The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1934
Page 4
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f>AGE POUR THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0, R. BAECOCK, Editor ». W. HAINK3, Advertising Manager Sole Nalkijjfll Advertising Reprraentstlvcs: Arkansas D.tlhes, Inc, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. IJM\S, Dallas. Kansas City, Memphis f _ Published E\eiy Afteinoon E>.cci)t Sunday .NRA, Entcied as sr-cond clnss matter at the post ofTlc'j at Dlytliovllle, Arkansas, under net of Congress, October 9, 1017. Served by the United Press . SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier In the City or Blyllievllle, I5c per \vet-k, :or S6.50 |wr year, in advance, ny mtiil, within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, 51.60 for six months, 85c for three months; by innll'in postal zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 per .vear; in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Simon P. Lee Is All Right (To Bill Vap:) Dt-iu- Bill:—We liitvu been reading wiial you liavc lind lo nay tiboiil the bloated plutocnil, Simon P. Lee, 'grown fat, us you assert, by oppression of the poor. You almost had us convinced, but today something happened Unit changed our mind. It was a \tig, delivered to us Ijy the pluloerat in person, just in Unit: for holiday 'feasting. Hill, miyonc wlio gives us n pig has our stamp of approval. 11 limy look as if wo were celling out to the money power, sacrificing* our principles for a few crumbs from a rich man's table, but we just cim't help it. From now on so far as ue are concerned you will just be u listing your lime if you wrilc any , more of those, letters about Simon Lee. Back t° the, Indians l'>.-r a good ninny yi'itr.s the yag rfbont giving the (country buck to the ImHitns has heen a good joke—except that it liad a .certain grim overtone, in the depression, which made it a tiiflo shivery. Now, however, it develops that In- <listii Commissioner John Collier is in favor of exactly .such n program. He points out that much siibmarginal land in the west is to be retired from agriculture. "Why, he asks, should such laud not be given to the Indians? They are (experts at using land in .such a way as to-conserve forest and grass. Any reforestation or erosion-control plan would lit their way of living. Land that cannot support American Liniiers properly-would be ideally designed for Indian use. The idea sound* attraclivi'. r l'ln> Indian would jjain, for in (lie end he would be-able to support himself and work out his own salvation; mean- whflc, the while man's land-control piogram would be helped. Why not, on a modest scale, give a little of the country back to the red men ? Insanity Should Be Redefined One of the tragic things about thu dreadful kidnaping and murder of 10- year-old Grace Budil, in New York, is the fact that her slayer, Albert Fish, OUT OUR WAY actually fell into the hands of the police several times after the crime had been" commuted—and was discharged each Ijnic, Fish suffered from n warped emotional mitkeup vv'hi'ch drove him to this atrocious crime, This defect was evident to the authorities when he was arrested; yet because he was "able lo distinguish right from wrong," ho was not legally insane and (hey hnd to turn him loose'—although his confession in the Budd case clearly stamps him as a monster \ylio should not be ftl liberty for a single day. The lesson of this would seem to be that our legal definition of insanity is badly out of date. Horrible crimes of this kind are committed by men who know what is wrong as well as anyone does, but who are driven by an emotional urge they cannot or will not master. . Obviously, we need a new and more sensible legal definition of mental unbalance. (ARK.) COUiUKR NEWS Behind Croo^s---Croof^d Lawyers The