The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1948
Page 12
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'f FAGB, Sfassen and Taft Seek Ohio Votes Ufer't BoUot* May Count Heavily in Primary OH May 4 «XOT*BU8, o., April ». (UP) — ferold X. SUuen shifted from »*»w-h«t to big,city vole uppeal tod»J- in M« bid for the Republl- ««n pr*s!d*ntl«l nomination For «eo. Robert A. Taft, on the defen- rive on his home grounds, (lie fight wu dangerous and unde.sired. The former Minnesota governor will begin a fast four-day campaign tour of Ohio, tomorrow by plane irom Dayton. Taft also will be on lh« delegate trial tor three days •tarling tomorrow at Ashtabula Siassen, primary champion by Tirtue of his farm support In Wisconsin and Nebraska elections, Is appealing for support from a radically different group of Ohio voters. He seeks to win 23 delegates from Ohio Industrial areas at the May 4, primary. The Mlnnesotan has lilt Tail at the point of his greatest strength or possibly fatal weakness, The silent Issue Hi the Ohio IlRht Is labor's jvow«d hatred of Tuft for his authorship of (he Taft-Ifartley labor Law. iMbor Act Passed Over Neither candidate hus o}H'uly concentrated on tills Issue. But If Stassen keeps his presidential bandwagon gaining speed with a win In Ohio, a portion of the credit of a Tsft defeat would go to the labor Tote. Taft Indirectly recognized this point when he berated Stnsscn Jor claims to liberalism. The .Senator, Ohio's regular GOP favorite son candidate, said Stassen did not stand for more freedom for the common man. Tlie'stakes in the Ohio contest mre high. StassenV stood only to gain when he entered the primary «arly this year. Now with victories In Wisconsin and Nebraska, a complete loss in Ohio would do much to deflate his cflinpMgn. Taffs pre-stige could be damaged beyond repair if he lost more than a handful of delegates. It would put a boom behind Inlk th»t Taft could not win if nominated In Philadelphia In June. And anything leas than a handful would jtlll represent a gain for Stnssen. Bogota Conference May Hold Emergency Session BOGOTA, Colombia; April 30. (TJ.P.) —The Inter-American Conference, suspended for one day because of the funeral ot Colombia's assassinated liberal leader Jose Eltecer Gaitan, may be cntled Into emergency session today to dcnl with th» reported Invasion of revolt-torn Costa. Rica by Nicnrau- fuan troops. The conference Steering Committee was thrown inlo an iiprosr last night when Venezuela's Romulo BeUncourt read a dispatch staling Nicaragua!! troops had crossed the Costa pican border. Belslicourt immediately asked that. Eduardo ?.ul- eta Angel of Colombia, conference chairman, be prepared to call an emergency session. Nicaragua!) delegate Luis Manuel Debayle said that the dispatch rend to delegates was not a "true account" of the situation at tbe Nicaraguan-costa Rican border. He said his government merely protected its southern frontier becnusc Costa RIcBii forces hnd started to march.across the frontier. He insisted Nlcaraguan troops lud acted in self-defense on their own territory. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER National Honor Society Inducts 15 Students in Blytheville High Initiation service* were held y««- t«rday by the National Honor clety of Blylheville High School at 9:30 a.m. In lb« auditorium. Mix ROM Hardy, principal pruentcd the membership cards and Mint Kite Lee Terrell, sponsor, ihe pledge. The 10 old members wore their white robes with slolw representing their stations. O. G. Redman Jr., president, presided during the service, Bobby Mullen served AS torch bear Lloyd Koohtz acted u guardian of Ihe constitution; Miss Peggy Van )Vlnkle, guardian of emblem*; Mlu | Marian Mayes, guardian of charac- i ter; Miss Dorolhy nun, guardian j of scholarship; Charles Henderson, ! guardian of leadership and Jack Homer, guardlnn of service. Miss Billy Jane Rodgers and Carroll Evans llgnte dthe tapers and