The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1934
Page 3
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(ARE.)' MBS LOUS? MXON MRS. RUTH CAMPBELL MRS. BERTHA H. HARM? MBS. EDNA M, CKifffREE HISS EDNA M. FERGUSON M O D E R N-H O M E -NEWS : " Ooaduortd for (hit atwtpuftr \a tb* mftrtit Of it* KOOMQ nad«^i> • *•— » I ^ ^^^ ^ w V^ j •• . -,''••' StM to~fU>6sNCE atnttrr 8 *"**** °» ««W oukiai PAGETfiBEK- H[R[ 1 Miss Ferguson Gives Recipes That Will Solve Christmas Problems D»»r Friends In .• Hlytlieville: . Here are some more randies for the family which likes to make 'Its own. ai Christmas time. Add these to last week's .good recipes and you will have sufficient variety to make delicious assortments. .Some are uncooked candies and are easy enough for the children to make themselves. So why nol let them? Ralnin Clusters • Dm half.pound swecL chocolate; one cup r.ilslns; one hnlf cup sweetened . condensed milk. Melt chocolate, which has beeri cut in. small pieces, in top or double holler. Remove from fire i^nd add. rnllk and raisins. Stir until mixture thickens. Drop by lea- spoonfuls on a thin plate nibbed with butter. Chill Ihoroughly for several hours.. Orange Coconut Balls Two arid A one half cups confectioner's sugar; one fourth cup of cream;" two , - teaspoons orange Juice;; two, teaspoons gr'ated orange rind; one "cup shredded coconut. . Measure ; suepr after.- sifting. Bl*hd with' cream; orange juice and; orange rind." Drop from teaspoon into shredded coconut; roll In smaH balls. Place ;ln refrigerator or other cool 'place for several hours. . Chocolate Walnut Patties : One egg white; two Ublespoons water; two squares unsweetened chocolate'; melted; one teaspoon vjmllla; three and one half cups sifted confectioner's sugar (about); lialves of' walnut meals. , Beat «gg' white slightly; add wafer, chocolate, and vanilla, and rnliiiTell. Add- : sugar gradually, Wending after each addition. When stiff • enough : to 'shape, roll into small balls. Flatten • balls and * fcress walnut half into' each. Makes 'three nnd one half dozen patties. Coconut Penuchi Here's An Easy and Delicious Holiday Pudding Follow Hie simple recipe directions for Nowadays there's no need for .vpicy Christmas desserts to be a chore. We used Lb chop and shave pounds of fruit ]Kol 'and beef, apples, raisins and citron for mince pies and pudding. Here is a irtod- ern recipe.for a delicious pudding, made at a .minimum of Urns and 1 labor. . '• ', Steamed" Fruit Pudding Ono egg, slightly bejiicn; one hnlf cup nut,.meats, finely chopped; one half cup orange Juice; one teaspoon grated orange rind; "one and one half cups dry cake crumbs; one (nine ounce) package dry mince* meat, nnd one hnlf cup water, .the t'.vb boiled together almost dry. llrcak mince meal into pieces. Add cold water. Place over heat and stir until ;ill lumps are thoroughly broken up. Bring lr> brisk tolling; continue boiling for three minutes or until mixture Is practically dry. Allow to cool. Add slightly beaten egj, nut incuts, orange juice 'arid grated rind to cake crumbs. Blend thoroughly. Fold 1 in cooled mince meiu. Pour into greased pudding 'mold, eight Individual molds,-or a pound baking powder " can, filling two- thirdf, full. Cover lightly and steam onn hour, having boiling »<ntc-r half Bere Are Dishes You Will Like for Holiday Season Entertaining f.vfryone will fiijoy. way