Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 28, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1896
Page 8
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THE GOLDEN COME AND GONE EXTAORDINARY MARK DOWN SALE. Greatest Values of the Season, We advise Early Selections. 3000 LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS! : flust Be Sold We have made Three Lots out of the Stock we offer. Lot 1. Elegant made Shirt Waists in many colors and styles. Best Bargains ihat we ever offered, Choice only 28c; Lot 2 This lot includes many different colors including Linen color and varied designs such as stripes, plaids, and figured, choice only 48c: Lot 3. are very fine SMrt Waists in Lawn, Dimities, Modress, Dresden Designs such as are sold for $1.25,v$1.50 and $1.75. These are all new goods, but are broken lots in sizes, Choice of any 98c. | Schmitt and H^inly. Buffalo Bill and His Marvelous Wild West. THOUSANDS SAW IT / V'7~ A Story of the Western Prairies Acted Out. .••;-. i : Buffalo Bill UMMER lr 157." Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that it must have blown a trc- momlous girle' towards Fisher's, for they have straws of all the new shapes a ad sixes, straws in straw color* anil yuy oilier color you wish piled on their shelves and waiting to be called "the last straw'. 1 hi the newest style bought at F-isher's-by every pleased resident of XiOgansport. Light Derby's,' light nobby straw bats and Jaunty handsome bicycle caps are what .we have a big run on now. flORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. E. WHEEL TALK. He pnnctured his tire twice, Broadbont brought down the 100 mile road record to .. breaking the Austi'allan record mlnnites. The American re«** la- 4:40:60, 'held by A. B. McDon- 3»X«rTole''ao. World's record Is 4:21:45 nets If? A. E. Walters of England. Kodaks at the Burgman THE NICHOLSON LAW. One of the Few Amendments Hade to the Original Bill. JW» tandem runs hard with one's best W ei» tfi» front scat. rieetwlng lor ladles. There are these irlieels used In this city •Staov air other makes of wheels. and toll-gate keepers differ Love never nsks for pay In' Hare your bicycle Insunxl against Burgman Cycle Co., will-do It. Today, June 23, is. review, -day Sinulay sdxoots, iwitig .die Inter- serfos of lessons. W is donbtif ul If such a crop of grapes » Ss now maturing ever grew in the ancnfiry before. No matter how poor ami. scrawny th'c r.iue Ht Is complQtelj] -wtth largo heaJtliy clusters of Tlie Nicholson law.a.s orfeiualiy iniro- duced was a very rc*i!ricl'.ive bill, ami prohibited tlie sale of aiiyt'liing but liquors in' a saloon, Majiy of the Legislators tliought fiha,t the sale of mineral waters, po>p, cite., should be permirtcd. On page S-13 of the House .Toumnl, covering tlic discussion of th'c Nicholson bill, tiho following appeal's: "Mr. Langwell offered the following amendment: "Mr. Speaikc-r: "I jnove to n-incud seetlloji 2 of Hou»Q Bill No. 1G5 by addlJig. the words 'Provided tfluit notJilng iin tii« provisions ot Miiis act shaM be caustrued >(~o forbid tJic sale of cigars and tobacco in such place of business.' '•Which was adopted." UKV. GUTHlill-S FAREWELL. It. is with i-egn.'t that tlie citiy.LMis ol Lojjaiisport noti; the departure io a ninri im.portant-t-liai-fje ai Indianapolis of-thc ,l!ev. T. S. Gnthrle of the! Universalist church. Tonight:-he will'prcach his,fnre- well sermon lu the congregation of ih'u local i-liuroh: ' During his Rood work in this ciiy lie 1ms made strong frit-iuls among all classes; -His ability i.s of .an uu-nsiial order, HP • is an advanced thinker, and has the courage of his convictions. In- his dcp'art'ii-i-e Loganspwt losi;s a minister Io whom it was always a pleasure to'list-on, and a speaker who was always iirdcinand. and willing in his response to"a imWic- call. It is the gL'iitrai hope tluit'In-'may greatly.prollt l>y the change. '••••• : FOLLOWED ^ELXTEt) LADIES. A young man who cowlrf not be identi- fii.fl. shadowed three liastend young ladies on t'lio way home 'Friday