Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on December 1, 1927 · Page 13
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 13

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1927
Page 13
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"'" '•' COMMISSION S BD IN BNflfH A^I*»»Y )jtw**vf *^vwi ; At— ~v» j-— wati money 1 , tlfmef! hfehY4%! to*, 4; tttl* Ing rat«, 4; closing bid 4ftf tirtfe* *» ELIMINA PERHAPS 3(W OF 694 STATIONS taHm» merohantite paper, 3ft® 4, c* were in control state* during theisom hw been decided upon by if rfcdid commission,', \ Sam : Plekara, chftrtgeVfirm; ?«Mn> , 487 Italy ,., t Copper artd Green at fl«w hl*hr, Atch Belgium 13.61! king for his associates oft tho « '<•«» man, Kenf Cftnanek . ison had ah overnight polntu knd Peerless 1. .. and *mlt«n Rolled Beaflrig K point or ao lower at the •tirt, ^ftrnr larg« ttloeiw cha«re"d hitta*" afe th« ditae't. f • > J ' Rurther realizing and short- dell* tint in important stocks .developed - in the fit-it half hour, V, 8, Steel and General Motors receding i *,«M$4 respectively and Montgomery Ward extending its. loss to 2tt, -Vfhile eev erttl others felt back A point or so. American Machine 4 foundry rose nHrly 6 points to a new 'high of 177. White Sewing machine ,sold iC B% points higher, and Atchlson increased its early gain to 4 pomts. Large olfettngs of Radio Corporation were thrown on the market, but it work* «d its way up to 10i» a-'iiew-flUgh before reacting to 99.. "jroungstown Sheet & TuBe, Curtis "Aflrdplane; "Got- lins A Alktnan and American Radiator Were among early firm' ipotsV .while losses of a point or more'were sustained In the first Half houF by Commercial Solvents,-May Depart' tnent stores, International T«lo«' Jrtib'ne, Armour of Illinois preferred and a few others. ,N An overnight drop of 14 points ,in> Spanish pesetas to 18,28%- cents 'ateat'ured tho foreign exchange open*, ing. » i ' Dealings were more confused in >he'forenoon any other v re« <Sent session. Occasional selling of General Motors/ on the announcement of the Ford schedule of prlc-' 0s was counterbalanced by the great ^trength of' some of trie' investment 'railroads and several of. the Independent Motors, Nash* points. Midland preferred broke T} selling ex-dividend Steel and rising-' 3 Products DuPont, 11, JB;, Austria..,. 14i09; , Japan Montreal • «'J WITNESS RELATES HOW HE RAVED AT MENT10N\OF HIS ,; , t , WIFE AND DODGE ;t 4 ..' >f >"•*-•';.'^- ^ > <• ^ i '<< ** *"^*iV*'' ' ii J. "" ^..Lt^. ^* _ * J 'l* »1I^/ ^Jili the former, bootleg chief was,, insane, _________ relstfd today John ... Rogers, a' reporter for^the St Louis P.ost-Dispatch the mtJrder o Remis' ( trial Jtor tiTlfe,'' Imbgene. 6%, dipped to .150 , , • , The renewal rate for call . loans Was, unchanged at 4 per cent 1 . The closing was irregular* "Sales 2,800,000 shares. 1 * Closing Prices All. Chem. & Am. Can Am. Car.A Fdy_ ............ 103" Am. Loco ........... . ...108 Am. Bad. ... . .......... , ,136'/.j Am. 8m. & net.' . . . .^. .,. ...174Vi Am. Sugar ex-div . .', ... . . .. GO Am, T.'& T. ... .......... 179 Am. Tob. "B"-,.". ...~. ..... 17G& Am. Wat. tVks. .; ........ 01 Am. Woolen ... ... ... ... 22>/4 Anaconda .,."..* . .. ... ,•.,. 53 Atchison ... ' All. Cst. Line Atlantic Ref ...... . ....... 114 " Baldwin Loco .'.. ..V- .'.V .25'4» / i fiall. & Ohio ......... .... .117% riarnsdall "A" .......... 24% Beth, Steel ............... 64% Calif. 3?et ...... .„„ ......... 22% Canadian Pao. ex'-dlv ...... 203% Cerro de Pasco ........ .'... 