The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1931
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, CLASSIFIED ADS Two nails a word lor first Insertion snd cue cent a word 'or each subsequent insertion. No advertisement tf.keii lor less than 60c. Count U:o words and send the cash. 1'honc 306 t?AGfi JOUR BOARDING HOUSE FOH SALE FOR SALE—Ho:no Grown Flyers, Pickuul's Grocery, 1044 Clilcka- saivta. GL'-KW HIXI.v 111:111-: TUIMY I 15 mimilcs'ngo 1 first noticed him. I'SY .MriimoF.. i<i.)vnr-ntd 11 went out in tiio yard to call SRIH Sr\i Vurk nBlrc. miir- | ^j j bilw i] ]0 (1 OB |y| n g BQ [jlnd of limp, llo FOR SALE-Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Jjlj'tiicvillu. iU-CK-TF FOR SAI.B—Good, dry cook wood, Buchanan Coal Co., 1'lionc 10V. i 11P-CN I FOK SALE—Rov.-clcn Collon Sued. Weld) Foster, The Grand Leader. FOR RENT—Tim:;, five and six rcom residences, also a Inrnishcrt house. Dr. J. A Saliba, Phone -U8- ' 8c-kl5 | rlra Jill \\ AI.I.AI »ln- i.n-i-u lilni til ll:r [mini- or her M.-nUl.y i-mii.lii, A.VM-: II1I1W- br AI.AS c'linsilV, li.nrli rriim n srnr imil n half In L'nrl*. mill \\n\- iaci-'a tliiiu-rc EIHM JUM lirnkcn rln-I' rJiAUicruir-nl. 'Jhrrr I* nil rim.nix-r l/i {hi- uiilnu. Wnllarr t-* [i 3111111;= ImVM-r. llirj 1:0 to lil» Ilium. In Turrit Cily \vltrr* III* rclathcn • null i:>|i>.y. .i:.n llliklrrtiilif* Ihr [IrlcnM- ill MN V EtUIICItTS. nrrilftrJ or nllir- derive hrr riiililujri-r, llll. I'DW- 1.1:11. Tl:i- i-.-i-.i- Ii Hi-n-mlniml 11 IHi npiiliiMl llu- ulrl, nnii (;>|>s,j- lir- rmilrx dcriily intrrfnli-J. Slip BTin-.i In M«-r Mils. l-'OWI.i:it, ivlil.iw iir the ilrlhii, nti-J findt her hj'strrl- i-ul ovi-r lirr :iilii|iti-il mm'a ninr»K. Tljr n.imnii nilinltn fclir -.hut lirr jiiikliiiiiii In mvc the cMM'a llfi-. <'?[>*>• lirrBUUili-Ji [irr to L- ;> In Jim itnj rnnfrftn. .Mnn I* aiT'lunl uml (hm- ila>» Inlrr JIul uaij fiyiihy limp, llo was mailing those queer tiMseri Just like ho Is now. Sam came uud looked at him, too. rind eald ho illdn't kiiovf what was ll:e mailer—" Gypsy reappeared. "Iir. I.oomls h comliiK right away," B'UO said. "Oh. Pat. darling. I can't bear to hear you cry! Ttiis Is dreadful, Jim. Isn't there something wo can do?" X|'don't Ilko t)io way bla cres look," Jim complained, lonri' lug forward and ElarlLg at I'nf Intently: 'Dr. Loouils mid lio bad a cliaucel" Laler Uynsy Btolo out of tho mom aud left tho two together. IJusk cumo and Jim did not turr, on tlio llelit In tlic living room. When dinner uas served ho refused to leave "FOR RENT FOR RENT—Four room House and , garase. Newly papered, on pave- i incut. Garden ylautccl. $12.50 per i month. L. Fowler, Phone 450-J. 28C-KTF FOR REST— 3 room furnisued flat, 1 yarage and coal liousc. Call I 618-W. _ ___ 7 ^ ' FOH RENT— 5 room bungalow on Uougan, newly de'jonued, hot and cold water. Apply Ike Miller. Phone CSS. 1C-TF KOW til) ON WITH Till; STOUY CHAPTEIt XXXI. tlT'LL. go ill with you." Jim said when lliey reached llic IIOUEC. "I've EOt a Iwnl: of Harrison's I meaiit to return a week age." Jlo left Hi" roadster In the ilrivu way. They euicrc-ci ar.:l fjypy had. taken off her hat aud was fluffing ' '°,,' 1 , out her hair before ihc minor wncn OSI "-' C '' "•= Matlhla appeared. "Sny, M!s* Wallace." stie said, "there's something wrong wl'.h liiru I JIM was oylt'S tlio terrier. Pal •* had twisted around so that IK was lyliiK with his lieail hctvveei | hb iiaws. Tlie.eyes that had been j 153 bright wc-ie dull. 1'at raised i them pleadingly to his master i Gypsy nutlccd that the tilt of lail I wlitch luvarhljlv w:-,^? I la gay, urccliui; was still. ! S!iC sllpl'id tjir. 1 .-!! M II'.L' lloul • and sic..-i:-.