The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida on June 24, 1951 · 47
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The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida · 47

Tampa, Florida
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Sunday, June 24, 1951
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$18 Million Bid Opening Scheduled For Tampa Bay Span v a . . Xv. . . it-.s-. '.vr.-aa . jtset . : v.-mo . ....ji -. , i mi mm i Mill' ' i i iiiihwpii r. t-.- Ifl ffflT,, SURVEY " BRADENTON, June 23. Preliminary work on the Pinellas-Manatee County bridge over lower Tampa Bay has been underway for nearly a year, with most efforts now directed toward fill for the causeways leading to the suspension spans. Workmen on the Dredge Sadye M are shown (upper left) putting a new cutter blade on some of its machinery. The Sadye M itself is at top right. Engineers J. A. Murphy (left) and Robert Mayer (right) check measurements from atop one of eight towers (lower left) erected in the bay. A section of the 1700-foot pipeline (lower right) is shown stretching from the dredge to the area to be filled. Part of the fill is shown just behind the pipe, and Maximo Point appears in the background. (Tribune Photos). By WALTER TOWERS Tribune Staff Writer BRADENTON, June 23 Work on the long awaited multi-million dollar bridge to connect Manatee and Pinellas Counties has been underway for almost a year, but few realize it. When state officials arrive here this weekend to open bids on the big project, they will find that a lot of fill has been pumped in on the Pinellas side for the roadway and that a firm is pre-fabricating two of the smaller bridge spans, one of them a draw Bids will be opened Tuesday morning by the State Road Department in the climax of a three-day celebration here. This total is expected to run about $18. 000.000. Most of this wi'J be for the mile-long. 150-foot high main bridge and over three miles of bridges approaching the main span. This amount, together with the work already underway and other expendi- TONIGHT WDAE S:C0 p. m. MM Star of "THE GREAT CARUSO" will ing: ) Wv Sotifg. Mr Lovm 2 tfrigo'a Serenad 3 t 'U Ytwr Lovm Yom 4 f mmH ta Giubba Prmntd by The Coca-Cola Company 1951. THE COCA-COLA COMPANY SUNDAY NEWS by BOB CONSIDINE 'On The Line' 2:30 P. M. DAVID LAWRENCE Washington Commentary &mFI 3:30 P.M. JOIjSN CAMERON SWAYZE RFl. Late News ZfJd 3:45 P.M. tures, probably will bring the project total to about $21,000,000. Work on pumping fill by the Atlantic Dredging and Construction Company and construction of two bridges by the Henry Corp.. of Rattlesnake, was let on contracts totaling about $1,250,000 last October. . For more than 20 years there has beeen much talk and planning on the bridge to connect the two counties. At one time plans called for a tunnel under the bay but the idea was discarded in favor of the over-water route. 7 Years of Planning The last war added impact to the movement for the connecting link and preliminary planning on the project was started about seven years ago. The project then was a venture of the St. Petersburg Port Authority and engineering and planning were by the architectural firm of Bail, Horton and Associates, of Bradenton and Fort Myers, collaborating with the firm of Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Hall and McDonald, of New York. Since that time, the project has been taken over by the Florida Im movement and interfere with intricate and accurate surveys. The towers consist of steel work surrounded by wooden platforms and are 20 feet high. The survey instruments are placed on the steel structure which remains rigid while engineers walk about on the wooden platform. Five such towers are located in deep water and three on shoals. From these towers the engineers establish base lines for triangulation to pin point the route and bridge pier construction. Posts Mark Route Anyone