The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1944
Page 4
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1 FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLB COURU* K1H& ". ••; ~ <npi oouREBt mnra oo. "-; > -B. ff. BAIN0, Pttblllbtr • f"... ' MMUEL P. NORRIS, Editor v UIOBB A. OATENS, Adf entwine U*JU(*r Sol* Nitlocal AQTertmm <W]Wt»«nuum; Wltmer Co, Xtv Turk. ObSttta. D»Memphis. Published Itery Aitemooo Bx««pl euod*T BaUred M Kcotm class matter *t Uxe port- QffloB-»t Biytheyllle, Arkahiu, under tot o/ Oo»- frau, October (, 1817. eerred by tb« United PTMI SUBSCRIPTION RATBB By carrier In the dty ot Blythertll*, Mt p«r week, or &5o per month. , By mall, within t radius o! U mile*, M.OO pet fear, 12.00 for ilx montru, 11.00 (or thrw month*; mttl outside 60 mile tone $10.00 prr jaa la »dv»nce., , Hitler and the Thinkers j-H is very probable that Adolf Killer is responsible for Dr. Albert Einstein's appeal for an iutcrnatidiinl union of in- 1 tcllectuais to lead (he fight for. "the establishment of a supra-national political -force as a protection against , fresK wars of aggression." '-'Uiitil Hitler came along the world's great;thinkers were content to devote • thQirTialents to more abstract, pursuits t thaii trie "day-to-day problems of gov- ., crument. Many of them considered tlte ( hurly-burly of politics to be beneath if; them, and they were undoubtedly i-jghl. • ' It required a touch more of genius to | unlock the -secrets of nature through j science, to mold our decent instincts | into patterns of ethics, to-cvnlualc the I lessons of history, than it does to fit j these contributions into' practical daily pile. j But Hitler showed Uie great think- f ers that the air of bad politics can | stifle creative thinking. He showed ! (hem that paranoia and a gift for rah| bk-roiismg coukl pervert enlightened' i discoveries into powerful weapons of 5 death. He forced the scientists fro;n their attempts to bring men a little closer to perfection and turned them to tasks of destruction. Hitler has delourcd mankind from • its millennial march away from savagery to a new, mcchanr/ed, super-efficient savagery. Before that painful march can be resumed- thinkers' who bdong 1 in the van must make sure that there are no more detours. At least Dr. Einstein thinks so. .11 is too bad that this is so, for the thinkers will have a very hard time of it. They,will rediscover that men are r more;,receptive to rabble-rousing than to reason., They will run into practical difficulties. If (hey choose to speak . through books v they must compete with the popular literature of the moment. If they, chooge to speak to the world through ; 1Kc "miracle' of radio, they will have to* .fight an uneven battle for attention! "with sw;ng bands and soap operas. '" In this country they will be up against a situation in which military ' rejections" for educational deficiencies ! are more numerous than battle casualties. In other countries it will be even worse.'.T3 ( ut perhaps the hardest task of all will. Confront the thinkers in Ger- , man;v-.and Japan. There they must not only persuade the common man of the advantages of a "supra- political force" to keep"the peace; they must also help to re-educate a whole people away from the poibon of racism, super-statism, and a generally barbaric national philosophy.. 'It's'a job'for an Einstein,'and no mistake. vBLYTHEVIMiB. ((ARK.)' COUKIBR NEWfl Effective immediately, the word "catastrophe" will bf eliminated from all reports nnd orders and.^also from the vocabulary in generals-German o/der In Italy. Remedy Needed ."It is ''utterly wrong to have lo go to the President with a labor controversy. It is (particularly bad in time of war, with all the other duties to which the Chief Executive and'Commander in Chief must give attention. There should be somewhere in the goevrmnent an agency with .sufficient all-over authority to ... make final decisions." With this statement Robert Watt, A. F. of L. member of the War .Labor Board, added the' first labor voice to an earnest and frequent plea from other sources. The situation is not only unfair to a busy President, as Mr. Watt suggests, but it is also unfair to the parlies of a controversy.' Vague authority makes for delayed decisions, impatience. The President, with his war powers ^aiicl, if necessary, an assist from Congress, could remedy the situation. New Resolution. Republican .'governors, senators and rcpreKentativcs to the number of 114 have gone on record as opposing any attempt, by a future Republican