The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1933
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* .-ii Served by the United Press BtYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TIlC" i-uthf in A kl<n" *t t- liroti A IIT-IIi <-\n ^/"tnrnUVt A ^'i> i IMF • .. n . .. . „. _ „ ._ . . , - , w V ^^a^F THE DOMINANT' NtWBPAl'EK OF NORTHEAST AliKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOI,, XXX—NO. 133 BlytaevUfe Dally, New. Ulythertll* Ooorte. UUtlulppI V»lky U»ilcr HlyUv.Ilk Heiala, HIATHKVIl.l.K, ARKANSAS. ,QN)AY, AUGUST 2l 11W First Lady Learns [low Miners l',iv< C.'Ailhui Bruce Slaletl to Mead Lumber Indus I ry Under New Code. MKMI'HIH. Ailf. 21 i UP) -- f.'. Arlliiir Urine, Mr:ni:h:-. :i.i.o. fn, lu.s brt-n tc'liM-u-d as i-x ;-u- i;\f r.fl'liw of '(lie i:i-ivly loi..icU r.nd |Knvei"luI "J.umbi-r (,\:i[» Au- EliorSiy. IIIP.", v,-hlch will -n! /icu :Ue liuuiii'-r riidr-. it ^:i-. ii-.iriiiil u.duy. Unii-e. who \s':iil«l Lrt^iirj vir :J'il •i?ai" of tin- imiilft'r iiidusiiy. is iiiiw in Washington i-n^sed in i!'i- liisk uf iidriilnisU'iini; the IIPW- I; (ipproVH 1 luitibi.-!- ii'.dih.lry c<jdr. HI lice ul!.s SPlrctrd liithiy in W:l".h- j til/ion by ih" lunilicrnuut *!io have I :.(H nil lhl.s n:>w limit:;!' co:io -authority. Pri'sidfiiL K<iu.wvo!l. '.-.ho approved ihr- rodr* Saturday, i.s l'i numi- liiVfic n'.<:mliei'.-i of i he nulhorily, i.nd oth'.i'K arc lo be I'linscii as n-pn-betiltilivps of the enlirt- [11- U'c.ulJ Idiliicr Prc.-fM Tav WASHINGTON. All!-. 2! lilt')—. A gi'd'.ip ol .southern congress-mini cu!lr-d i,|joii iji-criHary of Agi 1 :- riilline V.'iillnce today Ift urge i:r-:umes tin a proposal In reduce •la- toiUjJi processing tux. They Kuid the processing tax, ((iinhincd will] higher labor costs i-nder. ill? NRA liluc eagle, ha;: i.iisrrd prices of cotton textiles >>u high, that they are r.QL fcamij .sold, und llir.t :.<>mc mills are tx.- my forced to close. Some mcjnbers of the ^dele&a- i;on nr^cd InimcdiaU' mlhuion, iiihr-r in the form of prrillt, irlinpcr currency or both. w AH wc-ie unanimous in declaring Ih2i long time cotton veduc- uon plans for 1U34 and 1935 .should l.t auimimred immediately in or- ''('r In hflp 11)-.' present market. LDEJ1 F Mrs. Florencr Gouvley, Sis- Id- of J. W. Misskellcy, Dies in Si. Loins. I :;T. ' cru.'-'.'.Mfi, Am;, m cui'ir- Mrs. Mureiil-O: (joiii'l'jy, 40. ; u wl- lio'A. ivus.'found shut in doivili l un M bed hi liei IHKIII- hi-ii HIT ilrcss Ixiif- piiwili-i ulnri- a bullH liiul Hiti-n'd l|i'i" , I'H-.St. i 'Two nnlf.H vi-rr fniinil In (hi- I mini, Ixith Myui'il "l-'K'ii'ni'r" 1 . I'-'.u- wns a;idnv .''(i lo J. w.'and Mrs. MlMki-lley. )tox n. Jlly'lievlili', Ark. H lend In purl: ' "Hello dear Moihrr mid '<lro'.'i;r — I inn yulni; lo kill nijvi''lf tii- I'lglit. t ciinnui stand tiip.' biird-'i, liny longer, l.tne U- nil. 1 ' This other uus. iidilrt-.'isril Ui Kl- ii'er llonnt-r, HIT broUii'i--tn-li;V. ni.d iviul: "Oi-ar Blind" I'U-.y,-) fikp cart- (if i'vi-rylhlny. Send 'iiin (jiillt to my. mother. Do wliiilcv.ur yt.u u':ml wllh mi 1 ." . '• - 1 J. W. Mlsskelley nnd his inotliiir live on Holly sued in nlxiut Uv HIM block. They hnvu lived hoiv lor many y?ars and Mis. Oniirley Is said lo liu\'e lormi-rly l!yi:i hue. Mixskclli-y lias bci'ii a fsin'n- jr and garden worker. Visiting West Virginia's coal fields Miiheraldr.d lo learn flrKl-iianci about conditions uiiflc]- which miners live, Mrs. Franklin D. Koo:;c- velt is sbonn with L. D. Work, an assistant mine siip'jrinif-ndcni. lil* v.