going over the area by boat sees not only the towers, but numerous wooden and metal posts driven down in the bay bottom over a wide area. They form part of the complicated pattern; which is more difficult to lay out on water than on land. Quite often one can see the Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Hall and Mac-donald engineers wading in waist and shoulder deep water with a survey rod while a man on one of the towers directs the locations. A number of slender stakes can be provement Commission and the "State I5?"1 skiS of the water to form Road Department has retained the New York firm to provide engineering services. An office was set up here a year and a half ago by Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Hall and Maccjonald and since then it employes have been walking over the bay bottom and using boats to conduct surveys and map the exact route. At th outset of the engineering work, test borings of the bay bottom were made and samples obtained and test piles driven to provide the basis for the design of foundations. The many samples taken have been made available to the contractors bidding on the project. Scattered at strategic point in the bay along the route are eight survey towers. These are elaborate towers with rigid foundations so that wind and wave action will not cause any the path of what soon will be the road way leading to the main span. These stakes form the path for the Atlantic Dredging firm to follow in their dredging work. So far the dredge has pumped up about 14.000 lineal feet of fill, beginning on the Pinellas County side at Maximo Point. Since beginning the job Oct. 14', the firm has continued operations on a 24-hour schedule and the four and a half miles of fill completed represent more than 50 per cent of the contract total of about 2.600,000 cubic yards to be pumped in. The dredge is getting sand by cutting a 160-foot wide channel, 12 feet deep, along the route. The glistening white sand fill makes' an impressive picture as it rises from the water's edge to a height of about eight feet. Soon it will be graded for the road, with the crown of the road to be seven and a quarter feet above mean low water. There is a break In the fill about 125 feet long. This spot, near the Pinellas shore, was left for a draw or bascule bridge, beingr built by the Hendry Corp. at Rattlesnake and to be transported to the location for erection. This draw bridge crosses a channel on the route of the proposed inter-coastal waterway. When completed, the project will have three other small bridges which will not open. To Follow Shallow! The route of the bridge crossing is not a straight line but makes two bends In order to take advantage of the shallow water, said P. A. Hakman, resident engineer for the New York firm. Bids to be received Tuesday will be for substructure on the main bridge, superstructure for the main bridge, construction of the north and south approach trestles and two smaller bridges. The main bridge span will be about 150-feet high where it crosses the main ship channel to permit ships to sail beneath it. For cantilever type of construction, the main span will be one of the highest .bridges in the south. The north trestle, on the Pinellas side, will be a bridge approach that will be about 16 feet above water and 5832 feet long. The south trestle, or bridge, will be two miles long and will be on the Manatee side. Over-water distance will be about 12 miles long plus about three miles of roadway on the Manateee eide. The State Road Department several days ago obtained by court order title to lands in the Terra Ceia area for the road. State officials have joined with Florida senators in Washington in seeking steel for the project. Without delays, motorists should be driving over the bridge in about three years. ON WFLA Hour of Charm Features All-Girl Orchestra 4l !7 Phil Spitalny is shown with the 30 members of his All-Girl