67^6 Chea. & Ohio . ......... .. .207 <|hlc. Mil. St. P. pfd ........ 33% ($hic. & N. West, ex-dlv. ... .89 tfnlc. R. I: & Pac. ... v . ...108% Chrysler .......... , ..... 57^ Coca Cola ..... . ....... ...124% Colorado Fuel .,. ... ... ...-"^^i Col Gas. & El ......... , ... 1)0% Cons. Gas 1 ... ... ... .1. ...118% Corn Prod .......... .' . . . 87 , Crucible Steel .,.' ...... ., . 80% D0ago*,Bros "A" .. ... ... . 10% Du Pont do Nom ex-div. .... 310 Ki-lo ................... 62% Fleischmann ............ OS 1 ^ tfreeport-Tex ..... . ... ... . 951/4 Gen. Elec, ... .... .......... 131^4 General Mot. ... . . ........ 128^4 Gen. Ry; Big. .- ..... ... ... .122 Oft. N. Ir. Ore ctfs ........ .. 24 dt. Northern pfd ........... DfliJi "Houston Oil ., Hudson Motors 111. Central, Int. Com. Eng ..... , ,,, . 53% lt»t. Han-e^ter ... „.. , ..... 239% ^Int. MerJMar. pfj(l .......... 38% Int. Nickel ...... , ........ 88% Ijht, Paper , ........ ... ... 70% Northern Pac. ... , ....... , , pa Packard ...... . ........ 65% P4n. Am, Pet "B" ...... ,. . 43 Param't Fam Las ...... .,, ,109 Pennsylvania 1 ... ....... ,,, 65M Phillips Pet ........... ,, ,"4194 Pierce-Arrow .......... ,. 3.3% P.OStum ........... , ...... 122 Reading ............... 108 R«p. Ir, & Steel .. Reynolds Tob '*B" St,L. A'San Fran ... ,., ...110 s Seaboard Air Line ..... , ,,,, 30% S*Ars Roebuck t-. ... . ..... 85»4 Sinclair Con. OH ..... , ... , 10% So. Dftirle* "A" ,,, .,, ,,, , 21 ^ Southern Pac. ,,, .,, ,., ,,.119% Southern Ry , ..... ,. Skelly Oil ,,, j,. ,,,* BJ. Oil, In<J. ,,, .„ ,,, ,., , 78% St. OI|, Cal. ,,, ,, ........ 55 B 4 St. Oil, N. J. ,,, St. Oil, N. Y.. Studeboker ,,. ,., ,,, ,,, ,,, 53 V4 Texas Corp. ... ,,. , M ,,, . 53% Texas Qulf Sul. ,.. ,., ,,, ,,, 70% Texas &Fac ............ : 100 Pac, Ld. Tr ....... .,, 24% Roll Brg. , ......... 127 trtjlon Oorblde ...... ,,, Union Pac. ... , ..... ,,, ,,.193 U. S. Ind. Ale ......... . ... 89 U. S. Rub ..... ,. ,,. ,,. ... 5574 . ,67 Maryland ,,,. ... ,,..63H *yejBtingh. Elec. , . ... ,..,.. 92 ?& VPniys-Overland ,..;., ,,,,., 15 % tYooiworth ... ... ... ... ,» .lt»5% i'ellaw Tk ........... ,. ,... 3051 Inter. Tel. At, T«ir ...... ,,. .igou City South. ... ,,. ,,, ,. 02% 82*4 Val. ., uoui*. & jfasji Wacfc Truck 1 , Warland Oil . «o., Kan.,* Missouri Pac. .,, ,,, ,., »M »M •»• tf • • •• »«l 94% 41H 62 H f " Rogers was re'calfed for re-dfrept examination" today at the opening ol coUrt." "During the Jack Daniels trial at Indianapolis, when "Remus was being held an a witness, George Con* uors, a Remus associate,, and I were with him 1 rine 'night in December when«John 8. Berger of Los Angeles came into the room and said George, your wife and Dodgo are now down on .the fourth floor having a' high ball party'," said Rogers. "Remus leaped from his chair as if he* had -been shot, shrieked and dashed for the. door, i ' ^ 1 i- "Connors and I oyerpowered him and" forced him back into his chair. ''Remus , raved for ten or fifteen minutes. - He upbraided us in a high f&lsettO voice for not perm'lUlns him* to go and defend his honor, "He talked wildly, struck 'at vis, and then ^calmed 'down and bncame tranquil 'and apologetic. Then he had a bad attack of nervops prostra« tion." . ,-r v Whiskey Contract in Dodge's f Writing A contract alleged to fiavo b^en in the handwriting of Franklin L. Dodge, Jr., fo,r disposal* of several hundred barrels of whiskey owned J,y~ Remus was read to v the jury. Rogers identified it yesterday 'as having been one of the subjecto of a discussion between Remus ,and his wife' here several months before he' slew