-jfo ant! daughter, who worn her lift. I.s at AnieiLsul>. Tlu> Liidy vLsiiecl miners' collages nuci l:ilkt.d \utli to iinolher. Hrai DtflL FDR Jolutsur Tu Stit-k WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 lUI'.l — Administrator Hush S. Johnson of the NRA said today he expect- vd lo remain at hLs Job "until my work is finished". "Johnson commented on reports he .would /retire',In thf [ollowlng ' ":laTeme-nt: "' '•••*-*• --=_-* "I e^iicct lo stay on this jo!i nnlil my work is finished.' 1 hoveii't set any date for my rc- llrement tis it is only a matter of guejsvvoi'k when thp NRA pr> f;r:,m is sufficiently advanced for :nc to go tack to'my regiilnr business. 'I hal : s all there is to the ."lory that I anticipate tijiittini; in Nvveinbur or mi .January, it. or--n'ny orlier dale.', 1 . 'Recovery •XdiiiinLslraior : -HUsh S. .Ichnsoii ticld the whip hand today as h2 pressed for a code to gov- rrn the holdout. coal- industry. -President Roosevelt save him n precedent for dealing with tin 1 rni;-ni^alion issue, crux of the i t(x!.> fight, when lie plarrd Mnci. lumber • and oil i ndrr the blue eagle. ' Tcxarkana Physician Left in Train's Path; Fingerprints Obtained. TC{ARKANA, Ark., Aug. 21 lU 'j-i-Police had fingerprints todny ii"Y*& kidnapers who left Ihalr vlclira; Dr. E. L. Beck, prominenl •.ijrgeon. in an automobile stalled j Northern. "ivho ^vils drowiied''ln Had Lingered in Ditch After Baotizmg Services Were Over. HOLLAND, Mp.—Fnnqral services were held this' morning 'for WHIme Northerii. 15-year-old daughter of Mr. and J,frs. W. II .. , H directly in the path of an on-1 drainage ditch about coming train. rir. Beck was seized as he left the Texarfcana hospital late Sat- iirdny- night. He. was blindfolded, but was not lied, and placed in r. car! II stalled on the tr.'.cks ,iii(! after niiikinp frantic. (wo miles south of Holland lale Suiidny af- tefncxin. -•; llie Northern girl was 'one of i gvoup of girls' who lingered i Hie' nilrh after a Baptist baptiz- Dixie's Walorm^lon ueen liills .Search for Persons R< : poi-!ccl Missing in Rrsl \Vtvk-Kn<l lliirficaii(\ I;I:UAN CITY. N. .1,, AU«- -i ui '> -Miikjn?, i he New Jcvwy i-mst 'I'll ;;iv:ilvi- fuvy Ihaii tin- livik '.'ick-inil iini'llii-iii.ler Hint rait 1 . I >! I'iiM Sl-Vi'll iMllllltlO.S. Illl -V "in i,rii;ii];illiii; In thi> lnn,,i'- Ml:iy inlrniipli'il M'uri'h hu- IIHJK l.-Ji, ;i M-inc of pi-isoii:! :"i'].nrl--«l ii'-'i i-lul-d, until) Mlinll er.ifl M't'k- ii£ u-i 11-41- In tin- tiny l^iy* In- njtiu^ tliii Ni-w .li'iscy tousl. Al li-;iM two small Ijoiil.s WIHT' wiinidrd (udiiy mid In one ln- 'iinc.- iiu oiii- was nlxmnl. Tliry .tn" (lie i-ublii cndspr Jennc'llr, nil ibi< ;i'.iiiull '.iTtil-sei Hi'iiur. ,'uiiM liimiii* Iioiii • Atliintlc uli; rescued two nii-ii nboiird HIP Jrunpiie \\hluh wits pounding l-Ucc.s on Ihc rucks ninir Stoiie llaibur. No one was found nbo:irii HIP lii>m:ir. but cousl ijnardsiut'ii Mild limy believed her pu-iv.'imcni 'it- icscurit by another]. At Hie Atlantic coast gunnl slu- UHII il W:LS uild the tilorm «as "I'lnwliii! iwlc.- 1 as hard its ycs- rday". nnd winning.