The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTHEVLLLB <ARy.) Maraud Moffitt H« Xm» 5 Parlies for THURSDAV'6 EVENTS , p. potter having Ytubro . society. 2 pj». Dxiicc Is Ghw For'Yoiuifer get titr.'ianq Mrs. ••Edgar Borum ch- leriaiiicd JSO memocrs of Ihe yoim$er'set ; arid but of town guests with a dance Thursday evening in compliment to Ihclr daughter, : Mlss Mary •Elizabeth, .The new American Legion hut was 1 decorated In the holiday colors iwlth. the ball room especially altpctive. The orchestra ; wns arranged near I ho large 'open fire. Garlands of raK'anrt green, from which fell sliver Icicles, were (taped above the stone place and over (lie doors' and !n (lie center of these were 'Christmas wreaths on banks of snow Lighted wreaths were at Ihe windows and various colored lights": were used ot Intervals throughout the evening. The 'guests were received by Mr. nnd Mrs. Connn, Miss Bonim and Jack McHaney. Mrs. Jo'hn Love served punch to the dancers. Harold Sudbury and His Southerners furnished the music, featured with a number of novelty ' selections Out of town guests were: George Goldstein of Nevv'YorK city, who is; housegucst 61 Charles Joseph, Raoul Trellis, of .Havana, Cuua, > ho Is visiuns John Page Walton, 4, Scott of Henning, Tenn , vvilh By. lies Crook, Gilbert Prince, Charles Combs, Clinton Thompson, Osborn Me Adams nnd Lon Hazulc, of Carnlhcrsville, Lindsay Driver, Russell Chiles and Charles Sul- lerigcr, of Osccola, Leon Beaton, Richard Mitchell, and Miss Minnie. Annis Hobbs, of Parngould, Fred BoMnson, of Keiser, Miss Dorothy Robinson, Harold Schncc, Everett Kennctl. Frcedman Wc|n- bcrg^ and HOES Hilt of Lcachvllle. Lewis. Rhodes 'Mrs. T. D. Rhodes has announced the maruage of hci daushlci, Narj, (o Mi Donal 'Lewis, ot East PraUle, Mo ll|r niairingc was solemnised Saturday evening vtth the Rev J T Renfro, lias- tor of "the Second Baptist church, reading ttic ring service. Mr. Lewis ". nnd Ills bride have :gonc to East, Prairie to make Hiclr Ironic , and Blythcviilc, eiikrtatnwl icr pupils with three Christmas wiles Thursday at tile Hotel No- The ball fcow.of the liolcl was decorated to resemble Christmas line in an old fashioned village I'here was a Jarsc Irc'e, brilliantly Ighled, and the miniature villages vcrc in-ranged at each end of tlie •com. Santa clans figures and reindeer to sleighs were in the snowdrifts in the streets of the villages and tlie houses had lighted wreaths at the windows and tiny silver bells on the wreaths which decorated the' doors. • The morning parly was for the lOimgest chtMrori who were enter-' allied with a real Santa clans who distributed gifts, and by games nnfl' contests m"wh!ch jean Buller and Betty Jo Woodburn, lioth of os- ceola, won prizes. Bed and green popcorn balls and suckers, dressed n Christmas "frocks" of Ihcsc shades, were served the 60 children and a number of their mothers W ho accompanied them. Tho intermediate classes were cn- crtalned hVlhc afternoon when Baby Stewart «nd Jlminlc Allen won »izcs in the Yulcllde contests. The 100 present were served Dlxlo cujxs Ihe dance last evening w as for he older pupils who were allowed to ask guests. Tlie 160 present (lanced to music by Bill MaylYeld and his orchestra. These pupils 