The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1933
Page 4
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OWE TOUK BLTTHgyiLLR, (ARK.T COURIER NEWS MONDAY, AUGUSt 21,- THE BLYTHEVILLH COUIUEH NEWS - THE'COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHKKS ' O. R. BABCOOK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., Nc\: York, chlcauo, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kaiisos Cily, Lilllc Roc*. Published Every Afternoon Except Swnrtay. EnlPr:il IB second da's matter at the ]ff. oflicc iU nlvihcvlllc, Ai- KMIK13, under act of fimBress October Si, 1011. Served by !he United I'ress. ~~ SUBSCRIPTION RATKS By carrier 111 the Cll> of Klyllievllle. l!ic |»r week or $0.50 per year In ndviinrr. By mail within n radius of 50 inll.-s, 53.00 ner year, $1.50 for six monlhs, 8Sc for Hirer- months; by mall In postal 7one.s two M :ilx. Inclusive. 5050 [XT year, In ami's seven and eight. 510.00 PIT year, payable In advance. "The. LitHe rtllow" Does Hfs Part One of the tilings I he Naliuiuil Uc- coviTy Act sutiius dcstiiicd to do is make :i slvai(rlil-[»il lust (if lliu i-om- liarnlivc degrees of social n-spd bilily aiul public spirit possessed small imhif tries and lai'trc oiu-s. So far. it must bo ailmillrd nwisl of I IK- i>:ilin.s have ln'i'it won by the lillle fellows. Speaking Kt-in-'rally, it is I In- little fellow who lias shown tin.- greater readiness lo sign up under Hie Mnu eagle. Di-ive down any business street yon like, in big city or in sinull town, and yon will see Unit heai-ls'.mng bau- iicr prominently displayed in Hie windows nf small shops, little restaurants, tiny garages ami small-fcnle manufaetiiring e.stablislnnents. Tins little business man has come forward with a inUlif.vinK promptness— and, for the most part, he has been scrupulous in living up to the terms of hi:; — agreement. l>y •Unfortxinat'.'ly, not <|iiile as can be said For ilie big fellow. This is not said to take anything away from those giant concerns which have already got iiito line with NRA policies. Many have done so. and their action hus been in the highest degree praiseworthy. -.Hut many of them, unfortunately, have not; and the headaches siilYcvc;! by. NHA officials at Washington have arisen chiefly because some of the biggest induslries in the land have shown themselves surprisingly stitl'-nccked about it. Now'if 'hasn't been an easy thing -for the little fellow to get Ids blue eagle. In many eases it is moro of a Kioriliee for him to raise wages and shorten working hours than it is For the big- fellow, for the simple reason UiaT labor costs are wviiioytiomiU'ly larger on his budget than they arc- on Iho big fellow's. The chap who runs, for instance, a corner slioe repair shop, and boosts the number of his workers from two to three under the NRA code, is quite likely to have In operate at a loss for a time; and if he d"es the money imi-t come right out of his own pocket, and not out of a pile of cash reserves tucked aw.iv in some bank. Yet it is tho little fellow -.vh' to be leading (lie way right now. lie huHii't talked iiidife'ininlly about constitutional limitations, or his time-honored open shop \io\\nes. or his duty to his stockholders. He ban rolled up his sleeves mid gone in there lo pitch, and he has done if without much coaxing. ' If law-scale industry wiints to justify its dominant position in America, it !nust demonstrate that it possesses sochil conscience in the same measure as the lillle fellow possesses it. —Bruce Cation. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark mi ... , V • v-i i' \ —^ '1 / V • \V } • V 'I' -^L.^:?t)$. V/'lt :|/' Yoslcrday Is Dead! You you us: lr-11'nvs JiiM out ot fich™'. You i>''"i: li;i<l ii tough time tin 1 la-.l two yunrs. Vim \siiv iinxloun U> n-.'t I" «ork. Nothing 0]«'t)ed u]). You fell ycm wrie butting your Mends »giilni>t a stone wall. 'Hie Slur pawns nn to you n phrase It su»' (lie other day—tu yo'.i nnil to the ollu-rs wlio will join yonr rank.-. Mils sptlng. That phrnsi- s. Yisii'i-dny Is Dead! The countiy has been hogged down bc'Iotc. U is nolni; lo litK'u to pull out shortly, Jiti.l ;is it always lias milkd out. mil mark this, lins- Ines-i Is nol cnniius buck just as It was before. H IICVN- dors. iilt:r Kotin! throne,]] the wringer. A lot of Ihe ulil li'iidi'is anil old methods have pawed out. A new bunch of aggressive mv.l resourceful yonn-.; lellows will come stomping "P to grnsii new oji]K>rlnnltii-s. Tor yesterday is (lead! New opportunities, mind ymi. Not Ihc- opportunities of Ihe last decudP. Those are gone. If experience is a guide, recovery will not come In orderly fashion, iilons Ihc old lines. Keen men will .see business chances here aiul iher-j even while things aie lit u low level. (Jliancr.s thai prow out of the depression with its chn»E- ed demands. IVrlnips these will lie in new products of science, lu Inexpensive nm cities. In house co:il- Inq. 1» cheap iiirin liimls. Men who live In the past will overlook these oprKirlmitltcs. They v,lll be IhlnkliiK of things ns"lhcy were hi 1020. Bo they will fail lu .se: the new conditions and take advantage of them. Bul tlic aleiL young-crowd will jump nt (hi 1 new chancr-s. develop them, -build up wllh Ilicm as business buUils uji. Yeslenluy Is (lend! . . Have you lienrd o( tile llu-llu bird thai'Ilk-.s kackv.nrdsV 11 \vnuls to see '.vhcrc It lias been. It doesn't, give "a flnrn where it Is going. U°»' 1 be n llu-llu bird. You youngsters, ECKC any decent Job thai ol-. fcrs. Hut keep your eyes open. He ready for new conditions, new. ideas. Your lunnblc job may hnvi: posslbllilic-s llial Ihr old or'clrr tlltl nol reveal. . . • lieiiKMiiber, Ycslerday is Dead. — Kansas City Star. Indian Enjoys Being Deported - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - NO ON£ HAS EVER. FOUND THE 60OV OF A WUO ELEPHANT THAT HAS DIED A NATURAL DEATH/ "Let's nol fuss, tli-ar. We'll feed her what your mother tvs one week itnil wh;tf my mother snys the next." , Infant Death Rate Is iNovv Lowest On Record In U. S. I;Y nil. .MOUHIS r'dilor, Jn'uniP.I cif_ UK- ^tuerican Medical Association, and of Hy, Rcia, Ih c Health' Mafj/inr Tl Is generally-; i' that he number of deaths of infants j populations over 250,000 was for Portland, Ore., v.ith 34 deaths for each 1«)0 births. • SI. Paul. San Francisco 'and Oakland (Californiai follon'- close- Iv after Portland with rales of. 33 uidcr. one yaar. _ot fl se in any community is a fairly pcod tesl 01'. [Vie Sfniltary conditions \ri that community. •'.•:. Tor sosnef i'cars nnw'the Aineri- fan Child Health Association has .