-; were Issupt lo small crnfl to slay In Ihu' Irar- t-ur. KEI'I Ing Fcrvier had been concluded Not considered to gel H started the two kidnap- j she wos believed -by oilier ineni- cr? fled. Dr. Beck jerked the;hers of (lie group lo be in -shal- bllndfold from his eyes and jump- j low water. ,a a few seconds before the train I Attracted' by her screams when Demolished the car. ''. ! she suddenly reached deeper ; wnt- The fingerprints were ' taken : er, anolhi'r fjirl nnd-a' voulli at- •roiu Ihe wreckage and police be- lempled lier rescue without suc- 3ut Government Fears I'ormer President Has Comeback in Mind. HAVANA. Allk'. 21 (UP)—Polll- .al complications brought, nnxleiy to lite ni!\r govprinncnL today vhile the clli?.cns. reacting from years of repression, 'continued to leap vengeance on members of ths .Mnchado rr.gltne. Former President Mario Mcnocal, a political power, returned frojn e.xile by airplane -from - Florida i -,Vri promptly Issurcl a .statement culling for a complete new dcul-- interprelcd us ah Invltalion to the government to call curly- elff- While the stnten^yit hroi^hl ipiir lhal Menoi'al ;iil1glil.;'"seek to rt-lly hisjadher^e.ul.s and. off?r l sar- Inus-'opposltion (6'(he' new'govcrn- St. Louis .Opens Drive On Sleeping Sickness • ST. LOUIS, Alls. 21 IUP1—Coun- 'v ami city health officials united loday under ths U. S. public hnul- 11] service In an effort lo loca?J liic source ^of 1111 t'pldeinlc of ping sickness lhat hns resnlt- ••d in the death of 12 p-sraons anil :hc illness of 131 slnct-'july M.' I5r. W. G. rnlton, Mipirlnteiul- the county hospital, who discovered the rnre disease and wlio hns been in charge of its Uditmenl, Issued an appeal . jo county and municipal authorities] lo-nid In the light against the Ill- lie known disease. Although refusing to designate the mosquito os a carrier, of tb3 disease Dr. Patton appeal lo health officials to cover nil open sewort, ind . cesspools. with oil to prevent iii'et'tllng. . 'llw unlvi-iM: uiki'.-r In n lot (il li-rrltniy bill miiil u! Us Inlinblliinls uon'l lx> tllspos^d to quarrel with the fiLi'liu-j'S ol YitlobiiHhu county, Miw., who named Miss Mnry Kli-iumr Harris, 'nl:n\e. 1U, of Walor Clly. us "v uli'iimilon' ijuccii of Die-" to reign at ihslr un nnal festival. Luscious walrriuelmr,. we gntlier. iiron't I lie only nl- Inictlon In Yalobushii loimly. Twenty-One Injured"When High Exnlosive Truck Rams I mrnt of President Dp. Ce.s|»dM. leadL'ra of the A B-C,-secret rpv- lutionary society.' asserted tln-y •ould adopt strouy ini-asnrp.s il cce.s.sary- lo prevent "disurders". olock t'rice.* A. T. find T Anaconda Copper Bethleliem Stec-l Chrysler ........ : Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank 37 Cieneral Electric ..... General Motor= ...... Tnleinationnl Harvester Middtewest, Utilities . Montgomery Wind — N-ew York Cenlrn'l ..... Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Beds 127 1-4 17 3-4 40 3-4 42 1-8 31-8 85 3-4 24 3-4 31 1-2 38 1-1G 2li 5-8 4G 1-8 5 H 7-8 8 3-4 25 1-4 St. Louis-San Francisco 5 1-B Standard of N. J ..... 3f! 3-8 Texns Corp ......... 24 [i -8 U. S. Slcel ........... 54 3-8 icvtd" they would load lo the ar- . ceis. Her body was recovered I about .Iwo hours later. | Set vices were held at the Vfelh- 1 cclist church and Interment was I made at Coleman cemetery. The f. - . D ., . German Undertaking company was OH USCeola KobbeneS-ln cliarge of funeral anange- . - ' j incuts. The deceased Is survived by tier parents, two brothers. Thomas and .r!