1'esidc at Wilson, 06-ceolu, Luxora, Blythcviilc, Mailla, Lcachvllle, stcelc, cooler Jom"" iuid Pecan point. » 4 " * U. I). C.' Meets. — >.v-v.v, vlv tt/ L,umnuuc<* tt basket of groceries and fruit to i needy family, already selected Mrs. James B. Clark w ,,.s emlors- xl as third vice-president O f the Arkansas division which will hold w ncjft convention at, Prairie Grove next- October. . She was also eled- «. delegate'to the general cou- Gncn P»rtj j. Members of tlie Story Hour group of the First Baptist churcli nere Sivcn a parti Thursday aftcinoon by their sponsor, Mrs L N Hen best fii4jd«d»tairtha. H iircsent jere Boibie Ann ^ Purvis 'and June Martin ^ ;_ There' vyene games' and a conlcsl »" ^hich June Martin won tin- prize ' Popcorn tolls and candv \\ere Sundij hchool Has. Xmas V ^Varimii d«parlmenjo of the Sim, My school of the First Frcsbjieri W) church are having Clirlslmas parties ,.. Yesterday afternoon l(ie pitman children, Mrs Eoj Walton leader, and the Juniors, Mrs Edgar Crlh field leadei, had separate parlies Tnere were trees with gifts for ejersone and games -acre piajed J.DIMC cups -were served .-This c\ening the intermediate apartment will Ire entertained and i£e beginners «i!l have their celebration in the Sundav school hour Sunday < « . .ek CInb and sbands EnterUmefl r ^ cn ?!' e ! s of the Mld-Wcek Bridge cjub, their husbands and 'Mr and Mrs A B rairfield were gucsls of Mr and Mrs A Conwaj last cve- .Mng for a Christmas party ' -.Their attractive living room «a« cheerful Mil, the blaJn™] 0 g, clan open r lr e, the colorfully trimm-c rce, branches of mistletoe and holly and potted polnsclt,Bs % , th ""\ f ° Ur Mna11 tlm " 81 ha<l ""'CTPtecck ol Mrs M, OOIsrcy and B A Lvnch "* - Yarbro boctely Metis ™.? e jf^ r ? Mbstowj ..».« of Mrs. E B Lloyd with Mrs Sterling co-hosUss Mrs w' R Moore was In charge of ilio iirn Brain, Mrs E J) Eten-woi led UK ocvotionai and prp-— --" ss decorated, v and the lig [he hostoses serycd a plate lunch CROUPY COUCH SHfDDAN'SSALVE Misses Jiutli and Sue BtiW, stii- denUi at sophlc Ncwcomb college al New Orleans, hove arrived home, Miss Sue came In ytc'crday morning and her 5Lsle r last iii^iii, T 0 dny ii«y arc in M9mphls, accompanied by Mrs. w, J. Mlisrd ni".l Mrs. - Mrs H. p. |-o,[ c) . io her home at Mpnette several days •vWt wltl» her t«, Mts Ircrw Hood. Mrs, D. C. . Dlauk. Harold womack, of Little Rock, the guest of hb parents, the Rev. ' W ' V ' Womack ' ror "w , co, Miss will arrive. Sunday to Vpend (he hollers w th Mr. and . allcl • Mr. and ;irs. Hoy Walton have «*•"«!.- cues', Mrs. Wiilton's sister, Miss JuJla Hyde, of si, Louis: Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Vail will leave lomorrevv for a week's vacation iii Stotesbuiy and Nevada, Mo. vvlicre y will vlstl Mr. Vnll's mother and " . other relatives. aft«r '^ lr Misses SUNDAY SCHOOL LB880H; The Christian Home lost, and question is not easily answci- BY WM. E. D . D , Our ChrUtmw tenon te n with (he CJ^tuTfiw vitally' Import today, ,*-,!' PI P «» i ' MM - sses arc iriw o the Ele and Mildred, ol Jactooh, , the complexity of s '" ' arc Diriwt to the backgrotmd in U Is ' W. H. Worthlngton, 0 [ Chicago was the guest Saturday of Dr. Hunter Cox, . ' Mtss Walter pen Ringer has returned from a visit with Mrs' Ora Laughter, at Hulevllle, Mies,' Miss Maiy Symonds will leave voday for Chicago, where she will tie -the guest 'or her cousin, Mrs James Waiter, for two weeks , Joe Wilson Nelson left Monday' . the iiis Pf home, as II once was widely known. : it is not . slmrty th»t many In these days or socUl upheaval are virtually homeless in the sense gf settled place of abode. Jn addition la these, maHtt.