Orchestra which begins a series of weekly Hour of Charm broadcasts today at 5:30 P.M. on WFLA and WFLA-FM, Tribune stations. Evelyn and her Mafic Violin are in the center of the first row. new The TONIGHT NBC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - 8:30 ARTHUR FIEDLER. Guest Conductor LEC TEMPLETON. Solo9t hjeAj'Ae. aZL cm. One of the country's most colorful musical aggregations, Phil Spiialny's All-Girl Orchestra and Choir, featuring Evelyn and her Magic Violin, will be heard on the Hour of Charm, beginning today at 5:30 P. M. on WFLA and WFLA-FM. The Tribune stations. The organization of talented and lovely-to-look-at girl musicians was assembled in 1934 by Spitalny and has become a national institution in the entertainment world. The girls are adept at playing everything from the lighter and more familiar classics to symphonic swing. The idea for the unusual group came to Spitalny while attending a violin recital by Evelyn Kaye. Before the r3ficert wa over, he had decided to drop his male orchestra and, form the first important all-girl orchestra. He hurried backstage and offered Eveiyn the job of first violinist in his "to beformed orchestra." Her acceptance started a year-long talent search during which time the two auditioned some 1500 girl musicians. Finally assembled, Spitalny's All-Girl Orchestra and Choir made their debut in May, 1934, at the Capitol Theater in New York. The maestro constantly auditions girls for the band, choosing the candidates first on the basis of their musical ability on a particular instrument; second, their singing ability: third, appearance, charm and background Most of the girls are conservatory school graduates, and each is a star performer in her own right. In addition to Evelyn whose Magic Violin is nearly 200 years old, other featured artists on the Hour of Charm include singers Myra and Norma, trumpeter Jennings and pianist Louise. Today's first broadcast of the Hour of - Charm on WFLA and WFLA-FM will include Siboney, the brass choir's arrangement of My Old I- Kentucky Home, Tchaikovsky's In troduction and Finale to B-Flat Concerto, Come Back to Sorrento, Hejre Kati, and two hymns by the All -Girl Choir. When He Calls Me and The Lord's Pvayer. RADIO PROGRAMS WHERE TO LISTEN WFI.A WFLA-FM WDAE WLAK WSl'S WSIR WTSP WON? WSPB WALT WHRO WEBK WPLA VBC BC CBS NBC ABC MBS MBS MBS CBS LBS Featnru-Features -Ftore-Featuret-Featarei-Femtares-Festare Featareft-Festnrei-Feataret- -970 -9S.S -150 -1430 . in -1490 -IS 80 -14SO -I1IO -10SO -1590 -1570 WFLA-FM broadcast the full program as carried by WFLA. The listing: include both National Broadcasting: Company and programs that originate locally. WFLA-FM is 93.3 megacycles and WFLA is 970 kilocycles. WFLA and WFLA-FM studios are located in The Tribune Building: with entrances at 312 Morgan St. Ph. 2-7788. (Announced by gtationst subject to change) CDeslsnatei local procram) 6:45 WALT Morning Melodies 7:00 WFLA Quartet Harmonies WSUN Music of America WALT AP Neus 7:05 WALT Silver Strings 7:30 WFLA Christian Science WDAE Mindy Carson Show WSUN Romantic Cycles WTSP News' WALT Sunday Serenade 7:35 WTSP Music tor Sunday 7:45 WFLA WDAE WSUN News WTSP Central Baptist Church 7:50 WDAE Musical Interlude 7:59 WDAE Weather Forecast 8:00 WFLA Tribune Funnies WDAE WALT WSUN News WSUN Healing Water WALT Washington News , B.1S WDAE Karoleers WSUN Morning Song WALT Cote Glee Club 8:30 WFLA Southern Religious Conference WDAE Benfro Valley WSUN Lyrically Speaking WALT Buffalo Avenue Baptist Church 8:45 WSUN Concert Favorites WTSP Sunday Salon 9:00 WFLA WDAE WALT News WSUN The King's Morning Hour WTSP Little White Church 9:05 WALT Interlude 9:15 WFLA Song Souvenirs WDAE E. Power Biggs. Organist WALT Nebraska Avenue Church of Christ WTSP Buddy Cole. Organist 9:30 WFLA Waltz Festival WSUN Voice of Prophecy WTSP News 9:35 WTSP Organ Moods 9:45 WFLA Mental Health Forum WDAE Trinity Choir of St. Paul s