president for a third term. They arc silent as regards any 'similar attempt, by a Democratic chief executive, but pending a definite statement, it may be assumed thai this new resolution falls into the category of those burning issues which transcend party lines. Patriotic Sacrifice A marine medical officer in the South Pacific has discovered that common, ordinary gelatin dessert makes an ' effective surgical paste ""when used in connection with fracture bandages. Would anyone bo interested in joining us in a movement to free (his newfound-remedy 100 per cent for the armed forces, while wo civilians nobly and patriotically subsist on pie for the duration? _• SO THEY SAY We nre not, Inradlng France; we are liberating France. But- when It comes to Cennany nnd her stooge countries,.the, word is invasion—OWI Director Elmer Davis.' ' '" i; '?">•'" • • « •_ - • . . Is It niiy wonder that alert niind.s nre drawn Into economics nnd sociology and science and law when those in charge of the humanities persist In their refusal to bear upon the problems ot life In the United States. I do not desire to drive Europe out of colleges. I merely insist upon the necessity of putting America In—Dean Howard Mumford Jones of Harvard U. • • * The present and the postwar future arc Inseparably linked in what we do as Americans right now. Our Allies and our foes watch its stcnrtllj', for in our bclinvior rests the future of the world. If democracy Is to live. U is because we willed It.—Undersecretary of War Robert P. Patterson. • . • • 'Hie smaller states nre mjide to feel the burden of the war no less and often more acutely than the very great owcrs. It seems reasonable therefore,, that they should have their voice In attempts to prevent, war.—Netherlands Foreign Minister Eclco N. van Klcftcns.' • • • One of (he foremost longings in the hcnrt of every American soldier nnd sailor ts to conic to a real Job in a real Americnn enterprise. He doesn't want it government dole. He doesn't want the government telling him what job he can have or where he must work.—Gov. John W. Brtcker of Ohio. » • • There seems to be a wholesale rejection of children In lieu of other interests based on the demands of living In n, world at war. Where there should be more care and supervision, children arc being given too much responsibility for their years.-Marjorie Craig of the Mctroiwlttnn Life Insurance Co. School Health Bureau TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 1944 With Both Feet SIDE GLANCES by Golbralth corn, nu ay uti. simti. inc. r. u . ^g. „ s m w _ \ "Well, Judge, with both of your (lau«li(ers{,'et(inL'married 4 this month, 1 suppose you'll be able to sport a new pair of / 'shoes before kind!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD ByWIlUam Ferguson- Ftvf ffsrttff/Ato/Aflierftt HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO FALL IN MISSOURI, <AN5AS, AMWNESOTA, NEBRASKA AND ILLINOIS. TIMES LAY MORE. THAN / ••-•I'A SINGLE ANSWEH: In Florida, at Okeichobcc Lake. NEXT: Does Hitler have" a lucky d»y? In Holly wood )urBoardiDg House wilhMajor Hoople Out Our Way By EKSKINE JOHNSON NJJA Stuff Correspondent Exclusively yours: Turner. Blniosl lore down a local night club when Acme Pliotog Stanley Trout- nan snapped her picture on a date with M-G-M actor Peter Lawford. Yes, it looks like a rcfnance. . M-G-M 1ms taken Hie "Life of Robert Louis Stevenson off the Ehelf. Writers are working on a new screen play. Kri "Archie" Gardiner of Duffy's Tavern.isi having his teeth rcliuill for his arllng ileluil at Paramount. • * * Irene Manning, who just shed licr husband via a Mexican divorce, will visit the alter again soon. Grant Withers, actor turned producer for Monogram, has the ;reatest juvenile role of the year 'or n Chinese boy about 14 in 'Little Devils.'' n story of (lie children's army in China. Search is on for (he boy. A letter in the Screen Actors OO^eRE^^O^D^ 801 im^S^FS**' ^ C ° aLD / WES. TH' STEER / HIT TH 1 EWD O' TH' / ROPE JUST AS *»R_ I HOSS VVAS.IW TH'AIR I JUMPiM' BRUSH WITH \ NJO FOOTHOLD--ITS ( ^LU A KW7ER OSJc Obi 3f#5 CROUCrtEO >•--'•••, < " Itu ™" uc - : '* w ' l=j osjc ON JAPS CROnruF ^TS^J^fy?