-l oi (ho abductors. Arrest Memphis Negro OSCEOLA. Ark.. Aug. 21 — A negro known as Terry Weaver nice and .Johnnie. WHS iirrcstcd in Memphis and re-! Sonny, nnd UUCP sisters. Mrs.-D. Im-ned (o the Ost'poln jail Sat- i Cnllins of Slpple. Kathleen. Ber- uiday night by Mississippi counly ifllc?r.s- charged witli complicity lu Ihe recent series of vobbprter, in Osccola. A negro woman, known as tile wife of "Blackle", Wemphis police character, who is ciifht as the ring leader ol' the! '.riny operating in (his section,i -OSCEOLA. va.s also.taken in cuMody at her iioinp in Mecnphis and placed In jUl there, after Osceota City Mar- rril Oavi! Yoini?. Chief Deputy New York Cnttun NKW VOHK. Aus. 21 iUP Ciitton - closed easy, oiwn high low 950 955 9M !)7'2 fl7G 9.V7 !I83 !)STi %S IMI 1004 OK! I01G 1011 098 1030 1030 101-1 •eil (tuiet at 935. CH IV.' •<i.ircli May Jnlv ClOS!' D38 DSS . nia !)S5 9fl3 10H lin- Sheriff Hale Jackson and Special f-risco Agent Parker found (juan titles of merchandise taken from New Cottage Is Nearing Completion at Osceola A six room :vlci: vi'iii-pr cottage cf Colonka yiic nrchitiTl-.iri 1 is nearin? conifer Mrs. L. B. Swift, orcupy th-: 1 I'.oiise as a resl- arncf. BtiMt on the- spacious lol Ml Johnson AveiuiP. where tin Swift family resilience which burn the A. \V?inberg store here- in the ; r " a f?lv - vcars " 5 ° (nrmcrl : •voinan's house I slcod. the new collie is design ' Pour other negroes. Willie Clem- 1 ' a '» tarmony with the land i-ns, Clarence Walker. "Crippled" bo painted white wit 1 J w.. nil of Wllfon are also held if 1 "" '-" lllu3 •""' " s 1 ^" *"•'"" in jail here, rharji-ri with |»of of Orebon v^l cedar'shin?! ing slolen goodi. They were found vlth goods sloli-n from either th V/einb^rg store or tho Krkro d^ ,-«l in their possession. Corning Man Dies of : Wound Inflicted by Cop PniNCETON. Ind.. Aug. 'Jl tU ! J V—Tom Selbcrl of - Corning.- Ark.. I'.led tcdny of bullet v.ounds In- i-urred \vhtn lit; was shot by I'o- I'.cemnn William Dccourscy after ip.slsllng atteuiuLs lo nuestion him Suspected of; ^aii: Oakland City, Ind.. holdup.'-tSelberj .and 'Ervln Ui.llock. 'also 'cif : Co'rnliiB, ,'were Mopped by pnlicp hr-re August 15. The two men .attempted Ho (lee. Bullock-was c.-iiijfhl and sentenced to iteh years at- Ihe state refiniin- lory on Ills plea of guilty lo Ihe WILMINGTON. Dfll., AUJ. 31 .(U P 1 )—Four persons were killed and UI . Injured today .when a Iruck loaded with nlfro-celHilosc crashed Into thp u-ar of u small Inick filled with picnickers. •. The crash was followed by three •:xplosloiis' and fire wlilph trnpinid men. women anil children in the wreckage. At Icnst, one of the dead was burned nllvc. while Del- i.ware stale hiKhwuy patrolmen watched helplessly. Six niilouio- Ulps follosvlni! I lie big truck were sel afire. . Survivors of thp llchlcr truck told police I lie Trl-Clly truck inmined tiiem In the rcnv. Many cf them sUII wote Imtliln;;. suits Mrs. Scott Moyer of Jones \boro Recovering From Allempt at' Poisoning. Measure Conflicts Wit 1> I louse Proposal • House Finds. Moiiey Exhausted. iriTI.K UOCK, Aik.', Aug. 2!-. . lUPl— The Mnalc tills afternoon puffed Its nwn beer ami wine, bill by (i vole of 29 to 1. Tile emer Bcncy vlnme was adopted 28 'to. ). linmi'dliuely upon passage tile seiinlc nieiisiirc wos transferred -to UIL' house. 