Chapel WTSP Unity Viewpoint WALT Christian Science 10:00 WFLA National Radio Pulpit WSUN Message of Israel WTSP Bible Class WDAE Red Nichols Show WALT AP News in Spanish 10:05 WALT Spanish Program 10:15 WDAE Tresury Guest Star 10:30 WFLA Art of Living WDAE Gospel Tornadoes WSUN Negro College Cholrt WTSP Voice of Prophecy 10:45 WFLA News WDAI Thompson Singers 11:00 WFLA Veteran News Review WDAE Tyler Temple Methodist WSUN First Avenue Methodist Church WTSP First Baptist Church 11:15 WFLA Jaycee Round Table WALT Buffalo Avenue BaptUt Church 11:30 WFLA The TJ- N. Is My Beat 11:45 WFLA What's New 11:55 WFLA News Noon to 6 P. M. 12:00 WFLA America United WDAE People'a Platform WTSP News WSUN Sunday News Special WALT AP News 12:05 WALT Battle of BaritonM 12:15 WTSP Three Suns WSUN Burch Time 12:30 WFLA Eternal Light WDAE Sunday Serenade WSUN Piano Playhouse WTSP Sen. Holland 12:45 WDAE Hits in Vogue WTSP Frank and Ernest 1:00 WFLA Blue Barron WDAE Invitation To Music WSUN Sammy Kaye WALT AP News 1:05 WALT Battle of Baritones 1:15 WFLA Princess Quartet WTSP Realtors Forum 1:30 W'FLA American Forum WSUN National Vesper WTSP Lutheran Hour 2:00 WFLA Catholic Hour WSUN Back to the Bible WTSP Major League Baseball WALT AP News 2 :05 WALT Baseball 2:30 WFLA WLAK Bob Considine WSUN Rainbow Rendetvous WDAE Music For You 2:4S WFLA Jane Morgan 3:0O WFLA Harvest of Melody WDAE BiU Shade, News WSUN Radio Revival Hour 3:15 WFLA Dream Time WDAE Larry Lesueur 3:30 WFLA David Lawrence WDAE Holiday House 3:45 WFLA John Cameron Swayse 4:00 WFLA Strictly for Strings WSUN Revival Hour 4:15 WFLA Army Band 4:30 WFLA The Saint WDAE Navy Star Time WTSP Martin Kane WALT Liberty Bandstand 4:4! WDAE Life of Tampa 5:00 WFLA Dimension X WDAE Serenade in Blue WSUN Light and Life WALT News 5:05 WALT Liberty Bandstand 5:15 WDAE This Week In Sports 5:25 WFLA Bob Trout. News 5:30 WFLA Hour of Charm WDAE Phil Regan Show WSUN San Francisco Sketchbook WALT Tea Dance 6 P. M. to Midnight 6:00 WFLA You Can't Take It With You WDAE Charlie Wild WSUN Drew Pearson WTSP Challenge of the Yukon WALT Stars Review Hits 6:06 WALT Cavalcade of Music 6:15 WSUN Monday Morning Headlines 6:30 WFLA Archie Andrews WDAE Our Miss Brooks WSUN Billy Graham WALT Washington News 6:45 WALT Eddy Arnold Show 7:00 WFLA WLAK The Quts Kids WDAE Guy Lombardo Time WSUN Stop the Mubic WALT U. S. U. N. 7:15 WALT William L. Shirer 7 :25 WTSP News 7:30 WFLA New Theater WDAE Peggy Lee Show 8:00-mWTSP The Shadow WDAE Mario Lan&a Show WSUN Busz Adam's Playroom 8:30 WFLA WLAK NBC Symphony WTSP Hoagy Carmlchael WDAE Red Skelton at WSUN Q. E. D. 8:35 WTSP Martin Makes Musie 9:00 WDAE Corliss Archer WSUN Walter Winchell WTSP Saints Baseball 9:15 WSUN Loueila Parsons 9:30 WFLA Favorite Story WDAE Horace Heldt Show wsun American Album of Music 9:45 WSUN Care 10:00 WFLA WLAK The $64 tjuestion wsun oospei fiour WDAE Contented Hour 10:15 WTSP Baseball Scores 10:20 WTSP Musical Interlude 10:30 WFLA Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow WDAE The Symphonette WSUN George Sokolsky 10:45 WSUN Melodies in the Night 10:55 WTSP News 11:00 WFLA WDAE WSUN News 11:15 WFLA Clifton Utley WDAE Elmo Roper WSUN Thoughts In Passing: 11:30 WFLA Dance Orch. WDAE Pop Concert WSUN Claremont Hotel Orch. 12:00 WDAE News TAMPA SUNDAY TRIBUNE, Sunday, June 24, 1951 8-C RADIO ROUNDUP Templeton Is Guest Soloist lynw jam fa Templeton By PHIL BARNEY Tribune Radio Editor Alec Templeton, popular pianist who has played here with the Tampa Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lyman Wiltse. will be guest soloist with the NBC Symphony Orchestra on its broadcast tonight (WFLA WLAK 8:30 P.M.) with Arthur Fiedler, as guest conductor. Templeton will offer one of his improvlsitation 3 p e c i a 1 ties, also playing Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto. Orchestra numbers include Die Fled' ermaus Overture by J. Strauss, Cha-brier's Espana, excerpts from Chopin's