pre| sented Ihe pins. •> i The eight seniors who took the ' oath, were Miss Arden Ferguson, ! Jimmy Henry, Benny Johnson, Miss ! Barbara Monnghan, Miss Mary Mori gan, Miss Verne]! O'Neal, Roy Spilth and Dick Williams, I ' Juniors taking the oath werft ; Miss Gay Garrlgan, Jim Lancashire, ! Jimmy Lowe, Charles McDanlel, Miss Ann McUcod, Mosc Simon and Miss Jo Ann TrlcscliiiiHiin. The table, on which the Society 'Emblem wns placed, was covered [with a while lac« cloth and centered with an arrangement of yellow rose x buds and white snapdragons i interspersed with greenery. Mrs. J. Wilson Henry played the processional. Taft Sees TEW |B/// Passage By Late Today WASHINGTON, April 20. (U.P.I --Sen Robert A. Tnft, R., O.. said today he looks for Senate passage of the long-rnngc housing bill by nightfall. As the upper chamber resumed debate on amendments to the Taft- Ellender-Wagner Housing Measure, the controversy between Taft and Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy. R.. WIs., appenred U) be the steepest hurdle to passage. Tlie two Republican Senators differ on four ninjor points. Taft said, however, he Is confident "we will be, able to work out a compromise." . Sponsors hope the bill will encourage production of 15,000,000 homes over the next 10 years. Tuft estimates it will cost about >150,000.000 a year in federal funds. Tall wants to substitute a series of amendments by Sen. Ralph E. Plunders, R* Vt.. for a group written Inlo the bill tentatively last week by McCarthy The Flanders amendments have the blessing of the Senate Banking Committee and IVie joint Congressional Housing Committee. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. April 20. (UP)— IUSDAI — •Livestock: Hogs 10.000: all salable and compares with 21.000 yesterday, market fairly active; barrows and gilts. 50 to SI higher than Monday's average; spots more in irrcgulnr trade. Sows K to 50c higher. Bulk good and choice 170-240 Ibs 21 25-22- practical top 22; two bundle* carlv 2255. '21-210 Ibs 19.50-21.2o;' 270-300 Ibs 18.50-20; 130-160 Ibs 19-41 50" ii 100-120 Ibs 16-18.50; sows 45 'ibi'* down 15.15-16.50; over 4J0 Ibs 15- ]! 15.75 slags 12-U. ! \ Cattle 5.000; salable 4030- calves i 1 2,500, all salable. Market steady in i ! steers and heifers and some e'owj; fi with an easier feeling'appaient ill" Fire Chief Killed As Car Collided With Train BATON ROUGE. La., April SO— (UP)—Fire Chief J 1 Wesley Miles wns-klllcd instantly 'today when his automobile and an Illinois Central train collided near Baton Rouge, His wife WAS Injured. Attendants at Olir Lady of the Lake Hospital here said her condition was not serious. Ihe co\v trade, however. Two loads top good and low choice 1288 Ih steers 31; majority of steers medium to good. Irom 27-29.25; some low medium light weights 24-24.50: medium to £ood heifers nnd mixed yearlings 2^-27.50; some .held above 29; good cows sparingly 23-24; common and medium -cows 19-23; canners and cutters 15-19. Suspect Held For Trial in Circuit Court waived preliminary hearing In Municipal Court thli morning on chnrg. ** of grand larceny and robbery and wan ordered held to await Circuit Court action under » «i 500 bond. Campbell entered » nol guilty plea on three misdemeanor charges, carrying I concealed weapon, driving while under the Influence of hiloxl tery liquors and assault and bat- »nd preliminary hearing «n these charges was continued until tomorrow will) a separate bond set at $250, The two felony charges were filed against Campbell following Ihe complaint from a Blythevllle girl that Campbell took *11 In cash from her early yesterday morning. Campbell wns arrested yesterday by Sheriff's Deputies Holland Aikcn and BIrwin Jones. Also In court this morning with Campbell wns Dub Vnslblnrter of Blythevtlle who was charged with drunkeness. assault and battery and carrying a concealed weapon He entered a plea of guilty to the drunkeness charge and a not guilty plea to the other