-iPde avaitablc thn irepori of in- lahl deaths. In almost'-.a. ltmufand reco and nllorcl r.nd -10. In cities from 100,000 to .250,000 population Long Beuch. Calif., is (V.ft with ?,K; Grand 'Rapids; Mich.' second with 37 and Spokane V.'ash., third" with -10. : Clevr-laiui Heights, Ohio,', a su- 50.000 to 100,•ills • for Wl'l are I Un.baii cily in the 50.0CO to lOO,- Tord valuable in-'f 1 ^ iwpulaliun clnss. had no in fcrniatlon concenini^ heallli con-, dilions in various • i)ar[s v of ll Louulry. - • , The total rale icr 04li *citie.s *v SC.8. the lott-'csl cyer allained in this country find approximately .alt what'(he rate was 20 years HBO. •'"'•. The lowest yatc' in cilles iviili Th: Caniesles, nockfcllcrs. inkers and HeliLs ure (joun forever. "II will nol be possible under Ihn new economic system to amass great \\rnlth; weallli will IK widely distiibuled -in lowerlns; eonniindi'.y prices, in raising \\ayK. —Ex-Cov. Win. E. Sweet- of Coimado. now of NKA' stall. * t c linpritnnnieiU for 50 yriivs Is vi-iliiinly n moie rtrntlic iwnally than deadi. —Wiirdeu Ijiwch ot Sins Sing. * * < You eannol legislate the. liuninn mce intu heaven. —Rev. C. II. Parkluirsl, ol New York, . ' crilicizini; rcform-jra. »• • * li;n;:iRccl coiiples arc like a couple 1 ut explor- cis .Marling of! wllh n Injilul ol .swcelineals us provisioiis. —iVlnry Borilen, in "Tlic Tti'h- niquc of Marrlase". * t * He must be bronzed, cvcn-lcmpoied ,\nti t:,i:id- .Minir. — Peggy Ilnpklns Joyce, rlescsi'olii!! her nexL hubby. CetlRGH EXCUSES ity Gco. W. Harftam Vaksoii. wbo says lie is afe IndLiu IKIII: Okl.ilui- s .1 man »iilioul a country, acit] lie diiesu'l ininil at all. Ih' wns depcirleil I'rom Kail Ki'iiiicisco as ii .Mexican, bin :ui- llKirliies nt .Manzniiillo wonhln'l ncc-eiil biin. Xor M'oultl they iu (liialcninln. S;dv:uloi' or Honduras. Here you see him liavk In San 1'j'aaciseo where lie's hoinug for anollier jaitul ^viiLi ' soorl e«t«. HO work." F THERE WERE NO OUST IN THE AlR,THERE NWOULD BE. HO RAIM/ THE- DUST-LAOEN XUQ. PRWCES SQA\ETH»iS TOCONOeN5EON. CHtCKAOEES IN THE LINK THCR. NE6TS Vv/TTH Hunters have searched vainly for Uie myihiral elephant gra"| yards, where great piles of ivory ore supposed to av.ait the lull finder, but so far none has been found. Smaller animals edn \\ entirely calen, bones and all, by vultures and hyenas, bul an elephj'l carcass cannot be. disposed ot in this manner. It Is one more 11 Nature's secrets that man's prying eyes have" yet to discover. N.EXT: Where did the horse-ehustftiit get its name? Jloturcyclf Grand Prix MALMOE. Sweden. (UP) —The 'urcpaan Grand Prix in motor- ing Mount Hood, Oregon's faill Enow-hooded peak rising to an i Mountain Climblnb Club Hikts Up Mount Hobd titud* oT'iTto feet: . r | Tv.-d charter members of the c Frank Branch.. .Rlley and PORTLAND, Ore. (UP) — Two' ' w -g^ ycle racing will be contested this i hundred forty-nine members of the efcr at Saitlorp, m'Sweden. Sept. | Mazamas. a Portland mountain' A . . Last year It wns-held tn Rome j climbing, club, observed the organ- known to lie in nj in 1931 In Paris'. The series i ization's 40th birthday on a re- three-'months, 'wi vas started in 1925. ' cent, Sunday by scaling the totter- tim. •'•• b'ri the trip. •trapdoor, splcter hf to lie in tfalt at. its t raiting. for a \ fant rienths of Oils type and Ihu k-ads all the cities, of Ihe countri It ;s ioliOVfcdN by Cicero, 111., an Bciv.e!?y.. Calif., each uith--*a fat of 25. • Ainou:j Ihe ID largest cities ti-c Dolled States. Chicago le v.ith ;i rate of 49, follower! Nev; York Vrith 51. and Philade I lira and Detroit \villi 52. Bill even Ilic remaining six of lh< lafgesi cities ip the United S'.nte-i all eliou'.