'Hie lower haute already lias im.s.wd u bfer bill mid ueiu It Ui t'.'i .wiuitu which did not act .UU; dir II, lint pasted Its own bill. The innlu dllTi'it'iia' between the two bills K that live house bill con- , liiltu two local o|>tlon prnvlslom: CPU by "'iiiinUci ntid the oilier b'y )r'"in| dlStrlCl.S. ' Tlw liousc could nnl act . lijjon ' Ihu ii'iiale mt'n.uir'e before toiii<i'r- iov\. ' . . : - ' /.'. .. ' • lla'use ;R(tdjr : ia Quit " '--'J i ITTI.R nock;-. Ailg.: ai. (urn . cllfvlnp "the governor and' th« " cimte Hint, the' house of: Vepref tntallv'es Is ready to adjourn, iivlnc passed all bills coyerlm he snl)J«cls.conlalh«d In the c»ir was postponed. tliU afternoon by in' tadv iVll tomorrow. : The resolullon was; IntTodured fter both houses, learned that h Ihc last .day that- meiri- of the extraordinary s?»16n i III. receive oay. The $10,000. abr nonrlatlon" tor expenses of -the csslon has. betih expended;.'".Ali • hciiKh the hotise.'piEsed Its own I iccr and wine bill, .several amend-. menu to It will np^ meet lhe. ; »jH-.-.; proval - of .the : wiiiite,.'wM«h: 'iMM;.' iftcrncxiri pasacd Its own^nwM** 1 *--' .A concurrent r««61utlbn r whlehr; provider, f^r--»'' Jplnt-. (idmmittw,. I ' '- meftbers of. the house' ' to si I with'' this' refunding bond act, MEMPHIS. Mm.- 31 pendent over 111 heaXty, Mrs: .Sop; Moyor, IB, a-'^lji'ld^-'wf •- a^ftv months, was recovering todny' Hi!])llsl huspltnl from f Inking poison. Mrn. Mayor mis elTn MB:' Alfrel wos adopted by Ine house. A bill to arritrid tho act of the coeclal seMloh known- u the^ "Sloth er Hubburd' 1 »cf to m»ke : It I conform'to ; nit!6n»l speclflcitiioa; I was pasted Ip lhe- ; hou«.- 10-,to: ; 0. '.I The. ac.t would .permltrtlie"state':-> ,te; Ij^nent .fr«iJijfthe covpry , the. home upon con- vTnlnt;. for the tfternuoh sesilon Icdny had not completed* J .UiKlness contained .In the'g6i('*fr- 'I Sloan uulll her sccre ( mtvrrlaue no r '5 'ciill.' the members: nidmWd" • n- month ago' nt Snlcm, Ark., In | n n business would be: completed'by : Scott Moyer • who : live* In Jones lore. She had' Ijet'i snfTeriti.; Iron 1 ; >.n attack ' - of np|>cnd!r.Ui.s nnd came to Memphis last v^'eft tn rcciipcrnte lii>r strength fr'M i'n opei-fillon. Mrs. T. 1 M. ^^cCllicb, licr innlhor, at vliosc home slic had .iiei'.i sLn V lh 8' hlui "° il:d tllC (ItSpOndc.C , toni || Mon of , K , r (hl , s | ltcr un: i jxillce salt! Ihp driver of frebbt truck, Hrnry J. Kno'.t. 27. of Rockdale. Md.. leaped lo safety ill -Not ,Meel Again Here Until Late in September. The county equalization briai-.i p!d its first, session of the vciir the courthouse this morning jut transacted little business. The bonrd iiicpis at Osceob lo- nioriow and aguin here rai :l: thiul Monday in September. Thp Vn:ird apliially supiiosetl to -i .version for !hp next montli Ivit i'viuben o! the group fell nut :].{}• can do tbeir business i>> a I.w days nnd reduce the exiyin.' '. '.heir .sessions for the county. The Chicago Mill and Itim'TV trrpoi'allon Ihron^h W. U. Tin:; i-ei apkL'd for a drnstlc rcadjmt- nM-nt of valuntion on Us mill r.itc and property here. A large par' of llie machinery hn.s b?en remov- in random widths. The llvin room mantel is to be an exact reproduction of the mantel prc- 'rrved hi the historic Vs'ebb home a! We.