indictment of two lawyers who defended the Urschel kidnapers on the charge that (hey participated in the division of the Urschel ransom money, is hailed as a lirst .step in the federal government's new campaign against unscrupulous criminal attorneys; and it is to be hoped that flic campaign is prosecuted with vigor and intelligence. Kvery man accused of crime has, of course, the right to hire counsel, lint what are we ,tb say of lawyers who lend their advice, month after month, to men they know to be crooked, and accept fees which they know come from illegal enterprises? Where is the dividing line between the services a 'fnvyer .may legally rentier a client, and tho kind of work which iii effect makes the lawyer a member of the gang? In too many cases that line is altogether lost sight of. The government's campaign should lie a salutary reform. We have made too mitch of a Ictisii iii Hits country of «-hat is known us white-collar work-. —Mrs. Frnnkliu 13. ItooscvcU. * * * Tlio United States is the only country In the wovW In which II has. bcsn iissiiined Unit font- years of post-secondary non-vocationnl training—In a word, u college education—should be Hit! 'rule instead or Ihc rare exception for Its young men and women. —Dr. Frederick p. Keppel, president, Carnegie Corporation.. * • * I realize (hat I make mistakes—but I never H njiy time said that baseball writers were trying lo manage my ball club. They have a right to their own opinions. —Dill Terry, manager, ,v c w York Giants. * * * A iiitlsfactory social organism ciinnot grow out, of an unsocial seed. —Bishop Frnncis J. McCoimell, former liwul of the Feclcrnl Council ot Churches. r££H¥HP^~^^^^ JUST OUT OF COLLEGE '. IT'LL TAKE MONl-ms To OUT By Williams SIDE GLANCES By George. Clark felP &ym&. 'FRIDAY, bECBJViBEK 21. ui-:iii.\ mini; ron.iy A\.1 IIU|.I.Isri-:il. llrvllr r ^<l. JiM-iili" her i-li^rlKi'iiii-n* •I DM Jilt KM:. 1'im.iiirrrliil a lit. IJK-IIIHI. ill hli. ilrluUliti; r K r n i 1 i 11 I . rri'i I'd iv K.VII \ Jty mid iirm.jJiii'rtr, li'ii v.u.r.KM iiu.v.Yii'i'T, CI-. li:i>. tlri'i'lvcj lilm liK l» uvi-r tm'i'ii Kit-in. Aim /mil I'rll-r. I null ilKMllishini'il. j riiin-jiui, ivtii 1 . In m.irrjr dim hEu- ni;ri'i-M. I'hi-y 1:1, lr, E-'Lurliln mill i|irna • I'M-riil tver!;* liti[i|ill>-. Thru • f'clor IA i-nlled lunm* lirr:iii*r in l.u~lnr>. All nl Kir Kt nilllll Him. llv cvoi-ill l't'li-r'» ulilrr. 31II. 1,1- Ui:.\T. suuli Am,. ViiU-rlti *t-lu-iiu-K Id m:>lic- inni- Ijlc Iji-IMCrn Ai ill ivn-i-. sli,. Ifi-rMiJiilrx I'oli-r 10 umlfrlrikp llu< Hiirk or rriiii/ilvUne licr t-«iiiiirj l-iiiiiir null clvTi. him n i-liri'K. l.nll-l via- irlls lilm >,lu- urrilh Hit IIIIHU-J nun hf wrUi's lu-r n rlii-rlt (IT llil- mint, tiolilu *lir i-nn ri-|iu> llhn Iliu-r. Ann lil-.-lr* [hut E:*lji,r Irnulili- l> liroulriK in lljr Ki'iiUjill liiriory. .vo\v tn ox ivri-ii TIM: vionv CHAl'TtOU XXVI ANN awakened early and dressed ** while Peler was still asleep^ When he came out of hi 1 * mini stie '.vas sluing by a window, rend-jiv lite morning ticu-spju'er. ''. £)u Handed It lo him and wsiched '.i? lie read Ihc arliclo nrodtctln? on „ outbreak at tho factory if work line. | Work was ei-ldciitlj- at a standstill i There were threatening (aces, vlo | lent gestures, anury voices. N'ow jiind then someone raised a voice i in loud denunciation. '"[• | it was impossible to RO fmtliei mm j She was hemmed In completely ""•• (powerless lo nenclnile the human vail before lior. | Where was Peter? Straining hci |eyes, searching the crowd, she sa« | nlni suddenly sicp through an open Iduor. lie looked [rale, lint there was a detci'inlncil set to his mouth and chin. A fighting ioolt. Tears Tilled Ann's eyes. She thought I'elcr looked like 11 brave young knight, defying his enemies. And then came the ovens-helming realization. She loveil I'eler—nol Tony! - ' Her lips were moving in prayer. ,. anything happen to ------... , ,c c t Ib'lt, lioys. \\e can't n-( n i|,( s , vlly ... Ufln and Jiin and scores of others spoke up In agreement. "Accept ihe new p\ 3lt i" p etc r went on. "It will make your worn less difficult and not a man ot you will lose his job because of the new machinery. Ask for njoro pay it you (eel you are entitle,) 10 it,?