night about 30 o'clock.' The ladies were ou the verge of hysterics 'when a gcntlc- n'uvn lia.ppened aloi'ig, and at- sight of him tlie young gallant leaped'the'fence at tlic residence of B, F. Loui-ha-ln; and disappeared In the darkness. Tht'"gcif- tlemau who Interpoxed to prevent the youivg mnu's advances tel<!phoued to.po- lice headquarters, but the odicera coulil !ind uo'ri'ace of the sliadower. StiptTdtatenden.! of TtibliLc In- atractSm G ceding has made a ruling •i3iat cotinity..suporiKteuidcn.'ts sluill Issue togRKluates of the Sfcute lioa'mal licenae ^ itca-cti la-tilic public schools wiltho-ut ,r 01 . Ussssing- 13ic county exa-miiiatlon. AH OdU Fellows in j?oo<l standing jdease meet at I, O. O. F. haJl corner ot Broadway and'Pearl sh-cete Suuda.y, June 28th at 1 o'clock p. in. to assist. ifcitHe'servifco of-decorating the graves of our deceased brothers. By request oEcommittce.. " • | THE TKAIN.JUMPEH. AVluaiiin.c Kepubliicau: J. H. Dwyer, o-f LofranSiMxtifc, an' agent of tlie Panhandle, wass in town Monday looldu'g attcir i;lio people who make a practice of jamming-on trains. The Poimsylvauta linos are making a strenuous effort to break up the habit and are inaugurating a movemcint all along Mich- various routes looking Mint way- Hundreds ot deulWiS occur every year in the United States- from ulwt satwce and scores o-f people siro maimed for life. Some people are disposed to ililnk a little littird of tlie railroads (for prosecuting boy*; wljo do suali tMugs but wo sec no reason why tliiey should do so. Othier| w,iiso aiey should feel frra-teful to 1 them ng such'am Interest In trying to protect life and limb. FUNERAL OF HENRY HEJIT- BRINK. ; The fiincnil'bf tiie'-Jafe' Htnrj' ,T.. Hcit- briuk will be'Veld r'hW iiioniing at 9 o'clock at the'fam'ily residence. The scuviees will be'conducted by the Rev, .T. C. Kauffiman'oif the English Lutheran, church, of wliich the deceased was a member. The body'will be taken to Richmond, the for'.meif home of the deceased, for'burial!' } lias come and gone. With i-lH: .thousands wlio saw his Wild M'e.st tJi'en! is left a remembrance that aanounls to,realism; a momory of I'.irill- iiig 'slftiations, ot hair-breadth escapes of wliito int'ii from the cruelly of savage, hordes, of rcmarkaible .marksmauslilp, horsemanship, and daraleviltry lu riding the wiry brute. 1 I'aniiHnrlyknown on the 'platois' as' Hie bi-onclw. For weelis lieruaI'tcr Uie back lots of the city will uaoli spt'.iLs gi:n\ii> of iintliltJOHS yoiiugs- 'lors. iira.ci.fciug wiili clothesliues for a lariat, lassoei'iig IKISIS or even the favorite sister or small bivtlu.'r. The demand fur pistols ami guns of all sorts will be woiHli'tTully slinvulaled, and embryo Unl'falo l$illis'wMl roam tlie commons liLiniiiifr ima-gijiary herds of bufllalo or bands of wily savages. Ou the farui Hie old jilo\v linrse will lenil a dog's life until tlic fever has worn off. The plowboy, aJ'Icr his work te done, will sneak old Dobbin out of the back pasture lot a Lid pnu-tiec for a future as a. rough rider. The .show Js all Hint it is claimed to be, mid i-s .satisfactory hi all respects. Nobody but William F. Cody would have had-the "nerve" to have embarked hi such an enterprise. jG:i,thering as he has -Hii: .representatives of .-ill nations, whose lives have been speut.wilii horses he has-succeeded in bringing together as jjioi.ley an array of humanity as can be found in a-tour of the world. Over six hundred pooplo are coiMiectod with the show, and they are all fed ami sl)el'ti;ro(l wi.th.in their tented villiago. A td|> through the city of tents gives flu; olMwytT but a faint Idea of tlie extent ot.'Thi* show.' It i.s only wheu tlgur.os. ure given that its size is appreciated., Of the performance much could be s:ii.(l.....-.I.!,J.s unique, onterta.in.ing. oi'igl- na.l, uiiLlgivei; to the people an idea of ;ho. barilsliliw undCTgoue by the plalns- iio-n twcnty.-five years ago. Where now tlie p ml ties blossom as tlie. rose there anco -roamed bands of crafty savages and it 'is tlio.pw.