The Courier News from ,  on February 13, 1956 · Page 7
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The Courier News from , · Page 7

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Monday, February 13, 1956
Page 7
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SONtJAf'," FEBRUAKI is, Overseas with BLTTHK'V'ILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEWN BILLY GRAHAM By George Burnham (Chattanooga News-Free Press Writer) BENARES, India — Billy Graham and the sacred cow were in competition often when the evangelist spent several' hours walking through the streets of Benares, India's holy city where every Hindu wants to die. Hindus believe in reincarnation. They are convinced all who are fortunate enough to die in the holy city will go straight to heaven without suffering the penalty of rebirth. People near death make an effort to get to Benares for their final breath. Each Hindu, and there are untold millions, feels it his sacred duty to make at least one pilgrimage , to Benares and wash away his sins in- ^ holy waters of the GangesV BILLY STOOD on the river bank and watched as three dead bodies were burned in piles of wood. Families sat nearby and .watched. When all the flesh was burned away it was the duty of the eldest sou to take a pole and knock a hole in the skull to release the spirit. Bones and ashes were placed in the river. As Billy looked a body floated down the stream and birds picked away at the flesh. Dead babies are thrown into the river without being burned. A worshipper stood in shallow water and washed his body with the holy water. Nearby a man flllea his jar so others at home could have a drink. Health authorities have found no way to combat such unsanitary practices. Hindus believe no harm can come by drinking the sacred water. At sunrise large crowds gather along the banks to wash away their sins. In the evening they come to sing chants and perform ritual dances. SOME OF the gods Billy saw people were represented by phallic symbols. Such gods depict life. Another place of worship Ss the monkey temple. Billy walked through narrow twisting streets, bumping Into cows. The animals wandered in and out of buildings with more freedom than humans. Plies and other forma of nith haven't gotten around to recognizing gods, however. The air was choked with bad smells. Natives streamed In and out of one of the temples. Those going in carried flowers and other forms of tribute for the gods. Near the entrance was a sign which said "Beware of Pickpockets." Benares Is a city of 600,000, and some one million pilgrims visit each year. Americans may find It difficult to believes that Benares was famous .when Babylon was struggling with Ninevah for supremacy, when Athens was growing in strength, and before Rome had become known. Many cities have fallen Into decay but Benares still flourishes. CURIOUSLY enough Billy had to drive only a few miles to visit the birthplace of Buddhism, a religion with millions of followers in the Far East, It was at Sarnath where Buddha preached his first sermon after his enlightenment in 520 B.C. A large monument has been built on the spot. In April millions will journey to Sarnath to the 2500 anniversary. It seems that in every place on earth, however, there are a few witnesses for Christ. This is true in Benares. The brightest light seen was Alan Neech, a 42-year-old Englishman who looked 25. He had been laboring for 20 years in what may be the world's hardest mission field. He asked Billy if it would be possible to come and speak for a few minutes in his church, Billy had to catch a train that evening-fur Calcutta. But he sata, "I will consider it a privilege." Neech said there were about 600 Christians among Benares' 600,000 people. The little church was jammed. What a contrast it presented to the darkness of the Hindu templesl The church was clean and so were the people. Children with scrubbed faces sat on the floor down front. BILLY SPOKE as if speaking to 100,000. His text was John 3:16. He presented Jesus Christ as the light of the world, then gave an invitation for people to accept and follow Jesus. More than 50 got up and { walked to the front. He had presented Christianity in the heart of Hinduism and near the birthplace of Buddhism. The hungry people responded. After the service he stepped outside the church and remarked, ] "Christ has lost none of His power." He glanced back .again at the little citadel of Christianity. There was no sig nthat said "Beware of Pickpockets." Binns Named Far East Chief SEOUL (IPt— MaJ. o«n. John 3. Binns was named chief of staff today for the joint commands of the U. 8. Army forces in the Par East and the 8th Army, succeeding Maj. Gefa. John W. Harmony, who hM been named to had the joint U. S. Military Assistant Group in Korea. Gen Binns arived in Korea recently from Camp Cha.ffee, Ark., where he commanded the 5th Armored Division.' He Is a native of New York and a 1923 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy. 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