^ JO, BEHIND REPLUGS/ \OiPe OUT HltJDENi FOES/ _ . COULD RECAPTURE BATAftti EAS!W Guild m'oMlily m.igazme has Hollywood chuckling. It's from a fnr- nicr. film extra now a major in the Arniy. TlioibMra wrote: "Ullle iljii I know, when I enlisted in the Army liyp yrhrs ago thai some day I would be'/rtakiiiK the same salary as ClarR' Gable." * • + Paillette Goddard Is taking lessons for a cockney ncccnt in' her next movie, "Kitty." She's also having her portrait painted by Paul Clemens. She tried to combine the two. but the artist rebelled. The lessons and the sittings arc now set for separate times. Clemens wailed lie wns putting a cockney Goddard on his canvas. Spike Jones and his orchestra are 'headed for an overseas entertainment tour this summer. I.ADI) A UiCTtmK TOPIC Allan I.add'.s high school dramatic coach, Jsahcl Grey, his turn cd lecturer on Hollywood acting. She uses her prize pupil as No. 1 example. ..I '. Since the 30 per cent tax, som nf the Hollywood night spots ar thinking of ' employing bouncers to 'throw people Inside. One eve has a wc'ofcly door prize— a case of Scotch and stockings. six pairs of nylon HIS IIOKOSCOI'K? Oiltl litlu cycle for Neil Ilivmilton: made his film dobul In "Strangers May Kiss'' tuul now he's starred in "I Married (i Slrangei 1 ." '< * * * A Hollywood extra. Art LH Fores I, lia.s solved t!ie finnncial problem film extras have been howling about for yours. He sells shoes as \ sideline. Earned $31.50 as tin extra for three days with Olsen ami Joliii.son in "See My Lawyer," nnd $« on his shoes, SPCA sent a representative In llic set of a ncu- VaiiKlurli film to rllfok nn treatment of a 9S-]mu:itl sliciilicn! ilog. The lioinul makes a vicious attack on Joe Coltcii for a scene in the film. Wailed Gotten; •I'm ,(he guy that's gums to set it from the ting. Whom i!o I tall to assure good crep.'.menl—the Screen Actors Guild or Will Hays?" Political Announcements TKe Courier News Bag be*n authorized to announce the following jandlda^es. subject to the Demo- :ratlc primary'in August: "' STATE REPRESENTATIVE ALENE WOpD (lor re-electton, Post No. 2) . W. J. WUNDERLICH (for re-election, Post No. I) ' J. LEE BEAEDEN (for re-election. Post No. 3) L.TJCIEN E. COLBMAN E. O. "GENE" PLEEMAN (Post No. 4) PROSECUTING ATTORNEY IVIE C. SPENCER SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNTY TltEASUREH E. B. (SKEET) • STOUT MISS DELLA PUR.TLE CODNl*r JUDGE ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) CIRCUIT COURT CLERK HARVEY MORRIS (For. re-election) . COUNTY CLERK T. W. POTTER (for re-election) B I DOLE EXTERMINATORS Contract Service in Pest Control. Free Estimates. 115 S. Third I'honc 2751 flPTICfil STORE Let Us Help SAVE YOUR EVESI 209 W. Main St, Phont 2 Members of a film orchestra working In "With All My Heart," work seven-hour shifts in local war plants and sometimes get very little sleep. Other day the leader confessed to dlrectro William Dic- tcKc thnl Ills two sax players liad pone without sleep entirely the ! night' before. "You'll never know It,' 1 he assured. "Sax players arc dopey anyway." • * « Marquee sign of the week: "V'mi Can't Ration Love—Slancliin; Koom Only.' . " j Knthryi) Grayson and hubby John Ehclton, recently reported rifting, are' night s club han'dholdcrs again. J i Wnl Mclntyrc Is plnyldg at the Caslnr> Gardens heforc checking in at Columbia for "Eadie Was a Lady." - ' lloli I.'npr^ Is ilon.illnV all Hie shrkcls front sale of his new book "I Never Left Homo" lo llic Na- Highest Prices Paid For Cars & Trucks All Slakes & Models . GULF Service Station At 5lh Main Sis. -OK WR'LL SK.I.I, <hcm (or you for a small commission, llrinj; them In for all details. BOWL for fun ana healthl BILL'S and GEORGS'S ' HOWLING ALLEY 120 N. Second SUMMER CLASSES in MANO - ORGAN and VOKJK I—Scbcilules mlw licing arrangcil Mrs. DALTON C. FOWLSTON, B.A.. M..S.M. ' Filmier New York Orgunisl and Teacher Write Mrs. Fowlsloii 1101 Cliiciuisawlm or I'honc 2019 Commerc/a/ Classes In Shorthand-Bookkeeping-Typing MRS. L. M. BURNETT 1010 He:irn Degree From Accredited Collcsc Phone 3270 D.P.LI 4 Cottonseed 1 3-32 to T/& Inch Staple Early Variety ALSO ARKSOY SOYBEANS 2913 See EARL MAGERS Dell, Ark. Phone 635 Premium Wheat PLUS Fine Milling EQUALS Shibley's Best FLOUR - - - The ffour that needs less shortening! Of Al! Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Ulylhcvillc, Ark. WALLPAPER Keg. Z'i'Ac Now 15c 30c Lighl I'ast Now 20c 35c Washable Now 24c HEMiLTONE (Soy Bean Paint). . . .2.40 gal HYKLASS Creosote White. .. 2.50 gal SOUTHLAND White 3.00 gal' DUTCH BOY White 3.50 gal' CERTAIN-TEED GREEN SLATE SHINGLES 167 Pound 4.50 square—210 Pound 5.50 square E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service WELDING! •k Acetylene Welding * Electric Welding * Cold Welding Best Equipment—Best Machinists—Best Work Delta Implements, Inc.

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