-ullar j>ortiou of Buffalo Bill to bring .before the American piioplu i part: of the history of their country vliich the pen of the historian is power- ess to doscrilio. His personal partici- jatloii In those scenes which- are so 'nUli-fully reproduced makes the show II flie more intiu'cstliip, aiid when it :s jno.wn that many of the Indians he has with him, lie once met 011 the war path whon capture meant death by torture, the interest is heightened. There,.irt ma-ny of the f?ioux and Apache Indians w-I.Lli the slw'w who have had a bloody pact-lu'.tlio,story of the plains. The Particular and Careful Buyers. Will Notice at once that we are determined to quit business and that we will ruthlessly slaughter he prices on all goods in our Great Closing Out Sale. The following 1 quotations tell the whole story. 50 Men's all wool black cheviot suits, the $12 kisd uo\v £0 at ?5.98 110 Mui'fi ;ill wool 20-ounce clay worsted suits, sack or frock, worth $14, slashed to $7.2-4 2"iO Men's :ill wool business suits, well worth i?10, uo-vv so at 55.48 i!00 Men's pan Is that always sold for ?-i and ¥•", are offered in our farewell sale i:it ; ?2.4S '27>Q Children's .silks, double breast oil, in latest fabrics, worth ?5 to ?ft, clashed down to ?3.4S 200 Children's suits, roofers and junior.*, well worth $3 and ?3.oO, given away now at ?1.9S Summer, coals and vests for men and boys, only •? .50 Men's work pants that any merchant will, efoarse you ?1 for; our price slaughtered to S .^S 25 Doxeu lialbrigs 311 undershirt? that rvlail the world over for 25e, uow.$ .16 100 pairs boys' knee pants, any sixe, worth 25c, now go at S .13 100 Dozen suspenders, silk overshot, always sold at 25c r go in this Kooil- byo salo for : OS 100 DOXCJI men's (seamless lOc socks now at .04 Pcrc-ile dress shins 38 Host work 'shirts.' .' 3S Best unlaundcved shirt 30 'Best white laundered Shirt „ $.50 and .73 Bdst n'ight shirt, ?.35 and .50 Genuine 25c eeJluloid collars....•. 13 Hats, umbrellas, children's waists, overalls, neckwear, all go -it same ratio. Alpaca coals, mohair coats and vests, linen coats and vests, at .your own price, Our stay in Logansport is so limited that we ore compelled to offer the goods away below cost, to get rid of them in a Hurry. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street.) TwQnty-flve dozen waists made of Windsor percale, worth $9 -per dozen wholesale. Will place-on sale Monday morning at 4S cents. Mart Hughes has accepted a position wJiiili JoJm J. Hndebrnntlt, the plumber. FUN'KRAL OK OSGAll ANDERSON. The late Oscar A-ndeusqu will be.in- terred at Jit. 'Hope '061001617 this afternoon. The funeral "service 'xvlll be held at the residence.at 2:30 o'clock and at the English.Liithcraiii-/church' at 3 o'clock, the Rev.: ,T. C. Kauffman. conducting the .sad .services. BIG .UNION SERVICE. There will be. a., union service of the Baptist, Episcopalian, First Presbyter- Ian and ChriS'tlon churches at tlic latter chtui'cL this evening. Thjc. Eev: D. 'P.' Putnam 1 oar t.be Pitst ; Presbyterian cliurcl] will preach, tlie sermon, . ...v^. 1 ' fc .. . Everybody thcir.-owii dyer. You can dye with, Futuami Fadeless Dyes .colors all kinds of fibre at. one; tljnc;.-:in;.tlic, samo kettle, with .one boiling. .-tOTou stir the goods with tlie dye; it'will;make them.bright and'new. Sold by .T, M. Johnston, drug-gist:. •--.- Am'eYicau Indian still retains his peculiar truH'.s.of cliaracter, even though In the ' "iivids t. of clvillznrlon, and yesterday evening a.- group of redskins left tlio tents aiid gathered on the knolls to the north of thc.-show lot squatting about on tUe.giwmd in their favorite position, sl'leiit.ly otijoyiuff tlie beauty of a dying dyy,;. • •'-The sliow has come and gone, and morning and evening there were thousands who witnessed Its performance wltli-.