-Qf people' 'are- living today, in tenements or apartments [hat, whether they '.'be in slum dispels or. in . areas' Surrounded by all manner of •conveniences nnd (he' 'qulwui'd 5 em- mi^h. and W £' Jolm c ' M e«»'i»y wil have as their gucsta Christmas Mr. McHuney's sister, Mrs. Loute Porlerflcld, and children, of Hoi- comb, Mo., and another sister. Miss Mary Lett McHancy. of cnnctl, W. j. Knox has recovered from cou fcdciacyniet at the home of Mre Marvin Mrs. Charles A'ford, program Mder, presented P?p«-, "Woodtow . -alad course . - Robinson, and Molt, served a ,./ ..,... Tu Have Cantata. , •; '" cssf »h" by H an, prDsentcd Bt 1|!(J «rat uwh Sunday night, beg at 1:30 o'clock, solo parts Mr- r J C " (le , reti bs ' Geor « c »«"•)', lion M rgC V ' ^ Mrs ' R p ' Pa < J A «' I°P ^'^hmau. and m Pairficltl - Mrs. William will give a reading. Bits oj JVeu's Mostly Personal and are spending tlie day 'in in Mr. and Mrs. Man-In Nunn'. Misses Sara and Virginia Niinn ind Adejaide Langston, w ho attend •ho University of Mississippi at Oxford,. arrived Jast night to spend the holidays with their parents. Mrs. U.E. Old has gone to Mcm- 'hls to,-be with Mr. Old {luring he holidays. rtha Jean Winburn is in ,-.ia,-Ark.. for the holidays. ... J.: CHvannngh i c a Wedncwlay ; or Lcesvinc La., for a two weeks visit, with relatives. Miss Haj-den Hcani. of Balboa ,,',""„ ZollCl wi " E1X '" [I Christmas Mill tlic Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Carpenter. She Is n student nt John Brown college, Slloam Springs, A™ auJdrcn ?>T ° U - BHr ' lK>lomcw »'«l granddaughter,' of' Memplik' "in arrh-c Saturday to s,«nd ChrUt- Wilson Society — Personal Osceola Society — Persor|al — —^~•. ^ ''rs. w. L. Moore, Mrs. Loiiie Walu.-s and Mrs. .Lan Willlanis visited )n Memphis today. .. * ,,v Mrs. Dick JPletchcr spent • Th.urs- di.v In Memphis. , ,;: . .;' Mrs. John Blackwood'is rcturfc llic number of life blaitfcs of refinement, lack poly . (he iipine atmosphere once largely associated with separate farms and dwelling places, : to a modern apurlment, h»vc been Imprewed with the »dv*nUw ot ty, to At «nv rate, --- ..-.^,. modern conditions, in Ihe fact 'lhat' thq 'IcSmn"reriilnSs us' that lh« truest antl greatest elements hi )io|nc mul family life arc not necessarily associated with the nature of the dwelling and its environment. It' ,was > not Into a great and wellfbuilt hpute, nor even into Wiythlng approximating a mod- fcrn -apBitment,, that there c»mc Shis/new-born babe of Bethlehem, /mailing- a mother's hopes and aspirations and occasioning great ponderlngs in 'her heart •iKo^babe ever'had a ., [v . i}ojh«rV than Mwy, who vvatcltcd bvei'.