- decreases .from "1931 IT.ICS. Th« figure .for these ci 1 .•>s. including Cleveland, Los Ati- (ie)cs, Si. Louis, Boslon, Balll- i^ore and PSttsbin'gli, range froai 53 to G7. •; ncGix liEhE TODAY I:VK HAYLESSjprelly ai»l< iirmnffrr- .«|, Blfchy 1 * Jriiarl- Dear Aunl: Archibald mid 1 have .thought n lot atom v:lml you =ald in your Ic'.ter about your church work. If they had a fe\v more like yon drnt HUU) Tlicr,- tiicir iniiirrkVcr «trrH. Dirk Itnt K*ie U determine* lo mo to Mir .."York I,, rt.ctl DA CAllTKR. iirr*s hliyrr. pucrl* Till: It ON wn^ 3ui-|iriserl to iinie-how. up-tfv able aEafi," iKite tht; sioch wiis. t Bile inauagetl f Dlck.^aS tiaper.^urueiJ. M S6Tne*ll ^6 liai-c n rlihi iviih'rtit dress buyer" JlhcsB thfiiga' are graceful «:f [who wrtf S5tit lo New York each year and t-:ve was Imiuedtatcly rctseil by the woninu's -alert niiiuucf an.! iiioro;;^h laiowtedge of Low infant mortality' rates arc iii2 rctiill of i n Ally forces, includ- i is (lie social and economic st.i- ,^ c , jlnaU( , fac(or . „,„, shn ^, ^ nan as wcl , as pub , ic ™ "££• IM , lle numbBr o. . hT her. Skr i-Ulli IIIIWH I'llBX- •I ISS. fonnfr RrliinilnmlR *T|«D (• l»l:iylna Ihe Hlriek ninrkcr. A «rfh later i:*f rrlnrll* In l.dkc €lly 1» •""! a HC1T l-ntir nrll<-r. .11ONA Al.l.l'V. *' "I" iinlce. MOH.T l« • lr<jnlile-w»nWrr. live anri Diet* Intir mi B]>nr(- mrnt In till lilcl-t:iai«t,<-a kon.r. r.vo ivorlin Itnrfl, ripvotlhlt tinire nnil mure lime nnu rutrisj- I" hfr i.r.rk nt (lie onire. Illi-k Crc lilf« Kin- iicrdK n rrnl BtuT lnlie» lirr Inr n iverk-ftid frlp lu Ihr Illllr- ILOVII ol' Ynml,l:i\llle. r.ow u» o.x wi'i'ii -tin: sTinnf n XIII lier lietil. Aflorv.-nril nml Dirt: droppcil in at n mulum |!icluie llic^ler..So pr.etty," lie conceded. "Aiint i>hrnn)iiihad one with spool tul Ings. ProbaDj has it slowed aw_ in tne attic, . We'll.sco soinetirl wlieii *c're rlown caSL" . jM "Acd do look at this, Cick," E 1 __ ,,.,..„.. tugsed at-his afoi and df«w hi iiiE.v (iail Miry 'li=en laicly t'liat a]lo a corner of the shop to look ;' aiovle rti'iiH-il to invnlvc a. luji!- a chest, of drawerg. "Oh, Dick, T! rioiis »x|ieinlitiire of lime. When ought .to have this. Von can't »-J the liahti i:.ji)i up n..yguns laU !t ' s "ot old." fiitting next t" Cve reuiurkcil to the fiirl he.Mde lilni. "rtight nice room they have" here." IJui Oiclc. i Dick iufveycij the'piece but wil out enthusiasm.' ''Khoha fasteni on with wood ser«ws. Put tctgetba rr-A * t anything ihey need. I guess you 11!^ (Jecr-i-sliiB nil ^10^01" enoi^h ° f kn C o"- S -;touti! llctii . cilil; nrc < ilrcclli ' '"«*«"">" the chnuees ami" It's like you sny,; L: ' these ^c 01 " 5 ' • even church parties arid suppers ..,.,., have to be handled differently. I , Co|>|x i r Konfs Ijs< ' tl . , have hcnrt! my Mother lell about ! MIAMI Artz. (UP) -Hcofs o. clHii-ch dinr.rro where they woiilil' c °;'I wr *lic=ting are being built smcad table cloths on ihe Krnuiul hl ' re . formerly tr.e .site of some ol and cvciynne broivji,- a bin l! ' ;I s; - nl "'s largest copper produc.