her. , ' Remus Paid His Expenses '' The prosecution tried to regain ground today by showing that John B. Marshall of Juneau, Alaska, farmep government official In the territory and at St. Louis, Mo., had been maintained here at Remus' expense for more than a month. He was an important defense witness. Marshall, a special government attorney in the Jack Daniels whisky warehouse case at Indianapolis, in which. Remus testified for the government,' yesterday 'added his opinion that Remus was insane. ,. Today he admitted that he left Juneau three days after ' he hod read Rem,us had shot and killed hie wife in Eden park here. He left, he said, oven before /a request came from Remup. There, the prosecution sought to show, his bill was paid by Blanche; Watson, Remus' secretary. Marshall admitted he remained there only a few days and then went to Remus' $750,000 mansion here. For the last month he has been back downtown at another hotel where his expenses have been paid by others. Denies Conspiracy Conference. Mrs. August Bruck, wife of- a witness of yesterday, testified that she, with her husband and another man, had been ^v|th ^ Remus at the hotel SJnton here the night before Mrs, Remus was slain. The proSecutloij has maintained that at a conference at that time and place Remus, Miss Watson, George Klug. a Remua chauffeur and George Connors, a Remus adherent, entered into con- splracy with the execution of Mrs. Remus by Remus aa the objective. Mrs, Bruck denied that the- name of Mrs. Remus had been mentioned at WERE declared today thai the Resale reduction in the operating "«"**-' stations hid been d>* the only tpe'afcs of en- fiittNpublic litUtfeatio'n' of JSkAf*. M^utfetuifot^M f f ** * * f i i raulO p098iplUu€S< • , s / / * t J •MW^ta*^ Explains, ' he "iity 1 radlo\ commission,' th!e tMsce Action it neceBsary'Wtdelay 'the oppllcatlon df the federai'authority; to' th^eUnd fdesired until >ihe law 'creating 1 the had beett- tested and until .they, sm'to&fc to make f utt obaerva- Soft of conditions; in the>adlo fleld. added", that there had-'been 'euf'' nt ,<J,eWrf kcUon uponVLay's^pro 1 ' h'to ittsure the commission's autriority, 'while" the contin*ious;con- gestion fn th«i >:£dio field" had demon'- Itrated thtt-Ttejcesslty offthe step. d to Be Followed [ > i the method 'of >llmtrf' BY MAlMWItffi MOWB DIXON t if your frien* likes roust consider the reefpJiSiiit o« tMs gift slightly,— if ftKtT is ultfra' mddern > and sophisticated you will have trouble at ail finding something to pjease hei-. ''But ««pp6&6 he is really and truly Imid-VictoWan,—welt then ating" stations (that .... intended to addpt, Mr. Packard said '•'•"'' * -" v • outstanding Broadcasting expiring Dec.'81 jwould be continued to Feb, 1. Thereafter the commission would consider elfmina- tion recommendations." from, t. Its radio inspectors in therfleld,.' '»"] In "detertAining which strftiohs ( bay survive, the commission, e'xpectfc to use the standa^s set. up'- by the tadlo law and, ,tV grant licensee to those enterprises which it considers to be nHo^t needed by public convenience, interest and necessity. HERE ARE PRICES OF t THE NEW FpRD CARS Detroit, Dec. 1.—Here are "the prices on the new Ford car, all f. t o. b. Detroit. Tudor Sedan ... ...J406 Fordor Sedan'... .' ', .....$670 Coupe...,. ... ,. ....... • ... ..$495 Sport Coupe ...... ... ». ..... $S60 Phaeton.. .., . ............. ?3 96 Roadster ..... ' ............. $386 Roadster ^witlv pickup body Chassis.. ..."... ._, • , Trucks Truck Chassis '. . Truck Chassis with cab .. Truck chassis^wlth cab and body .