two charges. Vastblnder was arrested wllli Campbell but officers said that he wan not Involved in the robbery of th« girl. His trial was continued until tomorrow with bond set at $250. In other action this morning Fred Carter, Blythevllle Negro, was fined »25 and costs on a charge of reckless driving and two men, Jay D Bibb and Finley Carson forfeited ulronz No- oonsclenn of th« court." Goldsborough showed a Inclination to Jail Lewis In veniber, 194«, after finding him guilty on .'ilnillai' charges. But h- desbucd when (he government said "inexpedient" and martyr of the mine TUESDAY, APRIL *», tin to It would be might make chieftain. H« finally fined Lewis and union $3,510.000 lalcr reduced $710,000 by the supreme court To l)r<-ld« Restraining Order Welly K. Hopkins, chief union attorney, has laid an elaborate groundwork for an appeal throughout Uie proceedings, however, and U seemed unlikely lhat Lewis- tenacious as he is—would take sitting down a Jail lenience or even * stiff fine. Ooldsboroush was careful not to close the door on a lesser penalty for l/jwis. He asked for the government's recommendations, he snid. because it has lo "practicul Information" not available to Ilia court. Goklsborough must dcciifc tomorrow what to do about a temporary restraining order aimed at keeping Ihe miners in the pi'i. Hopkins argued lhat under the Tall-Hartley Law, the Justlc Department should ask to have it dissolved. The judge said it would he "a very UHeru'iting situation," however II the attorney general sought to have the order dissolved ami ihe inincis ngnin walked out. Thr-i. I.e smri Ihe whole lecnl action would have, l.o be Marled over. Lewis listened inipji.vively .15 i Ooldsboroiiah .said Ihe mine work- I ers had sought to sidestep ihe I standing candldaits for the SenaU, placing the stress of Ihe Senate vole on individual popularity. Election of deputies was more along political lines, with less Individual popularity involved. De Gnspcrl piled up huge majori- lics In such key areas as Home, Naples and Bar! and Ihe Inlands of Sicily and Sardinia. In Rome the Christian Democrat,! more than doubled their strength over last October's elections. Plelro Nennl's leftwing Socialist Party, allied with the Communist Porly lo form Ihe Communist front was the first of the leftists to admit defeat, In the fateful ballot between Communism n,nd Democracy. Nennl's newspaper Avanti, In an unsigned editorial, said the election results "must be considered a victory for Oe Gasperi." The victory wns made possible largely by the help of Catholic action, Ihe paper said. Political Announcements The Courier News ha« been authorized la announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July 30 and ' August 3: COUNT* TREASURER Prank Whitworth COUNTV COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONKR' E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSKSSOR Herbert T.. Shippen BTATE REPRHSENTATIVK L. H. Aulry Leslie N. "Dukle" Speck For County Judy. Roland Green For Circuit Courf Clerk Harvey Morris Elliott Johns, Prop. FOR REFRESHMENT AT ANY TIM!f , Our Restaurant Ha» B«en Redecora(ed For Yoyr Comfort JOHNS CAFE 409 West Main term "strike" and ihe Tafl-Ilarilov ] Law by using "a ivink, a nod. .1 code" to signal the start, of work stoppage. l)K'h ITALIANS Continued From Pace to judge ,. .,„ + ,,,n.j \j-niavil iUlU'liCfl n,tft +1, i -i cash bonds on charges of driving ?i thRt . thc y know ""«' while under the influence of in-1 Ih 5 " len ln Bovcrnment. toxlcatlng liquors. Bibb forfeited •' • results have shown the cer- 135.25 bond. bond und .Carson a S55 50 Read Courier N(.ws Want Ads. CONTEMPT and po»Uc«l In- Continued Krom V*te 1 / tea) Infoiencfc trlgue." I.