* A hoarse yell came from some ; S ' OW M1> ' .eraiidtallier that every--. - "Tell us some more fiinnyi","" "'' K ; i "' orks 6lloul " "«« moro «'H9 suirted today. The employ^'! stories. Who says we must? Who i " " s wasc ' Tl ' : " >'ou nrc were In an nply .mnod. ICvcn tho ] «-||| innke us gel off i-outiq fcl-'™" '° sorae °' llle ""'"forts ' ' I and Jiiys of life from your "IJe.TfCorl, save ;'«ler for Don't let Peicr." There was silence In UIQ crowd as : Peter began to siicali. "Men. we're beginning our work In a few nilnnies. Vo.i iiinsi get to your places iu the building or off the grounds." 1 belong here. Cm a Kendall •• During another hill. m a v .: came clearly. "What do you > xce ci t» Bain by ihls'f What can >. 0 |, Bain? Nothing. The work win n e. sin. II yon try to slop ii oy vlu fence li will be sun-led aguln. Vmi can't beat organized 1,'iu-. iircti. If 1 were killed someone else wonlj be ready 10 siep lino my place. Some of you would tie killed, too. Widows, fatherless kids, some ol you roiling i n P |.| son for (tle rwc n! your lives — death for others. What would you gain? Nothing. The nt>w pi a ,u t s go i 1)s lo t, c bu j( t II yon iry lo slop Ii new workers will lake your places. What can you gain?" QSCA1! OMSSEN train the crowd, stepped out lie's rlglit. "Maybe you're just one of those people who never learn ed to relax." THIS CURIOUS WORLD cossreR, TAKEN OFF THE COAST OF MEW JERSEY, IS BELIEVED TO BE. THE LARGEST EVER CAUGHT/ IT WEIGHED 34- POUNDS AND ITS AGE IS ESTIMATED AT SO said. '"What ilo the men want?" "Wore money." "Are they entitled to move?" .•Peter .smiled at her. but answered sei'iouj-'y. "Yes and no. They are being paid more than mosl Inrlurs workers, and to raise their \vase? now Isn't jilvisnble from Hie dlrtc- lors' standpoint. They thlnK it would be Ino lieavy a load to carry. Tlio workers can't, understand bow fl.OOO.OOO can ue spent in lincrove. roar. Hear him, a woman near Ann I "I-'or you and mocked.' Aiicl Hie cry .!was taken up. "Hear him. Oet out, will we? Who's to make us?" for my grandfather, uut 1 think you have a rase. I'm willing to argue tor you." There was a general murmur ot can't he raised. "They need more ments when Ann said, money." "Yes." 1'clcr iniawrvcd. "But this Is not the way to yet U." Sonic day he would tell Mm nhoin Oscar's home, atioiit the undernourished children 'playing In one corner of tho room. Tetcr had been shocked, and stirred. Something • • «,,wi.- .>ub .1 tt-iiuiuj murmur ol Icter stood quietly, waiting until | approval that almost drowned the ihc angry crowd quieted. Me was [scattered cries ot. "Turncoats. traitors!" One tor.e voice shouted. "\Vo know .von slicli rich folks. Jusi n searchlns the faces about him. "Oso.u." he said clearly. "I'm surprised lo see you tJicre. Anil you. Jim Foster, anil you. Dan Walters. You men who have siood. shoulder to shoulder with my Eni;ulfail:er for 30 many years." r pilE crowd was still, hut only lor -•» moment. "Ami what did it gel tlMjiu. yoiiiiK man? What did It Bel them';" Coarse Inugliier. oallis. hysterical cries -from v\ - umeii. Ann found herself holding tightly to <be arm of an old .woman wiib ( wrinkled, we.itliei-iieaien t^ce . lot of words. Wo dou't want the work to bei'ln!" Peter said. "Tiic work win basin. I'm givinj; the word now." The man stepped out of the crowd, shouting. "You are?" •"Yea Try nnd slop mo." "Lord love us," ihc old woman cried to Ann, "Llslen to 'tin!" Ann w.