- the: new-born child in the (ovvlineasj .of a manger. Here; even in ,the crude and temporary • -j" ~"~ ™'•"° "•»" c lo^Bing of travelers on tlie mans fiot«e-is his castle," a.say-(Crowded outskirts of Jerusalem tog suggestive of th« unity and were roiind the things that sane- strength : of .the life lived with-• «ly a'home. l» the house,, the things that'made A 1 :; : \ • ' * « . The Christmas lesson reminds us .that, God's highest ana greatest, blessings are very near to the humblest things, that they do not depend upon outward pomp and show, but that It U children in •Mugs that life Yet the manger in which Jesus was born was .still a manger. A hovel, though Jove d,well within -it, i. s still a hovel The love of'God that gave a Savior to the woild cannot be In the hearts of men if they arc careless of the comfort of others Ocod homes and a good life vvitii- in them are alike the fruits of Christian influents on civilization II « center of family and home. The;modern apartment house may have in Its structure some s'em"- U a nee of. the castle,'but one couja hardly use that, symbol for 'a separate apartment. ' a semi-invalid for some inontlis He Is survived by his wife and Jour Children, 'Murray, Sherman. Vinlnl ' i». J f, i . ... _ . * , uu .,j, jjm\,ixnvuu 15 HJtUm-- 1 , j — * nut .«, IDE here after having spent two ,?"?', cill!dj ' e "' 'Murray, Sherim days in Little Rock with rclatlvts Sv *" d C " 1; on -«• brother, Sam Congressman and Mrs- "W -j- ™ ner ; and two sisters, Mrs. Lily Driver and their eranddgug'hter d and • Ma - Maggie Rlcharcl- vvcrc among the Mcmohis sh™. £0 "' . " ••t-*- e>* **«'^wtiu*« iw were among Uie Memphis shop pcra today. r ' v , - c - «• Stevens of BlythevlUe in Meniphls today. ' J . . Best, and D. .Best, Mtss ' Qolda c - Mrs Baret Eii prize, twi L'elved a .of witou recoil am k : Deling Martin, of Afo., spent yesterday and. today with her sister here, Mrs. w L Moore. ' Mr. and Mrs. c. B. Driver spent yesterday in Memphis. ;,;*, Mrs. Belva Martin, Mrs. W.:'L. Mr. and Mrs. M- Johnson and son. Carl, left Thursday for Florida where they will remain during-the winter. ' . .' .Mr. and Mrs. pete Laliue returned last week from Bald'Knob, Ark, afler a three weeks visit with Mrs. Lahue's parents, Mr. and Mrs. c C. Simpson'. Miss Mpncz Wilbur, who has bren .employed hear .Memphis for gla£S .'.inoiig the out of u ^erc ^ttncs. Don Wyli e , Wood Had Holt Hale, of TyroiizU S;ara*A«SS ^SMft^-SS Crlgger jr., of Blythevlllc, M-/? V. Holland, of Marked -rce' »-Mrs. w p " •-.. >Ji.t-, members of laincd with a Uio parsonage '» i slion society voted food to i ho „ tc ' R ' at Bassctt with her aunt, Mrs WaU ter inu, and Kr. Hill, and attended the opera at Memphis Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. C. c. Cobh and Mrs. B. p. Aycock returned Sunday from points of Mississippi • where thiw visited relatives. Mr..and Mrs. Hunter Crook and family visited Mr. and Mrs. c B Etchison at Yarbro Sunday. W. A. Nash was calle'd to Knoxville,,Ack., Tuesday bevMu'te of <} death,of a sister. Mr. and Mrs. Uunwartj Garratt announce the birth of 0 . son who has been named Teddy. Mr. and Mrs. Vester Pierce announce tlic birth of a daughter w ho has been named Charliiic Bill. Members of the senior B. Y P. U. had a party at the school Tues day evening. The intermediate department will be entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Aycocit Friday evening. ' : Mr. and Mrs. p. B. Jarratt 'were guests of MV. and Mrs: R. Church at Lone Oak Sunday. Fruits and Candies for — - _- • —..