-itherford. Conn., which was •(x:cupied as military headquarters Kiddies Car Broke \xg bv Genera! Washington during SEATTLE, Wash. (UP) -- Five- he Ticvo'luUonnry War. rcl from (he mill, which K vlth the exception of the '.Mi- sau jiar-old Norman ByLsius overtiim- fd in his kiddie car. hrok a li'«. /Vrjf Ortwnx cotton NKW ORLEANS. Aug. 21 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close n-i 948 951 928 933 9G5 914 952 SSfi 37-lb 981 96S 964b DDlb 9m 9R3 981 b 1010 1012 99D 1025b ner -Inn '"March May July 10HB -Spots steady at 924, off -1. Chicago Wheat open Sept 88 1-4 high low close 1-2 86 1-8 El 5-8 R. F. Ashley Gets First B a 1 c Of 193B Cotton Croji The first bale of 1933 cotton was Sinned hv thp Stprnbcrj Gin company this afternoon when R. V. Ashley of the Stlckman farm pt Number Nine brought the first load lo town. Tlie bale, weighing C20 pounds, was on display at the Farmers Bonk and Trust company. Ashley brought the first bole of cotton last year but brought it to open high . low . close ( limn 10 days earlier than his 1DH3 Sept S3 535-8 51 1-8.52 3-4 first bale. The 1932 first to'.« C« 58 1-3 59 50 57 l-2l \.-ar ginnert on Aug. 11. 'v Dec 91 3-4 92 1-2 89 1-4 91 Chicaao Corn Pol? Agce of Memphis Is- the Irchiiecl. W. Phelps of Memphis the contractor. W. A. Butler of Csceola has the honting and plumbing contract and the bulld- mi! material Is being sullied by \Y!l?on Co. Tlie hoiise will l-r complelixt scon after Sept. 1. Arrest 14 Negroes on Gaming Charges Saturday Fourteen negroes were arrested iate Saturday n!ght by Deputy 70 Women Attend Three-Day Krst Camp- Near Here his truck struck the machine. later he told police Ihe picnic' truck carried no rear hls and IIP did not see H until few second before tile crnsh. . j kept her under observation. WIIL-M •she found an empty pnl r on Irai'le lust nli;nl -she questioned lior ,-..-'• i daughter who admitted she hcd iisnter lnkcn 11|( , |TOlson vMfc ^ Announce Hayti School Faculty For Sept. 4 Term HAYTI. Mo.—Tlie faculty for Mrs, McCalcb snid her dauiih'..'.' li^came more despondenl Saturdiv :.Itpr receiving u Idler from lie-' liiisbnnd who Is in Jonvslion. Former Police Chief Is Lodged in City Jail Sent. 4lh. are as'follows: Elcmcn- The 70 nicmhcrs of home dcm- In 7 scho01 - J ' L ' Yollng ' onstration clubs MIssLsslppl mill. Action was ]>ostponed imHI lie September sfsslon here w!'.': , committee, of the board to In- ,pec; thp property In the mein- l.iiie. Only cily real estate has been ns •?sed this year. Rural and ur Lan really are assessed In all"' ri>te years. Attending (his morning's session IITC were C. J. Evrard, chairman. 1'lythevllle. Charles McWhlrt ;r. MMdla, A. S. Catchlngs, Bastf.i Mid O. W. Waddctl, Osccola. L. 11 Ward of Blythevillc, fifth nipn.- trr of the board, was not present. Johnson Orders Police Guard Away From Office WASHINGTON. Aug. 21 <UP>A police guard was posted at Ad- Cons'able Jim Burns and Dpjuty! mlnfstrntor Hugh Johnson's offici coiintv who attended Ihe second, annual -rest camp here Wednes- 't-n. Thnrsdav and Friday concluded the meeting with a session of tlie county council of home demonstration clubs. The Lone Oak club was awarded the prize for thp best scrao book in n contest announced lost swing hv Mrs. Walter Wood, president. The best individual book wns made by Mrs. D. darrett. Plans were made to attend the •'•tats rest camp nl Camp Pike September 6, 7 imd ft. and totake .the county exhibit of 68 standard containers of food to the Mld- c "!nih fair tho first