The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1948
Page 11
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TUESDAY, APRIL 20,19« OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with BLYTHEVn,I,K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Eurvior >4 WELL, I DOM'T THINK VOU GOT WHAT SHE'S GOT UPSTAIRS' I CAN'T DECODR At-W , MA.3OR, LET ALOiE Oie ABOUT A HORSE EMlMG. PILLS/ 80T BY THE TIW6 -too GET •WROLJ&H AMALVZIKG IT, YOU'LL PROBABLY H<XV6 A DERBV READ We RACINS FORW.TOO, ALL THOSE vAORSes TAK;& CONFOUND IT EMDURED THIS GPOPIMS, DARK UOMG •< ENOUGH/-~~ I'M G01KXJ OUT AMD <o6E< T146 OP AKi EXPERT NOTICB Notice I* hereby given that the underala-ned will within the time " ' by lav apply to the Commls- of Revenues ot the State of •» for a permit to sell beer »t retail at off-premise*, :»] E. Main, Blythevllle, Mississippi, Coun- The undersigned states that he 1« a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned ha« been revoked within live year» last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted ot violating the laws of this state, or »ny other state, relating to the sal* of alcoholic liquors. CITY DRUQ CO. INC. By Pete Thompson Subscribed and sworn to before me this IB day of April, 1948. Mrs. Marshall Blackard, (8EAL> Notary Public My commission expires March 9, Sometimes back pessure on the oil pump will cause a knock In the pipe leading to the oil gauge. This can be eliminated by removing a short section of the pipe near the pump or oil distributor and Installing a piece ot six-ply rubber Food Lockers For Rent Cold Storago Meat Curing Expert Processing and Quick Freezing for Home Freezers Groceries - Meats - Fish BLAYLOCK Frozen Food 21§t & Main Phone 2602 7X« SJnnocen By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENEE SKANN; DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE, INC. THE STORi-1 Pail>a.e« *•" <• iomdam tarrf llaiea a week >• alltaa *rraaa»ltlaa; .ckool. It •> lat aaly trttaoai allowed act .7 tar lw. .Id-,.. .Ion,. ,..,. waa aarr broacal ker a» • >< wltk IYBBBI aa* live* la the eaaa* trr. Om Ike toalmiith>|i Irala .be aacrla P..) Taylor. >b, II.,. |. • arl«k..riac ..< w fc, • »aa k!«<-ll atlraelta t» tke trim J«>"« Bill. Tke, aeetellr, fall Ik la*e. Tae ...1. In. ..I. . fare* Palleae* o«* Paal . keepa ker wora. a promlar »al la eankrok», ibt Ckarlotte. Pa- tm Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINAR1AK Call* Made—Farm & Town Day Phone 4484 Night Phone 2138 Sk* U Ban a «<axe -t.r. .<>• ap*B la a t.awdoa «aow. Apnallea "I '.*' "•"!"«* ««• ratlin.-* baa • krlomilr led. Cbarlolte la ar- Itrnlaea la »e* tbat ibt .«. .on.r TUB. 9br lavltta kcr la Laaaaa tor Ibr «ai. arr..r. ber auaril; Jroat kcr own wararobe. Patlc»» lo«k« (karalng. Ckarlnttr Iclla •«r tkcj air lontklaa -Ilk Ro«rr pirkiaa, popml.r aclori Joklnrlj k»«. ra<le»er a«l ta lake Roarer •war froai h«r. ;r PHE telephone bell rang at that \ moment Charlotte picked up ;the receiver. "Hello, who is that?" "Miss Carlotta? Mr. Breeden's \ secretary here. Will you hold the : line. Dlease? Mr. Breeden wishes to speak to you." Charlotte glanced back over her 'shoulder at Patience: "This is a call I've been waiting tor for ' weeks. It's Dwight Breeden. He's head of G. R. P. You know, [the big movie people. They're ijusi starting up here in England. i Hello, yes?" ;' "Miss Carlotta?' Uwlght Bree;den here. We met at a cocktail 'party back in the States, remem- ;ber?" I "Yes, of course. And you said j you'd get in touch with me when i I came to England." i "Sure I did. Well. I'm doing • so now. Listen, I'm casting a new ' picture. 1 want a premiere dan- •seuse. It'i a big musical. How {about our meeting for luncb toflay . and talking things over?" • Charlotte hesitated. And asked hersell angrily why her protes- sional life need Intrude on her jrivale life Just today of all days. Only this was a chance in a thousand. SwUlly she made up her mind. "That'll be grand," she mid 'I'd love to meet you." "Twelve-thirty at the Saw rill suit you?" "Yes, I'll be there." She re-, placed the receiver and iwung iround to Patience. "Sorry, darling, but I'm afraid you'll have to entertain Roger on your own. I'll eave a note for you to give him :hat'll explain things, it's fiendish bad luck', but when Dwight Breeden asks a girl to lunch, U she's any ambition at all she turns up with her boots blacked to see what's cooking." * a a . pATIENCE looked at her sister in horror. She told herself she couldn't face it. Not lunch alone with *ome completely strange young rnnn! 