—w.» pwut V| 4^1, any ivkii, i 7"7— * • «• "ivi^an i/itii Vi'fiCft " ' ' v WWllUUI. V/UHUj Cll Jack Epstein and their ion, Wal-;!'. T °m Edwards retunied -to : his ter Driver jr., of : Chicago, will', home Monday- after several weeks .—"—••»". <>;»••-^our-nuntirea ;spend the Christmas hoii.days with , 'Watnient In the Blythevllle ho?- ana * • ty chudr£ n in the first six Tr. and Mrs. Hale Jackson. lP lta! - ' ^rades of. the Lepanto High School Mr. and Mrs: NeelyiBowen nndl . M « M- H. Bailev left vu P rinr. 0 j:"7; 1 •* -^ ren '™its Ihclr son, will spend t... Hale Jackson. •. .Miss Dorothy Dates Mclvin LapWcs, son • of' Mr. nnd *& a "d Afrs. W. A. dates"sr^vvhoL "^^ have .so keen a sense of hiring that they can hear sounds Delow those to the human ear,;and-a little higher than the highest rioUs of a violin. TOO LATE to l . rs. . : . . ear empis for arrc " rc ' Moore ' ^ re ' J - ?•• Williams, Mr. 50mc "me. spent. a short time win ^ndivich John Blnckwoo , r « la "«- Fri —, .__— „. M> , r j ttl o tl ^ mi, John Blnckwood Mr.- and Mrs. Louie Walters, altered the blrOl , day surprise dliiner"lor Mrs Lula Boyle ol Blythcviilc. Miss Dixie Lee Quinn yesterday in Memphis.", Friday en route to Hayti. :•-•-* Hlgglns Has retunied to nls Jiome in Corona, Ca|lf., after a week's visit wlthi'ls'brother. Har.... • , r- spent ^ ^ho .has been ill with pneu: ' •• . monla. . - , . . Mrs. 1 Hale .Jackson. was a Mcili- Miss Hazel Marie Cahoon 'of Phis visitor today. ,;. -^••^ .^ Chafr^Mo,. js Uie house gu E s't*'p L. L. Vandcrvoorf/'Dr. 'and 'lib; I M re - r - °- Morgan this veeS'' '' ; ack ' DJU. Mrs. L. Lapldcs o[ .this, city has k visiting her mother, snent a 'short the returned home Iroiri'-'yandOTbill.'Mwe U| Blythcviilc with her fath'r-r of University to spend Uie holidays. Sunday, she is a student at the VV.ashington University" hospital, 'St. ^n Ir \,S ™?:. Virgil ,micy and .e fl( 5i rS \f ra " k Av '«<>n, of Sprin I ' d> "« ss ;- a "rt J'er 'daughte Nicholas Ornu- «r «ufi«ie =?riSR,pS nnd children, of 40RADUATE ?;4lX)rated'»t Bob>Harrls', ,'. 't^^'^w^StoWe^ ,-.',, Art. • - .„»-,. her S. pa i J Nod: Miss RCU CmiBlilcE. who ^it- tends Mississippi fa-j'iiodlcai college al Holly Springs, Miss., \vill arrlyti today to spend the holidays inivcn|ty to spend tliis hojlduys. Holland News Notes The wedding of Miss Clnra Henderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Henderson, lo Mr. J. B Hall tanner living west of Holland, occurred December 10. T)ie bride, a graduate of Uie local high school, attended school in Cape Girardeau for.several years and was a member of the local grade school'iaculty st'thc time of her marriage. She wore a brown crepe dress with velvet jabot nnd velvet sleeves,'' • * • Funeral services tor-Murray Fisher. 