- kct or box full of things to eat. ">" mine?. T.:f. sheets are said to d no oni- paid -.Miyihing. We be "s durable as any other roofing ink the new party you have' material. iniied should bniv. out a larxe' ovd hut wo cant .1- just how, Montana l^imh Crop Down u expect to tnaki- i:i,;ney out of HF.LENA. Mont. (UP)—The 1933 Since you j-ay li.ive the Montana lamb crop will be about lioaEted two hotels but olio of Ibetu was o u|ien diiriiif I'i2 tourist season Uick tool: Kvo I" tlio oilier. Hie Hole! Cnrll«». Hbo glancsil about after au annraisiiig glance aiioiitiwilh wood pins. About n buflflrjj liim filp.lf il. "Tliey wasted no money I years," he cstimalcd its age. "Pij] hiiihliii; this place." I.nler he anil j ''iipa more. A.nd a gnnd lob live inniiiiieil the Elairs to look al | vencerins. The bracket feet I jtlio liiili-miy anil Dick ratincd Koflly ':'•'"" carved acanllms leaves bir along Mir wall. "Cheap consiruc-jptsts are r'ntlicr unusual. AndJ lion heie nil right," he whispeiefl. lla9 * ecrjieiilino top draper, f "Hut all pleasing to l!n avers;;''[bad."' ... ,eyo—vivy pleasins. They luvc [ ">>"ot bad," Evo rhOcfeca hiifl. ;o eumnsh tire exits, anywuv," he :"'nt the most praise you cao |i< -.'-i-.' Ml? Don't you think we might f i? lobby wJilIn he tbo reg- walls »-crc of Ian plas- Irr ami Iwo columim ol ppecklcd hnitr.liou roil granite tnjniorlcd a n»e (oil like a person somewhat «• f 1 ^ 7 ™s add 11,6 *»Kr bfil^ ilelache.l from l,»r«i: as li.i-y wan- aria tliat cul ° llttla * lw * dered hack t'i ilic 'Jjrllcy. Kol familiar fnce in sight, tin lowtig- pcople often liiruin.t; tbvir beads there—the olio with two draw*;, arid drop leaves." "., Dick lookea. "The 'cute llt/| to look as slie and Dick uasjeu, ihe | £tilnl1 ' is burlcl1 , "i 1 ^ 0 * ml> '' „ jsiiiil. "It probably would set Sj b;ick the prico of two mont rent-'' Uut Eva would not let her (linsy rclllnB. There wore two dav eni:orls ami a few arm chairs up Iallcr simplicity ot Ihe buiiincsj lite. 1 liolsli'reil in riit moliair. A pair htie. lel.mircly pace. ,\ f-'.eliug began rf elk'ii luiriis w'as mounted above | to over Kvo lin-.t inThapa Ihe clerli'n ilcr!:. TliJre was a ruh- j itixhy'g was nit DS iinpoi'iiinl lo to furnish 11 cent smaller lhan for 1932, iir own costume, i: -.vill Iw a bit. ar.d aL^ut 21 per cent smaller lhan pensive on you. '.! you are to' tl.e 1[*31 crop. Jay G. Diamond, >:U'ral statistician, estimated. Diiln'l Hriilj; Home Haccn HILLSBORO. Ore. (UP>— FBil- ou. Arc yon havi:is ;hls on the I i;rc to -bring home the bacon" nnk of the creek ?:;•> are yon to. bnderi ..Willard Uacon. 41. in the omc up from b-h!:.d that bis | comity jnil to serve one year. His oek? Please wri!^ i; - more about I wife alleged he failed to provide j for l'r:e support of seven children. tier plant nnrl :i row ot h.-.cks. The u, c w 0r |,| 3i s ], e had Iai;-:;iiit:d it h?rk!i lo lined up in- , he. Flrlo th= vindnw who bad seen 1-vc ..„,,.„_., ,, IC Mi ,, , a(5T M tl](JV nud Die!: roraliis down Center -,.,,. 4wa ,. c , n ti|eir lmlo] rtlol ., , il6 street. This prlTilcgc ot watcliln^ | K '. , 11(lcs an(I r . - I '"SJ =n.l_ B? n.A5 Hi Cenlcr ahc ( . 5lrcct the street was sninieO lo snosla the Hotel f'-jitley. Ki-e and nick were rriiip; 1 crc . wnlchoil Ititm disa|iiic:ar. Kvc reg- crc .] luc fopp=r Islcrcd exlicino-.hjinteiir. As the j;i,ii|iiie. bc-lllior led llie.jfay to tin; far eail -oil— ivlnl a cuto RCl of corner : ilollnrs (o of tli* cor.'iilor bvu! nitt-il with in- 3 |,iilvcs:" live .evi:!nimril. "How luted. "If lercil ths niimbsr-of ' ess anything re of September ave ever seen. I lould let them r:.,* only pic- s Mom that I ' : think you t Nf> ;>cl done by any person 1111- j