-d tl:i' ''•-- "--'I ! Iho dos. Gypsy 1 sal by Tut whilo her husband Eiiatched a liaaty meal. Then she went to tho table and Jim look up bis watch again. At sovcu ho Insisted. I/oomls should [\]'.:-.: i'.'s !•.!:• ] \vi.-ili 1 ki..-'- 1 . i the ptilstin. ] ii'- ,,u waal FOR RENT — 0 room Hcarn St., newly painted. Call 678. papered nnd ; 4C-TP FOR RENT— Bungalow, 319 East Kentucky. Key at 313 Kentucky. ! •1P-K9 WANTED ' POULTRY WANTED—Market pri- i ces. any quantity. Marilyn Hat- [ . che-ry, 210 S. Fourth St. OC-TP j POULTRY WANTED — Market,; prices paitl at C. L. Bennett Co. | Feed Co. 210 N. Hailioad St., wcs'.' of courthouse, ,T, E. Fisher, Phone | 64. ' 24C-TJ?! to try." "Y^:-. he fail! '.:•.'••'• '•• '":• Dr. l.o,-.]-:l.' an i:i.i::-;l:l it «'ii« . iioison. oli. will I!IK'S:I'I lie cun.e? •""viiat's the matter with P»tr | ™\*^\™^ 0 , lhe OEe -., do:,', know Only lie cer,a,n,y' "" „ ^^ does act sicl. He's ,yln« out l,ac, \ ^ ^ .^ [( ^ ^ of Iho bouse making queer noises- and Iryintf lo move as Ihou^li suinc- Ihins hurt him. I never saw him acl IhH v:ay lieforo—" Ji:n did not wait to listen. He burricd throusli the house ivith Cy;.sy and the cook close behind him. ncnca'.h a Iree a tew yards from the kitclien door *vas lhe hud- 'lie reporl from Iho second flsl s moio bopetul. Tho vetorlnarlai K.ilil ho hcllnved I'at would pul ;liri)iii;!i. lie savo luslructlona to ! the di-s's care ueil day. Again 1 .•.ny[l:ii:K unusual transpired h airbed ID lie iiolificd. ••;.!>• land —ULG way Mr. Wallac .HIS yir.l'ii llllllk II WR3 a that «:ii sick!" Malllila declared t j liypsy. Tliey wcro In tho kltcben j "lint he's lifid Pat ever elnoo th j iloE was a tiny puppy." tbo gl said, "llesldcs. Pal's such a EOOI i dot! U nearly breaks my heart to ' soa him lie there sufferlnE and 60 kclpless. H'B so much worse because ho can't tell us how he feelb!" "Pillful. all right," Matilda agreed balf-heaitedly, "but 1 herer "(icitliiR fur iilu'hl, nrou'l you. 1 " Jim asked. "Hut 1 Ilko to discover row places, it's biith fun. Sco-lsu'l It (ruiiruiil?" "Tell you what we'll do," Jim announced. "How nljout drlvliiK out to Jackson'a Creek Sunihiyf ou'io always talking about llowciii. ay—you'll llnd vlolcla out tlu-ro ilck RS a carpet on the ground. Vhlio ones, moslly. They trow — on each side ot tno cruc-k vheio lhe Trees ehtido Ihci'n. All InJj ol wild llowcr? out there. I on't hcllovo tho kids to out them iny moio tlio way they used to. at uiiu' holo In my day." "I'd love to go. Jim! Miitllila can pack ft luuch mid we'll make It a picnic." (!ynsy made plans for tlio expedition enthusiastically. It was (lio . Creek wns tho old swim- I to havo my hands o;: him for Just I about livo minutes!" The shrill ring o( tha doorbell cut Iho. air. Matilda answered and a moment lalcr a small man la a llo carried a , Mr. Wallace, sick dog. dark suit entered, medical case. "How do you do Understand you have Where'll I End him?" "Here," Jim said, pointing to -, saw such goings-on over a sick dog before." Thero wero to bo further "goings- UJ i." All through the night Jim and Gypsy alternated In constant vlBll over Pat. J!m ntayed with tho dog until ouo o'clock. Then Gypsy appeared, -wrapped In her yellow tathrobo, and chould cot Insisted sleep. thai he At four MAN WANTED to deliver famous Watkins Products to sr.tislied users in Blytheville. Steady repeat business wits satisfactory earnings assured to reliable, energetic man. No experience necessary. Write at once. The J. R. Watkins Company, 7055 W. Iowa Ave, Memphis, Tenn. LOST AND FOUND dlc-tl lillle black and while figure. Pat's head was turned nsvay from them. Tlie man dropped to his knees, i— — -,, , , „ Doc He seems pretty oau. "What's tlie matter, old fellow?" lie, ^ ]]ropr i elor O f tho pet hospital asked. approached Pat. "I see," ho said An agonized moan shook the ler- specnlatively. Ho knelt beside the rior conva:sl»cly. H must have! terrier and studied his eyes, A ' , , , . . , , -. ! moment later he had the medical hurt him for he cried out .beo V.