up on molds. If /uldlfionn! water Is needed during 'Steaming il must be boiling when added Servo warm with hard sauce 01 whirled cream: Serves eight. Magic, Hard Sauce One and one fourth cups confectioner's sugar; one fourth cup sweetened condensed milk; one half teaspoon vanilla or one tablespoon rum or nun extract. •Mix half tlie confectioner's s ar with milk, then ndd rum 01 vjinllta. Add enough of remaining confectioner's sugar to make the desired constituency. Sprinkle, c.In- nanion over lop if " Baked Swcei'breats Christmas and New Year's din-:sauce; two hard cooked ,- KBn , o...,., ,, c ,,,,ui- >mn jem parties which fit m chopped fine; one half cup fine slices of buttered toast' hr Pn ,t ri-nmh= | YVnsh' 'the sweetbreads and . One pair sweetbreads; one fourth --teuspooit Kith; slices 'fit salt pork; one tablespoon oi flour; one cup slock "or bouillon' eggs, salt, pepper nnd lemon , juice al- slightly different dlslies. At least low thcm to stand In cold w.ile Wnsh.Uook over 'and then chop forms .a vfty-soft" ball irVcotd wa ?!;; 1 : 1 " 1 ' 1 * .times-du'rlnfr, the copkinj, '' " Uyf-r.pudding.which is Mock Pate deFole Gras peiiir iafc-'once •IntoMlghtiy greased . par),; r «l$it. by, four ; inches. 1 When cold cul'fii square's.-, Makes eighteen large" pieces; •''.•'- ... ".- ': Molasses Coconut Che.Wri One'fourth cup .com syrup; one fourth cup molasses; one half tablespoon - vinegar;... one tablespoon butler; one nnd one half cups of moist; sweetened coconut. Combine syrup .molasses, vinegar, : and butter In an enameled saucepan. Place, over low heat and Sllr until niixlure bolls. Continue ,* boiling until a small amount ot V^ syrup becomes brillle in ccild wa- 1 ter 1240 degrees P.). Remove from Ihe fire; ndd coconut. Drop from two forks on greased • surface. Makes twenty-eight chews. Coconut Creams' One tablespoon butler; two and one half cups sjfled .confectioners' sugar; one egg; one half tea- One pound liver .(beer or. pork); '"«,' -" .,.-,- ,.,„. -, -v^^o n rfo±•e;^s•b ri i ^ /^w nl v°^ di^ir'^'^^ri^coriiS two eggs thraten); one cup com ^'l' <"'"'» sticks. In'"crumbled coni' ~ ' llnkc crumlK tfine); one lialf clip !atei . lhcl > in egg to which salt'. Those 'inex|»nMve ...,,, n . t .u, tv( j^nuniijy U1M) Cover-or lie waxed pnper over the I top. Strain for about three hours.. On ' _ -• • -»v nil ^i; IIUIU A, ' , • Ecrve hot or'cold. Mnkcs oi«ht 'Broundl; servings. ' " • Pork (groi Buy Orillcd Oysters large oysters, look over vcal sall: und); one half f,~ —j •.-«••->.i, ii'Utv IJVCr k ""**-->lJ\JOllS carefully for bits of shell, wash In e ,'.' c ? 11 ^l" 1 "": two eess dicaten colt water nnd also wnsh the s *'*" u £; 01Ie C «P milk; two cups Roll each oyster In may-. corn n;lkc crumbs. ' _ ' CrtlnliiiJo rt JJ .-.. .... no'un'rl ? antly or ' ci »8" "S'The l'ic»r < wlic'. n ,nr"n lc . Al "« ."" For ( » c nddlllonal min ; mak- ground): one half tcnsncon , lwo tablespoons chonncd " '1 ° of coo!:l "B. " 1B (csl> " lny S^ff:""/?-'" *"«« cr """*. Bc-^,^ 11 "*..! 1 ". '^"""lienls v*o ^u & a, , viic cya, uiic nun LC;I- ( -' -...j- ,,, uiuuu i;rumo5 l\C~ ....... ,n, ingrcutenls thoi spoon-vanilla; one:and one. half }""' f° the shell, and broil m - °" shly - Bnkc in loaf pan in cups moist, sweetened coconut. , ke m . " hot oven, 400"degrees lnol ' mltc °ven (350 dCErees p Cream butter until soft; add!