$396 ..$32I> $545 ?600 Truck chassis with s cab and stake body.. .1 • ... Truck chassis with cab and" plat' . 'form bodyv... *. net you •Wijl htiVe to select with greater eare,.'hlB gtfi., '<?f course he would iiever admit' h* was mid'Victorian,--- they neVer i!ot But If ydu ke"ep in rnfnd'hfs befng, ter'y conventional and, matter-off act and Conservative you, will doubtless be able to select some little thing: he will really like. If your friend is,, collecting antiques,, say some jpariicular thing,— like old clocks, or old' glass, or second and third grade readers, McQuf- fy'a preferably,— ydur task is 'some; what simpllfled,—&nd then again it isn't. " Because your 'flearch mav lead you far afield, — but ft' will be a fascinating search' for all that.' , For the Antlque-o-phlle You may find the very thihg you are looking for,, in Home tiny amiaue shop in another town, < and. at* the same time a^pair of those chatming- ly elegant ladies of fashion of the Bigh teen-twenties that you have been, wonting for,' ever so long. To one who, enjoy* it, there is nothing quite sol delightful as to bi;cvvse around in ,an antique shop. , For contract, let us return ttsoun ultra modern- • young person who teels, and 1 quite sincerely too, f that the lovely things that originated in the Paris Exhibition of' Modern DecOB&tlve Arts are 'perfectly darling/' >Is .there' something J fo*;'her? MILWAUKEE SHOOTER DIES, *»* Milwaukee, Dec. 1.—(AP>—Arthur Stern, Who slioTanafkilled/Gusf Zeller ear,ly Tuesday at the breakup'of a pdrty celebrating the reconciliation of Stern and his wife, Evelyn, died 'today frtyn a 'self inflicted bul- Ves indeed. 4 The' Low k Perspective • To, begin with in the mzOotn art it seems to be largely a matter 'of perspective. That sounds r likfc 'the veriest bromide,—but It isn't': 'A' low perspective especially characterizes the modern things. One is^oxrected to sit on a cushion, or lowjstool, Or at the very highest on 4 benph lower than the average chair, v Wh'ch is eighteen inches from-the* flexor. s For this purpose theTf are'lovely gay cushions to sit'on',—and a tray . ,$695 (along side of an unustial shapa; with ^. mirror top ahd^feet, that bring it the-- least Ibit* higher than the cushions. • - she may enjoy a flew wrought iron-Mand that holds three pots at different heights. The shape suggests a" huiky and vigorous- sunflower, but is paint' ed red,. Bottles filled with colored "water ere made into lamp's and having bright pleated shades, fit irt very well with the modern effect. !A Very new and lovely thin* In the way of a light was held by a kneeling figi|r6,in, pottery on an onyx base. 'The clouded glapn she held upright reminded you of a calla ll)y> in its center was a flame- shaped white electrio globe. The effect was at once dignified ani moist- unusual. If you have friends who like glass, you.w'ill find some very excellent things Awaiting your selections. For the hostess" there is a punch bowl with glasses to match, The punch bowl Is hig\ and has a dome-shaped lid. , At one side is a notch- for, the handle of the ladle to, project. TJhe bowl and glasses, are painted with sprays of flower*. A handsome tray completes the set. For one who'en- Joys the sun room or porch, there are several kinds of.,lemonadtj sets. A' basket tray holds-the pitches with glasses set around it'and has h high handle over all,, so thta it may be carried easily. .These sets come in different colors, rose, amber, green ahd so on. In the sante part of the store, intricate arrangements of £lass beads are