOWS - - - FRESH FISH . . . COM) DRINKS . . . FISHING GUIDES LEE EDWARDS, Mgr. Ill W. Now Open TIN'S CAFE v Specializing In Delicious Steak Dinners Real Southern Barbecue Sandwiches—Cold Drinks 1JKER ON TAP AND IN BOTTLES JOHN FOSTER, Manager ^\T-»ill ^ ... Phone 565 Law Requires "Tea I'arly" Government law requires only one food to be Icstcd by taste—tea. Every pound of the thousands Imported Is passed upon by sin official tea party of five. Although anyone of these tea tasters may losle gallons of lea in a day, he never drinks any. ' CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Sat. starts )2:45; Sun. sl.irls 1:45 Night shows 5:15 Except nionday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sal. and Sun. Tuesday BUDDY NITE ' I Tickets For Ihe Price of 1 "THE REMARKABLE ANDREW" with Brian Uonlevy k, William Holdcn Leon Errol Comedy Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "SKYLARK" with Clauticttc Colbert & Kay Mtlland and SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS' with Veronica Lake & Joel Mcllca ''•' NATIONAL LEAGUE Philadelphia al Brooklyn, night' Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, night. "Talkituj Clock" Earns Money The ' French "talking clock" lirought In U revenue of $125,000 lo the government In its first yenr of operation.•••The clock handled an average of 11,000 calls dally 'to 4300,000 people a year. EASE Bill Hulse To 'Compete In AAU Championships ,,m EW VOriKVJmK! U <UI')~Mlli.r "111 Hulse ims entered two events In Ihe AM) truck nnd field cluiin- plonshlps nt New York's Trl- Moroiigh Sliidlnm on June n uucl 18. llnlsc—who holds Ihe American rlllzeiu onldoor nillo murk of four nilnules and six sccourts-ls niidcr- InltliiK H feat nchlcved only flvn times hcforc. He's vntcrcd 'in the BOO and J500 iiieler runs. ili'iin CiiiniliigliHin wns the lust sprinter lo luko belli Ihese cvi-nls •and thnl wns In IfB'j. Hulse-who Is ciilcrud from (he Nuw York Athletic Club-scrim a cinch (o tnkc Die longer event ivllh i Oodds out of Ihe rnnnlnjj. nut ')! meet tough competition in the BOO 1 meter, when he runs "taliist Johnny Fulton, Chiirlcy llcclhnni nnd Ed Oulcc. NEW THEATRE Manila's Finest Shows Nightly at 6:30 , MATINEES Saturday & Sunday at 1 Boxing Meet Cancelled At Blythoville field The Inlei'-I'ost Iloxliiu Tournament, scheduler! lo begin al Illythe- vlllo Almy Air Mold Friday, )ms heen cancelled, U. Hill Adams, post nllilvllc officer, said lodiiy. "We can't get competition for our boxers, 1 ' he nald in explaining (|i u cancellation, "The athletic officers ill Wiilnul nidge, Newijoit, mid Maiden nil hoped lo mud tcuiivi to our loui'iuiiiH'iil, but have since no- tilled me lluil 11 la Impossible for thi'in to accept our Invitation at this lime, However, iimybe we cnn work up something n lUllo later." ( -.. -. work fnMo,>ears. "I hate o brcflk jour rqcord," 'countered he Judge," but If you-don't'get a Job wiihin 4g iioufg",yn get*yo(Tio~' lo pick from." r ', , r ,.',V/ , , .™^^-« on-* ^ir»^i^ Tucsdny "THE WHISTLER" '•••• with , ' . ' nichiiril |>l.v ' SKltlAL anil SHORT •Wednesday & Thursday "THE tyAN FROM DOWN UNDER" . WlIJl Charles I.auRhlnn Fox NCHS & Slinrt "CATTLE SHIPMENTS CAN'T WAIT lo-fnuicrt tin: Immls <m livc- siui'k al railrrciil 5lil|ipiuj; jiciis mid nnn-lirs llut >lii|i l,y mi,*, (>(,,.„ ( luve ID Rot in soyrnil p/iinii | n aahk ' e glad I've got a FORDf ^'m^ll''^''^ IO VH*^'° Mlr T rl tllre '''«>• B t '> < l4.'Vi"o| r Vr. 1 |riinr" Cif^rn,^^^';^:"""". IS 1 ,^™,!^;;!™',;»,'i'»>"« ,wr.r DON J. CiAfN »i Citttiititla llunul Jnifttctor tlcui ft , Cotointf/j As niilliiins nf Ponl owners Urnv, | ( ir<l, ,ire alnliU. 'I luj tisn lom, uiiif 'J Jicy uislurj Inilc to run ,itnl lliu I lu);liutp(n\i.r- ful .nut mnifori iblf, .iinl tiny., kto|>ili<.ir(,")()(llool.bror)'; 1 li.U is «liy so ni.iny 1'onl NEWS NOTE /OO million oclh,, O f n o(trnrf<l/oreo(Jh •Win fort/ pom!,«„<«« al II,, Fo uo , f l m l „, „«,, „,,, / b £, J Cuinruioll anil Wmhinnlon coiitlicJ f 30,000,000 CAfiS AHO TtlUCKS HAVE UEEH BUILT Of FORD Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Tuesday PAL N1TE 'Spitfire 7 Short Leslie Howard & David Nlvcn Selected Shorts Wednesday & Thursday ^KMtt *$*L WBlitOlll Hers to Hold] IS^lS BKPORB THIS WARI'S over, there may be only two kinds of people in America . . . I* fhots who can iliit gal to work In auto- mobile*, . thai* who ara forced lo wa'Vc, If you 'Want to be in thc fortnnflte group who will still be tiding to work in automo"- biles, join Gulf's "Anti-Breakdown" Club today. How do you do it? Just come in for Cu!/'a Protective Maintonanco Plant This plan wns conceived by experts in car care. Giilf developed it because car maintenance is a most important civilian job. (8 out of 10 war workers use automobiles to get to work.) It kelps keep t/tmt, nwtvt, IT'S IMPORTANT to change your oil regularly . . . and to give your cur a ^ really good motor oil like Gulfpriu'c, "^T "Thc World's Finest Motor Oil," or Gulflubc, an cxtra-quaJilyoiUliat costs a few rents less. GULF'S Prolcctivc Maintenance PI an includes Gulflcjc Registered Lubrication which reaches up to 39 vital engine, body, and chassis points. Srt different Gulflcx Lubricants arc used to reduce wear. ASK YOUR GULF DEALER loci can your spark plugs, clean your, air filter, and flush cut your rndialor, to help give you as much as 10% more mileage per gallon of gasl \cn-s of Ihe Day Shorls Ccwl/ni powtri tht attack... Don't wcufa a drop)' \"!^S Ge& Q4b~tifjf>QiKtttietvb tub tjtUA/ Guig station* • •/ ' ' +a To KEtp YOUil Gulf Deafer <!o n (horou^lv job on jour car—and to . '1?ff save your lime—mike Jn .ippointnicnt. Phone or speak to him »t' Hie slatjon. Thsu you should encounter no delay when you Jot Gulf's I'roteclivc Maintenance PJaii... 15 services in al!I ' Jor 6etter car catv -fa STOUT-The Man for TREASURER

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