week In September. The. three dav<= of ramp were fnent In progressive skill games, discussions of club work, a bunco '""•nnment. the exchanging of ""lit patterns and other rocrea Mnn<; dear to a woman's < heart. There were no children or men allowed except on the lust day •'hen the husbands were gursts for dinner. the Hnytl central elementary and 1 - A - U- Owyn former chief of '•'»K schools, which will open '' J ° llcc - WQS J allci1 !) i r I" 1101 - 1 " ll! '.ifbrnoon lifter he allegedly too!, "Fianch leave" of thp bastille v, hen oUicprs left It unlocked o: lib" pica ?hal he would not nil Crwyn was picked up by Police Pol and departmental work In Ihe fifth and sixth smiles; Miss Mildred Poohain. deuartmcntal work In the fifth nlid sixth srste; Miss departmental r.ian John Foster on Main strca slxlh fjrades; nnd placed In the Jail. Foster said Maurlne McNail. work in fifth and Ml?s f.ucllle Johnson, grade four; c;wyn begged him not to -lock thi Miss Ermn Plckens. firnde three; ! tall nnd he finally ngrced (o leav Mrs. Minnie Allen, grade two: I'M- door unlocked. Miss Vernlcc Stanfll, grade one. A fcw minutes lalrv bwyn htn and Mrs. Pearl Walker, grade one.! disappeared In his car and Foste The faculty for the junior-sen- poking llp his trail caught ut lor hlsh school will be its follows: ..,.,„, lnc formpr cMf , nenr lh Mitz Virginia Sanders. Instructor In junior high school and Assistant in girls' athletics; Miss Louise Witt., Junior lil(>h .«phool arithmetic,. Innlor-senior social studies, librarian; Mrs, Susie Slgler, mathematics and household niU; Miss Sinn DuKftar. music and social studies; • Miss Margaret Hill, English and speech: J. L McClana- u . r. ,, _ _. han (a eraJuate of Maplewood i IfllSS UOrolhy Day, OlfiS cr'.ge of town and brought hb: back lo Jail. The door was/lock eo the last time. Definite charges had not. bco: lodged against Gwyn late this at tcrncon but Foster said the form T chief was Intoxicated. Ccnsiablc Raymond Bomar or.d charged with gaming.. The negroes, according to reports, were engaged in n crap Eamo in the Meyers quarters. They were to face IriaM this afternoon": The arrests were the first in connection with a negro crap game hero on'In this vicinity in ,'.onic lime.. today but was sco nordered out of the corridors when Johnson and his aides discovered they were there. Tlie guard was posted without Johnson's knowledge and metro- "olllan police received n report that striking longshoremen wero on their way from Baltimore to 1,1'csent their grievances, i for thp competitive games , "'"re elven by friends of the coun- icll and Mrs. Wood arr&nped the '<""nrs. Mi's Pnltv Orcen of New t.lberty won nn alarm cloc)c. Mrs, Huci, Perry of Dell and Mrs. jer- ry White of Promised Land, won | Friday, measuring sets and canning equipment was awarded several women in thp tournament. Tn a "cloth" contest Mrs. Hunter Crook, of New high school a'ld Westminster col- Icce. Fultovi. Mo.) science and director of girls' and boys' nthlet- Ics; H. B. Masterson. superintendent of schools and Instructor In typewriting. The Ingram Ridge school with at Asheville Thursda OSCEOLA, Ark.. Aug. 21— Fu neral services for Miss Doroth j Day, 22 year old nlpce of Mr< ! Guy Bryant of Osceola. who form here and who die . Liberty, who gave a demonstra tion In, fagoting, won a prize. The making of toys from Inner which later stuffed