|. or lc » "linutes. If small, flat bafe- Cllc llollr - Eight servings oiie cup sugar gradually. Add egg ln S "'shcs are available, bake four' . thc Io:if is chilled, 'it c^n > ail Tn""! SC " e tak "«-'«*l> »nd C " lri int ?, »"" slices for'« ,dw c r all at. (he table, as n hot a'ljne-' " col<t nimt P'atleis tor or course; or as the ~ Cheese K»ts main course of a buffet slpp^L^ 1 ™ »«?8s; two ounces of C . > an " il wi " 1:c over-done. to ° m>lci oiie cup sugar gradually. Add egg and beat until light and fluffy. Beat In remaining one nnd one half cups sugar, vanilla, and coconut, and continue .beatInc until mixture Is smooth and creamy. Shape Into balls, one Inch in dia- meler. Dust with "confectioner's silgar 6r roll in additional coconut. Makes two and one half dozens. Apricot Candy Three fourths cup dried apricots; three fourths cup shredded coconut; one half cup nut meats; | oiie half teaspoon grated orange rind; one half teaspoon grated tem6n rind; one tablespoon lemon Juice. Wash aprlcols and ste.nn five minutes! Put apricots, coconut nnd nut meals Ihroligh food chop P* r ' Add orange and lemon rind a "d lemon Juice ond kneatl mlx- lm « until blended. It candy ' "T. ^add chough orange juice into baits about three 'i In diameter. Roll In Milky Way Transferred I'EABODY, Jtfass.' (up) _ Til2 P.) Milky Way was transferred from I Ihe heavens to a city street here, it. dan be An automobile, driven by Edward for sandwiches Pollcr, struck and overturned a mtlk wagon, spilling tii e loail into the street. '«"«faU Uktttl MS. NANCY ROWE MRS. GEORGE THURH HRS EMILY M. tAIJTZ MRSJ. WATSON SHOCKLEY MRS, FRANCES NORTHCROSS To liiakn '»kiM uw: One hfilf iiniiniinlly dates tour OIIP li.ilf ciips. chopped); OIK: Imlf •M|> si!K:ir; two tnblrapnons of yter; two tablespoons ornntn> i»-«'o; ono Inble.sjwnn itrnlnl »r- n>l!'> iK'Ol. licmovn the seeds from Ihc lnuv, nnd IjoU diilcs, SUBIU-, wntwr, 11 niiio Juice, and ymicrt orange IITO niilll soft paste Is formed. One cup shortening; one cup or •>rn«"ti suijar; threi- ond oiift Imlf cups flour; two teaspoons baking Jowder; onn fourth teaspoon sail; win bnlf C |,, ( w.-ilcc; tm cups corn flikes. Illcnd Hie shorlenliii; nnd thc aieiir nnd boat thoroughly. ' Add "« "our, ivhleh has been sifted with ih« baking powder nnd snlt. _>«!!)• ihc wnler and last llii> MIJI lakes, lioil Hie cookln dnuiih thin a mm three sixteenths cf nn Inch ^Ick); and cm | n | 0 rounds, spread one round wilh the wnlrr mlxliire alii! jnit « second round 1J i loj). Dre.sslni; uie ed«e.s toeltiei: Hah on greased linking 'heel in n modernle oven iinfj rte- irep.s p.) roi- ntticcn lo twenty ninnies, -nils miilp.s- tliirty-sK- cookies. • One. third cup linoi-tenlng; ono half cup brown .sugar; one egg (well beaten); onn half cup mo- asses- oiui cup brnn; oiii: nnd one naif clips flour; mm Imlf teaspoon ••"'It: one und onn hnlf lensp&oii B'i'eei; OIK; tenaixton dnniimon; j>»c icnkpnon baklni; )»wder; nnc •nil tra.spoon soda; ono hnif cup bnitermilk or ."our milk. Blend shortening nnd sugar Add eyg. molasses and brnn. Blfi diy Ingrcdienls :incl add nlix-rnnte- ly wild Die ,j,|]| : y illt , c | () a mw| _ crate, oven ire degree's P) for nl-oiii lldrty to Voriy mliuiie" Cheese Are Tasty With Holiday Feasts •Aini'rlrii'x miisl. illslliu'Uvc, rnnhllHiflim to lln ,ui r l,l-, Is an nil-Unit ^ K Lres, = i^^icr 1 ^'- li ""V 1 <r< In hl.s famous diary, Mr. Pern's, Vnrlnl Chcrw* V;™ i« t i hl |1CT(ll "B *|w doled on mince pl PB , record- You may " ""' tit'.ns morn- the most i wns "deslr- (he kind o: . the mince pies/'" ' ' 1 wom'lerfnl ciirlsti'tiM iVhtTupiipi V m,"u?J"TI«. "!?? W '"T n(lcl> " «««*' "'»' «f «U«B A K ilh Hem. Hit; wifn of tmlny K lli nmiiiBCincm Unit nmienli to nil i > until no .such um'nrlhly hour, appetite plnc M LlcdcrXiai/ wit .'llher mnklmr nr watching (he Us .sluii-p, tn.iHy Jlnvor In In , re" pan. I" an eight ineli of .1111 Iniermlnnble niim- . licr of mince pies. Kho docs, however, , spend time ifll . Tl ' - " J ' " l ll " lu. it-s crenmy n)pll« M i e *s mrtlf", '.. 11 prime favorite. • • -, >••">- .Slices of u milder yellow mid cnenry on the details of her such us- ahnlenii; enslly Ohi'Wini(s iiiilcvtalnliiii _ HIB i:a- and full of minerals that nTa£o"il napes Ihnl be a ln her ineal, the especially wholesome. fo. i-hilchen '"ardinlllng of „ vast array ol flank the LlctlerHrnn/ , nlonr«!in' cS ^X.^Lft &' •'I"*' "»"«"> Chert- closely cineied in u r,,|jly WB , m * Inniwraluie ' Indiidt n I'liiu.iul (liefsc Ammii! llir, piquant, yestfnl clicpfos noquifmt I-, iicilnps the most popnlni although the &Ultxm ihocsp of nieinul nnd ihc itnK Inn CloiRon/ola mo winning In" ercnilng inunljci-, He ",1110 to In- nlndc at It ist one of llie-ip \arie- llcs on (hi- dice e Iny Cifv mil olKes nrc fcivcrt on the tl^eeif- tray and In nddlllon Din on n bowl of ciisp .nhid done willi a well sei OJIPI) ru Inir Wltli. bevences. nc Colors Determine Rooms Appearance To be backgrounds O f beniity, nftiK cannot up chosen hnphax,' ardly. They determine Ihe cflcc- ( "encss of the entire room. Back- (untl? for furniture and drapes they should be beniillful' 'lmt''ih- roiisplcuou.,, and selected to nieet »ie most speclfif; nc.c<K of r>n»i, raom. • • i. intn There Is wai'inth in buff and light .brown, for instance 'for rooms llmt lack, sunshine Dellcnle a j. ri , tl(li "t.v furnlshlnss" me perfect Jfeftlnst iiinl: nnti pnje, blue Green' s cool ,i,,d rcircshing' for n room 11 at i.s flooded v,'i(h sinishiiie. Oir- ••liite and gray have dignity nnd ore Just nniiiral enough to i>o ; In many dlirerenl, l.ypas of rooms. Cream is .softer and much iriore nterestlng on n '. wall dian deiul- V.'Di e, and will'harmonic with al- "w ii a " y t(l[01 "' 11 "1C spectrum. / Walls are easily repainted or lepapcred with the help of the federal Housing; Adniinlslrallon which makes aUractlve Joans poa-' 'iblo for homeowner* who would •Wierwlsc tie. unable' lo ilo this •'oil: nt present. pa Glass-in the Sleeping Porch ior Additional Winler Room Jill <crvc vlth owecdliigly hot 1'ienin nacl'er", The old screened sleeping-porch —b .delightful comfort in the suin- mtr lime,, bill p, useless catch-all in the winter.. Why not sceurc n'mod- crnizntlon loan nnd make It livable the yenr around? it' la.'simple to a comfortable Iwrirbom 'by In- siihiiinr; the walls nnd celling mid providing u-ealliprsti'lnpnl winrtows. The windows 'tilinnld lie selected as much for Iheir 'npiiearnurc froni inside and for lh?lr-utility. Tlic most ronsplcuoii'i : part n( Ihe room, ihey must Iw. cliDsen and 'treated wllh yreatcnre. if Hie ppp". iilar nmj nllr.'icll™ casement windows are used, It Is-ljctlcr lo have I lliem sivln B oul. iiiEfead of In, as the ! In-swlngini- .windows , lre .hard lo ninke tight against storms nnd they or papered. Floors should IK trcnted in keeping wllh the rest, of the Interior. , i 11 HID cxfcrlor ivfllls rue Hiihlied lo-Imrmonl/o wllh the icst nf Hie house, n more altratliw outside cf- •To'.