-qiiickciicd pulses and bated breath Today the tents are spread in Ft. Wayne, where a performance will be given -tomorrow. HUMANE NOTES. The Humane society at its last meeting on Thursday afternoon transacted business of. note. The committees were enlarged by the addition of utimcs. Mr. George B. Forgy, secretray, offered his resignation, stating as a reason Iris continued absence from the city. Tlic'tilling of the vacancy being considered a very important mutter, tlic resignation was not accepted, and W. T. Wilson, Geo. B. Forgy and H. A. Fer- cival were appointed a committee to recom'ineml a proper person for the office. The Committee on Special Humane Officer presented a number of applications for the position, but made no recommendation. The Secretary was authorized to ask a hearing of tlie Committee on Special 3.40 For Choice. WOMEN'S LOW TAN SHOES, ALL THREE-FIFTY AND FOUR DOL- ' LAR GOODS, TOUR CHOICE FOR TWO FORTY-EIGHT (SS2.4S)- AT FILLING'S SHOE HOUSE. Thq regular .quarterly ispoqial Sundar school services will be a 'feature cTf today's program at'the A. M. E. clinrch. THREE KNIGHTS SICK. Reason for the Defeat of the Logansport Drill Team. • • Capt Jolm R. Fox of the Logansport co'mjmridc'ry of tlie Knights of St. John '.said ycstosnlay that the defeat of tlie cominandery for the-first prize in the Dayton contest was due to tue fact that three-of the Knights were seriously ill. One of them was unable to go on wltli::tnc team at all, and two who wont through the drill were scarcely able to move. Iluimane Officer by the Police Board. A series of resolutions was presented' and .referred to the prosper committee. An adjourned meeting will be held on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 at the Min-dock hotel-parlors. Subscribe for the Journal. ANOTHER, OIL PIPE. Noilrh Judson News: As- many arc aware, 'tilie preliiimiuary work is now go- Iii'g on toward runming a secod pi;>e line to CliHieago tor tlio transmission of oil Instead of, starting from Lima, however, tlie source will be a.mpng the iiiiinorous wells o-f .Tay. Blackford and Wells counties, this Stale. About eig-h- •tecn miles of the line w'dl be in this couuity, running: in a diagonal course from Ora to Egteli, Lake. The com- iwuij- is composed of men with plenty of money, aiiul the project is regarded as a A. J. Liintz h^is beea nm- aiicl te already at 'work securing tilic rlgiuit of way tlutiugh tins county.' It ,te proposed to locate llw reflner- Jos a,t Whitiaig. BETTER THAN 16 TO 1 SEVEN „, TIMES ARE FILLING'S BARGAINS IN SHOES—HIGH GRADE GOODS AT LOW GRADE PRICES. THREE DOLLARS AND FORTY- EIGHT CENTS TAKE CHOICE- OF ANY TAN SHOE IN MY STORE. PILLING PLEASES THE PEOPLE WITH POPULAR PRICES. This sale Is cash, amd you will appreciate tlic low prices if you will only call and see what we have to offer you. Pilling, the shoe man, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. At Lockport, Lud., Monday afternoon a;t 0:30 o'clock will be held a McKinlcy demonstirajttom acd tihc first polo of "Mc- KlnJcy and Hobant" at the Ration wiA be raised. Hon. C. B. Landis of Delphi, Hon. Wm. Mason of ChJcapo, a.ud J. H. Gould of Delphi will be the speakers A big time is expected. , To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work ot house-cleaning claims the attention ot the housekeeper and not a little d» pends on the appearance of yoar laco curtains as poorly done-cpcurtalnispoil the" effect of a. well-furnished hom« quicker than anytblhg else; We h»T« experienced fcclp in this class of work wbo do nothing else and w« KQOW we can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of'laundering shirt waists, being tb* only arm in the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. The OpportunitM of Your Life. A A • • '•-* . •/ ' ir»rsr> n A C W rkVTI \7 We wil1 sel1 writhout ^ reserve our entice $14,000.00 stock of shoes and slippers AT ACTUAL COST as we FOR CASH ONLY are about to remodel oiir'store room and must have the space. This is no Fake Bankrupt Old Stock nor ape on the dollar salejbut clean fresh goods bought for-the Spring trade. This is your opportunity, call early b.etore sizes are ^broken. AH joods charged must be at regular Prices. , Stevenson & KlinSidk.

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