-m listening witu tears ot happiness and pride in her eyes. fetor had gone inside. Peter had -.von! stirred. Something was ivrons -n ••-.,,,,.. .,..,,,..-1, i r! ic| when human beings labored and , :' C ™ ma . "'"• " I ' vo knolvn lhli ! ^ D gl ' 0: -"" ls ^^^ "Pidly as 0 ... . 1.1 i 11 tiLin l<f. v c;1!)rrv flft \-t-tc 1-i.r.« 1,:™!. 1 I ..-.. : Ct.*nfL>ni-c> ,v.^.. n .l . , . . __________ _____ Etrutgled. yet came no nearer comfort than this. "Why didn't you wait? The paper Bays it is foolhardy to begin work today." Peter shook his head. "Any time would lie IKK!." Ann followed him to llm duc.r. "Peter, you will bo careful?" •• "YeG. Don't. worry. .-Tilings will bo all right." O 1234 Ot hU 5ET1V.CC. I'lC. - IN EARUV ENGLAND, SWANS S'/EKE REGARDED AS ROVAL BIRDS, AND ONLY PERSON, . i-. OF HIGH STATION V/ERE ALLOWED yV — "~- TO OWN THEM. -_^_:z± : /\ NNwai —;il of sis SOME 'If 0«ANC-.ES I TURM P GGttiV AGAIN AFTER RIPENING.!! Tlie giant 34-pound lobster now Is mounted in the American Museum of Natural History, New York City. Lobster fisherman hauled the specimen to the surface ns it clung to one of their traps, which it ha:l been robhlng. NEXT: Is Ihc Itusc of Sharon, of the liil.le, a rust 1 .' Only a Quack Physician Claims Cure for Cancer "Sure you would blamc.jny fat lien" ho Enid. "You're a Kcndnll. AH - - - . you're think-In' nUoiit is more money N'N waited until his car was out for >' oursolr »"<! kin- More money and lliea wem 10 her room and pill on her coat and bai. Boon she was flying along the road over wlilcJi Petcr'n car liad passed shortly before. Every nerve was leiisc as slie passed. Kcmlallwood and eauie into the town which was almost deserted. Slie took tho road Icadiug to Uio factory, passing crowds ot Some women along ihe way. stared at her curiously. There were ugly looks from others. Ann's Heart was pounding with excitement when sho drovo fuio tho grounds and parked her car. , t'Oy since he v/as knee-hish. good tori. A good sort. Ann pressed the tlilEi arm gratefully. She knew how ijooil I'elcr was. JIIEI as Ann did. ll was a bond betwein thorn. ICric Oleson stCjijicd out from! sleep, the crowd and faced I'eler. He was ! Wli | e -= ! workers moved toward the big 'buildings. Ann KO; into tier ear and drove away. When siie reached home she undressed and flung Her sell- on ber bed. to cry first I lien lo fall iiiio a deep, wear haggard. His face beard, his eyes she revoke the allernooi stnouldcred. lo put inio machines. You ihink we should be grulctiil for the wages we get." ^ "Yes, I .thiiilr yon should be grateful. Uric." Peter said. "•They're better wages than mosi factory men draw. None of yon have suffered. You have jobs, food, a siiol' tcr for yourselves and children. That's more ihan many men can say today." "Wo don't want the new plant." yelled a man. "1'ut the money in our pay envelopes." And then a cry, "Slop talking. We've had enough lalking. Gel hack- to toivn where you belong." newspapers Mail come. They carried . tlie story cl Peter's victory. workers bad ^rctilrncd: : to their places and work liad sane forwaid as usual. Cool talk by young Kendall had saved Hie day. Plans tor working out problems through arbitration with the veteran owner, / 1 lift board, and a committee of workers would begin Immediately. Young Kendall had stated be would personally investignio Ihe problems of Ihc workers. Ami laid Ihc paper aside. She »-as flowing with pride, happy, ex- cllcd. I'clcr was her husband. Sbo loved him. as she bad never loved anyoue ueforo. Slie had thought she loved Tony, liad been nttr.telcd by his magnetism. Out I'eler was ihe suu, mcon and stars. (To lie Cniiliniicil) man body, and, if they do not con-.cilimi treatment. Thus many a tain radium, ar cry. the most serious asncctsj whether t mS k i5 . hl5il » is H ( /' : - U "« *-' icir women had lean ic, according t;> Cato.j Only mice docs .Uic word '.stance occurs in Joel, 3:3. ( BV !