made for gifts,— peacocks and pheasants and birds,— such odd birds that never were. are things that make one catch one's .breath at some of the Jewelry shops. Mere ag*ain the ancient and'modern fife sharply contrasted. If ( the one to whonvyou atje gMng, care's"* for old'things, you will find the Jewelers have collected some of fhese for you. Little sets are available, for instance a necklace, a pair of earrings and a brooch, that match, and Were made for tho belle of, 1780. Some times a pair of bracelets are included. , The 'modern things have much charm and great beauty of workmanship and design. SoraO of them attain a delicate frested effect by setting tiny diamonds In platinum. There s are so many things from which to choose,—rings, pins, hat ornaments, bracelets, watches, blocks, cigarette coses and so on. "Just What I Wanted! 1 Jewelry for'personal adornment has been influenced strongly by fashions in dress. Simple hats have- called for greater variety in hat Ornaments. Wide bracelets are worn. Pin»- are used for the shoulders ttr hip, where formerly bar pins were used in the open collar Of ghlrt* waists. Pearls fit in with so morty kinds of costume sthat they have littd great popularity. Consider tWe one on whom yov are about to inflict your gift, (Alas, som» ( gifts are ,an infliction, aren't they!' It makes one perfectly tftolp to have to say "thank you" for *hem). To give that very thing io the most fun of all. May you succeed Speaking of beads, if one id able in pleasing each of. your friends is to give Jewelry'for one's gift, there'I cur'parting good wish for ycilt' '^ - Mr.^ Coolldge Turrts Crusader let the meeting, Orrin Webber, 750? North Hoyne avenue, Chicago, ,wft« the next witness. Webber said he i»ad known Remus ten years, He saw him three or four days, after Remus was released from the Atlanta federal penitentiary, He told Remus, he said, that Mrs. Remus had bought a motor car for Franklin .L. Dodge, Jr., that Mrs. Remus had changed the engraving on the Remue silver to the Dodge Initials and about Mrs. Remus taking Remus' whiskey certificates to Dodge at Lansing, Mich., tho Dodge home, • ' ELGIN YOUTH ACQUIRES/ QUITE LENGTHY TITLE MadIson, v ,Wis., Dec. 1.—(lW-*Wftt lace" M. Jenson of Elgin,' Illinois,' ling been appointed assistan^ general chairman'and director of finance for the prom of the class of 1929, V "WH- lard Mom&en, prom chairman announced today. A giff of a table to fit in 1 wUh the I6w perspective might ( be mtfolf appreciated. There kf$\ several kinds. One was composed 'of three circular glass shelves graduated in si?>>, the smallest at, the - top. Those Imd a center'rod surmounted by a cut crystal handle, and the base of thi* rod was al'sllver star. Another tabto was of a most amusingly odd si ape, painted orange with ^nieer little shelves and nooks below it.' Book-ends' and Flower-bowl^ If she has such a table you may want to give her something for it; and th'ero are many new.thinrs Crom which- tb, choose. There are delightfully weird grotesques from Austria. Some of these have no more serious purpose in this world than to be laughed i at. Others are ash trays or incense burners. Chinese elephants with their fine reserve of modeling fit in beauUfully with the modern art. ' Bowls for flowers come in never ending varieties. This year low ones of,odd shapes'are especially designed to hold cactus plants,' Surely one cf, thepe low tables if a warning In the way of many-spined Crtctus sat on top of. It. , ' A New Thing-ln Light \ ''"*•" Nat-row Cfeo-R&mu irt Artist Manuel r