Les Sylphldes ballet, the Templeton composition Mozart Matriculates, and Air from Suite No. 3 by Bach. Sen, Allen J. Ellender, Sr. (D., La.) and Sen. Harry P. Cain (R.. Wash.) will debate on People's Platform today (WDAE 12 M.) the question Should We Continue Rent Controls? Leonid Hambro, concert pianist, will be guest of Piano Playhouse today (WSUN 12:30 P. M.). On the program are Sonata in C by Scarlatti, The Minstrels by Debussy and Ma zurka by Chopin. Symphony No. 3 in F Major by Brahms opens the broadcast of Your Invitation to Music today (WDAE 1 P. M.) followed by Symphony No. 5 by Nielsen, Danish composer. The first recording is by Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra, the second by the Danish State Radio Orchestra with Erik Tuxen. Florence Quartararo, soprano who has sung here for Tampa Civic Music, will be guest with tenor Walter Fredericks on the Sylvan Levin Opera Concert at 9 o'clock tonight on some Mutual stations. Milton Kaye will be piano soloist in the first movement of Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 2 in C Minor with The Symphonette conducted by Mishel Piastro tonight (WDAE 10:30 P. M.) Senators To Debate Controls The two senators from Illinois, Paul H. Douglas (D.) and Everett M. Dirk-sen (R.) will be heard on American Forum of the Air today (WFLA-WLAK 1:30 P. M.) discussing Should We Continue Price and Wage Controls? I Vs' 1 Quartararo Margaret Whiting will be guest soloist singing on the Guy Lombardo Time program today (WDAE 7 P. M.),. Vocalist Bill Flannigan of Lombardo's Royal Canadians will be featured on the guitar hi the. Third Man ,Theme. Connie Haines will be the truest songstress on the Mario Lanza Show tonight (WDAE 8 P. M.). Mario's tenor selections axe Drigo's Serenade, the aria Vestl la Giubba from Pag-liacci, I'll Never Love You, and the new ballad, My Song, My Love. Jo Stafford sings How High, the Moon and Mr. and Mississippi on Con-tented Hour tonight (WDAE 10 P.M.). Tenor Clark Dennis Is guest vocalist. The Merry Widow Franz Lehar's tuneful The Merry" Widow operetta Is the Xeature of the Railroad Hour tomorrow night ( WFLA - WLAK 8 P. M.) with Gordon MacRae, baritone, and Nadine Conner, soprano. Film star Dane Clark is the leading man in an insurance fraud mystery drama on Hollywood Star Playhouse tomorrow (WDAE 8 P. M.). Barbara Gibson, young soprano, will be soloist on the Voice of Firestone tomorrow (WFLA 8:30 P. M.) singing the Shadow Song from Dinorah by Meyerbeer, Song of India by Rimsky-Korsakow, Mother Dear and One Kiss. Howard Barlow will conduct the orchestra in Sousa'a Semper Fidelis, Smetana's Furiante and the Finale of Tschaikowsky's Symphony No. 4. The widely popular baritone Nelson Eddy returns as guest star on the Telephone Hour program tomorrow night (WFLA-WLAK 9 P. M.) to sing I'm Falling in Love With Someone from Herbert's Naughty Marietta, Myself When Young from In a Persian Garden by Liza Leh-mann, Silver's With These Hands, and the spiritual Go Down, Moses. Donald Voorhees and the orchestra will play the Rosen-kavalier Waltzes by R. Strauss and Polonaise by Edward MacDowell. Screen Star Paul Lukas Will portray orchestra conductor Theodore Thomas in the drama They Shall Have Music on Cavalcade of America Tuesday (WFLA 8 P. M.). Thomas, a violin- ist, organized his own symphony orchestra in 1862 in an effort to cultivate American tastes for fine music, and financed its deficits for 20 years. Eddy PI KITE All trucks and heavy equipment painted at reason able prices. GLASS INSTALLATION OPEN EVENINGS CLOSED SUNDAYS Body and Fender Work, Wrecks Repaired, Spot Jobs FACTORY BAKED IN WORLD'S FINEST BAKING OVEN We If a re the Finest Equipment in the South ONE DAY SERVICE CARS PAINTED WITHOUT BAKING 12 MONTHS GUARANTEE THIS JOB WORTH $50.00 OR MORE 18 Months Guarantee THIS JOB WORTH $100.00 OR MORE fw 3r u - w & 'I mi I'n.,..,. 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