and painted Mrs. Blanche Scott as principal erl V and Instructor In upper grades i Thursday In Asheville. N. C., title and Mis s Alma Jean Morgan as' ° long illness of tuberculosis, wer Instructor In the primary grades ne W Sunday afternoon from th completed Its sixth week of school | funeral residence of J. T. Hlnto - - - and Son In Memphis. Tntcimen In Elmwood Cemetery will follow Sen-Ices will be conducted by tl Rev. Dr. T. B. Hay of Memphis Mrs. Bryant wa scallcd to Mis, Day's bedside several days befo her death and together wilh he A demons trillion *'•>*' given bv Mrs. Mis. Annie V. Waddell On County Relief Staff OSCEOLA, Ark., Aug. 91.-Miss Annie V. Waddell of Osccola has been added to the county staff of I relief workers. She will be employ- Sam ' . when both Ihe men 'and women were present, • sister, Miss Eleanor Day of Men phis, was with her when the en cyme. Miss Day made her home he vllh Mr. and Mrs. Bryant for quarters at the Osceola office and : number of years while attcndln will also work In the Luxora and giadc and high school and hi In cnpoid?lni[| ed as a social worker with head- Kelscr communities", jniany friends in Osceola. te this "afUmoAh'/ ;' s<« HVWtbh Named Divorce Suit Pel MEMPHIS, TennXJesse >:,H: Vcbb, service atutlnn ownet^ aad vp. stock, dealer, has- been named, efpndant In a divorce-action filed y his wife, Mrs. Blanche T. Webb, chancery court here. .-. . : .'-'• " Mrs. Webb alleges cruelty and escrtlon. ' .- . . -..'-.- -....The Webbs formerly lived «-at Blvlhevllle, Ark., and. Mr. .Webb low operates ,'.&' .service , sfatlon here nnd at Cape Qirardnu, itcelc and Poplar BlufT,. Mp., Mrs. Vebh says. She charges ., that > Vclib recently boasted that hlalh"-'' ~ome wns $1.000 a month, .even . during the depression, and '_ that ic has caused her to 'live 1 on 'a.: ;5M n month expense scale. ...» Mrs. Webb also. petitions, the court for an Inquiry as to the, dlSr position of $60.000 Wehb allegedly cleared In 1929 on the sale of.» ;ln. ice plant and service station business at Blythevllle. . ., Will Enforce Ban on -. Grass and Trash Fires Enforcement of a city ordlur ice forbidding the burning ^pf irass and trash In the open- iii> ' i placed In proper receptacles r.r,d with a permit from the Ore department was promised toclty b'y Fire Chief Roy Head. '"....•' Chief Head declared that griis ppd trash (Ires, which are started fall yard cleanings, often result In serious property damage. iit-Ulng out of control. . . The city has been- put to a lot ol expense and trouble In curt>,113 grass and trash fires .in .t.he ir.jl that has been unnecessary >rcl preventable". Chief Head said. •Residents of Blytheville arc. ..reminded that a city' ordinance, ^rninst such fires Is In effect uxj will be enforced. With an adult to look after fires permission can le obtained Irom the city to bum jrass nnd trash hut be sure ana ?el your permit first." Dally Inspections will be m»d« to enforce this law, Chief .Head «n- r.oi.nccd. '. • " WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy to cloudy and somewhat unsettled 'cni;ht and Tuesday. '.! Memphis and Vicinity: Pertly cloudy tonight and Tuesday. W>t much change. In temperature. ,. Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday was 90, minimum 63, clear, accord Ing-to. Samuel, f. rls, official weather

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