*wlj Remains Silent Ooldsborough gave Lewis a chanca lo m»ke a statement before thu sentence, but Hopkins said none was necessary. Goldsborough Ihen said it was unusual lo Die prosecution /or penalty recommendations, but added that "wr have to accommodai« oursehes lo circumstances and this ls » very unusual situation.""The welfare and the health the ••afety and orderly way of life of 1«0,OGO.OOO people are Involved as well os our national prestige In loreign countries," the Judge said. ". . .Now if Ihe court was to us- IU Individual Judgment, it would impose a prison sentence upon the individual defendant (Lewis) but lh( court is only one man, one individual. So the court feels it shouicl •Jdopl ilie recommendation made by Ihe government unless It is of such chaiacter thai it would shock the - tainty that Italians are not. to be Bolshevizcd." The new post-elcclion government is expected to be formed about May 20. Communists "and leftwiiig Socialists have not been represented In the government since tliev were ousted in May, 1047. De Gasperi held nnd Improved his position In Italy's solid South ami made huge Inroads in Communist] strongholds In the North. He also swamped the Communists in Rome, where only last October the Christian Democrats 1 'ran second to Ihe Communist front In the municipal elections. A Vatican source said that Pope Pius XII stayed up until 1 a.m. to keep Informed of election developments. He said the Pope was "very pleased" with the manner in which the election was conducted. '•The pontiff followed it very closely," he said. . Communist leaders refused to admit defeat but the party ncw-spaper XJnita failed lo claim a victory,- This seemed (o spike reports Ihere would be a Communist insurrection touched ofT by headlines claiming an overwhelming Communist victory. CniTnling Progresses Slowly Counting progressed slowlv. First counted were the ballots for 237 senators. Workers next counted ballots for 574 deputies. De, Qaspcri's ami-Communist coalition generally nominated out- Fried Chicken River Catfish 85cj Choice of 4 meats Vegetables - Salad 50c Goff Hotel Coffee Shop to be a Big Event « Seagram's Soybeans Have Your Beans Cleaned Be/ore Planting! Our Cleaner Removes All Grass and Weed Seed Doyle Henderson Soybean Company Highway 61 So. Phone 2860 GARDEN SEEDS COMPLETE STOCK BULK OR PACKAGE FRESH PLANTS DAILY BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET 130 1AST MAIN ST. e f s &erqser/efe i APJ*' ttV R p. mfjfff E I/ I liUi %£f^. < ". ,7*<ff *&&& *$ ** ?'' •<" . i X- S X ." -. "*^p 1*. VsJtfww !.****£' • •i \ f}\',~ o«^ e •<'Don't be confused 1 Don't be misled I - Don't accept substitutes I --- MO TOP_.BR£W/NG CO, CWOMblAl ALI^ THEY ASKED WAS AN EVEN BREAK Building a new country was no easy job. But there were men and women willing to turn their backs on the safe way of life and their faces toward new frontiers. All they fl-sfced was an even break. Ffcc enterprise is another way of saying "an even break." Free enterprise is the basic American principle of vision and personal initiative. Just give an American an even break—a chance to get ahead—and lic'll go on from there. But when government goes into business, in competition with its citizens, the American ideal of an even break is destroyed for government in business assumes special privileges that arc denied people in business. Take the case of government-owned jxwcr systems, for example. They pay few, if any, taxes; often get money from the U. S. Treasury at little or no interest; make up losses out of the pockets of the taxpayers. On the other hand, America's business- managed power companies are on their own. They pay their full share of taxes, and fair interest on loans. It's a tribute to American self-reliance that fax-paying, self-supporting companies supply over 4, 5 of the enormous amount of electric power this country depends on ... at the lowest possible cost. There are still new frontiers In clcctria living to be opened. And businessmen can do the job better than bureaucrats, • Lislen lo (he Klrclrlc Hour—the HOUR OF CHARM. Kverr Sunday, 4:30 P. M., CST, CBS. Ark-Mo Power Go. !l

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