|ierfecl the new"'liMlrooin lh« healing plnnl enn. lie v i\lend"d, It de.sired,, nnd n radlntoi insltillei| Further comfort, niny be liul fimn built-in window senliv'slictii", nntl nljier Incidentals. . • stripping will render fhr. windows lighter. \ . A Killsmclory IrciUmenl for the i walls ami ceiling , s u, D ,,^, of )„. sulatlon, witli a finish of wall board or piaster. Decorative wall beard rc- tiulrliig no ndnltlonnl nnlshlng may nc used. However, If ^ siicclal wall trenlmciu Is desired mn ,_,„ „.. . ,-, - varnished, m —.f'.^Jj^'^jnayjM'appliscl and painted I'or n ijnesl. .dinner lr\ (hLi a very ripe - Cainemberr cheese met cream mixed loRellier uiilil ion- sLslcncy of ice crcniu. I'ue?c in aiitomalic rcfrigernlor: Co\ci nith Pnvmesau chtese, ndd a little Plp- rika. Ciarnl.ili W llh cress, hllrp .UpTlMEISHEfifj use WALLHIDE The paint Unit hi 'ings ynti o a baking dish of oysters neviled Oysters Twenty-fiv lourlli cup green, flopped); one for (flncly chopped); ..^SS-S?? 0 "P K«h«"al u, Conn. (UP)—A skunk pepper (finely ,„ ^^^;;^b« » ^ p ^ r ;S; !; S SS' r=-= onion; two tablespoons r, II€PIK!I " on » c«e (raw • t™ P I!°" null i, U " C u beatlng ft relrcat ' minro,) ^—A... r°° ns or suom.= ^r ,.,..°. ', '• lwo tea-, until the air clenred the rehearsal gi'atrcl finely minced one Hard cooked eggs. Cover with wale,- nnd remove s *-"-'ub 11 v> ""&- J«'vv iv • —v "uii. u t l|| |l| C()|(l U-flffr I"D10 If too molsl. work-in t. degrees F.). Remove from flre Arid" ' - "" «.* Hit i held In ncitrby roons. Two squares unswMt*ned atp- thrtf *n.,.il: lene 1(0 sauce, 'ft « .CMC may be sllb Oils recipe but om lf croam Is — .« IV ., , M Kil >.v,. nnve eign nmrslmmlloTO cut in 'halves ana i arrange In grcnsed pan, eight by I four '"^.''Ploclng.cut sides - ! 0311. Kn " ppy may ba PURE Chilled By Safe - Sanitary ' Pint - 7c Quart - ]2c CRAIGS DAIRY Phone 74 I Q|ie-day A- Painting WALLHID! 'KEVlTOfltED OILPAIKI LWERIOR iy»LL r PAINLJ ""TSBUPGHPlATEGUSS 0 WilK WallliUlc your room <-ao Iw sctllcd Ihc same day wallsandceU- Inparc painted I Only one coat usually required. Free colorcard show* tlic la pelal-likc Wallhldc shau'cs. C.omL'3 in (he mo<lcrn "fiat" satin finish; also ffl inscral-Rlossforwood- t^ work, bathrooms and kitchens. 85c Quart UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... Quart... 70c White SHELLAC Gal. $2.60 Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH 8 rt=W Kxtr.i durable. For inifiinr g! «r rxtrtior Ir.f. Will 12-Quar{ PAIL 30c Each CALCIMiNE, AH Colors,.... Per Lb 12c Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITTSBIJRGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY The New 1935 PHILCO 45C VOU can chnose no finer gift *• for than .1 i'HIl,- PKILC0118X $100 CO, for it ia (tie magk ktj that unlocks a(. unfailing storehcnise «t the world's greatest ma.ic and entertainment! And whether you selccf a Corn- I pact or .1 larger model you can be sure of getting the greatest value your money can buy! Come in — see our )>ig selection. Sptcial Holiday Ttims and tioerjj Trtde-in Allowance HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. 4.Q ,7lcu> 1935 PHIUCOS ^X jT^TTi- Mffucti, t& cAtnrtZ

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