-KII n nnm nn lh(1 lal) , 0 ftnd was ple . a succession of liigh-pilclied n-hiiii-i ^ uilsturc. Jim held the LOST—One marc mule abaut tell .years, old, branded with "C".-on right shoulder. Parly taking this mule ieft an o'der mule instead. Finder notify 13. P. Reynolds, Box 161, Blytlieville. So reward 4p-kll LOST — Key Ring, containing 4 keys, Saturday. Finder return to I (Jo"nri?r News. Reward. OP-K9 j FOR RENT—Three, five and six] room residences, also a furnished house. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 410. ners. The litllc head turned ; dog'a bcily rigid v,'hile the vetei- sliKhtly. Two tortured dog eyes \ inarian forced tho doso 'down the lonlied'into Jim's. j auimal's throat. There wcro wrltb- "llc's been poisoueil!" Jim \Val inj's aud (vriss'lngs and more cries lace exclaimed. "That's what's IIP.K ; of pain. For nearly an hour Dr. pencil!'Uyp3y. cnll Loomis and tell I i.oomis slaycd watching the. dog irying to relieve his torture. "1 can't promise anything," the veterinarian said as he finally turned to leave. "It's impossible him to come over here. Tell him to hurry." The girl ran into tlio house. Gently Jim lified the litllc dog. t>ui ' ucuuy jim HHun inu nuii: "lut. uut luriitii m iirav^ AL^ imyw.M.u.*. in spite of his cnrc Pat's enteric.-'. to l« sarc hov/ much of the poison weie. plaintive. Ho" writhed end I ih? dos swallowed. If he didn't ge PERSON; with cadi movement tha 1110311:0:;' continued. It wa3 the v.aii of agony anil weakness, almost like a crying child. "Steady, old fellow! Kasy ll-.c-re." .._, „...- .... Jim murmured as be barn ihc itr-jaboul seven o'clock, will you?" . rier into (he bouse. "Does it hurt "Von"re surri there's DOlhins mor loo much tho mcdicino ought to do the work. You can feel encourage< he's stayed alivo this long Most poisons work fasL Well, I'l =ay soc-.l day now. Give ir.e a rim GENUINE DUCO Authorized re- linishiiif; station. C. T. Sliamlin with Denton Chevrolet Co., Main ut Franklin. 3P-K24 NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE KOTfCE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That I, the undersigned as Commissioner of the Chancery Conr*. s of the Cliickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, acting under and by virtue of the author-1 ity of a certain decree daled Feb. 23. 1931. anct recorded in Chancery | Record —. Page — of the records, of said County, in a cause therein j pending, wherein the Missouri . BO badly? We're going lo make von well. Pat, oid boy! You're soli:;; to he all right." ile laid tiie little burden down on the davenport in the ItunK room. Pat's eyes were closed. A quiver ran through his body. The ymt ions caa do?" Gypsy asked am ".Xo'Jiing to do now but wail, ' I.oo in is said, shaking his head j "Tile animal has a cbance, right. II lucre's any decided chaag I'd like lo bear about It." dos tried to sijuinn to another He went then. Gypsy and Jim position, gave up ilia cSorL lingered beside the sick cog. I're "How long has ho bren like onlly Jim left lo iclcplionc that h this;" Jim demanded of MnliMa. j would nut return to tlie office tha "I don't know, sir. .11 ¥:.