Rosenbcrpr of the Cincinnati Post and NEA Service y graphically, sketched George Remus, former Cincinnati bootleg Wngr his cell/where the former lawyer is mapping out his fight for life again 4he charge of wife v murder. Notice the typewriter, office chair, coatV and> bowl for hot and cold ivater ijt the cell* The upper bunk tn v the? is showft'folded against the wall, Remus having Jio celt-mate. During, hours when not in the courtroom,' Remus sits for hours at his s type'vp$i outlining his defense. Above are sketched Remus' jailer and the '*<] ^ to his cell. ' ' " < %•*' * After Plane Crash in Hills r-f-- '"A-ytv-i^ 4 ***&} -r^m 1 ^' President Coolidge has turned' crusader>—for health. You see.him here buying the first 1927 Christmas seals from little Mona Laurent at the White House. Alexander Alekhipe, Russian chess master, ir the new i world's champion and Joe Capablanca (Inset) .loins the ranks of "ex's" as a result of Alekhlne's victory at Buenos Aires in the 34th game of their Jong series. Alekhlne, shdWn above seated at the board, says he is ready to defend his title, but not before 1029, and stipulates that ther^frst challenger should be Capablanca.- T LUMINARIES OF THE LILUENDAHL TRIAL OKJGIN OF FLBVR D« LIB The use of the fleur 4e Us as a symbol of royalty cannot be traced further back than the Twelfth century, and, it Is probably not of French origin, It is said ^o occi^r in addressee O f Egyptian end tftft symboj was in. an r prhoraenf of Greek, Roman, Spanish and English kln^s. )s g, gooij reason why many Jose ' theif ' temps^ when they . T}»« n«rve» on the giito of th« are linked closely to th* anger o?, the -brain, and caus*«'trQuble. This out in * recent on« fact HBL» JN QUK PLOT— John^B, Mannerston of San Francisco, head of the Pacific Arms Corporation, has been held on a charge of running guns 'from California to Ohio gangi sters. He' also faces charges of furnishing Mexicans with weapons, AHTKLK OK FOOJJ Qelatin is a protein, but it fcoks certain amlno acids found in other .•proteins, part,teqlarly those essential to normal growth ana development. It is therefore called an in* complete protein and does not take the place of me<U, It is, however, a useful article of food in a diet including .other proteins from well diversified sources and I* especially useful as a supplement to milk. All leader* in motion-picture work are today focusing the|p energies on way* and means of obtaining a ateit- dy supply of Intereating stories skil- fully written for camera and sweep, because they have learned that no pctoix or actress haa^jufficiejot hold on the , present "^ discriminating public fo carry the. burden of a, weals B. Hamp known writer. *\ Radio tablei and ^^flpwj^Fjt SWAN'S MUSIC STORE i* KV- Two United States army aviators, TS, R. Emory and WJWftra J), lost their lives' when their plane crashed iu the mountains Jn t woods at Chestnut Ridge near Unlontown, Pa, The picture ehowsT. wreckage, indicating the terrific force with which the -plane strqck earth. . •• H ii New Ship v for an Old Salt T' forthcomins Lilllea^hl murder tri^l aj; the Cape May Court,Houbf- at Mays Landing, N. J., (belpw) are to be played by the^e three 0«ft to right); Louis Depetto, the prosecutor, aa4 Jlob« H. McCarter »ni| Charles M, Philips, chiefs,' pf counsel <or. ^ lesjimony of Fred Anthony, (above) ntlghbor> of the slain physician, the ftate \>iU depnd heavily at the Ulat fit Mrs. -Margiifet Wlllendahl and Willis Beach' at Mays Laa4]mf, £»'. J., 911 « «fe ">'?! To

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