'Charlotte, I can't. Please— truly. I'd so much rather not—I'll be absolutely scared stiff." "Don't be silly," Charlotte said briskly. "Of course you're going to lunch with Roger! And what's more, my p«t unless I'm very much mistaken, you're going to thoroughly enjoy it" Patience swallowed hard. "But he's expecting you to be there, too." "That'll be all right. Hell see me this evening. We're dining together. Actually though I hope I'll be able to join up with you both at the matinee. He's got seats for the show at the Ad el phi. I'll come right along there -he moment Mr. Breeden has decided how much he's going to pay me.' Patience sighed. It looked at U she'd have to go through with it. "And it's going to be quite a lot," went on Charlotte flrmlj, putting on a hat which Patience thought looked exactly like a bunch ot flower* and arranging carefully the drift ol filmy veiling. "Now I'll 1us1 write two lines to Roger." She dnshed them olT at the writing-table and handed the envelope to Patience. She paused for • moment on her way to the door 'Don't be frightened of Roger. He's quite harmless really, Don't icrcam for help if he tries to mai-e a pass at you. Just tell hlnf you're not that sort of a girl." a a a PA'TIENCE bllnket!. "Charlotte, he—he won't do that, surely?" 'Well, my sweet, he may try to icld your hand In the theater. That's usually his preliminary maneuver." "But If he's In love with YOU?" Charlotte laughed wryly. "Darling, I very much fear that doesn't stop him making love to other girls. It's all right. Don't look so worried. Goodby for the . :lme being, rn you »t the theater. She was gone, leaving a flurry of perfume behind her. Patience looked at the door and wondered whether she'd dash after ier. At any rate whether she'd take the next lift down to 'he ground floor and walk quietly out of the hotel, never maybe to return to it. But if she did thi» Charlotte woul . think her such a little ninny. Besides she didn't really want to. Or did she? She didn't quite know. She felt In a whirl. Life as lived by Charlotte was something quite new to her. Did a man. meeting a girl for the first time, want to hold her hand at a theater? Supposing the girl didn't want her hand held? She certainly wasn't «oine to »11m» such a liberty. The telephone bell rang and she almost jumped out other skin. She picked up the receiver. "Hello," she said. "Hello, daring," said a man's voice. "I'm right here In the lounge waiting for you." "I— I'll come down." She replaced the receiver and picked up Charlotte's note and her handbag. She walked along the corridor towards the lilt wishing her knees didnt shake so absurdly. (To "Light" helium, weighing only three-fourths as much as ordinary helium, has been seperated for the first time by physlrlsts. DAY RATE HOUR RATE WEEK RATE DAV AND NIGHT NURSERY For Children of All Ages! Here's what folks with children have wanted for a long time! A responsible, safe place to leave their children while shopping, going to a movie or on a trip, meala are available, as well as clean NEW beds. ARTIE'S NURSERY Phone 2350 313 N. 2nd St. Real Estate, Business, Farm and Auto LOANS Existing names f or buying, refliuminB, building remodeling. rm lands and Auto loans. Quick Service. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY 1H S. 1st—Ingram Bldg.—Gronnd Floor ' Phone 519 *• F- "Dee" Dietrich, Manager "Complete Insurance Service" HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Furs • For Woolen, Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 SEE YOUR KAISER-FRAZER DEALER Get A New Car RIGHT AWAY! 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NOD KNOW HOW TED BUT V«E SOT WvV WHOLE ST^FF LOOKIWG FORWM JUST IN CASE HE'S Ik BIT uie SHOWING o» th'ser. THM'5 VERV COMfOftTII*G'...BUT THEN 1 WWJT HIH WWCHEP T3W ANt> WIGHT TILL WE'R-E THRU 5HOOTINS THIS KTURE'. TIL IEAKN THM PNtfrtlTE HE CAH'T «KII> OUT PA'JIiJG MWZ«UEE IN TIT CROOME ?ICIURE ANP KB - POWT SHOW Uf FOR WORK AMD IUL COtT *f THW MUCH EVERV DW HE HOLDS UP PROfJUCllOW! WE HHF1* AllOW FOR SOME Of HI5UTTLE -EK- ONHISTRNLTHM'LI. HOUHDHIMUPtl It Sounds Safe WAR«! I'llSAY' AWDOJSTTO THINK A CouaE OYNOSllHS ASO JUST rise TILL THE sots , , CAME OUV THE>» THEY ? )TrtA\OtO.A>3OfoTiOOFF AfJD WE DQtfl OUT THE HORSES IT WAS 50 COLD I USEOTROlirt s' RATHE SHAKES To PATCH A femes' LEAVE HE CLARK RA^CH- Here He Comes By V. T. HAMLLN IF I'M T MAKE 'EM PJU. UP STAKES ' MI TO TM' MLE IM*£» C TH1V BUILD .«. HEM. CW'lJZWlCM. PuW MY C»,BP5 OF COuXft.vmiH' TH'CHISFJr TCXiNf WLL hCLT BUT GIVINO THEM 7K'1DE^ ^ IIM- SHOT* VERY IMPORTANT.' TH'OLO CHEFS PEOPLE HAVE H&.EO Vf. D.'SNIFIED ENTiJANCf BOOTS AND HEK BUDUIKS 3 By EDGAR MARTIN WV\\C\\ V CfcVk rWV \0 VTt> URttOST

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