-*s &bcul | afternoon. o'clocl: Jim was back again, nlecpy- eyed but flrm In hln determination to take tha alrl'a place. Little Pal cemed Quieter. He was dozing. By morning they know the dog would recover. Pal oven rallied to 10 extent of beating a feehlo rat-lat-tat with his tall when Jim ooked in on him before going to be office. Thcro was gveat rejolc- ng In the household. Two days more and the terrier cemcd to bo romping as gaily as yer. nis antics, however, were governed by a new routine. Tbere vas no more trotting off by him- throughout the neighborhood when he chose. Fat remained In- doors'or In a square wlro runway at the back of tho house except when Gypsy took him with her on his leash. They went Ebopping each morning together and for long walks In the afternoons. Gypsy had discovered the country-side surrounding Forest City was glorious In May Lilac blossoms bad come aud fadet aud now plum and apple tree were loaded with snowy fragrance Whichever way sbe walked sli sniffed their houeyed sweetness Tbo trees wero In full foliage Tbeir fresh green branches waved llrsi time she and Jim had arranged an oullng—even such a small mio as a drive- liilo tlio country. Kho planned a lunch which Included cold fried chicken, fresh rolls, salad uud iilcklcs_nud a marvel ot n chocolnlo cako "vrlili llitck fmlpO Icing. Fruit and Iwu Iliermoa Hollies wcul Into lhe lunch basket— ono for Bleamlni; codec nud tbo other for Ico water. The- Sunday they hail selected vtas Iho second day of Juno. Tbo suu Ehoue br'&htly. Gypsy cnmo out of tlio house In u green knitted dress and Jacket. About her head, bandanna fashion, she had tied a scart of scarlet and black and gold. As Ebo 9te'p>cd Into tho roadster Jim grlaucd. "You look your name today," ho told her. "Yea sir—regular tyiisy!" "Any criticisms?" "Mono whatever. That was meant to bo a compliment." "Thank you. sir." Gypsy spoke demurely but her eyes bold laughter. She was blushing. Pat climbed up to bin post bcsldo them'and Hie roadster was off. It was almost noon wlitn Ihey reached lio uenrcat approach lo Jad;sun'B Creek. They left tbo car um! Jim. icarlug the lunch, basket, led l'io vay. The terrier pattered beside iim. "Hero we are," Jim nnnoniiccd. 'Say—It all luoka natural. 1 haven't )cen here In livo years." They were standing on n sloping blllslde. Through ilio trees 20 yards a\ray tho narrow stream flashed told In the sunlight. Tlio . VOELL -^ (JOW 15 "(Tie .secfce-T, AS -TOUD -To ME BV OLP -fr(E MOHAWKS' BOSS STARTS "To MOL5 A STARE pIREClty OF MlS All -feu. llOUl I CAM MV BOSS PIRECTLV . eve M" oo-r-STARE HIM , A RAISE: -fa 7 -RAISE, I'u AMP I'LL WA6ER GB-T A STV,-TRVi/Ae -To MAKE VoU VOUR I KY KEA MRVICF. \ttf- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES AU, ABOUT IT! By Martin ground, M Jim had predicted, was carpeted with bright green. Trcw. crowillag together r.t cUher side ot tho opcnilipc. east long, dark shadows. There was a path leading toward the creek. For a half hour Gypsy explored cscltcdly. Then they opened tho lunch hasliet. Jim spread a rolra on the ground and they did Instico to Matilda's delicious cooking. Tho terrier sat politely, ever r.lert for tid-hlls. Occasionally they heard bird calls. The leaves above rustled faintly. Otherwise tho scene was one of perfect peace. Jim Wallace leaned nearer lo tfca in stately grace. Thero wcrclslrl. "You're looking bautiful to- shrubes covered wilh yellow, pink! day." he said earnestly. "Do you ' know thai?" Gypsy raised her head. She Irlr-d (o laugh but tho laugh caught In her throat. For a long moment their eyes met. Suddenly Jim's * ..... u ...» arms w«« oroimd ller - lib - 1 ' 113 In a sunny hollow place j frets* against hers. at tbJ very edge of Iho cily. I (To \V> t-'alin^cd) and crimson blossoms. With a proud stnilo Eho exhibited to Jim one evening tho day's trophy—the Erst rose. • * • I T WAS a tiny wild ono sho had found NOTICr OF COJIMISSIONKll'S SALE NOTICE TE1 HEREBY GIVEN: That I, the undersigned as Co:n. mibsioner ol the Chancery nrairt Stale Life Insurance Company, ctj 0 f n,,. chickasawba District oi -Misa!., were PlaintilTs onrt W. S. s issipi>i COUIHV-. Arkansas, acini;; Crowcier, et at., were Defendants,; un( icr and bv virtue of th'j atitl'.or- I will on Saturday. May 2nd, 1931,-uy O f a ct-rtain decree d.U.