dor seven years of age is a crime r E3ALIUCCTO 0,0 ORL Hussai -- charter oak, _blov\n down, •'Lincoln atid ic-bahes tr.uraiil (or thcl'f. evening meal bee oC the fresh dottert, rutflctl ' the menu appealed to , however, and they time while tho proprietor <vc«l to lha butcher ehop to pur- He hud issurcd them It would be no trouble at all" to rvo Ihc clams on- the half shell, bin when they finally were served, inus crarto.1 Ico. Eve and Dick robot pilc : which, notor.iv pi','ts plane bat also tyr.cs Avia- lukewarm insloau o felt they had learned - -lore offered Saturday ' MOTHERS C-r be dampened. ohepouD upon -a pair ot candlesticks sparkling yellow glass. The was iu Iho form of a fish, b.i)7 , ... ] lus Itself gratefully on its r : J ..,.,. n]t ,; ir ~ I "Oil-" 6ho exclaimed, "aren't Vfi Ihrousf. Hie. Nottlngliam h.eo'r-iir \*™^ ^^- »*'•"" lains, "Dick—I feel so pr.-.ceful." ; Dick grlunea tolerantly. "Caljl Tliafa why I brnnght you hero. 1 say tliat they arc." ho . lo the llilril floor by' n riekcl; 1 c!.- ] y, m little kitten. You wore ail j "Never could see anylhinR valor in a lacy iron ca"e. The | l " row of backs I u rued as Ibe eleva i lor door flanked ami a row r>t f.ic« up lu a lull uf yarn." licularly darlin.; about a dolphlnj I or any oilier fish, for that ninttef nc.^f. ruoruinq Kve flircnv-1 lie pick«j(l up one of ths pa| 1 looked ai Ihe price ninrk and F •it down with great ram. 'Til r ! dollars for the pnirl" tit ejnij not darling. Ibey'rt f to . . .._..._,. ii'ivc it for our dining! least dear," lie cODcMcit.- Bj K lu different colors and i!c- ! rorml ." jlookcil nt him reprdarlifully, sign:; on that llo'ir, ."Tlirifi litre." | Dick responded vcil.h hii non-.kus'.v i:he. lutcil pun'. ' ' she nolecJ. "As'nirarca wcrvrs out i coiiimillal "ll-m, a wh»t-ii<,i." Ki-<. I "Well. anyVoy, *o nlmiily mi. It Is replaced :ln5lea:l ol b-rjius: K | alKC cl up at him (tuickly. "Yon ! 3d llial littla Epirili.iiiB-.wlitol t ciieiii:,h for iKo entire floor." i llol ,. t j^o n;- S ] 1( , accused. "Wliy, Mh6 bay ivlntlbw. Tve al«r4ys «amj f^lcr llicy witkctl Uii Center I Dirk? What's wrong wilu it?" flic a spinning-wheel," fcv.e cos: r.inl liiinKlcrl with the crowil. j persisted. . I . Dick's diolher .hail Inrt. I .rlj l',iinl;invlllc was tli« ."inorkct luv.u" I ••\vcll," Dick c\p!atno-l roiiic-!«'hctl like Ihe on* In H'i«l!on. . carving"l-'or the iirev-iil—if we eonhl ' afl.Md il—ihls vfiin-r hencli wimlil moio usEtnl piece for us. Pennsylvania Dittcli. Iho open shelves above woiilil illapby uiales and brlc-a-brnc as well or bsllcf than the nhaMiot and Iho <:up- luan vne njiiii-uoi ailfl 1110 cup- ''* v ul ;----- -. board b;low would proilde usefnB the iiamo ui the snop. u storage 'Bul it's so frightfully slmbby.t Kvo obJcelcJ. "II could be painted any color lihpics. cltlcn mill thus woa nnnnto to keS clllicr Hint' or the ohl rosewfll ornan his mother hail player!.' ' bio l 1MB splnnliiB «tnl lliey loaded it in tb.» . hnd Ic.isl one room with you'd like," auswcm: Dick siuiplyj "Well, U would be nice." agreed Wet? '.uiJ tlii Sbat-Lot. bul you atsdc'l b6 so iiilfly abuui iVrl's"""!!!!! mcJi'4 BiT^rcl. Kveitiut. Cnrtrrf »h-:lvcE die :,!.-!)«u . ss or-rcpfodudloin «f "I'll Jn^l scud (or tome 0( >!(:<•,"< I nil nil red 3 lillle |»l«r." ^i u-li'l-ii^i^l-lo Ch's" p"r'o}Vt«l« iV^lj •tH. I'l.i lie Oviliiiue*).

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