>tl. MOICKIS Kdltor, Journal uf the AmrrU-iin Medical Association, anil of Hy- gcin, the Health M:ii;:izini! If ntiyone (elk you he can cure cnnccr, slum him as a. charlatan and n swindler. ' There is no scientific evidence to show that any scrum, drug, or combination of drugs will cure cancer. To-day we still say that the great hops in cancer is early diagnosis nnd surgical treatment, carefully associated with judicious use ol ,riiriiimi X-rny. Nevertheless, various drugs hnvc hccn injected, caustic pastes have oian appli;d. and simitar methods, • voiding the ot the knife, have been v idely exploited hy cancer cure promoters and swindlers for many years. . When the American .Worinr I lion for the Control ol Cancer iricil some years ago lo obtain applicanls for a prize, which is to ! )e given to the one who lirft develops a cur- lor cancer, 2500 |«rions appH»d But not one ot the cures otr-r'cd was worth the paper on which tlie dcscriplion of the leclmlc was limited. * * • I'here i.s. after iill. ;< .siinjd., v ,ay lo find out whctlicr n prmiiicl uf- lercd ;is « cure- for rnncrr is wtnlll \ylillc. V/r know tctlny llio ; ,ve'MW tUlralion O f lire ol (lie ))1 .)-so)i niili '.',. ™ m ' r wl| c" I lie cancer is nol ci'age duralloii of life follo«in-< (lit; iipplicalion of siU'isary. ur UM u "t ,,,. .diuin and tlie X-ray. We know enough to be certain that treatment ol any coiisld.n-jt- speclal cure lor cancer should show «-ithin a period of five? years whether Hi; product Is worth while. I It is safe to say at this lime [that not one of the widely pro! moled cancer cures that has been ollcrcti lo the (jiiljlic during th.-? lasl 20 years even slightly resembles an actual cure. The American Medical Assiicia- tirm has arscmhled. in a pamphlet culled "Cancer cures nnd Treat- incnts." the records of some 35 cancer charlatans who have ol- Icrcd their methods to ihe American people since 1900 nnri who attained stiiTicicm notoriety lo bring them prominence in U.c public prcis or to r.iu.s2 ;i considerable number of inquiries to he tent to Ihc hca:iqu;<riei s orricc. •flicbn cuiictr ruri-s inchult:. lor thc most parl. earner pastes, which arc caustic and which take oft as imicli living. Ualihy ti %uc ,, s C1|1 . ccrou.s tissue, [u mij lly innani-cs Ilie paMo Rs«» is | a , sc | y ri , 5 ., on . Eiuio lor an utillmcly end. In other instances. Ur mr'iivl involves Use i;;.c of injei-liau, citi'". 1 cr ol innocnoiii mixtures ol wal' r iilid inert Mil;.. ur of non-.s];;-ci[iV inotcin ptrpauilioiis \vlilrii hriiig atoll! ;i severe rroclUw (1 , ,];,, ,. a[ |,. o! ti'c pii'.i'-i.l ,,1,-J ,,„•;,, i,,,,, u , Hunk tliiit wim-thiTi, i, r|S h ..,. -„. ' cotupllslicd. "" rnlrcdtii-iitin n < ri'tliiiai '-ivt ri-u lo u iiall-i!o7di ip.i.u-ki-'ik-C'Y.ii;! '[;, .i'' 1 ,!™ 11 " 1 .'" !iiJ1 "; L ' :s I'liditiHi'lin- tafcen inteniQily, i'r iii ev _ ::.'jt<g!! radium, ^111 hsrm thg'hu- OIJK BOAKDiiNG HOUSE NO, »ms W1LV. NEVER "DO I JUST LOOK, THE NEEDLES A-RE "FALUNCi OFF-—IT'S "OWtx W ~^\ THAN A MANDOUM 'PiCr<~ < ~3O ^,. TAKE \~ 'B.txCK / I SHOULDN'T "^ -I HAVE SENT YOU--THERE'S ,/ ^ CHUMP WRITTEN • ALL ™"-™ ™'-' YOU -^: THEY COULD WA.YE SOLD VdJ f\ ,, OL"D IT. /A/\Y INTEREST YOU OFFERETJ /\ \\\&*\ -POST •OEP^RT^AEN"T OF I S/XY 'POST, T fV\t^K^ TOS\T\ON/ MEY ViXLUE •M* 1 I " -/^il"v**?'/\\ ^:. 1; H ,; /^^\ l^^^^&i&m '^rjljte W^' ''/'. \^(' NUT- The German '-mystery sun" which . ^..v... .......j ., j.a- lilt; (jerlllilll n the purest Quack- ticnt sacrifices tlir.: that might well; caused £o much unpleasantness in iiil ovoled to s cienlific benefit to, the city of Paris durin- 1913 had ro".'hi -iS . i ' fle W ' ih -"' C ch: "' lata "' s ""strums-! a carrel 50 fact long alid a Wine .By Alien i

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