-d Feb. '—' •'""- "f tlie Court |2Jnl, 1931. and recorded in Chati[ Blytheville.. cc , ry Record _. Paqe — of Hie ,snlc to the j records of ;~iici County, in a cause bidder the following dc-1 (herein prnding. whorcin the Mis- Life Iiiiwranco Coni- L-\\VKESCEVIt.LE, 111., (UP) — jaa-.iirlitcr of Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Ray. I her birth, last Jur.t-, Wniidi Ann Ray. nine-inoutlis-old [lias U living grand parents. At I were stKl alive. BOfiT -ro HfWE TO > 3 AND ,OTF o HALIFAX AT 4:35 P.M... PLM3E MrXTUTG M.vvw>60Na OooV VUXWt , BE. 6At MWit \-V ? WMX. FRKCKI.KS AND HIS FRIENDS nvjcr 1 at the front door Housc in the Cily Arkansas, c-lfcr for scribed real cstalc in the Chicka sauba Districl of Mississippi Coun ty. Arkansas. to-\vii: Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter and llic Ssuth- . cast, Quarter of the Soutluvest j Quarter of Section 29. Tvi». i 15 N'orth Rnnse 12 East con- ; tainiii^ 60 acres, more or less, i Said sale w ill be made upon a' cicdit of three mouths ar.d the ] tv, purcliani-r will be icquired to exe-, cute bond v 1th security to be np- \ proved hy said Commissioner. Said • sale will he made for lhe purpose i of satisfying the judgment in the i above entitled cause. i WITNESS my hand as such Com- i misfioncr on this 1st day of; April. 1931. , R. L. GAINES. I CoEiimiis:oiicr. Invest With Safety <j'< paid quarterly on full paid stock, $100 and up. Gtim'aufecd by first moi'tiiagc loans on homes in lilytlicvillc. Secured and Insured. Biyihevilie Building g Loan Association W. M. Burns, Sec. souri State pany. ct a!., were Piainlilfs r.nd J. IE. Tlnelkcld, et nl.. wrrc nef:tid- • ants, will on Saliiriicy. M.v 2r.d. : 1931. at til? doer of t'ne Court j Hotiss in ihc- Cily ol Blytlicvillc. ! Arkansas, cfier for sale tu Ills : bidder Hie followiiv.; de' FCi-ihcd real estate in the Cliiclia- sawba District of Mississippi Cou'n- ,-. Arkansas, to-wit: Scul!-.ess'. Quarter of tlii" North- cast. Quarter ol Section 22; and the Southwest Quarter of the N'orchv.est Quarter c.t Src- lion 23. T-.vp. IS Nrrth Ran;o 8 subject to rl;lil of way oi til. 1 Jonesboro. i.nke City nnd dbtein Kalhvay, ccn- tair:in3 73.50 acres, tv.o:-; or i less. . : SAID sale v.-ill br rai(ie upon a 1-8 ! cicdit of three mori;!r, nnd tli?piir- : -ici'.astr will be rc<v,ilicd lo cxccnlc I bcnil with .security to be approvic! , said ccr.imi.viioncr. Said sr\!c j will be made for the purpose of ! "WKI-U Ol<' ALL THINGS! THE "TU1SP TO ~W& DEPOT.... ; AH' \& ASUEO f.'.e TO <x> ;'j;iTU HIJA HE'S A i-l 1 GO \MITrt HlNi? SAY TO IM AU AMJFOL HURRV !! By Blosssi IPSA OP M3t> <SSTT1MS SUCH WOTIOMS IHTO WASH TUHT5S CAlM *~t. pV.llOAVl ISLAND IS THROWN iUTO fV ' - —" satisfying llic j-idgm:nt in the; above entitled cause. j WITNESS my hand a5 such Com- j missioner on this 1st day cl I April, 1931. j K. 1- C.A1NES. I I MUST TAJIK "HKD CAT' CLEVELAND. lUI'l—Jokes ill I iir .Red C.U. student p'.;b!ication at ! \Vi.'.stein ISi'serve \."iiivc;>ity, miiit be "taiurd do-.™." acrordins to , D^an W. D. Tra'i'.man who't'nval- i ens ti'.e papcr'n cxtiucticn ii his I Instructions are not obeyed. THK""l{i:Tr_H^ OF "SU3 tS! "HUM, DAWSON By Cr.'i. OOIM' BOS LOOSE; tsi U, 0,-cCLt j -, J'M? / DOM' N'OJ W- •^$0$^ '-• ., 5X?*S5?S., SIltNT, rC, O^V x 0,1' 'P^<2CmK'- -'i^'/" L,

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