44, son oi Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fisher, who died Sunday night at 8 o'clock, were held at his home southwest of Holland Monday ;t[- lernoon al 2 o'clock. Mr. Fisher lived In Holland the o Mis5 ^^'"a Chr ^f ' ^' a " d Mrs ' H - D ' u «ev, " rs '. D °ra Sanmcls, of p. 1d iii£y.. liousc picst of Mr. Utlev spant Friday in Memphis. '.'Miss Hazel NEtchfill, of f dta " cr j uc61 « iS». w. san, Sunday. .Mr. and -Mrs. John Azlbll, and daughter, Mar>- Joan, visited LOST—Army discharge paper belonging to Otis B. Lewis. Return lo Caiy Wopdburn-s office, Rcas- JVibje. Rcwarfi , 21-p-lc-26 , Sunday. Mrs. Ervln New Liberty News • The Rev. w. H. Horn filled his appointment here Saturday nl K lit and Sunday. • The Luxora fchool faculty wcro dinner guests of MISJ Lois Hill Monday. WINTER WINDS BRING 'WINTER ILLS Feet wet and cold from .sludgy streets; in the morning, sore throats, colds, congeslion. A thick poultice ol Cross Salve on a soft cloth, applied to the throat or chest quickly penetrates to the inflamed tissues, brings restful cose and safety. Used for more than a generation, its powerful Kermlcldal and penetrating power account for lls success on the most neglected and sei-iously • congested eases. 30c & 50c at all dealers and Home, in human life , th,,, the ov « motherhood and Die Checks fifift COLDS UUU FEVER I** - TabfcU ""I B ? S»lve - Nose Drops Headach65 Iu 30 Minutes Last Time Todas Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite G:45—10-35c A FAMILY 1'ICTUKE y, ';PEC]BMBER-'>21 ;'• 19^4 ' •'.,-•<,,-r-T .----T-~ 'or Mtn SEATTLE- (UP) - f, collrs e In marriage" -.will ,b.e . open to , e ,V pr men atnunjVersfty of Wai-li" ngton next tei'inj If.plans of tin 'QCiOlOKV .rlniTi»'l-««««* " — -i- . - . courtship, engagements, wedding's' <™ld- training and ilivprce. . •, ! ,.'.(' /• Ingredient* of Vjcte' VapoRub in Conveniedt Candy Foiro VICKS COUGH DROP FREE SHOW FOR THE KIDDIES CHRISTMAS MOKNINff, 1IJ O'CLOCK iver.v child in MisMteiuin ''. I .mini v ~ it? mi if t\A 41. .11 \ "«* Muin County is imifed to attend this Free Shon ! Friday & Saturday Matinee & Night—lOc . 25c The fastest- moving, most thrill newspaper dcama that has yet come to the screen I r es m TdYLAND "Parie, Paree" With Dorothy Stiine and ., ''. llob -Hope Saturday Only Matinee 2:3(M-10c - 25c GREY'S 'HOMEON THE RANGE' Bringing 'to the . screen America's foremost boy actor, Jackie- Coogan in a . thrilling story of Alaska and the Gold Hush Days. With JACKIE COOGAN and RANDOLPH SCOTT "Taitspin Tommy" Serial "Keep in Style" Novelty duration of his life and had been Miss Lois Hill spent the weekend PERMANENT WAVES SHAMPOO AND nNGKft WAVE IiC MKRUY CHRISTMAS AND A UAI'l'Y NKW YEAR TO QUH FRIENDS' AND I'ATKONS.' . , PS BEAUTY SHOP Las>t Hcubc On North Fifth Street •'. ' " ' When In Doubt Givu HOSIERY Chances aro that every woman on your list, if upiisiiltqd,. would suy: "Give me-_ hosiery." It/H tjie onu gift on which you can't go wVong. The Perfect Gift LARKWQOD HOSE $ Beautifully 'Clear . ^fo Rjngs or Shadows $125 1 FAMOUS JOE APPLEBAUM^ 1 ; ' ; Sunday • Monday MATINEE & NITE—10c-35r !,i _•">•—_"• •!t5~_;_ _ ... . A STORY OF STUDENT NURSES ,7/^c Gnfs Nobody Knows Worm of Hsortl ' Oay of Spiritl "Mystery Squadron" Serial Novelty Reel J Sunday - Monday «-~- were almost ruined by , ,-M ... suspicion / "9^*^' r OMANCE- t/irec \ivtt r\ >! A ;iJII t IAIKV MOOUclON ax Titittrt LORETTAYOUNG JOHN BOLES I ' DmutJ t } /r! , v p, al •; . • jParamounl News :-: : ' j'i:j : / •' • : • . ' : /.."> Novelty No\c!ty Reel • Comedy ~

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